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  1. Sep 20, 2012
    This game get's a 10/10, I've been playing the press release. First of all, graphics sound style charm blablabla we've all heard it before. So let me instead say what stuck out to me. Somehow because of my own idiocy I lost 8-9 hours of progress on an elite DW berzerker I made. I was half way thru act 2. Needless to say this was frustrating, so I had an idea. I'm only allowed to show act 1-2 and everyone saw 1 from the beta, so I decided to spend my second, returning 9 hour trainride rushing 5 characters to the end of act 1.

    Thanks to a 3 hour train delay I succeeded. I made a lvl 21 dualzerker which rocks, a lvl 21 tankgineer which rocks, a lvl 21 embermage that demolishes elite, a lvl 21 melee 2h engineer I need to work on, and a lvl 21 bowlander that's starting to rock.

    Here is the important reason why the game is a ten/ten. Alone, playing single player in a train, with a malfunctioning mouse, I didn't get bored playing 5 characters through the same act. To the contrary I really enjoyed seeing my builds come to life.

    you think the repetition would kill you, but the randomized chunks are magic. Honestly diablo 2 has it easier I realized, because part of the reason it captivates me is because the crap graphics let my imagination fill in the blanks. In TL2 everything looks so good, that it's easy to get tired of seeing the same urns over and over. So Runic ingeniously made randomized chunks and they keep the game super fresh. I'd be just starting to grumble over doing the same quest, when I'd run across a little scene, nook, or area I hadn't seen before and it just seemed so wonderful and alive. Like the world evolves with my character. It's hard to describe the feeling, but it just keeps the game from getting tedious if you appreciate exploration like I do.

    The skills are IMO not perfect, but they will never be as we all want different things. I'll do a skill change request thread later. Some buffs I thought could have lasted 3-5 seconds longer and some tier bonuses I thought could have been more generous given the mana cost. However each skill has purpose, and if you build correctly you could make many of the active skills your main. I'm going to eventually make a fire bomb embermage instead of the cliche magma spear build.

    The difficulties are great now. Veteran becomes legitimately challenging and elite is freaking hard though I have conquered it with one build.

    Mainly I have to give a lot of points because I was doubtful about how far they'd come from the beta and they went over my expectations. Every single change I've noticed from the beta not only do I approve of but appreciate. They made dual wield claw berzerkers viable, they nerfed everything that trivialized elite yet unlike some companies nerfed the skills to "viable" instead of "useless."

    They are true to their word that you can become OP for moments, only to find in the next 6-8 levels that your enemies have caught back up, or even become stronger than you again.

    There is the sweet pain of letting go of a piece of armor that boosted your damage because you are in sore need of more survival based affixes.

    The act changes are also great. I won't talk about act 3, but in act 2 I felt, rightly so, that engineers and berzerkers suffered from all the slowing ice damage. Lo in behold though in act 2's desert againt physical opponents my berzerker began to thrive like no other. The acts DO feel different from eachother, and this is very good.

    Monsters are fantastic, I find myself thinking, "oh it's one of those types. I better avoid x and do y." Like when I see basilisks I keep my distance and hit and run to avoid being snared by their gaze. When I see hordes of small minions I dive in with AOE to make sure I kill them before their fast damage kills me. Some of my classes handle projectile enemies better, some handle mages better, and some handle melee better. Each play through feels different.

    The item game is super sweet. I love the new affixes. Life and mana regen are helpful. The new "cast on hits" are cool. But specifically a lot of uniques were changed since beta. Now every class specific unique has 1-2 affixes that specifically help one or 2 builds for that class. Whenever I find a class unique I get excited and can easily imagine how to best utilize it.

    The boss fights were good but I am still a little dissapointed in act 1's. Act 1 feels too fast for me. You meet the wise guy for all of 2 seconds and then he becomes [spoiler] . I was hoping to get more attached to him first.

    Every act felt different, the difficulty got progressively harder, the loot and randomization were utterly superb.

    All and all, I'm going to waste my life playing this game. I'm adoomgod on steam, feel free to add me, I'll help you min-max your character if you want. I enjoy all modes of difficulty.
  2. Sep 20, 2012
    After playing Diablo 3 for four plus months, I was surprised a game for $20 could offer me so much more for my money. I'm thrilled with Torchlight II's classes, skill trees, player choices from character creation to stat allocation, and the gargantuan open world. The game is absolutely huge, has tons and tons of content, and can be played offline so no more lag deaths, or lag period. Graphics are beautiful and the amount of things to do are just shocking for such a modest price-point. Not to mention all the great features from pets to multi-player to extra difficulties to lv 100!! I can pay my deepest respect by stating one key fact, "I will be playing this game for a great portion of my foreseeable future." Expand
  3. Sep 20, 2012
    Amazing, simply amazing. The TRUE continuation of Diablo 2. The work of Runic Games has been amazing, improving in every way and as a result getting one of the best A-RPG of history.
  4. Sep 21, 2012
    Basically this game does many things right which the 2nd blockbuster successor of that game which this genre owes existence has failed to deliver on many levels. Even though you will inevitably find some quirks they are not going to become a fundamental game-stopper. It runs smoothly in single-player mode, there is useful loot to be found without having to give a jealous glance at some item shop your game is balanced around, there is no need to bore yourself through three rounds of easy mode before finally meeting a challenge as you can pick your appropriate difficulty mode from start, there's modding support and lastly and most importantly the game sticks to the guns and doesn't try to marry with MMO mechanics. What this means is also that there are no silly balancing efforts as well as other deterrents not adding to gameplay. Matt Uelmen's soundtrack adds perfectly well to the atmosphere, the sound is crispy and if you don't mind comic-style graphics and nonsensical story which does at least not try to take itself as serious and impose itself on the player then you can't go wrong with this game. Expand
  5. Sep 23, 2012
    Well, this is pretty much what I wanted Diablo 3 to be.
    Fun fast paced gameplay. Awesome loot system. Offline and online play. Interesting and versatile classes.
    Everything you could want from an ARPG can be found in TL2 and then some.

    So, if Runic can deliver us this amazing game for 20$ why can't Blizzard make something remotely interesting for 60$?
  6. Sep 20, 2012
    What can I say? Runic has outdone themselves. They really reached out to the consumers when making this game. LAN and Online support with up to 6 characters, full mod support and Steam Workshop, all on top of an improved Torchlight experience. All new classes, new pets, open world, replayability, and 3 skill trees per class to amount to 12 unique playthroughs. The combat has been improved with charge mechanics, movement speed makes for non-tedious wondering, and the overall combat has been overhauled to be more fluid. This is all for 20$. Expand
  7. Sep 20, 2012
    A true spiritual successor to Diablo 2, Torchlight 2 has taken the classic ARPG formula and not only improved but innovated as well. Overall an amazing game that has MASSIVELY improved on the first one. For $20 this is a game that is a DEFINITE BUY. PERFECT DUNGEON CRAWL

    With four different classes at your disposal and several pets to choose from, the replayability of this game is
    quite amazing. Each class has its own set spells and unlike Torchlight 1, the classes don't share any skills. What does this mean for you? A plethora of customization options! You could opt to play an Engineer as a unstoppable tank, or a support with many bots and gadgets at your disposal, or a hammer wielding hero that destroys anything in its path. The choices and builds you can make are endless. On the top of my head, I can already think of FIVE, yes FIVE, different builds for the Engineer that are not only viable but fun as well and I'm sure there's other people who've thought of builds I haven't consider yet. What can you expect from each class? You can expect no less than five different ways to play. The world is very open and beautiful. It rotates from grass levels, to snow, to desert and all around beautiful combined with great musical pieces. Another aspect of the game that is fantastic is the fact that the boss fights are VERY FUN and ENGAGING. Co-op is simply fantastic. You can play with 5 of your friends or random people and crawl through the toughest dungeons, with each person using their class in a different way, this is bound to be fun for everyone. The loot is fantastic, there's so much of it its great and you get a feel of SATISFACTION each time you get a piece. There's also mods mods mods. Really there's so much great about this game. Expand
  8. Sep 20, 2012
    This game is everything I want in a loot driven game. The only strike against it is it didn't launch on may 20th for when i got disgusted with Diablo 3.

