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  1. Mar 14, 2013
    Cut scene, quick time event, cut scene, quick time event, cut scene, quick time event, I freaking hate developers who ruin games like that. I just want to control the character myself, Is that too much to ask nowadays? If I want good story, I go and watch a movie or read a book. Why do devs have to put this linear cinematic push a button garbage into video games?
  2. Mar 7, 2013
    Tomb Raider (the reboot) is less of a game and more of a movie. First lets get the pro's out of the way: -The game is visually appealing. The atmosphere is set perfectly for each moment of the game. -Lara, the player's character, is well developed throughout the story of the 'game'. -Voice acting is good. Thats it for everything good about this game. Now for the con's: -Even though Lara is a great character, almost every other character is boring and 2-dimensional. You don't feel any connection with any of them.
    -Way too many cut scenes! Especially at the beginning of the game. Also, there are some sections which severely restrict the player's control. This isn't fun.
    -The dreaded quick-time event. There are also too many of them, and they appear when you least think. You never know if it will be a cut scene, or a random quick-time event. They aren't built into the combat system very well either. The only time I ever died was to this atrocity of a gameplay mechanic. Also, did I mention they aren't fun?
    -The so-called "platforming" is ridiculously easy. This is the one area they could have went crazy with, but they decided to play it safe and make it so easy even a toddler could beat it.
    -Hand-holding gameplay. Are you lost? Just use your 'survival instincts' to point you the direction you need to go. You seriously don't even need this because the areas are smaller than they look, and the game is mostly linear. You miss all your shots on the wolf pack thats about to eat you alive? Don't worry, we will toss some QTEs your way so you don't die right away. Regenerating health? Check. Frequent checkpoints? Check. Lackluster AI? Check.
    -Simplistic puzzle elements. Once in while, you get puzzles. Needless to say, most of them require little to no thinking on your part. There usually only a few elements to the puzzle, and even if you get stuck, you can use your 'survival instincts' to help you point out the elements.
    -Music is forgettable. I don't think I need to explain this further.
    -Story is average.
    -Lack of varied weaponry. You got your bow, pistol, and shotgun. Thats it, unless you want to count the axe that you use to pry open doors among other things.
    -Multiplayer mode... I don't even want to get into this. Tomb Raider has always been a single player game.

    tl;dr version:
    Overall, this game is just too generic. It looks pretty, but thats about it. I am disappointed in how it turned out.
  3. Mar 10, 2013
    The QTE's outnumber the actual puzzles, the controls and camera are clunky way too often that is, when you do actually have control (the game's ai will modify your trajectory so no precision is needed). The combat is repetitive, headshots basically line themselves up and you can dodge the ai's attacks damn near blindfolded. The gore is over the top and the plot feels shaky. Overall it feels less like a genuine exploration platformer and more like one of the old FMV games on the original Playstation in the mid to late 90's. What we need is a Tomb Raider that goes back to the series roots that is, actual *Tomb Raiding* large expansive tombs, small and confined tombs, traps that try to kill you at every turn and require actual dexterity to evade, and jumps that require forethought, practice and flawless execution in order to progress. This game is not that, it's basically snuff-porn for people who like their victims filthy and drenched in gore. Expand
  4. Mar 6, 2013
    Pro's -

    Graphically very pretty.
    Nice to see an incarnation of Tomb Raider where Lara Croft's haven't grown by a cup size between releases and not look like silicon implants.
    Better story line (but only just).
    Nixxes have made this a half-decent port from console.


