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  1. Dec 2, 2013
    Good, but way overrated. The major problem with this game is that it strongly suggests that your choices affect the story, but if you replay it again with different choices it is obvious that your choices didn't matter at all. I think that linear stories are fine, but if you explicitly advertise the story as being player-driven and interactive (which they do at the start of every episode) it better be that.

    I appreciate that making the story actually branching and having different outcomes requires an insane amount of content and can be incredibly expensive, but I don't understand the need for what is essentially false advertising of a feature that is pretty much absent.

    I had the same problem with Mass Effect series.

    Other than that and some clumsy controls on the PC, I think the game is very enjoyable.
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    Definitely the best adventure game i've played in years.
    The story is great, the graphics are nice. Everything about this game is so good.
    I really hope they make more chapters in a near future. This IP has potential and Telltale did a tremendous making this game.

    I'm glad they won the GOTY 2012. Very well deserved.
  3. Jul 7, 2013
    Easily one of the most beautiful, spellbinding stories ever crafted in gaming. The voice acting, writing and suspense are some of the best in gaming, but you've heard all this before. The main complaint with the Walking Dead is that is simply is more of an interactive movie than a game per se, however I would disagree. People mistakenly believe that the only 'gameplay' in this game involves picking conversation options and point and click scenes, however it is my opinion that the relationships you form and how much you care for the characters is also part of the gameplay. If I was watching a movie, I wouldn't care half as much for Clementine as I would in a game, because I feel like a father figure to her rather than watching someone else be a father figure. So, in essence, this game does have gameplay, just not in the traditional sense you are used to. Expand
  4. Aug 27, 2014
    This is among the finest examples of computer game story telling there is. It draws you in, builds you up and tears you down as you follow the fascinating tale of Lee and Clementine as they fight for survival in the early days following the apocalypse. Clementine works brilliantly as a type of moral mirror for Lee and has the player constantly question the merits and implications of choices made.

    The story is thrilling, the conclusion epic and the characters are well made, well expanded and also well concluded. The atmosphere of the game is truly stunning, both visually and audibly, and the interaction with the game feels natural and intuitive.

    This is a must play game if you're into story telling at all.
  5. Jul 26, 2013
    A brilliant game, thrilling captivating story, emotionally engaging characters. The game plays like an interactive movie, the gameplay is not very ambitious, the replay value may be next to nonexistant but the writing makes the experience truly worthwhile.
  6. Jun 2, 2013
    Possibly the most emotion-altering game I've ever played. At first glance, I thought this was gonna be another half-baked zombie game that's beaten a dead and resurrected horse. I'm glad I was wrong there. The events of the game stay original, and you're probably not gonna easily predict things. The amount of unexpected twists in the game are remarkable, and you'll find yourself desperately waiting for what'll happen next. The writing is beyond excellent. I can't wait for the second season. Expand
  7. Jan 12, 2013
    The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series is a point and click adventure game set in a zombie-survival scenario based on the similarly named comics. However, instead of the usual puzzle-solving the player will often be called upon to make (moral) choices and weigh need with wants. The story continues through several chapters (5 at the time of writing, which concludes season 1) and throughout each chapter, the choices you made in a previous chapter will affect the reactions of those around you. The graphics are outdated but that's covered up quite well by the cel-shaded graphics and Telltale has done an excellent job at making the characters come across as human, not just through their facial expressions but also by the more than superb voice-acting and the excellent writing. I did not read the comics but I did watch the TV series and I hated it, it was far too long-winded and the characters were so annoying that I felt no connection to them but the videogame .. It's brilliant. The only thing that annoyed me was that sometimes the game mechanics change function. For example, at one point you'll be asked to undertake a certain action but you won't have a lot of information to go on. Naturally, you'll select the "Eye" icon which normally only causes Lee, the protagonist, to tell you what's going on so you can make informed decisions. However, in this case, it'll move the game on rather than give you more information. Although given the situation it is perfectly understandable but from a gaming point of view, it's punishing and confusing the player; possibly causing him to make a choice he did not want to make. These situations occur from time to time but you just deal with it, it's a minor grievance. A must-play for anyone who's into Point-and-Click games, zombie-scenarios and survival. A word of warning: this game is highly graphic. You might be used to a lot of violence in games but this game is more visceral than anything you've probably ever played. Expand
  8. Feb 22, 2013
    The Walking Dead deserves to be up in the ranks of Zelda OOT and Super Mario Bros for its innovative, unique way of storytelling, a cast of characters that the player will decide the connections with each of them, spot-on voice acting and many more qualities that make this game extraordinary.
  9. Jun 12, 2013
    Just one point lower because of the ending

