• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 3500 Ratings

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  1. Sep 3, 2013
    Total War ROME 2 it's just a deep beatiful strategy game like every other game of the total war series! Don't be fooled by the bad review couse it has some imperfection but WHATEHELL it's only the performance that need to be improved and some Ai adjustement nothing more! Keep it classic and buy this game because it deserve it. I gave this a 10 couse there are people that give it 0 while they have played like 5 min into the game and then they keept playing Ride to hell Retribution. You will love this game as soon you start the campaign! Expand
  2. Oct 1, 2014
    Well after 15 patches I decided to reinstall the game and give it another try. I had given up on it after patch 4 if I remember correctly. Man they really FIXED the game. Thats the game we should have gotten back in september 2013. Very good game one of the best in the series. Such a same that they ruined by releasing it prealhpa and by doing that they infuriates millions of their customers and lost a lot customers. It my third review , first two times I gave it zeros.. Now its a 9. Never seen sucj an improvement in a game everybody though it couldnt be saved.. Great game its worth buying Expand
  3. Sep 3, 2013
    Finally got Rome 2 after a long wait. I am very happy with what we've got, and I know CA will improve the game over the coming months with patches and updates. The game is huge and people need to me more understanding when dealing with a game on this scale. This game will keep me entertained for YEARS. Highly recommend to any strategy/TW fan.
  4. Sep 3, 2013
    The game is very good, but the AI is still the same every battle is very easy, on very hard too, so this is very disappointing the UI is disgusting.

    Everything else is fine.
  5. Sep 3, 2013
    only played Rome 2 two hours this morning but it didnt take any longer then 30 minutes to realize how great this game is and how much more great i can be with modding and patching, far out weighs Rome TW so i think it deserves 9 thats not a fanboy score its my honest opinion.
  6. Sep 3, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of the Total War series, and so far I'm NOT disappointed! The game is clearly a member of the Total War series, anyone who has played their previous titles will be familiar with the general gameplay. However there are new features in just about every aspect of the game that have been added, everything from province management, to agents to battle, that makes this feel different from other Total War games. As a long-time fan of the series, I love the changes, I'm looking forward to a couple hundred hours of gameplay (I had 300+ on Shogun 2). Thumbs up! Expand
  7. Sep 3, 2013
    So far impressed with the game. I'm not running into any problems with the load times. The only thing I find bad is the ui is very different from shogun 2 which I've been playing a lot recently. Not perfect but it's what I was expecting. Worth the money.
    Haven't checked fps but on extreme no lag. My specs i5 Oc to 3.7ghz, 660 and 8gs ram. Load times no different than shogun though the
    turn lengths extend because of the size of the game. Expand
  8. Mar 27, 2014
    Good game after 11 patches. Don't expect to run game at high fps but neither does original. Game has a lot of content with DLC for future playing. Game has improved much from the original release.
  9. Sep 3, 2013
    Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant! I'm Italian and very fond of roman history. This game is a true masterpiece from all points of view: great graphics, outstanding gameplay, detailed customization, impressive environments, terrific involvement. Only one game before this made me dream so much and it was Skyrim. Total War: Rome 2 is a must buy. One of the best PC games of all times.
  10. Sep 3, 2013
    Don't listen to the trolls. This is a worthy successor to both Shogun II and Rome I, with all of the good qualities of both (Excellent, cinematic battle scenes, large, varied maps, naval combat for the former; varied faction and units, huge world map, and more in-depth characters for the latter) while improving some of the faults that have haunted the Total War series since its inception. The AI still makes blunders, but on the harder difficulties, they're less frequent and rarely as bad as Shogun II's, or, God forbid, Empire's. Some of the new mechanics I like, while some I'm more on the fence about, but on the whole, I feel like the changes they made were for the better, especially the region/province/settlement system. If you're a fan of the previous games, there should be no question as to whether Rome II is right for you. If you weren't a fan before, this probably won't win you over. Expand
  11. Sep 3, 2013
    have some bugs, but wich new game doesn't? what matters is the overall experience and rome 2 delivers what promised. fair ammount of factions and cultures and expands upon shogun 2 in every single way!
  12. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Whilst there is a higher barrier of entry than past Total War games (Except Empire), the player is thoroughly rewarded with a rich and highly varied strategy game, which demonstrates Creative Assembly's continual ability to innovate upon its basic formula which has grown for over a decade.
    Presentation- It is quite clear that authenticity has become a clear objective for CA, as Rome II is by far the best of the series and also any other series in presenting you with a realistic world. Be it either with the now astonishing cities with specific landmarks and factional/demographic traits, to the detail on every soldiers face and gear, all of which you can zoom in to see in all its splendor. The only issue that has become apparent is some launch graphical problems and FPS losses which many have encountered, these are highly likely easy to fix, but with a powerful rig most of these problems will not occur, those with less powerful machines will see a drastic loss of performance, more than you would expect anyway.
    Gameplay- With a satisfying prologue featuring strong voice action (Mark Strong) Rome II comfortably introduces a new player to the series and demonstrates the changes to Total War Veterans. One of the biggest changes made is the recruitment of armies, no longer are armies queued within a city, but requested from organised armies. This may cause problems for veterans as it makes a huge difference of the way one goes about attacking and defending provinces; however this is a welcome change as it streamlines the process of recruitment of requesting troops to exactly where you want without a rally point being needed from multiple cities. Other changes from the province system allowing the player to macro-manage multiple cities, avoids the complexities faced with past Total war games; to the new diplomatic options which have become much more intuitive in striking deals and easier to deal with, though it still has some faults, with unrealistic AI demands which just have no justification.
    Another major change from a gameplay aspect is the ability to embark upon Land & Sea battles simultaneously, this adds a huge variety to any battle and allows for spectacular siege battles, one of which has already been demonstrated with the Carthage historical battle, a welcome change.
    Along with other niche changes the battle system has been refined to produce by far the best Total War game of the series, with the only negatives coming from the high barrier of entry and launch graphical issues. Though it may not become a cult hit like its prequel Rome: Total War CA have created a spectacular game which will entice newcomers with its polish and grandeur and also highly satisfy Total War veterans with new refinements and updates. A true Total War game if ever I saw one. I would give this game 9.6 if I could but I will settle for a 9.
  13. Sep 3, 2013
    Great game so far, I love all the new features in Rome II. Haven't had any crashes or issues so far, just some minor glitches which are to be expected of a new release with so many changes from previous Total War titles. I don't know yet if this game is as good as Shogun II but time will tell, so far it's been great and very addicting.

