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Summary: Garrett, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the Baron’s Watch spreads a rising tide of fear and oppression, his skills are the only things he can trust. Even the most cautious citizens and their best- guarded possessions are not safe from his reach. As an uprising emerges, Garrett finds himself entangled in growing layers of conflict. Lead by Orion, the voice of the people, the tyrannized citizens will do everything they can to claim back the City from the Baron’s grasp. The revolution is inevitable. If Garrett doesn’t get involved, the streets will run red with blood and the City will tear itself apart.
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Rating: M
Developer: Nixxes Software
Genre(s): Action Adventure
Cast Credit
Marc Benoit Lead Gameplay Designer
Alistair Milne Additional Gameplay Programmer
Tim Van Klooster Additional Graphics Programmer [Nixxes]
Steven Gallagher Narrative Director
David Beddoes Senior Technical Level Designer
Nicolas Cantin Art/Game Director
Eric Martel Lead AI Programmer
Frederic Richard Programmer (Echelon)
Chuck Ghislandi Mocap Animation Director [Game On]
Chuck Ghislandi Mocap Animation Director [Game On]
Julien Bouvrais Programmer (Echelon)
Julien Bouvrais Technical Director (Arsenal)
Julien Bouvrais Technical Director (Arsenal)
Arman Akopian Concept Artist
Philippe Lussier Senior Level Designer
Eleanor Noble Voice: Civilians
Harry Standjofski Voice: Basso
Jennifer Seguin Voice: Civilians
Michael McCormick Facial Animation - CG Supervisor / Lead Animator [Game On]
Kevin Christensen FX Artist [Digital Dimension]
David Bruce Senior Technical Scripter
Arne Oehme Group Lead Level Design
Arnaud Clermonte Senior AI Programmer
Avi Winkler Narrative Designer
Patrick Saucerotte Technical Director Animation
Daniel Desbiens Additional Animator
Nicolas Trudel Senior Programmer
Yann Maheust Senior Level Artist
Matt Sifton Additional Senior Animator
Marcel Jeannin Voice: Civilians
Terence Chiu Lead Programmer (Online Suite)
Koji Inoue Animation Supervisor [Polygon Pictures]
Andrew Cooke Additional Programmer
Aline Schleger Senior Animator
Phuongvan Hua Senior Level Artist
Brian Dorner Senior Level Designer
Rhianna Pratchett Story/Cinematics Writer
Thomas Machado Senior System Programmer
Jacque Choi Group Lead Character Artist
Patrick Parenteau FX Lead [Digital Dimension]
Wilson Mui Animation Director
Laura Lopez Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Joe Khoury Producer
Emanuel Garcia Lead Artist
Eugene Kuczerepa Additional Technical Level Designer
David Gallardo Programming Director
Uriel Doyon Lead 3d Programmer
Danny Brochu Voice: The Watch
Eli Hason Additional Sound Designer
Chrys Piva Senior AI Programmer
Ian Ryan Game Writer
Louis-David Tremblay Game Designer
Pierre-Francis Lafleur Additional Senior Game Designer
Alexandre Breault Lead Game Designer
Lorenzo Avi Additional Senior Game Designer
Louis-Vincent Roy Group Lead Lighting Artist
Dany Asselin Lead Character Rigger [Digital Dimension]
Steven Shmuely Additional Character Artist
Emi Sato Lead Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Jan Holzner Music: Sound Engineer
Sebastien Croteau Voice: The Freaks
Frank de Bresser Graphics Programmer [Nixxes]
Alex Ivanovici Voice: The Watch
Carlo Mestroni Voice: The Watch
Michael Ferris Additional AI Programmer
Paul Williams Senior Sound Designer
Holly Gauthier-Frankel Voice: Civilians
Michael Copeman Voice: Baron
Robert Taylor Facial Animation Producer [Game On]
Jim Murray Additional Concept Artist
Adam Reid Mocap [Game On]
Matt Holland Voice: The Watch
Matt Holland Voice: The Watch
Matthew Edison Voice: Thief Taker General
Romano Orzari Voice: Garrett
Christian Garcia CG Supervisor [Digital Dimension]
Sara Bradeen Mocap [Game On]
Danny Blanco-Hall Voice: The Mercs
Vincent Desjardins Character Rigger [Digital Dimension]
Trevor Hayes Voice: Thugs
Trevor Hayes Voice: Thugs
Bob Wilson Camera Operator - Editor [Kenyon Wells]
Sun Wei Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Daniel Kash Voice: Orion