    Typical consoletard linear gameplay.
    Short probably less than 15 hours gameplay.
  5. Mar 8, 2013
    This game about a shooting, oceans of blood and Lara's falling. No adventure and challenging puzzles. This is not a Tomb Raider it's regular shooter with old famous name beyond which there is nothing.
  6. Mar 10, 2013
    This is an awful step away from the basic Tomb Raider concept. If this game was called not "Tomb Raider" it could get away with 5 or 6 as a boring action/"movie". But we are presented with THIS instead of acrobatic puzzle with big open levels what a good Tomb Raider game should be. So it does not deserve even 1 point.
  7. Mar 7, 2013
    Having never played any Tomb Raider games before I went into this with an open mind ready to see what the fuss was about. Sadly it was anything but 8/10 worthy. The start of the game is just about the only reason this game scored a 4 from me, as it really kicked off to great satisfaction. At the start it really feels like Lara is completely down and out and quite literally fighting for her life. Things like having to search for food and shivering until the fire was complete was extremely nice touches. Then it just started to go downhill, and it didn't stop. I came into the game expecting a Action/Adventure/Puzzle/Platformer and what I got was a ACTION focused, semi-adventure with minor Platforming elements and a couple of crappy puzzles. The story was interesting but sadly the writing team completely ruined any intrigue the story had. Poorly timed cutscene interaction combined with strings of conversations which felt like they came straight out of 'Short story writing for dummies', ultimately made for boring character interaction and a few chuckles at strange conversation flow. Characters were extremely cliched but thankfully so few of them get any sort of development that you don't have to cringe to much at watching them become fully evolved walking Cliches. Lara's development is less 'Girl to Hardened Survivor' and more, 'Is this girl stupid, why would she ever want to go on an exploration ever again?' There was extremely few puzzles and they were all ridiculously easy. Tombs where the puzzles were, however, extremely gorgeous and it's probably worth going inside for a look but then not even bothering to do the puzzle. Platforming was there but extremely watered down. There was a moment where I was jumping around little rocky cliffs and I found a way to reach the ground, however upon landing on the ground from a tiny jump I died. I had hit a 'DeadZone', which frankly is a disgusting thing to have in a game and it really made me think twice before bothering to try any interesting platforming for the rest of the game because there was probably not going to be anything there or a deadzone. However I did continue trying and every platform stage is very 'hand-holdy', you never really get a chance to just jump around, you always have to use your tools and because of this just about any place you'd reach by platforming was extremely spelled out and the game practically guided you in bright yellow. The Graphics weren't anything to be overly proud of, if anything a bit below average for a 2013 AAA title (Probably slightly worse then Deus Ex Human Revolution and a little better then Mass Effect 3). Artstyle was probably akin to Mass Effect 3, very sort of standard video game, slightly cartoony realism. The opening Cinematic was fairly meh, not even close to the quality of the Openings to say; Deus Ex: HR, Witcher 2 etc. Cutscenes were well done but the Camera got a little funky from time to time and of course QTE (Quick Time Events) were just rife throughout which really detracted from them. On that matter the QTE's were a massive annoyance, having to use them for something as simple as a 'Stealth Kill' was just absurd, and then having to use them in practically every aspect of the game was just over the top. My final point, and this is where I'll sum up as well, is that simply it's sad when you play a game labeled as a; Action/Adventure/Platformer and the most polished and fun part of the game is the standard boring 'Call of Duty' style shooting elements. Based off how the game started I was expecting Alot of Adventure, Alot of Platforming and a bit of Action and then about 25% of the way through it just started to deteriorate rapidly and turned into a full on Action game with some basic Platforming. The final 50-60% of the game just felt like I was running from one scripted shooting encounter to the next, it didn't even feel like an adventure. It feels like they've tried to do what alot of Video Games lately are doing and attract the Call of Duty/Battlefield market. Which clearly has worked for them considering all the rave reviews from the same people who praise those lame shooters, but for someone like me who hasn't experienced a proper good Action/Adventure/Platformer since Donkey Kong 64, I was once again extremely let down. Expand
  8. Mar 29, 2013
    I would have given this a 9 for story, but the quick time events have become so annoying and such an obvious crutch in place of good game play that I cannot ignore it. Perhaps it is because i Just played a scene over 30 times trying to get past yet another damned quick time event... At any rate, let my rating of this game show that NO GAME with UN-passable quick time events should ever be considered acceptable! They essentially break the game, thus what was a 9 is now a 0. Expand
  9. Mar 9, 2013
    I really wanted to like this game and for a while I also really tried. The graphics are very nice and the story is ok, but the gameplay is so far from "Tomb Raider" it's appalling. There are some puzzles but none requres too much brainwork and even so the hardest ones seems to be entirely optional as well. Half of the game plays like a semi-interactive movie where you sometimes have to press a button or waggle the stick in order to not see Lara impaled for the nth time, and the other half, the combat sequences, she turns into Rambo's more violent little sister. There are some emotional cutscenes as well that tries to make us see her as the frightened little girl that she wasn't even close to being the moment before and make us feel sorry for her. Sadly though I mostly feel sorry that she's in the hands of Crystal Dynamics. Expand
  10. Jun 8, 2013
    You are looking for a skill-based pc game? Don't stop here. There is very little game to be found. Pressing forward, tapping repeatedly on the keys flashing on the screen and participating in a string of quick-time events are the extend of the Tomb Raider reboot.
    Looking for a nice story, good graphics and excellent presentation? Not bothered by lowest-common denominator console-style
    mechanics? You might be satisfied by this production. Expand
  11. Mar 27, 2013
    After playing this game I wanted to kill myself. Maybe all of the voice acting, X-treme graphics, and awesome quicktime events got me so freaking IMMERSED I couldn't ever face reality again...or maybe this was just a reaallly game. Before the "modern" game itself...lets talk about the obvious to anyone who is or knows a woman...the character is grotesquely sexist. They made her a "REAL" girl this time. You can tell by the way they shrunk her boobs and made her cry/complain at every point in the game! The whole time I found myself saying "Wait, we just established that shes a serious straight A anthropology student whose been on expeditions and has been through plenty of survival training, (something a dumb with big could never do LOLOL) why is she crying when she has to kill a deer? Why does she need a man to OBI WAN her every time she has to do the simplest task (like use a bow and arrow)" The writers couldn't figure out if she was a strong independent woman, or a girl who will grow into they half assed it and made her both, a conflicted poorly written character. At least the old Lara was what she was. To simplify it, if Lara was to break the fourth wall and see me rolling my eyes at her tears, the new Lara would call me an insensitive jerk (and probably run off crying, only to get super serious when she discovers an artifact...cause no man will tell her she cant be a scientist). The old Lara would just put a bullet through my head. Now to clarify my tit beef, its simple, backtracking on a popular established character design is patronizing. You are telling the audience that you fed them and they are for liking it. Ultimately, its the New Coke. They should have spent time making her sex appeal the least interesting part of her character development, but instead they just hacked off her breasts and made a big deal about "realism" which is cruel to real girls with big breasts who wish to be taken seriously. In a nutshell, I wouldn't throw D cups on Alyx Vance and call her sexy, nor would I make Lara into slender Angelina Jolie ideal, and call it "realistic". A mans doing.

