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  1. Nov 4, 2014
    The Walking Dead is emotional, heart-breaking and unforgettable. It shows a world with chaos, with man's greed and mindless walkers. But it also shows that there's still hope, about an endless love between Lee, and the young little girl Clementine. With a simple point-and-click gameplay, unique graphic and absolutely great voice-acting, the game is a lively evidence for Telltale's masterful skills in bringing tears to your eyes. Expand
  2. Oct 23, 2014
    One of the most engaging, emotional and story driven experiences I've ever had. The writing is superb, the music draws you in and the characters make you feel like there are actual consequences to every decision you make. Amazing game.
  3. Oct 19, 2014
    it's rear to encounter such a great story every character is so well done there is nothing to say but!!! if you prefer more gameplay over story then this game is not for you if you prefer the gameplay and you think you won't enjoy the story even do the story is amazing you won't enjoy... if the gameplay was better i would have rated this 10/10 but it's not
  4. Oct 13, 2014
    The Walking Dead Game is a masterpiece, never before has a narrative driven me to depression like this one! With lovable and unlikable characters, the story-line drives the entire game, whereas game-play does lack, but it doesn't matter - if you love stories, this is one you need to be told...
    10/10 - Ben Hazelden
  5. Oct 4, 2014
    Let's be honest, in 2nd season the choices matter even less than in season 1, but who cares? It's a great story again and it's totally worth playing this game just to see it. For me the 1st season is game of the year 2013, hands down.
  6. Oct 2, 2014
    All the choices in the game is an illusion, they have the same effect, always. The exception is the end of the game, the last 10 minutes, there you make two choices that are meaningful. It's the only choices in the game that are real choices, the other choices is an illusion, fake. In summary, by 99% of the time you do not have any choice, 99% choices = fake, same as other choices. Just ending is real. Expand
  7. Sep 29, 2014
    Game: The Walking Dead Genre: Point and Click Adventure Developer: Telltale Games System: Steam (PC) Total Score: 89/100 Value Score: 8.9/10 • Story: 10/10 • Characters: 10/10 • GamePlay: 7/10 • Graphics: 8/10 • Sound: 10/10 • Music: 8/10 • Length: 8/10 • Replay Value: 10/10 • Player Value: 8/10 Pros +Great storyline that ties well with The Walking Dead Universe
    +Different Interactions that affect the storyline as a whole increases replayability
    +Fitting music for the mood and tone of the storyline and the universe
    +Great visual art style and design that ties closely to the comic book series
    +Ability to choose to go back to certain scenes to replay again
    +400 days DLC content consists of at least 1 hour additional of gameplay
    +Fantastic voice acting

    -A few bugs such as the loading bug may occur which is fixable with changing of the exe settings
    -By choosing to go back to certain scenes to replay again you also delete any scenes that occur afterwards due to the changes of decisions that may occur
    -Very annoying mini game in the DLC
  8. TvH
    Sep 28, 2014
    The Walking Dead Game is an emotional journey that packs everything needed for an excellent story, even with its frustrations, character and gameplay wise.
  9. Sep 18, 2014
    Just ended this game, as a fan of zombies stuff I have to say the game is really cool but it makes me a little upset that whatever you choose to do the epilogue and most of the main happenings will still be the same.
    It might change the episode you are playing itself, but the game plot will not be totally changed by your decision.
    I mean, even deus ex had multiple endings...
    The game
    itself is quite nice thought, basically it is a little movie.
    Good plot, many plot twist and you really feel into the game sometimes.
    Some parts are like playing monkey island or broken sword, not that hard thought (and I am glad of that)

    Buy if you love ALL about zombies and want to try something different and hear a story that you can decide what to do or to say often, but dont expect replayability.
    Dont buy if you love SHOOTING zombies or you are looking for intense action (in that case I suggest Left for Dead or Dead Rising)

  10. Sep 4, 2014
    Tedious - I gave up somewhere in the middle of Ep 2 or 3. Reminded me of a kids edutainment piece of software with cut-scenes. No idea what the fuss is about.
  11. Sep 2, 2014
    This game is not an ordinary game, it's a master piece, the story is the strongest point in this game, and it's well told. The voices here are very well chosen and the dialogs are very well written, the playability is very good for an point and click game.
    it's HQ atmosphere is amazing.
    i really recommend for players that loves a good story and to get involved emotionally.
  12. Aug 28, 2014
    i have never played a game before, that had an ending that made my teary eyed, at least not before The walking dead from Telltale Games. And i do not even like point and click adventures.
    (for maximum tears play all the episodes in a row, on the same day).
  13. Aug 27, 2014
    This is among the finest examples of computer game story telling there is. It draws you in, builds you up and tears you down as you follow the fascinating tale of Lee and Clementine as they fight for survival in the early days following the apocalypse. Clementine works brilliantly as a type of moral mirror for Lee and has the player constantly question the merits and implications of choices made.

    The story is thrilling, the conclusion epic and the characters are well made, well expanded and also well concluded. The atmosphere of the game is truly stunning, both visually and audibly, and the interaction with the game feels natural and intuitive.

    This is a must play game if you're into story telling at all.
  14. Aug 14, 2014
    Este juego es uno de mis favoritos. No he jugado un juego de decisiones exclusivamente sobre eso, pero este juego me engancho enormemente. Me he pasado el juego lámenos 15 veces para ver todas o casi todas las variaciones tanto grandes como pequeñas. Me ha viciado mucho y la historia es muy buena es literalmente como jugar una temporada interactiva de la serie. No se que piensen pero en mi opinión es un 09/10 es muy bueno, lo malo es que los episodios salían cada 2 meses y es mucho tiempo,, te olvidas de los protagonistas, personajes, etc. También que algunas cosas son definitivas no se pueden cambiar por nada. Sin embargo espero que esto cambie en las secuelas, aparte de que probablemente las decisiones de este tendrán consecuencias en el próximo por lo que hará que quieras re-jugar este para ver que podría pasar en el siguiente. Cosa que are. Expand
  15. Jul 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think this game is excellent because while it occasionally lacks in game play the story completely immerses you inside it. While some complain that the choices you make don't matter ,they are wrong the choices form you as a person and your relationships with other people. You play as a convict who murders his wife called Lee Everett on his way to prison during the zombie apocalypse and then there is the little girl you meet called Clementine. When you meet Clementine she is an innocent 8 year old surviving in a tree house after her babysitter "turned". Throughout your journey you choices also affect her personality and relationships towards others as well as your own personality. The back stories and events are completely believable for the situation and when they die they make you genuinely feel something. I recommend this to anyone who likes a good story. Go on try it for yourself make your choice. Expand
  16. Jul 17, 2014
    I loved this series! It was amazing! The story was great! The game play was really slow, like walking to this thing then the next but still loved this game. The graphics could have been done A LOT better, and the swearing could just be left out. I mean swearing? If there was a 0/100 score I would just give it a 90 because the swearing and violence is unbelievable. But people have got to understand that you DO NOT play this for the game play. You play this for the story. Just some people don't get it. And I also loved how you spread the game out, makes it so you can't beat the game in one day, or a week. Expand
  17. Jun 30, 2014
    If you like story-based games you will love this game. The most interactive game i ever played, and your choices really have a huge impact in the story
    The only downpoint is that it is (in my opinion) too expensive, for it has no combat mechanics (focused in story). It still remains a great game to play, however you should only buy it during a discount (i bought it for 5 dollars, so that
    was 10/10 to me) Expand
  18. Jun 29, 2014
    The Walking Dead from Telltale Games is a phenomenal example of the uniqueness of video games. No other form of media can do what this game does. It is a player driven story, often drawing real emotion from the player and the choices they make. I can count on one hand the number of times I was seriously emotionally stirred by a game. This game puts all the others to shame. The writing is that good.

