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  1. May 18, 2011
    the world is visually pleasing: i'd give it a 10/10 character animation is well done: 8/10 tech stability: 7/10 - why: over all, things have been ok. there are a couple places where the game has just hung during cut scenes. the story is compelling and engaging: 8/10 the npcs seem quite believable: 8/10 player interface: 3/10 - why: it's unwieldy. you cannot set keyboard controls from within the game. many keys cannot be bound at all (e.g. arrow keys, +, -, and NO KEYPAD keys at all, etc.). i'm sorry but that's basic UI design failure on a level that truly undermines the thoughtfulness and attention to detail present elsewhere in the game. cut scenes can't be skipped, so if you die during a mission, you have to relive them... over and over.
    combat system: 7/10
    - why: it feels clunky and lacks intuitive flow, though it gets cudos for being fast paced and bloody.
    controls: 3/10
    - why: in short, it's clumsy. turning, climbing, interacting with the world... it all feels inconsistent and plays unlike anything i've experienced before. granted, historically i've been a pretty big game snob and generally only play titles that win tons of awards, but i thought with all the buzz around this game the risk of disappointment was minimal. i feel like i should be using a console control, not a keyboard. and no, i'm not bashing consoles so let's not start that. but when it comes to precision, you just can't beat a mouse and keyboard -- assuming the game was properly made. supposedly the open game world allows you to do all sorts of different things, like climb structures and whatnot. and you can, as long as devs made that object "climbable". which is the problem: there's little consistency and no way to know if you can interact with an object unless you stand in a pretty specific spot. so even if you walk past something that you could climb, unless you're standing on a just the right set of pixels, you won't know it. there's no glow, no altered shading... nothing. just a little icon that may or may not appear if you stand in exactly the right spot. it's like the devs created a beautiful game with a great story but had absolutely no concern for playability. overall playability: 6/10
    - why: it doesn't matter how good the story and graphics are, if the gameplay is too frustrating the player's experience will be diminished. for this reason i rate the game at a 6/10. which is typically below the threshold of what i am willing to buy and play. and i'm just not having that much fun with this game. at least, not yet. i will keep playing a few more days. if my opinion changes, i will update my review. but for right now, i wish i'd spent my $45 on something else.
  2. Nov 12, 2011
    This game has absolute amazing story. Sometimes it's more like movie than game but who cares if scenes are better than in some movies. The 2.0 patch gave us arena when we can have fun and train before campaign like i did so i finished game on dark mode within 2 days. There are some bugs or errors but they don't interfere to much so i didn't really care. I'm just waiting for witcher 3 so i can see if my chooses were good Expand
  3. Nov 28, 2011
    In one word: stunning. In a few more: the greatest game of 2011. The saddest part is so many people will skip playing it purely because it doesn't fall within their limited preconceptions of what sort of game they want to play, yet it is these people that could gain so much by playing it. Play it. Love it. Cherish it. PC gaming has never been so good. Arcanum and Planescape: Torment lookout. This series has it's eyes fixated on severly knocking on the door and boldly proclaiming that it is possible to beat nostalgia and you don't need a crowbar to do it. Expand
  4. May 17, 2011
    This game is amazing. The depth it contains is what true RPG gamers want. The writing and game play are superb. When you play this game, you realize how terrible other games are that try to call themselves RPGs (Dragon Age 2). If you like complexity, depth, fun game play and a great story you can't go wrong with this game. Long live the true RPG games, down with simplified mainstream crap like Dragon Age 2! Expand
  5. May 27, 2011
    As one of those dissapointed with DA2 i aproached the Witcher 2 with caution, however i neednt have feared because the game is quite simply stunning! For reference, i enjoyed the Witcher 1 after they released the re-done sound. I thought the combat was lacking but the story and atmosphere from Chapter 2 onwards were good enough that i didnt mid the short comings so much. The Witcher 2 is an improvement in almost everyway. First of all, one of the things everyone is talking about are the graphics. They are probably some of the best graphics currently available. Every moving tree and nasty beasty look exactly as they are supposed to with beautiful design. The attention to detail doesnt stop there though. The game is brought to life by a substantial amount of things going on in the background from soldiers groaning about their lot in life to whores selling their services. From the first moment you really get drawn in. The combat is improved by a long way but perhaps not mastered yet. The delay in reaction time can get frustration and the game does really punish you for getting it wrong, that is until you upgrade. Talking of upgrading, the game manages character development fairly well. There arent the amount of options i usually prefer in RPG;s but they do make a difference and you really feel as if your character is improving through out the game. The storyline is well crafted and well told with only a few average voiceovers to marr its tale. All of the quests, sidequests included are fun and engaging and no two are the same. There will be no fetch quests in this game. The adult nature of the game is done in a much more tasteful way this itme and you wont feel offended by the gameb ut instead just take it for granted that the way they present the world is the way it is. In other words, the adult aspects dont stand out like a sore thumb like they did in the Witcher 1.

    There are a few problems however. For one there is the doors. They are akward to navigate and in a minor way, kill the immersion when you have to locate the correct point to stand to open them, and even then only one person can go through at the itme, often shutting the door in your companions face. The jumping points suffer from the same problem. The ending is less the satisfying but does its job but you can forgive that by the way all your choices throughout the game mold it until you are quite literally playing in the world you chose. To the point where the entire second chapter is different depending on your choices in the first chapter.