    How about that gameplay? The whole game is running through a hallway. But dont worry, the explosions and quick time events will remind you just how plot filled and immersive those hallways are. Just make sure you pay attention, sometimes you have to press e! Remember the old tomb raider? Each room was a platforming puzzle filled with traps and baddies? Here each room is a straight line filled with motion blur and ledges painted white (how else will you know that you should climb them!?!?!). Combat? I hope you like gears of war. Close zoom over the shoulder slow walking with cover. Everything else is a quicktime event...god you better love them quicktime fights...

    This game is everything I hate about the industry in one package. Remember how in HL2 you did everything yourself, left your keyboard with white knuckles and sweaty palms, and you felt like you knew Gordon Freeman better than your best friend, even though he never said a word the entire game? Yea, that was sweet...but that was Citizen Kane, this is Avatar.

    2/10 nice graphics and sound
  12. Jun 8, 2013
    I just don't get WHY the hell TR 2013 keeps getting 9/10, 10/10 and 5 star ratings. You only ever do 3 things in the game: 1) shoot at human enemies with low AI all the time, 2) watch QTEs, 3) watch how the devs injure Lara more and more. The funniest thing is people call this 'the best TR to date'. Oh please.

    Old legends say Tomb Raider franchise once had actual tombs in it (I know, I
    know, sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? Blows your mind away, yeah?). You won't find them here. I swear even Angel of Darkness had more of those. Hell, you won't find any traps at all, no rolling boulders, no spikes, no Shiva statues suddenly waking up... This game is literally try-hard Uncharted on the island from Lost. The only good points are graphics and sound, but then again, there's no code optimisation whatsoever. Who needs it, right?

    Whatever happened to good taste?
  13. Jun 8, 2013
    they have turned this franchise into a shooter game. Tomb raider have never been about shooting it was about sulving puzzles. yes there was some shooting sequences, but its not the main game. there are no puzzles in this game the only puzzle you find are the one that you have to shoot things. if the title of the game was´nt Tomb raider i would give it an 8 10.
  14. Jun 17, 2013
    For a game with so much hype surrounding character portrayal the supporting cast is weak. Sassy black chick serves as the critical voice to all the Lara’s concerns over the islands supernatural qualities. Cute Chinese girl functions as a plot device by being kidnapped like that guy who always disappears in The Hangover films. Large framed and even larger hearted Hawaiian guy keeps everyone’s spirits up while the island’s indigenous shower them all with fire based projectiles. The supporting cast is a too wide and nobody gets enough screen time or engaging dialogue to make a real presence, the main protagonist included. Lara isn’t well fleshed out either. She displays brief turmoil following her first kill, but she soon goes on to find new and outlandish ways to expose the inner craniums of hundreds more men without showing any further remorse or having the excuse of being drugged up to the eye balls like Far Cry 3’s Jason Brody. The writers attempt to book end the narrative with mournful references to her dead dad, but everything in between reads like the script of your average cookie cutter action flick.