    If you like Total War type of games, you'll almost
    certainly love this one. Expand
  14. Sep 3, 2013
    Amazing game.. and a truly masterpiece in my opinion.Graphic ist awesome and the gameplay feels very smooth there are minor issues but nothing serious
    Believe the Hype!!
  15. Oct 4, 2013
    With the beta patch 4 and AMD beta driver I'm pleased with this product. I will now pour count less hours into this game. It had a rough release but with all the fixes its up to snuff.
  16. Sep 3, 2013
    Best yet! Ignore the complainers about performance issues. They just can't accept their underpowered PC can't play this game on ultra settings. Played it for 12 hours since release.
  17. Sep 3, 2013
    Although the AI is still pretty bad, I can't complain since I've been waiting years for this game to finally release. If you're a Total War fan, I'd highly recommend this game to you.
  18. Sep 14, 2013
    Sigh, normally i would give it a 7-8, since CA has the TW typical flaws integrated, weak AI and some bugs.. but seeing the laughable bashing this game get´s i´m giving the full 10, which this game undoubtly will be, once it´s finally patched (and modded), since the basic game is just great, varied and of high replayability.
  19. Sep 4, 2013
    First off, let me say that you don't need a high end computer to enjoy Rome II. If your machine can handle Shogun II, it can also handle Rome II. That being said, you will have to play around with the settings a little bit to make sure the game runs at 30-40fps average in large battles. The new UI can take some time getting used to, especially if you're a long time Shogun II player, but once you get the hang of it, it's very intuitive and easy to use.

    Graphics are absolutely amazing even on mid range computers. Like I said, if your computer can run Shogun II you shouldn't have any problems. [Word of advice: Lower Unit Details and Unit Size (CPU bound) as well as Shadows and Water Quality (GPU bound) if you're experiencing low FPS in large battles].

    If you've never played a Total War game before, because you thought that they were too difficult and tedious too learn, give this game a try.

    As for the technical issues some people have mentioned, I can only speak for myself but in 20h of gameplay I've experienced only a single crash. Pretty amazing for a brand new PC release if you ask me.

    Last but not least, I'd like to add that the game certainly isn't a 10 out of 10. But due to the large amount of unfair and braindead troll comments, I deceided to rate it 10/10 anyway. It's easily a 8 out of 10 maybe even a 9 out of 10 if you're a hardcore RTS player.
  20. Sep 4, 2013
    So far I think this is a fantastic game and in many ways an improvement over previous titles. The AI is much improved, the UI is much more streamlined. The game feels like the original Rome. I can only imagine how great this game will be after a few patches and further optimizations.

    Just remember, there are hundreds of thousands of people happily playing this. There will always be a
    minority raging about issues that they have. Expand
  21. Sep 3, 2013
    Awesome awesome awesome I love everything about this game from land grab to real time battles now the only reason a lot of people don't like this is because they have 10 year old pos pc's I only have a radeon 7870 oc edition and I run at high settings with 61 avg fps on the benchmark so I'm certain the game is properly optimized.
    Anyway if you have a decent pc you will like this
  22. Sep 3, 2013
    This game has some bad bugs and graphics optimalizatons, but that is no reason to rate this otherwise awesome game so low. It will get better, and you know it
  23. Sep 3, 2013
    Runs perfectly on my computer with no lag and lives up to my expectations. The province system is a very cool addition to the series.
    Specs: intel i7, 16gb ram, 670 gtx
  24. Sep 3, 2013
    Oh no. If your using your apple gaming pc, you can't or even be allowed to rate this Incredible game.
    Look I'll make it real simple... If you are trying to play this game on a old school pc, don't even bother.
    You need a real PC with a real gaming card, memory and get ready to Overclock your PC.
    10/10 awesome game.
  25. Sep 3, 2013
    I opened an account just to post this review.

    First off, don't listen to the people complaining about bad graphics, it's just a bug and actually while playing it seemed to get a bit better.

    Second, the map is gigantic, I am lost in how complex this game is, in a good way. This game is just as good as my favorite, Medieval 2 Total War, maybe even better, because I didn't even get to
    discover much of it.

    Third, why complain about the DLC? it's meant for people who didn't pre-order and might want the Greek States. They have to make some sort of profit, and also, if this DLC wasn't made at all the staff would have to be laid off because in the pre-release phase they're doing nothing and not getting paid, so this so called "horrible" day one DLC actually saves them. Plus, you don't have to buy the DLC, if you think it's so meaningless there's no reason for you to get it at all, so you shouldn't give the game a 0 because of that, especially if you didn't even buy it.
  26. Sep 7, 2013
    Am I just lucky? I'm trying to be helpful with this review.

    Any rating below 7 is just ridiculous. I've played 14 hours now. My hardware: I did a clean operating system install (win 7) recently to avoid possible conflicts (which many seem to be experiencing), samsung SSD, i5 2500k processor overclocked to 4.5ghz, 1GB mid-tier VGA card 8GB Ram (nothing spectacular).

    I've been a fan of
    about every Total War game and modded games. I only experienced one glitch (fixed in patch notes) to date and run the game on extreme w/ no frame rate or other glitches. I believe this is the best of the series to date and will only get better with time, especially with mods.

    Now to the game: Took me 11 hours to figure out the UI. Yes, it's very clunky, you will need hours to figure it out. And when you do, many things will make sense. A lot of info and a different method of finding it will frustrate long time Total War gamers. My first 11 hours were as Sparta on "Hard" (too easy). I'm now playing Rome on "legendary" and loving it. You make stupid mistakes and you will pay dearly but not be completely wiped off the map.