    Of the few negatives I found in this game, the main one was how little some things matter in the end. I would have liked many things to end up differently in this game, but more often than not I found out it was impossible to change the outcomes to my liking.

    I also don't appreciate the "episode" style of the game. I would much prefer just one continuous adventure. Wasting time in between episodes and spoiling plot points is very lame. This isn't a TV show, it's a video game.

    Regardless, this is an experience any story-loving gamer should check out.
  19. Jun 24, 2014
    Great story, realistic characters and excellent voice acting make this one of the best games I ever played. It might be more accurate to call this an interactive story than an adventure game though. So if you're looking for tough puzzles or gameplay, this is not the game for you. The game is easy enough that anybody can finish it without giving it much thought but despite that, it is pretty immersive and emotional. You WILL get attached to certain characters and panic when they are in danger. When something bad happens to someone you like, you will keep wondering whether you could have done anything differently to save them. This is a must-buy if you enjoy good storytelling and I hope developers make more games like this. Expand
  20. Jun 24, 2014
    Great characterization and story. One thing I didn't like, though, was that I found almost none of the characters likable to me except for Carley and Clem.
  21. Jun 18, 2014
    The best game I have ever played. I feel so strongly about it, that I cannot say anything about the game, from the amazingly developed characters, to the mind blowing plot, in fear I won't do it justice. Its that good.
  22. Jun 15, 2014
    Impressive zombie-survivor story, adapting to your own choices and acting, sound and interesting graphics made from this game one of my favourite adventure game so far.
  23. Jun 14, 2014
    The Walking Dead is simply a jewel in videogames. The game focuses entirely on the story, so much that the gameplay is reduced to walking around and clicking things. But the gameplay is still satisfying. Whenever you click on an object, the main character will usually say a commentary, or if you click on a person, you can know more about them, like their jobs and families.
    In TWD, we get
    to know more characters and visit some locations and meet characters from the show/comics/books. And you actually care about them. You get to know 'em. You get to become their friend. You get to care about 'em. And that's what makes TWD so great. In shows a greater and better side of people, even thought they live in a world of misery and violence.
    I'm a guy that never cries. NEVER. And it's ironic that a videogame broke that barrier. I'd give more than 10 if I could, but I guess it'll have to do.
  24. Jun 1, 2014
    With the power of an emotionally gripping storyline along with perfected voice acting and character creation, The Walking Dead game delivers exactly what it promises. The game is filled with plenty of choices, heart-wrenching moments, and thrilling events that will make you want to continue playing. Equipped with a showcase of cinematic happenings, The Walking Dead puts the power of ultimate sacrifice and decisiveness in your hands. A world that has been overrun with undead savages leaves you with nothing else to do but fight for those you love... and yourself. Expand
  25. May 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well done Telltale.
    Quite apart from everything else, it simply is refreshing to play a game as different in mechanics and gameplay as TWD. So many modern games go over-board with Open Worlds to explore - it's great to see that great games can be created without this.

    It took me only about 45 minutes into episode 1 to be hooked, to care about the characters and want to hear their stories. The game is unique because despite the proliferation of zombie games, few give character and story the central role.

    I adored the relationship between Lee and Clementine - it was uniquely touching, and I thought, very clever. I liked the underlying idea that amidst all the chaos and the people doing, frankly, bad things - youth and innocence is worth preserving.

    I liked many of the other characters and indeed was sad that not all could be saved.

    The story had me wondering where we were going next , and with all the possibilities ahead of you TellTale successfully made the world feel endless with opportunity - despite the reality of the constricted geographical area the game covered.

    The game play? Well, I have to be honest, it's not remotely challenging and even a beginner with the series could complete it without dying. Still, the system is tactile and satisfying enough, and is sufficient to support the games strong narrative.

    I liked how merciless the game was - there are some shocking moments you won't see coming, and people you cannot protect. Some users may feel outraged by this but I for one believe that we have to play by the rules given to us by the developer; after all, we chose to buy the game. I like the fact that you are sometimes powerless.

    The game is also sometimes chaotic; In one scene you have to free a poor soul from a trap before the zombies come upon you; I myself did not act quick enough, I hacked three times into the mans leg, destroying it but not quite separating it from the tap. I failed to free him and left, for the zombies to devour, a man whose leg had been hacked to pieces. I messed up, through my own felt. I like that you are able to do this - nothing is clean or easy.

    So what complaints do I have? Few.
    But I felt that TellTale created a beautiful thing which they didn't get full mileage from. From start to finish series 1 is quite short. I wanted to see the relationships continue to grow and develop, but it all abruptly ended. in such way that, without giving too much away, you may not find yourself hurrying to play series 2. Rarely, if ever, have I enjoyed a game so hugely, whilst simultaneously not feeling too bothered about playing the second. This is in my view a function of the way TellTale finished the first series. In a story they destroyed what was becoming a canonical relationship and tale, and removed the possibility of building upon it.

    What this complaint really comes down to is freedom; many games now give you the illusion of freedom but, ultimately, the ends are the same. You cannot change the ending of the game (and believe me you will find yourself wishing you could) Effectively the story is only ever about one character - clementine - no decisions you make can really affect her, in the sense of getting her kicked. She is the only contstant, and I feel the extent to which that is true is to the detriment of the other characters. Clementine leaves you powerless, and come the end of the game, leaves you feeling like what you did never mattered at all.

    Still, it was good while it lasted!
  26. May 17, 2014
    Gameplay: 8.5/10
    Graphic: 9/10
    Story: 10/10

    This is one of the best games I have ever played. Yes, it don't have a multiplayer, and open world, but story of the game is FANTASTIC. It's the best story I have ever seen in any games, movies or books. Best thing in this game is that you can be who you want. You have soo much choises. 90% of the time you can choose
    what your character(Lee) says, and sometimes you have to made very hard decisions.
    People threat you like you threat them in this game.
    This game was best. Everyone have to play this game.
  27. May 4, 2014
    OK I might be giving it a perfect score while it is not a perfect game. The reason behind this is the amazing experience that the story gave me. A mixture of brilliant writing,tremendous voice acting and an excellent narrative make this adventure game a genre defining experience. All 5 episodes are brilliantly paced and on no occasion felt stretched. Only weakness of the game are the occasional glitches that affect its performance in an otherwise masterpiece. Expand
  28. Apr 28, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. una obra maestra, juego no, juegazo !!! y el final , no quiero spoiler nada pero los va a hacer llorar sepanlo T_T , cada capitulo t engancha mas q un capitulo de la serie de televicion !!! una vez q empezas a jugar no podes parar hasta terminarlo !!! Expand
  29. Apr 20, 2014
    I never thought i was gonna play a game of this genre but i love it!! Its just like watching a tv-show were you have your favourite characters and also the ones that you just hate.. and the time when the episode is over and you have to wait for the next one.. you hate it but at the same time you also love it :D!!

    Telltale have definitely suprised me with this game and its a 100% sure
    that im gonna keep an eye on there future games after this!! Expand
  30. Apr 19, 2014
    This game, like the TV show, is heavily contrived, not very creative at all with a horrible story that has holes everywhere which is lacking in emotional depth. This is corporate shenanigans at its best/worst, cashing in on a trend (zombies) and not giving two **** about the depth or believability of the story.
  31. Apr 18, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game is terrible, since it is a point a click the game NEEDS to have an amazing story, but its awful.