    A lot of the narrative’s credibility has been tied to the portraying of Lara in a vulnerable light, but this doesn’t instantly make for thoughtful characterizing. If someone rewrote Mansfield Park and recast Fanny Price as a busty gun toting whore I doubt it’d be met with such appraisal, or perhaps it would; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies did alright, but I digress. While we’re talking literature, it’s worth mentioning that Tomb Raider attempts to embellish it’s narrative with collectable diaries and documents la Bioshock, but they don’t embellish it so much as contain every scrap of what could have made this story interesting. Additionally they’re so monotonously voiced and lengthy that players are like to harvest them for xp and swiftly move on. In further regard to the vulnerability aspect of Lara, it’s a tone that fails to resonate when she’s brushing off twenty foot drops every few seconds like some sort of human bouncy ball.

    Average writing aside game play isn‘t particularly jaw dropping, not to say that it‘s altogether poor as it functions fluidly, but remains uninspired. The box art is tag lined “A survivor is born” although survival elements are sparse. An opening tutorial has Lara murder and cook Bambi for nourishment. Later a heavily injured Lara has to abandon aggressive modes of combat, instead making use of throw able objects, bow kills and takedowns. However such scenarios were gimmicky and fleeting when instead they could have been more intricate and permanent features.

    More often or not oppurtunities to employ stealth are scripted and conclude with forced fire fights in which players need to hunker down in the same spot to pick off foes from behind cover. You can’t give a player the option to approach combat in their way for so long only to snatch it away. That’s like being invited to a dinner party where the first two courses are comprised of lobster and caviar, but turns out that desserts a massive un-optional sandwich.

    A.I isn’t too intelligent, take out one enemy by yanking him with rope and arrow from a platform and his buddy two feet away will assume they’ve went for a spontaneous paraglide session. Enemies endlessly gravitate towards flammable barrels like they were full of winning lottery tickets and the island’s rigged with more explosives than a Wile. E. Coyote cartoon so combat soon becomes pretty, but stale.

    Environments make impressive use of vertical spaces, but routes for dispatching enemies are persistently linear. Camera angles are occasionally an issue in woodland areas resulting in the player’s view being obscured by more shrubbery than if they were being tea bagged by a tree beard from Lord of the Rings. Woefully enemies can make better use of the vertical spaces than the player during combat and anytime the opportunity to perform impressive manoeuvres arises the game has the nasty habit of cutting to a cinematic or QTE, alarmed that the players satisfaction levels may be spiking.

    Out with combat, tomb raiding is optional activity and when the ’tombs’, read ‘small caves’, are encountered they’re usually preceded by long needless crawls towards an area containing remarkably simple puzzles. The purpose of these is supposedly to give the player a long look at Lara’s arse so there goes you feminist angle.

    The undeniably present lack of free will displayed in the game’s set pieces leads to the theory that it may have been Crystal Dynamic’s wish to produce a Tomb Raider movie. The abundant use of slow motion, cut-aways and the way the screen goes film noir when Lara takes damage would certainly suggest so. This in mind here’s the alternative to buying the game. Watch one of the old Angelina Jolie films with controller in hand and press the trigger every time Lara wastes some guy.
  15. Sep 14, 2013
    I have been a fan of the Tomb Raider series since it's inception in the 80s. It was remarkably different from all other games, playable by most generations. The games always required a certain skill/coordination level as well as the ability to fathom out challenges. Locations were varied and caught one's imagination. I have always enjoyed playing them with my children as
    I knew that their interests/capabilities were being kept in mind. New games were genuinely looked forward to.
    Having looked forward for ages to the release of a much loved game, I wanted to express my amazement as to the ease at which you have managed to ruin a whole series of games, on turning something that was enjoyed by many into yet another brainless shoot-em-up aimed at god knows what market which is already saturated by strikingly similar games (the cheap pornographic sound effects of Lara dying are beyond belief). The fact that the graphics are good (though utterly and unnecessarily gross. Once you've seen one severed head/arm/leg/torso.........) does not hide the fact that there are no challenges involved. All this apart from the fact the replacing the usual "mummy threat" has been substituted by having a rather brainless go at the Russians and Japanese does not make for an interesting storyline.

    All-in-all, you have done the Tomb Raider merchandise no favours. "Raiders" like my self may have bought this game but I doubt they will buy another. I most certainly will not.
  16. Jul 24, 2013
    Graphically it is very well done and the story-line is quite good. Character development is somewhat juvenile, but not in any meaningful way. The combat mechanics of the game and its controls are fairly easy to learn (Notable exception: QTE's) and they blend with the story-line well enough.

