• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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  1. Sep 9, 2013
    55 hours of gameplay mostly on legendary difficulty prior to reviewing.

    The good:
    1.Graphics are amazing with latest patch and beta graphic drivers on extreme settings and run smooth as silk on 2 6990 running in crossfire if I had reviewed it prior to that they would have got a 1
    2. I like what they did with the spies, diplomats and champions, that side of the game seems well thought
    out and purposeful

    The bad:
    1. The AI is bad on the campaign map: they don't ambush but sometimes fortify when absolutely decimated and will just let you waltz all over their territory without even a hum on legendary
    2. Diplomacy is terrible: good luck trying to secure trade agreements without a mountain of gold, never take a vassal state ever as they are consistently more of a hindrance than helpful.
    3. Anything to do with slaves is broken, they cause way too much unrest and I actively try to kill off armies outside of cities so I have a chance to loot a city without taking too many slaves. I really want an option to loot cities with releasing/killing captives. Having too many slaves will cause slave revolts which don't reduce slave population so the negative unrest per turn stays the same and causes perpetual endless slave revolting.
    4. The entire political system seems tacked on and not finished. No family trees, no marriage except to bring a political rival into your fold and no offspring. Taking political office with any faction other than rome is next to useless as its impossible to accumulate enough gravitas to get anything other than the base bonus.
    5. Ship battles are really really horrible, to be auto resolved with stacks of doom or preferably avoided at all costs. Tons of glitches, for example tiny ships without rams ramming my huge ships and sinking them.
    6. The factions all seem to be the same unit wise and get very similar 'unique' units
    7. Slingers are better all round than even mid tier bowmen and it makes me so damn sad.

    I will attempt to update this review as the game gets patched but for anyone thinking of buying it... Wait for a sale, maybe it'll be patched by then.
  2. Sep 9, 2013
    I feel Rome 2 is a very poor total war title. I am doing this because reading these forums I feel like many people are content with the game. I personally find that hard to believe. I have played every game in the total war series for anyone who is wondering what I am comparing it too.

    The game has a few pros/features that I think are excellent additions:
    1. The new top down birds eye
    view accessed via the tab key. This is a great idea for managing large battles.
    2. The region concept on the campaign map where multiple cities give you control of a region. This is a brilliant addition and adds depth and complexity to the game.

    Now for the cons, sadly this is a much longer list.
    1. No seasons, these have been in every total war game and add depth ad complexity to the game. Attacking in the wrong season has serious consequences. There is absolutely no good reason to remove this long standing feature.
    2. VASTLY reduced options regarding defense on the campaign map. Spending your precious resources on walls and towers was always something to balance with the rest of your empires needs but it paid huge dividends when your town came under siege. Now some cities have walls some don't and regardless you cant modify them.
    3. Generals skill trees/abilities: In previous installments in the Total War Series generals who had won many battles had numerous perks and skills that were sometimes quite unique. Losing a veteran was a huge deal as it would be a long time indeed before you had another commander that was his equal. Rome 2's generals all follow the same skill set and come and go so easily its like they are another regular unit card. There is no need to care about them.
    4. Family/Clan management is basically non existent now. Where it was once a deep and involved part of the game.
    5. Agents no longer have cutsceens. While not a vital part of the game by any means, every previous iteration of the game had this and they added to your immersion.
    6. The encyclopedia is now bare bones containing minimal information and no historical references. All the previous Total War games included a substantial amount of history about a unit or advance. Really added to the games depth.
    7. The AI is poor and borderline incapable of doing its job. I at least believe this can and will be patched.
    8. The battles are over in a few minutes. No more epic battles here just 5 minutes, 10 if you are lucky and things will be decided. Why the sudden shift in the scope of battles?

    In summary I believe that all the technical bugs will be fixed in the coming months. The problem I see is that several reason why Rome 2 is a poor game boils down to features that were intentionally removed. I doubt they will be addressing anything like this in the patches. Thus in the end we are left with a hollow "Rome Lite" when we should of had their best work to date. Am I missing something here is this really the game the rest of you were looking for? Or are you as disappointed as I am?
  3. Sep 9, 2013
    This game is pathetic, it feels like creative assembly had nothing to do with the development, they hired somebody else to do this crap…, every known feature common to the series is lost, doesn´t feel like a total war game. Resuming some of the messed up features: First, AI: Retarded, both in campaign map and battle map. In the campaign map is stupid because it does nothing, stays still waiting for you to destroy them. In battle they are stupid because they do stupid thing or they do nothing as well…, like in mi last battle when I was able to occupy a city without fighting at all…, none died. I separated my army in two, while the AI was worried with one part the army I was able to walk mi way through the back of the city and grab the wining point and win, with no opposition at all. They tried to do something but they couldn´t reach me, they get lost in their own city.

    Second, Multiplayer:
    Too much time doing nothing, there are a lot more factions than previous games so I believe is ok waiting for them to resolve, is part of the business, but why they take much longer in multiplayer campaign?. The big problem with multiplayer is that you can´t do almost nothing while your friend is playing his turn, you can´t choose what to build or queue units, this could be done in previous games like napoleon, shogun and fall of the samurai. Here you must take note of all the things you must do in order to do them as quick as you can when your turn comes, before your friend gets angry of doing nothing and says, enough. We both quit in turn 4, with only a few cities to run, we saw it coming... If that was annoying, imagine having 30 or more regions each, one player waiting doing NOTHING, and the other one doing what he could have done while the other one was playing his turn.

    Forth, Battles:
    Units routs out to quickly, move to fast, seem to be immune to fatigue, ridiculous button press abilities: we have some of this in shogun and fall of the samurai but this is abusive. They say: “we want to take out some of the micro management”, they took it out from the campaign map and put it into the battle map.
    I like generation of maps based on campaign map, but I´ve seen some cities that looked essentially the same...

    Fifth and Last, Campaign Map:
    No seasons, looks pretty bad compared to previous campaign maps, probably because it´s made with the battle map engine I don’t know. It´s bigger but armies seem to walk much further than previous games so that makes it smaller than it looks. Nothing happens after taking a region with a wonder on it, no screen, nothing.

    Me: never pre ordering again.
    You: don´t buy it, wait for Christmas!!!
  4. Sep 9, 2013
    Horrible UI. AI is brain dead Poorly optimized. Navy is useless (Normal troops can spawn magical boats) No more guard button. Units don't fight in formation (Phalanx have to brake to attack etc) Stupid magical powers (flaming javelins etc) Arcadey useless effects (Glowing light on everything) Unit card that covers half my screen. (5 times bigger then shogun) Awful and useless generals and agents 3D models (Really awful)
    Civil war is pointless (Both choice mean nothing no color beam sry)
    1 year turn, no point caring for generals they die way to fast
    No more seasons
    and again
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
    Horrible UI
  5. Sep 10, 2013
    For new players, if you can deal with illogical menus, horrid ai, imbalanced units, confusing unit cards, a perplexing government system, combined with a severe lack of in-game help (despite the encyclopedia and numerous tips options), not to mention the terrible optimisation, glitches and bugs there's something for you to enjoy here.

    For total war vets, guys, just wait for the modders
    to fix the game. It will ruin years of fond memories and make you cry real man tears. Expand
  6. Sep 15, 2013
    I paid 60$ for a early acces game??? currently the game is on beta stage,so many bugs,i regret buying this.
    at least CA should reward us for testing her awful game.
  7. Sep 11, 2013
    BS to all of the critic reviews.

    The game is disappointing and not finished. CA rushed the game and its still basically a beta. The AI and UI are terrible, which makes no sense because TA games are all pretty similar in their battle mechanics so why would the battle AI be worse... The load times and graphics are also worse then any other TA game. Good things are, the map is huge and the
    campaign UI is good. I like how you raise troops in the army instead of a town and I like the province system.

    DO NOT BUY until they finish the game.

    If you want a good and true review please watch Angry Joe's review.
  8. Sep 11, 2013
    This Game Is not bad but you can´t call it total war anymore. I played total sice rome I but rome II is the first game which I don´t like from total war. I miss all the good stuff from the older Games. I wish that they are patching it up soon and massive.
    In Hope
  9. Sep 12, 2013
    I am extremely disappointed in the game. FPS is 10-15 max in battles and just as bad in campaign on my ultra high end pc.

    Within an hour of trying to get the game working, anyone can see, this is not a completed product.
  10. Sep 12, 2013
    I love Total War, I really do. But this game... I don't know if it is proper to call THIS a game. I played this for about 30 hours and the more I played, I became more disappointed. Huge amount of bugs, crashes, extremely stupid AI, poor optimization, minor UI issues like hidden skill tree for your characters and etc., etc. Now patches every week... CA promised us so much and gave us so little... They fed us with gameplay videos and interviews, teasing. And then they released this. What a mockery.
    I feel like I was betrayed.

    Disappointment of the year, no doubt.
  11. Sep 12, 2013
    Rome 2 effectively punished its consumer base by releasing the game unfinished. Even if patches make the game perfect, I mean a completely reskinned Shogun 2 would have been so much better than Rome 2. SEGA and CA are lucky the "press" has given them a total pass, the biggest concern is the streamlining of the game, features that really made the original Rome the epic game we all came to love.are gone, to favor a more arcade approach... Epic fail CA/Sega Expand
  12. Sep 12, 2013
    They sell a beta game for full price. Clearly unfinished campaing ui, undeveloped features (politics), terrible ai in combat and campaing. They laugh at the spanish and italian customers.