    There's this false impression that your choices change the story, but all it does is show you a different dialogue. One example: That crazy woman kills another member of your party, then you have to choose: Leave her behind or take her with you. If you leave her behind you simply don't see her anymore, if you take her with you, after a while she steals you car and ... you simply don't see her anymore ...

    Clementine bonds too easily with Lee, at the end of the game she sees her zombie parents and all she does is a sad face and says comment "I saw my parents", no crying, no emotions, nothing. After a while Lee dies and she cries from sadness. Srlsly? Did she seriosly love this person she met a few weeks before more than her parents?

    Oh, and the hero, Lee, the game seems to try to make you cheer for this guy, even other characters do this. He lied to you, and in the moment he couldn't lie anymore he tells you he killed some1. At some point they start treating him like a leader, the next moment he slips into something and falls, then some1 dies because of him being stupid, the next moment some1 else is in danger, then he stumbles into something, hit his head and some1 else dies. Srlsy, this guys slips A LOT.

    And the link between the game and the series/hq doesn't exists. Glen and Hershel, the first one appears for 5 minutes, you barely get to know him, and Hershel, from what i've seen, after the game started taking heavy weeds, cuz he's forgot everything that happend during the game, in the series/hq he's too "over it", doesn't feel like his son just died, but since the hq came before, they shouldn't have made his son's death so dramatic.

    I'm sorry but I advice anyone who rated this game 5 more to read the HQ and then review your score.
  32. Apr 2, 2014
    The Walking Dead season 1 isn't really a game so much as it is an interactive comic book. So judging it from a gameplay perspective it's going to fall short. Gameplay consists of moving around and pushing a couple buttons to perform actions. No skill, timing, strategy, nothing.

    That said though, wow, this interactive story is beyond amazing. It's the most engaging video game I've ever
    experienced, and I say experienced because you don't play this game, you experience it. That's why the gameplay is the way it is I believe. The plot is good, the characters deep and flawed in marvelous ways. I literally couldn't put this down, played for 3 days straight til I finished. Takes about 12 hours. By the end you have a real emotional connection to the characters. It's much better than a book or movie could ever be. Expand
  33. Mar 19, 2014
    I love it. It's not like a game at all. It's like I'm watching a movie and reading its story in the same time carefully or even more than that, like you live the story. It's very interesting and very beneficial.
  34. Mar 18, 2014
    Update: As of 3/6/2014 I tried to replay the game in order to refresh myself on the story so I could play the next one just released. Same exact install as my first playthrough, only this time with the 400days DLC. My game constantly hangs up on a black screen when I try to start the second season, and a lot of people are having this same issue on different seasons. Its pretty annoying and after a week or so trying to get it dealt with, I have no faith Telltale has any intention to fix it when they won't even acknowledge it.

    Original Review: This game is definitely all about the story. I would not mind if they took out most of the gameplay elements that did not involve exploring or communicating completely. For 25 bucks you get a 15 hour interactive movie that overall is quite impressive. The game had a few minor issues with animation, which in a game like this is annoying, but other than that was rather artistic and beautiful to watch. Overall, the gameplay portions of this game are terrible, they need to improve them or drop most of them completely, however the story is where the value is.
  35. Mar 11, 2014
    The Walking Dead The Game é um jogo no estilo Point and Click, desenvolvido e produzido pela Telltale Games, lançado em 5 episódios ao longo de 2012.

    The Walking Dead foi lançado originalmente nas histórias em quadrinhos pela editora Image Comics em 2003, ganhando incontáveis prêmios nos anos seguintes, em 2010 a série foi levada para a TV e o sucesso foi tão grande que um game não
    tardaria a surgir.

    E foi a Telltale quem assumiu a empreitada de levar a saga de zumbis aos games, surpreendendo a todos por se tratar de um Adventure, gênero pouco popular entre o grande público, e principalmente por não focar a sua história nos personagens do material original.

    O grande diferencial de The Walking Dead é focar em seus personagens, em como eles reagem ao mundo tomado pelo apocalipse zumbi, surpreendendo a cada novo capítulo com situações dramáticas e emocionantes. O game da Telltale consegue, de forma primorosa, proporcionar a mesma experiência das HQs e de forma bem mais impactante que a série de TV, por permitir que o jogador se torne parte integrante da história.

    Na trama assumimos o personagem Lee Evertt, um professor universitário, que acaba de ser condenado e está sendo levado para a prisão, na caminho se envolve em um acidente de transito, ao acordar se vê rodeado de zumbis, sem entender o que está ocorrendo ele busca abrigo em uma casa e conhece a pequena Clementine, garota de 9 anos que se separou dos seus pais. Lee acaba assumindo a responsabilidade de manter Clementine em segurança enquanto busca encontrar os pais da menina.

    A jogabilidade é no estilo point and click que consiste em apontar para os objetos no cenário e clicar para executar ações de interação, em um primeiro momento isso é algo monótono e exige certa paciência, já que a movimentação é bem lento, mas após um tempo você se acostuma com tal sistema. Os gráficos são simples, cartunescos, que lembra em muito a arte dos quadrinhos, dando um identidade única ao game.

    O grande atrativo do game sem dúvida é sua história e a forma como ela é narrada. O game permite que interagir com os personagens coadjuvantes através de diálogos onde Lee pode ser sincero ou não, ou mesmo salvar ou não determinado personagem, tais escolhas tem impacto tanto no relacionamento entre o grupo, como na própria desenrolar da trama. Tal forma de narrar a história torna a mesma extremamente envolvente e marcante onde cada decisão, e suas consequências, tenham peso, fazendo que o jogador se sinta parte integrante da trama.

    Lee assim como Rick Grimes, protagonista da série original, é o clássico herói, mesmo tendo cometido erros ele busca fazer o que é certo, buscando sempre o bem estar do grupo de sobreviventes. O personagem e tão carismático que o jogador sente o peso de cada decisão tomada pelo protagonista e tal imersão apenas aumenta à medida que Lee se apega a pequena Clementine. E acredite o game é incrivelmente dramático e envolvente, dificilmente você não irá se emocionar ou ao menos se chocar com as situações apresentadas no game, principalmente no final que com toda a certeza é um dos mais marcantes da história dos vídeo games.

    The Walking Dead é um excelente game, com personagens marcantes e uma trama emocionante, de tal forma que qualquer defeito ou limitação sejam deixados de lado mediante a tal experiência, um game que ficará eternamente marcado na memória de qualquer gamer que goste de boas histórias.
  36. Mar 8, 2014
    This game is awesome, nothing less.

    I got 18hs straight playing it, just cannot stop until finish, through a really good and very tense narrative and different action/gameplay style who puts you in the middle of difficult decisions, which have direct impact on what's going on next.

    You have not always the time to think about, just react, but if your reactions are bad you can have
    troubles now or after, consequences brought by your decisions. And just like on real life, some of them you will have to carry with you until the end of story.

    Although you have to follow a lot of dialogues, more than real action, you cannot simply sit down and think, most of times. You have to be ready to act or make decisions, so you just stare at the screen, and not rarely you can feel you're really there, a deep immersion factor.

    Soundtrack is decent, matching the tension. Graphics are wonderful, and history too.
    I can see just two problems about that game:

    You can lost a split second, confusing by the controls, and sometimes it's lethal. The good news is that although the game have not a better save system than autosave, if you die on the middle of an action scene the autosave brings you exactly at the point you died.

    Also, the game have a lot of replay value, if you think you can have different decisions to make and different things to handle according on how you act before. But the game needs a way to skip some cut scenes or even dialogues faster, for those who previously finished.