    This is a fine example of how an action RPG should be made, its perhaps not as deep as the rpgs of old, but it certainly handsdown beats its competition. I highly reccomend this game.
  6. Jun 4, 2011
    So far, this gets my vote for GOTY for 2011. The graphics are simply amazing; all those PC elitists who say "this game doesn't have DX11 so it blows, blah blah blah" need to take a close look at what CD Project has done with DX9. This is definitely one of the Top 10 best looking games of all-time, across all platforms. The story was great, and the length was above average (took me about 22 hours). The ending was not quite what I was expecting, but doesn't detract enough from the game to move my vote from a 10 to a 9. All-in-all, the best old school RPG (Mass Effect isn't what I'd consider old school) I've played since Morrowind. 10/10 Expand
  7. May 17, 2011
    The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPG I've ever played! It is a game with incredible historical depth, with rich graphics, and a nonlinear story. If you like RPG for adults, meaning that you do not feel that you are taken for idiots, and if you like mature story, then this game is for you. It is beautiful in every sense of the term.
  8. May 22, 2011
    Streamlining done right.
    The Witcher 2 as a game is the meaning of the word progress. Everything from the graphics to the systems behind the game are an amazing feat, one you would expect from a big named developer backed up by a huge budget . The looks of the game are not only unparalleled due to its PC only nature, but also because it presents a world that feels hand crafted. The
    attention to detail borders on the extreme: the clothes, the houses and buildings, the faces of the characters their weapons and in general every corner, nook and cranny of the world has a distinctive touch. The scenery is simply breathtaking, and if you are like me you will want to make a screenshot out of every frame. It also shows that you don't need an overabundance of browns and blood reds in your palette to show a gritty dark fantasy world. This game shows its maturity not through a pretense of adult topics or over the top action animations, but through a careful use of its elements and by showing the player some respect: yes, you are an adult, and you can handle these topics, because indeed the Witcher's is a dark world filled with conspiracies, racism and characters in between every single shade of gray. It is a living, breathing, unforgiving world.
    The story is as complex as in the first game, filled with twists and choices that may change the fate of many, and forking paths that make a replay of the game not only encouraged, but required in order to see the extent to which they occur and diverge. Normal and hard difficulties are recommended and will test your skills if you don't face every battle with all seriousness, preparing beforehand by brewing and drinking potions and using all of your abilities during the fight, i.e. your swords your magic signs depending on what enemy you face and traps and bombs for your crowd control.
    The actual combat is in no way dumbed down. It will still punish you if you go unprepared and you can't mash your way out of battles. It is in much better shape than in the first game, and friendly to both the use of a gamepad or mouse and keyboard. The user interface is slick and great looking.
    The ending of the game comes abruptly, and you might feel that it doesn't solve every issue the game presents (the main storyline issues ARE solved, though). It is no excuse from what many will consider a downbeat ending, but in all honesty it doesn't detract a single beat from what this game does right, which is almost everything else. Even if you don't like the ending you will feel that the journey was worth it.
    In the end I feel like I'm required to score this game a 10 despite its shortcomings not because it is a perfect game, but because it is an honest one. When more and more AAA releases are done with specific quarters in mind, or with demographics numbers behind, or executives who never play games are calling the shots, The Witcher 2 really feels developed to please it audience, to show them they too are tired of these.
    There is a certain level of quality you expect from bigger developers which have more of a history and a name, because they deliver experiences that go way beyond what you might get from the indie guys. It is OK, they have the money and the numbers behind. This is a trend that has been changing in the last years and that no longer holds true in most cases though. You might think that one can give a pass to the smaller guys just because they make a lot with too few, and thus a 7 might become an 8 or a 9 might become a 10 this way. In this case in particular neither of these apply. In my mind CDProject RED are already the big name, from whom I will expect unrelenting quality and because after what they achieved they can't be considered the little guy any longer. With the Witcher 2 they delivered a game that is truly above and beyond any RPG from the last years, that feels like a product of love, careful planning and an overall shout to fans and the gaming community that says "we know what you want, and we can deliver. Where others have failed you we will prevail." And God if they don't.
    A serious contender for RPG and overall game of the Year is here, and frankly there is little in the horizon that looks like it might compete with it. Five years from now when other games made by bigger companies are all forgotten in the $5 bargain bins of the world, many a gamer will be reinstalling this game to reminisce and fondly say: "yes, I played a game was this good in 2011, and it was glorious."
    Congratulations CDProject, you just released your first masterpiece.
  9. May 23, 2011
    This game is by far the best fantasy RPG on the market right now. It has the most beautifully detailed and immersive environments I've ever seen in a game. The characters and acting are also top notch. All NPC's are all unique and beautifully realized. The story is very well written. Plenty of extra stuff in there if you've played the first game or read any of the books. Combat is more action oriented and an improvement over the first games. All in all, I've haven't been this sucked into a game in a long time. Love the fact that a second play-through will let me see whole cities and characters that you didn't see in your first play-through simply by making different decisions. A great moment for PC gaming and for the fantasy RPG genre in general. If more developers put even have the love in their games that CDPR does, we'll be all better for it. Expand
  10. Dec 31, 2011
    The Witcher 2 has some key design failures. The inventory system is as bad as Oblivion. the fighting style is still limited to a steel sword(or whatever else) and a silver sword, and the game plays more like a hack & slash type combat plus rolling around .I do like they add traps and throwing-weapons, which will make the game significant easier when facing large crowd of monsters or long-range enemies, but I think they should bring group sword style back or add more fight styles, because for a RPG combat, you should provide the gamer as many different approaches as possible, not limiting the combat styles. some of stupid boss fights QTEs makes the game's combat even frustrating. The witcher 2's narrative resembles most good RPGs but not very innovate, at beginning it utilize a frame narrative similar to Alpha protocol to help you to get into the story. the dialogs and interactive scenes are also presented in a similar way like mass effect, they also add some time based dialog choices, but those are nothing new. On the good side though, this game has a very strong story line with significant branching. you can expect to face a couple of hard decisions. Since I do not really have a high-end graphic card, so can not experience the extraordinary graphics of the witcher 2. I am running the game on 8800GTX , the game still looks fine on low-setting. I had about 30 frame rate, but saying this game has been perfectly crafted is overrated. you will experience a lot of lag for loading when you are running around, and the game does freeze or suddenly shut down at times. Expand
  11. Dec 15, 2011
    This is without a doubt my pick for "Game of the Year." Gameplay, dialogue, and characters are all incredibly deep, and the decisions you make have a profound impact on the remainder of the game. Any negative points I could add would be nothing more than nitpicking.
  12. May 17, 2011
    This game is great so far, only a few hours into the game so far and I can tell already that this may be my rpg of the year. Any way I wish we didn't have to worry about childish tactics by other rpg makers, ratting games down and advertising their own games on user review sites like this one.
  13. May 17, 2011
    One of the best RPG i have ever played. Much, much better, than Dragon Age II; interesting character development, choice-based plot, superb voice overs, great graphics combined with short load times, make this game a perfect buy, if you want to taste an RPG for grown-ups.
  14. May 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is the best RPG's what I played. What can I said? The Witcher is an awesome!!! Graphics are beauty, music and dialogs are perfect. A lot of comedy situation. And... Triss - this is the tigers love most!
    The Witcher 2 will be the game of the year 2011 - I'm sure!!!
  15. May 18, 2011
    This game is presents itself with some really difficult approaches for the gamer. But as there seems an overwhelming positive feedback from the gamerbase it seems it's console style gameplay und depth is the new standard to RPGs. One can not really describe this game anymore as a real RPG like in the old ways. There are comparisons to Baldur's Gate out there, but unlike this game BG had character customization. If you don't like the silver haired, cat eyed witcher antihero then you can not change that in any way. The customization of his "class" is also not that wide. Some "spells" (runes) and combat moves to put your points into, that's it. No cleric, no rogue.
    The animations, as some reviews pointed out, are for once beautifully animated but absolutely unrealistic and awkward designed. Geralt must be hulk to swing and turn with his sword like this. This does not fit with the "adult", "grim" and "realistic" approach to fantasy the game otherwise tries to deliver.
    The game itself is not that much linear but you do not get much freedom too. The areas are very tiny and there is no open world, almost no ground to explore. But why would you go out and explore if you can not customize your character in any way either?
    The graphics on the other hand are really, really beautiful, but only to those who could a high end machine. On low details you are bound to graphics like 2005 and you still get fps issues here and there. Feels like a really sloppy programmed engine.
    The combat gameplay feels like some bad console hack and slay. You got issues with targetting, blocking and overall movement. As you can see the dumbed down menues everywhere it's obvious this title was made for use on consoles too. While I do not think RPGs can deliver aciton, like the Elder Scrolls series for example, this really is not it. Repetetive button mashing fights are not what makes RPGs shine. At least the combat feels more refined than in Witcher 1.
    The story is at best predictable and at worst just plain boring and uninvolving. But it may only be, that you can not really follow the emotions because Geralt is really a stranger and you do not really like him at any times. The adult scenes can not make up for this as it is always this silver haired guy who you are watching at. Really dissappointing.
    I can not give this game more points and even if you like Geralt and simplistic gameplay, between the sloppy engine and flat story no 10 points rating here is justified.
  16. May 19, 2011
    Okay first off i love this game. It is fantastic in almost every level, despite i few problems under the hood (freezing and what not). That is not why i am posting though. This whole riot between DA and witcher fans needs to stop. Both are fantastic franchices. I would consider myself more of a witcher fan. Witcher fans: We owe a lot to Bioware, if it werent for them and there fantastic Auora engine the witcher might not have even seen the light of day. And dragon age fans: Just face the facts and accept that Bioware did not follow up with the sequel all you hardcore fans deserved. I'm not trying to hate but it felt like they took out a lot of things that made the first one so great. So let's just end this. We are all gamers and need to stick together on stuff like this. How about we just love both franchices. Expand
  17. May 20, 2011
    I am very much a fan of the first Witcher, and I am glad to say the second game in the series is nothing short of astonishing in nearly every aspect. It's clear from the beginning that the developers took special care in analyzing the problems with the first game and made effort into either eliminating or reducing those problems. The story is very intricate and complex. There is a plethora of pivotal choices that you must make in the game that feel very important and changes the direction of the game drastically, unlike other RPGs that provide black and white choices that ultimately means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Side stories tie in very well with the main plot, and give extra incentive to complete them as even they can change the outcome of some of the main quests by providing important information. One problem however is because the story is so complex it throws a lot of characters and major players at you very quickly, making it hard at times to keep everything together and trying to make sense of what's going on as you unravel several mysteries at once. But it also provides replay value most other single player games simply can't match. The graphics engine can bring even some of the best PCs to their knees. Even if you have to put it on the lowest settings, thanks to the beautiful art style it's hardly a problem. While a lot of modern games being released have simple color schemes and bland, dead environments, this is not so in The Witcher 2. The game is rich with colors, foliage is in abundance, environments are busy and aren't repeated to the point you want to gouge your eyes out, NPCs are going about their daily lives, and with weather patters and full day/night cycles the world feels alive and approaches Crysis level beauty. One of the biggest problems I think the game suffers from when it comes to graphics is even if you have a pretty medium level PC even on the lowest settings it can get a little bogged down. Maybe the engine could be optimized a little better, but this is a minor complaint as, again, even on lowest settings the world is beautiful.