    Diplomacy is awesome, Campaign AI is very good, Battle AI is just ok (not broken just a speed issue and I think will be resolved by raising unit Hit points as well). Game is more epic than ever and more manageable. 3 Amy's & 3 fleets max. Additionally, fortifying units based on buildings is perfect for this game. No stack spam or ridiculous rebel spawning.

    This is a massive game so expect long turn wait times. I think a lean SSD helps. My turns complete w/in 20 seconds unless you want to watch every opponent unit make it's move which drags it out.

    Last note: I still haven't figured out how the family systems works and probably a lot of other things, but I think that will only make the game that much more enjoyable when I do! If you don't have the patients to learn the UI and how it works, you will hate this game.
  27. Sep 6, 2013
    Fantastic game, yes the AI could be better but other than that it is fantastic. One of the best in the series imo and will only get better in the future with updates. Alot of the changes I like but they do take some time to get use to, I think once people play the game for more than 5-10 hours they will relize the game is pretty awesome.

    It seems like people forget about the launches of
    Empire and Shogun2, people had said they hated the games on release then after some patches they love it.

    Whats here now is great and can only get better in the future, optimization and AI can ALWAYS be improved, these are things the series could always do better.
  28. Sep 3, 2013
    This game is great. There seems to be an issue with optimization for some. I have been lucky enough to only have some fps issues and that's all. The new features and diplomatic systems are really an improvement to me. My major complaint with the game itself not the bugs that will be ironed out in time. Is that the battles are over too quickly. Despite that I love the game and see at least 100 plus hours of my life slipping away its glory! Expand
  29. Dec 28, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really feel that the user reviews for Total War: Rome 2 don't give the game justice. Before receiving the game, i was well aware of many of the "game breaking bugs" and "horrible user interface" that people claimed the game had. I was also aware of the painfully low score on metacritic. None the less, i wanted to give CA the benefit of the doubt because i have not played a Total War game to date that i did not enjoy. I started playing and the first thing i noticed was the steep learning curve that came with managing your faction. There is far more detail in dealing with settlements (which are now divided into many provinces with settlements inside of them). Once I got the hang of it however, it wasn't too difficult to figure out basic functions that allow you to run your settlements efficiently. As for the actual battles, the game is absolutely stunning if you have a system capable of running it. Unless you play on lower settings, clone armies are no longer an issue with most soldiers having some form of variation from the others (this is particularly noticeable with the barbarian factions). The battle AI is not always the smartest, but still provides somewhat of a challenge. Overall, its not my favorite Total War game, but it is a worthy addition to a great series. I honestly cannot understand how people are giving the game 1's and 2's. Expand
  30. Sep 3, 2013
    I'm gonna go ahead and give this a 10, just because of the lot of trolling crybabies on here smacking a 0. "Drr, give it a 0 so they don't release another game that needs a patch". Riiight.
    Let me know hot that logic works out for you pal.
    How about you stop whinning about how the game is over-valued and then you turn right around and vastly under-value it by smacking a score of 0 on a
    Total War game? Hypocritical bull.

    The game has graphic settings ranging from low to high to very high to extreme, and it is obvious there are some graphic issues with the particle effects on the extreme/very high setting during water battles. Easy fix.
    Don't use the extreme/very high particle effects settings. Magic!

    All-in-all the game is a weaker 8 higher 7. Professional review average is closer to the mark than the trolled user score. Rome II doesn't add anything ground-breaking. It keeps the same old gameplay formulas used in many previous titles and adapts them to a modernized Rome Total War.
    Which is EXACLTY what so many people wanted to begin with. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

    It is polarizing experience. One end being any players waiting for a modern Rome Total War & any players that have been happy since Medieval 2 Total War players that know how to resolve simple graphic driver issues, in which case you will be happy & fine.
    Or on the other end: player that wants new groundbreaking RTS/player that has been unhappy since Medieval 2 Total War/player that wants ultimate graphic experience & can't handle playing on high instead of 10!@#120EXTREME!@!, in which case you will be PM-Sing all over Metacritic.
  31. Sep 3, 2013
    I will get right to the point. If you enjoy Grand Strategy games, or a fan of the Total War series....Rome 2 is a must. CA have improved on every aspect, from Campaign map depth....Land, Siege to Naval Battles....It does have it's bugs however, as with every TW Title on release, it is not enough to pull you away from playing though.

    The only big issue i have with Rome 2 is the
    performance....On a PC that could play Shogun 2 with all settings maxed and getting high frame rates. (70 fps Rome 2 can look worse at times...and achieve really bad Fps with the same settings (30-40fps)

    Hopefully, CA Will fix these issues soon.
  32. Sep 3, 2013
    Total war franchise is my favorite cup of tea since 10 years ago. Over time, I see improvement and nearer and nearer achievement to real battle simulating. The new games still fall short of some expectation from a fan like me. However, this is the game I will play countless hours, wait for mods and patches, and play again and again, until the new one come out, or even the one after.

    First of all, let talk on the bad side. The game GUI seems to be a lot more confusing. It is very different from earlier games. I took half an hour to realize that different between provinces and towns, and that you may control many towns but did not hold control of one province completely because 1 province may have many towns. I also had a bit difficulty with merging army. Once you created a maximum unit in an army, you cannot simple take out a unit and create a legion of itself to put in another unit to the old legion. I find a unit cards, building cards looking less appealing and confusing. HOWEVER, it is a DIFFERENT GAME, and I WELCOME THE CHANGES. I look forward to mod though.

    Second bad things about the game is the difficulty with diplomacy and finance. No one seems to want trading with you, even in good term. Every agent action costs money, yet I don't see much benefit it seems to me an agent action cost a unit for a gamble.

    Third bad thing: unit camera is great, but I have to move the mouse to click a button instead of double clicking on it. Still trying to figure out how to change that.

    Forth bad things: now sure why, but unit sizes seems to be very small in my book. And I think it is hard to mod it now.

