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  1. Dec 17, 2012
    It's only 4 hours in length
    it's not particularly challenging it's not a graphical powerhouse
    it's one of the most charming & engrossing gaming experiences I have all year
  2. Aug 27, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is a very simple game with a solid narrative and very good voice acting on the part of the narrator. Unfortunately, the game itself is extremely simple, with later levels failing to really live up to their potential, and the game is very short, a mere three hours long and if it were any longer it would be bad indeed.
    The game is a very reasonable use of your time, but
    you should pay a price commensurate with the idea that you will play it once, for about three hours, then never play it again once you have played it, there is no reason to ever play it again. Expand
  3. Jan 21, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone shows what good narrative and story can do, I found these colorful blocks to have more personality than most AAA video game protagonists. The puzzles were interesting though a little on the easy side, each block has its own unique skills and by utilizing each blocks abilities you get all the blocks to the exit portals. There were a few times in the game that I had to stop and let the narrator finish before progressing of I'd end up solving the level before he got done talking and miss the charm of the game. Overall it's a fun game and I found it to be worth my money. Expand
  4. Jan 15, 2013
    I love platform puzzle games, so I expected to like this game given the excellent reviews. I'm not sure what others like about this game, after finishing around 20 levels I couldn't force myself to play it anymore.
    Calling this a puzzle game would be stretching it, the puzzles are mostly switching between the various characters and jumping on them. This wouldn't be a problem except that
    the game forces you to repeat the same actions again and again. Keyboard control is terrible, particularly for jumping, I don't have a gamepad that the game supports.
    Graphics are very simple, which wasn't a problem for me as I was expecting that. Music is nice, in fact the music was the only thing that was well done in the game.
    If you want a puzzle platformer that is much much better than Thomas was alone, try Toki Tori, that one has inventive puzzles, no story but since when does a puzzle game need a story?
  5. Apr 12, 2013
    Story and character are the name of the game with this indie platformer. There are some fun game play elements, but none that haven't been done before. Its rare that a game can create character with no more than narration and a oblong... and make you tear up over some rectangles.
  6. Dec 29, 2012
    For a bunch of quadrilaterals, Thomas and friends have an awful lot of personality. Each character has different traits and, through excellent narration, very varied personalities. All without any more distinguishing features than the lengths of their sides and their colours.

    This is surely the biggest success of the game - to make you care about a bunch of otherwise "boring old"

    Gameplay itself is a lot of fun. A few tricky areas punctuate an otherwise simple selection of puzzles, each designed to introduce you to a new dynamic by way of a new character. You will explore each of their interactions with each other and with the environment as you guide them to the goal. They will need to work together to overcome the varied hazards in their way.

    The story grips you and urges you to push on to the end, with some clever twists throughout as the guys learn about the world around them and their place in it.

    Special mention should go to the soundtrack too - surely a masterpiece of atmosphere, perfectly finishing an all-round polished game.

    It should also be added that - judging by his comments on Twitter and the game's Steam forum, the developer is incredibly humble and proud of his achievement - as well he should be. All in all this is a perfect example to support the argument that videogames ARE art. This guy LOVES his creation, and made it for all the right reasons.

    p.s. Claire's my favourite.
  7. Aug 18, 2013
    The Pros: -Excellent voice acting and music -Graphics and platforming physics are well done -The puzzles are generally not frustrating -You can buy it dirt cheap The Cons -It felt a little short. I know it's an indie game but I felt like we spent a lot of time getting to know the characters and then it just ends suddenly without a lot of resolution. -More could have been done with it.

