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  • Summary: A taxi deposits Victoria and Darrel at the gates of a mysterious and imposing castle in present day Austria. Their assigned mission is to recover a device resembling a large pendulum. The device has been stolen by a fringe group of religious fanatics and is believed to be hidden in the castle. The pendulum's ability to maximize the earth?s energy, coupled with a rapidly approaching solar eclipse, now poses a serious threat to human survival. Victoria and Darrel must find the pendulum and stop it before midnight to avoid a catastrophe of potentially global consequences. [Got Game] Expand
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  1. A small conversational clue may lead to a startling revelation. Items you find may seem insignificant at first but may be crucial later. Seemingly unrelated historical information could be just what you need to get your mind focused. It's up to you to make the connections.
  2. I did feel that certain tasks took a lot of time and the need to search everything made for some tedious work, but the comedy relief did its job and made up for the shortcomings and created a decent play experience.
  3. A nice enough adventure. It has some depth, and you won’t breeze through it in under ten hours, but it’s also a little sloppy, and the voice acting is awful.
  4. If the few minor annoyances were to be corrected - the 3D clipping, the languid music, the pixel hunting - then Watchmaker could possibly develop a devoted following especially in the wake of foreign upstarts like "The Longest Journey."
  5. The deal killer for us in The Watchmaker is the acting, which we dare say qualifies as some of the worst voiceover work we have ever heard in a game, or even an elementary school play.
  6. Little elements of polish and coherence are missing, anomalies abound, and you are too often left in the dark about what to do next to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time.
  7. What makes the game so irritating is that the flat gameworld textures are laughably dull. [Oct 2002, p.79]

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  1. GrahamC.
    Aug 4, 2002
    Who cares about the acting, really? (Like Myst III had good acting?) The point is that all the puzzles are pretty much logical and solvable, which makes it better than any other game I've tried. Expand