    The soundtrack is amazing. Music is always appropriate for the situation and area where it plays, complimenting the gorgeous environments well. There's really nothing wrong at all with the soundtrack; everything is great.

    Character customization is off the chart. I finished the game at about level 35 and I had barely touched most of the talent points available. There are a lot of combinations that can be done for specific play styles without compromising your character to the point you have trouble with fights. However, starting out you won't necessarily know this, so it can be a little intimidating because of the shear amount you can pick from, worrying you could be picking the "wrong" one or mutegen which could harm you down the road. The combat is significantly improved from the first game. It takes on an Arkham Asylum style combat system and it works great. Fighting multiple opponents can be quite challenging though until you get a few specific talents to help you with that, and even then tougher opponents make it difficult. Enemy variation is above average, with a lot of them requiring vastly different tactics to take down than others. Effective use of traps is required for some fights even on normal difficulty. Some of the mini bosses/main bosses suffer from being either extremely difficult bordering on impossible (or maybe I just sucked at that point) to nearly trivial (or I was just particularly effective at that point). Either way, boss difficulty can vary greatly. Also, the game doesn't do much hand holding, so some of those boss fights require a lot of trial and error to figure out what you need to do to finish the fight.

    I've heard easy is too easy and normal is too hard. I haven't tried easy, but I found normal to be just challenging enough for my taste. Next play through I'm going to go for hard mode and I'm expecting it to be very, very challenging. I'll probably never try insane mode just because I know I'd die at some very stupid point long into the game and it wouldn't do anything but irritate me. Anyway, there are difficulty settings for everyone, so find what works for you and enjoy.

    One last note. Installation was the most PAINFUL EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER GONE THROUGH IN MY GAMING CAREER. CRC error on my gaming PC. Tried copying disc 1 on 2 other computers and used an external DVD drive and they all had the same problem. Finally borrowed my friends laptop and it was able to read the disk. There's no excuse for the disc being unreadable by 4 out of 5 drives!!! Only reason I got it on a DVD and not digital download was because I wanted the CE version and all the swag, but this has taught me to never, ever buy a PC game that isn't digital download ever again, no matter what.
  18. Aug 21, 2011
    Everything that's wrong in the (post)modern gaming industry... done right! Marvelous game with a caring developer behind it...CD Projekt's support seems to fulfill the meaning of "user support"... even topping it with free DLC and a soon-to-be-released free update bringing Witcher 2 to patch version 2.0 with true game-improvement (and we all know - lately - is a rarity).
  19. May 27, 2011
    If you're willing to invest in a game, if you are willing to get sucked in and truly engage with an RPG, this is the game for you. People who have scored this game low, either critics or users, have as main negative points:
    -bugs (very few that are now fixed with the patch)
    -difficulty in battles (that's one of the games biggest strengths for people who want a challenging strategic battle
    instead of a button-mash)
    -Bad UI (I'll give them a little point there - it's not bad, but could be better)

    So please ignore them, and support a game developer that is truly passionate about creating quality games.
  20. May 17, 2011
    best rpg of the year by far....bioware, learn from this...witcher 2 is amazing gin every single way. Yes, the ending may not be as good, and combat may not be the best, but in terms of story line, choices and gameplay, bioware doesnt hold a candle to cd project! all the way with the witcher 2~!!
  21. May 24, 2011
    Oh boy...Console fanboys have come out in droves to champion their flagship RPG. It's just a shame it's as good as they want you to believe. Just head over to the official forums and read the praise. It's astounding a game hyped this much could ship in such terrific shape. Pretty good when developers start talking patches the day the game ships. Technicals issues are minimal, this game beyond belief. The UI is Cumbersome. The combat feels more like brutally . It's a game the developers must have felt the need to make it PC like and in doing so they made it superior to consoles. It also mature for all the right reasons. If you want a great example of maturity look no further than The Witcher 2. I really like The Witcher 2...I really did.. Its clear the developers put in a ton of work creating this game. It is ashamed the the game is currently the number one download on just about every torrent website. The developers know consoles fanboys are ingrates with no life, no job, and no romance(NERD), consoles. Then they can actually generate some revenue seeing as how consoles fanboys merely ask thier mommy for everything :) Expand
  22. May 18, 2011
    Oh man there are a lot of butt hurt Bioware DA2 fans I see. Perhaps some of these zero's and one's are from bioware employees? Like those perfect 10's they gave their own game. I've played over 10 hours so far, and it is.. awe-, er, amazingly epic! (can't use awesome, as it means now DA2's awesome button, which means it sucks) Its sucked me to my chair for a solid six hours straight. Very good voice acting, the story is wonderful, and I love the combat. This is how to do quick reactive combat.

    Bioware should learn from the masters of CDProjekt Red with their epic game The Witcher 2. (hah user "Bioware", I can do the same, only this time its true, unlike your review) on how to make an Action RPG, with deep characters, and unique combat, magic and customization.