    For the price I'd definitely recommend it.
  8. May 29, 2013
    In Thomas Was Alone, you basically solve a few simplistic puzzles while a British guy narrates some sort of story to you and explains how the boxes you control somehow have feelings and you should care about them. It doesn't work very well. Half way through the game, I gave up trying to figure out what the guy was saying and piece it all together. I was left with an extremely generic puzzle-platformer. Each puzzle is basically the same, you use the boxes to jump on each other in one order or another until you get to the end. It's boring and uninspiring. The graphics are very simple, just blocks and really no texture at all. The music is just ambiance playing in the background, which is easily the best part of the game. On top of it all, you're gonna be paying $10 for a 3-4 hour long game with no replay value whatsoever. It wasn't a bad game per se, just totally unoriginal and bland. Only diehard puzzle-platformer fans should think about giving this game a go. Expand
  9. Jan 19, 2014
    If your looking for a fiendishly challenging platformer Thomas was alone is not the game your looking for this game is about the journey and narrative that is expertly and humorously narrated by Danny Wallace supported with and awesome soundtrack and a simple by effective graphical & fun level design makes Thomas was Alone a very good indie game too bad the game is quite short.
  10. Sep 8, 2013
    This game is one of the best I have ever played and is a true landmark in the field of story-telling through games, despite the fact all the characters are quadrilaterals. Firstly, it looks great the environment and characters are about as simple as you get now but it works and it's one of the few games which at any point you could take a screenshot and say "wow". The level design is clever and gives you some interesting puzzles which work well with your ability to switch characters and compensate for some of their flaws. The main part of the game has got to be the story, every character has their own issues and personality which make you become attached to them, all of them go through some amazing character development. The plot itself is interesting and is used to enhance the character development and immerse the player further, narrated by a voice that challenges Morgan Freeman: it doesn't get much better. The one flaw with the game is it's very short taking only 2 hours or so to complete, however, it's not surprising considering it's an independent game and it's forgiven through its amazing characters whom I will never forget. Expand
  11. Sep 4, 2013
    Worth playing for the quality of the narration. Graphics are minimalistic throughout the game, there's absolutely nothing remarkable about them. The gameplay is standard-to-innovative puzzle platforming. Far from the most exciting gameplay I've played this year. Many segments seem like filler, included to make the story work. The story was good for a video game. I didn't finish the game, but the story didn't involve me as much as expected. Maybe a second, full playthrough will reveal some quality I've missed. Slightly above mediocre game, albeit impressively original in some ways. Expand
  12. Jun 2, 2013
    I absolutely loved this game. It's so simple. yet so moving. There is just this emotion in the game that expands as you progress through each level, and I wanted to keep solving each level so I could I learn about what happens to each character, what happened in their past, what their hopes and dreams were.
    The game wasn't long, and I really wanted it to be, I really wanted to keep
    playing and playing, to just keep staying inside this amazing story.
    But I had no problems with the game, no glitches, no boring sections. One of my favourite games this year. 10/10 from me
  13. Jun 1, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is a puzzle-platformer where you control a bunch of rectangles and get them through each level. The platforming is pretty well done, but the magic of this game is in the story and the characters. Each of the rectangles is an AI running through a maze, each with a different personality and different jumping physics, and the story involving this group of rectangles is really very engaging.

    The gameplay is well designed, but experienced players won't find too much of a challenge. I was able to beat this game with all achievements in under 4 hours. The graphics are really simple, but the aesthetic is nice enough. The music is very nice, and the narration is entertaining.

