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  1. Nov 9, 2014
    If you were never a big fan of these types of games, I suggest trying Torchlight II. It might change your opinion of the genre entirely, like it did for me. I haven't found a single aspect of the game to gripe about yet, it's just incredibly fun all around.
  2. Nov 2, 2014
    Correct gameplay and visual effects. A max level higher than the usual 20~60 is a plus, as is optimized code, so that the game runs smoothly on normal PCs even when there is a lot of action.

    Graphics are sadly close to anime or game console, thus far from detailed graphics like, for instance, in Titan Quest or Neverwinter Nights.
    Pre-made classes is a very bad idea, especially if there
    are only 4 to choose from. This is ruining multi-player experience, where each player wants to be unique. Serious ARPGs offer several base classes and allow multi-classing, for a much deeper experience and added re-playability.
    Finally, buying a sword at the smithy and finding yourself fighting shooting helicopters and industrial machinery is not only boring, it is totally out of context and illogical.

    Because of such severe flaws, the game is not as addictive as a great ARPG should be, except maybe for kids or newcomers to the ARPG genre.
  3. Oct 14, 2014
    I've only played the game for 12 hours so far, but oh my god this game is amazing. There are so many quests and challenges that you'll need to overcome, with or without friends. I never played this with anyone else but let me tell you, this is a fantastic game. Graphics are decent, but it's meant to be played on weak computers too.

    I can never really ask more from this game.
  4. Oct 9, 2014
    Sooooo better then diablo
    Sooooo better then over hack'n slash
    sooooo low budget
    Sooooo great game

    I played 100 hours and no one were boring for me. Must buy
  5. Oct 5, 2014
    Pretty seamless game.. Smooth, polished. And a lot of fun. High quality control, with a lot of the little things being there, along with the big things. Very good game.
  6. Sep 26, 2014
    For me this Game is a 9/10 why ? Cause it has nearly EVERYTHING.
    A storyline that keeps you playing, Itemization that is easy and appealing and the Game is cheap!

    Well made classes even invite you to play through the Game again.

    A cheap bargain.
  7. Sep 12, 2014
    Awesome top down rpg makes diablo 3 look shallow and unimpressive.

    Very good rpg with bright epic colors and satisfying spells, beautiful cartoon style graphics that never age and some of the Best character classes i have played.

    Very high replay value and hardcore makes you think twice about what you do plus for those who like to add, tinker or just mess around they can mod with the
    open community.

    Worth $50
  8. Sep 3, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. smooth game play in good story line great game to play like the skill tree in the boss battle there a good game every one of all ages can enjoy runic games good job. Expand
  9. Jul 29, 2014
    For a loot based ARPG, there is nothing more satisfactory than the joy from a success customization build of character. This is why Diablo 2 shines. Unfortunately, Diablo 3 ruins this.

    Heard that the original developers of Diablo 2 then makes a series called Torchlight. This is really a great improvement since Torchlight 1 with vast environment, improved class and skill sets.

    can enjoy the freedom in their choice of stat, skill investment, and build character according to their taste. The game's impact physic is pretty as well, fun in combat is the key.

    Although it is less hardcore than Diablo 2, it definitely targets core gamer markets instead. It is really a decent choice of loot-based ARPG in a theme different from Diablo series.
  10. Jul 22, 2014
    Better and worse that the first game in some ways. The option to explore the land above before transition between the dungeon levels gives the illusion that this more of freeroam action RPG. Nope its still a dungeon crawler above or below ground. Actually the above levels seem to be time wasters and not in a good way when backtracking through them alot. As with the first game Torchlight this game is noob friendly. I think even if you have never experienced the genre it the most easiest and accessible it terms of controls and gameplay. That being said this game lacks depth and variety it is a really a no brainer dungeon crawler. The combat effects are far too flashy engaging mobs close quarters led to my character getting obscured too much. Sometimes I couldn't even figure out which side I was getting attacked and the safest route to retreat. So deaths can come cheap from time to time due to the amount on screen confusion. Overall Torchlight 2 feels like a cut copy and paste of Torchlight with some tweaks. Still both games are of obvious quality however the lasting appeal and worth is like any other game subjective from gamer to gamer. Expand
  11. Jun 29, 2014
    Ever since Diablo 2, the excellent hack'n'slash game I really enjoyed and spent days and days with it is Torchlight 2 the only game which is at the similar level. It has its own cartoon graphic and the game play is catchy. Four difficulty levels with possibility to go NG+5 gives you pretty satisfying challenge. (and legendary drop items are not ruined by some stupid online auction houses) Expand
  12. Jun 26, 2014
    I literally love this game.

    I was getting bored of these types of games after playing the three diablo games and a few others friends recommended, but my friend told me it was cheap and we should try it together. The first hour we delved into it I felt it was the same old game, but it was certainly fun and engaging. The randomized maps that are different, but yet still feel the same add
    to the atmosphere of the game and add depth. The bosses are fun and somewhat difficult, you need to know where to go and what spells to use at what times. The classes are probably the best part about the game because if everyones a different one it works together perfectly.

    I don't know what else to say about this game, the graphics, style and atmosphere are all unprecedented. The mods added a ton of extra fun to have and PVP made this game a hell of a lot more fun too. If you are looking for a dungeon crawler similar to diablo, for less money but just as good other than the sound and a slight graphical change, buy this game instantly!
  13. Jun 13, 2014
    It does something, and it does it pretty well. Most importantly, it's really fun! It may get a TAD repetitive at times (still only a tad), but I find this unable to hinder my progress in the game in any way. Buy this game if you have the money, and if you're familiar with other RPG's you could find this fun as well.
  14. Jun 8, 2014
    a good single player.
    but heavily bugged on the coop side.
    and it was abandoned too soon after launch.

    with a few patches it might reach a 9. but, at the moment, it's a just a cheap, sufficiently good single player arpg.

    what a pity
  15. Jun 1, 2014
    I haven't played an ARPG in awhile and wanted to ease back into the genre. I wasn't disappointed at all. This is a fun fast paced game with a cartoon art style. You will get your moneys worth with at least 30 hours of content to explore if all side quests are played out. The only gripe I have is that when played on normal you get over powered quickly. So at the end of the game I just breezed through the last boss. Play on hard. Expand
  16. May 28, 2014
    A lot of people held this game up as a more satisfying version of Diablo 3, but personally I don't agree. Maybe I didn't play it long enough, but like some other reviewers, I found the lack of any kind of engagement extremely off-putting and didn't play for more than an hour before I got bored and went and did something else. My initial intention was to try to pick it back up later on and give it another chance, but that was a year ago and I still don't have any desire to try this again. Maybe that day will come in the distant future and I'll have a reason to revise my review, but for now, it's a 0/10. Expand
  17. May 18, 2014
    Not being a fan of adventure games, I find, however, that Torchlight II is an excellent game, the best in its class, some contradict me, but that's my opinion. Torchlight II is a game with a well-crafted story, the graphics are beautiful, and even if you can only include 4 classes, classes are not less desirable. Each has its own attacks its own objects, and each complete with others. The game is also good solo and co-op, although still play two more fun. In short, a game not to be missed, and play with a friend. Expand
  18. Apr 29, 2014
    HOW I RATE: 10-9 score: perfect or near-perfect don't exist; 8 score: one of the best games ever. Top score; 7-6 score: great but not one of the best; 5-below score: serious flaws.
    The new king of ARPGs. But there is one major flaw with ARPGs and that is gameplay - it becomes EXTREMELY repetitive fast - kill this, kill that!
  19. Apr 25, 2014
    Nice game. I like the fast paced gameplay. Super interesting characters and spells. Nice soundtrack and overall game atmosphere............. thoroughly impressed
  20. Apr 15, 2014
    I tried this game after hearing so many people praise it over Diablo, and while it is better than I thought, it's still mediocre at best. The cartoonish graphics, I thought, were a great change from the dark and dreary feeling of most dungeon crawlers. The gameplay, however, is nothing more than a long monotonous grind of doing clicking on enemies and using endless amounts of potions. It's a fun, quick fix, but doesn't nearly live up to the hype. I would say wait for it to go on sale on Steam, like I did, was worth the discounted price, not sure about the full 20 though... Expand
  21. Mar 29, 2014
    Kill, loot, sell, kill, loot, sell, give points for level and attributes. Repeat 100x

    A pretty hard game when you want to deal with it ion elite hardcore. In total 4 classes that are pretty good balanced. Awsome new graphic (since Diablo 2). Perfect just to sit down, connect to a friends server and click till your fingers will burn.

