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  1. Positive: 50 out of 57
  2. Negative: 0 out of 57
  1. 86
    The graphics are great, the music engrossing, and the gameplay addictive. While the lack of multiplayer at first tastes bitter, the single-player campaign more than makes up for it, as you really have little to lose at the meager asking price of $20.
  2. Torchlight is a great dungeon crawler with enjoyable combat and an excellent loot system.
  3. It’s not a new concept, but the execution is tight. Torchlight is a nice ride that echoes with memories of grand gaming times of the past, while using an updated style and graphic charm to keep it fresh and fun.
  4. Runic hasn't dumbed down the experience, they've removed the fluff and distilled it down to the truly fun parts. Add in a few innovations and what you've got is Torchlight; a game that raises the expectations for dungeon-crawling action RPGs by being not just fine-tuned but affordable as well.
  5. The core of the game is its combat and character progression, and both of those are outstanding. Torchlight might not be breaking any new ground, but the soul of Diablo hasn't been so ably captured in years. You won't find much that approaches Torchlight's worth at its $20 price point.
  6. 80
    At twenty dollars, Torchlight is a remarkable value.
  7. Even though there is nothing new or truly unique about Torchlight, nothing at all, that it so confidently and prettily takes the fight to Blizzard is an enormous compliment about how well put-together this is.
  8. 90
    With fast-paced combat, a distinct atmosphere, a variety of options to help you explore the dungeons, and a recession-friendly $20 price, Torchlight is a wonderful choice for gamers looking to tide them over until Diablo 3. Just don't be surprised if you find this appetizer to be just as satisfying as a full meal.
  9. It's just too damn much content for such a low amount of money and it's sure to satisfy that crawly itch for loot-hunting and hoarding, even up 'til Diablo III.
  10. 100
    Even without multiplayer, Torchlight makes for a remarkably entertaining 10 to 15 hours, with plenty more custom content to come thanks to the powerful game editor TorchED, which you can download free of charge. Even if you aren't waiting impatiently for Diablo III, Torchlight's a great value at a mere $20.
  11. A dungeon crawl like we haven't seen for so long: tons of enemies, loot and hours of fun. It won't be liked by anyone and the lack of a multiplayer mode is a shame, but a lot of gamers will like this Diablo 2 and Fate clone.
  12. Runic Games has created a game charming enough to engage us for hours.
  13. Torchlight is proof positive that it’s often the simplest games that can be the most addictive.
  14. 100
    You may not have heard of it, but you owe it to yourself to play this game.
  15. Runic Games has created something bright and punchy, if a touch aimless, which makes up for the lack of personality (and multiplayer) with a beaming smile and lots of encouraging pats on the back. [Feb 2010, p.90]
  16. Let’s be honest though, at the price point Torchlight is retailing at, you really shouldn’t be expecting polish. Hell, if you’ve been lucky enough to pick it up at the ridiculous price it went for during some of the winter sales, you’ll get your value for money as long as it boots to the menu – and while it may not be polished, and may be missing a few things that will elevate it beyond Diablo, Torchlight is still undeniably good fun. Incredibly basic, pure, simple, primal fun. And I love it for it.
  17. 80
    Torchlight is homage to a simpler time in gaming, one that deserves all the positive word of mouth it has been gaining.
  18. Torchlight is a big surprise with a great work in gameplay, graphics and value. Runic triumphs with its debut because of an addictive proposal and engaging dungeon bash gameplay.
  19. In the end, Torchlight is a very solid dungeon exploring action RPG.
  20. Torchlight isn't the average Diablo clone. Developed by some of the guys behind the first to chapters of the original game, this is more likely a brilliant tribute to the king of the genre. Some flaws, like the lack of any kind of multiplayer and a mild difficulty level, won't spoil hours and hours of slashing fun, given away at a great price. Don't forget the editor, which is already giving its first results. If you're a genre fan don't miss this one.