    I actually look forward to killing mobs in this game. Loot drops that actually can be used by my character. I don't spend more time grinding out gold to browse an auction house. I get to actually play a game, instead of an economy

    And they managed to make a game this fantastic run smoothly on my laptop, which is pretty much garbage in 2012.
  9. Sep 20, 2012
    ARPG perfection. This game is amazing. Play it! It's $20! Everything about this game is fantastic: graphics, music, gameplay, and story is pretty tight so far. This might be my favorite game of all-time.
  10. Sep 20, 2012
    Finally the Torch has come back!!!!Much better than imagination, every thing that diablo failed to deliver is here in torchlight.Great Game play ,Superior Graphics, Awesome music, Improved Skills, Massive Loot,Greater builds, Multiplier support, Moding and a long lasting game play what else did a PC gamer wants now.In my opinion Torchlight 2 Deserve an 11/10 for there extra ordinary great work.the new King of Rpg has Arrive All hail Torchlight 2. Expand
  11. Sep 21, 2012
    Torchlight 2 has finally arrived and we can put the Torchlight 2 versus Diablo 3 debate to rest... The verdict? Torchlight 2 wins hands-down!

    Torchlight 2 is wonderful and deserves much praise, especially for only costing $20. One would expect Diablo 3 to be three times the game as Torchlight 2 for the asking price but that isn't the case, at all. If anything, Diablo 3 could learn
    quite a bit from Torchlight 2 (such as the awesome loot progression, offline play availability, LAN and mod support).

    Torchlight 2 has been an entirely bug-free experience for me thus far (unlike Diablo 3's launch-- which was one of the worst I've ever experienced despite probably having one-thousand times the budget of Torchlight 2) and the game plays amazingly smooth. The battles can be epic (unlike Diablo 3's battles which usually amounted to rock, paper, scissors excercises of frustration depending on RNG) and choices actually matter.

    If I had to make a complaint, I'd say Torchlight 2's story is fairly weak (Diablo 3's was as well-- laughably so, actually). About the only thing I can imagine that Diablo 3 has over Torchlight 2 that I noticed was the destructible environments. The art style is kind of a matter of preference I've found. I personally like Torchlight 2's style but can understand if some people don't (probably the same people who would willing bypass a great game like Borderlands 2 because it doesn't look like Battlefield 3-- aka, "their loss").

    I would fully recommend Torchlight 2 to anyone that loves ARPG's and even if you're kind of on the edge or not sure if you'd like them or not, Torchlight 2 is probably the best, contemporary example of how one should be.
  12. Sep 20, 2012
    Simply a great game, the randomization of chunks and areas, along with the various character builds make for great re-playability, and of course once the mod community gets in full force with the Dev tools we will truly have an expansive and unique in game experience
  13. d3v
    Sep 20, 2012
    10/10, just because this game makes one thing that diablo III didn't make after sometime: fun

    Seriously, this is a pretty awesome game, and for 20 bucks it's worth it!
  14. Sep 20, 2012
    torchlight 2..... is hands down much better than diablo 3. the graphics are cartoonish but the game play is 100 times better then diablo 3. torchlight 2 > diablo 3.

    Runic killed it (in a good way), Jay wilson killed it with a knife and continued to stab the dead body overly killing it.
  15. Sep 26, 2012
    This is the game we have all dreamed during these years to succeed Diablo 2. In the future it will be seen as a true legend, a classic, on the same level as Half-Life, Kotor 1, Civilization 1 and Grim Fandango.
  16. Nov 26, 2012
    After playing Diablo 3 for four plus months, I was surprised a game for $20 could offer me so much more for my money. I'm thrilled with Torchlight II's classes, skill trees, player choices from character creation to stat allocation, and the gargantuan open world. The game is absolutely huge, has tons and tons of content, and can be played offline so no more lag deaths, or lag period.
  17. Sep 21, 2012
    This game makes efforts at improving a genre which was in a bit of a lull. Playing the beta really excited me because of the nostalgic feel of ARPGs and obvious features that made classic ARPGs a hit. Torchlight 2 did not stop at the beta like some of these reviews suggest. I doubt they have played the new release or the beta for that matter. This game is fun, engaging, and challenging. Equipment is almost a limitless toolbox of tweaks for your character, and skill building provides its own enjoyment with skill tiers and multiple skill trees. Choose your skills, choose your equipment, and basically equip anything you'd like provided you have the stats. How amazing is that? The multiplayer in beta was awesome, and once it is available on the official release I know the game will be a favorite with my friends and local LAN. Very few games give the features and availability to play on slower systems. Torchlight remains stylishly impressive as far as visuals are concerned while maintaining support for older and underpowered PCs. $20? Massive compatibility for smooth game-play? LAN? These options and the options I have listed with respect to character progression are all reasons I give this game perfect marks. Expand
  18. Sep 20, 2012
    Wow Awsome game, went in skeptical and have thus far been blown away i immediatly got the feeling that i have so long wanted from Diablo 3 ........guys this is the real deal, will be playing for years to come great job runic.