Kazuhisa Katayama Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Joel Dos Reis Viegas Concept Artist
Bryan Abad Senior Animator
Stephane Roy Senior Producer
Filipe Graca Senior Animator
Kirk S. Sandiford Lead Animator - Gameplay
Yves Breton Lead Sound Designer
Louis Lavoie Group Lead Level Artist
Vincent Joyal Group Lead Level Artist
Frederic Robichaud Lead Programmer
Chris Nirenberg Character Artist
Andrew Shaver Voice: Civilians
Dusan Dukic Voice: Thugs
Dusan Dukic Voice: Thugs
Eric Davis Voice: The Mercs
Eric Davis Voice: The Mercs
Eric Davis Voice: The Mercs
Neil Napier Voice: The Watch
Sebastien Michel Lead Gameplay Programmer
Francois Gosselin Modeler
Dominique Cote Technical Artist
Mikael Lacroix Animator
Matthieu Gallais User Interface Artist
Matthieu Gallais User Interface Artist
Nicolas Fourcroy Additional Animator
Heidi Hawkins Voice: Civilians
Hugo Au Animator [Digital Dimension]
Yuji Watanabe Associate Producer [Square Enix Japan]
Rebecca Lathangue Senior Level Designer
Julian Casey Voice: The Graven
Mi Yang Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Ben Schroder Game Writer
James LoBianco Level Artist
Maxime Bouchard Programmer (Outpost)
Maxime Bouchard Programmer (Outpost)
Yann Alet Programmer (Echelon)
Vanessa Matsui Voice: Erin
Frédéric Arnaud Sound Deisgner
Yang Kai Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Cynthia Cole Facial Animation - Audio/Video Technical Editor [Game On]
Cynthia Cole Facial Animation - Audio/Video Technical Editor [Game On]
Fred Malone Dialog Mixer / Additional Dialog Recordings [Game On]
Chimwemwe Miller Voice: The Graven
Al Goulem Voice: The Watch
Al Goulem Voice: The Watch
Yuki Maruyama Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Martin Daraiche Additional Animator
Nicolas Ferrand Concept Artist
Daan Goosen Systems Programmer [Nixxes]
Emma Featherstone Designer [Square Enix London]
Victor Cornfoot Mocap [Game On]
Louis-Simon Menard Executive Producer [Digital Dimension]
Pascal Clement Look Dev Artist [Digital Dimension]
Pascal Clement Look Dev Artist [Digital Dimension]
Sebastien Proulx Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Nicolas Lamy Additional Animation [Digital Dimension]
Dave Normand Lead Animator [Digital Dimension]
Nancy Larouche Lead Lighter [Digital Dimension]
Pierre Cataford FX Artist [Digital Dimension]
Benoit Robert Technical TD [Digital Dimension]
Adam Klemens Conductor
Jean-Christophe Verbett Audio Director
Jean-Normand Bucci Art Technical Director
Ayrald Anneron Technical Director Level Design
Marc-Andre Larose Associate Producer
Jonathan Dahan Production Coordinator
Guillaume Dubois Production Coordinator
Philippe Audet Production Coordinator
Sebastien Olscamp Project Closer
Maxime Archetto Narrative Designer
Leanne Taylor-Giles Game Writer
Craig Towsley Game Writer
Dominic Fleury Additional Lead Game Designer
Attila Mohacsi Senior Game Designer
Ahmad Saad Additional Senior Game Designer
Regine Abel Additional Senior Game Designer
Daniel Windfeld Schmidt Lead Level Designer
Gregory Findlay Technical Level Designer
Bradley Hines Senior Level Designer
Vincent Cadieux Senior Level Designer
Bjorn Swenson Senior Level Designer
Gabriel Faucher Level Designer
Fabien Morisson Level Designer
Joey Russo Level Designer
Christopher Gad Level Designer
Peter Szczygiel Level Designer
William Pare Technical Level Designer
Guillaume Monette Martin Technical Level Designer
Frederic Blattmann Technical Scripter
Emilie Guilloux Lead Scripting
Jean Pellerin Technical Scripter
Marc Furstenberger Technical Scripter
Joseph Spicher Additional Narrative Scripter
Michel Dupuis Senior Gameplay Programmer
Nathaniel Audet Senior Gameplay Programmer
Etienne Fournier Senior Gameplay Programmer
Christian Martineau Senior Gameplay Programmer
Philippe Sanche Senior Gameplay Programmer
Stephane Crete Senior Gameplay Programmer
Christian Steinbauer Senior Gameplay Programmer
Francis Lapierre Senior Gameplay Programmer
Karim Kochen Additional Gameplay Programmer
Louis Carl Pepin Additional Gameplay Programmer
Jerome Tapp Additional Gameplay Programmer