    However, all of the positives mentioned above are eliminated by the inept, frustrating,
    clumsy-beyond-belief and unplayable QTE's (Quick Timer Events). These absurd and enjoyment-ruining inserts bespeak a laziness and lack of confidence on the part of Square Enix/Eidos in their product. I believe they feel the need to "increase the challenge" of the game by inserting this ridiculous and unnecessary interactive cut scene construct into most combat sequences. Accomplished Game developers rely on a working difficulty progression, set by the player at the game's onset. I played this game (first time through) on EASY difficulty and was not able to get by the Wolf Fight in the Wolf Lair.

    I play games for enjoyment, first, last and all in between. Square Enix/Eidos has ruined my enjoyment by including this disastrous QTE insert into what could have been a fairly enjoyable game.. I rated the game at 3, in an act of generosity for the inclusion of those aspects mentioned in my opening remarks. Had I rated this game on enjoyment alone, I would have justly given a "0".
  17. May 9, 2013
    with to much QTEs and to many cinematic and way linear
    This is just another console port that isent worth getting,

    They totally Ruined that IP just like everything
  18. Jun 14, 2014
    The best tourism simulator ever made, and maybe one of the most giant hallway ever made in human's history.

    But not only: 25 hours of QTE, cinematics, collectible items, explosions, fights, fire camp, survival instincts, QTE, explosions, arrows, items to collect, QTE, fire camp, DLC, explosions, fights, QTE and uff.. rolling credits.
  19. Jul 31, 2013
    Pathetic, Tomb Raider is the most overpolished piece of in the history gaming, and anyone who enjoys this game is either a woman hater or graphics fanatic.
  20. Apr 3, 2013
    I am simply astonished by this game astonished by the unbelievable praise it is receiving. This game is a litany of bad design, a shopping list of every single thing that is wrong with gaming right now. All it needs is EAs hateful "always online/MMO DRM" and it would be a perfect storm of utter dross.
    Poor, shoddily executed graphics (don’t even get me started on the Pantene hair) pale
    into insignificance when you try and play. It is not a game, but a cut scene, one in which you inexplicably have to press the occasional button to proceed. It is the QTE to rule all QTEs, a non-interactive, bewildering story of screaming, talking to yourself and boring, rehashed piffle that Ms Pratchett should be mortally embarrassed about. Worst of all though, the bejewelled turd festering atop this rotting carcass, is the camera and the controls. So desperate, so obsessed are game devs now about making their game cinematic, that CD have just gone the whole hog, removing any pretence that this is a game. The camera sways, rolls, pitches and tilts with Lara's every footfall and this game now stands as the first in 30 years of gaming to give me motion sickness. It is eye-wateringly idiotic in its execution and was the final reason I gave up and hit uninstall. This is a game, devs: you are not directors or producers, you are coders and artists start bloody acting like it! In most games I am complaining when the camera is taken away from my control in TR 2013, it is never IN my flamin' control. It rolls around, looking at whatever it pleases while the devs sit and grin, nodding sagely as they animate water rolling down its imaginary lens.
    This has to be one of the worst games I have ever seen and that it is liked by anyone at all simply terrifies me.
  21. Aug 8, 2013
    Huge letdown for me. There is absolutely no psychological exploration of Lara in this game, as was so loudly promised. What you get is a cliché snivelling little girl, constantly wailing while butchering through dozens of mercenaries with absolutely no progression in emotional intensity whatsoever. Lara's is shocked after her first kill and the next moment she just cuts to pieces a hundred men without regrets (wut?). Some areas are well designed but the whole experience just feels like a long, tedious corridor filled with an unnecessary large number of ennemies (as well as scenaristically unconceivably great). The QTE moments are a pain, you never really know when you are in control of the character or just expected to press a single key. The skills seem to have been implemented at the last minute since they have absolutely no impact on the gameplay. Graphics are strange, oscillating between really really cheap (models of some flags and plants which are just planes with a png botched on it) to sometimes impressive (the interiors are a success) but they never really convey depth. There always seems to be a problem of depth of field, the backgrounds being sometimes a little better than plain pictures on a skybox. The narrative thread is just boring, the decisions of Lara are just pulled out of thin air and I sort of lost interest halfway through the game. All in all, play it if you're an absolute fan of the series but don't expect a huge background and revelations, nor an intense storytelling or interesting gameplay, the artistic direction is kind of nice though and is the only thing worth saving in this game. Expand
  22. Mar 17, 2013
    I have been a tomb raider fan for a long time. I have liked the majority of them and this is the worst tomb raider I have ever played. The music terrible, the fast travel is a bad idea in tomb raider, it's so un original. Where is the sweetness that made tomb raider so great? Where's the linear play, going from level to level, finding artifacts and stuff like that. This game is just like any other game I have played recently. It's got stupid achievements and the loot system is ripped off from FC3. This game is an embarrassment to the tomb raider franchise and the only reason this game got rated high is because things have changed. Well, there's one thing that hasn't changed. Expand
  23. Mar 24, 2013
    Remember the terrible movies? Did you think to yourself: I wish this was more cliche and it stopped every 30 seconds so I could hit a button? Me neither. Terrible dialog, no control of Lara (auto duck, auto balance, auto PLAY), and really boring mechanics. This is as far from a good game as you can get. Its not even a game so it gets a 0. Im really not sure what all the 9's and 10's are about. If TR is your first game, you might enjoy it. If you have gaming experience... move along and dont waste your time. Expand
  24. May 10, 2013
    Visuals pretty, especially with 3D glasses. Just like a movie... but that's all this game is.