    Starting at the moment my third character (engi,
    bersi done) and I still don't get the point what happens in the story, but I seriously don't care. When you like games like Diablo just try it and you will gonna love it.

  22. Mar 27, 2014
    Nice game but pretty average (Played as Outlander). I honestly liked the first game better. Some maps are ridiculously large but other than random monsters don't offer anything else. There is only one sidequest in every camp and thats it, there is nothing else Your pet makes town scrolls useless so I don't see why are they in the game (I used them once during my 16hr gameplay). The loot system is broken I couldn't complete a single set and most of the stuff I got wasn't that good. I also ran out of mana all the time because the only way to eliminate monsters is with spells (the selection wasn't that good either) since weapons are pretty much useless and it takes forever to kill anything. Why some people say this is better than Diablo is beyond me since this game is way behind it. If you are looking for a game that can be compared to Diablo than that is definitely Titan Quest, a far superior game to Torchlight. Expand
  23. Mar 20, 2014
    A very nice RPG. The community also made the mods so great, I can't stop playing every night. The music and sfx are good! nice gameplay and long story. the quests are great and it took me so long to finish on hardcore!
  24. Mar 5, 2014
    I actually enjoyed this more than Diablo III, even though TL II might seem like that game's younger sibling (especially because it is full of references to it). Nevertheless, the game offers great and detailed graphics, fast-paced action gameplay and a lot of enticing loot to collect. Add to that the game's modability and you've got yourself some long-lasting fun on your hands.
  25. Feb 26, 2014
    Started the game. Played for 30 mins. Gained 7 levels. Still didn't knew what the hell was going on.
    I've played so many bad rpgs recently that I've lost count. But this game is just stupid. Anyone compares it with diablo is a fool. Definitely not worth the money.
  26. Feb 12, 2014
    I got this game from a steam sale for $5 and I can't believe what I was missing. Honestly I was looking for that Diablo 2 feeling and D3 disappointed me. Once I got this I couldn't believe how fun it was, I mean literally everything is fun, even selling things which can sometimes be a chore is a breeze just by loading up your pet and sending him to town. Awesome Game.
  27. Jan 25, 2014
    After doing Torchlight 2, it feels like an ok game with all the content, but I don't feel like completing the storyline again and to me, that's not a good thing. Sure it has replaying value but not enough for my taste. Though I sure as hell enjoyed the side quests, level design and gameplay. My experience is, however, shaded by the fact that I played with normal difficulty, which is disappointingly easy. I recommend blasting this game with Veteran or Elite difficulty. Recommending to those, who enjoy to loot, loot and loot. Expand
  28. Jan 24, 2014
    I didn't like Torchlight I that much because of the msising Multiplayer.
    But Torchlight II is one of the best Games I've ever played. Not only that it is the best DIablo-Clone ever. Also it is the only clone, that's better than the original!
    You could say that it is a better Diablo 3.
  29. Jan 20, 2014
    If you like games of this genre then IT IS A MUST to at least try it out, very addicting and fun to play.
    I've been playing it for quite a while and i just keep returning to it to try out other classes cause the abilities and spells are pretty cool, the ember mage seems most fun cause of the variety of offensive spells.

    The CO-OP is unfortunately quite a let-down you need to be patient
    to get it working if you're using steam but overall the game deserves 10/10 since i'm more of a solo player. Expand
  30. Jan 13, 2014
    game is really nice,but multiplayer really sucks,first i had to log in and log out several times so i and my friends can be on same server and play,we played 1 hour no problems then the lag problems started,sometimes me sometimes him,enemy just stand and dodnt attack or boss respawns 10 times,health is gone in 1 sec and no one attacks,i searched google and forums for solutions,its amazing how many people have same problem and no solution Expand
  31. Jan 13, 2014
    For this game, once compared to Diablo 3, it seems very good. Once compared to Path of Exile, it seems very bad. Let me explain. Torchlight 2 succeed where Diablo 3 fail but Path of exile succeed where both Torchlight 2 and Diablo 3 fail. The most negative point is the cartoon style and it is not free unlike Path of Exile. When I give a score to a game, I have to ask myself "did the money I paid worth that game. The answer is no. This game should be free. Expand
  32. Dec 7, 2013
    if you like dungeon crawlers and grinder rpg games, this one is definitely for you.
    you are being thrown into open world killing thousands of thousands of enemies leveling up finding new better gear, the usual stuff of arpgs.

    i like the idia of the pet that helps you in combat and it can also return to town and sell junk you dont need for money, its a great way to eliminate

    a thing i didnt like is how unbalanced the classes are. some classes have way to overpowered spells when some others have really underpowered spells.
    also im suffering framerate drop every ten seconds that i cant explain overall its impress me as an unoptimized game, witch its an exclusive to pc. 6/10
  33. Dec 2, 2013
    This game is the best Action RPG out there! The looting and leveling are big part of this genre indeed, however this game is not that special, not so much different than other, in fact it does what needs to GREATLY! You never feel bored from using the same sets of weapons/ armor. Why? Cause looting and leveling is what this game is great about! You always get drops of some great stuff. Not just that, but this game has a ton of boss fights, in which you get mad loot from! This game is not so different than others in the same genre, but it does what needs to do better than others. Expand
  34. Nov 18, 2013
    Single Player/Multi Player (2/2) (If the single player is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no multplayer) (If the multiplayer is better than the multiplayer, review this section as if it had no single player) Gameplay (2/2) Visuals/Story (1/2) (If the visuals are better than the story, review this section as if it had no story) (If the story is better than the visuals, review this section as if the visuals didn’t matter)

    Accessibility/Longevity (2/2)

    (Review this section only on Accessibility if the game has no longevity) (Review this section only on longevity if the game isn’t accessible)

    Pricing (2/2)

    Wildcard (0)

    This is a guideline for how to properly review games. Many reviewers like to get a “feel” for a game, and arbitrarily give a game a score that they believe it deserves. This results in wildly different scores between different reviewers, and vastly different scores between similar games. This guideline addresses these problems and scores games fairly and consistently. This guideline also gives scores that are usually similar to the metacritic score.

    The review score is based out of 10 points. There are no “half” or 0.5 increments. It is impossible to have a score above 10 or below 0. The review score will change as the game gets new dlc, drops in price, or if more secrets are found through the game increasing its appeal.

    The scoring is split into 6 sections. The first five sections can add a possible 2 points to the final score. The first 5 sections are Single Player/Multi Player, Gameplay, Visuals/Story, Accessibility/Longevity, and Pricing.

    Notice that 3 of these sections have two parts. These particular sections will be scored based on the stronger part of the game of the two. For example, if a game has a lousy single player campaign, but an excellent multiplayer component, that section will be based solely on the multiplayer as if the single player did not exist. This allows games to be based on their own merits, as many unnecessary features are shoehorned into video games by publishers to reach a “feature quota”. Games that excel in both areas of a section don’t receive should be noted in the written review, but cannot increase the score past 2 in that section. However, it can be taken into account in the final section

    The final section can add 1, add 0, or subtract 1 to the final score. This final section is the “wildcard” section. This section is for how the reviewer “feels” about the game, but limits this only to this section, rather than the entire 10 point review. This section can include any positive or negative point that was not covered in the previous 5 sections.
  35. Oct 28, 2013
    Lots of fun, whether alone or with friends. Tons of different monsters, cool levels, and of course items with plenty of room for enchantments and embers to further customize your equipment. I never really got into the story and felt nothing for the characters, but that isn't the point of this game nor was it the reason I played it. Fun to play and definitely recommended if you love ARPG games like Diablo. Expand
  36. Oct 25, 2013
    I find this game to be very enjoyable. The convenience of sending your pet to the store to help clear your inventory has to be one of the best attributes of the game. The scenery is very pleasant and the effects are nice as well.