Nicolas Roy Additional Gameplay Programmer
Antoine Routon Additional Gameplay Programmer
Carle Cote Lead AI Architect
Patrick Frenette Senior AI Programmer
Daniel Mike Polydore Senior AI Programmer
David Goumard Senior AI Programmer
Charlie Hodara AI Programmer
Dennick Beaudoin Senior Animation Programmer
Luke Mamacos Additional AI Programmer
Gabriel Leblanc Additional AI Programmer
Jacques Fregault Lead Packaging Systems
Jen-Philippe Croteau UI Programmer
Amandine Reliat UI Programmer
Adamo Maiorano Generalist Programmer
Fabien Ninoles Senior Online Programmer
Colas Fievet Additional Programmer
Maxime Godin Additional Programmer
Etienne Gauthier Additional Programmer
Martin Cote Additional Programmer
Eric Binet Additional Programmer
Pierre-Olivier Rioux Additional Programmer
Sammy Fatnassi Senior Programmer
Catalin Arsenescu Senior Programmer
Samuel Delmont Programmer
Peter Sikachev R/D Programmer
Serge Bernier Additional Programmer
Eric Boutin Additional Programmer
Fabien Houlman Additional Programmer
Nicholas Frechette Lead System Programmer
Romain Chagot Senior System Programmer
Freddy Brigthon Senior System Programmer
Hugo Lemerise System Programmer
Gabriel Aufort System Programmer
Frederic Joanis System Programmer
Jean-Francois Goulet Senior Tool Programmer
Simon Pelsser Senior Audio Programmer
Eric Daigneault Support Programmer
Christian Sasseville Additional Programmer
Christian Guy Lead Programmer (Outpost)
Christian Guy Lead Programmer (Outpost)
David Hof Programmer (Outpost)
David Hof Programmer (Outpost)
Jennifer S. Deslandes Programmer (Outpost)
Jennifer S. Deslandes Programmer (Outpost)
Yannick Simard Additional Programmer
Olivier Caudrelier Additional Programmer
Alexis Matte Additional Programmer
Pierre-Claude Jacob Additional Programmer
Mohamed Souleymene Rouchou Additional Programmer
Antonio Maiorano Additional Programmer
Gabriel Van de Walle Concept Artist
Trong-Kim Nguyen Concept Artist
Mathieu Latour-Duhaime Concept Artist
Sebastien Larroude Concept Artist
Dan Bloomberg Additional Concept Artist
Etienne Beaulieu Senior User Interface Artist
Guillaume Tiberghien Additional Character Artist
Jonathan Reiter Group Lead FX Artist
Veronique Chamagne FX Artist
Dominic Gadoury FX Artist
Patrick Cabana Senior Lighting Artist
Erwan Fagard Senior Lighting Artist
Karla Martinez Lighting Artist
Vincent Theberge Group Lead Modeler
Jonathan Coupet Modeler
Josiane Bolduc Group Lead Texture Artist
Maxime Goulet Texture Artist
Michel Limoges Texture Artist
Nicolas Dorais Texture Artist
Olivier Mir Senior Level Artist
Donald Beaulieu Senior Level Artist
Kyu-Chul Youn Senior Level Artist
Yves Descoteaux Senior Level Artist
Simon-Pierre Cloutier Senior Level Artist
Simon Pichette Senior Level Artist
Eric Houde Level Artist
Ange Sarric Level Artist
Miguel Lussier-Gosselin Level Artist
Pierre Gagne Level Artist
Sophy Deslauriers Level Artist
Michael Milette Level Artist
Francis Maheux Assistant Art Technical Director
Nicolas Longchamps Senior Technical Artist
Yann Regnier Technical Artist
Robbett-Jan Brems Technical Artist
Alexandre Sabourin Additional Technical Artist
Jeff Dewar Senior Animator
Percy Pinto Animator
Stephane Bonetti Animator
Vincent Presseau Animator
Guillaume Picard Additional Senior Animator
Judith Lavoie Lead Animator - Narrative
Jason Kreller Senior Animator
Simon Blais Senior Animator
Ricardo Gomez Senior Animator
Charles Gauvreau Animator
Mireille Gagnon Storyboard Artist
Mireille Gagnon Storyboard Artist
Manuel Torres Additional Animator
Jonathan Rigg Additional Animator
Jason Tavares Additional Animator
Marc-Antoine Legault-Lamarche Assistant TD Animation
Sybille Adrien Technical Animator
Nino Thepgavong Rigger / Skinner
Francis Lavoie Gravel Additional Senior Technical Animator
Hugo Leger Sound Deisgner
Sylvain Jannot Sound Deisgner
Arnaud Noble Sound Deisgner
Colin Fisher Voice Designer
Sukhdeep Kondal Audio Integrator
Francis Brus Additional Sound Designer
Felix Rocque Cinematics Director
Luc St-Pierre Music Composer
Michal Hradisky Music: Assistant Engineer
Benoit Groulx Music: Additional Orchestrations