    The game has a lot of good thigs but those mistakes make the be below of the acepptable.
  13. Sep 12, 2013
    Total war is about WAR!! no battles at all unless I attack a city. or the AI attacks my city with 1 unit in suicide missions.100% siege battles.dumb AI. no family tree, no immersion to the game. it feels shallow. no politics no senate,nothing that makes the game enjoyable. diplomacy is a joke. navy is useless cause you can magically take your army to the sea and it will transform in to a navy. open field battles have a FLAG?! that you have to capture or defend!!! that alone takes off all the enjoyment of battles of previous total war games. buggy to the point of just leaving the game alone. very poor choice of features. basically the game is crap regardless of the fixes the are going to do. I spend 60 bucks pre order for this THING CA I will never ever pre order again. thanks for the worst ever total war game. a decade waiting for this game and you did THAT?! shame on you. keep my money maybe you can enjoy it, I will not. Expand
  14. Sep 13, 2013
    Hugely misguided effort, which tries to be Starcraft or maybe a commercial sellout but is just a boring pointless game. It also happens to be bug riddled with terrible AI and has numerous unfinished features to boot. Buyer beware. This is the strategy turd of the year!!!
  15. Sep 13, 2013
    Disclaimer for my review:

    I created a Metacritic account simply to write a review. I have never reviewed a game before, but due to my love for the series and my utter disappointment I went through all the damned hoops to do this.

    I am copy/pasting my request for a refund from Steam Support, but feel that others should read it as well and interact with this review as they see fit.

    Hello Steam Support,

    First of all let me apologize for not putting "Rome 2: Total War" into the Product line of the ticket, as I was unable to find it [only found Rome: Total War and didn't want to add undue confusion].

    I, among many, preordered the new Rome Total War 2 game from the Creative Assembly. As I'm sure you're aware the reception to the game has been less than positive. I feel it prudent to state that I have been a Total War fan since Medieval: Total War and have purchased and played every single game, expansion, and DLC for these games since that release.

    Shogun 2 was a masterpiece (I played over 800 hours). It was engaging, taught me a level of discipline and patience I never knew I had, and made me appreciate a culture previously foreign to me (as did all of the other previous games). The game was solid and defined, smooth, and fostered a gaming community of unparalleled cooperation.

    Rome 2: Total War, however, is a disgrace. The Creative Assembly, no doubt influenced by Sega, has pushed out a "game" that experiences critical errors, but, more importantly for me, has misrepresented itself and its product. As a stout capitalist I believe it is my duty as the consumer to humbly request a refund of this product. I will happily pay for the overhead fee I incurred while downloading the game through your relay. I additionally vow to keep the $60.00 I spent within the gaming ecosystem as a whole and will use this money to reward games and expansions that accurately represent and deliver their product (Xcom: Enemy Within, DLC for DOW Retribution, and Space Hulk). I believe it is our responsibility, mine as the consumer whose voice exists solely through the power of the dollar, and yours as the the most powerful and reliable relay in the U.S. (probably the world), to keep this issue from recurring and poisoning the digital PC game ecosystem that I know you have spent so much time protecting and promoting.

    While I admit this is a most humble plea, please know that I have never requested a refund from any product on Steam before, that I love the Total War franchise more than any other, and that I could not live my life knowing I had rewarded the sloppy mess that is Rome Total War 2.

    Rome Total War 2 is NOT the product that was advertised. We cannot reward the delivery or sustainability of this product.

    This is the most powerful message that I can send to make my voice heard as the consumer and therefore I leave this impassioned request with the sincerest plea to allow me to redistribute my investment within our beloved gaming community to games and companies that accelerate our gaming experience, not retard it.

    Humblest regards,

    Commissar Petrov
  16. Sep 14, 2013
    I loved the other Total War titles and was keen to play Rome 2. Unfortunately the game is a step backwards in almost every way. Within minutes of started a new campaign the game descends into 'click 'End turn', wait 3 minutes for the computer turn, move army, and then repeat the cycle until you die of boredom.

    The strategy and interesting world is gone. There are far to many factions to
    care in anyway about any of them. I literally have NO idea what Creative Assembly have been doing for 2 and a half years making this game.

    So disappointed with it.
  17. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased Rome 2 Total War 2 days after release because I just couldn't bare the wait anymore. But how foolish of me by not bothering to check the reviews before I took action. Then again, I had complete faith and trust in CA so i didn't even think twice. Now its safe to say that I am completely disappointed by CA's performance and release of Rome 2 Total War. The never ending list of bugs and other complaints by other fellow reviewers is already enough to express my frustration and disappointment. To sum it up, I am experiencing almost the same problems these fellow gamers are experiencing. The single player AI wants nothing but gold, they also make ridiculous offers at times. They let you conquer their cities without a struggle, like what Angry Joe said in his review, the enemy army would sometime run in circles for no reason and does not attack at all. After you conquer their settlement they often "retaliate" with only ONE unit and will repeat until they perish. Another annoying thing that I found was during naval battles my ships does not follow my orders, the odds of winning was in my favor, but instead, my ships sit idle while getting rammed by enemy ships until they sink. Battles last 4 mins tops for me, and the enemy army routs so easily and it gives me no challenge at all. And what's with the stupid flags placed in maps now? There's practically a flag in every type of battle now, and you can't even focus on deploying strategy into the field, instead you have to put units to actually guard or seize the stupid flags. And the enemy AI does NOT care about fighting your army in siege battles. They'll try to break through your line (or die trying) to get to the flag. I mean who came up with the bright idea of putting capture points in every type of battle scenario? I guess for siege battles its acceptable, but for every battle?! Its just plain stupid and it ruins the authenticity of the Total War game. During singleplayer campaign if you don't uncheck the box that says "Show AI moves" then you're basically going to sit watching the AI move for lets say 30 minutes? And I'm not even exaggerating. From past total war gaming experience, I've always turned off that feature to save time. But even with that feature off it still takes up to 5 minutes for it to be your turn again. And when you destroy a faction, THEY WILL SOMEHOW COME BACK LATER. I was hoping by destroying factions maybe the turns will end much quicker, but nope. The destroyed factions somehow "emerge from the chaos of a war" a few turns later. The crashes has been pretty annoying as well. I've experienced 5 crashes now and I'm about 160 turns in the game. And now I'd have to save everytime I make a major move or the game might crash and I'd have to end up redoing everything. The family trees are very vague and boring. They don't show the complexity of families and the marriages like in Medieval 2, instead it only shows your Generals and when they die, they just get replaced by another general that spawns out of nowhere. The armies are so hard to manage now since you're limited to have a certain amount of armies, but I guess this gives people a challenge. However you can now only recruit units when you have a general present in the unit, and you cannot split armies either, they have to stay where the general is; so you can't send a unit to a city or another army. And now the armies can instantly travel by sea without building navies to transport them. They come with their own transport ships! How lame is that. It makes the standard navy completely obsolete because armies at sea can easily defeat standard navies now. I can go on and on about these things, but I don't feel the need to because they're also listed in other reviews. And I know that most of us are on the same page here. Let this be a clear message to CA and we're letting them know that public order in the Total war community is extremely low, and we are about to go into a rebellion if they don't do much about this soon. I hope they use their resources and time to make a rewarding DLC for us in the future so we can atleast still consider to forgive CA for their wrongdoings. But until then, we'll just have to wait for results. All of this is coming from a loyal Total War fan since Rome 1. And we all hope CA will never pull this stunt again to their loyal customers, because we are the main reason why they're still alive today. Expand
  18. Sep 15, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Wow, this Game is such a failure compared to previous titles. I had such High hopes and this game broke my wallet and my heart. No refunds for opened pc games. not even when they are garbage. I could say heaps, but bad AI, Bad UI, Bad Management. etc. Game has been destroyed in every way. The Great looking soldiers are not enough. Expand
  19. Sep 15, 2013
    Worst AI i have ever seen from any strategy game. I guess CA used all its bigger budget to bribe critical reviewers. Don't buy this game now. You have been warned. It is unplayable. Even if you can play it, the game mechanics is uninteresting. It is also overpriced. It should be listed $6 instead of $60. I have wasted the money. I just treat the loss as I accidentally dropped the money in to the toilet Expand
  20. Sep 15, 2013
    A step backward for TW arcadey and simplistic combat, ugly graphics and a really weak campaign mode. I dislike the 3D portraits and found the unit cards to be be too hard to distinguish between at a glance. So glad I was able to try it before I wasted money on it, I'll go back to playing MTW2, RTW or even ETW.
  21. Sep 16, 2013
    I can see a game in there, unfortunately its a game that is only part way through development. Two striking points about Rome 2 first, game companies clearly have weighed up the market and decided they can release in pretty much any state, and the consumer base will take it. This game shouldn't be through beta testing let alone released into a commercial marketplace I struggle to think of any other commodity that you could get away with this sort of treatment of the customer. Second, this really shows up the reviewers whose opinions are worthless. I hope that there is some sort of club where game reviewers meet and currently the ones who think this is a 80-100 game are being made to pay some sort of forfeit for either being an idiot, or just making it up without playing it. Hopefully their editors will be taking note. Expand
  22. Sep 17, 2013
    I am a huge fan of total war series and I pre-ordered this game as soon as it became possible. What can I say after I've tried it? It's horrible! I've payed 54 euros to participate in a beta-test and developers don't even admit that there's something wrong with the game. The AI is not just stupid and not even absent-minded, it's glitchy, buggy, call it whatever you like! Bugs follow me everywhere, performance is just poor on a machine which runs Shogun 2 Ultra with around 20 FPS(with antialising and all other stuff maxed out). And while that's going to be patched eventually, the ugly interface and retarded gameplay will remain forever. Very, very dissapointing. Expand
  23. Sep 19, 2013
    GIVE 59 HOMELESS PEOPLE A DOLLAR TO PUNCH YOU IN THE FACE! instead of spending that money on this game, it would be more enjoyable.