    GOOD THINGS: the games brings in steep learning curve, new challenges, breathing in new feeling into the franchise, BRINGING REALISM AND ESCAPISM TO GAMERS I LOVE SIEGE GAME, AND COMBINE NAVY AND LAND BATTLES. I LOVE TO JUMPING UNITS TO HEAR THE OFFICER'S SPEECH !

    In all: I feel being a real general
  33. Sep 6, 2013
    easily the largest, most ambitious, and most fun total war game to date. from graphics to game-play to sound audio this is a masterpiece from Creative Assembly.
  34. Sep 6, 2013
    Clearly a game that was released before it was ready, though wait a few weeks/months and the patches/mods will clear up all the problems. Not worth a 10, but certainly not worth all these zeroes either, hence my score.
  35. Sep 6, 2013
    Excellent game, sure the AI could be better, and it could be a bit more optimized, but name one game with anything like the scope and ambition of Rome 2? Crusader kings and Europa Universalis maybe be solid and deep games but lets face it they are a pretty interface for a spreadsheet.

    Rome 2's battles are visually epic and the campaign map is fun to play.

    loving it!!
  36. Sep 4, 2013
    I think this game is great overall. Even though it has some bugs and doesn't run well, but it has beautiful graphics and great gameplay. The animation, graphics, sound, and gameplay dynamics were completely redone from the previous total war games. Bugs and performance issues should be fixed in a couple of weeks and patches, so therefore I don't think people should judge this game upon those issues. Expand
  37. Sep 15, 2013
    Ok people, what's with the 0s 1s & 2s?? Yes the optimization is NOT stellar, neither is the AI, nor are the game mechanics perfect; but Rome2 is not the complete mess that warrants near 0 ratings. UI Seems to be designed for a screen resolution of *at least* 1920*1080 Performance On a solo GTX 670 I set everything to "Very High" and am frame locked at 60 FPS in battles, round 30 fps on the campaign map.

    AI Well it still is pretty dumb, but It does seem to be more tactical on the campaign map, like I realized it does not attack cities where my armies are but instead tries to attack the relatively undefended ones.

    Not a 10/10 but its not a 0/10 either; I give it a 8/10 in the current state, 9/10 after patches.
  38. Sep 3, 2013
    So here's the issue. This game is great. It's graphically beautiful, it's got a lovely system, it IS the better Rome Total War that fans of the series are looking for. There is a learning curve, it's not a revolution among strategy games, it's not everything that people will tell you, the AI isn't mind-boggling, but it's a wonderful game, as far as I'm concerned. IF. IF. You do not get all the technical bugs and issues people are having. If you get those, this game might as well be dirt to you, but if you're a fan and been through a Total War launch before, you know what this is like, and I would urge all people who have not experienced it before to be patient (I know, it's hard given the amount of hype attributed to this game). If you've already purchased, don't give up on this title. Patches and fixes will be arriving soon if you are having trouble, and CA is open to you for the week with full support.

    If you are not having these issues, help the community. This is a game that was meant to be enjoyed!


    It's a great game under the flaws, and flaws that fans have come to expect. Should it be something that happens every time, no, should we have been so hyped up for a buggy product (for those that got it), no, but it's a good game, and worth a good score for those who have or will play.
  39. Oct 18, 2013
    First of all. Just bought a "new" rig, not so powerfull, but rome2 works perfect on 80% of top graphics settings. No glitches, no freeses, works perfect with 4 patches, and looks aweseome (in a rainy conditions).

    Absolutely awesome new features:
    + No army without a general (who can be changed), so no small packs of troops just roaming everywhere.
    + XP for everyine! Troops, armies,
    generals, provinces, all are getting experience. Much slower, cause characters XP divided in 3 parts.
    + Legendary Difficulty, which is: only auto-saves and no active pause, plus some other difficulties.
    + Slow tech development. Only slingers at first and no archers, no superlegions and stuff. Reform your army! Unic tech trees for main civs although.
    + Absolutely brilliant changes into strategy mode like province system with it's building and few cities.
    + Understandable diplomacy with hints like "recent war with our allies 10", "gifts to us 10". Tnx Civ5.
    + More complex senate system. With bunch af random events and memorable random characters.

    - Faster battles. Soldiers are running faster 8) so epicness is a bit lost, but it's ok.
    - No family tree. But family is still here.

    About AI. Ofcourse it's not a human player, but there are cavalry through flanks, enemy units can break through your line, leave skirmish, regroup and flank you. Just lost a HUGE sea battle, lost 2 generals and 2 armies, recently took a city with huge losses, so AI looks MUCH better then anywhere in Total War (excerpt Shogun2 maybe, didn't played it).

    PS. Played about 12 hours, half for a prologue campaign. So may change my mind. 8)
  40. Sep 16, 2013
    Great game, some changes on how the campaign map works (cities, regions etc.), which works nicely. Same awesome battles, now with astonishing graphics.
    There are some problems though, where some people (as always) cannot play the game from release. They seem keen on fixing this though.
    AI is a bit ambivalent some times really 'smart', some times amazingly dumb..
    Really heavy game to
    run, as it feels like it was not optimised at all. I have only small problems, but I read that a lot of ppl have great difficulty even running the game. I expect this to be handled in patches.
    I believe they will fix a lot of the problems, though it does not seem likely they change the ai too much, as it is such an advanced part of the game.
    As with all Total War-games, I still love this title and must give it 9/10 so far.
    I understand ppls frustration and why the rating is so negative right now, but releases has been rough on all aaa-titles the last 5 years, so this should, unfortunately, be expected by now.
  41. Sep 6, 2013
    Despite minor problems this still is the next Total War game that I have been waiting for so long. And as known, CA will fix most of the problems in the near future.

    There is some thing I dislike however. For some reason, the encyclopedia seems much more complicated and it is sometime hard to figure out what buildings recruit what units and other requirements. About performance have to
    say that there is lag sometime, but this far I haven't experienced any crashes.