    One of the best and imaginative games i've ever played.
  37. Feb 3, 2014
    Story: 7 out of 10 Graphics: 7 out of 10 Fun: 8 out of 10 Controls: 8 out of 10 Ease to Learn: 9 out of 10 Length: 8 out of 10 Re-play: 5 out of 10 Value: 8 out of 10 I have a low re-play score on this game because when you re-play the game (which there is a strong desire to re-play this game to try other choices) the new different choices you make either 1) don't make much difference and/or 2) the way the main character and other characters act/re-act for non-mainstream choices is highly unrealistic. I really loved this game and would of given it a 9 for my over-all score, but the re-play that I was anxious to try was a real dud and took away from my original experience; thus giving the game an over-all score of 8. Expand
  38. Feb 2, 2014
    I personally loved this game. I found it much more entertaining than the TV show and liked how much impact your decisions could have. Thrilling game with very well-done emotional side. Would definitely recommend.
  39. Jwv
    Jan 31, 2014
    The Walking Dead: Season One was great and I think I never played a game where I felt so deeply connected with the main characters. The Walking Dead shines because of it's great character building and narrative. As so, Season One is certainly one of the best singleplayer experienced I ever had on PC.

    The soundtrack is minimal and unobtrusive and most times, but also does a good job of
    translating adrenaline and tension. The voice-acting is also great, with special props to Melissa Hutchison for her exquisite Clementine voice. Probably the best thing about the whole series is the character building. They feel alive and unique and when you get to know them, you can actually predict their actions and feelings, which shows the character building department worked with great consistency and finesse.

    After playing Season Two: Episode One, I replayed one Season One episode to do something of a comparison.

    What I especially missed in Season Two was the extra importance some decisions got because I was Lee, leader and 'glue' of a little group of survivors. Season One featured a whole lot of 'group reading', weighing decisions against one another and mediating. Each decision was not about deciding what's best for yourself, but what's best for a whole group of people. The feel that decisions could actually affect the composition of the group (but only really acted out in the last episode) was great. That's maybe the thing I miss the most after playing Season Two: Episode One.

    The camera work in Season One is more dynamic with some cool points of view from time to time and the free-roam scenes are also a better experiance because of better camera work. The controller support was good (it supports the whole game), but I had some problems after ALT+TAB'ing and sometimes the movement controls would not really adjust to a new camera point of view.

    The Walking Dead: 400 Days was good, but I ask myself why - apart from an obvious economic motive - Telltale Games released this DLC, and it also doesn't seem to be material cut out of the original Season One. If I would rate the chapters, this is my opinion, beginning from the best: Vince, Wyatt, Russel, Bonnie and Shel. If I think about my choices here I can say that they are motivated by the depth of which I felt involved, both in my identification with the characters and impact on the chapter. Bonnie's and Shel's chapter illustrate my point. I rated this chapter relatively low because I didn't really feel connected with the characters because of the lack of character building (compare with Vince's episode). It's cool that Telltale delivers new content, but they try to compensate for the shortness of the chapters by incorporating at least one hard choice in them. At least, that's what they aimed to do. In Bonnie's and Shel's case, there sure were decision that would have had real emotional repercussions (for the player), but the potential strength of these decisions is minimized by the lack of character building and identification (especially in Shel's chapter). So Telltale has to choose between character building (which requires serene scenes) and some action too (to keep some players from getting bored), but I think they should have focused on character building (like with Vince) because the climax of the chapter (the most important part as you wish, and the part by which most of the players will rate the chapter in my opinion) depends upon character building and identification. I don't say the chapters are no good, because Telltale really deserved props for sucking the player in on such short notice, but some change of focus in certain chapter would have made it an overall better product, more worthy of the expensive price tag (now 5 EUR; January 2014). All in all, it would have been better if Telltale deleted 2 chapters and dug more into the other.

    Another thing now, what's great about these five different points of view is the diversity of situations and character types, something you didn't have in Season One. After finishing, what I also would like is some more insight in how the characters in the end decided to accept or decline a certain proposition, to better see where and how I impacted this. A positive note to end with: it's sweet to see controller support, and it really fits the game better than a mouse.
  40. Jan 21, 2014
    What can I say? It made me cry at the end of season one. I never felt such intimate, emotional moments in a PC game before. Even though I understood the rails, this whole concept was based on, I loved it from the very first, to the last second and I can't wait to continue with Season Two, Episode Two.

    Story and the characters are the key element here, not the gameplay itself - which
    makes it an experience compared with other survival games or adventures. Expand
  41. Jan 17, 2014
    the walking dead game is an amazing game. it is extremely sad and emotional. the characters and the relationships between them are amazing, and you actions change the relationships. the games "choose you own path" system is great. every choice you make has consequences, and theyre not always good. the graphic style is also good. characters show real emotion, and the style fits the game. the game is really immersive, and the music is atmospheric. the game has some puzzles, which are sometimes good bt other times are a bit boring and require you to see something rather than actually think.
    still, this is an amazing game. it doesnt show zombies as something to butcher, like most games (left4dead). if you want a sad, amazing and serious mature game the buy this!!!!!!!!!
  42. Jan 14, 2014
    Great storytelling and characters. Nothing special gameplay wise, but it's a great experience. The graphic style works well and all in all I had an awesome time with this game.
  43. Jan 13, 2014
    Captures the essence of The Walking Dead Comic Book perfectly!

    This game is truly a masterpiece. The Walking Dead has fantastic gameplay that relies on the player choices moreso than anything else and the game benefits from this as there are many heart-pounding sections that require quick thinking or else the Zombies kill one of your extremeley likeable comrades!

    These characters are
    even better written than they are in the TV Show and engage the player into their unique back stories that are inextricably linked to the present events. Everything feels right; not a single objective in the game seems pointless. Character development here is one of the best in this medium as each character goes through their own grim, adult and realistic arcs that are very intriguing - It sucks you in right from the get-go.

    The graphics are perfect! Brings the comic books to life better than anything else (I really wish the TV Series followed up on this style as it actually resembles the source material.)

    Overall, a true modern masterpiece and a perfect representation of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. The Zombie genre has never been better!
  44. Jan 11, 2014
  45. Jan 8, 2014
    It was really funny. No more to say. Each tense situation and the nature of their thoughts and also another route to the 2012 Game of the Year receiving game. I remain lingering gamer living in Korea.
  46. Dec 30, 2013
    I am now 42 years old. Playing games since I've been 16. But, never, never had such feelings during a game..... Surprises everywhere. And you keep on seeing pictures for days...
  47. Dec 29, 2013
    After a slow introduction and welcoming of characters ,Telltale games have created a Smash hit that will have you crying, cruising and slaughtering what everyone seems to love zombies! The walking dead had one of the most heart ranching story's and will go down in history as being one of the most immersive adventures to date. Lee the main protagonist must protect Clem the young girl who you grow to care for a surprisingly love. The walking dead is one of the best games around, apart from the casual freezes it will be money spent well. Expand
  48. Dec 27, 2013
    Ah.. my little new love..Clementine. One of the most precious little girls in comic, movie or video game history. She really makes this, harsh, anger-inducing but GREAT video game memorable.

    The main character, Lee Everett is a good guy that got messed over and I really found playing out his relationship with his ward, student and loving, doting adopted daughter Clementine the most
    beautiful part of this game.