    Buy this game people it wont disapoint.
  19. Sep 23, 2012
    Diablo 3 is better than TL 2? No !! this game better than D3. This is the one of the best A-RPG, I love offline game play also I can customize my character stats. Nice graphic, sound, music, dungeon system and many more. If you looking for continuation of Diablo 2 ? this game perfect for you, believe me.
  20. Sep 20, 2012
    Did you ever catch yourself in those nostalgic daydreaming about the days gone by, in which the games were judged by how fun and complex they were? Well, I am pleased to announce that Torchlight 2 is one of those games. Many call it "spiritual successor to Diablo series", "the thing that should have been Diablo 3" etc. ... I call it - a classic hack & slash action RPG, tailored to the needs of the gamers (not the needs of corporate publisher fatcats), with extremely appealing art style, graphics, and most magnificent orchestral soundtrack composed by none other than Matt Uelemen, the genius behind the Diablo 1 & 2 soundtracks. The gameplay in this game is smooth, the audio and visuals simply flow even on older machines, and you can play the game in multiplayer, either online via matchmaker lobby or offline in LAN! Oh LAN, how we all dearly missed you :) ... anyway, you owe yourself to buy this game, because at the extraordinarily low price of 20$ I cannot imagine anyone being able not to afford it. P.S: The game must have some bad traits, but I cannot seem to find them from all the fun I'm currently having :D Expand
  21. Sep 21, 2012
    The progression of loot in this game is fantastic and blowing me away. By level 10 I was already completing a useful 3 piece set bonus, had a unique weapon that gained augments by killing spiders, and had actual unique useful items. Your characters can all be unique, even if they are the same class. I already made a hunter focused berserker, and now I can't wait to re-make another berserker to focus in the ice damage tree. Your decisions also hold weight, if you end up with a terrible build then you definitely won't be surviving in the harder difficulties. I love the fact that I can't just re-spec and be fine and dandy again. I feel more driven to have my character succeed because it was my own unique build and unique attributed stats, so my characters feel more personal. Pet system = amazing
    As many others have mentioned, the soundtrack is fantastic and the visuals look great. The fact that this game is only $20 makes me feel like I'm robbing Runic of such a great piece of work. Any hack n' slash fan will enjoy this game immensely.
  22. Sep 20, 2012
    Wow, that's all I can say. This game just feels so right! From the art style to combat mechanics this game is 10/10. When it comes down to the $20 price point you can't go wrong with Torchlight 2!
  23. Sep 21, 2012
    The game Diablo 3 should have been. Saw some Blizz **** drinking fanbois complaining about "bad interface" and "clunky combat". Don't know what they're on about. Must be too stupid to figure out the game. Granted, they are Blizztards.
  24. Sep 20, 2012
    Torchlight 2 is an excellent game, well worth your money and time. I really cannot say enough good things about this game. The user interface is very clean, easy to read, and aesthetically pleasing to me. The graphics aren't cutting edge, but are very tastefully done, with a lot of charm and character. Performance is great and the game runs very smooth on my modest desktop. There is a TON of loot, but not just any loot: GOOD loot; meaning that there is a good mixture of hefty decisions on what to use. The different weapon types all have their own feel to them. Everything feels "just right". Everything feels different and the "crunch" is there when killing monsters. The combat is perfect. I have never been more satisfied with combat. This game captures that perfect feeling you get when destroying things. It's awesome. The skill trees are much better done here than in the first Torchlight game, in my opinion. I haven't seen one skill shared between any of the 4 classes. There are plenty of skills to choose from when levelling up, and there are plenty of builds you can have in each class. It gives the player the freedom to have unconventional builds, and gives them plenty of tough choices without being overwhelming. Runic absolutely nailed it. Variety is handed out to the player like candy. There are a lot of different monster types, tons of new areas, both the overworld and dungeons, and a lot of armor and weapon models. The story is a little on the weak side, but the pacing is spot on. It picks up where the first Torchlight left off, and while weak, is more than adequate to give purpose on why you're making baddies go splat. You are not locked into the easier difficulty settings when starting a new character. If you want to start off on the hardest difficulty, you can. There is offline singleplayer, you can host or join internet games as well as lan games. I can honestly say that there is nothing about this game that irks me. It's the ARPG I feel most people have been waiting to get their hands on for what seems like an eternity. All of this at a price point that is unbelievable to me. I could go on and on. This game is an incredible value. Pick this up, you will not regret it one bit. Expand
  25. Sep 20, 2012
    There isn't much to say here. Torchlight 2 is a true successor to the ARPG genre and warrants every piece of good criticism out there. The graphics are not in my taste but I'd rather spend hours upon hours playing this than some stripped down game that moves the ARPG backwards. Great job Runic Games I look forward to playing this title in the coming future.
  26. Sep 26, 2012
    What a game. For $20 you cant go wrong. You will probably be playing this for months if not year. 4 different class you can experiment with. You get a choice of where to put your stat points. You get to play with up to 6 people.
  27. Sep 20, 2012
    Wow Runic games have done it again with a wonderful masterpiece. I was stunned by how well everything was made and performed. Instant 10/10. The only people who give it a 0, 1, or 2 are people who obviously haven't played the game!
  28. LMW
    Sep 20, 2012
    Amazingly-solid gameplay, great soundtrack, warm graphics, diverse classes, LOTS of areas to explore and monsters to slay! And all that for just $20!
  29. Sep 20, 2012
    Buy this game now. I am constantly being blown away by this game at ever turn. To this review off I simply must talk about the character classes and items. I have played with each class and they are each unique and fun in their own way. The skill tier system and the skills themselves are fun. One embermage passive allows you to randomly call down meteors, spawn vortexes, acid rain, firestorms, and confusion ALL WITH ONE SKILL. The item system is great and allows you to truly customize your characters. Unique items do unique things I recently found a ring that summons a floating skull that zaps enemies around me. The pet system is fantastic and keep you in the action by going back to town to sell your gear. Pets can also learn spells so mine currently summons skeletons and heals me while shooting fireballs. There are several pets to chose from and each can be transformed using fish into new monsters with new abilities.

    The overworld is MASSIVE, filled with tons of surprises at each turn. Random dungeons are huge and have their own bosses (boss fights are hectic and a ton of fun). The art style is unique and the dynamic day/night and weather system really add to the atmosphere. It is also important to note that the game is fully moddable so expect tons of community created content.

    To put it simply Runic games has created the best ARPG on the market and it doesn't even come close. You owe it to yourself to spend the $20 and enjoy the hours and hours of fun this game will provide for you and your friends (the game supports up to 6 players in one game online) the game also has an offline mode so you can play without internet.

    Once again: BUY THIS GAME NOW
  30. Sep 20, 2012
    (Sorry for my bad english)
    The real spiritual successor of the Diablo saga. If you can see through the cartoon graphics you can see a deep game with an amazing gameplay that includes everything that Diablo III should had. Maybe the main campaign can look a little short but in two weeks we'll have the TorchED, the Mod Tool that will work with the Steam Workshop, that will bring a long life
    to the game. Hail to the new ARPG King! Expand
  31. Sep 20, 2012
    I've played Torchlight II for 30 seconds, and it's the best game ever. I played Diablo III for 750 hours, and it's the worst game ever.

    If we really want to make a stand and tell ActiBli$$ard and Jay Fatboy Wilson, "!@#$ that loser," we must be vigilant. Buy as many copies of Torchlight II as you can afford, and rate the game as high as you can on as many websites as humanly possible.
    Speak nothing good about Diablow III, and speak nothing bad about Torchlight II.

    Together, we can take a humongous collective dump on ActiBli$$ard's chest by making sure Torchlight II outsells that crappy crapfest Diablow III by leaps and bounds.

  32. Sep 20, 2012
    Something the industry doesn't pull off often is a cheap game with way a ridiculous amount of bang for it's buck. For most of the pitfalls of Diablo 3, this fixes it.
  33. Sep 20, 2012
    Props for Runic Games for giving us this awesome game. A true ARPG (Action Role Playing Game) and not an Auction RPG. You won't regret buying this game because for $20 it's a steal. You will get more content than what you paid for and not to mention this game's replay value. Nowadays where $60 is the norm for pc games, this one truly delivers especially for gamers who are in tight budget and just want to purchase a "bang for the buck" game. This is it guys! This is Torchlight 2! Enjoy! Expand
  34. Sep 20, 2012
    This game is amazing 10/10. Been waiting a long time for it and it was well worth the wait. Best rpg since diablo 2, and since diablo3 was so awful this has really showed me that there is yet hope in the gaming industry. Great game, even greater price, can't go wrong. Music sounds like D2, Combat plays somewhat like d2, great skill system, classic items and drops....take it from a die hard d2 fan. This game will not disappoint. Expand
  35. Sep 20, 2012
    This is a 10/10 game. BUY IT, DO NOT PIRATE IT. It has the charisma, the music, the action, the LOOT, the RPG depth (welcome back stat points/skill points, you were missed), and the story to be a grade A action RPG. It does everything an aRPG should do in ways that Diablo 3 doesn't. It scratches all of those itches that D3 hasn't. It is what D3 should have been but isn't. And Runic did it in a fraction of the time with a fraction of the money charging only a fraction of the retail price.

    My favorite thing about TL2 is how much it looks, feels, sounds, and plays like an old school Blizzard game. I felt more nostalgic about the good old days in the first 5 minutes of TL2 than I did in my entire run of playing SC2, D3, Cata, etc COMBINED.