    9/10 because it's not perfect, but the this far the best TW game. Hopefully they will fix everything soon so that people don't get too angry.
  42. Sep 6, 2013
    Amazing. Has some bugs, but after the first patch a huge improvement. Also, the developers seem dedicated to fixing the bugs by promising a patch a week. A very very deep game with tons of stuff to do. The graphics are better than many movies out right now. Just epic. Its amazing how much they have improved upon the original.
  43. Sep 16, 2013
    This is the most amazing total war game ever! AI is now fixed, some lag fixes and better campaign UI.
    I think the game deserves more then this and if the people just waited for the patch the game would have a higher rating.
  44. Sep 10, 2013
    I understand that a lot of people don't like this game, but for the wrong reasons. They shouldn't give this game a 0/10 because a complaint about a unit card (really?) or a frame issue (which they will fix fairly quickly). You shouldn't like this game because you think it has stupid AI or it doesn't feel like a TW game. The only reason I am giving a 10 is to balance out the idiots who give this a 0 for stupid complaints. Expand
  45. Sep 5, 2013
    Creative Assembly has yet again shocked the world with this stunning new game. easy to learn for new players and veterans of the Total War series will feel right at home. by far the best Total War yet
  46. Sep 10, 2013
    Amazing. This game will be recognized as a classic. But what is more amazing is the 900+ 0-1 rating scores by people who signed up here on the same day the game was released, gave it a 0 or 1, said something about the AI (which they have no idea what they're talking about) and then left. Kind of like a 'seagull review' that is, fly in, make a racket, crap all over everything then take off.

    These people are clearly ringers sent here to stir up trouble. Rome II isn't a bad game, it's not a good game, it's a great game.
  47. Sep 4, 2013
    While this game does have issues, it is indeed an incredible experience and falls in line with every vanilla total war released to date, the graphics are beautiful and the Ai does a good job of maintaining battle lines and i am yet to see a suicide general, playing on very hard or legendary is indeed a challenge, the battles are however short, but this game is worth getting regardless and with the help of mods could be something special. Expand
  48. Oct 26, 2013
    Do i wish this game came out as it is right now (late October), all patched up and tidy? yes! am i going to hold it against Creative? NO! every gamer should understand the relationship between the game devs and the publishers! Sega says the games going to be ready by a specific date, and that's final. I'm sure the developers would have loved to polish this game to its current shiny state.

    In short, all the haters should give it a go now that the developers had their extra time to work on it, its a marvelous addition to the Total War series, dare i say the second best (after Rome I)
  49. Sep 6, 2013
    The game is good and everyone is complaining and moaning about the game, yet they should know almost every Total War game is broken when it comes out and people are giving it bad review scores because they did not get to play it because of a bug or just bugs in the game. The UI is NOT horrible, just need to get used to it because they redid the whole UI in the game which they never have done that for a Total War game. Unit cards are a little confusing but they tell you what you need to know with cool art design, the game is NOT poorly optimized. I will give credit to the poor AI, but they are not that poor, they are mediocre for a Total War game. I rate this game a 10 for this game is one of the best games I have played from Total War and a game I plan on to log hours into, it's a great game. There aren't many bugs but some many push you away, but it's called UPDATING and PATCHING, not run off and cry like a girl to a review site and give it a bad score because your navy got destroyed by terrible AI. It's sickening that I see these guys rate the game so poorly with a lot of them having terrible excuses. Personally I had no trouble in my game with crashes, or anything that will corrupt a game or mess it up. Me and my steam friends have already logged around 200-300 hours just within 4 days. Great game in my opinion. Expand
  50. Sep 4, 2013
    The core game is solid with many decent new features that advance the series. For example, custom battles can now be set anywhere on the campaign map.