    Its to a gift to raise and protect a little girl like this in this game and makes it for me a 9/10
  49. Dec 27, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am writing this just after completing S2 E1:All that Remains

    I played Season One All 5 Episodes as Lee helping Clem 400 Days DLC(Optional)
    and Now Season 2 Episode 1 as Clementine.this game .just got whole lot better

    Climax of Season 1 Episode 5 makes everyone cry..Its emotional and pinnacle of the game

    I love the choice driven theme which makes us want to come back for more
    and the Episodic Play of TellTale games which keeps us waiting and wanting

    Its no wonder why It won 80+ Game of the Year Awards
    This game is for everyone..even if you are not a gamer donot like games
    I have been playing games since I am a kid and I tell you this is different

    *MOre Spoilers*
    Everyone loves the main characters Clem & Lee
    After Lee dies, CLem is on her own

    Each Episode average 2 hour gameplay and its cross platform(iOS too)
    You can use save files across and play anywhere
    All Episodes & Seasons Linked

    Just play this game and you would not regret
  50. Dec 27, 2013
    This is one of the greatest feats in storytelling in the video game medium. You emotionally connect with main characters Lee and Clementine and your choices always feel like they matter. Point and click games may turn people off but I implore anyone who enjoys a good story to give The Walking Dead a chance. Its probably the only game that has ever got me close to crying at the end.
  51. Dec 18, 2013
    Broken & horribly optimized, the game screwed my saved file 3 times in a row and I literally had to edit the games programming just to make the damn game functional.
    While the story was good, story alone is not worth the massive acclaim this game is getting, if anybody thinks this broken game is worth a 10/10 then you have the worst possible taste in gaming ever.
  52. Dec 9, 2013
    This is one of the best adventure games I ever played, and I've seen them all starting with "Maniac Mansion" in early 90-ies on the C64. Story and acting are very good, and so is the difficulty level. It is really more like a TV series with interaction. You can't change the story too much. That is good and bad at the same time. I found it a very enjoyable experience to play this game. Negative point: translation into the German language was pretty bad. Expand
  53. Dec 8, 2013
    Wow, what a ride this was. TellTale has done a great job. The writers created a story which was not only captivating but an amazing emotional experience. The Walking Dead is a comic-book drawn style adventure game in which the choices you make tailor the story you play going forward and continuously shape the people around you and your game play experience. Every action has consequences and you never can please everyone.

    -- Gameplay
    The game mechanics are nice and simple. The story progresses through point-click action and mainly through dialog with the people you encounter.

    During the dialogs you will be presented with several choices of answers.
    Each answer may or may not have consequences and alters how other people see you, trust you or even start disliking you.

    Every now and then you will end up in a heavy story-changing scenario in which the story going forward is altered quite strongly.
    You might need to make a choice to save one or another person, run or fight or other difficult choice.
    Those choices alter the story quite drastic in places to the extend whereby you might end up continuing your story with different people then if you had made different choices or people start treating you completely different from that moment on.

    -- The Story

    The game places you in control of Lee a man on his way to prison as the story begins and has no idea yet what is happening.
    As you are trying to deal with the world as it now is you stumble across an 8 year old girl named Clementine who you will decide to help out and team up with.

    For the duration of the story your relationship with Clementine and others you meet evolves and are shaped continuously based on the choices you make and how you treat each person.

    I don't want to give to much of the main background story away so I'm not going into to much details.
    Let's just say, for the rest of the game you and Clementine will come across other people and groups, some highly irritating and disturbed while others are more neutral and well meaning, though you will find it hard to quickly know who to trust and who you can't.

    Quite often you will find yourself in situations you wish you could make different choices then the ones presented or make choices you know might not be right but need to be made.

    -- Summary

    Personally I can only say that TellTale and the Writes have delivered something very simplistic but yet so wonderful you are feeling you are writing your own story which will grab you, slowly pulling you deeper and deeper into this emotional roller coaster ride and will not let you go.

    By the end of Episode 5 you will just find yourself staring blankly at the credits slowly processing this whole experience.
    Well, that what it was like for me and I'm already looking very much forward to December 17th to continue on.

    I cannot recommend this game highly enough and hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.
  54. Dec 8, 2013
    I don't get all those high scores... It offers a decent storyline, but absolutely NOTHING more. The game has no puzzles, no real choices, and his technical side is really bad. I can't consider this a good game (in my book, it hardly qualifies as a game). I mildly enjoyed it while advancing in the story, so it ends up being an ok "game" (more like a "choose your own adventure" book, with your path highly fixed no matter what you do), I guess... Expand
  55. Dec 5, 2013
    First of all, I'm not usually a fan of zombie games, I usually find them boring and samey. I bought this game while it was on sale, and it quickly shot to my favorite game of the year.

    The story is gripping, emotional and exciting, and the characters are great, you have to read the personalities of the other characters, and make quick judgments as to who's opinion you are going to back

    You make alliances and enemies with some of your group, and all of your decisions affect the ending. All I can say is I cannot wait for Episode 2!
  56. Dec 4, 2013
    Es una dura historia en un mundo apocaliptico. Con personajes increibles donde no sabes quien vivira y quien morira. En todo momento estaba en tension, incluso en los momentos que parecian tranquilos. E incluso estaba preocupado por si mis decisiones afectarian al final de esta gran histoia. En definitiva, un juego que no podre olvidar en mucho tiempo y que en un futuro me encantaria volver a jugarlo. Recomendado a todos aquellos que quieren disfrutar de una gran historia. Expand
  57. Dec 2, 2013
    Good, but way overrated. The major problem with this game is that it strongly suggests that your choices affect the story, but if you replay it again with different choices it is obvious that your choices didn't matter at all. I think that linear stories are fine, but if you explicitly advertise the story as being player-driven and interactive (which they do at the start of every episode) it better be that.

    I appreciate that making the story actually branching and having different outcomes requires an insane amount of content and can be incredibly expensive, but I don't understand the need for what is essentially false advertising of a feature that is pretty much absent.

    I had the same problem with Mass Effect series.

    Other than that and some clumsy controls on the PC, I think the game is very enjoyable.
  58. Nov 27, 2013
    The Walking Dead Game Is Amazing. I only give this a 8 because I thought your choices would influence the game more. Only about 30% of them do. Also you can't skip a cutscene even if you have already saw it. The last thing that bugs me is they play the animation over and over again (also this is a 3 second one too.) But all in all this game has amazing game play, story, and loving characters sometimes i felt as if they were my own. Expand
  59. Nov 25, 2013
    Like others have said, this is more of a story adventure than your typical zombie shooter. Sure it has some moments where you will need to aim a weapon accurately, or maybe mash a button for a while but most of the game is understanding what is happening around you and making dialogue choices. And that's where the game excels your decisions actually have consequences. Characters will remember your choices and bring up those decisions in their conversations. There is no game that does storytelling quite like, or in my opinion, as well as The Walking Dead. If you are looking for purely a zombie shooter, try a different game. If you want a great interactive story look no further than The Walking Dead. Expand
  60. Nov 20, 2013
    Telltale has always been very hit and miss; however ‘The Walking Dead’ has definitely been the companies best release yet! The biggest positive of this title is the decision making element involved and how it has an effect on how you play! Ultimately, the outcomes will be very similar, but giving you the option to choose what happens at certain points, and deciding the best way to act in a situation, really makes the game much more interactive. This is what you should expect from a story telling game; however TellTale has now set a new standard and will need to go the extra mile to ensure they keep this quality. Overall, a very engaging game! Expand
  61. Nov 16, 2013
    The five episodes of The Walking Dead: Season One drag us into the worst scenario, an emotionally intense zombie apocalypse where every choice of the player is important. Visually it's like a comic, with a "gameplay mix" of the old Dragon's Lair and the classic Adventure games. A wonderful journey in a terribly corrupted world. VIRTUALINN.IT
  62. Nov 15, 2013
    This is an awesome game! If you play it, you really feel what the characters feel. You get a very intensive game experience even when you don't play adventures games every day.