    So, thank you Blizzard North-- I mean, Runic-- for doing what you do best. This game is a classic in the making, and it's only going to get better.
  36. Sep 21, 2012
    A fabulous game made by (as said by Jay Wilson of Diablo3 / blizzard) a loser who made Diablo 1 and 2. Thanks you Runic games it's how a hack n slash must be. Not like that Big failure named Diablo 3. Hey Jay Wilson just phone Runic game for learning how to make a good hack n slash thanks.
  37. Sep 20, 2012
    The flow is there and it is great, once you start playing you just keep on going and all the little tedious actions like selling junk etc. are reduced to a bare minimum.
  38. Sep 20, 2012
    The best game on my steam library i would gladly pay 35 pounds for this game but its only 15 POUNDS!!!!
    this feels and plays like a triple a game. i havent played diablo 3 so i cant compare but my freinds have it and say torchlight is MUCH MUCH better
  39. Sep 20, 2012
    The most addictive game I've played in a long time! There is not doubt that the creators of Runic Games were once Blizzard North. This game is not a Diablo clone, it's going to be a legend by itself! And the music it's amazing!
  40. Sep 20, 2012
    This right here? This is what we were expecting from diablo 3. It's everything you loved from the first with sugar on top. No always online drm lots of options graphically and easy to switch between *LAN* (more games should do this, this one sports lan people!) internet and single player. Did I mention there's no always online drm? It bears repeating. If you like diablo 1/2 and the first torchlight and similar top down hack and slash rpgs you owe it to yourself to get this game. Expand
  41. Sep 20, 2012
    Diablo 3 wasn't Diablo 3. Torchlight 2 is Diablo 3, made by the original Diablo team. Diablo 3 was an experiment by a company who owned the IP and were cashing in on its name. Torchlight 2 is real game, and a damn good one. Even the original Diablo composer is back with his moody sombre soundtrack. One can only dream of what Runic would have accomplished if they owned their baby. As it is, we get Torchlight 2, and lemme tell ya. . . It rocks. Expand
  42. Sep 20, 2012
    Amazing game ! Runic well done ! you guys show a ARPG game should be look like, no more DRM or RMAH crap, just simply play and fun.
    I think I will buy 2 more TL2 for my wife and daughter :D
  43. Sep 20, 2012
    The best action RPG since Diablo 2! Made by the original developers of Diablo. This game is fantastic. Great loot tables, skill trees, attribute points, customization, fantastic music, and best of all.....OFFLINE MODE. Runic knows how to make good games and how to listen to its fan base. Torchlight 2 is obviously made by gamers who love gaming. Buy it, play it, love it.
  44. Sep 20, 2012
    Amazing game. This is how Diablo 3 should have been. Torchlight II trash Diablo 3 down to the stone age. This is what happen when gamers and talented devs make an ARPG instead of Wall-street(Activision-Blizzard)

  45. Sep 20, 2012
    After playing the full release over the last week, I think I can safely say that Torchlight 2 is the action RPG I have been wanting for the last decade. I will most likely be playing it off and on for the next few years. While there are some things I would prefer were different (that is what mods are for), Here are eight things I absolutely love about it. ###1: The Loot: Items to make a build around###
    I love the Torchlight 2 loot. Sometimes it is hard to immediately tell whether an item is strictly better than another, but I find the stats easy to read and the abilities exciting. The most impressive things is that several of the weapons are impressive enough to make me want to create builds just to use them...

    ###2: The New Skill Tree: Anticipating the Next Level###
    The updated skill system is a great change from the standard skill trees we saw at beta (and light-years ahead of TL 1). I find myself looking forward to each level combination and striving to get the next tier bonus. I also find myself hovering over the other skills in my character and planning out new and exciting builds as I play the game. Even with 150 skill points, I find that there is just too much for one play through of each character. I think Torchlight 2 may be the first game since Diablo 2 that I create character after character to try out new combinations.

    ###3: The World: Gameplay that Stays Fresh###
    Torchlight 2 has the best randomization of any 3D ARPG ever made. In addition to randomness, there is a massive variety in the areas I go to. About every five minutes (unless I am doing a complete full clear of one of the bigger areas), I experience a complete scenery change. There are multiple dungeon themes and layouts for every large area and they all feel unique. Overall I don't experience the fatigue from extended play that I get in other games. ###4: The Monsters: Interesting Combinations to Fight###
    Monsters in Torchlight 2 are interesting to fight (which is good, because the game revolves around fighting them). For instance, one Act 2 dungeon I recently went into had the following mix of monsters Including: 1Mobile towers that spawned high damage lighting copters, 2 Walking machine gun turrets, 3 Lightning mages that casted high damage but easily dodged lightning orbs, 4 Shielded warriors that hindered me from getting to the artillery in the back, 5 A series of deadly blade traps on the ground that further limited movement. I found myself having to dodge in and out of the room while prioritizing targets and trying to avoid getting focused by the mini-copters and artillery. Honestly, this room felt like a gigantic puzzle in Elite Mode and I felt a serious sense of accomplishment for killing them all without dying. This makes the game fun and made me want to keep going deeper to see what tactics the next area would require.

    ####5: Variable Difficulty: Neither Insulting nor Frustrating###
    As I get older, I am running out of patience with one-size-fits-all game content. Many games start out so easy that they are not challenging at all and then try to compensate for that fact by tacking on some ridiculously unfair mode so that they can claim that they have something for everything. Torchlight 2 lets me adjust my difficulty on the fly so I am always hitting my sweet spot.

    ####6: Fluid Gameplay: Good Enough I Barely Notice It###
    Targeting and skill queuing in beta were rough. Sometimes I felt like I was wrestling against the UI more than the individual monsters. These has been improved so much that I often find myself forgetting about gameplay and the UI altogether and just focus on the game as I play. I think that a game has arrived when the gameplay is so smooth and transparent that it ceases to be visible. While I still have occasional issues, I think Torchlight 2 is approaching that point.

    ####7: Unobtrusive Lore: Perfect for Multiple Playthroughs###
    ARPGs are designed to be played through multiple times. Cut scenes and forced dialog may be great the first time, but they are eventually just a test in how fast I can hit the excape button. Torchlight 2 does lore right. It is there if I want it, but I can mainly ignore it if I want to also. This is great, because I don't want to listen to the same dialog fifty times. It is there when I want it, which is perfect.

    ####8: In and Out Multiplayer: A Seamless Experience###
    I haven
  46. Sep 23, 2012
    The best Diablo-like since Diablo 2... More fun and lighter than Diablo 3. Really good small design ideas that keep the interest going, plus the beloved skill tree. Plus you can play single player.
    In a nutshell, it's a blizzard game designed by a blizzard team who just happen not to be at blizzard anymore :)
  47. Sep 20, 2012
    This game is a winner. The graphics are charming, combat is fluid and well paced, there are tons of random side-quests to do and small events to discover while smashing through monsters. Character development is diverse and feels meaningful, and the frequent drops of good loot just make you want to play on and on.

    This game is everything that Torchlight 1 was and more. For only 20 bucks!
  48. Sep 20, 2012
    Finally, a true successor to Diablo 2! Torchlight II is amazing, and the customizeability, depth, music, and addictiveness of the game all stay true to Diablo 2. If you were ever bored, dissapointed, or frustrated with Diablo 3, then this game is for you.