    A re-skinned version of the older version would have been OK, but they actually destroyed the merits of the older version as well it almost like they took their inspiration from the "Producer's" and were trying to make the worst possible game in existence
    to see if it would be a hit. Congratulations team CA you did it, and I hope you all get fired for it. Expand
  24. Sep 19, 2013
    Game is unfinished beta version. Whole budget went to PR. It's like they only spent 1 year on this game. Hopefully Rome 2 will be a playable game after a year of fixing and with the help of the mods. Pros: Big map Province and Regions system (ported from EU:Rome by Paradox) Cinematic camera Graphics and visuals {when they are working properly) Cons: Bad voice acting in ALL languages
    Bad battle UI
    Magic abilities for units
    Magic torches for melee units makes siege constructs like ladders waste of time and troops due attrition
    Automatic transports for your army when you want to cross the sea
    Dead AI
    Lack of formations and stances for units (Tight/loose, troops always in guard mode)
    Mediocre music
    No Family Tree
    No season changes
    Broken Diplomacy
    Useless trade system
    Government system not finished
    Cut content for future DLC
    No game optimization, tons of bugs and cut content.

    I will never pre-order future CA game again or buy their DLC. Only if it's on Steam Sale with 75% off.
    I urge you to do the same.
  25. Sep 25, 2013
    Perfect definition of a pre-order scam, over 120 million dollars in pre-order sales for a boring game.
    Excellent marketing department... I do not know how the CA developers sleep at night with the outright lies they spun before hitting the release button.

    This game is a shadow of any other Total War title. Missing features or design decisions that make little sense are rampant, once
    you overlook the hoards of bugs and terrible AI. Assuming you can open the game. Expand
  26. Sep 25, 2013
    Well it's obviously the worst launch Creative Assembly has ever made. The bugs, glitches, horrific AI and crashes destroy the game. If you take away all those errors, the core game itself is pretty bare bones. Compared to the excellent Shogun 2, so many features have been stripped out and nothing has been done to improve nagging issues like the stubborn diplomacy system and campaign map and battle AI. It's too easy to win even on legendary. I don't understand how this can be the biggest budget Total War and yet it feels so lackluster and broken. Based on the metacritic score, the reviewers must have played this thing for like an hour. I pray they're not moving to the console. Expand
  27. Oct 3, 2013
    Creative Assembly i am disappoint.

    As a long-term customer of TW games i wasn't expecting them to deliver a *perfect* game, but the state of Rome2 surprised even me. The game is in fact worse than beta-status A.I. is as incompetent as hell, the UI is really bad, the Textures are plain ugly and bugs, bugs literally everywhere. And what makes me angry the most is that CA is again relying
    on the community to fix their broken game.

    Personally i think some kind of lawsuit would help to improve the inbearable way of CA doing buisness. Hyping up the community with flashy videos and promises about some kind of "revolutionary new A.I." when the finished game doesn't look anything like that and has a utterly crappy A.I. is basically screaming "FRAUD" and "FALSE ADVERTISING".
  28. Oct 6, 2013
    Rome 2 is epic fail
    Damn retards do this holy Shi***
    Damn is all around thic crapy games
    Ai is stupid
    100500+ lag lag
    you don t need ram in city siege
    and mach more
  29. Oct 17, 2013
    Yes I will give this game 0 out off 10. Why? This is not a totalwar game, this is a farse...

    I have been playing this franchise seince the beginning and loved it. Yes there have been some ruffspots like the AI and such but the games has allways been playeble and some with patches and the right mods have been fantastic (Rage of Dark Gods) and I'm still playing most Totalwar titels from
    time to time.

    Whats different with RTW2 is the false advertising, the stripping of features, the dumbning-down and streamligning, the arcade elements, the hundreds of bugs. The game is still, after 4 patches, unplayeble becuse you get fail-fatige from all the problems this game has.

    Patches is another thing I find disturbing. I have never seen a game getting this many patches so quikly after realese and NEVER a Totalwar game. CA states that: "The game had a troubled realese" Troubled? The game wasent finished!! It would need another six moths atleast.

    My summery is that I will never again pre-order a Totalwar titel, and the risk is that I never buy another of their games if they continue down this path.
  30. Nov 25, 2013
    So as an avid total war fan I was foolish enough to fall for the hype and pre-order this game. Bottom line I wish I never played through half a campaign before realizing I had just wasted $60 of hard earned cash for a complete wreck of a game. I'll start with the good points of the game, as they really aren't many. 1: Some interesting new units. 2: The maps are alright and you can now fight on the streets in cities, kinda cool.

    3: A ton of interesting and diverse factions.

    4: Naval combat is improved by the fact that you can now move troops directly to sea and they will man their own ships. no need to pack you largest boats with a army that can't help in a fight)

    5: The new diplomatic system now lets you pick targets for your allies to focus on.

    Now everything I just mentioned is undone and completely inconsequential because of various issues.

    To clarify...
    1: All units types and differences are almost completely aesthetic, almost all units have the same stats with little to no variety. Also when armies meet to engage they are just two blobs bouncing off each other, charge bonus', and line penetration are a joke. In a fight the majority of your forces are just standing there waiting for the thin veil of active troops blandly work their way through the the opposing armies equally dull force.

    2: The maps now include capture points which pretty much ruins the AI's priorities, making city fights kind of a joke, and quite frankly broken.

    3: Again due to the units being so similar in stats across the board faction type is again purely cosmetic.

    4: naval combats is simply not fun, the AI for instance had tons of issues, for example AI controlled ships often get stuck on shore unable to unload their troops. Also when fighting in open waters they have poor AI and ship boarding almost always fails, morale breaks at sea way too easy and most battle play out feeling wrong or broken.

    5: The new diplomatic system isn't so bad but still seems lacking, causes AI to act to recklessly, and quite frankly teh whole system feels inconsequential.

    Now onto some more bad...
    6: Graphic wise this game is a total let down and they frankly lied to us with early in game footage during pre-release. IDK how lying to your customers is excusable in this day and age.

    7: Performance wise it's terrible, poorly optimized at release is understatement. I don't think computers that can handle this game even exist yet, well in the average home at least.

    8: PvP is worse than ever due to the similar and bland unit types, poor mechanics of actual fights, by that I mean your armies are just blobs of ugly little lifeless robots bouncing off each other. despite the weak differences in unit types they some how managed to sneak is some OP units, mostly on the Roman side, that further spoil any fun to be had.

    The one thing that wasn't a wreck was the Audio, it's pretty good, they added a lot of color to the troops with some context sensitive dialogue.

    I heard they fixed a lot of the AI issues and they have improved the time it takes to wait for the AI's turn to finish.
    Still I am so disappointed I never want to see this game again, wish I could get my money back, but I won't.
    So I am forced to tell others how this game is an absolute travesty and Creative Arts are no longer a respectable company deserving of our money, well mine at least.

    Shogun 2 was last good thing Creative Arts did, I will try to remember that, still I feel cheated and robbed by them now, months later.
  31. Dec 9, 2013
    This game is absolutely and undeniably broken to its very core. I have a very good computer so it is not my fault that this game doesn't work. The campaign freezes my computer after every turn and has left resorting to the historical battles and skirmishes. I can't believe they released this game in the state that it is in. I know that PC games need a few weeks to patch themselves up from their initial problems but this is off the fudging grid! I despise the makers of this game who pretend and lie to us that this works fine for the majority because it doesn't. Steam and Total War forums confirm this idea by the thousands of people who still encounter major problems from Ai faults to freezes. I hope that anyone who reads this who is unsure on whether to buy the game or not to check in with Meta-critic every few weeks to see if the green review bar can even see the red review bar way out in front of it. I shouldn't have bought this game and neither should anyone else until its properly fixed. The developers lied to us and we won't forget it. Expand
  32. Dec 12, 2013
    Regret for the rest of your life for buying this game. I played shogun for like 300 hours plus. This game is soooo bad that No one wants to play this game even if they are given a free copy Do not believe the critics reviews. They are literally lying through their teeth (maybe they are bought out by the publisher? corrupt?) What is happening to this franchise? what is happeneneneneiningnnng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  33. Dec 16, 2013
    Big BIG disappointment.. and insulting

    Honestly, this will shock you 10 times more when Empire total war came out (at least ETW featured totally different game style from its predecessors)

    Bugs, glitches, horrid graphics and the most boring and dumbest AI ever

    Plus one of the most poorly optimized games I have ever seen
  34. Dec 24, 2013
    I honestly have no idea why the user score is so high. The people who are writing reviews are either Total war newbs or easy to please toddlers. There is no way in hell this game should EVER have been rated a 10 by anyone. The game isn't perfect by any means, but it is still a top 8 in the series. You need to learn how to review, of course, and there are some design decisions that are questionable. But overall, great hype, and a negative step forward for the series Expand
  35. Dec 24, 2013
    When you can't bare to play the original vanilla game without mods you KNOW the game is bad. Mods enhance the game not make it. Developers should be giving their salaries to the modders for keeping their game a decent playable total war. Don't bother buying the game until it's properly priced at 15 dollars. Its a DLC with DLCs, don't be fooled by the easy to please, easy to manipulate Total War "players" who think they know a good total war game. The outcry is obvious, players who think this game is decent or even is worth the title of total war are the minority.