    The graphics and artwork are.. breathtaking.. one of the prettiest RPG games I have played to date. No game gets a perfect 10, there was a small thing with lip syncing, and the odd clipping issue. Besides that this game deserves a solid 9 / 10.
  23. May 21, 2011
    Okay, seriously, must I make an account on here to contribute to the troll fight? Honestly, guys.. come on.. judging by the sheer immaturity of all these 0-1 reviews I have to assume you are either 12, a seriously butthurt fan or, even worse, someone employed by EA/Bioware. Let me tell you.. I have played and enjoyed EVERY bioware game that ever came out, and, freakishly enough, even DA2 had its moments.. but honestly.. let's just admit it.. from a hardcore RPG-ers point of view it's a sad, rushed and recycled game, which claws its way to a 7/10 at best through a couple of clever dialogues and one decent party member. Now why this would be so hard to accept that you have to troll the scores of a game which is clearly superior in EVERY aspect, as pretty much agreed on by every non-biased professional reviewer out there is beyond me.. but just stop, please.. you're only embarrassing yourselves. Expand
  24. Oct 26, 2011
    I think it's one of the best RPG this year. The Dialogues between Gerald and the inhabitants are brilliant. The graphics is really cool and I can't be faulted. The best think is the atmosphere of the game, because it's so deep !
  25. May 17, 2011
    CDPR once again return to the dark and seedy world of The Witcher. This time though they have dug deeper in to the machinations and politics of the world and presented a game that not only improves in every way over their impressive debut, but have created what is a true classic in the genre.

    Every aspect of th game shines. Beautiful art design, impressive graphics, a moving and rich
    music score, well acted and exceptionally well written dialog. A plot that slowly unveils its secret all the while sucking you further in to a fantasy world reminiscent of LoTR and classic DnD only coloured by a brooding and adult pallet of sex, violence, racism, and no clear sense of right and wrong.

    The Witcher 2 not only lives up to the reputation of its predecessor, but exceeds expectations of a loyal and devoted fan base.

    Long live the new kings of the modern RPG. CD Projekt Red have created a masterpiece,. A challenging, rich and detailed game sure to please true RPG fans sick of watered down, and simplified games that have come to dominate the genre this generation.

    An instant classic deserving of your money and time

    9.5 out of 10
  26. May 20, 2011
    I'm a big fan of the first game. This one looks great, has enjoyable characters, and as another person said here - combat is dangerous. All the bad stuff I can think of so far is pretty minor: 1. The minigames are not well made, the controls are poorly done, which makes boring games even less fun. 2. It has that weird OCD trap of leaving loot lying around in every other crtate in town, so you feel you HAVE to loot it, even it it means walking into a stranger's home, not speaking to them, and stuffing your pockets with loot from their bedroom while they watch. Even more ludicrous was stealing from crates while 2 npc's are actually doing inventory on them. It stretches the bounds are good storytelling. 3. Those pretty graphics everyone is talking about impede movement in abnormal ways, like not being able to run forward past a big blade of grass. Sucks in combat. 4. It needs some simple options in the PC version like INVERTING the Y-axis! Yes, I found out where to edit the user.ini, but I shouldn't have to. The camera controls are a little hard to like also. 5. I miss the timed combat moves from the previous game. Just saying. It's a good complicated game. There's depth here. I wouldn't go so far as to say it offers a lot of open role play though. You are re-learning skills you already had. OK, memory loss, it's been over done in stories, but makes sense here. It's not like Arkham Asylum, where Batman learns his own basics skills in a couple of hours. That made no sense and yet was incredibly fun. Expand
  27. May 17, 2011
    This game is very good cRPG. Beautiful locations and graphics, interesting quests, super gameplay and wonderful atmosphere makes it extremely. Polish, good job! :)
  28. May 17, 2011
    Easily the best RPG this generation. If not in the last 10 years. Finally a game made by people who love PC gaming. Go out and buy it, you will not regret it. Game of the year winner right here.
  29. May 17, 2011
    A real dark and Mature game with awesome graphics, fantastic locations, the characters are complex, and a perfect story with great inmersion, where u have many choices and the game acknowledged them, excellent dialogues and good VA, CD Projekt made this game with the fans on mind making the best cRPG that i have played in years, the free dlc are vey good, NOT a 10 because the combat is a little clumsy in MY opinion but even that u will enjoy this game for many hours, I haven't finished this but a great game a sure nominated to GOTY. Expand
  30. May 18, 2011
    I am sure that the Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings will be RPG of the year 2011. Amazing graphics, great and nonlinear story, nice dialogs, tactical and innovative combat system are just a few of many advantages of The Witcher 2:Assassins of Kings. For sure each money are worth to spend on this game.
  31. May 17, 2011
    Outstanding, extraordinary and awesome game. One of the best games i have ever played, and i have played a lot of games. Don't mind the Bioware drones like M_Stannard they are a huge minority here :)
  32. May 17, 2011
    Que jogao!!!
    Fico triste a Bioware entrar so pra negativar o jogo sera que e inveja ?
    eu acho que sim.

    To gostanto muito do game o jogo bom mesmo pode comprar mesmo.
  33. May 17, 2011
    Damn, i hate to say it, but CDR made a better game than i was able to with DA2. Witcher 2 is so much more immersive than any RPG of the last 5+ years. I hated DAO, hence DA2.. Anyway. The atmosphere, the character interactions, the "love scenes," and the combat are masterfully as well as artistically done. Much better than anything i've been able to do between DA2 and Jade Empire.
  34. May 17, 2011
    This is one of the best RPGs in years, and puts a certain well-known company to shame. CD Projekt created a hit with The Witcher 1, but they've created a masterpiece with The Witcher 2. Pros: Great voice acting Great script Choices you make are not always black and white, and can come back to bite you in the ass later Combat and inventory management are much improved over the original
    Creative quests
    Incredible music
    Outstanding graphics, this is the Crysis of RPGs.

    Occasional glitchy animations and pathfinding
  35. May 20, 2011
    Bad performance bad dialogues tried it for 5 minutes and uninstalled it.
    Had finished the first witcher which was just an okay game.To be honest i didnt expect to be thrilled or excited with this sequel..My curiosity ended I am only suprised to see many to like this game and same people mentioning DA2 as there is a competition or it matters..Maybe the soft porn in witcher series is exciting
  36. May 21, 2011
    An amazing game.
    A game for people that don't need their hands held when they think they need to pee.
    A mature game with grey decisions that have real consequences for the player.
    A mix of control styles for different events.
    Fascinating enemies, huge beautiful areas. (Not the same tiny little zones re-used multiple times)
  37. May 24, 2011
    this game pretend to be game of the year. why? it's not perfect, got some flaws. but i can count by fingers on my hand games, that have soul and will be remembered very long time. trust me Witcher saga will be. put those DA or Skyrims away with their boring gameplay, made for cash. real games created with passion are very rare today. it's in our hand to help small studios like CD Projekt with their awesome work in future.

    and everybody now f*** Jim Sterling (from Destructoid) who gave 6/10 to this game. propably no balls or no skills or both. probs he took cash for it from someone.
  38. May 31, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I can express witcher 2 in one word........EXCITING.....simple the best!!!!!:-) a never played such a good game. If I could give more that 10 point a will be do it. Expand
  39. May 21, 2011
    I have to drag myself away from it to get some sleep at night. It's just so damn good. Maybe I've just forgot what an RPG with decent dev time was like, but I just can't remember the last time I was so hooked.
    Worth every cent.
  40. May 22, 2011
    Some aspects are quite good, some really annoying. I enjoy the characters overall. The combat overall is fun. Alchemy and signs to a lesser extent add some interesting depth, though I find some signs are definitely more useful than others.