    Diablo 3 ended up being a hollow shell of what the series could have been because it was ruined by a new developer team. Torchlight
    II is created by many of the same head developers that worked on Diablo 1 and 2. Expand
  49. Sep 20, 2012
    It does everything perfectly.
    It feels like Diablo I / Diablo II
    Blood, blood everywhere!
    Buy it - you won't regret!
    Multiplayer+Lan support. No **** online DRM and Real money auction house. You can switch seamlessly between single and multiplayer mode to play with friends, share loots.
  50. Sep 20, 2012
    The perfect ARPG. This game delivers everything you'd want in an ARPG: extreme customization of skills and character, loot, loot and more loot. GETTING LOOT IS ACTUALLY SATISFYING AND REWARDING. The game is to put it simply - perfection.
  51. Sep 20, 2012
    Everything about this game is right.
    The look, the feel, the gameplay and the price.
    It's genuinely fun, and it is the first game I've played in a long time where I started playing before noon, and didn't even realize what the time was until my stomach rumbling make me look at the clock and realize it was almost 6 hours later.

    It's fun and it feels fresh, something that has been
    severely lacking in the last few years.
    Not perfect, but still amazing.
  52. Oct 8, 2012
    This game getes a 10/10. I've played it since the release and I've played over 40 hours, and counting. Customization, great multiplayer, exploration, great rewards, fast leveling, and insane skills make this game a must-have. I can make a tank with ANY class, I can make a DPS with ANY class, I can make an Elemental DPS with ANY class, I can make an all-around with ANY class, etc. This game offers the customization that D3 SHOULD have had. If you liked D2, you will LOVE this. Expand
  53. Sep 20, 2012
    For 20 bucks you just cant beat this game. What it lacks in production quality in terms of art, animation, story, and voice overs, it makes up for in item variety, item complexity, a sense of power, and overall action RPG fun!
  54. Sep 21, 2012
    This game really defines what I'd been waiting for in a ARPG since the days of (sorry, I have to say it) Diablo II. Great, detailed and rich world, awesome soundtrack and exquisite gameplay. Watching mobs explode as you attack is as satisfying as it can get. Even if the loot mechanics are a little overwhelming, this game is still, as of yet, the last bastion of PC Gaming's ARPGs.
  55. Sep 20, 2012
    Such a good game. I played diablo 2-3, dungeon siege 1-3, and torchlight. And i can safely say this beats all of them. It has that constant feel like eveyrthing is so unique and some awesome equipment is gonna come up your next fight. And its great it still has all the skills to get and level up and the animations for everything are awesome. The graphics are alot more polished over torchlight 1 but still give the same feel. The game has a never ending variety to monsters. You never feel like you are ever fighting the same species of creature for too long. The environments are great. And i can't explain how much i love the random events and finds. One second you kill a creature and teleported to a new realm where you get a challenge like defending a crystal from hordes of goblins or just roaming the world and you come across a bandit camp holding prisoners and if you free the prisoners they give you a chocie of three items to pick from which are always good. Then there are some secret actions you can do but i wont reveal that aspect of the game. So overall the game is by far the best hack and slash loot em up game out right now and probably for a long time. I haven't had the full experience with spells and magic as im more of a grab a hammer and smahs everytihng kinda player but from the looks of it it looks pretty sweet. And i also haven't tried co-op, but i mean if im having this much fun alone, having a buddy or two would just make it unreal. Final conclusion: Get the game, its 20 bucks. What do you have to lose? Expand
  56. Sep 21, 2012
    At least it is better in every way from the original and even better than that of D3. Each class has various different paths it can go because the skills allow for various types of builds. ie. Dual Wield or 2 Handed weapons or fist weapons etc. even some skills are for specific magic elements to increase the damage of ice, lightning etc and to increase their effectiveness. The greatest part is how random each game is and how each play through will be different from the last. Making this the most valuable game in a long time. What's more is once the Torchlight 2 editor drops then there will be a ton more content to be had especially if it is anywhere close to the original. Graphics are very stylized but amazing and fun to watch. The animation is really good as well. This is by far one of the most addictive action RPGs in a long time, since D2 or even the first Torchlight. Expand
  57. Sep 20, 2012
    Torchlight 2, like its predecessor, is a Diablo 3 clone. There's no significant innovation from TL1 or D3 that makes this game stand out. You're probably wondering why TL2 has been getting glowing reviews. Well, it's quite simple, it's addicting. The game mechanic itself is addicting. It's as simple as that.

    What TL2 does so well is it was able to address what the fans want. Runic took
    the customer-centric approach in designing this game and it paid off. LAN support, multiplayer support, a $20 price tag and a level editor collaboratively makes this game shine.