    Unless you don't care about your money or how the company treats its customers & fan base go ahead and spend the time and effort for this game.
  36. Dec 31, 2013
    A shallow ill-fated attempt at making total war games more accessible to the masses. Sadly the developer/publisher didn't realise that total war games are very accessible and easy to get into without making things dumber.

    AI is confused, both on the battlefield and campaign. Campaign mechanics are strange and illogical. They threw away things that worked in Shogun 2 for example, and
    replaced them with unwanted rubbish "features"! Politics system is a laugh. They promised to release a guide for the politics (i.e. explain how it works) late January 2014! 5 months from release to explain a feature they created? You got to know something is not right when you read this.

    And after 8 patches, and 4 months, we still don't have the game performing well on high end PCs! This is simply unacceptable!

    Unfortunately, this is the end for this particular fan's love story with this franchise. Paradox games care way more about their games, and deserve my support. As for this developer and publisher rubbish tag team, I have nothing but pity for them.
  37. Feb 4, 2014
    Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible Horrible,Horrible,Horrible,Horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  38. Mar 11, 2014
    This game is just an embarrassment, nothing works in this game. The alpha stage of the game looked much better than the actual game and how that happened is beyond me. Poor perfomance, crap settings and horrible AI compared to the first rome game.

    Do not buy this!
  39. Jan 1, 2014
    Impossible to play this game. I've "played" 3 hours. Just the time to understand this game wasn't good. Crashes, bad gameplay, no optimization... This game is a waste of time and money. I won't pre order anymore.
  40. Sep 19, 2013
    This game is a culmination of lack of testing by real gamers, if this was an INDIE game I would prob. give it 5/10 for effort, but this IS a AAA title!!! pro >legionary system that is introduced >province management system bad: >performance sucks, it is heavily underoptimized for all chipsets >campaign map graphics suck and aren't a necessity >ai sucks they are dumber than the first Rome's AI
    >1 turn per year very cheap method
    >limited general lifespan they die in a couple of turns
    >lack of in game videos there are so few I fall asleep

    all in all, don't buy this game,
    just get Rome I with mods, it's a much better option
  41. Dec 30, 2013
    I have just played this game and its extremely bad. Nothing is properly done. Diplomacy is useless as nobody accepts any trade no matter what. AI is exactly the same as in medieval total war, more stupid than a donkey. Difficulty in campaign is based on giving factions ridiculous amounts of money to waste it. Battle AI is based con ridiculous stats buffs to enemies. Capturing settlements is a pain in the ass due to ridiculous mechanics that do not work properly, attacking a city and slaughtering all enemies do not lead to capturing the city WTF. Also during battle units are unresponsive no matter what you do and performance is extremely bad even in low graphics with an extremely powerful computer. This is unacceptable for a saga with so many years.

    DLC leeching for normal features and units that should be in-game.

    And the worst thing is that we don't have DarthVader anymore to fix CA games. I really hope he makes a new saga of games that makes CA go bankrupt.
  42. Sep 12, 2013
    You betrayed your fans CA. The game is broken and even if it was not, I would give it an 8/10. What keeps it from getting 10/10 is that the game is heavily dumbed down. There is so much that has been simplified in the political system that you do not really care for any of the characters that belong to your faction. For example, with no family tree there is no need for caring if someone dies, someone else will just instantly pop up and take his place. It feels like you did not listen to the community at all when making the game. You just dumbed it down to make it more accepted for a wider audience. Regarding the game being broken, perhaps SEGA pushed your deadline too early to be able to finish the game the way you wanted it to be. Or is it just the fan in me that makes up excuses for such an unfinished game. I guess you just have to get used to hate loving this genre. In conclusion however, I have not lost my trust in you CA(though it is quite shaken). But know that we fell for your awesome trailers for ROME II and we somehow ''knew'' that you could not this up... yet you did! We will not fall for your trailers again! Expand
  43. Sep 13, 2013
    A good game soured by a rushed release and unfinished content. The alpha screens and videos showed something much better than was delivered, a real shame really. I did enjoy the game until I started to crash in battles with more than two armies present, co-op is shamefully incomplete, and worst of all the fixes will be paid DLC.

    Really that is what you can sum up Rome 2 as, a shame. A
    real shame.

    Who do we blame? Publisher or Developer. My bet is both.
  44. Mar 26, 2014
    I am at a loss why Creative Assembly wanted to ruin their reputation with this pile of trash. It's also inexplicable how Total War: Rome II is made by the same studio that made Shogun II, an excellent successor to the original Shogun. The game betrays every single Total War fan. It is so casualized I felt like I was playing a tablet game. Some lamentable design decisions include no family tree, no attrition, no AI aggression, and my personal favorite: fire torches for gates. Then of course you get the expected technical issues of a CA game. But wait. This isn't your typical CA technical mess. It's much, much worse. On a nice computer you would be lucky to get more than 30 FPS on the campaign map. Do you like to wait 5 minutes at end turn? This game offers that. The biggest joke of this joke is unit AI, where units clump up together like a mosh pit and run randomly in all directions.

    Heh, I actually told people how great this game was going to be. Good job using misleading footage, CA.

    P.S. When your game is absolute trash, you might not want to anger your fans by releasing DLC.
  45. Sep 17, 2013
    Awful buggy GAME with broken mechanics....... My god how the total war franchise has fallen, used to love it a few years back

    Go b buy something worth your money
  46. Nov 27, 2013
    First things first, this is a truly awful game. It's probably the most disappointing game release of all time and not because CA have tried to innovate, but because they have dumbed down what was a great series, lost sight of what made the TW games good in the first place, removed the majority of the good features of previous games whilst adding half-finished and poorly designed aspects. This game represents a betrayal of Total War, the fans and the reputation of CA itself.

    Where to start with just what is wrong with Rome 2? Well I could talk of blatant bugs, of homogenised unit rosters, a total lack of optimisation and performance, AI that is just utterly unintelligent, the awful obfuscating province system, the capture points in open field battles, transport ships being able to sink navies, Iron gates being burnt down with torches, massive and opaque unit cards, confusing unexplained game mechanics, the incredible stupidity of 1 year per turn, the terrible terrible animated character portraits, automatic garrisons, magic abilities, the battles where two armies simply converge in a mass blob, the battlefield engine which is simply not fit for purpose and is far inferior to the engine of the original Rome, every battle lasting five minutes, the non-functioning diplomacy system, the utterly pointless politics system this is the tip of the iceberg, I could go on all day.

    So, did they get anything right at all? Well, the music and sound is nice if limited in variety. The new ethos of 1 general 1 army is interesting and changes things up. I can understand it too as by limiting the number of armies (albeit artificially) means the player and AI have to be more selective in where they deploy the armies they do have. The classical civilisation aesthetic is nice. Also, the new agents are a good idea but are simply terribly implemented. Army naming and traditions is a nice idea, although could have been fleshed out a lot more. And that's about it for the positives.

    The most damming aspect of Rome 2 is the fact that above all it is utterly boring. The game is amazingly easy even on Legendary mode and you will spend most of your time simply pressing end turn without having done anything since the last one. There is no strategy here, there are no choices, no real options; everything is streamlined and watered down. The campaign map is contains set channels for armies to march down and set landing sites for navies to disembark their troops, and this means the "biggest ever campaign map" we were promised is actually the smallest and most restrictive.

    Rome 2 is a colossal failure and no amount of patches will change that. Three months after release, the game is still an unpalatable mixture of boring and non-working game mechanics.

    What can we learn from this? CA are pretty much done, they've lost their way and look like they've given up. I doubt there's a real gamer still at the company. How anyone could be happy putting their name to this travesty I will never know. Perhaps more importantly we have yet again learnt about some of the biggest review sites out there. It is amazing that some have given this a score of 9 or 10 (as they did with Diablo 3 and the Madden franchise for years). These reviewers are either utterly corrupt or completely inept. In more ways than one, Rome 2 has shown us who we can trust.
  47. Sep 4, 2013
    Graphically better than shogun 2. The units look great, really impressive. Thumbs up. Noticed that battles between units seem to resolve too fast at the moment. Lines and structure of unit formations many times turn into a chaotic ugly brawl. Family tree is removed which is really a disappointment from past total war games where you would try to see your family line survive through the wars. Units cards are confusing when trying to distinguish them from another of your army. It was a courageous new decision from the art director to make them feel more like art of the ancient period but it will take memorization to remember your levy pike men from your pike men and even from your hoplite unit cards for instance. Not needing transport ships to transport your land armies is a great plus which removes a tedious step from other total war games where we would have to recruit each one. Situations pop up during the campaign map where you are presented with a dilemma and given options on how to make a decision upon it is a fun addition.
    Disappointing not to see gold and silver deposits in provinces

    Naval combat has promise but at the moment feels like the combat is resolved very quickly and ranged units on boats kill the enemy far too quickly. Naval battles in particular the boarding action could last longer. Silly as it sounds, It does seem in many of the naval battles have that "bumper cars" feel to them, I think because many of the vessels are indeed ramming into one another to attempt to gain victory. Perhaps there should be a type of vessel that is specific to ramming, while the other small vessels could receive a damage penalty if they attempt a ramming action with a boat not designed for such a maneuver.

