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  1. May 10, 2011
    Another Example of UBISOFT's inability to update a game they released. I bought every splinter cell game at retail price, and i can't play any of their games anymore with my current computer. But this game in particular was buggy from the start, and to date it's still a nightmare to play. I installed XP on a seperate Drive, installed the game, updated both windows XP and the game, updated every driver, and still the game crashes constantly. And even IF it manages to load a level, you have to play it with horrible sound and missing textures/glitches. (Core i5-760, GTX460, tested on Windows XP SP3, 270.61 nvidia drivers).

    When i bought this at release day i had a 7800GT, and it didn't display the graphical glitches i endure now. But the 7800GT was nowhere near capable to run the poorly optimized game, and the games graphical settings kept resetting them after i tuned them down. So the only gameplay i ever saw of it was a slideshow basicly. It seemed like a nice game, with moral choices, and timed sidemissions when you where in New York. But this gets interrupted by random crashes, and when you forgot to save stuff you had to do the same stuff over and over again. I think it's hard to justify the 50 euro pricetag it had at release (Yes i bought it at release, because i loved splinter cell), but even if you payed 10 euro's for it, you'd still be ripped off. It's a buggy port, that never got patched properly, and to date doesn't work. Not even the steam releases. Why isn't there some sort of quality control that needs to be passed first? This is daylight robbery! My suggestion is, buy this on the console, i'm pretty sure that's a fun game. The PC port is just an abomination of a game, that should NEVER have been released.
  2. Nov 14, 2011
    Do you know why Sam got his **** face on the cover of the retail package? Yeah, that **** face staring at you. Do you know why? Oh, because he is trying to warn you: "Don't play this game, I didn't want to be in Double Agent, this game sucks." That's what uncle Sam's facial expression is about. But what about the game? Well, to an all time Splinter Cell fans (except for this one), Double Agent is a truly insult. Super buggy, eventually become unplayable at the Africa mission. And the graphic is disgustingly weird, I don't even know how to describe it, it just doesn't look right. About the gameplay......I don't know, maybe it should be good, but due to the terribly buggy experience, I can't feel anything. This game ruined and wasted me five hours. Damn you, Ubi. Expand
  3. May 12, 2012
    The PC version of this game is unplayable for me. It crashes after loading any mission. Steam forums confirm there is a known issue with very few people actually having success in playing this game. It's better on the XBOX anyway--the PC version lacks controller support.
  4. Dec 8, 2011
    The is the glitchiest most incomplete console to pc port I have ever played. The interface and menus are very hard to get working properly. Save games vanish often. The inventory system is incomprehensible. Worst of all, the gameplay feels very clumsy and clunky, a telltale sign of a very poor console port. The 3d map is difficult to use as well, making navigating your goals very difficult. Wow. they dropped the ball on this one on PC. Expand
  5. Sep 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As the others have said, the game for PC is extremely buggy, because it's a horrible port from Xbox. From my experience of playing it (since I'm a pretty big Splinter Cell fan) I've made a list of the bugs/glitches.