    The technical issues are far overblown and not consistent in the slightest. For me rome 2 processes the campaign map.
  51. Sep 14, 2013
    Don't believe angry kiddies whose prehistoric computers were unable to run the game. Rome II is one of the best Real-Time Strategies ever and a possible GOTY. Creative Assembly fixes bugs very fast, and the game becomes more and more polished.
  52. Sep 5, 2013
    Whilst I do know that some people are having issues with the graphics, and some bugs are here, I know it will be patched out soon enough. Now for my review of the game. Coming from long term total war series gaming, I am pleasantly surprised by this. Don't bother comparing it too Rome 1 though, it has much more in common with Shogun 2 than Rome, but it is also a new game in its own right. Now, the campaign. The map is HUGE, the size of the map is about the same as medieval, but the scale is so much larger. Moving from modern day England to France into Germany, took a bit of time and it felt like a proper journey. Scale is much better here, that's the first real improvement. The UI is actually pretty nice to my eyes, but its going to come down to personal taste,and some people are a bit iffy on it. The battles are shogun 2, but with large scale feel to them. Also the "levels" of the battle maps are MUCH more varied, and they do follow the lay of land more so. In winter in northern Europe? expect to be fighting in snow. This is a really nice touch. If you a fan of any of the games in the series, this is a solid choice for a game, and the bugs will be fixed. I say bugs, nothing has happened to mine other than I needed to tone down a few settings (it looks amazing still). But I have seen a fair few people complain of bugs (many more say its fine, but enough to show a problem perhaps), but personally I haven't encountered any (about 15 hours of gameplay, all single player) Expand
  53. Sep 6, 2013
    Waited for years for this game, and i am not disappointed, though the AI lacks a bit still. But that is the only problem i have with the game.So i would say, buy the game if you liked all the other Total War games.
  54. Sep 3, 2013
    I love the first Rome total war 1 ,and now the 2 it's like a perfect version of the 1 so if u are someone that played the 1 you have to play the 2.it's your heaven!.
  55. Sep 3, 2013
    This is the Total War game so many have been waiting for. People complaining about performance issues and lack of multi-card support really need to relax until drivers and profiles have been released. Have you ever bought a new game before? The load times in this are excellent compared to Shogun 2, if you think otherwise... get a SSD. Load times have been a couple seconds at the most. This game will provide hundreds and hundreds of great hours of epic scaled gaming. I can easily say best game I've bought all year, not to mention the only game I've bothered to pre-order. Any Total War fan knew what they in for when they pre-ordered this. To those who didn't know what they were getting into, just be patient; this is the price you pay for greatness. A required addition to the collection for any Total War fan, and a highly recommended addition for anyone that has hours to burn on another CA masterpiece. Expand
  56. Sep 3, 2013
    O jogo sensacional, grandioso em todos os aspectos. CA tem feito um grande trabalho em manter viva e sólida a franquia. Quanto aos problemas comumente citados, provavelmente serão corrigidos, talvez com exceção da AI, mas a otimização do jogo, a correção de pequenas imperfeições e uma diminuição no tempo de carregamento entre turnos levará esse jogo ao pedestal do melhor já feito sobre esse período histórico, rivalizando apenas com seu antecessor. Expand
  57. Sep 3, 2013
    Ganhou meu 10! item indispensável àqueles que gostam de história e jogos de estratégia que desafiam o intelecto. E jogadores novatos, não se preocupem, o simples fato de ver milhares de soldados combatendo uns aos outros e o prazer sádico de observar tapetes de corpos inimigos espalhado pelo campo de batalha já valem a compra.
  58. Sep 3, 2013
    People complaining about performance and graphical issues has clearly not been with the series from the start. This is a massive game and it's hard to have it fully optimized on release. Previous games has had the same issues, but the bugs and fps drops will solved be solved within 1-2 weeks. But we'll probably have to wait about 4 months until it's fully optimized.
    The gameplay is
    amazing! I really got that feel that ruled an empire. Loved the combat and all the new features! Expand
  59. Sep 3, 2013
    O jogo magnífico! Diversão garantida para qualquer um com uma máquina que atenda as exigências. ;D PS: Não sofri com nenhum dos bugs relatados, e o jogo rodou muito bem no meu nem de longe potente computador.
  60. Sep 3, 2013
    good game, suffers from a bit of performance issues, but the gameplay still holds true, making this a fine installation into the total war series and a real gem once everything is ironed out
  61. Sep 3, 2013
    Boy I was really excited for this one. I pre-ordered and avidly pursued all I could that was available to preview before its release. I'd say about a week or so before its scheduled release I became worried and then irritated at a load of negative perception on the TWC forums from folks who just seemed determined to be angry at CA for either the price, or the DLC or something relatively trivial in comparison to the scope and grandeur of the game. Some of the more serious complaints centered around the AI. Then the first reviews came out and they were mixed... with reviewers claiming something bad (like naval combat) while others claiming the same things was good. So here it is on release day and 10 hours later I am thrilled with this game. I've been playing TW games since MTW1 so I am no newcomer to the franchise and this is the best one yet. Hands down. I was so relieved that the AI was not terrible either in campaign mode or in battle mode. Especially considering it is release day and as history shows CA will improve the game immensely from now on and then mods will pick up the torch and in the end it will be one of the best games I've ever played. Graphics are superb, UI is superb, sound is superb, action is superb, immersion is superb. Except that the wait between turns is a tad lengthy. I highly recommend this game. It is worth buying now at a premium price and will be absolutely worth buying for less in the future. Expand
  62. Sep 3, 2013
    It might not be the best total war game yet, but they will patch it soon and fix everything wrong with the game. They should have been more prepared for the release, but giving it a score as low such as a straight up 0 is jumping the gun.
  63. Sep 4, 2013
    Ok first thing is first. Yes there are some bugs but nothing that cant be fixed. You cant expect a game of this magnitude to come out without some bugs,. Patches will come out and fix them all sooner or later. As for the game its self well i think it is fantastic. It takes some getting used to but when you get used to it it is apparent that this game has a lot of depth. The battles are fantastic to watch and the spear and arrow effects are amazing. Give the feeling that a shield really is a matter of life and death. If you like the total war franchise then this is a must. Expand
  64. Sep 4, 2013
    I have been playing the game for 10 hours now and I am still exploring the game. I can't imagine how the game will feel like in a few weeks/months when I am starting to master it.
    I have the same feeling with this game like in the beginning with Shogun II. "What am I supposed to do/build now? Whats steps should I undertake? Which faction should be my ally, which my foe?"
    I am very
    excited to what the game will bring me and what I shall discover.
    I feel sad for all the poor guys who think this game sucks, they are simply not giving it a chance. I don't want a game that plays the same as Shogun II just with other units. When I buy a game I want something new. And that is what Rome II is giving us. Something new to learn and master.
    It looks great and feels immersive. The end turn time is very long when you play a coop game with someone.
    When I play single player it really only takes about 20-30 secs. I'm fine with that no problem.You must realise that it is a HUGE map with a lot more factions, it is normal. If u have a problem with it, get OVER IT.
    I find the AI challenging and surprising sometimes as well.
    It will be a game that may need some bug fixes but I will enjoy putting 400+ hours into this game as I did with Shogun 2.
  65. Sep 4, 2013
    I honestly cannot believe the reviews that people are giving this game. Yes the game has it's flaws but it's certainly not worth a 0. You really have to be ignorant to give the game a 0. The game may not be the best in the Total war series but it's still a good game and I've enjoyed it so far. The game is well put together even though it has a few problems that will surely be dealt with later. Rome 2 isn't at all comparable with Empire at launch and even though it has a few problems with glitches, donkey AI ext. The game is still fun and is the Total war we fell in love with. I sincerely hope that people give the game more than a few hours before calling it the worst game ever and giving it an abysmal score. Maybe play 20 plus hours before passing such a harsh judgement. Expand
  66. Sep 4, 2013
    Despite the many bad reviews, I have to say that instead the game is awsome and epic as described during this year of waiting. I can run it at maximum with no lag or issues of anysort. The problem is not related to the game but to the poor built rigs of people that pretend to play a 2013 game with so much graphical improvements on a prehistoric PC.
    I can add that the old good mods for the
    RTW I are now dead and pointless for sure as they have always been. I am confident in CA capability of releasing exstra content and add more factions and features. The usual ranters and whiners are poor childish people who will never be happy.
    I suggest to buy the game and, if not already done, a decent HW.
  67. Sep 4, 2013
    Well 12 hours in and it has been flawless to date with my old PC and XP. Map and factions are more like Rome Total Realism than Rome Total War. If it isn't working for you, it will once its patched and the mod community gets it sorted out. It is a fantastic game and even at this early stage I'm having a ball.
  68. Sep 4, 2013
    It is indeed a great game with an amazing campaign and battles! The only problem seems to be occasional bugs (nothing game-breaking as of yet) and slower performance for some computers.
  69. Sep 4, 2013
    All of you guys are full of I have an i5, HD 7850, and 8gb of ram, this game runs smooth like butter on fully max settings. I've had no bugs, and the AI works perfectly fine. The game is epic, plays great and looks amazing. You guys want even better graphics so your computer frames drop form 5 fps to 1 fps. Give me a break, do the world a favor and go play call of duty or something.
  70. Sep 4, 2013
    Game is good IA is brain dumb soo it makes this game a sandbox best played on multiplayer no lag problems never had a crash its fun to play Interface annoying, but really likes this title!
  71. Sep 4, 2013
    Wonderful, takes the place of the first Rome as my favrote game ever. Thank you CA for another eight years of wonderful strategy and I really enjoy the multiplayer
  72. Sep 4, 2013
    Excellent game. I'm not a huge fan of the Unit Cards, and the battles are a tad fast pased; but still truly an amazing game. I'm looking forward to seeing new content and patches. When you expand the map to India; I will be buying it.