    It looks good graphically but the game feels very much like it is at the very least in a beta version at the moment. Plus with the official announcement of more features such as gameplay, and campaign modes, it feels like I would want to wait until those additions actually come out before investing a lot of time. I believe in supporting the developer to continue making these games, however its the first total war game that I decided on day 2 after release to wait a bit on playing the campaign mode until some of the kinks are ironed out.
  48. Sep 7, 2013
    4 is probably a little unfair for the work that has gone into this game, as with previous TW games the history and research is very good HOWEVER the disappointment and genuine horror I am currently feeling at this moment makes me score this game so poorly. This coming from someone who has played over 900 hours on Empire, 800 hours on Napoleon and prior to steam probably 3 to 4 thousand hours on Shogun1, Rome, Medieval 1 and 2 (plus all the add ons and many custom TW games). I should have waited, you see my playing time on Shogun 2 is only 44hrs, I tried to like it but grew to hate it. Unfortunately Rome 2 has some of the same stupid faults and traits, Shogun2 had warrior nuns, now we have Iceni onager ships please Hate the cartoony interface like shogun2, and the real time battle engine is just like shogun 2, far too fast to relish and enjoy like the set piece battles of its predecessors. Why spend all that time on detail and effects when your obviously pitching to the pre-adult txt-a-holic Michal Bay watching console playing demographic! What next Transformers Total War Wait let me plug three mice in and 2 keybards and I can click and smash them all together while watching the a whirling vortex of Ongager pirates and warrior nun spear laser cavalry.
    As for the AI, well AI has always been contentious in the TW series but at least in the older games such as Rome 1 and Medieval 2 while the AI sometimes sucked they were at least enjoyable and infinitely more playable. CA seem to be breaking what didn't need touching and making the bad bits even worse. Will have another crack at it soon now the patch seems to be out, although not today though, no not today, maybe tomorrow or next weekend, someday, anyway back to Napoleon or maybe Sid Meiers Gettysberg or Antietam, Xcom possibly, just something that doesn't make me feel like a moron.
  49. Sep 9, 2013
    Looks good at a first glance that's the positive thing one can say about Total War Rome 2 by Creative Assembly and Sega.
    Campaign AI (CAI) is broken, it manages to starve its own population, it cant attack in any reasonable manner as it will only send small stacks of units to attack. I actually had the CAI declare War against me once so at least i now know its possible, out of 40h+ Game
    play that is obviously close to never but heck it did happen, once. I could make a long list of faults but its not worth it.
    Diplomacy is, as its traditional in any Total War game, broken.
    The Battle AI (BAI) is broken, again one could make a long list of what exactly is broken but its not worth it.
    The Graphical quality is good on the Campaign map and the Battle map's villages and towns look ok. The rest is a step back from the last iteration of the Total War games, that's kind of an achievement considering they had a 40% bigger budget.
    I was a fan of the Total War Games from Shogun's first release day and i did get them all, i am done i wont pay for anything from CA or Sega again. I did and do this with many company's by now and i am sad that another of my favorite series is gone for me.
  50. Sep 9, 2013
    AI is broken, naval battles are useless and there are plenty of bugs to go around. The general skill tree is a step down from shogun. I put 10 hours into this...wait a month before considering to buy. The critic reviews have been obviously paid off by sega.
  51. Sep 9, 2013
    A poorly adorned skeleton of what could have been. Sadly, I think SEGA pressured CA to push this game out before it was ready. Maybe they even pressured them to add flags in open-field battles, or magic abilities too.

    Honestly, I was expecting some bugs, maybe performance issues. But I'm not exactly sure the issues this game has can be fixed without redoing some parts of the game entirely.
  52. Sep 25, 2013
    Very disappointed with this game fan of all total war games but even after patches this is still a bad game doesn't have the full total war fell just going from settlement to settlement attacking not very many land battles and when you do get one you end up in massive mosh pit for 1 or 2 min top. The old Rome was ten time the game this is.
  53. Sep 11, 2013
    This game is not worth buying in it's current state (at release). It's horrible, and it makes me so sad that I have to say this because I'm a huge Total War fan. I've got all of the Total War games and this one is by far the worst one. I think that this game has huge potential, but right now it's a horrible mess of a game. I would this game to anyone in it's current state.
  54. Sep 11, 2013
    Poor to say the least. If the glitches and frame rate issues were resolved it would be a good game for sure. However even if these issues were resolved Total War is dumbing itself down to become more "mainstream" just look at the campaign and the limited choices you can make. This game in its current state with glitches and slow frame rate is unplayable. Very disappointing would be how I would describe this game. I recommend to go and purchase Saints Row 4 to get over this shocking game. Expand
  55. Sep 13, 2013
    AI terrible
    Bad management of the faction are not present: family tree, princesses, merchants etc etc...)
    Armies must be recruited IN THE CITY
    I would like to move armies even without general
    City ​​management too simple
    Unit cards no comment...
    Battles? duration 5-10 minutes. My army 5-10 casualties,at worst 50-60. Enemy army 2000-3000
    thanks Sega and Creative assembly!
  56. Sep 13, 2013
    I wanted to like this game, I really did, but there are just too many issues so I'm going to hold off until it's patched to a point where the game is fun. However by then I'm going to guess that it will be on sale and I will have been ripped of by CA and Sega by buying a broken game on day one. So the lesson learned is wait for the steam sale when you get the game not only cheaper but working better.

    On a positive note there is a lot to like about this game which is why I'm giving it 4/10 instead of 1/10 as it's not all doom and gloom. The visuals are pretty decent and new additions such as army history (rather than it all tied to a general who dies with all his upgrades) is fantastic.

    The biggest bug-bear for me though is I'm writing this review nearly 2 weeks after release and there's still no sign of SLI support. I want to be a PC enthusiast gamer but it's made difficult for me when you have releases like this. So I'll see what's on sale this weekend on Steam and pick up a game I know will work from being patched and have an SLI profile. Suppose that's the system you have to work with which sucks for the developers but they only have themselves to blame if they're going to release unfinished games.

    And I know there's a ridiculous amount of combinations for PCs but it's not like this is hasn't existed with PCs for like, forever.
  57. Sep 13, 2013
    The bugs oh the bugs... At least they can be fixed with patches in the future. But there is a much larger problem with this game. it brings nothing new to the table. Even worse it actually removed a lot of the new features that shogun 2 implemented. Gone are the nice and easily accessible tech/talent trees. Now replaced with color clots of various degrees of helpfulness. But that is by no means the only or most disheartening problem. The game has been streamlined to the point where you can't feel any of the old magic that the old games had. Even total war empire had some charm, even if that charm was full of nasty diseases that you would not wish upon your own mortal enemies. Right from the start you can feel that there is something wrong, something that does not sit right.

    That is the feeling i am left with after playing the game. That the game is just wrong, that there is no magic, no charm, no nothing it is not just a normal run of the mill strategy game. So for my part i will be heading back to shogun 2. A game that actually has something to offer in the way of actual game play.
  58. Sep 15, 2013
    After playing the game for over 20 hours I have come to the conclusion that this game obviously is suffering from a very poor release. I am not alone in my complaints of the many bugs, AI problems and graphics issues but my biggest problem is that I simply do not like or agree with many of the fundamental changes that have been made to the game itself.

    - Control points in battles. To me
    this was just an awful idea. In battle an objective should be an objective because it is important to secure victory on the map. What is important should be up to the general to decide. Not something the game holds your hand and tells you is important "just because". Not only are these points not usually placed in strategic areas but I can not justify why the control of them would win or loose a battle outside of a siege or open city fight. It is a tool that oversimplifies battles.

    - UI. I find the UI to be cumbersome and leaves mostly everything hidden away inside of the encyclopedia. It makes dealing with the changes to the campaign mode that much harder to figure out.

    - Characters. I honestly feel no connection to any of my generals. For one there is no coherent or dynamic way of viewing them. For the most part the family and political system is meaningless in it's current state and appears like it was never fully realized.

    - Lack of formations in battle. Units do not maintain any semblance of formation once they engage the enemy. It makes things confusing and is completely unrealistic to see certain units behave this way. At one point I felt compelled to play a barbarian faction just so it would feel somewhat realistic when my men abandoned any form of discipline and ran about hitting things. The good news is that you can usually win without much effort on your part anyway as I found myself coming out of battles victorious when at the ground level I had really lost any idea of what my confused ill disciplined troops were actually doing.
  59. Sep 15, 2013
    Where did the 40% larger budget go? Marketing?

    At it's core, there is a good game in here, however it was so rushed and unpolished that it is left nigh unplayable. The developers were too ambitious in terms of scope and scale, yet attempted to streamline key aspects to meaninglessness. Yes the map is larger and there are now hundreds of factions and units, but what's the point when the
    factions slow down the turn rate horrifically, the units are just renamed clones and the map is stuck on summer with a horrid yellow/red pissfilter. The battle interface is a clunky mess, a huge step back from every other game in the series, and the AI was dropped on it's head too many times in development. The entire game has an interface that would be more appropriate on a console, which is worrying. The frequent crashes, bugs and general design flaws are infuriating.

    Go play Shogun 2 for a few months til this stillbirth of a game is patched, modded and fixed into something resemble a true Total War game. Even then, I doubt CA and SEGA will learn from this.
  60. Sep 20, 2013
    After 30 hours in Rome 2 Total Waste I felt obliged to express my Total Disappointment with this long awaited game. I will not repeat the complaints about the state of the game (AI, UI, Family Tree etc.), instead I will make some simple observations: After getting sick of the dismal display of BAI I autoresolve everything. The same applies to the naval battles with the added bonus of not being able to properly control the ships.

    98% of the battles are sieges. The other 2% is because I was lucky to have found the AI on the road.