    This is a neat little indie game, and it was worth the time I invested. I do think the game was a little overhyped from I saw, though... this game is good and it's worth playing, but it's not a masterpiece. It's priced at $10, and I'd say it's worth it, but I'd personally wait for a sale.
  14. Jul 16, 2014
    Bad graphics that are literally just rectangles moving around. Super generic platforming. Very short. These all make for a terrible game. Having a narrator doesn't magically turn a terrible game into a good one despite what everyone seems to think.
  15. May 1, 2013
    First of all, I think it's not a puzzle game, but a story-telling game. Gameplay is unpolished as in almost all small indie-games. Sometimes it becomes repetitive, sometimes puzzles are too flat. But I gave it 9/10, because "Thomas Was Alone" shows how a story can be told IN the game, not FOR the game.
  16. Jun 23, 2013
    A very cleaver and fun game with a good story and a delightful narration. It doesn't take very long to complete, but it is definitely an experience worth checking out for yourself.
  17. Sep 5, 2013
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful is what I will always say about this game. Like many people are saying, this game is not at all challenging, the puzzles are quite easy once you learn the core mechanics as each puzzle somewhat follows the same structure as a previous level you may have already completed. So why would I give this game a 10 out of 10? Because not only was this a game I can sit down, play and enjoy after a stressful tiresome day, but narration and story helps push this game to be one of the greatest indie games I have ever played, the story is beyond charming, although it may not have made me burst out laughing, the humor allowed me to smile as I appreciated each joke, each tale, each character. If you want an action packed exploding difficult puzzle game, this is definitely not for you. If you are someone who wants to play a relaxing game with a beautiful soundtrack which is perfectly integrated into the game with beautiful characters then this is 100% for you. Please do not be put of because the characters are mere shapes, these characters have more personality than many triple A titles I have played. This game is worth the support, and I want to thank whoever made this game a million times. Just beautiful. Expand
  18. Jun 6, 2013
    This game is great. It shows perfectly how you can have fun with just a few blocks. There are a lot of puzzles in this game, but the downside is the difficulty of the game. the re-playability is also quite low.
  19. Dec 1, 2013
    This is one of the indie games that a lot of people were recommending me. Once I got to play it through it all, I found it to be a very casual, funny indie title all throughout. Sure, the puzzles may not be as challenging as other puzzle games, but it has a great soundtrack, fun level designs and as previously mentioned, it's funny. The only downside is that it could have been longer. You can beat this in 3-4 hours. But at least it's longer than Portal. 9/10 Expand
  20. Apr 27, 2013
    These are the kind of games I like to treasure when I have the opportunity to come across them. Thomas Was Alone is not so much about challenging puzzles or platforming as it is about putting a smile on your face. While the idea and graphics were simple, having various shapes and sizes to use to get from the beginning of a level to the end, what stood out is that the narration gave each block it's own personality, ans at one point or another these personalities were used to create fun little stories about the interactions between each block.
    This narration is obviously the highest point of the game to me, as sitting along side the music and sound effects create such a relaxing atmosphere. However the platforming and puzzle salving themselves have yet to be very much of a challenge (granted, I'm not too far into the game as I write this). At a few points the puzzles even can become a little off-putting, as you will have to repeat certain patterns with the blocks over and over in order to, say, climb a stair case.
    So while the game play may not have me squinting at my screen in contemplation like Braid had, the atmosphere, story (if you could call it that), and the easiness of the controls makes the game into a very relaxing, light-hearted experience.
  21. Mar 24, 2013
    Leading this fellowship of square and rectangles, each with their unique skill and character, through the 90 levels was certainly a fascinating video-game experience. Loved the visuals and the soundtrack. Simple and captivating storytelling. Although the game mechanics gets repetitive soon and the puzzle are honestly too easy for an average gamer, a really positive impression, definitely worth the money. Collapse
  22. Jan 4, 2013
    brought a tear to my eye, this is my game of 2012, like portal condensed into a wonderful, beautiful little biscuit of awesome. The way the story is told, the amazing music and the clever puzzles make this an absolute must play.(Claire is the best!)
  23. Jun 4, 2013
    An almost perfect composition of music, character, subtle visuals, wry humour and a surprisingly engaging and well told story. As a whole it's bordering on genius. The soundtrack will stay with you and is enjoyable outside of the game.
  24. Jul 17, 2013
    I just finished Thomas was Alone. For those that don't have this yet, you should really get it. The sound track is amazing, the game play is so fun and never gets repetitive, and the characters (although I thought of them as just shapes in the start) develop over the story in a wonderful way. I found myself cheering for love, gasping when they were in trouble and cheering as I neared the end. This game hit the emotional chord that I can't even remember the last time a movie did..

    Why? Because they aren't just shapes. They're people. They're dreams. They're family that we all know and love. Goddamnit, if you haven't gotten this or played it yet, three dollars during the steam sale will not account for the amount of joy you'll get out of this. The last time I felt this good playing and finishing a game was with the original Portal before anyone knew what it was about.
  25. Nov 18, 2012
    The wit of portal in a puzzle based platformer. Narration is great, you will "Feel" for your little blocky avatars. It is easy to support a game like this especially when upcoming lone developers create it.
  26. Nov 29, 2012
    This game is absolutely amazing. Fun puzzle platforming, an endearing minimalist art style, fantastic music, a spectacular story, and great characters and character development. This game is one of my favorite games of 2012.
  27. Jan 1, 2013
    this game is beautifully, not in its graphics but in its music and charter development which creates an all around beautiful feel for the game. I would strongly suggest trying it out
  28. Dec 23, 2012
    This game's storyline is like a reincarnation of Douglas Adams. I found myself smiling through the whole game. The puzzles are easy to understand and they make you want to keep solving them to get more of the story.
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    This is an excellent indie game. It outshines other games by its innovation soundtrack and so many more things. Its a story about colourful rectangles but every one of them has personality. This game portraits rectangles as real human beings with human-like feelings. Its not just a game about rectangles. Its a game about friendship, bravery, love, and so much more
  30. Jul 4, 2014
    A beautiful little game. Takes what the first Portal taught us and did that. Great concept. Flawless gameplay. Really good puzzles. Beautiful narration. Top voice talent! A+
  31. Jan 1, 2013
    Absolute genius.