    Yes this game is very similar to the game-play of Diablo, but it isn't depressing. All of the Diablo games are so gloomy throughout the entire storyline. Even
    though the games are similar they are still very different. You will always have similar games that fall under the same Genre. Torchlight & Torchlight 2 are very refreshing games because they allow you to progress through the game without spending half your time organizing or making attribute additions to you characters.

    Torchlight II is very much like the first one, but a lot of games tend to be that way. The first game was more along the lines of a Beta version for the second. I'm glad they didn't change much and they have added a lot of new maps that aren't Gloomy and Depressing like most Dungeon Crawlers. Love the game and I am thankful to the Developers for creating Torchlight II.
  37. Oct 24, 2013
    Fantastic game. One of the best in the genre. Fun, fast paced and awesome, near overwhelming amounts of loot. The skills are all very good and allow for reasonably diverse character builds and the combat is very responsive & satisfying.

    The game truly shines when modded. Throw Synergies and the T2 Essentials mod in and you'll get an extra 70 hours worth of content, half a dozen new
    classes and countless new pets to choose from.

    Could not recommend it enough.
  38. Oct 20, 2013
    It has tons of loot. It has great classes with great skill trees, making this game have many different ways to play in, resulting in a high replay value.

    It has 4 different difficulty levels. And if you finish the game, you get access to the mapworks, where you can buy new maps and finish them. You can also access the New Game+, where you start the entire game all over again, but with
    keeping all your acquired stats and items. That's a really cool feature.

    The environments are varied between deserts, forests, underground mines. The dungeons are impressive, with exciting boss fights as well. Visually, the game's good enough, although the graphics were not very detailed.

    Perhaps the only thing that kept this game from being amazing was the plot. It didn't really engage me in any ways. Same thing for the characters.
  39. Oct 10, 2013
    This game is very well made and better than the original in all respects, but it’s only fun up to a point. The story is basically non-existent (like most games in this genre) so once the loot collecting & pointing and clicking get tedious, you’ll struggle for a reason to continue. The graphics at least stay fresh and give every area its own identity, but even though you feel like you’re exploring different places, you’re always doing the exact same thing in those places, which is clicking to kill monsters. A whole lot of monsters. Over & over again.

    One huge plus is the devs opening the game up to the Steam Workshop. That has allowed people to make some incredible mods that add depth and fun to the game not included with the original version. That combined with the low price move this one up from a 7 to an 8 for me.

    I might force myself to sit through a couple more hours of clicking so I can click all the way through to the end, just to say I did, but I’ll certainly never go back and start a new game over. If these types of games are your cup of tea, though, you’ll like it a lot and should pick it up.
  40. Sep 25, 2013
    Absolutely amazing. Everything D3 wasn't, and more. I'm getting ready to start my New Game+ and I'm more excited than I was at the beginning of my first play-through.

    I can't say anything that hasn't been said before! GET THIS GAME!
  41. Sep 18, 2013
    Another great game from some of the original Diablo developers who started their own company. I'm not the biggest fan of the art style but if you liked Torchlight this is more of the same with some cookies. Multiplayer is a nice addition but not amazing.
  42. Sep 10, 2013
    An amazing game this is what I want from a Dungeon and Dragons game! I have spent countless hours playing this game there are a ton of things to do! Amazing game, buy it!!
  43. i0n
    Sep 3, 2013
    A truly impressive title on it's own merits not to mention the incredibly low price this is definitely one for lovers of Diablo style gameplay. In all honesty however, I enjoyed Torchlight II a great deal more than the Blizzard title(s) and was taken aback by the pace, graphics, gameplay mechanics and replayability. This is what Diablo 3 should have been. Excellent work Runic Games.
  44. Aug 23, 2013
    Downloaded this about six months ago. I've logged about 120 hours into this thing so far... I'm playing it even when I'm NOT playing it... Either something is very wrong with me (very possible) or this thing is GOOD.
  45. Aug 15, 2013
    I don't usually give out 10s, even amazing games with tons of playtime and play value get a 9. But Torchlight II is unbelievably fun. I've played through the entire game and started a New Game Plus and it's still fun! I played the original FATE game (and it's predecessors) a long time ago, and I loved them so much I was ecstatic to hear about a modern remake, and they did not disappoint in any area! In fact, even though I hold FATE as a classic and precious to me because of personal memories, Torchlight II may even be better. Expand
  46. Aug 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's a very nice game, not expensive at all, and very fun to play. Unfortunately, it is not polished, and small things amount to such an extent that it becomes really hard to enjoy the game.
    For example, there is a solid delay between your attack and movement actions; so when you are in the middle of a fight, hitting that mouse button to kick some monster buts, and suddenly your health drops to the point where you want to run you start clicking away, but your hero will continue to swing his hammer for a couple of times, until he reacts. By that time, of course, he will be dead. You have two alternative weapons configurations: so you may equip a shield and a sword as one, and a bow as the other configuration. If you equip two two-handed weapons in both configuration slots, one weapon defaults to right hand, the other to left. Now when you open up your Archaic Stats (where you can see all of your Hero's details, such as damage), not only need you to switch both configurations, you also need to switch the hands, in essence destroying all sense in comparison. Basically, you cannot compare both configurations' damage easily. Which brings us yet to another silly design blooper: when you point to an item, the statistic insert jumps out at you, and if it's let's say a weapon, two more stat inserts will jump our (for weapons in both your hands), effective covering ALL of your screen. Now, i could NOT (no matter how i tried) compare my ring's protection properties with the Actual Hero's Stats of Elemental protection. Unacceptable. Then, there are the graphics i like the overall design and atmosphere, but the textures are just washed out dyes. I did not feel personal with the Hero no matter how the equipped armor changed her looks. The weapons are actually terribly designed a cannon is a cylinder, and a sword is a stick. And Rare or Uniques do not differ from normal or enchanted sets. Major turn off. I was also playing on difficult setting, and could not amount any money whatsoever (the most i have possessed was around 30k), simply because as in the beginning of the game, or at level 40 you will set good items, really good sets or rares for around 100-200 gold pieces. What?! The skill tree is weird you cannot re-stat your points (actually, you can buy back only 3 latest points spent), and earlier skills do not contribute to later ones. So, does that mean that we should wait until Level 40 when the last skill opens up in a specific skill set tree to use it?! Come on... Things like that are all over the game; thankfully, Torchlight II is modable, and many people are making it better and better every day, with mods and improvements. Overall OK.
  47. Aug 11, 2013
    I don't know why people giving Torchlight 2 so high scores. I really felt cheated when the feedback was so good, and then the reality was very different.

    - THE BAD:

    Graphics are bad with no detail, combat is lazy with no impact, monsters have little variety, landscape neither has about any variety at all, boring quests (It's an APRG, surprise), story is boring, there are few classes
    and the customization is also scraping the bottom,

    - THE GOOD:

    You can apply mods and multiplayer is keeping the game alive, but ony by a bit.

    I didn't finish the game after 18 hours of gameplay I gave up due to the game was too boring.
  48. Jul 28, 2013
    A lot of progress and improvements have been made since the first Torchlight. This game is very large with detailed maps and dungeons. The level design is not repetitive at all from start to finish. I love how the internet coop works as well.

    The only bad thing is, after you have finished the game, you feel kind of full of it and anything beyond that is just a grind fest. Nothing new
    (except extra dungeons), no pvp, just creep carnage and better items. Same suffering as with the Diablo 3.

    Conclusion: If you are looking for 15-20 hours of fun aRPG gameplay, go for it.
  49. Jul 25, 2013
    Torchlight 2 is the sequel of Torchlight and is much better, because it has a coop mode, is better designed and is more fun! It looks good, it has the Steam workshop and an editor. You will have a long time fun with it!
  50. Jul 23, 2013
    The Basics

    Torchlight has really pumped some much needed blood into the action RPG genre. It’s not that it’s invented any new formula or feature. It’s that it’s got really well oiled gameplay which seems to understand itself. Runic definitely grasps the essence of the genre and what makes these kinds of games work. As a player, I can feel it in the polish of the flow of gameplay.