    I gave this game a 10 not because of the graphics (pretty but not great) but because its addicting and I know I will be playing this game for months. than If you buy this game, I'm pretty sure most of you will also.
  58. Sep 20, 2012
    This game was definitely well worth the wait. And its only $20! So much content packed into this extremely polished ARPG. Choose from four unique classes each with 3 distinct skill trees. Enjoy fast paced action and rewarding loot collection. And most importantly, play online, over lan or offline single player! Fantastic game.
  59. Sep 20, 2012
    I know it's a little quick to judge but this game is perfect. It fixes the biggest problems I had with D3. One, there's actual character building with skill points and attributes. Second, you can find gear that's an improvement. In D3 i never got excited over an item, ever. But in torchlight I find one after another better armor piece. Don't get the idea that this makes your character overpowered, because it doesn't: the pacing keeps a gear check. The game play is great and the graphics are wonderful. If cartoon isn't your style then your sol. If you don't like something about the game you can mod it. (THIS DOES NOT MEAN HACKS). Runic games plan to release software to help the modding community. This hasn't been done in many large games like torchlight. So I'm excited to see where this goes. All of this is only 20$. Please check this game out it is worth it no doubt. Expand
  60. Sep 20, 2012
    This is a very great game. I love the gameplay, it really feels like diablo 2. Multiplayer is even better than diablo 2. Lots of contents ( quests, monsters,...). It's a very great deal for 20$.
  61. Sep 20, 2012
    LOVE IT! Worth it since its only $20!! Don't bother reading all the other negative reviews, there just a bunch of trolls who are mad that torchlight 2 is better then Diablo 3 in every way.
  62. Sep 21, 2012
    Torchlight 2 is far and beyond a better game/value then Diablo 3. You can mod it, you don't have to have an internet connection, and now Torchlight 2 has multiplayer! All for 20$
  63. Sep 26, 2012
    Frankly, I don't usually review games that much, however I am an avid gamer, and with that I would definitely say that Torchlight 2 deserves a 10. Based on my experience on playing different games, I could say that TL2 truly shines among the lot. TL2 offers a good bit of variety to the fray (pleasant lighting, varying creatures, overall flow of the game), oftentimes I feel immersed as I grind through one single boss fight, not minding how long it took to beat, rather enjoying ever moment trying to do so. The developers have really taken the time and effort on "listening" to what its players had to say, and I am thankful towards this decision that they've made. I believe the TL series still has so much untapped potential, and I'm eager to find out what improvements the developers still have in mind, if any. Expand
  64. Sep 21, 2012
    Torchlight 2 sharpens the hack-and-slash genre to a fine point that sticks right in the greedy eyeball of Blizzard execs. A truly fun and addictive game. Good graphics, great soundtrack, original atmosphere -- once you get the game you'll only wish you had more time to play it. This game is on par in almost every respect with Diablo 3 and is 1/3 the cost. Vote with your wallets, folks.
  65. Sep 20, 2012
    Once again, I've jumped into a game without playing the games prior to it, but wow, I struck gold on this! My review on D3 would explain how my respect for RPG games had dropped but this game brings me back! Intense fun, challenging, and well designed (all qualities it's daddy had) and now it comes to us in Multiplayer! Might I ask you who are reading this review: why haven't you bought it yet!? Expand
  66. Sep 20, 2012
    Keep this short and simple. Game is quite fluid and for a game worth 20$ you would really feel that this game is worth more than the price. You would feel all the love the developers put into making this game. If you're out looking for a good time then this game is for you
  67. Sep 21, 2012
    Easily my game of the year. I have waited 2 years for this, stalking the website for it to finally come out, and 10 hours in, it had not dissapointed me once. Theres TONS of content here for 20 dollars, all completely polished. On top of that, anything you don't like in the game, you can just change with mods. It's pretty close to the peak of the genre. If you are a fan of hack and slash dungeon crawlers, this is the best one since Diablo 2. Expand
  68. Sep 21, 2012
    I'm not a huge fan of hack and slash RPGs, but i played Titan Quest and Diablo III. Torchlight II is so good, addictive game. It will become classic game.
  69. Sep 21, 2012
    I've had more fun playing this game the last two hours than I have the 300+ hours I've put into Diablo III. This game just does about everything right that Diablo III did wrong/ruined. It was quite the joyful experience being able to allocate my skill points as I pleased when I leveled up. For the first time in a long time, I had a smile on my face when playing an action RPG as opposed to Diablo III which really feels more like work and a timesink and I only smiled during the cinematics. Best of all, at 20 bucks this game is an absolute steal! AND Runic has promised not to charge for content updates :) Expand
  70. Sep 20, 2012
    I had a lot of fun playing this the whole night today, when it released at 7pm my time. The embermage is cool, the combat meaty and the loot just awesome. You also find a complete set pretty quick at the beginning, there is a starter set that you are supposed to have. I think thats kinda neat, more set parts do drop later, but at a much rarer rate. I do recommend that you play on Veteran or Elite though if you are a Hack and Slash Player. If you only want to enjoy a game without any difficulty, normal is your way to go. Expand
  71. Sep 25, 2012
    Visuals: TL2 doesn't focus much on visual appeal. This is a sword, this is a gun, these are monsters. It has an almost cartoony look to it but the gear still looks badass enough so that it doesn't get annoying. As far as the skills are concerned i think they both are tied. They have different styles but TL2 is more pleasing to the eye. It isn't bright to the point that it is annoying but enough so you can clearly tell what everything is and the action doesn't blur your vision to the point that everything kind of melts together. (as it feels like it does sometimes in D3). As far as physics are concerned Diablo 3 definately wins. Crumbling stone, Monster gibs are very satisfying, and the environments almost falling apart in some areas really adds immersion to the gameplay. The models in TL2 look like they had a little more love put into them. The swords aren't flat and dont look paper thin, And the wide variety of ranged weapons for mostly one class really impressed me.
    Monsters: The monsters in diablo felt generic, uninteresting, and just plain bland most of the time. Mostly borrowing from the previous games and adding a few from other games it really didn't bring any surprises. Even the bosses felt kind of boring with the butcher being the generic bad guy from about 10-20 different video games including previous diablo games. The champions in TL2 have been greatly improved from the first one but after playing d3 for so long they felt like pushovers. While some people may have been disappointed with how simplistic the champion design is i was actually thankful i didnt have to spend 30mins-1hour fighting one champion because my gear wasn't godly at the time. I was also thankful there were no invuln minions, reflect damage, mortars, desc, or the ice bombs. Because it meant i didnt have to hop around the map trying to sneak a shot in time from time while trying not to get killed in 1-2 hits. Overall TL2's champions were slightly not challenging enough (i played on veteran) and D3 was too unforgiving. Gear: Here is where TL2 truly shines. Gear is plentiful, and gear of all rarities are useful with uniques being rare enough and with good enough affixes that it would immediately replace the rare gear you had before without making you feel like you NEEDED it. It took me 3 uniques until i got one that i could actually use so i stuck the others in my shared stash for alts and didn't find myself disappointed that i didn't get more. The rare and uncommon drops had good enough affixes, and all useful for my class so i didn't mind not getting godly gear. In diablo 3 had i gotten gear with strength or intelligence (focus in tl2) i would have been pissed and vendored that !@#$, but in TL2 some strength or focus is actually useful for my mostly Dexterity class. They balanced the skills so that every class can benefit from bonuses in each of the 4 stats. And if you dont like certain affixes on your gear you can pay some gold and get them removed via enchanter, and also add in more enchantments depending on how good the enchanter is. This allows for great customization in gear and makes almost every rare or higher drop worth keeping. In diablo 3 getting gear feels like cycling through garbage for hours or even days to find 1 hidden diamond.
    I've seen people complain about TL2 interface but honestly i found it to be much simpler and easier to understand than D3. It has no hidden modifiers, any additional information you want to know can be found in your arcane statistics (J). Plus you can load your pet up with any loot you dont want and he will go to town and sell it for you so you can spend more time actually playing the game.
    Basically if you love to grind and spend hours upon hours praying to find something godly, or even worth putting on the AH; then play D3. If you like to play ARPGs and kill monsters, get lots of loot, and have a ton of fun; then play TL2
  72. Sep 23, 2012
    I haven't had this much from with an ARPG since Diablo 2. The atmosphere and setting are both bang on, the gameplay (targeting enemies, camera, mechanics, etc.) are all very well done. The only fault I can find in this game is that the story isn't memorable. Aside from that, this game is perfection.
  73. Sep 21, 2012
    I had pre-ordered this game months ago and was following the news/ forums weekly for any mention of a release date. I was indeed jumping for joy this week after such a long wait!

    Started off without looking at any materials beforehand as I wanted to save all of the surprises and there are certainly are a few. Runic has instilled a sense of wonder and excitement instead of the bland norm
    in other popular ARPGs.

    The action feels great, there is a challenge in the higher difficulties for those that need it and there is finally a sense of permanency in your choices. Have fun creating your first characters and try different things out. I know my shielded tank engineer is how I want to play and after every point invested I can see a pay-off. Slowly my character is falling into place and my enjoyment is going up as a result.

    This is what Diablo 2 felt like. Watching your character take shape and planning what you want them to be.

    However, there are a few problems. The camera angles can be blocked off with enemies sitting in the 'blind spot'. The problems with Runic's account system (albeit this is nothing in comparison to Diablo 3's Error 37) although I must point out that you can still play single player, unlike some other games, with no internet connection.

    Overall, this is a triumph and a breath of fresh air. With its satisfying formula combined this with a low price, mod-ability, free updates and open multiplayer there is very little not to like. Any other bumps will be ironed out in patches very soon.