    I was scared, shocked, but i found more love in my life...
    I have to place here more characters, but two sentences had done
  10. Mar 4, 2013
    Telltale's The Walking Dead provides fantastic character development, storytelling and a great cast of realistic, perfect voice actors. It's hard for me to imagine no one feeling emotion when playing through The Walking Dead. Telltale's Episodic model pans the experience of The Walking Dead over a few months and gives a longer, more enjoyable saga. The Walking Dead reminds us that gaming shouldn't look like a drag act in Vegas, sparkly lights and tons of effects, but provide a larger focus on character development and storytelling. Never before has a point and click adventure ever brought me so much anticipation. Perhaps it was the storytelling and character development that excited me, or perhaps it was just the fact that I like zombies. Expand
  11. Jan 6, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Where to start? Of course with the story. That is the core of the success of this game and rightly. Story, characters are amazing and I honestly didn't expect that. Next thing is the visual side of the game. I think the style fitted the game perfectly. Also the sound/voice-acting is very well done, especially the music. I love minimalistic music, not to put it everywhere like it is in every game/movie nowadays. Reminded me so much of the use of music in the TV series Deadwood. So why not full 10/10? It is the "premise" or let's say what the game promises; your decisions will matter. Unfortunately they won't. It is just a smoke and mirrors. And with this falls down the gameplay. Tough decisions are not so tough after you realize it doesn't matter that much or at all how you decide. Ending is the same no matter how you played it. The choices have a little impact; few lines alternated and that's all. If only they didn't advocate this aspect of the game which is non-existent it would be way better, but marketing and promoting is another thing. Either way the game is amazing and I understand all those 10/10 ratings but for me it was just slightly behind. Bottom line: if you like deep and emotional story that is not easily predictable and want to try adventure with easy puzzles - get this game. Expand
  12. Feb 15, 2013
    This is definately one of the best games I've ever played. The story is totally amazing, and the way they tell it made me so emotionally engaged I just couldn't stop playing. The story and the voice acting is superb, and it really sticks with you. I love how the game adapts to my choices as it have a huge impact of the story progression, and the cellshaded graphics works really nice with the games atmosphere.

    Admittedly it have some minor issues, but it's pro's are outweighing it by far. The controls when shooting were a little bit clunky. I prefer playing with a gamepad, but had to switch to the mouse a few times for the shooting sequences. Also you can't skip movie sequences after having watched them once, if you happen to die or want to reload some part. And I wish they could put a save function in not just the auto save cause I ended up replaying longer parts than necessary sometimes.

    I've seen some complaints that it's too little gameplay and too little action and if you can't stand story and dialogue being more prominent than shooting stuff this is not the game for you. Personally I totally loved that it was more about dialogue and some puzzle solving (I hope they have a bit more challenging puzzles in season 2 though). I think the length of the game was good too. I got totally hooked and it took me a few days to run through the 5 episodes (the reviewers saying it only takes three hours only played episode 1).

    Other game makers should look at this as a very good example of what you can actually do with a game and how to tell a story, because that part was absolutely perfect. The choices are sometimes really tough, and the game actually made me cry at some points. I very much look forward to season 2 of The Walking Dead. If they can keep the same level of writing and voice acting season 2 is a must buy for me!
  13. Jan 31, 2013
    This is easily the best game in 2012 for story. The fact that some people think it is not a game just sickens me. How can people nitpick and use any straws they can cling to in order to say that it is not worthy of the high score it has?
  14. Dec 26, 2012
    This game has you emotionally engaged on a level similar to the Walking Dead series, if not even more so because of the length of it. (It's shorter so the 'big' events happen more regularly than in the tv series). The last time a game has had me so emotionally captured was Final Fantasy 10.
  15. May 8, 2013
    The ending of this game made me cry tears. Is that enough for you?

    That aside, there are a few flaws. The adventure game puzzles are very, very basic, so if you're looking for something to challenge you, you've come to the wrong place. In addition, repeated playthroughs tend to all lead to the same outcome, which gives weight to the idea that your choices ultimately don't matter.

    by golly, it's one good narrative. Expand
  16. Mar 6, 2013
    Absolutely amazing game. Changing storyline, detailed characters, edgy graphics and gameplay system. It's not a 10 because it has an occasional bug and glitch and isn't 100% refined. It's rough on a few of its edges but it's still an absolutely fantastic game worth playing. 9/10 all day.
  17. Apr 14, 2013
    Wow. Wow. Wow. WOW. WOW.

    You have to understand what you're in for--this is an interactive movie, not a game. But it is the most emotionally compelling story I have ever experienced. Hands down. I haven't cried in six years and this game changed that. I have never exploded in anger at a fictional person. This game changed that. I have never bitten my tongue in shock. This
    game changed that.