    Here are where I find the game has it shortcomings. 1. I can't say much about the graphics, because my rig (tried on 1gb ATI and NVidia) doesn't seem
    enough for more than low settings without serious drag. 2. I find it really hard to use the mouse. Sometimes, despite setting mouse sensitivity to low, I find myself facing 180 degrees away from where I want to be. Ironically, I have the opposite problem on the arm wrestling game, where I can't make my mouse stay on the yellow bar. Once the other guy gets going, there is no way for me to stop the descent. It makes this minigame one of the least enjoyable I've played in my 30 years of gaming and I'll avoid it as much as possible. 3. Often my keystrokes are missed, so that I push them multiple times to get something done. This increases as the game plays, which I guess means a memory leak and repeated on and off's. 4. I actually liked the character model for Geralt better in TW1. This one doesn't quite cut it for me. Expand
  41. Aug 4, 2012
    The game suffers from poor controls, feels like a bad port whereas this wasnt the case but it sill feels like real **** controls. Combat is clunky much like combat in AC games. The world and game is so linear its maddening. You literally run back and forth the entire game. Inventory is a pain in the arse to manage with all the flower picking this game wants you to do. Its really a piss poor game with **** story is nothing great either, and why does the witcher MUMBLE the whole game. Pass on this one, not worth your time! Expand
  42. Jun 17, 2011
    This is one of the best games I've played this year. Excellent Graphics, Excellent Story, Excellent Gameplay, and plenty of things to do. Easily a contender for game of the year 2011. The hours fly by while playing this game.
  43. May 26, 2011
    The combat system is terrible. Absolutely terrible. More super mario than an RPG. Solution: they need to add a cheat code so players can bypass the terrible combat sequences. At least then, players can at least access the storyline w/o a hassle. The first Witcher was an amazing. A labor of love. A joy to play from start to end.

    This one was damaged by the whims of marketing
    weenies. It is a terrible shame. This was built to the specifications of 12 year olds, instead of being built for the adults that are the real fan base of this series. All they needed to do was upgrade the graphics, smooth out a couple of bugs, and give us more story!!!! I wouldn't buy this series again. I'm also sorry I tarnished the memory (the sheer joy) of the first game with my experience on this one. Expand
  44. May 26, 2011
    After the disappointing dragon age sequel, this game looks so much better because these guys did what a sequel is suppose to be. They took the original game and improved it. It's that simple.

    The graphics are stunning. Can't really describe it unless you've seen it.

    Combat is really more or less challenging at the start and gets easier later. I enjoy the challenge, too many games out
    there are just a fancy CGI movie and you're just button mashing as a complicated way of hitting play on the DVD player. Story is overall pretty strong, it got kind of weak at the end but that's probably because it's set up for the next Witcher. Honestly I think a lot of us rave about this game because DA2 set the bar really low this year in terms of sequels. This is exactly how a sequel should be, you take the original game and overall improve it. Expand
  45. May 29, 2011
    This game was great. Definitely in my all time top five (Which expands back to the Atari years).
    For gamers: The graphics are top notch and the storytelling really good. This is not really a game for those that want all action all the time. It is an in depth story that the player controls. Many story changing choices to be had throughout!
    For Witcher series fans. Not at good as Sapkwoski
    (but be reasonable!) but still a really great believable story for the Witcher world.
    End felt kind of flat. I guess there will be an expansion. I can not wait!
  46. May 30, 2011
    I wanted to like this game but i couldn't , there were just to many flaws . Although the story is the strongest part of the game it wasnt good enough to keep me going through the combat . I hate the combat , it's too simple and just isnt deep enough for an RPG . And there's very little character development , very few skills to choose from , again it seems like an action game rather than an RPG . If you can enjoy the combat and dont mind not having much control over character skills then you probably would enjoy it. Thats is you have a very good PC. Expand
  47. Jun 6, 2011
    I would like to make a detailed review about why I give this game 10. Well, first off, 0.5 point of this note is out of charity for a game that clearly doesn't deserve a 0. So my real score is 9.5. Let me explain why.

    Graphics-wise, TW2 is breathtaking. It's beautiful. But it's also as polished as you can get. I currently play with a rig below the minimal requirements. And it's still
    fluid and beautiful. The environments are diverse, hardly repetitive and chances are you'll be drooling at some of them. Furthermore, the environments actually feel lived in, with peasants, merchants and whatnot minding their own business, talking to each other at day, sleeping in their home at night, gathering plants in the forest...Some of these background dialogues are worth a good laugh.
    Which brings me to the character writing : Every single npc you'll talk to could be an actual person. They all have their goal, modest or ambitious, and their personality. The moral choices you'll be faced with are also very "grey", and deciding which "path" is the good one is tricky.
    Because you can choose a path. At a certain point, you'll be faced with a choice to which you'll have to react quickly. And this choice will set you on one of two storylines, each very distinct from the other.
    The storie*s* themselves are well-written, with a great share of politics, moral and feelings involved. At some points it may loose its pace, but it's always here in the background, pushing you forward. Although the ending is disappointing compared to the rest of the game. But it's in no way something that should stop you from buying the game.

    tl;dr : TW2's story, environments and characters are good at worst and great almost all the time.

    Now here comes the spicy bit : the combat. TW2's combat will greet you with a punch in the gut and a kick in the face. While the prologue does great in terms of setting the background and kicking off the story, it fails to introduce you properly to its numerous gameplay mechanics. Reading the manual during the installation is not recommended. It's necessary.
    Not that the mechanics are bad ! The combat requires speed and wit, with extra emphasis on the second. There's many way to defeat your opponents : your swords (one of humans, one for monsters) will be your bread and butter, but you'll gain a significant edge by using signs (simple but effective spells), setting traps, throwing bombs and daggers, drinking potions beforehand and getting in and out of the fray with a most useful roll.
    So don't be afraid or ashamed to start on easy. Once you've figured out most of the mechanics and find te combat dull, scale up. tl;dr : The combat is hard but interesting and fun.

    Mind you, the game is not devoid of flaws. The UI is discreet and serviceable, but could be improved. Sometimes the combat isn't as responsive as it should. As I said there's a few points where the story loose it's pace, and the epilogue feels too short. But :
    1- CDProjekt is listening and release patches after patches of bug fixes, additional polish, quick improvements and free (if meager) DLCs to boot.
    2- The game is modable and chances are some of your problems may be fixed by downloading a few addons (most of them are available at thewitchernexus )