    However, I'm a big Total War fan as is. This is a different experience from Modding RTW and M2TW:K; which I've done a LOT. However, I wouldn't say
    bad. CA is attempting to make the game available to people who are NOT like myself; which I can respect. They did not create the money for a few thousand purists; and they have bills to pay.

    Assuming the modding tools are there and we can extend and slow down the combat a bit; this will become an 11 with mods.
  73. Dec 25, 2013
    True this game had multiple issues upon release that made it virtually unplayable even on a high end system. However, many of those issues have been addressed including the AI. On occasion the AI can still act incredibly dumb but on other occasions I have seen it act very intelligently (it seems to be somewhat hit or miss). The graphics are on par with shogun 2 if not a slight improvement, but trying to run this game on a lower end system would be a fps nightmare I'm sure. Nevertheless, this is not the disappointment many have made it out to be. With the recent patches and updates the game now runs much smoother and the game play is very enjoyable. Despite what many have said you cannot just fling your army at the enemy and win a battle, I have tried this and it will get you beat every time (unless of course your playing on easy) if you employ counter strategy and flanking maneuvers then yes you can win even if your outnumbered on legendary BUT if the enemy has enough or acts intelligently you can still lose. The new political system IS somewhat pointless because civil war is going to break out anyhow, you can pretty much just ignore it, but this doesn't really take away from anything it just doesn't really need to be there. Overall the graphics, unit diversity, good strategy by the AI in SOME battles (I still haven't figured out why sometimes it acts smart then incredibly stupid in the very next battle), and just the basic turn based/real time combat setup of a total war game is all there. Basically I enjoy this game a lot and have already put over 300 hours into it, of course I have put about 500 hours into every TW game since the original Medieval TW. This one didn't give a whole lot of new innovative features but it is still a solid game (now with the patches) and as enjoyable as any other TW game. Expand
  74. Dec 30, 2013
    Now its a masterpiece.. I waited for a few months afther all the comotion about the pre beta release. But it was wurth waiting for. I love the game, always loved total war games. But this one is the best by far.
  75. Sep 12, 2013
    So far I've logged 30 hours in this game and I'm still entertained. Great value.

    Aesthetically the battlefields are crisp and realistic, with greater attention to terrain detail than in previous titles. Particularly in cities I pause to study the architecture or just awe at the battle scenes.

    The UI is minimalist with elements inspired by roman art. The unit cards are an example of
    this, it's curious that some people rage about it.

    So far I've played Rome and a Germanic tribe. I've not finished neither campaign, and doubt I will. On the contrary I look forward to trying other factions and exploring new theaters; the size make the game seem endless.

    This is very much a stop-and-smell-the-flowers-game for people who love history, military and the Roman era.

