Mixed or average reviews - based on 41 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 41
  2. Negative: 0 out of 41
  1. The Whispered World is about half a terrific game and half a mess. But since the most important parts, the puzzling, graphics and exploring, are all well done I'm going to ignore the stuff I cared less for and award the game an overall grade of A minus.
  2. With one sentence: The whispered world is an extreme funny, easy learnable adventure!
  3. The Whispered World is a stunningly beautiful adventure game with a great story for adults. It makes you smile, touches your heart, makes you sad and thoughtful. A little masterpiece with a small, but great hero.
  4. The Whispered World is one of those works that you can notice it´s made with passion and love for a genre, graphic adventure in this case. Its striking visuals hide a true adult fairy tale game that captivate the player with an interesting story, some memorable characters and a superb ambiance, creating a true pleasure to the senses
  5. Beautiful hand-drawn visuals, two adorable main characters and a fabulous story that manages to find the right balance between melancholy and humor make for one of the best traditional adventure games in years.
  6. This is one old school title which will make many remember those golden years of classic videogames. But it needs patience and thinking, and maybe many won't give it a chance.
  7. 84
    The humor, characters, mystery, and sense of magic are rarely combined as effectively as they are in TWW, drawn together by astounding artwork. Get past the surface flaws and delve into another world for a few days.
  8. The Whispered World is one of the best traditional adventure games in years.
  9. The hauntingly beautiful, eerily desolate scenes of The Whispered World make the knowledge of impending doom all the more chilling.
  10. A return to an all-too-overlooked genre, The Whispered World delivers a solid and entertaining 2D adventure.
  11. Imaginative tasks, artistic visuals and a melancholic story make this common fantasy adventure something more – something to remember. [Issue#190]
  12. Some excellent puzzles with some fertilizer thrown in.
  13. The Whispered World is an old style adventure game, but thanks to its attractive setting and a fascinating story manages to fully embrace the player, not without some minor glitches and bugs. Definitely recommended to fans of graphics adventure games, but also to those who want to try different and mature gaming experience with a healthy dose of brainy puzzles.
  14. Despite some cheap animations and a lack of original ideas, The Whispered World is good adventure with a melancholic atmosphere, brilliant dialogue and beautiful hand drawn stages.
  15. This is a game that can be enjoyed by children, but is equally adept at speaking to adults about a childhood we only now perceive clearly. It got to me, and I think it will get to you, so do yourself a favor and visit The Whispered World for yourselves.
  16. There is more than enough content here to keep avid adventure and puzzle gurus occupied.
  17. While it has its problems here and there, many of which stem from the fact that it's produced by a small publisher, it is in fact a good point-and-click adventure at a very solid price.
  18. The Whispered World is a fascinating adventure with a lot of good riddles and an astonishing art design. Despite this, the Italian version has an impressive amount of bugs, that will discourage many users.
  19. Jul 18, 2014
    The Whispered World isn’t for everyone but fans of the genre may find a nostalgic treat in Sadwicks’ lengthy journey.
  20. The Whispered World is beyond anything else a beautifully crafted adventure game of the old school formula. It's an utter joy to explore the world that, aside from beautiful artwork, is filled with both easy and challenging puzzles. But all of these wonderful components are dragged down by the god awful voice acting too horrendous to overlook. It's a shame since this is in every other aspect a great piece of entertainment.
  21. Of course, a totally linear game is nothing without its plot, and The Whispered World doesn't disappoint in that respect. It's a relatively unique take on the 'reluctant hero saves the world' tale, with the kind of memorable ending that'll divide opinion straight down the middle.
  22. A correct game, but without anything to make it stand out in this genre.
  23. A gorgeous adventure with a touching story is marred by mildly frustrating moments and mystifying puzzles. Recommended for the old-school adventurer.
  24. The Whispered World is an incredibly charming adventure game, with lots of quality humour, interesting characters and a story that's more exciting than it seems at first. A worthy buy, despite some weak and illogical puzzles.
  25. What you're doing isn't terribly interesting. [July 2010, p.97]
  26. 68
    This is a glorious, wonderful world to explore, a painterly land bristling with character and emotion. It pains me that I can't recommend it wholeheartedly.
  27. Dreadful voices. [Aug 2010, p.83]
  28. Bad translation... If you can speak German, get the native version. [July 2010, p.100]
  29. Jan 3, 2011
    If you are really, really longing for a 2D adventure with lovely hand-drawn graphics, then you'll enjoy The Whispered World for a couple of days. But chances are you'll quickly stop playing and immerse in a much more exciting activity – rummaging through the game's data folder in search of beautiful backgrounds for your desktop.
  30. It's a shame the drama doesn't punch at the same weight (as the visuals). [June 2010, p.105]
  31. Absolutely enormous, endlessly gorgeous, but maddening (especially in its final moment), The Whispered World is a muddled shame.
  32. There's something wrong with a genre where self-parody is interchangeable with inspiration. [Issue#96, p.120]
  33. If, like me, you have warm fuzzy memories of the glory days of LucasArts, Revolution and AdventureSoft, you'll enjoy The Whispered World. And I did. But there are simply too many shortcomings here to give this game a hearty recommendation. Muted praise.
  34. I felt generally accomplished, yet the weight of disappointment in my gut could not be ignored.
  35. An astounding story wrapped in frustrating, illogical adventure gameplay. [July 2010, p.59]
  36. It's magic, it's a fable and it's a dream, but The Whispered World is also a nightmare for its bugs in the Italian version that compromise an adventure that, otherwise, would be one of the most interesting of the year.
  37. A pleasant adventure, but by no means revolutionary.
  38. If, like me, you have warm fuzzy memories of the glory days of LucasArts, Revolution and AdventureSoft, you'll enjoy The Whispered World. And I did. But there are simply too many shortcomings here to give this game a hearty recommendation. Muted praise, then, for a whispered world.
  39. It's just a shame that it's not as good as it so clearly should be. [July 2010, p.98]
  40. Dense dialogue and illogical puzzles get in the way of The Whispered World's outstanding artwork and surreal atmosphere.
  41. Frustratingly beautiful graphic adventure that's sadly ruined by poor voiceovers and fuzzy logic.
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  1. Nov 6, 2012
    I am not a huge fan of point-and-click adventures, but i really love this one!
    The story of the melancholic clown and his pet has great
    moments most of them funny but also some sad.
    The game looks amazing with its handdrawn backrounds and livley animated characters. The sound... That seems to be a problem in the english version but for the german version I can say that thevoice actiong is amazing and the music ( which is available at the publishers page) is wonderful.
    I had soem problems with the riddles though some of them are really logical and some are just chaotic.
    But personally I can oversee these flaws, because when I think back at this game, I have to start smiling thinking of the good time I had and then I turn on the soundtrack think about the stunning ending!
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  2. Jun 23, 2013
    I want to love this game but I can't, because for me this game is not that good. Visually it's really stunning, fluid animations and hand drawn backgrounds really got to me, and I thought I would love it, but the way the puzzles are set-up are really problematic. Too many objects in the inventory at once, too many cryptic tips to indicate how solve some of them and lots of times they didn't make any sense at all, not in a good way like strange but classic point and click solving. You usually can start combining items you don't even know when they will be used. You are never 100% sure what should be your next objective.