  21. A fantastic action RPG for a bargain price. This is exactly what indie titles should be.
  22. If you're looking for the next great hack-and-slash, Torchlight is this year's finest.
  23. Some gamers may be disappointed to hear that there's no multiplayer option in the game, but there's so much fun to be had in the dark reaches under Torchlight that you won't really mind.
  24. Carrying the influence of several ex-Blizzard executives, some having oversight in the development of the first couple Diablo titles, Torchlight comes into its own as a recommended purchase and a good placeholder for Diablo III.
  25. Torchlight is good hack and slash game, a very nice Diablo, WoW and Fate mix with a solid gameplay. A must buy for all the dungeon crawler fans and all the peoples who are waiting the next Blizzard masterpiece, Diablo 3.
  26. A Diablo style dungeon crawler where the main idea is to slay hundreds or even thousands of monsters and collect all kinds of magical loot. The game does have a couple of fresh ideas such as the pet companion that assists you in battle and can also storage items or sell them in the village. The main problems with the game are the lack of multiplayer and originality but overall Torchlight is a good little game that’s very addictive and fun. [Dec 2009]
  27. Do you love to play Diablo and this kind of game? Why are you still sitting in front of your television - move your ass and play Torchlight – you will never go back to your boring TV-shows.
  28. 85
    Torchlight is a lovingly crafted and polished action-RPG that is an absolute must for any fans of the genre, and well worth looking into from anyone else even vaguely interested.
  29. Someone could call it a “Diablo clone”, but truth is that it's the real Diablo's son we've been waiting for a long time. Respectful of its parents, Torchlight creates a lovely experience through sparkling landscapes, giving new life to the “mouse smashing gameplay”. Its simplicity is worth its weight in gold.
  30. Torchlight is the ultimate rival for Diablo. The game doesn't introduce something new to the genre, but that's forgiven by the atmosphere it provides and the Blizzard-like level of polish. Thanks to its small price tag and the addictive nature of the game, it comes highly recommended for everyone.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 725 Ratings

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  1. Jan 22, 2011
    I have completely fallen in love with this game. It is brilliant, very cute with outstanding gameplay. Good interfaces and easy to just pickI have completely fallen in love with this game. It is brilliant, very cute with outstanding gameplay. Good interfaces and easy to just pick up and play. There has been some criticism that the game does not feature co-op or multiplayer, however in this day and age where EVERYTHING has co-op and multiplayer I found it a refreshing change to have a game I can just sit and play all on my own in peace. The treasure hunting and fishing aspects of the game keep it fresh as do the maps that lead to hidden bonus dungeons. I am still hunting for some very specific items to get full sets of the epic type suits with awesome bonuses. All in all this game has mass appeal, yes it is not original but damn it is fun, very pretty to look at and superb to play. Highly recommended and I am looking forward to the forthcoming release of Torchlight 2. Full Review »
  2. Feb 28, 2012
    Torchlight is a rare game we get, its a Diablo clone, that is clear, but its a great example on how a dungeon crawler is made. I really thinkTorchlight is a rare game we get, its a Diablo clone, that is clear, but its a great example on how a dungeon crawler is made. I really think this game has potential in it, or had, unfortunately it was not used to its maximum power. The environments are repetitive, really repetitive, every 5 dungeons or so you get a change but that doesn't kill the repetition, and all the lost dungeons and extra ones are the same thing, that is the major disappointment of this game. After I see the enemies getting extremely repetitive too which get a little tedious and then of course there is repetitive loot which is found in massive amounts. All these issues make this game a little bit tedious but there is a saving grace, the art style is just outstanding, the sound is good and the learning curve here is just about right. I will tell you to buy this game if you are a diablo fan since this is a great experience for dungeon crawler fans but its not the reboot of the genre nor is it innovative to death, it gets a 6/10 but i will still recommend a buy. Full Review »
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    Awesome game! Totally consuming and fun. $15 on STEAM! Unbelievable value for so great of a game. Anxiously awaiting Torchlight 2 very soonAwesome game! Totally consuming and fun. $15 on STEAM! Unbelievable value for so great of a game. Anxiously awaiting Torchlight 2 very soon with Co-op play! Full Review »