    Instantly one of the greatest games I have ever played.
  18. Sep 29, 2014
    Game: The Walking Dead Genre: Point and Click Adventure Developer: Telltale Games System: Steam (PC) Total Score: 89/100 Value Score: 8.9/10 • Story: 10/10 • Characters: 10/10 • GamePlay: 7/10 • Graphics: 8/10 • Sound: 10/10 • Music: 8/10 • Length: 8/10 • Replay Value: 10/10 • Player Value: 8/10 Pros +Great storyline that ties well with The Walking Dead Universe
    +Different Interactions that affect the storyline as a whole increases replayability
    +Fitting music for the mood and tone of the storyline and the universe
    +Great visual art style and design that ties closely to the comic book series
    +Ability to choose to go back to certain scenes to replay again
    +400 days DLC content consists of at least 1 hour additional of gameplay
    +Fantastic voice acting

    -A few bugs such as the loading bug may occur which is fixable with changing of the exe settings
    -By choosing to go back to certain scenes to replay again you also delete any scenes that occur afterwards due to the changes of decisions that may occur
    -Very annoying mini game in the DLC
  19. Jul 20, 2013
    I knock games a lot, A LOT for having poor narratives and stories fit for an 8th grader, but this game is not one of them. I've been a zombie fan for a long time. I think the last great zombie game I played that tried to have a compelling story was probably Resident Evil 2, and that was a long time ago now. Walking Dead commits in one direction in the same way that Call of Duty does: except instead of the direction of blowing things up you are being told a story. This story though, in many ways, is your own to tell. It's a "choose your own adventure" game to a degree, and that adds a lot to it. It's necessary even. Who will you save? Who will you feed in your group? Who gets left behind? Who is or isn't pulling their weight? Just a few decisions you'll have to make while playing. There were only maybe one or two times that I felt the pacing was slow, and towards the end of the story, things get really gripping and grim. I felt like I was back playing Resident Evil 2 again, but remember, we're talking about the same suspense and dread featured in an action horror game, except I'm experiencing it in a story game. It's just masterfully produced and executed. I found it a pleasure to look at on my monitor as well. It looks markedly better on PC than it does on the Xbox. I really can't say enough. It's sort of the "game I've been waiting for." I facepalm constantly at the horrible story direction that most games have, this was like being thrown a much wanted bone. Only problem: it will leave you hungry for more. Expand
  20. Jan 16, 2013
    I find that the "choice" factor in the game is meaningless. The ending, no matter what you choose, is the same. The only thing that changes with these choices is the dialogue. However, the story was so good in my opinion that it deserves an eight.
  21. Jun 24, 2013
    I haven't felt this connected to a game in a while. Just a fair warning: if you don't like cutscenes, then this game isn't for you. This point and click adventure is basically one big cutscene and more like watching the TV show than playing a game, but that isn't a bad thing. The only complaints i have for the Xbox version of the game is occasional slowdown and glitches. It can be pretty distracting. Expand
  22. Jan 2, 2013
    There is no game-play - ok you have to move the mouse and press a few buttons now and then, the rest of the time you are just along for the ride. I am the kind of person who hates cut-scenes, so it takes a little getting used to, being an observer .. Some of the comments about this not actually being a game have some validity, however it is interactive to an extent. As a game, as defined by being physically involved in pressing buttons as action plays out on the screen, this would get a 3 or 4 out of 10. But it's not aiming for this market - this is an emotional journey. As much as I yearned for better game-play and deeper interactivity with the environment and more action, I also respected the fact that I can always boot up Left for Dead anytime I want. This is something different - and for that reason alone, it's worth your time. Expand
  23. Mar 25, 2013
    I usually hate story focused games. I just want a game to PLAY, and prefer to enjoy my storytelling in books, movies, even TV. Maybe that's because most games just do an abysmally amateurish job of it, but this game is one of very few exceptions. The story is almost good enough to forget it doesn't even have any gameplay. For a gamer like me, that's saying a whole lot. Highly recommended.
  24. Nov 7, 2013
    An unique experience where the players choices are meaningful combine with its exceptional narrative makings this one of the best point clickers adventures around after completing the game I can truly see why many gaming sites gave The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series their Game Of The Year 2012 the only grip I have is that the steam version can be bugged with it save files but theirs a fix available. Expand
  25. Jan 8, 2013
    Having finally beaten all 5 episodes, I can easily see why people would think this is a game of the year candidate. However, I had a few issues that kept it from being my GotY. Frankly, for a game that's supposed to be solely based on the decisions you make, very few decisions throughout the story actually affected the overall outcome of the story, even when they made you think that some of the biggest choices you would have to make turned out not to even matter a bit. However the game does quite a few things well and the best thing I can relate it too is Heavy Rain. The story the game tells is a wonderful one and, even for people who aren't into the Walking Dead franchise that much like I was, they will get so much out of this game. I really felt for the characters and some of the decisions they had to make. Losing any of the characters, even some of the smaller ones, affected me greatly. I haven't felt this emotional about a game in a long time and that speaks volumes to me. This game has made me want to get into the entire franchise now and, even with that tiny issue I said before, this is easily one of the best games I've played in a long time. However, don't expect to do much going into it because this game is basically here to tell a story and that's it. If you can get over that, then you'll love this game to death. I wouldn't call it my GotY, but it's easily in the top 5 this year and it's something I'll be really keeping an eye on when season 2 rolls around. Expand
  26. Dec 18, 2013
    Broken & horribly optimized, the game screwed my saved file 3 times in a row and I literally had to edit the games programming just to make the damn game functional.
    While the story was good, story alone is not worth the massive acclaim this game is getting, if anybody thinks this broken game is worth a 10/10 then you have the worst possible taste in gaming ever.
  27. Jun 3, 2013
    Despite the reputation and praises I avoided this game like the plague due to the interactive story label. While I still don't think the game is worth it's full asking price I do feel it's absolutely worth grabbing on a sale. Took me slightly north of 10 hours to beat all 5 episodes. The story is amazing and does a very good job creating tension and, for the most part, does an excellent job of creating the "just one more turn" desire. Looking forward to the sequel and may also take a chance on Wolf Among Us, on sale of course. Expand
  28. Jun 19, 2013
    The story and wrting is absolutely amazing. It triggers such emotional responses and is never dull or lackluster. The Characters, while rather normal people, grow on you. While you don't really care for them at first, they grow on you rather fast and you become very attached to them (in most cases at least). It really hurts to see them leave the group or even get killed.