    This is probably one of the more refreshing titles, similar to Limbo in my mind. It is in it's own right a very beautiful game, ranging from background music, to the hilarious narration. When you break it down, it's just blocks and it shows that fancy graphics don't always make for a good game. Buy this game.
  32. Jun 3, 2013
    Everything storytelling, graphics, music, sound everything is very simple, but is still beautiful and works great. Now for the gameplay. It seems like the creator of this video game had endless possibilities for great puzzles, because every rectangle has a really unique ability. But the puzzles are all simple usually you don't even have to think twice. As a game, Thomas Was Alone is just nice, but nothing more. Expand
  33. May 31, 2013
    Simplistic, artistic and enjoyable. This game is clean and simple but really beautiful, with simplistic but likable characters with a decent narration. The narration to me was just okay and not as great as what others have rated it to be, at times funny and witty. Apart from that the soundtrack helps immerse yourself into this world and felt really good with the game. One thing I did not like was that it did not have as much puzzle aspects as I would like it to have, having some well-timed-or-else-you-are-dead scenarios which annoyed me a bit. Overall, would recommend as a simple game. Expand
  34. Jun 3, 2013
    Really more of an atmospheric platformer than a puzzler, Thomas is an utterly charming game. The narration brings Douglas Adams to mind, or possibly the Flatland books. Not a terribly long or difficult game, but a wonderful experience.
  35. Feb 1, 2013
    "Thomas was Alone" is revolutionary; and in the right way. It tears and strips down the modern gaming make-up and gives a "what if?" on the path of games. With brilliant narration and character lovability (which are litteraly squares and rectangles) Thomas was Alone proves a fantastic and worthwhile game and path; Now all that's left is to go further down it.
  36. Oct 19, 2013
    After finishing this game for the third time, I finally accept I was wrong when I thought this was a very easy, short, lazy game. I was very wrong. So wrong that I will go and start it a fourth time. Be right back
  37. Apr 2, 2013
    A perfect example of how narrative can enrich any game, Thomas Was Alone is one of the best gaming experiences I have ever had. Its great strength is how it uses game play to flesh out its characters and its narrative, something several reviewers have said that they have never experienced as well in a game. Several users have complained about the lack of challenge, but to my mind, the challenge is perfectly weighted. Some of the levels are genuinely intricate and require hard thought, but even in these the game never punishes you too hard for failure and so gives you a constant feeling of progression, even if you get stuck on a level for a while. This is NOT a puzzle game you play to test your mind; this is a puzzle game you play to test your emotions.

    The game reaches its dramatic high a little before it finishes, and occasionally the last few levels lack the enjoyment and wonder that the rest of the game brings, but Thomas Was Alone is still one of the best four hours you can spend playing a video game, and at £5.99 is an absolute bargain.
  38. Apr 14, 2013
    Thomas was alone is a beautiful game. Narration is the best I've seen in any game since Bastion, and Bithell manages to make the quadrilaterals have more character and individuality than your average human video game hero. The atmosphere is great, and the music is interesting and compelling but never becomes distracting. Although the graphical concept is simple, great lighting and appropriate colors help to pull it off, and the game looks fantastic. Later levels can, at times, become frustrating and tedious, but this is true of almost any puzzle game. Overall, this is a fantastic title that definitely deserves a play Expand
  39. Jun 8, 2013
    I would never have guessed that playing as coloured quadrilaterals in puzzle platformer would be able to have one of the most captivating story lines, interesting varietys of challenges and hilarious group of characters out of the many games I have played.
    Thomas was alone, is an unmissable game.
  40. May 4, 2014
    Thomas Was Alone is a work of art, tbh. No, it's not incredibly difficult, but it is a delightful challenge. The game's biggest successes are making you care about a group of rectangles, making you see them as people with desires and personalities, jealousies and insecurities. Secondly, the score. I've been listening to this score for days straight. A successful score is one that doesn't distract you from what you're doing or watching, but enhances it and puts you deeper into it. Housden's score does exactly that. This game, while not particularly difficult or complex, is an absolute joy to play. Expand
  41. May 30, 2013
    Normally not into jumping puzzles, but I loved this game. There were a couple of times where the difficulty would increase or decrease in an unusual way, but hey, it's an indy game.
    The narration was great. I never thought I'd get attached to little rectangles on a screen. Story was also surprisingly deep and a bit mysterious.
    All in all, very good.
  42. AWG
    Jun 30, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone has great graphics and outstanding music but also a very frustrating gameplay (you spend most of your time switching among characters rather than actually trying to solve the puzzles). The story seems to be very interesting but since only English language is supported I missed it almost entirely (too busy switching among characters, couldn't get enough attention to the subtitles).
  43. Jun 6, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is truly a game worth playing, while I wouldn't give it a 10 because it's just not THAT good, it's definitely in the 9 range (I'd say the current use score, 8.6 is really accurate).