    So there you go folks. TW2's a great rpg, one of the best I played. And it's DRM free too ! :P
  48. Jun 11, 2011
    Truly a great game. It has all the aspects of a memorable RPG. Deep character development, several plot-altering choices, amazing graphics, etc. I'm looking forward to any future titles CD Projekt will put out.
  49. Jul 1, 2011
    This game has been done perfectly. I love every aspect of this game including the graphics and controls. Well thought out by the makers. I totally recommend this game even at a 49.99 price tag. You will not be disappointed. This game should get the Game of the year award. They have seriously done their work and made the game correctly.
  50. Mar 12, 2012
    1st best polish game. One of the best RPGs ever, one of the best fantasy universes ever. : )
    I recommend this game and The Witcher Saga too! :D
    Dark and deep world with sclavinian style. Much more better than first game.
  51. May 18, 2011
    I'm only giving this game a 10 to balance out all the trolls who try to impersonate "Bioware employees" and attempt to make the company look bad. Though I don't think the Witcher 2 is quite exactly deserving of a perfect score, it comes quite close. The new graphics engine, cinematic presentation, varied full-fleshed out gameplay, and dynamic story make the game one of the best RPG I've played in recent years. It's not only a big improvement from its predecessor, but also a game that pushes the frontiers and expectations of modern RPGs.
    However it does have a couple of minor flaws. First of all, the game can be quite difficult, even on the easiest levels. It challenges you play tactically and figure out how to take each enemy down without getting yourself killed, but sometimes you may be killed on multiple instances before you finally pass a combat sequence. Also, the introduction doesn't give much of a tutorial, so beginners may find the game initially a bit confusing. All in all though, the Witcher 2 is a superb game that pushes the genre in its own way.
  52. May 21, 2011
    This is RPG at it's best, and anyone who doesn't recognize that, does not actually know anything about RPGs. The graphics are just a bonus on top of amazing writing and gameplay.
  53. May 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Witcher 2 is definitely one of the Best Games Ever Made and probably Game of the Year 2011, but we'll see (Uncharted 3, Skyrim...). The game has everything cRPG should have. Very good optimization, best graphics (when thinking about all TPP games which were released till now), great, great, Great gameplay. Combat is not brainless hash but you need to think about some tactics. Everything in this game is thouht to be great - and it is indeed. 10+/10, because all DLC will be for free (except some huge additions with long quests and gameplay for some hours). Best wishes and good work CD Projekt RED! Expand
  54. May 17, 2011
    The best game of 2011 for sure. I mean what's not to like. Best graphics for a RPG and terrific combat animations. Story is nothing short of Mind-blowing and voice acting is terrific.
  55. May 21, 2011
    This is the RPG I've been waiting for since Oblivion. Non-Linear with exceptional writing and voice acting, TW2 is a seminal achievement that won't hold your hand and will challenge you consistently. The attention to detail here is amazing, from Geralt scratching his head while talking to NPCs, to crows suddenly scattering as you walk by. I won't rehash what so many others have already covered, so just do yourself a favor and buy this release from CDProjekt. Cheers! Expand
  56. May 17, 2011
    CD Projekt RED: Assassins of Kings (Bethesda & BioWare)? Well... YES. This game has couple of bugs, but as a whole product is just one of the best games, I've ever seen. Long live the King! No need to say more. Instead I will just play more...
  57. May 17, 2011
    The game itself rules so far, awesome graphics, convincing story, interesting quests and background, incredible music, I love this game ! This game rocks so much I lack words to describe it. It has the same dark and mature atmosphere TW1 had, choices and consequences of your actions matter even more, and it fixed the biggest complaint of the first part: the combat. And it's damn challenging.Best RPG i ever played in a long time. My candidate for Game of the Year 2011. Story is great and nonlinear, choices are great, graphics looks amazing! Since first play i know that is game made from fans for fans. Expand
  58. May 20, 2011
    Do you enjoy games with good graphics? Do you enjoy a compelling, dark, fantasy storyline? Do you enjoy characters that don't feel like they were written by ten year olds? (I'm looking at you Dragon Age 2) Then I think the Witcher 2 is a perfect game for you! Despite some steep hardware capabilities, this is a fantastic game made by a great developer that will have free DLC and is already quite expansive. Expand
  59. May 21, 2011
    This game is amazing. Story, graphic, sounds, atmosphere - all top notch! CDProject got a new fan in me and I actually can't seem to find anything negative I would put my finger out. A strong GOTY candidate for sure.

    Don't know what's up with the trolling here. How can anyone give this game a score below 9 is beyond me. Scared producers from EaoWares?
  60. May 25, 2011
    This game could have been great. Bad controls, terrible combat and a rushed 3/4 game which is much too short. But it's great crime is to pretend to be deep. In reality, it is a shallow action game.
  61. Sep 6, 2011
    CD Projekt blew us away with this game. It's just simply epic. The graphics are the most beautiful as of now. The storyline is so not linear that beating this game at least twice is a must. Seriously, I don't like comparing games but Bioware should learn from The Witcher 2 how "not linear" game should look like! Since the choices we do and how they affect everything... It's just a masterpiece. The fighting is way improved compared to the first The Witcher game. And more challenging, as well. The game seemed really difficult at first which I enjoyed greatly, and later down it just seemed to get ridiculously easy as I kept leveling up. But honestly, that didn't stop me from enjoying the game. Another "bad" think I must point out is that the game seemed a lot shorter to me than the first The Witcher but maybe it only seems like that since the game is so damn epic. Oh, and all the DLCs that CD Projekt keeps releasing, for free... Not many developers are like that! Plus even the normal box edition is quite rich and has some cool stuff compared to other games in that price range. Pros: -Non linear story. -Beautiful graphics. -Highly replayable. -A lot better fighting compared to the first Witcher game. Cons: -First off seems difficult, then gets really easy. At least at normal difficulty level. Expand
  62. May 17, 2011
    One of the best rpg's i've EVER played,and i've played them all,including that utter piece of **** called dragon age 2-hey,bioware-take notes THIS is how it's done-and tell your insecure employees to stop giving a game that ****s all over yours a 0 and get back into the development studio to make dragon age 3 an actual rpg this time-because judging from your last game,you're gonna need all the help you can get...what else can i say? AMAZING!!!! GOTY 2011. Expand
  63. May 17, 2011
    I don't know how M_Stannard could give this game a zero, especially after giving Dragon Age 2 a 10. This game is one of the most impressive games in years. A lot of game companies forget who their customers are and instead seek to fill their pockets. This game is an example of a game where the developers truly care about making a great product. The story is great, the graphics are amazing, the voice acting is phenomenal, and the combat is better than the original. This is a game that once you start, you won't stop until finished. One of the best RPGs in years. I was a fan of the original Dragon Age and I was severely let down by the second. This game had successfully filled the RPG void that DA2 left me with. Collapse
  64. May 17, 2011
    This game is a textbook example of how to build a excellent RPG. That was enough, to make Bioware fells threatened and make every employ come here and post nonsense. TW2 deepness and complex character and history is only the scratch on the surface, it solid gameplay balanced among sword, magic and interaction(with everything) make the great appeal for the game so you never fell that you have a cheap death or unworthy kill. Don't worry with you die; a lot; you probably going to get the hang of it with time(unless you already started on Extreme and every death is reward if a clean start from the beginning wipe). Expand
  65. May 17, 2011
    Brilliant RPG with a well thought out story, refreshing free DLC offered, dedicated developer support and of course the return to one of the best dark and gritty fantasy universes of "The Witcher." Production quality levels are through the roof and the game is actually FUN - I'm thoroughly enjoying all of the different options and opportunities interacting in this living world. This review is based on the initial launch of the game - and I'll admit the game could probably still use another patch to hit "the best" possible level, but knowing CD Projekt Red means we know that this patch is coming very soon. If this game were to get an overhaul like the original game's EE edition it would be unfathomably good, a real 11/10. Keep an eye out for this game it will set the bar for RPGs for quite some time! Expand
  66. May 17, 2011
    It's a really stunning game, fighting system gives a lot of fun (when your character gets stronger, he learns new moves), graphics is amazing, plot is just very good (especially for fans of whole "The Witcher" franchise). Locations are simply beautiful, this game is just epic. By the way it's a shame that you can't delete those comments made by idiots who give The Witcher 2 zero points and Dragon Age II. I understand that you DON'T have to enjoy TW2 but NO GAME deserves 0 points. I hate those trolls. Expand
  67. May 17, 2011
    Wow. What else can be said? Phenomenal graphics, excellent dialog, bits of dark humor, superb combat system, tons of items, skills, and abilities...Just a complete and total upgrade over the first. I would have given the first a solid 7.5. I enjoyed it but wasn't blown away. The Witcher 2, however, is one of the greatest RPGs I've ever played. I was anxiously waiting for Skyrim to get my RPG fix but the Witcher 2 has completely changed that. Can't say enough about this fantastic game. If you're on the fence, do not hesitate. This will be a challenger for Game of the Year without a doubt. Expand
  68. May 17, 2011
    Even The Witcher 1 is better than any Dragon Age ever will be. And these guys actually know how to make a worthy sequel. CD Project: Assasins of Bioware
  69. May 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It is more than I've been expected, and I've been expected awesomes. Dialogue is very well written, amazing artwork, character animation is among the best I've seen , combat is challenging and fun. Game is charming, beautiful, and feels re-playable with some excellent choice and consequence. Expand
  70. May 17, 2011
    Well, at the beginning... For all those WHO GAVE 0.0 RATINGS: you are probably frustrated Dragon Age II failers or competition with disability to others respect. No other explanation to it. I feel sorry for you guys...