    The "puzzles" are trivial linear only-one-path cakewalks and are entirely optional. Combat is trivial rinse-repeat with Lara insanely overpowered on Normal (didn't bother turning it up, I just wanted the game to end), and practically unlimited ammo.

    This franchise continues to go down with
    each version. Expand
  25. Jul 19, 2013
    Dissapointing very dissapointing its story is so crappy and I know the reason why peole like this garbage because of her she is hot and beutiful but story hate it and because of this game I will never buy another tomb raider game!
  26. Aug 17, 2013
    Way too many QTEs, No real game play mechanic and not in anyway affiliated with the original games makes Tomb raider just an generic cover shooter. The game tries to make it open world but fails at it horribly. The story is a linear piece of crap which throws a cut scene at you every 5 mins. And its not about puzzle solving or anything.
  27. Mar 11, 2013
    I stop playing Tomb Raider eons ago, Why cuz some of the puzzles in them were way to hard but then i was young thenthis plays more like max payne the anything else As i got older i went back to the series and give it another shot let me just say it gave me a real challenge back then, rather she was shooting extinct animals or not, also this tomb raider may look better then the olds ones is true but the game play is not the same by a long shot, yes they made some changes she can actually melee this time around and the actual cover system works for once for the new tomb raider, i can't say i've play uncharted 1 and 2 i gave it a shot when it was on playstation 2 didn't like it then and don't like it now.

    Now this is MY GRIPES about the new one noone else, like i stated in the very begining i felt like it had max payne 3 feel to it cuz that what i play that was similar to the game to me, the game start you off simulating that you actually need food to survive which i thought was a good start, seconds later you realize that you don't need food to survive ok Then you start to explore the map yes now you have bullet time indicator like thing that make stuff glows to actually help you find what you looking for, just press a button for you to explore basically the whole area of the map what is the point of that now that took the exploring clean out of the way, there were only a couple of times through the whole game that i thought lara was in trouble hell you had no control of that this is probably shortest game in tomb raider history.