    True to form, character development in TL2 is very familiar: there’s a few dozen levels, troves of gear, and stat allocations. There’s special skills and abilities, special vendors, and inventory management. However, the game takes these things to some pretty interesting heights which, when combined, make the pace of gameplay furiously fast, gratifying, and addicting.

    The controls remain very simple: mouse button does most things, and the number keys are there for your customization. Stats aren’t auto-allocated: you get to build your character exactly the way you see fit. The stats themselves are relatively straightforward to understand and designed in such a way that no matter what class you pick, all of them will be useful to you. This means that even though there will be popular builds, there simply won’t be a “best” build no matter what fanatics and theory crafters say. How can I be so certain? Because there’s no best way to play this game. Runic has made player choice reign supreme it. Your single player game is yours and while there are multiplayer options, even that is custom for you and your friends.


    Sad how many modern games ignore this little, well-worn feature. They slap some bags on you and call it a day. Not in TL2. Just like the original, you have several bags. One’s for all the awesome loot you pick up, another for potions and buff items, and another for spell scrolls. Quest items don’t go in your bags. They just sit on your questlog until you use them. What’s more is they added an auto-sort feature which allows you to quickly rearrange items from top to bottom.

    Also, spammy potions. However, I like the execution of it here as a mechanic. The game rewards players for using fewer potions by asking you to use them at the right time during combat. This is the difference between a potion spammer and a potion user.

    Skills & Stats
    Rather than skill trees, TL2 has skill tables. Basically, the only prerequisites to learning any skill is your current level. That means no more wasting points in abilities just to get the ones it unlocks. Simply stack your points and wait until you hit the appropriate level. Or do what I do: experiment a lot.

    The variety in the trees seems adequate to me. Of the classes, I’ve so far tried the Engineer and Outlander. The trees for both are varied enough to truly give the player some strong options for alternate builds. Be careful, though. There’s no way to redo your skills once you’ve spent the points; they’re permanent, but you can always undo your last 3 skill allocations for a small fee at one of the special trainers.

    Arguably the most important part of character development, stats are simple enough to understand and flexible enough to ensure non-trivial benefits no matter your build. I won’t get into the nuts and bolts of stat scaling, but I will say that there’s no “bad” stats. They’re all viable for any class and allow for great build diversity. For the most part, the function of each stat is spelled out right on the character panel to give some transparency about just what’s being bought for a point. These also cannot be undone once the window is closed.

    What I like most about Spells is how they add an extra dimension to your class. As a spell wielding Outlander, I can tun his combat style to include fireballs, demons, and frost bolts. If I’m an Embermage, I can add skeletal archers or minions to my team. This feature succeeds at increasing class versatility and utility and it’s very fun to boot.

    Runnin’ and Gunnin’
    It doesn’t feel like it’s going as fast as it does. One moment I’m heading out of town to shoot-up some baddies and the next I’m 10 levels ahead and still blasting away. So forget leveling grindiness (until New Game This game does that worst than all the rest and that’s a really awesome thing.

    Forget the randomness associated with ALL creatures crawling through an ARPG. Unique monsters and bosses are actually intriguing in what they do. There’s actual challenge and fun involved. Each TL2 boss seems to be hand crafted for a specific experience. There’s some strategy involved and the monsters seem like they’re paying attention to you. This makes the fight feel more dynamic, less like another blip on the map to
  51. Jul 23, 2013
    Having played and loved the first game I was pretty psyched upon hearing about the squeal. After I played and was disappointed with Diablo 3, Torchlight 2 came out as if to pick up the pieces giving me a solid, great action-RPG. I played over 100 hours of this game, and loved every second of it. Yeah the story is basically not there, or just filler, but the game play is where it’s at. With the updated pet system which is the best, the plethora of weapons with crazy stats, the ability to choose the difficulty off the bat, being able to customize skill points, and most of all the mod support (which is now integrated with steam workshop).

    It has everything to hope for in an action-RPG/dungeon crawler. I did hear people had issues with the online multiplayer, but I never experienced them while playing with friends, or just random people on servers. It’s a fantastic game, and definitely something you should pick up, or at least try the demo you won’t be disappointed.
  52. Jul 22, 2013
    I think it should be noted that this is a *CASUAL* game. No depth to the mechanics, and nothing particularly challenging. Ever. It's all a point-and-leftclick game. Between all the fireworks of the spells it's incredibly difficult to tell where the enemies are in all the chaos, but you realize that it doesn't even matter anyway, because you're just clicking away randomly anyway.

    I have
    no doubts that this could be HIGHLY entertaining for a lot of people, but don't expect to be entertained if you're coming from a MOBA or FPS background expecting fun hack-and-slash action. Expand
  53. Jul 21, 2013
    This is a really good game and you can get it on sale for $5 which is practically robbery. The graphics have been reworked since the initial release and the game looks much better. I definitely recommend this game it's a lot of fun and has high replay value. The only area this game suffers is multi player which is why Diablo III still fetches $40. If you don't care about that then this is the way to go. Expand
  54. Jul 20, 2013
    A very fun Diablo-like (But better) game that has nice looking graphics, very fun gameplay, and for the price (Of only 20$ USD), it`s a definite buy If you loved Torchlight 1, Diablo, or just RPGs in general!
    Get it!!
  55. Jul 19, 2013
    Amazing game, highly addictive, fun, loot-tastic and has all the elements any rpg fan would appreciate.
    It feels like the perfect game especially with all the mods replay value.
  56. Jul 15, 2013
    Like a true master of PR, Runic Games released their Torchlight 2 very close to Blizzards' Diablo 3. The differences between the two games seem subtle at first, but become very apparent when playing either game for a longer time. This review will put these two games side by side, because it seems the best way to get the point of this review across: Runic has taken everything that made Torchlight and Diablo great, and added everything it was missing to achieve near-perfection.

    Big plus One: Freedom & Pricing
    TL2 is a game without DRM. It is also a game that costs far less than Diablo 3. To top it off, you get the editor along with it, opening up the way for mod communities to go wild on it. Where Diablo 3 offers a single, linear storyline with replayability only through ramping up the difficulty, TL2 offers a neverending Mapworks along with it, which keeps spawning random maps to play with various penalties or bonuses.

    Big Plus Two: Customization and Character building
    Where Diablo 3 served players with an ever-increasing amount of options that could be 'respecced' as often as you wanted, TL2 offers skill trees that restrict and allow the use of specific, tailored builds and more variety in playstyles. TL2 offers a small selection of class-specific gear to find, while everything else, from weapons to armor and jewelry, is usable by every single class, again adding variety within a single class where D3 offers none.

    Big Plus Three: Actually gaming, instead of worrying about money or lag.
    Where Diablo 3 offered a launch that was far from smooth, TL2 has no compulsory always-online, and no Real Money Auction House that completely destroyed in-game economy and fueled hordes of account hackers and monetary issues. Better yet, TL2 has no lag and plays more responsively, quicker and with far less issues and zero downtime. It sounds ridiculously obvious, and it is exactly that.

    Regardless of the existence of Diablo, Torchlight 2 simply is one of the most enjoyable dungeon crawlers on the market. Even recent patches to both games have not managed to change this perspective.

    The only advantage granted to Diablo 3 over TL2, is that it has a larger online community, but I seriously question whether D3 also has the larger amount of satisfied players.
  57. Jul 1, 2013
    I wasn't very fond of the first Torchlight game, mainly because I kinda never grew up with Diablo games (I was too young when Diablo came and I couldn't understand how RPG worked), but as a game itself it was pretty fun...for about 10 hours. Infact the first game lacked a bit of variation and I just couldn't help myself to continue. TL2 however improves everything from the first, and I will sum it up in 2 BIG points.