    Lets start now after little bit of justice done above. Game is a pure MASTERPIECE!!! I can feel a passion creators put in smallest inch of every stone they made and any
    detail. Passion is the only thing that outstands and raises highly above ordinary, common attitude, which is based on profit mostly... I couldnt resist playing until I finished and I cant resist playing it over again. So much possibilities. No simple good/bad choices, very mature, realistic, unique atmosphere. I got into it so deeply that I couldnt notice time passing by...

    I literally tasted every second I spent with this game with authentic pleasure. I could even say I got addicted to that game. I will definetely play that game x times more in different styles and choices made.

    I am recomanding it at full of my heart!

    PS. Sorry for not sophisticated language and spelling mistakes. English is not my native.

    Hail CD Project!!!
  71. May 21, 2011
    Sure there are few UI niggles. And combat is pretty hard in the beginning. But I am judging games by quality of experience they provide. And this game? Best RPG experience since Vampire Bloodlines released in 2004. You owe it to yourself to buy this game and play it. If you do not have sufficient PC, buy it. Everything about this game, from world building, story, atmosphere, top notch. Graphics is the best I have ever seen - CD Projekt truly have talented artists and programmers.
    You cannot call yourself a gamer if you do not play this game.
  72. May 28, 2011
    This game is excellent. Very challenging to play on Normal, but a cake walk on easy. This game will not hold your hand while in the game, but the manual is fantastic to help you learn to play the game. The graphics are amazing, better then most DX10 games and this game is a DX9 game only. The storyline is interesting and it makes you want to keep playing. There are multiple paths in the game, and you have to play the game at least 16 times to see everything the game has to offer. Literally there are different areas and quests that you will go to depending on what path you take. You take one path and all the areas you go to will be different if you take another path in the game. This game is highly replayable with different content every time. If you do not like games that actually challenge you, then this game is not for you, which seems to be the majority of the negative reviews. Expand
  73. May 30, 2011
    I never write of games, but I had to after reading some the garbage "zero" score reviews. If you are like me, a thirty plus child of the eighties who grew up on hair bands and went to college during the heyday of nineties PC gaming, the Witcher 2 will make perfect sense to you. It's a hardcore, classic RPG. It doesn't spoon-feed you anything. If you are expecting to POWN and frag some noob with your SCAR-H, just move along, you won't be happy with this game. It's not a dumb down button masher, and won't hold your hand. If you don't have patience, a classic RPG background, and two brain cells to rub together, you will be exceptionally frustrated with this game. It's a throwback to the glory days of PC RPGs. So kiddies, don't expect Dragon Age or any other modern watered down Bioware game here. It's not that and doesn't pretend to be. And to me, that's a good thing. Hands down, it's the best fantasy RPG in the last decade. Expand
  74. Mar 18, 2012
    No RPG could be compared with the witcher 2, maybe only Mass Effect.
    Perfect in every aspect, but it is not an easy-to-understand game with a simple plot, flat characters and colourless dialogues (such as the overestimated Skyrim). It's a cinematografic experience, an immersive world full of violence and evil. The most interesting part of the gameplay is the fact that the story is not
    linear, but divides one game in two. Fantastic the aspect of morality and free will.
    A game that only mentally mature players can appreciate.
  75. May 17, 2011
    For me this is almost perfect game. The battles are wonderfully hard (on hard), characters are believable the quests and main plot are filled with grey area, the surroundings are amazing + probably the best rain effects i have seen in a game to date. Interface is extremely beautiful semi-minimalistic; only minor gripes being only seeing 8 items at a time in inventory and conversation selecting not fitting with the rest of the ui.

    This is definitely worth a buy, with the announced free dlc and support for a good old schoolish rpg. That is for anyone who appreciates getting into the game they are playing and actually like using some thought getting through it.
  76. Jun 1, 2011
    One might think a critic's score of 88 (current) wouldn't be something to complain about, but once you've played The Witcher 2, you'll realize it is. .
    The Witcher 2, if fairly scored, would easily be in the mid 90's, if not higher. .
    Unfortunately, you have a professional troll in the Destructoid's 60 score, an idiot in the case of ActionTrip, who even admits on their own forums the
    game was underscored, and The Escapist, a site that not only scored the abysmal Dragon Age 2 *higher*, but said that horrible game is, "What videogames are meant to be". .
    TW2 is a strong contender for GOTY. I'd score this game an 11 is the site allowed it.
  77. May 17, 2011
    Best RPG 2011. Im sure about it. Good combat, nonlinear storyline, timekilling gameplay. Interacive movies by BioWare is suxx. First RPG funs hope in long long time. Thanks for this passion
  78. May 21, 2011
    A breath of fresh air after the disaster of Dragon Age 2. Bioware should be ashamed at how poorly DA2 compares to this game. In all metrics Witcher 2 is superior. To say nothing of the aesthetics. Witcher 2 is a man amongst boys.
  79. May 17, 2011
    I am amazed by the pure solitude of every aspect of this game. I was so surprised by how good it was, when I was watching the Dev diaries that CDprojekt was releasing I was a little scared they were too confident. But the weren't, they knew they had an amazing game. The battle system is intuitive and the graphics are top notch. I fell so in love with the hard decisions of the game because they were hard. I have never paused in a game and waited 5 to 10 minutes before I could decide. The only bad reviews on this game are just butt hurt Bioware fans that could are jealous because Bioware didn't do it first. A+ my only upset with the game is that Skyrim is coming out, so it has a hard road to be RPG of the year but if anything this will be second if not first. Expand
  80. May 17, 2011
    awesome game, just got into the middle of chap 1. so far it is awesome. combat is not as was in the 1st game but still fun. i do miss the old combat system some but oh well. witcher is truly an awesome game to look into playing. a side note. play 1st witcher before you play the 2nd
  81. May 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Every pc gamer and lover RPG game need this game. CD-Project make a great work. The best RPG game in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  82. May 17, 2011
    For sure The witcher 2 will be RPG of the year 2011. And it will have big chances to be a best game of year 2011. The Witcher 2 is best game i ever played in a very long time. Beautyfull graphics, nonlinear and addictive story, innovative combat system, great dialogs are just a few of many advantages.
  83. May 17, 2011
    Perfect, fantastic and amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  84. May 17, 2011
    Best RPG i ever played !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  85. May 17, 2011
    Completely amazing game from start to finish. Graphics, story, combat... just everything is mind-blowing. I would say this is up for game of the year without a doubt. Make sure you have a pretty good PC though...
  86. May 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Amazing game. Great story, interesting characters nad stunning graphics. Sound track is really impressive. The Witcher 2 has unique atmosphere. Combat system is very demanding at higher difficulty levels. I completely don't understand people who give "0". I definitely recommend this game!!! Expand
  87. May 17, 2011
    Well, at the beginning... For all those WHO GAVE 0.0 RATINGS: you are probably Dragon Age II failers or competition. No other explanation to it. I feel sorry for you guys...