Hugo Mayrand Music: Additional Orchestrations
Krystina Marcoux Music: Percussion
Simon Godin Music: Guitar
Renee-Madeleine Leguerrier Voice: Queen Of Beggars
Shaun Baichoo Voice: The Watch
Tod Fennel Voice: The Watch
Graham Cuthbertson Voice: The Watch
Sven Eriksson Voice: Thugs
Sven Eriksson Voice: Thugs
Steven Spreekmeester Voice: The Mercs
Brian Wrench Voice: Civilians
Dean Flemming Voice: Civilians
Andrea Kenyon Casting Director [Kenyon Wells]
Randi Wells Casting Director [Kenyon Wells]
Jessica Maldoff Assistant [Kenyon Wells]
Pierre Martel Assistant [Kenyon Wells]
Marcus Farhood Camera Operator - Editor [Kenyon Wells]
Robin D. Cook Casting Director [RDC Casting]
Jonathan Oliveira Casting Associate [RDC Casting]
Justin Turner Casting Associate [RDC Casting]
Ashley Gray Casting Associate [RDC Casting]
Eliott Hayut Programmer (Online Suite)
Eric Deshardins Programmer (Online Suite)
Jean-Gabriel Le Sauteur Programmer (Online Suite)
Mathieu Savaria Programmer (Online Suite)
Max MacMillan Programmer (Online Suite)
Maxime Gregoire Programmer (Online Suite)
Nicolas Courtemanche Programmer (Online Suite)
Peyre Pellissier Programmer (Online Suite)
Simon Toupin Programmer (Online Suite)
Francis Paulin Programmer (Echelon)
Francis Paulin Programmer (Echelon)
Dave Adam Programmer (Echelon)
David Mang Programmer (Echelon)
Etienne Faucher Programmer (Echelon)
Jad Baydoun Programmer (Echelon)
Maxime Besset Programmer (Echelon)
Martin Lavigne Programmer (Outpost)
Shuzo Shiota Executive Producer [Polygon Pictures]
Masanari Kubo Line Producer [Polygon Pictures]
Jack Liang Producer [Polygon Pictures]
Naoko Mizutori Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Amit Raut Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Takuro Togo Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Shashwat Brahmbhatt Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Yuichi Ishima Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Akira Kirita Animator [Polygon Pictures]
Nina Thourigny Mocap Production Coordinator [Game On]
Peter Seaborne Stunt Actor [Game On]
Marie-France Denoncourt Stunt Actor [Game On]
Thomas Liccioni Stunt Actor [Game On]
Alex Forsythe Facial Animation - Pipeline Developer [Game On]
Nicolas Bedard Facial Animation - Audio/Video Technical Editor [Game On]
Eric Juneau Facial Animation - Tracker [Game On]
Audrey Dubois Mocap Technician [Game On]
Audrey Dubois Mocap Technician [Game On]
Julian Palacios Facial Animation - Animator [Game On]
Mahyar Sadri Facial Animation - Animator [Game On]
Francois Savary Stage Technician [Game On]
Marie-Claude Bonami Operation Assistant [Game On]
Brian Cossette Dialog Editor [Game On]
Ling Shengyong Executive Producer [Red Hot CG]
Zhang Yun Ke Art Director [Red Hot CG]
Gong Shu Ming Lead Artist [Red Hot CG]
Wang Yuan Wang Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Yang Tai Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Yang Guo Long Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Liu Ning Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Liu Ming Xuan Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Lai Hua Jie Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Wang Xiao Hu Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Ji Meng Fei Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Zhang Wen Jian Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Ye Ji Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Guo Xiao Zhou Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Wang Xiao Cheng Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Martin Cazes Director Of Sound Services [Vision Globale]
Martin Boisselle Re-Recording Mixer / Sound Engineer [Vision Globale]
Shaun Gallagher Sound Engineer [Vision Globale]
Patrick Rioux Sound Engineer [Vision Globale]
Nicolas Dallaire Sound Engineer [Vision Globale]
Daniel Bisson Sound Engineer [Vision Globale]
Simon Girard Assistant Editor [Vision Globale]
Sebastien Gervais Assistant Editor [Vision Globale]
Nicolas Gagnon Foley Artist [Vision Globale]
Louis Duranleau Assistant Foley Artist [Vision Globale]