    How is it possible for me to start a war and then at the same turn the AI says "It's ok mate! Let's make peace!!!" when I send him a peace treaty?

    Why every faction looks and plays the same? I loved Rome 1 and Medieval 2 for their varied way of waging war.

    Capture the flag was funny in Battlefield 1942 and we had a great time with my friends. Especially when one of my teammates crashed a plane on the other team, so we could get in and capture the flag unmolested. Capture the flag is OK for action games, not RTS battles with historic precision (another lie this one).

    Warhammer and W40K magical abilities for the units are in line with that game's world. The ancient civilizations didn't have anything like that. At all.

    Ships were build. Not hocus pocushed on the shore.

    The bugs, CTDs and similar glitches don't bother me at all. Even the low quality graphics. I am a player for 25 years now. I started playing when the pixels where the size of my hand on screen, so it doesn't matter. But my 1500 dollar machine should be at least be able to run smoothly. All I get is way too low FpS and sudden lags in the game. And not even at the highest settings possible.

    Finally as an afterthought I won't only blame SEGA and CA for this low quality, buggy, broken and boring game. I will blame me for preordering. I made the same mistake with Dragon Age 2. Now I know that I'm on the right path Kickstarting Games that I really like.

    The score is calculated from the following:

    Replay Value: 1/10
    Graphics: 4/10
    Sound: 3/10
    Gameplay: 1/10
    Value/Money: 1/10
  61. Sep 16, 2013
    After playing this game for over 15 hours, I have just come to find this game way to easy. The AI just seems to be on easy mode, even thou I switched it to the hardest setting. The loading times are just way to slow, The time between turns even more so, This with other countries that will not even attack you. Units running around doing nothing, Boats going right threw everything including shore, docks and everything else. This game seems as if it is still in the Beta format, and Once again. The FPS is bad, and this whole 1 year per turn is just over the top. 2/10 Expand
  62. Sep 17, 2013
    Rome 2: Total Waste Of My Time.
    I am a huge fan of the series so I was utterly disappointed with this game. Everything about the looks are better in this game compared to its predecessors The problem is in the game mechanics. The loading time after each turn just takes away all of the fun. Developers, you must have understood that this would create a huge negative response from the
    gamers. Was it too late to change??? What is the point of having an extremely big Campaign World and loads of factions and neat graphics if the whole thing does not work???
    I get very annoyed reading any reviews that gives this game over 5. I am Confident that they have not played a full Campaign.
    The rest of my comments are more about details. I do not like that the only way to split an army is to having to hire a new general and transfer soldiers from one army to the other. I dont like the graphics of the unit cards in the "army bar". I would prefer miniature pictures of the units rather than the stylized contemporary art pictures.
  63. Sep 17, 2013
    The game is cool but it crashes all the time and as others have said the AI is bad so, not very good unfortunately, sad because it has a lot of potential.
  64. Sep 17, 2013
    This is not a total war game it does not have what made the original total war the epic game it used to be.
    Rome 2 is extremely dumbed down and streamlined, it feels casual its not immersive.
    i managed to take over half the world in a few turns, the original rome had a lot more settlements to conquer. The battles that are supposed to be epic is easily won even on hard, and feels rushed
    and boring. you dont need tactics you can just rush head on on a 3:1 bigger army with better soldiers than you and win. you pay full prize for a half finished game thats lacking.

    The game is broken and definitely still beta, the AI is stupid, l find bugs everywhere which isnt just annoying but gamebreaking.

    As stated by everyone else bad UI, unit cards are bad, settlement building is boring dumbed down and ugly.
  65. Sep 17, 2013
    The biggest problem with this game (beside all bugs, and that it feels more like an alpha) is that it is not a strategy game any more! This is beyond patching! This game plays exactly like an arcade, you just click your units to attack and after few minutes you will win. Without any tactics! Even on the very hard legendary difficulty! Campaign has likewise too arcade feeling. You will conquer settlement after settlement until you will get finally bored, even playing on the highest difficulties, without any strategic planning whatsoever!

    Moreover because you will always win this game has zero re-playability even though it has sandbox campaign.

    Even if you are total war fan you will enjoy this game only till you will win it once for every faction which, considering how arcadish this game is will be very very quickly.

    However on the other hand this is beautiful game which could be so good if it would offer challenging game-play.

    The reason why I am giving it 0 is that this game is supposed to be strategy but it simply isn't. Anyone who wants to play strategy should either find another game or get back to previous total war titles.

    Thus this game gets 0 as a strategy.

    But if you are looking for an arcade i give it 7.5/10. Players who care only about graphic and arcade like battles will enjoy this game.
  66. Sep 17, 2013
    This game invested heavily in marketing and advertising and made well documented highly hyped promises. It has massively under delivered on those promises. Graphics, AI and game play are well below what they promised, leaving many fans very disappointed. Yes it looks great, if you aren't suffering the numerous bugs and technical issues, which suggests it should have been more thoroughly tested. The AI at release is awful units brake formation the minute the engage in combat and it turns in to a mob. Battles take 6 minutes for me on average and that is hardly any time at all for any strategy, or enjoyment. There are no family trees and worse one or two line pre battle speeches. Both of which rip much of the character and depth out of the game. What shocked me was the ability to make post Marian units after one building upgrade over a hundred years before it occured. They have really stripped the game down and made it very fast and simplistic. Things I would expect in an action console game. Sadly this is more flash than substance. For a strategy game and total war title it will disappoint those who have played previous title from the catalogue. We can only hope they learn from the mistakes on this game and return to the elements that have made them so popular in the next game. Unfortunately that is likely to be 3 or 4 years away. I have to agree with other reviewers this scores a zero for me not just because it fails to live up to expectation or advertising, that is nothing new. It is as others have said hardly a strategy game atall. Expand
  67. Sep 19, 2013
    Three weeks has gone and it's still unplayable. I am not even talking about the AI now, no the fps is so low that even on low graphics it still is on 15/10 fps. The graphics are also horrible, even on ultra. The god damn textures are so bad that it doesn't matter if I zoom in on the battlefield or out, I can never see anything because of the flickering mess. The trees doesn't even look like trees but just an orgy of ugly lines.

    The price was already very high in my opinion, and I can't even play it, this was the biggest waste of money I have ever put on a video-game.
  68. Sep 20, 2013
    Awful Release.

    Dumbed down beyond recognition from other TW titles.
    Magic ships and magic abilities. An epic map that can be opened up in no time.
    No politics, no families, no seasons.

    No Good.
  69. Sep 21, 2013
    Diplomacy is horribly broken. Every Rome campaign I've started results in the entire map going to war with me sooner rather than later (attacked by 9-12 countries with your new army cap is not fun, especially when making allies is impossible 99% of the time) Trade is broken, it only works if they ask you or you pay them a ton of money. Battle engine glitches, game stutters on campaign map and siege maps (AI pathing incompetence still crushing computers since Empire), even after upgrading from GTX 260 1.792 GB to GTX 660 3GB. Transports the equal of warships, fail. Routing units are almost impossible to kill. There is no possible way that CA tested this without knowing how messed up the game was, too bad they can't be sued for false advertisement. The game is aggravating instead of fun, first time for me since the original Medieval (which I loved). I literally hate playing this game, the last burst of patches did not fix the AI in any noticeable way. $60 is better spent on anything but this. And the fanboy answer of 'it's always like this, so it's ok 'cause the modders and patches will make it better" is a bunch of BS as far as I'm concerned. If someone sold me a rifle that jammed, I wouldn't think, well that's alright I'll just fix it myself or have someone else fix it. Hell no, you advertise and sell a finished product if you care about customer loyalty, well CA lost mine, never buying JS from them ever again. Expand
  70. Sep 22, 2013
    There's just so much wrong with this game.

    They are but not limited to; poor fps; poor AI; poor battle UI; badly designed unit cards; bad colouring on campaign map; unrealistic looking water; not enough trading ships (historically inaccurate); no ability to improve roads; unrealistic diplomacy (also incredibly limited); no ability to create a personalised city; no guard button; no fire
    at will button; unnecessarily complicated ship controls; poor animations regarding triremes; slingers sling lightning; city sniping; poor diplomacy; protectorates fail to declare war; fog of war is completely unrealistic; trade centres only on the capital; no intercity trade via land; no intercity trade via water (except the capital); huge territories; not enough cities; poor technology tree; clunky campaign UI; bad textures; limitation of the number of armies; the inability to separate armies; no ports; no recruitment tab; no construction tab; no easily accessible finance info; family structures make no sense; no internal politics; hoplite incorrectly use spears; historically inaccurate units; 'heroes' wtf; turns last 1 year (which is ridiculous given how far units travel; magic powers; historically inaccurate states; AI is worse than Rome 1.

    Save yourself some money and get Rome 1 and mod it.

    Loved the opportunity to spend £30 to alpha test this bull.
  71. Sep 25, 2013
    A stripped back bare bones buggy game with terrible AI. Don't get me wrong I'll try and play it with the future patches but this has to be the worst launch of a game I've ever seen.
  72. Sep 25, 2013
    This game was clearly unfinished for release. A huge number of players were/are having technical issues regardless of computer specs. Many of the best pc's out there, with the biggest most expensive graphics cards are experiencing horrendous, unplayable fps problems. The AI is broken, many features do not work correctly, multiplayer has consistent game breaking problems (desync) ect. This was a terrible release.

    Eventually those things may get fixed.

