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  • Summary: Time of Defiance is an online-only massively multiplayer strategy game in real-time set across the huge landscape of a shattered world. Fight for conquest of the islands and mine their mineral wealth to expand your empire. Every other empire you encounter is another human and will remember the deals you didn't deliver on and the promises you broke. Treachery, propaganda and trade are just as important as your fighting strategy. Have you got what it takes to unite the Cog tribes under one ruler? [Nicely Crafted] Expand
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  1. An addictive game, with superb gameplay, technically solid, and extremely accomplished. The icing on the cake is that every month, Nicely Crafted (the developers) release a new client. This adds new features - new ships, new play mechanics.
  2. If you love deep thinking, strategy and logistics, you may just love this game. If you want a zergling rush, steer clear.
  3. The fascinating thing about the game is the unlimited number of possibilities as every single action a player does may influence the whole game.
  4. Time of Defiance hardly gets the adrenalin pumping, but there's more to life than quick thrills...Many will find it just as addictive and timeless as Civilization, but with the added frisson of real politics and even deeper strategy.
  5. If I had to summarize this game (and I do), I’d say it’s like playing chess by mail. It’s slow and you have time to think your moves through, but it can also be a bit dull.
  6. Games literally take weeks to complete, and chances are you won’t see how it begins or ends; you will merely be just passing through.
  7. 40
    There’s something oddly compelling about the game. When you’re not online, you’re constantly worried about what’s going on. Once you meet up with other players, that worry becomes dread.

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