    Some of the ragdolls spaz out so ridiculously that they can actually cause damage to you by slapping you with one of their limbs. The safe-cracking controls are too sensitive and take pure luck to get it right. The Kinsasha missions have their brightness really screwed up (it's too damn bright), as well as giving you two loading screens when trying to quickload, only to be finished off by having the damn game crash. Sometimes the game crashes even by trying to open the radar! By the way, if you don't have the patch you don't get the equipment rewards (which is considering it gets difficult to bypass the later hacks) but even then some of the things don't work like the electronic lockpick. If your system is slow and old, some of the cutscenes will repeat over and over like the bomb on the cruise ship failing to detonate or the game doesn't even load up because the intro cutscenes keep repeating. Then there's having to wait about 15 seconds in an unskippable cutscene when you finish a game or the training course to get back to the main menu. Some of the video settings are screwed up as you can't even tell if they're properly calibrated. Sometimes you won't even see if the shadows are there, because of the otherwise bastardized HDR effects, which ruins the gameplay when you need to hide in the dark. Pressing Escape is considered a dangerous move in the game, for instance: if you suddenly press ESC as you're trying to access a computer, you'll get a view of pretty much the whole map from an indeterminate location and as you try to press ESC again it crashes the game. The SC-20k and the Riot Shotgun both reload in the same way as the SC Pistol well done, developers. Another great glitch is if you decide to blow up the cruise ship and then Enrica decides to let you inside the bomb lab at the end of the game, but that option gets you nowhere as you can't even continue Sam just freezes in place and you can't move him, leaving only the choice of killing Enrica before seeing her as viable. And here's a goodie for the people who play with HD screens if you don't have the game set at 800x600 at the ending where you have to disarm the final bomb you can consider yourself stuck. The ending of the game where the SWAT bust through the windows simply won't play and you'll just be left hanging there like an idiot until you close the process of the game and start it up again. The overall controls just feel like you need some sensitive analogue stick to do it right, because: 1. Sometimes you can't properly get into crawl spaces, 2. You have to use your mouse to navigate on the profiles' "Medical Info", "Activities" and "Personal Info" sections (and the mouse is invisible.) 3. And, the safe-cracking. Then there's dialogue.. Which can sometimes feel VERY awkward. Even Sam delivers some of his lines really strangely.. and so do the NPCs. The sound is quite messed up too as the music is sometimes either really quiet or really loud and the gunshots are really quiet, while Sam's screams and bullet ricochets are louder. Sometimes you can hear the body-picking-up sound repeat twice at the same time. The game seems like an evil little imp that decides when it wants to be more buggy than other times. I once tried to load a game on the Shanghai level and it came up with a box saying "Please insert a storage device." (Obviously from the Xbox port.) There's also an annoying part at the start of the Okhotsk level, when you try to sneak to your fallen equipment, Sam will sometimes not grab the ledge when you fall down the cliff and repeatedly die. And besides that, when he falls an EXCESSIVE amount of blood just splurts out, making it look like he was slaughtered by a giant lawn mower
    Overall, it seems like the game is a completely horrid mess. But that mess only surrounds the awesome remains of the Chaos Theory engine which is the gem of the series, in my opinion. There are some different and cool new moves like being able to grab someone by being right behind the corner. I can't really say I hated the JBA HQ missions, since everytime you have different objectives and to see how many and how fast you can do them is quite a fun challenge. The trust system is OK on the more easier difficulties. Because of these positive things, I'm going to be merciful and give the game a rating of 3.

    I'm pretty sure I'd give it a much higher rating if I played it on the XBox 360 version, but since I didn't know what the Quality Assurance team had on their hands beside that version and a big bottle of Crown Royal... Well... You just put those three together and you get this vomit-covered buggy PC port. Don't bother getting it unless you're prepared to have a headache and getting prescribed on anti-depressants.
  6. Jul 9, 2013
    This is a shoddy game. Gone is any sense of humor. Gone is the decent PC control scheme I usually have no issues with most ports provided you can rebind the keys and the rebinding on this is so bad and so limited that its pointless to have. The story is luke warm at best and having to do the SAME MAP for FOUR mssions? You must be kidding me. The gun play is awful and hit detection is not good.

    Chaos Theory and the original Splinter Cell are two of my favorite stealth games. The change to the "stealth rating system" and poorly placed save points along with the technical issues when you do save (it will not find your saved files on a regular basis) made me uninstall this game without finishing it.