    Equally problematic is the design approach taken. The game developer was qouted as saying his goal was to achieve a score of 90+ on metacritic, and that features were removed if they didnt meet that benchmark. So what we have, is a game designed to get good reviews within 10-20 hours of play. Not a game designed for the fans, the people who actually purchase the game.

    This is another dud in the TW series, reminiscent of Empire on its release.

    Do not buy!
  73. Sep 26, 2013
    I play Total War series since the first shogun (released in 2000) I was waiting for Rome 2 as small children waiting for Christmas and what do I get? I get a nasty alpha version What do we have? - AI creates sensation of battle with the army of retards - Battle of armies numbering 8,000 people ends in 5 minutes 4 of which they run to each other -complete lack of balance units - In the multiplayer Shogun was had a lot of good new ideas multiplayer Rome 10 steps back
    - Good animation fights
    - A good idea with the fleet in the battle ground but the sad realization
    CA and Sega burn in hell!
  74. Sep 26, 2013
    Like most others have stated, this is an extremely sad release of an expensive long-awaited game. I have a 3rd generation, i7 PC system, and the game still lags and otherwise feels unfinished. The AI can be frustratingly stupid and irritating, while the game mechanic is unbelievably and poorly executed.. This game is Not worthy of being called a Total War title!!!

    Sega and Creative
    Assembly should have work on this game another 2 or 3 months and release it over Christmas holiday, instead of rush-launching in September, and letting the current purchasers be beta-testing the game. for them. For those who have yet to buy the game: wait for it to go half-price and purchase it after Christmas 2013. This game is not yet playable (and definitely not enjoyable) in its current state. Expand
  75. Sep 27, 2013
    Have played over 200 hours on every other Total War game, and over 800 combined hours on Medieval and it's expansion. I've loved every minute of all of the other games. But as a result of the TERRIBLE AI in this game, I honestly have to say it would be more fun if they just turned off the AI and let you slaughter them all without fighting back. Battles are so boring I found myself autoresolving EVERY battle because the battles were soOOooOO boring. The AI plays worse than a blind person with no arms would. Expand
  76. Oct 1, 2013
    Horribly buggy, and completely unplayable. I have never seen a more incompetent company than CA for releasing such a broken game. I love the games when I can actually play them but I see now that they are just lining their pockets without putting much of any effort into creating a good game.

    I would hope, as with anyone that has a job they enjoy, especially one meant to contribute to
    the entertainment of others; that they would put forth effort in making something as streamline, flawless and pristine as possible. Instead; they came up with a game than runs under 1fps on release, AI turns in campaign take over an hour as the game progresses and battles are just unplayable for me. I don't even care to wait until they fix the game to play it; it should have been working when I first bought it.

    The only thing I've learned is that there is worse companies out there than Jagex, and they seem to seeking a trophy for screwing over everyone that buys their products. The mature thing to do would have been to postpone release, I'm sure anyone who pre-ordered the game would agree.

    Flush your money down the toilet, its entertaining than purchasing this mess of what they call game.
  77. Oct 1, 2013
    This is worse than an alpha. CA has messed up totally. Instead of being a great game, this is Total War: CA's Fanbase III. The gameplay is awful, with an AI without any brain. They constantly suicide-rush their men into my units. 1 unit of war elephants I had managed to destroy two enemy armies in their entirety just by charging into them. I suck at strategy, but I have not lost a single battle regardless of odds in 3 campaigns, not because i'm some sort of epic general as said, I suck but because the AI is THAT dumb. I will never purchase another CA game again. Expand
  78. May 29, 2014
    It's the worst Total War game over the entire Total War series I've ever payed, and I have played them all since the original Shogun more than 10 years ago.

    Being a hardcore Total War fan, it was the biggest disappointment in all my years of gaming.
  79. Oct 1, 2013
    DON'T BUY THIS GAME! This must be one of the most broken games ever. I have played through two campaigns and was on my third when they released a patch that totally rebalanced all the buildings for the faction I was playing resulting in -264 food and my current 40 hours campaign going to waste. With the number of patches they are pushing out and the magnitude of fundamental changes this game isn't close to being finished, why the did they release it in this state?

    The battle AI is really a joke and the only reason to play battles with walled cities was to be amazed how it will up EVERY easy assault.

    The retarded political system that only has one purpose a civil war.

    If this game ever will be enjoyable no one will care about it any longer.

    How can this game get a 79% rating, do they even play?
  80. Oct 10, 2013
    Total disaster. Idiot AI, confused unit card and UI, no family tree, poor diplomacy, siege battles with flame torches (:facepalm:), one year per turn, no season, no cinematic videos...

    Really, really, really disappointed.
  81. Nov 11, 2013
    Terrible game in every sense; 1/10. The game is worse than its predecessors and yet it was developed with a larger budget. The AI system is horrible to the point where if it were the only problem, which it is not, it alone would be a game breaking feature that earns the game a score of 0/10. This artificial "intelligence" provides no form of challenge to the player on even the highest difficulty level (when playing as Rome, the faction that the game is named after and pretty much about). I could go on and on about the AI, such as how it is unable to use siege equipment (YES! That's right, the AI doesn't even know how to use siege equipment, so you either auto-resolve or play the battle and feel like you cheated), but as I said it is not the only problem and the others deserve a mention. Other problems like the game not launching, AI turns taking so long that a multiplayer campaign is nearly impossible to endure, and the fact that the AI sends all their troops into small divisions and sails them around just asking to be sunk while you steamroll through their cities on the hardest difficulty, I know I promised to move on from the AI but it's just so pathetic! Every employee that even touched the AI in development should be fired and shunned from the PC gaming industry. Let them go develop the next COD for xbox, at least there they won't be found out for the fraud that they are because the children that are their customers won't even realize that they've been scammed for years to come. Expand
  82. Mar 2, 2014
    Ever been in a chocolate shop and seen a delightful confection that looks like it will melt in your mouth in a gush of warm chocolaty goodness and sweet cacao bliss? You buy it and bite down and for a moment it is everything you might hope until you get to the flawed burnt out husk of bile and hatred that lies at the center.

    This is that game. It's as if someone took a QA list of their
    bugs, packaged them up as a game, and shipped it out with pretty box art. It bluescreens, it hands, it has an almighty memory leak that could suck down the 7th fleet, units behave unpredictably, rather than embark your armies will take a world tour, and that's just the short list.

    We want Creative to make good games, but they don't. They make early access games that might be patched into something playable. The concept is great, but it's the same concept from ten years ago and their quality and testing only get worse with each new release.

    tl;dr: Give it a pass.
  83. Nov 25, 2013
    This game is buggy as hell, the coop is broken beyond belief, it freezes regularly and sometimes crashes after a battle. Whatever you do, do not buy this game, the developers doesn't deserve money for this game, go and download it from Piratebay instead.
  84. Dec 1, 2013
    Where to start? I can summarise by saying this game is woeful, 5/10 would be the score I would give it had it been a new ip. However due to Rome 2 being in a long line of total war games most of which were great, in particular Rome 1, and due to the developers downright lying through production and even upon release I feel it deserves punishing.
  85. Dec 3, 2013
    DONT BUY THIS GAME. Yes, I know you've been waiting years for this and its on sale during the holidays. Don't waste your money. The game is broken. It crashes on the prolouge 10 minutes into the game when youre forced to hire a spy. it took me a couple of crashes before i figured out i have to hire a spy in another city to avoid crashing.

    PLAY SHOGUN 2 or the other total wars. Playing
    this game will not satisfy you at all. There is no strategy. you click attack and watch them blob up as the first line of men dies the next moves up. missle infantry always fire from a certain distance, there is no button to move all forces forward like there was on the other total wars, IT CRASHES MULTIPLE TIMES DURING LOADING. Other total wars crashed once or twice during the years I've been playing.

    The developers marketed the "cool" unit perspectives. Its not cool, its useless. The tactical view doesnt work bc their is no strategy required to win. PLEASE HED OUR WARNINGS.

    I waited a couple of months before I purchased Rome 2 bc I thought the bugs would be fixed. I was soo wrong. It seems like they havent even began fixing major problems with the game.
  86. Dec 4, 2013
    My review is somewhat limited because I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO PLAY A SINGLE BATTLE since the prologue, now before you wonder i do have a top gaming Rig that far surpasses even the recommended specs yet every time i choose to fight a battle the effing game crashes? its so frustrating!

    To play this game at all i'm forced to auto-resolve every battle and just play the campaign map,

    Diplomacy? what the hell again, you have more chance of winning the lottery that making a trade agreement with a friendly faction never mind forging an alliance, i receive declarations of war from factions that i've never even met or had any dealings with and trying to broker peace is impossible even when you are far more powerful than your opponent.

    Spy's & Diplomats OK, but champions WTF is that? a single Guy can just wonder into Rome and beat the out of an entire legionary army? please i know its a game but there needs to some plausibility

    Walls? whoever decided doing away with walls needs shooting,

    Rebellions & Slave revolts -this is the core of the game because its what i seem to spend all my time auto-resolving, it seems impossible to keep the population happy, every building built every town garrisoned, plenty of food and they still revolt every other turn, its just ridiculous,

    I'am very very disappointed in what Sega and the CA have offered up, it basically looks like Medieval 2 and plays.....? well it doesn't does it,

    You really have to wonder about the seemingly massive disconnect between the "Professional" reviews and the reviews of the buying public, it really does raise issues about the credibility of these fellows, its obvious from the thousand of negative reviews that this game is a broken piece of crap, giving this game review scores of 85-90% is just insulting to peoples intelligence,

    Never again, I'm going back to Darth Mod Empire, this piece of Crap, Sega and the CA wont see a dollar from me again.
  87. Dec 17, 2013
    One would think professional reviewers would sink some more hours into a game before giving it 7 or 8 gold stars and calling it a masterpiece, its no wonder that people are asking themselves if they have been bought of by the company in question when the game is clearly broken into shards which then got mauled by a limp bellend full of glass shards.