    The game's characters are just filled with personality and the puzzles are fun and challanging. Only problem I encountered was that I thought the story dragged on too much, I think that
    after a certain part of the story, the could've stopped and the rest truly should've been a sequal OR they should've named it chapter two and let the first part sink in.

    Overall, great game, recommended.
  44. Jun 7, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is a simple platformer with some of the best narration I have ever seen in a game. The developers by actually making you care about differently colored rectangles. This game is well worth the money and it's story will not disappoint you.

    The characters are great because of the absolutely fantastic narration, who needs highly rendered humanoids with six-quadrillion
    polygons, just good story telling and rectangles makes one of the best characters ever in gaming. Expand
  45. Jun 8, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is a great little platformer that will keep any sort of puzzle or platforming enthusiast amused for a few hours. You play as a series of rectangular blocks that serve as the avatars of AIs. Your mission? To escape the simulation your characters find themselves in. The writing and the narration is great, and you actually feel fairly attached to the little cubeoids fairly quickly due to how well personalized they were.

    The puzzles themselves are all fairly well designed, and they do a good job at making them fun to solve without being far too easy or impossibly hard. You even use the characters themselves to form stairs and the like for some sections. There are occasional points where you realize you have to backtrack a character due to needing them to move some other character, and while this is annoying, you usually feel as though its your own fault for failing to notice something rather than the game being tricky about you.

    My only other complaint is that the ending feels a bit weak to me, but the rest of the game more than makes up for it. Thomas Was Alone is definitely worth a playthrough!
  46. Jul 11, 2013
    A great game that keep me smiling the whole way through. The storytelling behind it was amazing and the game made me feel for a group of quadrilaterals in this amazing platformer. My only complaints were that the game a bit short (though it did get the story across perfectly in this short time), and the game was a bit easy overall. Still, it was absolutely engaging and fun to play. This is one of those games that I won't soon forget. Expand
  47. Jun 21, 2013
    An excellent game. The level design is very clean and polished. The graphics are about as basic as you can get, but don't suffer for it. The humor is brilliant, with plenty of references to other things (the Portal one had me laughing). The music is fantastic, if you can get the game with the added soundtrack download, do so.

    The only downsides to the game are the difficulty is pretty
    low. Not once did I get stuck and have to rethink things in order to continue. Also, it's is quite short. DLC would benefit this hugely, but I don't think it's something that will happen unfortunately. DLC adding harder puzzles and new abilities would make this replayable. As it stands, once you're done... there is little to bring you back.