    Play it, you'll never forget it.

    The only reason for not giving full score are some lags sometimes on my PC. There is no reason for these lags because the graphics requirements are normally not so high.
  63. Nov 10, 2013
    Theres alot to like in the walking dead but as soon as you realise none of your choices make any odds you quickly lose interest in the game. I also found it annoying how some characters act completely irrationally for example i made all but one choice in kennys favour and he still dislikes me. Combat is pretty pointless and im sick and tired of quick time events.

    Maybe all this wouldn't
    be so bad had the puzzles been remotely interesting but when all that separates you from boring combat and choices that don't matter is boring and not even remotely challenging puzzles i quickly lose interest. Many people argue that the walking dead isn't a game and shouldn't be reviewed as such and in which case it shouldn't have game in the title. Expand
  64. Nov 7, 2013
    An unique experience where the players choices are meaningful combine with its exceptional narrative makings this one of the best point clickers adventures around after completing the game I can truly see why many gaming sites gave The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series their Game Of The Year 2012 the only grip I have is that the steam version can be bugged with it save files but theirs a fix available. Expand
  65. Nov 7, 2013
    This game was a almost one of the greatest games I have ever played. The game didn't ask much from my PC.

    I thought the point and click form of gameplay would ruin the experience, but Telltale Games anaged to make it happen in a way that really works. The story was excellent, even if you didn't consider the ending. I must played this at least three times and still cry every time I
    finish the game. The voice acting was well-chosen and professionaly executed. The way the world was designed is spot on. The whole abondoned city and living in a motel thing is something that seems very realistic. The characters were all loveable or hateable in their own special way. This game is not repetitive, you never know what to excpect.

    The comic book art style they chose was beautiful, despite the lack of realisme. Sometimes, you just need to stear away from the whole «Relistic graphics» circlejerk and just play a beautifly drawn game. My only issue with this game is how some of the sounds(guns and metal clinging) was not realistic. The game was also relatively buggy. If those bugs were non-existant, I would give this game a 10. But no one is perfect

    Overall, this game was very fun to play and a fantastic piece of art. iw ould recommend you play this, considering season 2 is right around the corner!
  66. Oct 30, 2013
    I only have two games which i would call perfect. Portal and The Walking Dead. This story is so perfect i wanted to believe they were real. The art style is so nicely detailed and brilliant. When the I got to the end i cried that is how much this game makes you care. Play this game and if you do not love it, I do not know what to say.
  67. Oct 29, 2013
    A bunch of characters who say stupid things for the sole purpose of making you choose a side to be on. None of these characters are interesting or worth any sympathy. A sad humorless script. The acting is a by the numbers affair.

    I did not get any bugs, I quite liked the graphics and, to an extent, to gameplay. I have nothing but admiration for games of this genre's right to exist (as
    opposed to the many who expected an FPS or something), but and I am clearly in the minority, I think that if you want to make a game centred on a story line you should make that story good and populate it with great characters, not morons who flip-flop to suit the needs of the contrived plot or the need for another "decision". Expand
  68. Oct 27, 2013
    Story telling at its best. Gripped from start to end, along the way developing ever changing feeling towards the diverse characters that you meet in this Zombie Apocalypse. The game is split into 5 nicely paced out episodes, each adding their own different set of characters and twists and turns for the main protagonist and his companions the face. My favorite being episode 2. I am unable to remember feeling such tension in a any form of entertainment, let alone a game, than I did in episode 2. I personally enjoyed exploring the area of each scene and talking to all of the characters to hear of the stories they had to tell. Thoroughly deserved game of the year... pure brilliance from Telltale! Expand
  69. Oct 24, 2013
    I like how they put in scenes from previous episodes of what already happened(good reference of as to what happen, good to keep the story going a certain direction) camera views a little suck but the graphics look good for such a game like this. Many different routes to take, give the story a little twist and mix it up a bit. Don't much care for the replys being timed but atleast there is more than just 1 (its usually 4) reply you can give each time you are needed to speak. Bottom line: i'm not having much difficulty so its fairly easy and fairly hard most times throughout game. There is more than just 1 second to reply to someone (timed conversation)

    It's got a good scavenging, but could be improved to have the player go more deeper to find stuff like food, weapons, etc. I like how its separated up into "episodes" like some tv show, it breaks everything up like in half life 2 (epi.1, epi.2)
  70. Oct 21, 2013
    A truly touching and heart-braking experience, that dares to compete with other point-and-click games, dramatically speaking. It isn't a game, it is an interactive story with choices effecting the story. It's unforgettable and tensional at it's best. The issue here is that it isn't a game. It would be rewarding if there was more user action. It is a game that you need to experience to understand it. (Final Score: 8.84) Expand
  71. Oct 8, 2013
    The Walking Dead does what other adventure games should, creating a story with characters the player can relate with and difficult choices with a large impact on the story.