    Get this game. Enjoy it by yourself. Enjoy it with friends. Mod it when the tools are released. I highly recommend it.
  74. Sep 21, 2012
    Simply a awesome game I love it.
    i already lost 10 hours in the game.
    Runic Games as made for me the best A-RPG of history, since Diablo II.
    By far,one of the best games of the year.
  75. Sep 26, 2012
    It feels more like a journey than just a grind. While not actually playing, time goes into your character build instead of window shopping in an overpriced auction house. Itemization is on point and can be tinkered with to make items fit your build even more. The game design reminds me of when I played through Warcraft 3 one player (had no net at the time) and felt that even though it was cartoonish, it still felt crisp and stylish. I didn't get too into Diablo 2 like other friends had in the past, and Diablo 3 was supposed to be my initiation into the genre. The whole time we were playing Diablo 3 I heard that it was nothing like Diablo 2 so I was itching to get that experience under my belt. I could have gone back and picked up Diablo 2, but this game is definitely fitting the bill! Expand
  76. Sep 21, 2012
    A true loveletter to gamers and fans everywhere. There are no words to describe what an amazing achievement runic has here. Immensely satisfying to play, insanely addictive due to a superb loot system, actual randomised worlds and baby buttocks smooth gameplay. This 20 bucks work of art is polished to a mirrorshine and is without a doubt the new norm for ARPGs all around. Truly doesn't fail to bring back the glorious feeling of yorn ! And you can even experience that in proper single-player or in a LAN, the way it should be. Blizzard, take note. Expand
  77. Sep 21, 2012
    Uninstall D3, this is the game you want to play. Incredible features, intuitive, awesome loot drops that are usable at the level you ARE instead of 20 levels below (which makes you feel powerful). The music score is awesome and atmospheric. This game is about the player, and having fun, and is not burdened by a childishly simple, boring, and depressing storyline that kills everything likable (like D3; I got to level 39 and just couldn't play anymore because the story is so bad I just couldn't bear to go through it all again). Blizzard makes you use their AH and designed the game around the AH instead of the player. The only point that Blizzard surpassed T2 is in the graphics (I also prefer the darker tone). I amazed that the developers got this so right, when Blizzard fumbled SO bad, in 1/6 the development time (2 years vs 12). Blizzard should hire these guys back to make the XP for D3. Expand
  78. Sep 21, 2012
    @ token40k a 0 really? Get your facts straight. This is not a Diablo wanna be, every member of the team that designed Diablo 1 and 2 left Blizzard and created Runic. Not a single person who created Diablo works for Blizzard, they just own the name. Diablo 3 is the wanna be now, it is a 100% Blizzard game. Torchlight is made by the original team. $60 for Diablo, beat it in 10 hours, just to go back through until you beat inferno, what a boring waste. This game is by far superior to Diablo 3, and its $20. Graphics are good, gameplay is smooth, 0 crashes or bugs so far. I like the talent tree system way better than Diablo. They also don't severely cripple how many skills you can use. Characters can be far more unique and not just another "barbarian" like Diablo 3 was. I am having way more fun with this. Too bad it won't get the publicity that Blizzard can afford to shove with their releases. Expand
  79. Sep 21, 2012
    Je rejoins les avis positifs sur le jeu (pas comme ce Chocapic de Gamekult qui nous a pondu un torchon pro D3 honteux), après 6h de jeu hier soir en mode élite, une dizaine de fois mort, et le Général Grell de vaincu, (quel combat ^^) (oué 6h pour arriver là c bcp mais j'aime prendre mon temps et tout explorer jusqu'au dernier recoin de la carte ^^), il était 3h du mat quand mon engineer à pris son niveau 14, je n'ai pas vu le temps passé, signe de réussite à mon avis de la part de Runic.

    Hâte de retourner sur le jeu, les loots sont cohérents (hein Blizzard), plusieurs items de set récupérés (dont un en péchant ^^), 1 set complet (le Runemaster), 2 uniques pour mon perso et moultes bleus, un phase portal, et un parchemin pour faire apparaitre le vendeur de set (pas encore activé) je suis comblé :)

    Les différents boss rencontrés (ainsi que pas mal de pack) offrent vraiment un vrai challenge avec ce mode de difficultés, juste un regret sur le faite que les popos soient spammables à volontés.

    En switchant entre gros canon et armes 2H l'engineer est vraiment plaisant à jouer, quel pied !
  80. Sep 21, 2012
    I'm just a simple factory worker guy, I play games as my escape, I'm sure you do too. This game has done a lot for me. It has restored my faith in the game developer, it has provided entertainment, and it has provided a chance for some 'good times' with friends. If I could put it more simply, I'd say this is a D3 killer, but no one would believe me. I agree, people will view this game harshly simply because they are obsessed with a specific franchise or brand. Please keep that in mind.

    If you are looking for something that's fun, this is it. 4 pack this puppy and play with friends. Gift giving season is coming!
  81. Sep 21, 2012
    Now this is how a dungeon crawler ARPG should be HANDS DOWN. It is everything that D3 should of been but is not.

    It's a well polished game where the loot is actually viable to use. You are not just selling everything to the vendor but you find stuff that you can use and come up with different combinations for your characters like maybe an embermage that carries a gun and a shield or a
    traditional weapon like a staff or even two wands. Simple put: the itemization in the game is enormous! There are skill trees available that offer numerous different builds. For example, I started with an embermage and went all +Ice damage. But then I added some fire gear and spells and now I have a completely unique spell build that just makes me want to create another embermage to try out different combinations.

    As far as the D3 comparisons go, this is what D3 should of been. It makes me wonder what this team could of done if the Diablo IP was still under their control. It's a shame on Blizzard.

    Nevertheless the only thing that I am not a big fan of is the art work and bright colour scheme of the game. At first it wasn't my cup of tea per say but it actually does work well for the style of story they are presenting the customers/gamers.

    It's extremely well done. The game only costs 20 bucks. There is no Auction House or Real Money Auction House. It is the standard for an ARPG and what a game should be.

    Don't listen to the negative reviews. Honestly, don't. They are just hurt Blizzard employees or fan boys that are putting the game down. The number of positive reviews speaks for itself. Excellent job Runic Games! Excellent Job!!
  82. Sep 20, 2012
    Beautiful. Polish. Soundtrack can feel very rich and satisfying. If this game was a girl, it'd be the short, cute girl with expressive eyes, who plays the violin professionally and you met through a friend, and you end up dating and married, and spend the rest of your life together. :x
  83. Sep 20, 2012