    So now with that out of the way, how in the hell can you call this a survival game when you took out the most important parts, oh yea she has some new toys to play with wow really don't need to upgrade them just headshot any enemy with any weapon should suffice, then on top of that she wearing indestructible clothing that took the cake for me, i was playing a kids game with max payne graphics no story no depth to the characters nothing just hold my hand and the game will guide me where i need to go like a 2yr, thxs i didn't want to work any of my brains cell today anyway If you expecting to a fight a boss in this tombraider dream on.
    The caves look generic outside map were ok. Enemy characters, please one arrow to the dome its over even if they call for help, this was not tomb raider so why in the would they call it that you go into the tomb expecting traps and so forth an what you get is (gasping in awe) sigh wtf you got to be ♥♥♥♥ing kidding me right. This has zero replayability there is no real reason to get to 100% completion. The cons outweighted the pros in my book. Qtes i think that cover no need to comment on that Despite the amazing reviews on this game i have not read one that came to that conclusion on replayability from any of the professional writers for this game that's if they even play the game which i highly doubt.That kill lara croft for me will never get another tomb raider game period.
  28. Jan 2, 2014
    A good game completely ruined by the archaic use of quicktime events. And not just quicktime events but quicktime events where the key you need to press changes and they don't bother to tell you what the new key is. Absolutely not worth the money.
  29. Aug 28, 2013
    everything is failed only except the graphics,
    i can't able to find the lara craft which i saw on previous games
    the story is not good at all and puzzles are nothing compared to previous one(underworld)
    i'm really missing those great environment,musics,characters.
    and at last i'd still love to play underworld again but not this one
  30. Apr 3, 2013
    I was having fun in this game, it's pretty solid, but I ran into a serious bug that prevented me from further playing the game. At one point in the game, I went the wrong way and explored an area I was suppose to explore later in the game. As a result, my game is now all bugged up and the quest will no longer progress. It's really sad, I was looking forward to finishing this game.
  31. Apr 1, 2013
    I give it a 2 for being pretty. Other than that, wait until it re-releases for $4.99 on a Steam sale. Game is not open world RPG/Action. Game is a some user-participation required never-ending cutscene. Kinda sucks all the fun out of it when EVERY critical even it scripted. Whole lotta potential here before they killed it.
  32. May 22, 2013
    Shoddy Game-play, just a third person shooter with Heaps of QTE's and Cut-scenes.
    Funny, just coming out of playing Dark souls and then going through this crap. I'm happy Square didn't meet their sales target.
    Horrible puzzles and a cliché supernatural island cult blab.
    I remember the puzzles in the original tomb raider being challenging this ain't got nothing on the originals.
  33. May 18, 2013
    I can't believe this is the new Lara i mean she hate tombs,The story is nothing to do with tombs.The old Lara persona was way better,story was better king arthur,mystic tombs,This game should be called the "Lost Island" or something similar.
  34. May 30, 2013
    It would have been a very good game, but: -Quick-time events are just too frequent, and they are actually the only cause of player death. -AI is very poor -Game dynamics looks similar to far cry 3 but levels are very small. It just looses the magic -The main character (Lara) whines could really get annoying (as long as you are not a kind of maniac) -Why is so hard for Lara to die if a wolf stabs her throat, but so easy if I struck the wrong button during a QTE?? Expand
  35. Jun 18, 2013
    Alright so out of 10, 1 being crap, 5 being average, 10 being the best thing ever since air became breathable, I'd give this game a 3 because in my opinion it is below average. The game advertised itself as a survival adventure kind of a game but in reality, there was very little surviving and the adventure was so linear it gave the player this feeling like the game was playing the player instead. I'll admit that I found the bow and arrow system kind of cool at first, but then I started to use guns and realized how incredibly overpowered they are. Everything about this game has been done before in other video games in better ways. If you compared this game with Batman: Arkham City, Hitman: Absolution, or even Dead Space 2, you will find that these games are superior to Tomb Raider in all aspects of a game. The length of the game is also total crap. The puzzles are too few and way too easy and the main story line didn't offer much of a challenge (Even on the highest difficulty). Also, the fast travel system sucks because I find it highly inconvenient that I have to climb all the way back to where I started to find one collectible at the end of the map I had missed earlier. All in all, I am disappointed with my purchase of Tomb Raider and I consider it a waste of time for people who wish to pursue quality gaming experiences. Expand
  36. Aug 3, 2013
    Ok, i will write it in latin... It's stupid, but cyrillic isn't work...

    Eto bylo prosto uzhasno. Nachalo bylo takim mnogoobeschayuschim, no final... Otlichnaya istoriya skatilas' v nabor kakih-to klishe.. iz tihoy nezametno probirayuscheysy Lary sdelali Rembo..
  37. Aug 8, 2013
    This game shouldn't be put with the other tomb raider games, a series that used to be about well, raiding tombs has turned into a sloppily slapped together mess of cutscenes, quick time events and cover shooting. Also regarding the Characters trudge through hardship and injury to get to the end. There isn't one. She gets stabbed through the hip with a rusty pipe,10 minutes and no medical attention later, POOF, healthy again. Expand
  38. Sep 20, 2013
    Is a good Action game. But is a bad Tombe raider game It's juste an other AAA game shooter with too many ads finaly for a generic bad story, a generic Shooter, a generic Game.

  39. Jun 18, 2014
    Terrible game, nothing really fun about it. Horrible physics, and basic, boring gun fights. Nothing very explorative about this game. This Lora isn't even attractive. Waste of money
  40. Jul 16, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I admit that in the first place this isn't really my cup of tea, but it had such high ratings on IGN I selected it as one of my free games to come with my XFX video card. You don't play this game, this game plays you. Like most of the other negative reviews, the cut scene / quick time events of this game make far less than enjoyable. I got to a scene where Ms. Tomb Raider is supposed to sneak past a bunch of baddies who are searching for her by keeping to waist level walls as cover, she gets discovered by the head baddie and you have to hit the quick time event just right to survive, I didn't get past this point before giving up on the game, it was the last straw, too many deaths to simple mistakes in QTE are not learning and not fun.

