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  1. Sep 19, 2012
    This HD version does seem like a lazy job on the developers. It seems like they just added the stages and made it "playable" and gave it right to you, even with the glitches and no multiplayer. For a game to get delayed this long you would think it would play better but it is much worst than the other versions, which weren't very good to start out with. In fact the original N64 and PS1 versions had 2x as much content on it than this watered down PC version. However I did have some nostalgic feel to the game and the graphics are really well done, everything is pinpoint to the tricks and levels. Too bad it falls short of what it could of been if they added some more content. Expand
  2. Sep 21, 2012
    Worst PC conversion ever. The game itself is great and good gameplay. But it is totally ruined by the controls. They have hardcoded the keyboard layout for a US keyboard, so if you have a non-US keyboard, you just cannot reach the key for grab tricks. Every time i run my game, I have to switch to US layout to be able to do anything useful in the game. And if you use a controller, which is not a MS XBOX controller, the up/down is reversed and all action buttons 1-4 are randomized. Good job at destroying the good brand the Tony Hawk series what. Oh yeah, and you cant change any gfx options, in fact, you cannot change anything useful at all in the options, such as the keyboard layout or the controller layout. Expand
  3. Sep 19, 2012
    Utter garbage. Can't rebind the controls, change the resolution, or change any graphical settings.

    The only gamepad support it has is for the 360 gamepad. No multiplayer, no level editor, more graphical and physics glitches than you can shake a stick at.

    Easily the worst PC port I've ever seen in my life, and that's saying something.
  4. Jul 6, 2013
    Reasons why this version is the worse.
    1. No online what so ever even though if you look in the game files you will find gamespy server code listed ready to use.
    2. They shut down all the previous tony hawk servers because of the complaints of a lack of online play in this one even though they all where through gamespy which was generating ad-revenue on viewing the servers a ad would pop
    up and that ad revenue went to the servers and there was more than enough views to fund the servers.
    3. the physics are glitchy as hell and barely playable.
    4. The game feels so lazily done and so few maps are actually in the game it is really not worth getting.
    5.No local multiplayer again the code is there.
    6. Over priced DLC not worth the content. $5 for 3 maps and the ablity to revert and adds more skaters that you wont even care about.
    7. No create a park
    8. No create a skater
    9. No customization what so ever
    10. The avatar character is still in the code you can enable it and find that you will be playing as a balloon skateboarding, that is rather amusing.
    11. Just buy proskater 1-3 for pc and you will get a much better experience.
    12. Locked resolution to lower than 720p.
  5. Sep 20, 2012
    First of all, I've played and almost finished all the THPS games on PC from THPS 3. Except that we play a skater, this "game" is not a THPS at all : horrible gameplay that has nothing to see with the previous versions and full of inconsistencies, lots of physics bugs, ugly graphics ("HD" ?), after having played that game I have only one desire : go back to THPS 3 and enjoy what THPS HD is not...
  6. Sep 19, 2012
    This is the lasiest PC port I have ever seen. The default controls are ridiculous and don't event work for all keyboards (such as mine) and they can't be remapped! There are literally no options, graphical or otherwise. Thank you for telling me not to shut down my computer while the game is saving!
  7. Sep 19, 2012
    Although this is a very lazy port to the PC, it is very well optimized. There are no graphics options in the game menu. Luckily it was unreal engine 3 and you can just go to the config to change whatever you want.(you can enable directx 11 and physx in the config believe it or not, though I did not notice a huge difference. There is no multiplayer which is kinda a disappointment. If you have the option to get a the console version then get it. The PC version isn't the worst port ever but its not the best. People are complaining about controls on the PC version which I think any sports game on PC should be used with a controller (I use my playstation 3 controller). Overall the game is great but is lazily ported by activision to the PC. Expand
  8. Feb 4, 2013
    Well... it's not a game. It's a vaccum cleaner. Really sucks. I did not take effort to even try completing carrer mode with any of skaters. I consider myself as Tony Hawk's series fan (THPS complete, THPS2 and 3 in progress, 4 will be done later, THUG two or three times story mode, once 100%, THUG2 a few times story mode, 100% once and almost done second time on PSP, THAW story mode two times, 100% once, lots of multiplayer, THP8 on PSP 100%), but I can't tolerate this. Skating model is based on THPS2 one, but I think it's completely different. It just doesn't feel the same. It feels much worse. Just... every aspect is up, besides trick set. In THPS2 it just matches to be few tricks. Here it just sucks, you'd like to see THUG set (with no walking, of course, which wasn't such a bad decision in my opinion), but nothing interesting happens when you mash the buttons. Buttons. The only playable set is PS3 or something like this pad or any pad plus keyboard, becasuse default controls are totally uncomfortable, plus you can't change them without a bit of knowledge. I don't know whose idea was this, but he should lose his work. Now, let's go to the levels the same, old THPS and THPS2 levels. Only screwed. Let's be honest. You can enjoy '99 game with small levels, because it's '99 and whole game is '99. You can't enjoy '10 game with small levels because it feels like TOTAL In original Tony Hawk those levels had their own life, they were designed to be in this game. Here levels are castrated. You don't feel any need to make your own goals. Even pointless skating doesn't make any fun. There's something you can't name missing. About the soundtrack it's extremely good. Of course as long as original songs play. The rest? "Is this Tony Hawk? No, this is Patrick.". And nothing else to say. Also, the ragdoll looks funny. Suddenly skater dies and doesn't make a single move. Simple, unrealistic, repetitive bail animations were much better, because you liked them. You can't like this type of ragdoll. You can't like this game. It lacks of many things you'd like to see. Create-A-Idon'tuseitanyway were nice addons, but you don't see them here. As the time passed Tony Hawk changed. It evolved. Every game (THPS-THP8) has to be liked in it's own way. And then something terrible happened. Revolution. Revolutions suck. Never change radically gameplay, never go back to the roots. Neversoft did not understand evolving is also about failing. Robomodo did not understand evolution is something you can't force to be. It's just sad how Tony Hawk's game series fell. Just sad. Very sad. Expand

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  1. Oct 22, 2012
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD might be worth a look if you were really into the series in its prime and want to experience a cleaned-up version of a distinct, defining moment in video games. For casual fans or new recruits, though, there's nothing in this high-def remix that will speak to them. And even the biggest of fans may feel mighty hollow by the shaky treatment of the once king of extreme sports games.