    1) Runic is made up of less than 40 people
    2) Runic is friends with the people that made D3(Blizzard)
    3) certain people did get the game early, such as game review sites and popular youtubers. 1 of my subscriptions started a torchlight 2 playthough before the game actually came out (hasn't shown anything past act 1 yet.) Your arguement is completely invalid and stupid. it did
    give me a good laugh though. I havent played through much of it yet but i think what ive played through is very good, so ill rate it a 10 to compensate for your stupidity. Expand
  84. Sep 20, 2012
    For $20 (or even $15)? 10/10. Don't be fooled by the visuals. Torchlight 2 is sinister and dark, even more so than its predecessor. There are lots of loots, there are gibs, there are colourful flashes of explosions, there are mods, and there's offline single player and LAN. Compared with other $20 games (even map packs cost more!), this game is certainly very high up the list in the bang for the buck department. If you're not convinced with the hype, there's a demo you can try. In any case, BUY IT NAO. Expand
  85. Sep 20, 2012
    TL2 is AWESOME, addictive, clicktastic brain candy. It's 20 bucks! 20 bucks!!! Moddable? Aye! Single player, online multiplayer, LAN multiplayer? Yes, yes, and... yes. Fast action. Check. Regular leveling. Ditto. Huge world to explore? Yessir. Butt tons of enemies to smash, slice, incinerate, dissolve, electrocute, freeze, shatter, and explode, with a nice melange of mini-bosses and bigger bosses to keep things interesting. Huge kudos to Runic Games. True talent, polished game, super fun. We can tell you guys care about your playerbase... GO PLAY IT RIGHT NOW! :) Expand
  86. Sep 21, 2012
    In fact I wasn't impatinently awaiting Torchlight 2 realese. Screenshots where not attractive to me at all but I gave it a chance as I was hoping the game to deliver and focus on fun factor... and it does excell at it. When I started the game I realized suddenly that everything is on a right place. The world looks beautiful in motion and completly sucks in! It's colorful and dynamic. Graphics may look crapy on a screenshot but after playing the game I appreciate it as it just fits in and contributes to the unique athmosphere of the game. Music, fast paced combat, great items, world rich in events complete the masterpiece. Playing a game is fun again! It's not going to be boring farming anymore as end game may focus on mods created by players. ULTIMATE FUN!!! Expand
  87. Sep 21, 2012
    This is truly a wonderful game. I am actually having fun playing this versus the endless grind and rigid, ultra simplistic game that is D3. Ton's of content and a true skill point system with none of the DRM Crap and RMAH. Thanks Runic for providing a game versus a new way to monetize gaming.
  88. Sep 25, 2012
    This game is hands down better than Auction House 3. Now you can play on any difficulty you like in a world that constantly changes in every playthrough. It's only 20 bucks and with content like this it's probably worth more. No more having to endlessly grind through the same 2-3 levels just to buy garbage items from an AH to slightly improve your stats. In other words this game is fun fun fun!
  89. Sep 21, 2012
    This is how sequels should be made, bigger, better, more fun to play, pay attention actizzard... The game is improved in EVER aspect that needed improving and beyond. The biggest and best things I have managed to spot so far: - no always on drm (see actizzard? it CAN be done) - LAN play! - multiplayer available - no rubberbanding, lag etc.! - no stuttering, performance issues etc. (learn from this actizzard)
    - nice looking graphics, improved from previous, a player gets a clear picture of the battlefield, i know what im attacking, no mess or confusion even in the midst of battle, unlike d3 where at certain point you would lose yourself,
    - pets! means no need to teleport back to the city to sell junk/get pots etc., unlike d3
    - 4 distinct, fun to play characters,
    - talents and stat point that YOU CAN distribute as you please, unlike in d3 where they take you for an idiot, thus you end up with a ton of cool, personal builds and approaches
    - true RANDOM maps, unlike in d3 where its just a PR BS
    - tons of loot that is actually usefull and an improvement, unlike d3 where they force you to buy from rmah
    - great music, very good sounds
    - excellent gameplay, fun to kill mobs, get loot, develop your character, quite fast leveling up make you enjoy they playthrouh
    - you can set the difficulty level from the beginning unlike d3 where i had to go through extremely easy normal, nightmare, hell to get to somewhere with challange only to go against OP mobs with ridiculous skills
    - cool mobs to fight, nice boss fights, oh and the game is actually challanging unlike d3...
    - no pony level for emo children
    - loot customization, gems, enchants, unidentified gear vendor etc.
    - short load times
    - everything work smooth, no glitches, well polished product
    - runic games delivers what was promised!
    - replay value!
    - low cost (20$ or even less) !!!
    - free soundtrack !
    - devs that listen to people
    - complex yet easily accessible game
    - noob friendly
    - hardcore mode that you can play offline, no more lag fails!!!
    - true Diablo 2 successor in the spiritual sense
    - 6 players online support
    - 3 skill trees for each character that 12 reason to go through the game at least !
    - Mod support ! which will make the game more lasting, - so much more i have missed...

    To sum up, its an amazing game, absolute 10/10, the negative comments are from stupid people who fail at installing a game, setting up a normal working PC, or simply suffer from hardware compatibility issues which runic games cannot be responsible for.

    INSTANT BUY for any arpg, h&s game fan :)
  90. Sep 20, 2012
    This game is just amazing. All I was hoping for D3 to be. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the very colorful and cartoonish graphics style. But at the end it's a wonderful world with much at least as much sense to details as D3. So only a matter of taste and not of quality.

    So at least for me at the moment pretty much the most perfect arpg on the market. And if some
    shortcomings should rise in the the future, I'm sure the modding community will handle it :)

    If you like PLAYING arpgs then consider to buy it. More than enough value for 20 bucks ....
  91. Sep 20, 2012
    Great game, the classes are unique, the music is very good, sounding like the original Diablo music. The combat has some cool things about it too, for instance there are hand cannons and shot guns that actually do ranged AoE damage, and if you're dual wielding you have a chance to strike with both weapons at once. It's a must buy for any fan of Diablo, and it's a bargain at only $20. It has multiplayer, lan or internet, more modding capabilities, a lot of pets to choose from. Expand
  92. Sep 21, 2012
    Just awesome. I do not know how to express my satisfaction. It was first time in a LONG time that when i play a game my eyebrows go SO HIGH! I was surprised in a good way and every part so far is just fantastic.
  93. Sep 21, 2012
    One of the games you can't really comment on ... Why? Everything about Torchlight II is great, so no need to name things. With modding and coop added, it will be fun for years to come. And I mean real fun, not the mindless utterly boring paradoxical linear grind like in D3.
  94. Sep 21, 2012
    Having played this game for a while now, I'm impressed with the game's improvements over its predecessor. Really rich environments, content and quests. The classes seem very well thought as well, I'm not sure about balance yet. The cutscenes are awful, but this does not affect my game experience.
  95. Sep 21, 2012
    This is the ARPG of 2012. Torchlight 2 has vastly improved over everything that was in Torchlight 1, With the mod tools, online and offline play, and an evolving world, the game is begging to be replayed over and over again. For $20, you cannot find a better ARPG.
  96. Sep 21, 2012
    This review is for UnbiasedAndFair. I completely agree with you. I will never forget the day Blizzard stole my $60. I also agree that there are far too many positive, seemingly generic reviews on here to seem legit... Really Runic, you didn't need to do this. Either way, I've only been playing for only one day now, but truly it seems wherever D3 burned us, they got it right. The graphics are inferior, no doubt, but I would gladly trade that for the real successor to Diablo 2, and so far Torchlight II seems to come the closest to that mark. I give it a 8/10 cause few games deserve solid 10's and this game is no exception, but easily worth $19.99. Expand
  97. Sep 21, 2012
    This game brings back the key components of classic ARPGs and gives them a good polish. The combat is fast-paced, heavy, and seamless. Character customization and the loot mechanics are also very well done. Coupled with the ability to support mods, this game is gearing up to be one of the most versatile games of this generation.
  98. Sep 21, 2012
    Is it better than Diablo 3? Yes. Is it cheaper than Diablo 3? Yes. Do you get more for your money than Diablo 3? Yes. The art style is subject to taste and the story is probably even less coherent than Diablo 3, but lets be honest, nobody really plays games like this for it's story. It's a hack 'n slash isometric game and the best one released so far this year.
  99. Sep 22, 2012
    This game is awesome. Runic Games got it right,,,,the game is just plain fun to play. Unlike Diablo 3 this game is a joy to play and it's just so much fun. After playing Diablo 3 I was so let down. I didn't think Torchlight 2 was going to be this good, but it is.
  100. Sep 21, 2012
    Tons of content, fun rewarding loot system, fun character and skill design and a wealth of secrets and explorable content all for $20 great work runic!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 67 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 67
  2. Negative: 0 out of 67
  1. 82
    Torchlight 2 offers everything an action RPG fan wants: a huge campaign, variety of enemies, a rich system of quality loot, well-balanced and fresh classes with different build options, care-free and fun multiplayer modes. [November 2012]
  2. Dec 13, 2012
    Sure, it might not reinvent the wheel as built by Diablo II over a decade ago, but Runic deserves props for perfectly recreating the formula. Many others have tried to bring their own take on Diablo to the market-and failed. Runic didn't, which makes Torchlight II an essential purchase for anyone who loves to crawl through dungeons while scoring phat loot.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    A slick action RPG with wit and charm, this is a genuine alternative to Diablo III. [Christmas 2012, p.93]