    I think those who review this badly are missing the point of the game. If you want good graphics and an in depth plot, go play Alan Wake or something. This is a puzzle platformer Indie game, and I think it was awesome.
  48. Jul 2, 2013
    I love this game. It shows that you don't have to have good graphics to make good characters. The narration is excellent and the great story makes you want to keep going on, no matter how many times you die. This game can be a bit frustrating, but it is also very rewarding. This game probably won't take you too long to beat, but you'll be happy the whole way,
  49. Jun 27, 2013
    A beautifully narrated game that like Pixar has the ability of making you care about blocks in different colors. The mechanics of the game works wonderfully. The jumps are working really well and some puzzles have really clever solutions to them.
    Bad things is the length. I clocked in at around three hours with all achievements completed. It also gets a little frustrating at times finding
    the correct block you need when there is a lot of them to keep track of. Expand
  50. Jun 25, 2013
    Don't go into this expecting a challenging puzzle game. Go into this expecting the best story in the history of gaming. This has the best writing, best character development, and best voice acting of any game I have ever played. And what's more, every character is nothing more than a little rectangle. But I care about those shapes more than I care about most humans in video games, to be honest with you. Pretty incredible to go from a little flash game on Kongregate to a full steam game, and even more incredible to improve so much in that jump. Expand
  51. Jul 6, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is not good. I'll give it credit for being pretty to look at and modestly pleasant to listen to. Aside from that it's simply a really poor gaming experience. First of all, it's way, way too easy: I think I was only briefly challenged on maybe 5 levels. That leaves 95 that were a total breeze. Even if a solution to a particular puzzle is obvious you still have to waste time wrangling the imprecise controls and swapping between polygonal "characters" as you move them into position over and over again. Towards the end I even ran into a bug that got one block stuck. I had to restart the whole level and painstakingly move around 10 different blocks step by step into the correct spots.

    The less said about the "story" the better. The volume level of the narrator's voice fades in and out, making him hard to understand. The script's attempts at humanizing a bunch of polygons is laughable and fails miserably. The ending is a complete enigma, and not in a good way.

    In short, skip Thomas Was Alone unless you like games that are short, easy, buggy and generally irritating.
  52. Aug 22, 2013
    I'm sorry. I kept telling myself I was enjoying it, I kept telling myself I was having a good time, but I was not. This game just has generic platformer gameplay with some decent dialogue on the side. Portal 2 for example has amazing gameplay and amazing dialogue. Sure it wasn't an indie game, but we have seen *cough*minecraft*cough* that indie games can have incredible gameplay. I suggest you try this game out because many people enjoy it, I am in no way saying you should not get this game, I am simply saying I don't like it myself. Expand
  53. Jul 21, 2013
    Amazing game! the story is amazing, one of the best stories i have ever seen in a game. The puzzle aspect is fun and adds some game play into the game which is more than i can say for the walking dead's quick time events. The puzzles can get in the way towards the end as you try to complete the compelling story. A brilliant game that is well worth the money.
  54. Jul 20, 2013
    This game is truly one of the most beautiful yet simple games I've ever played. This game really shows how minimalist graphics produces awesome storytelling and ambiance, as well as make you focus on the actual puzzles. The music is also wonderfully composed in this title. Anyone who can pick up on patterns and solve puzzles fairly quickly can easily finish this game in about 4 hours. Though it does have a lasting impression on you when you figure out the story and is a very satisfying experience. Despite the short game span, it is well worth the 10 dollars (although I would recommend the developer to cut off a few dollars). Perfect example of how indie games pack a whole new experience to the average gamer. I give it an 8/10 for its compelling story, unique mechanics, beautiful yet simple graphics, and its awesome ambient soundtrack.
    Note: To any of you Portal 2 fans, the voice actor of Wheatley is the narrator throughout the game.
  55. Jul 21, 2013
    I am usually into big explosions and blood and guns and swords and all that good stuff, But this game pulled me in, It made me feel relaxed, I laughed, and almost cried at certain parts. And all from these simple blocky graphics and wonderful story telling through the narrator Danny Wallace. This game is not very hard, but it's not extremely simple either, it's a good mix that made me retry certain puzzles 4 or 5 times but I mostly breezed through making it to the wonderful story. It's well worth the price. Expand
  56. Aug 4, 2013
    3 to 5 hour game, 100% done, mediocre story that’s supposed to be deep but just comes off as pretentious, and gameplay that gets old if you’re used to 2d platformers, the voice acting’s very good but not enough to hold up the game. 4.5/10
  57. Aug 15, 2013
    This game was simply brilliant. Mr. Wallace's narrations were a pleasure to listen to and in combination with the great story "Thomas Was Alone" succeeded in creating the on might think impossible: giving geometric shapes a character.
    I found myself desperately trying to solve the Levels as fast as possible just to be relieved to hear Wallace's voice again. Not because the Puzzles are
    bad, just because the story us so darn good. Expand
  58. Aug 24, 2013
    The most incredible thing with Thomas Was Alone is how the game manages to make you care about the characters your are playing as. They all have their personalities and their little background stories.