    Onto the game itself, Ai in the ca
    franchise has always been rather poor but this one takes the cake and stuffs itself into a black hole into a new dimension of horrible, made worse by capture points that are located in idiotic locations, the worst are siege battles which after 7 patches makes the ai toss torches at the gate instead of using siege equipment (wich in and of itself is buggy i might add, try the ladders i dare you)

    the next offender is the sea battles, they've made them dumber than Empire total war and that in and off itself is an achievement.

    i could go on about various other bugs and the lack of overall depth but i think i have painted a bleak enough picture as is, il leave you with a plea not to by this sham of a total war game as it will surely damp your apetite for further games this company might spew out, they did it right in shogun but this game is 3 steps back into a pit filled with
  88. Dec 19, 2013
    Like many other people on here, I was a huge fan of the original Total War: Rome. So much so that I still play it on a regular basis the satisfaction of taking on a horde of barbarians twice the size of your army, obliterating them with the Roman war machine and expanding your Empire to the edges of the known world...a simple and satisfying concept.

    Rome 2, rather than maturing into
    an adult it's become the unruly teenager of CA. It's all over the place as a game. Despite some updates, it's still hilarious to watch the AI run havoc among themselves seemingly oblivious to their main purpose kill the enemy. Slingers run at infantry instead of aiming their led shots from a distance. Cavalry appears incapable of disengaging properly, meaning their numbers quickly drop once engaged, and infantry fail to hold the line properly, one of the basics of all Roman warfare lock shields, engage enemy and thrust your short sword between the gaps battles descend into duelling with the enemy.

    Not to mention the state of it's diplomacy.

    They have made some small improvements to the game, however they're overwhelmed by the number of quite frankly fatal errors to this franchise. It's as if they've forgotten what they made in every other TW game!

    My advice is save your money. If you want to play a TW Rome game, buy the original.

    CA you've failed millions of gamers.
  89. Dec 20, 2013
    I really wanted to love this game. But I just can't. I played all the total war games and to me this is by far the worst one. here is why. Politic system is boring The engine doesn't work with melee battles the multiplayer is barebones You can't siege a city if its port is blockaded ?!? The AI is no good There is no diversity between factions. Too much rock paper scissors game play.
    The soundtrack is boring unlike rome 1 )
    Frame Rate is no good for most computers.
    Generals die before you get to start caring about them.
    Navy battles are boring.

    The game just isn't up to par. and the fact that CA is trying to sell us more DLC instead of fixing the game makes it that much worst.
  90. Dec 24, 2013
    Games should be fun. This game isn't.

    The game is a poorly designed, tedious grind, with all the fun of filling out your tax forms. Hugely disappointing. They would have been MUCH better off just re-skinning Shogun 2. Every single feature of this game is worse than Shogun 2, without exception.
  91. Dec 25, 2013
    Well.... This game seemed to have a few great ideas. They added naval combat into land battles, they divided each region up into three and added bonuses for controlling the entire region, they gave Carthage a bigger role than punching bag (as it was in Rome I). But ultimately this game turned out to be a complete farce. They promised that you could play it with the same graphics as Shogun 2, but clearly lied. I can't seem to run it in a way in which half the screen isn't covered in grey. The AI seems to have taken a massive step back from Shogun 2, I'll even say it is worse than the original Rome. They continue with the infuriating policy of having to pay twice the value of the game just to get all of the factions. It is undoubtedly the worst purchase I have ever made of a game, and I'm incredulous with myself for having bought it on pre-order. If you are prospective about buying this game, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DON'T. Expand
  92. Dec 27, 2013
    this doesnt have a single significant inovation and the AI is a disaster some times it is ridiculously dumb and other times its impossible to beat and its poorly optimized 2/10
  93. Dec 30, 2013
    Horrific train wreck. Betrayal, and even more anger as CA release a DLC without having seriously even attempted to put a heart back into the tin man. This empty, soul less, AI impaired, stripped back, no family tree, no point to feeling attached to your general (he will die of old age in just a few turns), diplomatically impaired game does not deserve the bear the name of CA. What a very sad, sad end to this otherwise brilliant gaming franchise. The political system is completely pointless, creating a civil war is pointless, in fact, after about 30 hours, it hits you what a train wreck this actually is. Spare yourself the experience. CA is still in denial, despite even massive player surveys which tell them just how bad the game is and how to fix it. AVOID. Expand
  94. Mar 12, 2014
    garbage game is still garbage. 10 patches later and it's still god awful. Nothing has been fixed. Not one. avoid this title. this is a waste of hard drive space (not to mention 60 bucks) and you are FAR better off playing Rome 1 or Medieval 2 for your TW fix. CA is clearly not the same company it once was and now seems rife with incompetence and under a publisher that does not give a single **** about the customer.

    I would not buy this game at even half its current cost. At most, Rome 2 is worth about 15-20 dollars if you're feeling particularly generous.
  95. Nov 8, 2013
    A perfect example on how NOT to treat your customers... Releasing unfinished game that looks worse than previous instalment but boasts the opposite? Ridiculous approach. Very poor optimization...the campaign map...waiting for other factions movement takes up 90% of your time...we did not pay to sit around waiting to play... Multiplayer desync problems. Avoid...unless you are very patient and loaded... Expand
  96. Sep 16, 2013
    This is a massive downgrade from Creative Assembly's last entry, Shogun 2. Rome 2 is absolutely worse in every aspect than it's predecessors;
    - awful, clunky, intrusive UI
    - baffling interfaces which require you to use the in-game Encyclopedia (which contains information about mechanics cut from the game, no less)
    - severe graphical issues
    - half of the unit features from the original
    Rome: Total War
    - completely broken unit AI
    - broken maps
    - awful naval combat
    - no politics
    - no family trees
    - no diplomacy (factions will ALWAYS demand a monetary payment for diplomacy actions)
    - no unit variety
    - horrifically overpowered Roman melee units

    I'd go on, but others have said the rest, probably. Phenomenal disappointment. I'm not sure what happened to CA, but they've lost the plot. Avoid this entry in the Total War series at all costs. It is not worth your money.
  97. Oct 6, 2013
    Another case of paid reviewers giving the buggy ass game a 78 and the ACTUAL PLAYERS GIVE IT A 3.8.
    Terrible AI, game lags constantly, end game is a DISASTER of game-ending bugs. The UI is like they just started making these games. Did they fire their entire team and hire people off the WarZ team??? Wasted my money on this. Total War is Over. Total Failure is HERE!!!
  98. Dec 8, 2013
    It's an incomplete game, buggy, with design flaws, and worst, a broken hard-coded core. This is something that not even modders will be able to change or improve, because it's the mechanics of Total War in the end.
    They should decide if they want to make a tactical real time battles game or if they want to make a strategical turn based map-based war game. As it is now, they try both and
    fail utterly.
    If you paid for this game I feel sorry for you, I sure grew out to Paradox games many years ago so I wasn't expecting any different from CA. Whoever played Medieval know what pain is.
    One wonders the appraisal this game has from "professional" reviewers. Were they paid?
  99. Sep 13, 2013
    Finally the day is here Rome Total War 2... I couldnt wait ..have been a great Total War series veteran started with the original Medival Total War game in 2003 and bought every single one of the series after.i have had hundreds of enjoyabale hours playing Rome 1, medieval 2, Shogun 2 and Empire some of the best. they can all range from 8 to 10 stars, as a History buff i would say the ancient romans would be watching over this game as a disgrace to they greatness, with retarded mentally challenged AI,plenty of glitches lots of waisted time waiting to download even on an high end PC. not all the ancient tribes exist as they should they should read plutarch and lots of history before launching this game. Total dissapointment or Total greed and failure should be the title of this one. what a great opportunity wasted for a 10 star game this should have been ,given the PC evolution since TW Rome 1, I would not advise any one spending $60 on this one rather play cheaper earlier TW games. Rely on user reviews other than "Critic" reviews whom share profit from this overpriced not fun to play game. 1 star i gave only because I like the History of Ancient Rome whom deserves a game matching its glorious past. Expand
  100. Oct 1, 2013
    DON'T BUY IT before it's on budget as gold edition. The game is not complete and was released before it was complete. It has potential to be good if the huge number of OBVIOUS bugs are sorted. They never tested the game and pushed it out the door. Great play by SEGA to kill fan base and stop people buying future games.
  101. Sep 13, 2013
    The bugs oh the bugs... At least they can be fixed with patches in the future. But there is a much larger problem with this game. it brings nothing new to the table. Even worse it actually removed a lot of the new features that shogun 2 implemented. Gone are the nice and easily accessible tech/talent trees. Now replaced with color clots of various degrees of helpfulness. But that is by no means the only or most disheartening problem. The game has been streamlined to the point where you can't feel any of the old magic that the old games had. Even total war empire had some charm, even if that charm was full of nasty diseases that you would not wish upon your own mortal enemies. Right from the start you can feel that there is something wrong, something that does not sit right.

    That is the feeling i am left with after playing the game. That the game is just wrong, that there is no magic, no charm, no nothing it is not just a normal run of the mill strategy game. So for my part i will be heading back to shogun 2. A game that actually has something to offer in the way of actual game play.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]