    Unlike many other "interactive story" games, choice matters and the game feels like what it's trying to be, an adventure game with a story as opposed to a blockbuster movie and proves that you don't need to be hyper
    realistic to convey emotion. Expand
  72. Oct 6, 2013
    I'm not a big fan of zombie games but the story and the impact you can have on the story is that good it kept enticing me to come back for more. I can't wait to see what more is in store for the second season of The Walking Dead.
  73. Oct 5, 2013
    Ok, let's take a look to this game's merits & defects. First of all the merits: a great plot. An engaging and fascinating plot. Vote to the plot: 9.
    Other merits? No. That's all.. The gameplay doesn't exist.. You have to click something one time every 5 minutes.. So also the difficulty doesn't exist. The game is also very very slow, and a lot of times it appears very very boring.. A very
    slowed rithm.
    Finally.. Not really a game, what the hell.. This is an interactive telefilm, so I vote "8" as a Telefilm, and "6" as a game..
  74. Sep 28, 2013
    I'm giving the PC version the same score but I will say this game is best played with the keyboard and mouse on a PC you also have less bugs and other technical issues on the PC than the consoles or Vita.
  75. Sep 26, 2013
    The Walking Dead game is probably one of the most immersive adventure games I've ever played...and even though has still flaws, it hits in what an adventure game should do: the story is great and involving, the characters are likeable AND hateable, the setting is intringuing and full of tension and, overall, it just hooks you right at the start. But it STILL has some huge flaws that doesn't make this game perfect, even if small, but still flaws. First of, the game plays like a point and click adventure (for the most part) and a lot of times on quick time events or similar. In other words, your actions are limited a lot, which for a GAME is a big flaw, especially since this happens quite a lot. Second, the game has basically no challenge at all, and by challenge I mean no puzzles or anything tricky to do, and that's a big waste of potential for this GAME. Third, and this is going to take longer, is the very low longevity of the GAME...and here's why. The game has 5 episodes (plus a dlc episode of barely an hour, as of now) and each episode can be completed in about 2 hours or 3, resulting in about 10 hours or 15 hours depending on how fast you rush; he game explicitically tells you that the game changes depending on your choices and, in some cases, it actually does and results in a similar yet different path, resulting in a even bigger involvement of the game. The game strongest part is the immersion and that can't be denied (unless you couldn't care less about stories and such. Understandable), however it is a GAME, and as a GAME it has almost no longevity at all. Once you finish it, you're done with it. The choices? They don't change nothing big or relevant in the end, only some scenes and dialogues. The game remains exactly the same.. and this is a wasted potential. The closest example of this game is Heavy Rain, and while in that game the action was close to zero, had ALSO no puzzles and such, that game HAD more longevity and replayability due to the ENORMOUS amount of scenes, endings, dialogues happening just by changing ONE choice in a part of the game, without mentioning each character had their own ending depending on the player (around 4 or 6 for each, but I can't remember). In here, it won't change nothing, despite the game tells you otherwise, and while I loved it the game has nothing else to offer you. Sure, this game is great, but flaws are flaws and so they can't be avoided, and if you hate a game without action you will DESPISE it. If you do like games like this and story driven games, you will feel at home, but still the fact that this game has no challenge or any kind of obstacle in your way, will just make you feel watching a movie more than playing a game. That was your intention? Good, you'll enjoy it then, as I did because it is still a great game... but if we could really have had those choices the game really promised us, this could have been so much better, if not a masterpiece. Expand
  76. Sep 24, 2013
    An all-around great experience. Never has a game make me truly like or dislike characters the way The Walked Dead did. Although it's named after a popular comic/TV series, the characters and the relationships they form are the core of the game, not the universe in which it is set. I believe the game could have had a completely different setting, replacing zombines with some other generic Bad Thing, and it would have been just as great. In other words this game is awesome even if you aren't a fan of the comics/tv show. Or even a fan of zombie games. Expand
  77. Sep 18, 2013
    I got the series in a steam sale minus the 400 days episode. So far I've only played the first episode but it's pretty compelling. This is a point and click adventure/interactive movie but the story is fairly well done thus far. I watched the first season the TV show though and there is some overlap in the characters. The controls are awkward and have caused me to make decisions I didn't intend a few times as a result. They're not re-mappable and all of them are not listed in the menus so I took off a point for that. Expand
  78. Sep 14, 2013
    Probably THE most powerful game I've ever played in my life. Easily one of the best stories and an experience that truly puts every bit of weight of your choices on your shoulders. This is the first game where I've TRULY been able to insert myself into the main character because I chose who survives, who dies, and all of MY choices reap MY benefits or consequences. Sure...there's no high adrenaline, FPS action that have all the down-voters seek, but this game hits a completely different bulls-eye that creates an awesome experience. Highly recommended! TellTale Games did a great job with this one. Expand
  79. Sep 10, 2013
    I mostly just play FPS and FP/RPGs these days. I played the demo of TWD on the Xbox thought oh deary me a point and click adventure with QTE sequences under the guise of a Zombie Comic Book Theme so gave it a long pass. On sale on Steam gave it another chance. Now its complete U-turn, the game is grimmer than the TV series and overall is a gripping emotional shocker. Broken Sword is a Point and Click game, Dragons Lair QTE game a hater of those two genres, the TWD has melded the two genres together so well it makes a lover of this hybrid game, pure gaming genius. Expand
  80. Sep 10, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is an absolute master piece, it's got the same art style as the comic books and in my opinion the best game of 2012. It's one of the only games that's ever made me cry because the ending is just so sad! Well done Telltale Games Expand
  81. Sep 2, 2013
    This game is just like an extended episode of the tv series. I played all 5 episodes in about a week (about 13 hours total) and I found the story to be mediocre. It's true that a few parts pulled the emotional heartstrings, but this moments took hours to come across. The rest of the gameplay I found lacking. Just because characters are willing to talk about everything going on doesn't mean it's worth your time to talk to them. All in all, I did best buy burning through as quick as possible. As a side note, being able to determine who lives and who dies in this game is a gimmick. The outcomes for most of the characters is set. Expand
  82. Aug 30, 2013
    What can I say that hasn't already been said? I got hooked with this game seeing it on youtube and had to buy it as soon as it was complete on disc. Just loved it. The first and only time that I completely felt for the characters... I wanted them to get along well, to success (and even committted a few crimes just to keep things friendly between some characters). But It´s not for everybody because if you are looking for a shooter or a scary game, this is not the place. It´s almost like a movie where you have to decide what to do or say, and that actions will have consequences in the future. It´s really a unique game. Cannot wait for the second season! Please Telltale, hurry up! Expand
  83. Aug 15, 2013
    Playing through episode 1 of this series: liked the quirky, cartoon artwork. Found the characters and scripts good. Enjoyed the pace of the game and the contrast between quiet scenes and action. This made me eagerly anticipate the coming chapters.

    Yet when I moved on to chapter 2 the game had failed to retain the effect of decisions I had made in episode 1, essentially rendering my
    influence on the plot useless. After googling this problem I see it's an issue shared by many and for which no official solution has been provided. Unfortunately I haven't continued to play the rest of it as I couldn't fix the issue and it put a real dampener on my involvement with the game.