    Some people might find it too easy, and I agree, but still, the experience is extremely refreshing. The soundtrack is nice and soothing, the narrator sound great, the controls are tight,
    and the story is pretty engaging.

    On the downside, the ending is a little bit anti-climactic, and hardcore puzzle gamers will find it way too easy.

    Other than that, a simply charming and endearing title, a must have for the indie games lovers
  59. Sep 29, 2013
    Loved this. If you're looking for a challenging platformer jam packed with content, this isn't it. But what it does do is tell an amazing story; the characters' personalities are well written and the narration is fantastic.
    You will absolutely want to keep going as soon as you get into it, which happens very fast.

    I do think that whilst the puzzles are very refreshing and not
    repetitive at all, not many were very challenging, and the whole game is quite short. I'd love to see a sequel though. Expand
  60. Aug 24, 2013
    I really didn't expect much from such a simple idea, however I was blown away how good it was. Honestly one of the best storylines I have ever played, along with amazing music, will lead to an emotional journey, where you actually manage to sympathise with a rectangle!!! Honestly one of the best games I have ever played.
  61. Aug 25, 2013
    To start this off, if you want a challenging puzzle game, than this is not for you. Now if you want a wonderful story full of wit and emotion, this is the game for you. The basic premise is that you play as these blocks that all have names and personalities. Each of them is unique in their own way and can do different things. The goal is to make it through these different worlds and get the characters to "portals" at the end of each level. It makes for a very fun few hours of play and I highly recommend picking it up. Expand
  62. Aug 27, 2013
    What should i say! If you are bored and you are looking for a good game than play TWA. Great story, funny, and i think it is like an addiction! Help me bros can't stop playing
  63. Sep 15, 2013
    Thomas was a great game. Great puzzle platformer with a lot of different maps and levels. The good part of it is the atmosphere. One of the greatest atmosphere in a puzzle game I've seen so far. A unique piece and unique indie game with a great narration.
  64. Sep 9, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone is like a revelation. The feeling you get when someone tells you something that blows your mind. Like when Copernicus showed everyone the Earth revolved around the Sun. This game is similar.

    The main highlight in this game does not lie in its gameplay, although it does have tight controls and interesting puzzles that keep you interested. Thomas Was Alone achieves the
    score it has achieved because of the remarkable storytelling, and how a simple narration by a splendid voice actor can give birth to so many three-dimensional characters that you genuinely care about as you're taken through the story. It's truly an experience to have and one you won't forget.

    But, like any revelation, if you tell anyone that the Earth revolves around the Sun today, it won't blow their mind again. At most, it may remind us of how grateful we are that we've evolved beyond that. Point is that the replay value in this game is kind of slim. It is a little fun to return back and say hello to the characters you've been introduced to once again and maybe try to grab some secrets you missed on the first run around, but it's not something that'll have you hooked forever.