    Lets start now after little bit of justice done above. Game is a pure MASTERPIECE!!! I can feel a passion creators put in smallest inch of every stone they made and any detail. Passion is the only thing that outstand
    and raises highly above ordinary, common attitude, which is based on profit only... I couldnt resist playing until I finished and I cant resist playing over again. So much possibilities. No simple good/bad choices, very mature, realistic, badass atmosphere.. I got into it so deeply I couldnt notice time passing by...

    I literally tasted every second I spent with this game with authentic pleasure... I could even say I got addicted to that game. I will definetely play that game x times more in different styles and choices made.

    I am recomanding it at full of my heart!

    PS. Sorry for not sophisticated language and spelling mistakes. English is not my native.

    Hail CD Project!!!
  88. May 17, 2011
    Witcher 2 is an awesome game. Everything in it is great: world, characters, dialogues and story. Game looks and runs great on many different PCs. This is one of the best rpg I have ever played. You can call Witcher 2 Game of The Year.
  89. May 17, 2011
    One of the best rpgs this ever. Great graphics, non linear story and challenging combat. Characters are deep and interesting. The Witcher 1 was great, but TW2 seems to be even better. GOTY 2011
  90. May 17, 2011
    Poor form BioWare employees, poor form. Giving this game a 0, and your own game a 10? When you're a developer, you lose the ability to review, because it will always be biased.
  91. May 19, 2011
    I can only say - wow... This game is the best game in this year. At now I am in end of act 1 and I am curious next storyline. I dont believed, so people can give this game 0. Ok - mayby 9,8,7 but not 0... I hope this is a begining of new era of rpg games. Mayby other studios (yes yes - its You BIOWARE) will do titles as good as The Witcher 2.
  92. May 21, 2011
    Finished this game, was never able to finish BG, DA, ME, NWN or any other RPG's since Deus Ex. Every one of them gets boring after 50% story. Now onto 2nd play-through.
  93. Dec 1, 2011
    Absolutely astonishing. The narrative is the best I have ever seen in the RPG genre - maybe apart from the original Witcher game and a few BioWare products. The gameplay and fighting is hardcore but fun, and it's really satisfying to best the toughest opponents - even though the bosses are often comparatively easy to beat. The realistic depiction of a medieval world not filled by generic NPCs, but with believable human characters, is just great. Add the breathtaking graphics and you've got yourself the RPG of the year. Sorry, Skyrim. Expand
  94. May 18, 2011
    The only reason not to buy The Witcher 2 is 1) You´re a console fanboy (Idiot)
    2) Have a Low-spec PC
    Otherwise this is a must-play. Visuals are amazing, combat is challenging and the Insane difficulty is a cool add-on.
  95. May 20, 2011
    I've got to give this game the highest marks. Aside from a few technical bugs at the beginning (that I was able to fix and were the fault of my computer) and a (to me) awkward control scheme (that can be edited), I've had no complaints. This game truly presents an immense number of options and pathways for the player to take. Absolutely recommend!
  96. May 18, 2011
    Ignore the scores you see on metacritic giving 0 theye are from competing games employees and in no way are sincere or reflect this awesome game! not going to say much other than this game is the best RPG i have ever played its so polished and immersive its hard to spot the odd flaw or blemish....This game msut surely raise the bar for others to follow...all games should be like this...well done to the polish team who developed it and shame on those sad people abusing metacritics user ratings system to try to downgrade this in favour of their own companies games..

    I see one previously confirmed BioWare employee gave Dragon Age Origins 2 a 10/10...yet he gives this game 0..... It is a shame to see this happen.....MAKE NO MISTAKE FOLKS THIS GAME IS AWESOME!!!!...
  97. May 19, 2011
    The best $45 i ever wasted on the game, I think ima play it for a long time. SO much better then DA2 and even DA:O. The only flaw it has is that it needs a little more optimization, but a patch can fix that so i give it the highest score possible. Great game! A must buy!!
  98. May 18, 2011
    Been playing for approximately 10 hours, game has been absolutely excellent so far. The graphics (especially the environments) are beautiful. The story deals with mature and morally ambiguous themes, with multiple endings and game path. The presentation is a really interesting take on non-linear gameplay. I'm not sure I'd call it non-linear so much as a collection of linear story arcs which can be played in any order. It's a smart way to accomplish non-linearity, as it's makes for a strong narrative while still giving the player the freedom to play as they see fit. Those who played the first Witcher will be glad to know the combat system has been completely revamped. The combo system is gone, and in its place, a true real-time combat system. Because of this, spells are integrated more seamlessly than in the previous, and you'll likely be using a combination of sword play, spells, and bombs on the fly in most engagements.

    I haven't had too many issues with instability like others have reported and I'm running the steam version. All and all, an excellent action rpg for an age group of 18+ with a more refined gaming palate. If you like RPG's, definitely buy this game.
  99. May 17, 2011
    The Witcher 2 kicked every other RPG's butt so hard they broke the time space continuum and disappeared into another universe, the trashbin universe. I had trouble with the combat at first, but I just failed. Got everything under control now. Everything about this game is great.
  100. May 19, 2011
    A truly amazing game. Unlike some other RPGs that hold your hand throughout and have terrible acting and writing (Dragon Age 2 I'm looking at you) this game actually feels like an RPG should. Your actions effect the game, your previous actions aren't retcon'd, and the game has a wonderful sense of freedom to it. If you're looking for an awesome modern RPG look no further.
  101. May 17, 2011
    I don't know how M_Stannard could give this game a zero, especially after giving Dragon Age 2 a 10. This game is one of the most impressive games in years. A lot of game companies forget who their customers are and instead seek to fill their pockets. This game is an example of a game where the developers truly care about making a great product. The story is great, the graphics are amazing, the voice acting is phenomenal, and the combat is better than the original. This is a game that once you start, you won't stop until finished. One of the best RPGs in years. I was a fan of the original Dragon Age and I was severely let down by the second. This game had successfully filled the RPG void that DA2 left me with. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 76 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 70 out of 76
  2. Negative: 0 out of 76
  1. Oct 21, 2011
    Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. A true, polished diamond. Watch and learn Bioware. [May 2011]
  2. Sep 14, 2011
    The Witcher 2 easily stands amongst the big boys in the CRPG crowd and is also the best Action RPG to come out since Mass Effect 2.
  3. Sep 7, 2011
    The Witcher 2 offers awesome sword fights, cool graphics, charming characters, a compelling story, lots of bare skin and a decent shot of vulgar conversations. Damn good.