    I imagine my score would have been around 6 or 7 or maybe higher had I managed to enjoy the whole game but because of this fundamental flaw which rendered my experience a waste of time, I must mark the game accordingly.
  84. Aug 2, 2013
    Do yourself a favor, this game is one of the best things I've ever played. Mainly focused on the extremely real characters and epic plotline, this has got to be on my top five games of all time. Please, just buy it, unless you have no food and water available, this game should be your first order of business.
  85. Aug 1, 2013
    This game might not seem enjoyable at a glance, But if you pick it up you will be amazed. Every choice you make will have far reaching consequences. From taking supplies to trying to save a life. Each choice you make will change the story completely. The game does get emotional at times. The end will make you cry just as I have, But Telltale Games immerses you in a great world that has many more stories to tell. And Lee's story will never be exactly the same for another player. Expand
  86. Jul 30, 2013
    I was unable to play the game because it doesn't let you change the default key bindings at all. They are set to WASD(QZ) by default and the mouse has no option to change it to inverted for those who desire. In 2012 I cannot give a game with no abilitiy to rebind keys anything higher than a 0 rating no matter how good it might be because I (and many others) are simply unable to play it. It is like having a game that can only be played on an Intel CPU or an nVidia video card without telling the customers about it ahead of time or giving any way to get a refund. Expand
  87. Jul 28, 2013
    This walks the thin line between being a game and being interactive entertainment. The play reminds me of a "choose your own adventure" book from back inthe 1980s. The music and sound effects are good, the art is a nice comic book style, the controls are smooth, as is the camera. I enjoyed playing the first season. After the complete second season comes out, I'll probably get it when it goes on sale. Not a game I'd pay full price for, but worth 50% off. Expand
  88. Jul 28, 2013
    an illusion. that is all this even is. every step of the way the so called "craft able story" it has gone against every thing i have wanted to do. vague dialoge choices never help, believing you will give one response, but Lee actually makes one completely different, un-skippable cut scenes also hinder the experience. under there there may be a good story, and well crafted characters, but the sheer imability to craft the story the way i want it to go is frustrating. had i gone into it knowing how linear and uncontrollable it is, i would never have even bothered. i have COD for linear story. Expand
  89. Jul 26, 2013
    A brilliant game, thrilling captivating story, emotionally engaging characters. The game plays like an interactive movie, the gameplay is not very ambitious, the replay value may be next to nonexistant but the writing makes the experience truly worthwhile.
  90. Jul 22, 2013
    Without a doubt the best game I've played in recent memory. Won't spoil anything, but rarely have I felt so emotionally connected to fictional characters, and certain moments made me cry my eyes out. Had to make a metacritic account just to review this game, absolutely fantastic.
  91. Jul 20, 2013
    Really Cool. Different than a lot of games out there. You solve a few puzzles and make some fun decisions. A lot of decisions you make you only have 6 seconds to decide so it makes you feel like you are in the game a bit more. I like that. My favourite part about this game is how gory some of the scenes are. It's a good horror game.
  92. Jul 20, 2013
    I knock games a lot, A LOT for having poor narratives and stories fit for an 8th grader, but this game is not one of them. I've been a zombie fan for a long time. I think the last great zombie game I played that tried to have a compelling story was probably Resident Evil 2, and that was a long time ago now. Walking Dead commits in one direction in the same way that Call of Duty does: except instead of the direction of blowing things up you are being told a story. This story though, in many ways, is your own to tell. It's a "choose your own adventure" game to a degree, and that adds a lot to it. It's necessary even. Who will you save? Who will you feed in your group? Who gets left behind? Who is or isn't pulling their weight? Just a few decisions you'll have to make while playing. There were only maybe one or two times that I felt the pacing was slow, and towards the end of the story, things get really gripping and grim. I felt like I was back playing Resident Evil 2 again, but remember, we're talking about the same suspense and dread featured in an action horror game, except I'm experiencing it in a story game. It's just masterfully produced and executed. I found it a pleasure to look at on my monitor as well. It looks markedly better on PC than it does on the Xbox. I really can't say enough. It's sort of the "game I've been waiting for." I facepalm constantly at the horrible story direction that most games have, this was like being thrown a much wanted bone. Only problem: it will leave you hungry for more. Expand
  93. Jul 20, 2013
    This isn't for everyone. If you're simply looking to kill hordes of zombies then look elsewhere. This is a game with a limited amount of action, but with a fantastic story. It can be a bit slow at times, but it was a lot of fun being forced to make split second decisions and live with the consequences. Plus, the ending was great.
  94. Jul 19, 2013
    god, forget about all games this is it. I mean it. This is the real game. I feel like other games are just waste of time. May the graphics aren't good enough but it feels like you're in the comic book. Feels like you are living in it. Just Awesome!
  95. Jul 19, 2013
    Now I haven't seen the TV series but if it's any near as good as this in terms of storytelling and tension then it's defintley worth it.
    This game's strengh is in the the way the story is told. Giving the player so many options in dialogues and all increases the immersion which already is great anyways.
    There was some sick stuff happening... but in such a setting this is a good thing.
    Seing that the story writers aren't afraid of anything there was always suspense making this a very tense adventure. You know, there's predictable plots... this one wasn't one of those. Not to me at least.
    Another cool part was that the player could decide wether to be nice or be a complete douche in so many situations the game kinda adopts to the player's character. Greatly enjoyed it!
  96. Jul 17, 2013
    Complete dump, nothing you do affects the story. Barely even a game, you hardly do anything at all but click a button once in a while. Don't know how this got high reviews
  97. Jul 17, 2013
    There is only one Series that's having a better Story: Bioshock. And then comes The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. Im absolutely in love with this game. The story is sad, amazing, awesome, funny, etc... at the same time!
    The characters are absolute convincing and Clem is the best kid i've ever seen in a movie/game. Shes so cute and after several time you feel like her dad (i know its
    kinda weird...)
    Also the soundtrack is AWESOME, it brings in the perfect atmosphere.
    This game made me close crying sometimes
    10 out of 10 an absolutely amazing game, who dont plays it misses something big!
  98. Jul 16, 2013
    this is simply one of the greatest games I have ever played. Telltale proves why it is the king of adventure games pros: Clem and Lee -Clem in general -some of the most memorable characters ever -you will cry at parts -very strong emotional impact (i could not play for a week over the guilt of the death of a character) -the ending is amazing -interesting and realistic puzzles and choices
    - a choice in episode 2 will matter for the rest of the game
    - true to the show and comic it is based on
    -figuring out which characters will be friends and which will be enemies (friend for me=Kenny enemy for me=Lily and Larry)
    -the ending while beautiful made me question "what was the point of this story"
    -some choices don't really affect anything
    this game rises above its flaws and deserves twice as much of the praise it has gotten which is quite alot
  99. Jul 16, 2013
    The walking dead series is a game built by episodes, quite similar to a TV series. It's more of a story than a game to be honest. The choices you make doesn't really affect the outcome of the game, but it's a linear puzzle game where you can make a few choices that can made graphical difference (what characters that are visible) or attitude difference (how the virtual character react).

    The fictional choices I could make promised way more than it delivered. Telltale games also over sell this part of the game. In the first episode (for example) I could make two choices on who to save in a crisis. The first choice had no effect on the outcome (same person died both time) and the choice of the second choice turned to have very little effect as the character saved didn't have any "air time" in the 2nd episode and disappeared in episode 3. I can understand why Telltale Games does this because they feel that it would be too much work to make different graphical sequences with different characters and choices. But it ruins the feeling of me making choices.

    Similarly the choices I make as a survivor is just for show. It's a point and click adventure. When asked to solve tasks like distributing food (scarce) the best way it's a social game and not a real dilemma. In other words, the performance for the characters left hungry isn't affected, which is why it's easy to avoid giving food to oneself.

    Overall an average game for me. It would have been better if Telltale games hadn't oversold the game so much, promising my choices have consequences. They only have effect if you are VERY generous with that expression.
  100. Jul 14, 2013
    This is a fantastic game, although it's more of an interactive movie. There is little gameplay but the story is very engaging, immersive and amazingly written. You really feel as if you are Lee Everett and every decision seems to matter, as you are often the person who decides who lives and dies. Unfortunately this is also where one of the games biggest faults comes in. It's amazing how Mass Effect 3 was torn apart for it's ending but this game escaped almost unscathed. The ending wasn't bad or poorly written, but in a game where it seems as if every choice matters, there is no unique ending. Every players ending will be the same. The same people will always die, the same people will always survive. If saving one person causes another to die later, choosing to not save that person will still result in the other's death. There is only one ending, and the way this game was made, that should not have been the case. The ending could not have been more disappointing, it has single handedly knocked 3 points off my score for it. Even with that fault though, this is still an amazing game, and should be purchased. You will laugh, and this game WILL make you cry at some point.

    As this game has multiple chapters I will put ranks for each chapter, as well as the overall for metacritic:

    Chapter 1: 10/10
    Chapter 2: 10/10
    Chapter 3: 8/10
    Chapter 4: 7/10
    Chapter 5: 3/10
  101. Dec 27, 2012
    I have to agree with what many of the critics and other users have said. The game is beautifully written, and remains true to Kirkman's universe. It is emotionally gripping, and balances the story expertly between the desolation and intensity of a post-apocalyptic world. The visual design is highly stylized, and creates some wonderful set pieces. I should preface my criticisms by noting that I really enjoying the format of these narrative point-and-click adventures; Some of my early favourites included Myst and the original Monkey Island series. I found that, although immersive and adeptly convincing, my choices often had little effect on the broader outcome of the adventure. The consequences of a poor decision were often minimal and only swapped small pieces of dialogue. This often served to break the experience for me, and I felt as though I wasn't playing a game as much as I was reading a one-shot story arc in the Walking Dead comic book series. The limited puzzle-like content was excruciatingly simple, and felt served up piping hot.
    To cut my ramblings short; Wonderful story, a must-play for fans, and nothing I regret spending time on. I wouldn't suggest approaching it like a true video game, more of an interactive animated series, and at that it TRULY excels.

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  1. 80
    It’s not perfect but The Walking Dead is one of the most important advances in interactive fiction for a generation, with some of the most memorable characters of any video game.
  2. Mar 15, 2013
    The Walking Dead is a serious, solid, but clay-footed work; in truth, it wouldn't stand out from the crowd if video game storytelling wasn't so impoverished to begin with.
  3. Feb 10, 2013
    A test of your moral fortitude in a world that's gone to the dogs. [March 2013, p.76]