    Bottom Line: Thomas Was Alone is a game you can really sink your teeth into if you love stories and character development. It won't retain replayability, but it still gets a recommendation for the wonderful experience your first time around.
  65. Sep 11, 2013
    Thomas was alone has become my "go-to" example of an absolutely brilliant game that relies only on two aspects, fun puzzles and excellent story telling. When these two elements combine so well as they have in this game, it puts many triple A games to shame. Graphics wise, the game uses a minimalist style with squares and rectangles to represent the playable characters, but this is in no way a bad thing. The art style is pleasant and charming and colorful. With narration by Danny Wallace (who won a BAFTA for this role), the squares and rectangles become more than just shapes. They feel like actual human beings, that you actually care about. When a game can make me care more about simplistic shapes than fully animated humans in say Battlefield, then that game has done something right. While its a short game, you will laugh, cry, and feel a profound warmth and satisfaction when its over. I love this game. 10/10 Expand
  66. May 15, 2014
    This game is truly a masterpiece. The greatest 2D game ever made. The story just pulls you in and makes you feel emotions that no other game can. To give Thomas Was Alone anything but 10 would be a travesty to the gaming world.
    Also, this is an easy game to get 100% in if you are into trophies.
  67. Nov 28, 2013
    Pros:- Minimalist design looks awesome - Great character development - A litte addictive because you want to -Very interesting and cool narrative. It's certainly a superb way to tell a story; Cons: but in the paper the story is just not that good - Boring and easy puzzles, which is where you spend most of your attention. I just find myself wanting the puzzles to end fast so I could know more about the story
    - No replay value
    - Controls could be better
  68. Dec 28, 2013
    Messed up on my original review, can't be bothered to rewrite the whole thing, so let me summarize.
    1. Worth 10$.
    2. Gameplay is simple, keeps you occupied but not too occupied.
    3. The storyline is what makes the game, without it this game would barely survive at a price of $2.49. If you have anything close to resembling a heart inside that icy shell of a rib cage, this game is goddamn
    worth it. Expand
  69. Jan 30, 2014
    This game is over-hyped. Granted i haven't played it through(only halfway) but still, it was simply too frustrating and boring. The movement of the figures is clumsy at best and the gameplay is quite repetetative. Its to highly priced for the amount of playtime you get. You'll get 2-3 hours of irritating play for 8€ which is quite poor compared to other indie games. The graphics are smooth and so is the storytelling but these factors alone does not make a good game. Expand
  70. Mar 20, 2014
    This game proves you don't need 3d, good graphics or an open world to make a decent story and gameplay. Although the puzzles are rather simple, the story left me cringing, although it was just a bit misleading. This is a great game to play while waiting for a release, since it's very short but satisfying. Highly recommended!
  71. Mar 12, 2014
    A great puzzle platformer. Beautiful graphics and perhaps the most attached one could ever get to quadrilaterals. But yes great fun and well worth it if you've got some spare cash.
  72. Mar 14, 2014
    This game is minimalist and as near perfection as I can imagine.

    You control several blocks in a solid and fun puzzle-type game, but the developer did not stop there. No, each block was given specific abilities, and a specific character. The game quickly starts as "Thomas was alone" but quickly Thomas (the little red rectangle) has friends (other colourful blocky shapes), and the
    friends must help each other. And on top of that, the game was also given a charming narration and story told simply and clearly by the wonderful voice actor Danny Wallace

    I have never before felt emotionally attached to little blocks. And I'm not the only one: If you watch online reviews, you will hear many reviewers getting emotional about the little rectangles, and calling them by name.

    The soundtrack sets the perfect mood, I found myself listening to it for long periods just enjoying it.. And as the game neared the finale, the music perfectly matches the mood.

    This is a master class in how the right soundtrack and voice acting can take a good game and make it magnificent. Other, bigger budget titles, have much to learn from this small game.

    So stop reading this review and go buy Thomas Was Alone. It is a masterpiece.
  73. May 24, 2014
    These types of games, strategy games and choice and consequence are those games that I call true games. Thomas Was Alone shows that you don't need an insane budget, or over a hundred people to work on it.

    The story is very simple, but still stands a lot much stronger than most games these days. It's incredible what sort of story it's possible to make through the use of a few rectangles
    and jumping. It's a game about friendship and trusting eachother, and is definitively a memorable experience for any gamer who is eager to play what I like to call "Video Games". Expand
  74. Jun 10, 2014
    Uno de los juegos de plataformas más bonitos e interesante de los últimos años, sobre todo por la pureza de las mecánicas y de los gráficos. Además gestiona muy bien la historia subyacente. Vale la pena comprarlo.
  75. Mar 24, 2013
    Leading this fellowship of square and rectangles, each with their unique skill and character, through the 90 levels was certainly a fascinating video-game experience. Loved the visuals and the soundtrack. Simple and captivating storytelling. Although the game mechanics gets repetitive soon and the puzzle are honestly too easy for an average gamer, a really positive impression, definitely worth the money. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Aug 29, 2013
    Simple, straightforward and brilliant indie game. Pick it up at a bargain, or even pay full price; it is worth every penny. So well executed - a definite must play for any and everyone.
  2. Feb 25, 2013
    We’ve seen several games this year past e.g. Fez, Spec Ops: The Line, which can truly be said to have advanced the medium, and I wholeheartedly include Thomas Was Alone in that group.
  3. Feb 19, 2013
    Thomas Was Alone’s greatest strengths are in its storytelling and character. In this it fully exceeds, keeping me playing past the point of growing over familiar and dreary of the oft-repeated mechanical themes. But due to this it can be expected that many who start the adventure will never finish it, though, which is certainly a shame.