Marcia Zhang Senior Producer [Eidos Shanghai]
Sean Zhang Senior Lead Artist [Edios Shanghai]
Adam Huang Senior Lead Artist [Edios Shanghai]
Ethan Gao Production Assistant [Eidos Shanghai]
Carol Li Production Assistant [Eidos Shanghai]
Tiago Silva Production Executive [Square Enix London]
Jennifer Eakins Production Assistant [Square Enix London]
Tatsuhiro Futagi Associate Producer [Square Enix Japan]
Yasuaki Arai Associate Producer [Square Enix Japan]
Satoshi Akaishizawa Associate Producer [Square Enix Japan]
Takuya Shiomi Producer [Square Enix Japan]
Jan-Fryderyk Pleszcynski Executive Producer [Digital Dimension]
Peter Skovsbo Producer [Digital Dimension]
Nicolas Bailly Coordinator [Digital Dimension]
Dorota Kowalska Additional Coordination [Digital Dimension]
Guy Harvey Production Director [Digital Dimension]
Marie-Pier Avoine Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Anne-Marie Cadotte Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Anne-Marie Cadotte Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Laurent Fortin Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Patrick Jordaens Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Patrick Menard Modeling And Textures Artist [Digital Dimension]
Maxime Garneau Animator [Digital Dimension]
Olivier Trudeau Animator [Digital Dimension]
Erico Caselle FX Lead [Digital Dimension]
Alex Turenne FX Artist [Digital Dimension]
Michael Archambault FX Artist [Digital Dimension]
Benoit Duchesneau Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Benoit Duchesneau Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Eve Levasseur Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Eve Levasseur Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Nicolas Fidala Matte Painter [Digital Dimension]
Elise Frappier Matte Painter [Digital Dimension]
Marc Morissette Look Dev Artist [Digital Dimension]
Guillaume Goudreault Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Annick Harmel-Tourneur Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Marlene Raiche Lighting Artist [Digital Dimension]
Daniel Boivin Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Jean Arousi Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Nestor Benito Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Nicolas Deziel Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Steven O'Connor Digital Compositor [Digital Dimension]
Patrick Taillefer Render Wrangler [Digital Dimension]
Francois Leduc Render Wrangler [Digital Dimension]
Patrick Lemay Editor [Digital Dimension]
Gregory Ducatel Head Of Technologies [Digital Dimension]
Renaud Bousquet Technical TD [Digital Dimension]
Frederic Sicotte Technical TD [Digital Dimension]
Mathieu Tetrault Technical TD [Digital Dimension]
Scot Thomson Technical TD [Digital Dimension]
Linda Burgers Producer [Nixxes]
Jim Offerman Lead Programmer [Nixxes]
Jeroen Soethoudt Graphics Programmer [Nixxes]
Quinten Lansu Systems Programmer [Nixxes]
Marcel Smit Additional Graphics Programmer [Nixxes]
Nick Boonekamp Additional Programmer [Nixxes]
Paul Hopkins Voice: The Graven
Michael Ferris Additional AI Programmer
Jim Murray Additional Concept Artist
Paul Williams Senior Sound Designer
Romano Orzari Voice: Garrett
Daniel Kash Voice: Orion
Vanessa Matsui Voice: Erin
Matthew Edison Voice: Thief Taker General
Michael Copeman Voice: Baron
Matt Holland Voice: The Watch
Matt Holland Voice: The Watch
Neil Napier Voice: The Watch
Trevor Hayes Voice: Thugs
Trevor Hayes Voice: Thugs
Julian Casey Voice: The Graven
Paul Hopkins Voice: The Graven
Danny Blanco-Hall Voice: The Mercs
Heidi Hawkins Voice: Civilians
Holly Gauthier-Frankel Voice: Civilians
Bob Wilson Camera Operator - Editor [Kenyon Wells]
Sara Bradeen Mocap [Game On]
Victor Cornfoot Mocap [Game On]
Adam Reid Mocap [Game On]
Robert Taylor Facial Animation Producer [Game On]
Sun Wei Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Mi Yang Character Artist [Red Hot CG]
Christian Garcia CG Supervisor [Digital Dimension]
Vincent Desjardins Character Rigger [Digital Dimension]
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