    Some may enjoy this game but I find it a giant leap backward for the series.
  7. Sep 20, 2012
    This utter crap. Seriously. Way too many glitches/bugs. Ridiculous puzzles. Too much roaming around in JBA HQ into Restricted Territory. Absolute NO. 1 reason why I hated this game was because of those missions. In game characters can see you from like 10 feet away especially in snow maps and you're in snow camo! You have to agree with me with this one. Can't even finish the game because of horrendous glitch wads. Balancing mission objectives between the JBA and NSA in my opinion is too far-fetched, tedious, and complicated. It cannot get anymore non-simpler than the other games in the series. Don't waste your money on this folks. If you want to play a better Splinter Cell game, Chaos Theory is much more worth the buy and fun, especially with co-op play. Expand
  8. Oct 9, 2013
    Worst Splinter Cell ever. Waste of money.. i'm sad, because i loved all of the other SC games. Hundreds of glitches, thousands of bugs, level errors, crashes, long load screens... Wasted time. And i dont have time for fun.
  9. Jul 29, 2014
    DO NOT BUY! (atleast not on PC)

    This game is so broken that youre not left with the choice of enjoying or hating a game, this game is ppure torture on PC!

    First of all just getting this game to run on a higher resolution and with a somewhat semi fix of the games lighting requires you to use a search engine. Once youre past this you might think the hard part is over, well think again
    whoever tested out this pile of trash must have done it on godmode.

    The games after the lighting fix still causes problems at some spots but the biggest annoyance is no matter how you toggle the games brightness settings still cant manage to find a setting that manages to give the player a fair chance to use the games shadows. There is tons of moments where you might think youre about to enter some shadows but then the in game indicator still shows a yellow light which means youre visible, this is how you will get ♥♥♥♥ for the most of the time.

    Some other bugs:

    AI is really bizarre, sometimes they cant see when youre in front of them after getting semi detected while at other times youre spotted from far distances in crouching position about a hallway away semi hidden between 1-2 pillars of cover. other times they will wander around like headless chickens circling a limited area just waiting to be put out of misery.

    Door bugs. There is a couple times where walkign through a door is a problem, the same goes for grabbing ledges to climb and cutting fences.

    The safecracking puzzles doesnt always respond to keyboard directions, i had to pick up the xbox controller 1-2 times during these to finish em.

    The game crashes heavily towards the last few missions, also you cant see the games ending without reverting back to a in game menu resolution if youve have changed the config file to support a higher one than 1280x1024

    In the 14 hours i used on it i had to restart the game about 50-60 times after it crashed to desktop.

    There doesnt seem to be a way to disable Xbox controller vibration when using keyboard/mouse, it will start vibrating at times so its either unplug it or put it at a soft place like i had to do lol.

    Multiplayer did not boot up in any way, didnt have a chance to see which version of the game i had nor if it had the latest patches,atleast for the EU steam version that is i played on.

    Theres more bugs/problems i cant remember.

    The game itself is the worst in the series up to this the 4th game i have played so far. It had some good ideas like missions taking place in the hideout of the bad guys in the game where youre undercover and decisions making a difference on how youre perceived between the good/bad guys youre working for.
    It still feels somewhat of a barren version of the older Trilogy though, theres really no reason to use most of the gadgets in the game except for the the 2nd last mission or when a objective requires you too.

    The menu system is one of the most unintuitive i have ever seen going back and forth the game is a hassle and if that wasnt bad the save system is even worse, theres not indicator besides a image of the map, due to the many game crashes it has you will save very often and finding through these saves requires almost a monocle next to you since you have to look closely at the time stamps. I couldnt use my windows watch and had to look at my phone next to me constantly to find the right save file since minimizing the game is a risk factor due to crashes/lockups.

    If youre gonna get this game get it for some other system, i have only played the PC version even though i had heard alot of complaints about it but i preferred playign the old ones with keyboard/mouse and after finding it on a winter sale how could i go wrong ? it went so bad it turned into pure torture to play through this.

    PC Version: 1/10

    Gameplay: 4/10

Generally favorable reviews - based on 17 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 14 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. I found the story more fleshed out since certain story elements that are glossed over in the X360 version are given more gravity and importance.
  2. Double Agent comes close to earning a Classic award, let down only by the fact that we wanted to see them run a bit further with the trust system idea.
  3. A good game. It will likely be a very good game after a couple of patches (it is damn buggy on the PC and slow as hell), so I'd advise you to wait a while before you actually buy it.