    This game is
    one of the best games I ever played, definitely in my top 3, and has the best narration of any game I have ever played. I will definitely buy season 2, I can hardly wait until the first episode is released!! Expand
  29. Jan 28, 2013
    Anyone who doesn't view Telltale's The Walking Dead as a masterpiece doesn't have a good taste in games. After a frustrating experience with AMC's The Walking Dead television adaptation, I was surprised to see that Telltale was able to capture the gruesome dark horror of Kirkman's comic, with some amazing new characters and stories. A must play.
  30. Jan 11, 2013
    this game was awesome. for all the people complaining about how restrictive decisions are dont get on how big of a universe they would have to span up and just how much work that would be. someone would have to pay for it so it still stays cool. i believe the guys did an awesome job. in the end it was about storytelling that can be influenced. i am just not sure what i want continued for season 2 really. the ending is hard, but its also a good one, something they could just leave be and pick off somewhere else even though i die wanting to know how it continues, but thats just like in the better stories to leave some space for imagination Expand
  31. Apr 13, 2013
    Probably the best game I've ever played. The story is so emotionally gripping that you may just find yourself experiencing multiple intense emotions which you never thought you could experience in a video game. The gameplay (Point-and-Click) fits the game PERFECTLY and it adds a sense of urgency in those frantic moments, the puzzles are subtle (they fit the story well, there are no puzzles thrown in just for the sake of it) and fun to solve, the "combat" is brilliant, there is not a single aspect of the gameplay that I can criticise! The story is AMAZING. Best story I've experienced in a game, TV show or otherwise EVER. The story constantly shocks you with the grittiness of the world, every twist and turn the story takes feels natural (no sudden plot twists that come out of nowhere) The danger feels REAL. You really develop powerful relationships with all the characters, every decision you make has an impact. Episode 2 in particular is great in this aspect. The immersion is mind-blowingly brilliant! You'd never expect this from a third person Point-and-Click adventure, but TWD delivers. You really start to think strategically as if you were in he world itself! For example you may find yourself thinking "I shouldn't shoot this Walker, the noise will attract more. I better think of another way to do it.". This game is genuinely scary because of this! This is a brilliant game people, BUY IT! YOU WONT REGRET IT! Collapse

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  1. 80
    It’s not perfect but The Walking Dead is one of the most important advances in interactive fiction for a generation, with some of the most memorable characters of any video game.
  2. Mar 15, 2013
    The Walking Dead is a serious, solid, but clay-footed work; in truth, it wouldn't stand out from the crowd if video game storytelling wasn't so impoverished to begin with.
  3. Feb 10, 2013
    A test of your moral fortitude in a world that's gone to the dogs. [March 2013, p.76]