    The text is good, but always too long. The voice acting is also really hit and miss.

    A lack of a tip system also makes this game impossible to beat without some frustration or a walk-through, and this is not the part I love about point and clicking games.
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  3. Sep 21, 2011
    As a huge fan of point-and-click adventure games I'm always happy to see new additions to this genre. Especially when so much time has been spent making awesome, handdrawn backgrounds, cutscenes and characters. Graphically The Whispered World is stunning, absolutely no complaints there.

    The biggest point of criticism is the voice acting. The main character Sadwick sounds downward terrible, and it's beyond me why this has ever been thought of as acceptable. Such a beautiful game almost completely ruined by just this, it restrained me from rating this game the solid 8 it really deserves. Actually I'm hoping to get my hands on the original german version one day, just to experience this game the way it should.

    Most of the storyline is good enough though. As a anti-hero depressed circus jester traveling through a fantasy world you meet a messegner of the king. The king is ill and the world is ending, and you'll have to deal with that somehow. Ofcourse that means visiting all kinds of different locations, all beautifully handdrawn and some filled with fun to solve puzzle elements. You're also accompanied by Spot, a shape-shifting catterpiller with a cute but limited vocalubary. This adds to the puzzle-solving fun as you need to think a bit more out of the box - in this case your inventory sack.

    There are interesting fantastically shaped characters which are fun to interact with, and the locations are equally satisfying to wander through. Especially near the end there are some plot holes where things are happening without a proper elaboration, which can be a bit puzzling. But if you just go with it you'll be just fine, don't worry.

    This game is no Monkey Island or Sam and Max, but it definitely has its own qualities. I'm glad I bought it when it was on sale on Steam. If it wasn't for the voice acting the full price would have been well worth it as well.
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