    The plot seems like a direct rip off of Far Cry 3, but with a really crappy game engine. Sure glad this game was free, though I wish I had picked something else.
  41. May 18, 2013
    what's up with with developers and ther LOST FETISH???
    this was an 'craptastic' interactive movie.
    it's your common console port, and on PC this game is just too easy. like someone else said:
    quick time events are annoying and should never be in a PC game.
  42. Apr 22, 2013
    Tomb Raider [2013] is an interactive visual novel about a girl with gravity defying hair who ends up stranded on an island in the South Pacific after an accident. During her quest to survive she will be injured one way or another about every 5 minutes or even killed if she does not correctly executes a quick time event.
  43. May 3, 2013
    I'm a long-time metacritic user and I appreciate the the service of aggregating game review so I know what is good to play. I registered for the site to complain about this game, or should I call it a movie. I'm 30 minutes into it and there are no choices for me to make or skills to develop. I'm clicking buttons to move this girl through the scene to see more quick time events. This is not a game. This is not fun. Expand
  44. May 18, 2013
    Tombs are a joke. Takes 2 minutes to solve.

    QTE boring

    No connection to characters.

    How is this a Tomb Raider game? No sense of danger or adventure while playing.

    Too much hand-holding.
  45. Jun 19, 2013
    Tomb Raider has decent graphics, some puzzles, and TONS of quick time events. The entire game feels like it is on rails. The PC version especially has problems where the QTE's won't even tell you what button to press. Guess well, or wiki ahoy! If quick time events and walking down hallways sounds appealing to you, this is your game Mr. Casual gamer. If not, screw this game.
  46. Jul 15, 2013
    Quick time event destroy this game. Makes it "tiny"..
    Actually i was into the game, a little bit tired of all this "push exactly this to do exactly that, its the only way!", but still, I was enjoying the game somehow. And then, I walk around with my gun ready, expecting a wolf, and when it appears, she puts away the gun and get bit.. "it MUST happen, no way around!", so u have to push
    "rightleft" some times, and then kick with "F", and then u got bit in the neck, and have to start over. Really??

    its not only irritating, its childish, like a kids game.. "first u press a, then u press b, then repeat a couple of times". There is NO freedom, u get handcuffed and have to do exactly (very precisely exactly) what the screen tells you to do, if not, do it over and over again!

    But like I said in the start, it had potential, I was drawn into the game, to bad "the handcuffs" ripped me out of it, and made me sit here angry writing a poorly written review, just because im frustrated of how they have abused the quick time event..

    btw, cut scenes did not bother me that much, because its not something I HAVE to master to get the game further on..
  47. Jan 5, 2014
    This game is extremely shallow. It boasts that there is character development throughout the game, but the character changes immediately after the 1st scene. The action sequences are cheesy. The story line is awful.

    The gameplay mechanics are actually fun, but for me, the story was so cheesy and predictable that it disrupted any sort of value it could have had.
  48. Jul 19, 2014
    About as much of a gaming experience as the original Dragons Lair for Amiga. Mostly a bunch of quick time events is used to let you do things and the camera is locked. Seems like they really rather wanted to make another Tomb Raider movie, but were forced to make a "game".
  49. Jul 15, 2013
    Quick time event destroy this game. Makes it "tiny"..
    Actually i was into the game, a little bit tired of all this "push exactly this to do exactly that, its the only way!", but still, I was enjoying the game somehow. And then, I walk around with my gun ready, expecting a wolf, and when it appears, she puts away the gun and get bit.. "it MUST happen, no way around!", so u have to push
    "rightleft" some times, and then kick with "F", and then u got bit in the neck, and have to start over. Really??

    its not only irritating, its childish, like a kids game.. "first u press a, then u press b, then repeat a couple of times". There is NO freedom, u get handcuffed and have to do exactly (very precisely exactly) what the screen tells you to do, if not, do it over and over again!

    But like I said in the start, it had potential, I was drawn into the game, to bad "the handcuffs" ripped me out of it, and made me sit here angry writing a poorly written review, just because im frustrated of how they have abused the quick time event..

    btw, cut scenes did not bother me that much, because its not something I HAVE to master to get the game further on..

Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    The new incarnation of the iconic Lara Craft might very well be one of the best games out there right now. [April 2013]
  2. Mar 30, 2013
    Everything you could want from an archeological adventure, except having to press six keys to mantle. [Apr 2013, p.80]
  3. Mar 19, 2013
    While not every promising idea Tomb Raider has is pulled off successfully, it nevertheless turns in a tense and memorable ride that combines modern game design with its forebears’ adventurous spirit in some exciting ways. Some of its missteps may well come at the cost of your enjoyment, but most can’t hope to hurt the adventure in the long run. Although it never fully finds its identity, this is a game and a story worth seeing through.