    1)When I bought this game, I was impressed by how it was open and how big it became: we have 4 classes now and each have their own skill set and they do feel unique, even though we lost some "unique" feature from the previous game (the destroyer was big, the alchemist was slim, and the ranger was a pretty gorgeous woman). That aside, the game is BIG although it still lacked variation and while I do play it more than the previous game, I still get bored pretty quickly (and the story is kinda non existant). We also get the online play but I really hardly tried it and there's not many people online, and if they are they're usually higher level than me, which meant I was a a pain for them. Still a good thing however.
    Definitely a good rpg to play anyway I didn't dislike it at all...until...

    2)...the day the mods came. NOW the fun really began! While we kinda lost the possibility to play online (we still can, but it requires that you have the exact addons that the host has), the game is so much amplified and varied now: modders always give us new classes (I just restarted with one), new features (dungeons, customizations, pets), new icons and HUDs, and many other things that actually makes you wanna try out for good. The only downside is that you can only put 10 mods at the time (probably for the online feature), but right now the mods makes this game much more varied and enjoyable to try out.

    In other words, it was a good game before but now it's even better and I can't wait to see more mods to come; add the fact that is still a huge game (even bigger now!), and the price is pretty cheap too, you can easily spend a ton of hours only experimenting stuff and mods (even though it still suffers from being repetitive and some skills tend to be pretty useless). This is a very solid game and a great sequel to the original Torchlight: if you like Diablo style game (it's the closest genre I can recall), give it a try and enjoy the exploration.
  58. Jun 25, 2013
    This genre of game has always failed to excite me, until Torchlight 2. The gameplay, whilst simple, is always addictive and random loot generation makes every enemy worth killing. The multiplayer is even more fun, especially with each player getting their own loot (Borderlands 2, take note). and the online mode is easy to operate. The pet system is also really clever, saving you trips back to sell your stuff. Though the story isn't very interesting and inventory management is a chore, this game does have some very cool class customization and skill tree upgrades. Whether you already enjoy Diablo-like mechanics or not, Torchlight 2 is worth your time. Expand
  59. Jun 24, 2013
    I don't understand the overwhelmingly high scores for this game, because Torchlight II feels to me like the pinnacle of mediocrity. Really I can only bring myself to play it after having played Diablo 3 to death; over 300 hours for D3 and only 20 for T2.

    My main problem with T2 is that it copies ideas from every other RPG and has almost no originality--or at least no good, original
    ideas. I swear several of the music tracks sound like they were ripped right out of Diablo 2. I've been playing an embermage and the skills, while pretty original, are hit or miss in the fun department; but it does have some limited respecing, which is appreciated. The loot is kind of difficult to figure out the mechanics of as you're never quite sure what effect some of the modifiers will have, albeit it's not as bad as Dungeon Siege III in this aspect. Same thing for spell properties and damage. You're given a DPS rating for the weapons in your hand but no average spell damage. And the most mystifying thing of all is the character attributes. As a mage, your damage is increased by both Focus, Strength, and Dexterity--it boggles the mind! Aside from that, the story--as others have pointed out--is complete trash, I just skip right over it.

    As far as good things, there isn't much to point out. But it does have support for mods, which is nice, but it's nowhere near Skyrim mod levels. I'm wracking my head trying to think of more good things about this game, but it's just so... average.
  60. Jun 24, 2013
    This game got hyped only because of failure of Diablo 3. This game is worse than Diablo 2 and Titan Quest. What is funny this game got even worse graphics than Titan Quest and TQ was released at 2006!!! Trust me if D3 did not failed nobody would rate this game 10 or even 9.
  61. Jun 16, 2013
    This is a fantastic game. I don't have a ton of experience playing action RPGs, but I was a huge Diablo fan back in the day. In my experience, TL2 is beautiful, fun, accessible and addictive. The music is extremely well done also. I cannot believe this game is only $20 (I actually caught it on sale for less).

    My only gripe is the lack of native controller support. I purchased
    Pinnacle Game Profiler to allow me to use a controller, and it works quite well. I hope the next Torchlight installment will include it.

  62. Jun 15, 2013
    This game is horrible compared to the first. The graphics are are fuzzier, not as sharp, the world isn't nearly as appealing as the first game.. Loot drops are favor what ever classes you AREN'T playing. Got a Outlander to up level 20 and no pistol drops anywhere, and yet they start you out with pistols. Stupid level design nowhere near as cool as the first game and the controls are still an unintuitive mess. The only reason anyone gives this game a 10 is because it doesn't suck as bad as Diablo 3, but it still sucks. Expand
  63. Jun 9, 2013
    gameplay is boring and graphic are too cartoonish for my taste. an improvement over the first installment, but not sufficient enough to make it to a positive rating.
  64. Jun 7, 2013
    If you're into loot hunt/character building games, this is probably the best thing to come out in over a decade. For those who have never played this type of game before, it's an action role playing game, where you have abilities bound to your left and right mouse button and a few keybinds on the keyboard. The action and controls are fairly straightforward so that really anyone can get into it fairly easily.

    You level your character up by doing quests, defeating monsters, mini bosses and bosses, and you choose new abilities as you level to customize your character's play-style. You will find increasingly awesome weapons, armor, spells, and armor enhancement gems as you progress through the game. You can customize your characters appearance to some degree, and even choose a pet from a variety of critters. There are open world areas to explore, with each area having a number of "dungeons" ,(towers, keeps, crypts, etc.).

    The appeal to this genre of game comes primarily from what is known as the "loot hunt". As your character proceeds through the game's content, the monsters and bosses they defeat will drop increasingly powerful items for your character to use. Depending on what skills you have chosen for your character, you're going to want to hunt for specific items that compliment that play-style and make your specific character build more powerful. These types of games can provide thousands of hours of game play--if they get the character building and item finding aspects correct, which Torchlight 2 absolutely does. If you're the type that would be into building powerful fantasy characters as a hobby, this would be a great game for you.

    To the ARPG vets who have not tried this game yet, I'm not sure what you're waiting for. For $20, TL2 is an absolute beast. Even at just level 20-30, you'll have various set item pieces, a unique or two, a slew of gems to socket, some random gear enchants, weapons with powerful procs, etc.. You can assign your stat points as you level, and each stat has multiple effects so you will benefit from more than just dumping everything into your primary stat. Your gear will be interesting and you'll have to do some decision making/theory crafting even at a fairly low level. Build variation is definitely here, a glaive Outlander and a pistol Outlander will want vastly different stat assignments and gear. Unconventional builds are viable, even on "elite" setting, so long as you're willing to farm up the necessary gear and socketables. I've seen someone take a melee class and make an elite viable ranged dual pistol build.

    For those of you who want a challenge, even with great gear the elite setting in the later game modes will still get you one-shot on occasion, so playing a hardcore will get your heart rate up. The loot in this game is plentiful. I've been playing for 2 months and I've got a bunch of various gear sets and weapons in multiple stashes for different classes across various levels. That being said, you will still have to invest time to get the absolute best of the best--at 215 hours into the game I still only have one rare item, and only one character that could be considered close to "super geared" for end-game, (even that character needs vast improvement for NG5+ elite). Mechanically speaking, the game is sound--there are only a couple of skills in the game that I think could be reworked.

    If you're letting the indie graphics stop you from trying this, I think you're making a huge mistake if you're a real ARPG/loot hunt fan
  65. Jun 5, 2013
    This is a tough one as I'm comparing it to the first game as well. Torchlight II without mods is much more open than the original, but the scrolls that would take you to random dungeons have been removed. This is one of the main things I liked about the original game, and they have been added back with mods, but they shouldn't have been removed in the first place.

    The modding in this
    game is fantastic, even better than the original game.

