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  • Summary: Renowned writers Wolfgang Walk, Mark L. Barrett and Bob Bates tell the tale of Thomas "Hawk" Blythe and his powerful adversary, Edward Teach, better known as the dreaded Blackbeard. It is as much a pirate tale as ever there was, and this is one to make the blood boil with love and honor, conspiracy and theft, violence and murder. Features include: Blackbeard! The most feared and notorious pirate to sail the seas; Pirate story of voodoo, treasure, treachery and love; Battles at sea and on land, close combat, sneaking and climbing; 8 ship types, with diverse configurations and ammunition; Traditional collection of close combat weapons with some less conventional bonus weapons; Wide range of sword fight maneuvers, combo attacks and special moves. [CDV Software] Expand
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  1. This is a game where the sum of the parts make a fairly satisfying whole.
  2. It's just that not enough of the missions stand out, and the majority feel like sleepwalks through pirate lore that would bore a pre-teen. [June 2007, p.60]
  3. The game is slow to entrust you with special moves (your only sign of character progression), and plot holes in an otherwise adventurous storyline keep the film reel in shoddy shape.
  4. My advice is to sail these rough waters with caution, because if you’re not careful you could very well end up depressed and out thirty doubloons.
  5. Despite its reliance on clichés the game starts off well, with a great atmosphere and some sublime visuals (water effects and sunsets are particularly nice) but once you delve a little deeper the limitations of the hugely linear missions and combat really drag you down and suck most of the enjoyment out of the game.
  6. If only it had set its sights on capturing the same sense of fun. [May 2007, p.80]
  7. It’s a broken game, unfinished, derivative and sloppily produced, filled with uninteresting environments and levels. A pirate’s life is supposedly full of action and adventure, but you’ll find none of it here.

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