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  • Summary: Torrente is a fascist, sexist, racist, drunk, and dirty former cop who soon finds himself caught in the crossfire between drug cartels and the Mafia. Now he must blast his way through street thugs and hit men battling for control over Madrid's seedy underworld. Torrente was dismissed from the force due to his questionable involvement in a sordid case. Now he scrapes out a living as a private dick with the objective of some day being reinstated in the glorious police force from which he believes he was wrongly dismissed. In missions ranging from Madrid to Marbella, Torrente must complete a variety of tasks such as escorting an important client, deactivating bombs, and protecting beauty queens, generally with chaotic and bloody results. [O~3 Entertainment] Expand
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  1. Torrente has a few things working against it, the least of which is the fat, balding, middle-aged, ass that is the star of the game. That fat dork is the best thing about the game. What does that tell you?
  2. Really disappointing [gameplay], poor controls, poorly designed missions, poor execution.
  3. This exotic pedigree gives Torrente the game an air of intrigue that eclipses the final product, which turns out to be a typically rotten movie-licensed budget shooter.
  4. 33
    It's a slow-paced shooter with shoddy AI, dated graphics and a frustrating design. Even though it's good for a few irreverent laughs, it's not worth paying for, even in the bargain bin.
  5. 'Torrente' may just be a new Spanish word for ‘terrible’.
  6. The graphics are bland, the sound is grating, and the gameplay is about as much fun as watching paint dry. There are better things you could do with twenty dollars.
  7. If the gameplay was incredibly fun, or the graphics fantastic, then perhaps playing basically the same mission over and over again for ten hours could have been bearable, or even mildly entertaining. Torrente, by comparison, was more like pulling teeth.

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