    Do not get this review wrong, I will play this game to death and then some. The game does have some issues though. It utterly lacks end game playing without mods and that is something I enjoy immensely in a game.
  66. Jun 5, 2013
    This game is a solid 9 for me but I'm giving it a 10 to counter the trolls giving it a 0. Fast paced, tons of loot, tons of user created mods(I recommend playing this with the Synergies mod) and only $20. This game isn't perfect but anyone giving it a 0/10 are either Blizzard fanboys, trolls or just idiots!
  67. Jun 3, 2013
    This game is almost perfectly made- the only real problem is the storyline, which could be a little bit better. Otherwise, the setting and art is great, for that side of the criticizing. As for the game itself, one of my favorite things is the loot. You get so much loot, you're constantly changing weapons and armor unless you get an extremely good armor set, which is another thing I like about the loot. The way the enchanted items, unique items, and set items work are great. I also like how the classes are balanced; their skills can be tailored to your particular play-style and work well with each other when playing co-op. In fact, co-op is probably the most fun part of the game. Playing with another or with 5 other friends at max can be really enjoyable.
    I have to give this a 10, because there aren't many faults... The only down is the graphics, which aren't the best, but I don't particularly care about graphics, and I assume most gamers don't either.
  68. May 30, 2013
    Childish graphics poor gameplay too few classes Game crashing on co-op after every loading screen. Poor story as hell Tbh even Diablo 3 is better than this game and that game sucks too.
  69. May 20, 2013
    Its a really fun top-down, hack-and-slash action RPG. If you're not into that genre really, you might like it anyway, because before I wasn't into that genre, and now it seems I kind of am. There's a good amount of content, and there's end-game content as well. The story is alright. The voice acting is pretty good. Nice audio, nice visuals. There's modding support, that's pretty cool. The development team, Runic, is pretty good--they've released a few (free) updates, including content updates. There's online (peer-to-peer) and LAN! Its pretty bug free, except: some class abilities have problems (ex. misleading descriptions); there seems to be some issues with playing online or LAN; there seems to be a lot of issues playing modded online or LAN; some minor spacial, gameplay issues in the game (ex. moving not where you intended). I'd pay around $30 for this game, or more. Expand
  70. May 19, 2013
    An uninspired Diablo 2 clone, dumbed down for the kiddies. It's much too easy. In three hours on Hard I might have drunk three health potions. There's no sense of world, no persistent characters, and no storyline to speak of. There's not even a world map to give you any sense of this world you're expected to save. It fails as a game, and it fails as a story.
  71. May 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. THIS IS DIABLO 3. PERIOD.

    Nuff said, what u will find in this game is a solid, amazing and utterly addicting arpg which will probably keep you playing for the next 10 years... 10 years from now this will be to todays generation what diablo 2 is to us. i say this bcos, in addition to well around 300hrs of inbuilt game play, theres a mod kit, which should push that number all the way upto 1000+...


    ALL FOR 20 BUCKS!! doesnt get better than this....and dont even get me started on the possibility of steam discounts....

  72. May 11, 2013
    I thought the game was solid until I lost my progress on the very first character I made but looked passed it and made another. It also seems like rarely anyone even plays this game as there are so few games in the list.

    Also if you want to experiment with mods from the workshop, make sure anyone you play with has the EXACT same mods as you or you won't be able to play together...yea
    it's THAT dumb. Expand
  73. May 3, 2013
    暗黑2的干儿子,流畅的游戏体验,不说其它,仅凭以下两点足以成为最佳的打怪刷宝游戏:1. 完美支持Steam Workshop。2.
  74. Apr 28, 2013
    For the Diablo fans disappointed by the changes made to the most recent game in the series, Torchlight II will make them feel right at home. Runic Games has basically taken the gameplay and story from Diablo II and set it in the world of Torchlight. However, this is also the game’s Achilles Heel as it might feel a bit too similar to some.
  75. Apr 28, 2013
    Irrespective of my opinion of torchlight 2. First of all let me congratulate the developers for having offline and LAN play, i wish AAA publishers would still treat us with respect.

    Now, why this game wasn't for me is because of the story. What story? You are right, there isn't any! And being a guy that likes story along with the gameplay aspect of the game, i was not very immersed in
    This game does so much right! But without a decent story and a narrative to drive it forward, i couldn't get into it (i played it single player though). And that pains me.

    However if you are a person who plays with his/her friends in a co-op setting. You'll have definitely more fun that i did. Or if u don't care about this story.
    Like i said before this game does so much right an awesome class system, leveling up system (although it happened far less then i required it to happen :P), pets and there roles, unique art style and the combat system.
    All let down by the game's storyline.
    This is my honest opinion about the game. But if you are someone who doesn't care about a story and just wants to focus on the combat and leveling up his/her character then ignore this review and buy the game...seriously
  76. Apr 25, 2013
    Remember the jump Assassin’s Creed made from 1 to 2? That’s what Torchlight 2 feels like. Runic Games knocked Torchlight 2 out of the park. It has phenomenal gameplay, and characters are more customizable than ever with 4 classes to choose from, each of which has a male and female variation. There are almost a dozen unique pets to choose from, and now play a much more important role than they did in Torchlight 1. The controls are easily customizable to your convenience and technical issues are incredibly scarce. The graphics engine is not demanding on the CPU or GPU, but still looks great. The introduction of the new game plus feature brings fantastic replay value to Torchlight 2. Add that to the mapworks feature, and you’ll have countless hours to spend after completing the game. In addition, the new co-op feature adds a fantastic multiplayer experience to the game. Players can’t by hoard or steal any loot with Torchlight 2’s great anti-cheating features. This is a fantastic investment of both your time and money. If you found Torchlight 1 fun at all, then Torchlight 2 will blow your mind. Expand
  77. Apr 22, 2013
    It might be me, since I've not seen a game I'd call great in this genre for quite some time. T2 in my opinion fails in the same way the first one did. It's way too easy for the most part and it gets unbearably dull after five or so hours. I didn't finish it, I just decided to get off the treadmill after falling asleep a few times. Also, I've found performance lacking (even in single player), which is hard to pardon given the visuals. Expand
  78. Apr 13, 2013
    Bueno, primera review que hago, le doy 8 puntos a este juego no solo porque me encantan gran parte de los juegos Hack n' Slash, los gráficos son muy buenos, el estilo de juego es muy simple, el loot esta bien organizado. Lo malo es que varias veces no se entiende al momento de pelar contra muchísimos enemigos a la vez, esta bien agregar una alta cantidad de monstruos a la vez, pero resulta odioso que no entiendas nada cunado peleas. La historia no es muy buena que digamos, y el muy poco voice acting que hay en el juego es muy horrible, pero dentro de todo es muy divertido, el multiplayer para mi esta bastante bueno y esta bien que el loot sea separado, asi no se realizan ninguna pelea entre los miembros del grupo. Es muy barato y se los recomiendo, si a ustedes les gusto Torchlight 1, les va a encantar Torchlight 2. Expand
  79. Apr 9, 2013
    EXACTLY like Diablo! This game just feels like someone literally took the programming from the old Diablo games and then just drastically improved and modernized the graphics and gameplay. Then, to avoid copyrights they changed the storyline and graphics JUST ENOUGH to pass it off as a new game. The storyline is IDENTICAL to Diablo, just new names and faces in place of the old ones. It is hilarious. If you missed the old Diablo games, Torchlight II is the modern reincarnate.
    Though this game is plenty of fun for me, I cannot help but feel most of the fun is based off nostalgia. This game does not offer cutting edge modern gameplay, it is a take on a classic. However, this game set out to recreate an old experience with new value and they aced it. GJ Runic!
  80. Apr 7, 2013
    To begin with, I have never really played or got in to arpg games in my entire life. When my friends were playing d2, I was playing cs. I've been always the fps guyg and lately I got in LoL but that games started bore me too. When I picked up tl2 I was blown away by pure fun this game was offering. I initially torrented this game but I just had to buy to suport the devs. I never new arpg could be this much fun. From killing monster with my duel pistol to looting.....there are so many things to give u satisfaction which I think it lacks in most of the games today. It is especially satisfying when I kill multiple enemies with crits because they literally explode in to red mist. Maxing out dexterity on outlanders are truly fun. Anyway this game may not have the best look but it has its own beauty to it with its cartoony graphics amd I gotta admit...I need to give diablo 2 a try. This game truely opened my eyes to arpg game. Plz fps player, if you never tried arpg games tl2 is a good starter imo Expand
  81. Apr 6, 2013
    A true pioneering game in the action role playing game series, it manages to deliver what player wants in such a short time frame for only $20 (sometimes lower), no bullhonky DRM, no traffic jam, and possibly the first action PRG to fully support modding. I would totally recommend this to people who want to try diablo 3.
  82. Apr 4, 2013
    Torchlight 2 is a long awaited sequel to the original Torchlight. The graphics are amazing, the combat mechanics are well paced and the levels are randomly generated every time. Although the gameplay does not introduce anything new, it doesn't fail to bring back a sense of nostalgia for action RPG fans.

