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  • Summary: All the counter-terror action from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3 is now available in one gold edition. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Gold includes both the original Raven Shield and its expansion, Athena Sword. In both games, you'll command the world's most elite multinational force of counter-terrorist operatives in missions around the world. This double-pack provides you with an arsenal of fully customizable weapons, ranging from pistols to assault rifles. You play competitively or cooperatively with your friends in 11 multiplayer modes. Expand
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  1. Mar 2, 2014
    An outstanding game, one of the last that featured a planning phase before assaulting an objective with teams of commandos. Incredibly detailed, very realistic- with lean & fluid movement controls way ahead of its time. There are a few bugs, sometimes the AI doesn't like to climb ladders, but overall the AI is excellent inside buildings doing clearing routines, rescuing hostages, etc. Seriously, as old as this game is, it puts unit AI like the modern Arma 3's to shame. Lots of fun to be had with just the right amount of realism.

    Some older games that you remember having fun playing, just don't hold up when you look at them with more modern eyes- but this is the exception. It really is still very very good.
  2. gas
    Dec 3, 2011
    A lot more tactical fps then the more recent "Tom Clancy" titles, this game requires planning and turtle sneaking to be played.
    You have to
    build up and equip your teams picking from a roster, each got a personal statistic sheet and no one excel in everything, loosing men in action will reduce the roster so preserving them alive will be very important, also they can be wounded meaning they will need some time to recover usually if wounded they cant join 1 next mission.
    In theory its possible to plan in advance the path of the 3 teams building a quite complex order que using a map before going in action, then calling their movements real time during gameplay, tbh its a good idea but it doesn't work perfectly, so to play the game avoiding your AI teams to suicide, at the end it will be required to move every squad switching manually on each team real time, using them to reach and hold positions to cover the passage of your other teams.
    At the end its quite hard to plan and execute a push into a room from multiple directions at the same time cause of this system, but at tbh its not necessary such a complex plan to complete the missions.
    Surely not perfect about controlling other teams and missing the engine/better cover system of the newer titles, this one is anyway better talking about the gameplay, its ofc personal taste, but if interested in tactical fps single player games this one is interesting, especially now as its usually easy to find with all expansions at a nice price (just bought it at 1,50 euros).
    To mention a decent replayability value of the single maps, as there is not a total random positioning at start as it is in titles like SWAT, but still the number and position of enemies may vary a bit so playing twice a map its not always exactly the same.

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