    If you enjoyed playing Diablo in your youth, then consider getting it. It is more
    than it's value for $15 on Steam Expand
  83. Apr 3, 2013
    Overall the game is as fun as the first one if you like ARPGs. I particularly liked the fact that there were various traps throughout the game that made you a little uneasy but weren't truly deadly. The pet continues to be an enjoyable aspect although you never really get any strong attachment to it. It's really just a pack mule but being able to send it to town for supplies is pretty neat.

    Unlike the last game this one has a few more problems than normal. The biggest issue I had was graphical glitches. This was especially common in the desert regions where it was trying to paint bushes. They'd just flicker. There were others though. The creatures had different names and skins but the same set appeared in every area so there wasn't a lot of variety.

    The gear was lackluster after about the middle of the game. I wish there was more gear. I had hopes with the crafting to be able to get better gear but you always get worse based upon the algorithm used. It made crafting effectively useless. One particularly annoying issue is that you can hide levels of items from the screen (white, blue, etc) but they are still there. Oftentimes when you are clicking to pick up something you'll accidently pick up these hidden items instead. It sort of defeats the purpose of filtering. If I don't want to see certain items then I shouldn't be able to pick them up.

    Perhaps the worst issue is with the champions and bosses. Pretty much every one of them has teleport. This means you'll be hitting on them and they'll just move elsewhere. This extends the battle but is more frustrating than challenging. It's almost like it is a crutch that was used way too often.

    Finally I felt some of the later levels were really long for no reason other than to be really long. Especially in the final levels of the game they just went on and on for no real good reason.

    Overall though I consider T2 to be a very good ARPG, especially compared to others in this genre. It is about as close to Diablo 2 as you can get (although I still think Titans Quest is better).
  84. Apr 2, 2013
    The first thing that comes to mind when I start this game, is the non immersive cartoony graphics. The one thing positive about this is you can argue I don't have a low spec system, so I can't test this theory) that the game 'should' be playable on low end systems.

    The game's graphics detract so much sometimes from gameplay, that it makes it difficult to see grades in the landscape
    making the game annoying to traverse.

    I did enjoy the pet system, not because I can use my poor pet because Im too lazy to go back to town with my brave pet, but because I'd rather play through the game with my pet dog, than with a follower from other similar games in the genre.

    The player RUNS through the game far too early, making it seems as if my player is constantly on caffeine, which is something that RPG fans prob. won't like a great deal, but 'younger' generation players probably will.

    The stat screen is interesting enough, but I personally found the 'Skill' screen very ugly and diminished by immersion a lot, whereas with Diablo 3 it's the exact opposite.

    The overall feeling of this game is very childish and non immersive, as much as I wanted to like it overall, I just can't. The outside levels are bad enough in that regard, but going into a dungeon feels like mayberry RFD instead of a gritty dungeon experience which again Diablo 3 offers in spades though admittedly neither succeed in that area given there are no torches for area effect ).

    THe fact that you can't change your skills once they are in place alienates players who might make mistake placing them, just as was done in Diablo 2, and I found that very distasteful then as well, so Im very appreciative of Blizzards foresight in making skills changeable with no obvious penalty short of a small 1 minute or so visual showing the new skill reenergizing.

    I would like to say the game was fun, that it drew me IN, but it's not when you consider that it is hard to get 'into the game' given the lacking immersion, for reasons stated above, and the poorly designed skills screen wasn't helping me at all. The sound and visual effects are just fine and do help to alleviate the issues above,but it's not really enough to overcome them for me.

    IT's quite clear, that they chose their 'visual' look very cartoony, in a lowered style compared to Diablo 3, etc.) to appeal to a younger audience which is fine, but I feel it left out the hardcore audience that wants realism. Diablo 2 is a 10 year old game now, but it's look and feel is not diminished, and Diablo 3 which veered off course thankfully....) skill and stat wize has managed to maintain a immersion factor of 10 and is the one true Diablo 2 sequel in this authors opinion.

    Just as with WoW, I would prefer to have a decent 'pet system' for Diablo 3, which may come in a expansion, so I will give TL2 one extra positive mark for entertaining those of us who love our pets and want them by our gaming side, vs ordinary boring followers.

    I did not try Networking, but I hear its frought with issues both in stability and profanity in game 'titles'.

    One last note; while diablo 3 does the same basic thing, I take one mark away from TL2 for not attaching offensive spells animations to our actual choice of weapon wiz here), thereby removing another source of needed immersion for this visually inferior game adult crowd at least, and I suspect many 'kids' out there too given our technological age ).

    All in all, the game succeeds in showing us a fantasy based world full of button mashing necessity yet fails to deliver on style. At the asking price of $20 or $10 right now on Steam) and given there is a GUTS editor to making MOD's for TL2, it's hard to debate the net worth compared to other titles going for $60 in todays market.

    The replayability suffers from the games lacking emmersion, but at least there is a GUTS editor for those that have managed to outlast that shallowness, and dynamic challenges placed throughout the game world do help to alleviate some of that, but given the possible lack of maturity given this games look and feel, I can't imagine that the experience would be worth it.

    I also found that with a lot of spells going on at the sametime I can imagine that MP would be far far worse), that a otherwise visual delight is otherwise turned into visually confusing mayhem making anything interesting turn into a indistinguishable mess a lot of the time. Diablo 3 did a fine job of fine tuning that,short of 4 players and monsters hordes, where even that scenario is doable. I also thought that while overall acceptable, that a better job could have been done with visual spell effects .

    I think it's a shame that the less mature among this forum's inhabitants were so harsh on Diablo 3 given ridiculous scores of '0', so I will avoid that silliness entirely and mark this game on its actual 'merits' ,not some super childish antics.

    Graphics: 3
    Immersion: 0
    Mechanics: 8
    Replayability: 7
    Sound: 5
  85. Apr 2, 2013
    Torchlight II, while lacking a little bit in story line, completely blew me away with how much raw fun was in the game. I had never played a 3D hack'n'slash RPG before, and Torchlight II quickly became my most played game on Steam.

    The only downsides to this game is the weak story line and that normal mode is a little bit too easy. It has excellent replayability with New Game+ and the
    mapworks. And now with GUTS, modding will grow hugely and there will be even more to do in this excellent game. Expand
  86. Apr 2, 2013
    Simple, light for the operative system, smart & very very funny!! The toon-graphic is very suggestive and cool!!! The gameplay left you every single breath....If you liked Diablo, you love this too much!!
  87. Mar 28, 2013
    This is a great little action game, I like its graphics style, the sound score, the atmosphere and such. However, the graphical fidelity isn't amazing, the gameplay is more of the same (which isn't bad, but not amazing either, imo), the story I didn't pay attention to in the slightest, something with someone, kill it etc. I usually pay attention to the story in games, but here I just couldn't be bothered. I didn't really see or experience any bugs, so it, to me, is quite a polished game, which adds to the fun, by being less frustrating than the competition.

    All in all its a very acceptable game, but I can't bring myself to play it more than I have, however, for the money it cost, and the amount of hours I got out of it, it is a damn good deal. If you like action games, get it. 7/10
  88. Mar 25, 2013
    This game is simply amazing. Made by the same people that made Diablo 2, this is everything you should expect diablo 3 to be. great game-play, music is amazing, exciting skills, extreme build flexibility and diversity, constant item upgrades, this game is just amazing. and at only $20, its a complete steal.
  89. Mar 25, 2013
    TL2 is exactly what one should want in a dungeon crawler, looting game. And the problems in this game are very few and far in between. For example the normal difficulty is not normal, it's easy. So to get normal and then hard you should start on "hard". And the the graphic styling is not exactly new age but it's carrying a feeling that is appropriate for the game. There is alot of loot, there are alot of dungeons, there are alot of skills, monsters, quest. Many classes cause the games to have alot of replay value. Game also has a re-roll function making no two games the same, adding to said replay value.
    This is a great game folks but to make it even better it's cheap. None of that 60$ it's only 20$ that's it. Go and get it. Now. Stop reading this and buy it.
  90. Mar 22, 2013
    After long time when I play TL2,some weeks ago I get SynergiesMod and the adventures begins.The mod is awesome with that new content.still playing with fun and the gameplay is not boring.
  91. Mar 21, 2013
    A disappointing sequel to one of the best ARPGs I've played... I just got bored within a few hours of playing it. With Torchlight 1, I finished the game 4 times because it was so captivating and all the skills were so fun and unique. Torchlight 2 just doesn't feel as deep it's a bigger game, but not necessarily as captivating to one's imagination. The graphics are too distant, the story line's a bit monotonous and slow. The multiplayer is a big letdown when you do get a good game it's really not that different from single player... but I can see it work nicely if you've got some friends on it and playing together as a team. Expand
  92. Mar 20, 2013
    A thing of beauty. I have more then 300 hours clocked on Steam, with very good reason. This game is a hack 'n slash action RPG with 4 classes to choose from and skilltrees that allow for endless variations. The characters play the story in 4 acts, with each of these acts playing in a randomly generated world. Messing around with class/skilltree/gear is perfectly fine on easier difficulties, but if you want to survive the highest difficulty, only the best builds will do. Weapon and armor drops have random stats just like in Borderlands. And you can customize them even further by slotting in gems and/or having them enchanted. Add in shops, a gambling vendor, fishing (heh) and a load of end-game content... Well, you get the picture by now. The best thing for me was how well balanced and polished this all feels. And at the price they're selling it, I advise everyone to try it. Expand
  93. Mar 13, 2013
    The only truly negative thing I have to say about this game has nothing to do with the game itself I am upset that I did not discover this game before I wasted $60 on Diablo 3 (though I did manage to snag it for $10 during a Steam Sale best $10 I have spent on a video game). I enjoy loot adventures and playing co-op with my brother (who lives in a different state). I felt like as the game progressed, I would discover new things about it that I liked, things that we would often talk about why they were never implemented in different games. You can tell from the beginning that TL2 was about what the players would want from this type of game. I even found a mod for full controller support you would think this would not work as well as it does (I figured I would use it only for my alt 'zerker but use it for my outlander as well). After just completing my first run-through, my character was only at 56 with a max of 100. You have the option to reset the world and play again OR purchase different dungeon maps with bonuses attached to them (along with handicaps and stipulations). That is a tremendously awesome way to keep a player interested (especially for someone who does not care about Raid bosses or PVP). I recommend this for anyone who enjoys dungeon crawlers. Expand
  94. Mar 6, 2013
    The game plays awesome, it does what the first one but better.
    I played it about 80 hours (twice the time that i played Diablo 3).
    The lack of history didn't bother me at all cause the game is great.
  95. Feb 26, 2013
    There was a huge amount of hype surrounding the release of Torchlight II despite the impending release of Diablo 3, and it shows how Runic Games have already built a dedicated fan base on the success of the first Torchlight. The sequel is a brilliant follow-up and the developers deserve full credit for building upon their excellent debut.
    To a minor extent, Torchlight II has less charm
    than its predecessor, but it expands and improves on every other element. The many areas are diverse and complex in their layouts, with multiple hub areas allowing you to sell loot and use the many other services available. You would be frequently returning to these hubs if it were not for the pet feature, which allows you to stock up your pet with items to sell in town while you continue exploring. It's one of the first game's best feature and makes a welcome return for the sequel. Each class has an extremely unique skill-tree, and there's a nice deviation from the generic tank/mage/ranged cliche. There is a nice diversity in the pet choices, too.
    Overall, Torchlight II is a commendable sequel, showing Runic Games' growing experience. I for one will be closely following their future projects.
  96. Feb 25, 2013
    This is the user-friendly version of what D3 could have been. This game has support for single player, online, and even LAN. There is also a new mod that adds a Necromancer class, news maps, and tons of other features. Game play is fun and fast paced. The graphics are simple, but not bad looking. My only serious complaint is that the options to respec your character traits are limited to only the three most current traits selected. Once you go down a path, you are kind of stuck with it. There are workarounds for this issue, but I havent tried any of those yet. This really limits players options for testing new strategies and trait combos along with new gear. I dont understand the logic of this design choice at all. Other than that its a great game at a great price. Expand
  97. Feb 25, 2013
    This game is a huge improvement since the first one (though the first was pretty cool too!), Runic Games fixed the things that were annoying in the original. For example, they have diversified the scenery and your hero travels to different locations instead of digging the same mine in the first game. Also there are a lot of fun things to do besides the main quests: you can search for secrets, kill unique champion monsters or scan the maps for side quests. But of course the main step forward is adding multiplayer COOP. Awesome! Comparing to D3: YES, T2 is better! It's just more fun to play, more addictive. The only thing in which D3 is better is storyline/cinematics, it's just more epic and dramatic. Expand
  98. Feb 23, 2013
    Felt a lot like Diablo III, except the UI and character building feels very clumsy. Some great concepts and ideas, but I felt they weren't very polished.
  99. Feb 19, 2013
    Gameplay is great, lots of content. The graphics look good, especially the environments. Great music that fits well. My only complaint is that the story is really boring. It doesn't do enough to keep me interested in what's going on in this world, and that could be a deal breaker for many people. Why care about completing these quests when you don't care about the world or characters? It's a fun game with friends though. Expand
  100. Feb 18, 2013
    Im play diablo I and II and this last im have in my battle net with expancion...diablo III what a fail, no objects, no sould u play with enthusiastic--Torchlight I only fail not put multiplayer...but this omg m take from steam for 9,90€ and even 20 deverve all money...this game have 2 of developers of originals diablo I and II, that why sound so family... what im love lot this game is u hae lot free and can use guns from others chas thas its new and cool.graphic are cartoon and im like sound ists good gameplay not about to say history more stupid then diablo III but no affect game
    graphic 10
    sound 9
    history 9
    gameplay -10
  101. Oct 25, 2013
    I find this game to be very enjoyable. The convenience of sending your pet to the store to help clear your inventory has to be one of the best attributes of the game. The scenery is very pleasant and the effects are nice as well.

    Yes this game is very similar to the game-play of Diablo, but it isn't depressing. All of the Diablo games are so gloomy throughout the entire storyline. Even
    though the games are similar they are still very different. You will always have similar games that fall under the same Genre. Torchlight & Torchlight 2 are very refreshing games because they allow you to progress through the game without spending half your time organizing or making attribute additions to you characters.

    Torchlight II is very much like the first one, but a lot of games tend to be that way. The first game was more along the lines of a Beta version for the second. I'm glad they didn't change much and they have added a lot of new maps that aren't Gloomy and Depressing like most Dungeon Crawlers. Love the game and I am thankful to the Developers for creating Torchlight II.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 67 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 67
  2. Negative: 0 out of 67
  1. 82
    Torchlight 2 offers everything an action RPG fan wants: a huge campaign, variety of enemies, a rich system of quality loot, well-balanced and fresh classes with different build options, care-free and fun multiplayer modes. [November 2012]
  2. Dec 13, 2012
    Sure, it might not reinvent the wheel as built by Diablo II over a decade ago, but Runic deserves props for perfectly recreating the formula. Many others have tried to bring their own take on Diablo to the market-and failed. Runic didn't, which makes Torchlight II an essential purchase for anyone who loves to crawl through dungeons while scoring phat loot.
  3. Nov 25, 2012
    A slick action RPG with wit and charm, this is a genuine alternative to Diablo III. [Christmas 2012, p.93]