    Negatives: The AI is weak, and the game has plenty of bugs. Other than this the critique seem to be based on either on particular tastes or a lack of brains; it's hardware demanding because it was made without regard for console specs and IT'S SIZE IS EPIC.
  76. Sep 22, 2013
    I'm really not sure about all the negativity surrounding this release. I paid for the pre-release and have been happy with what's been delivered. I don't drop a frame on my older i7 with it's ASUS 6950 which is a Radeon card. I also run a newer i5-3570 with a GeForce GTX660 and that obviously also doesn't have an issue. The game itself has lots of atmosphere and the feel of the original Rome game. The map is bigger by way of there being more regions per geographical location. The Graphics are better and look great especially pretty are the trees I think. I believe that the game suffers from enormously high expectations if there had been no expectations then this game would be sitting with a User Score of 8.5-10 at the moment. If you loved Rome you will love this Rome2. Multiplayer with a friend is actually awesome you can share units and help in one another's fights!!!. There are also some great community mods out there at the moment and you can kinda change anything you want about the balance of the game via these (they work in co-operative play too). I love this game! Expand
  77. Sep 22, 2013
    Keep in mind that people with problems are vocal then don't comment when it's fixed later. Frame rates are good game looks great on lower settings and runs great on a ATI6950, a GTX660 and my main GTX670 (all on high or above on the 670). The AI has already been fixed (even better with mods like Radious mod mods are very easy to install/uninstall) and does some really cool moves on the battlefield. I recommend easy or normal as the AI gets an annoying attack and health boost in battles above there (I like 1:1 no advantage on individual units). Coop netcode is superb and playing LAN coop all weekend awsome. Expand
  78. Sep 4, 2013
    This is a Good Game, and I will stand by my "9". I do not see how people can justify giving the game a Zero simply because 1) there machine cannot run it (which is a lot of them) or 2) small, petty superficial problems that will be fixed in a few weeks. It is sad that the game is getting rated so low because of people's ignorance and lack of patience. It is a solid game. The Cultures all look and play differently, unlike Shogun 2 where each faction had 2 or 3 unique units but all played identically. There are no game breaking problems IF you have a good computer and many of the "major issues" will be gone within a few weeks. If you like Total War games, This game is for you. Expand
  79. Fir
    Sep 4, 2013
    Compared to the original Rome, almost everything has noticeably changed aside from the setting and the staples of Total War games (Real time battles, turn based empire management, controlling regions, etc.). However, compared to the more recent TW games like Empire and Shogun 2, there's a lot of similarities, so if you've played those than a lot of this should sound familiar. Here's a rundown of the differences I've found from Rome 1:
    -Cities are very different. In Rome 1 each region had its own settlement that you could build on and upgrade to infinite, in Rome 2 settlements are combined into provinces, where there is one major capital of the region that gets walls, and the rest are smaller towns without walls. As an example, the province of Italia has 4 settlements that make up northern Italy, with Rome as the capital of the province. Many of the main capital cities like Carthage, Alexandria, Rome, etc. have unique layouts. Cities now have a certain number of building slots, that can be filled with certain buildings, meaning cities have to be specialized (cities focused on army production, trade, culture, etc.), instead of building anything and everything you wanted. Empire and Shogun 2 had similar setups.
    Prepare to think hard about what buildings to build and be ready for a lot more small town wall-less battles, seeing as the vast majority of settlements don't have walls, which was almost unheard of in the original Rome. Personally I really like the city-slot system, as its got much more depth than the "build whatever you want wherever you can afford it" of the original, though I wish more cities had walls because siege weapons are fun.
    The overall game map is also noticeably bigger, stretching all the way from Spain to western India, covering more of Northern/Eastern Europe as well as the entire Arabian Peninsula. The map is a little more streamlined, since armies are fewer and far between (see below).
    There's also a research tree (similar to Civ), that means there's progression in buildings and units as you play, instead of Rome 1 where everyone except Rome had the same buildings/units available in turn 1 as they did in turn 200. The system is simple, with a tree focused on military stuff and a tree focused on economic/empire management (very similar to Shogun 2).
    -Army management has some major differences. Cities now have their own, free defenders based on the level of defenses for the city, meaning every settlement, big or small, has some level of inherent defense. The number of actual armies you can control is based on the number of regions you control and they have to be led by named generals, meaning you have to move and manage your armies with purpose and intent and you can't just throw some units together on a whim when you see an enemy army coming. Also, naval combat is in this one and its freaking awesome, along with the ability to land naval units/transports during battle, meaning armies and navies can co-exist in a single fight.
    -Armies and generals get upgrades as they fight (very similar to Shogun 2), meaning you get to specialize your armies and generals to your liking. The system of traits and retainers for generals is still there, but you have a lot more control over how your generals progress and what retainers they take along, though much like Rome 1 many of the traits feel pretty negligible (+3% skirmisher attack speed, +5% morale, etc). Agents are very different from Rome 1 (no more diplomats thank god), and have a similar upgrade tree to generals. Families play a much less important role in Rome 2 than Rome 1, though each faction has a political "senate-esque" system they have to deal with, which is cool.
    -Unit and faction diversity is comparable to Rome 1, with more of a focus on historical accuracy in this one, IMO. Each faction has different traits, and then there families within each faction that vary the traits and abilities even more, meaning there's a lot of differences in each of the factions (the complete opposite of Shogun 2 or Empire).
    -The battles themselves are excellent, the amount of detail on each soldier's armor and the way they interact with the world is freaking awesome, whether its watching soldiers jump through marketplaces and break things or put up their shields during missile attacks and talk about the enemy's aim. The battles aren't as "flashy" as Rome 1 could be, but the feel and the atmosphere is far superior. The AI is challenging on higher difficulties, but every now and again it totally screws up and that can break a lot of the immersion. The UI is hit or miss, I like the aesthetic but the overall lack of numbers and extended tooltips means it's hard to catch stuff at a glance and is clunky until you memorize what all the buttons and symbols mean. Some people don't like the "faded" color-scheme and overall hue of the game, but it doesn't bother me.
  80. Sep 4, 2013
    Been a fan of the Total War series from the start and this new installment does not disappoint. Plays like most Total War games with a few changes that I don't mind, although the transfer of troops from one army to another should be changed back to the old way, other than that I'm fine with the changes. The graphics look great, especially being run on ultra with my "optimized" setup and I have only dropped below 50fps on one siege that I ran yesterday against Athens, so no sure what others are running to be having all these problems. (EVGA 660ti, i7 3770k CPU, 32 Gigs or Ram, BenQ XL2720T) Expand
  81. Sep 4, 2013
    I think the main gripe one can have is that game isn't (more or less) a complete remake of the first Rome Total War. Then again, I personally loved Shogun 2 as well as its add-ons. Rome II makes me feel pretty much at home whilst there's plenty of changes in the system to make it feel like a whole other game. Yes it's buggy, there's a lot that goes in combat and those shield bearers really hurt. As for framerate, a lot of games run poorly on launch, just wait for a new driver for your graphics card. Mine runs 40~60 on ultra without SLI (680). A month after release it'll feel totally different and a lot smoother! Expand
  82. Sep 4, 2013
    Probably the most fun I have had on a total war game in years, yes there are some frame rate issues and the AI can be a little underwhelming at times but if you aren't prepared it can still kick your arse. My advise would be to ignore the people giving it a 0-4 due to frame rate drops because that doesn't justify the massive scale and huge amount of work that has gone into this strategic behemoth the game still improves on the many previous total war games and I have no doubt it shall continue to improve. Expand
  83. Sep 27, 2013
    On the day of release, and the week or so after this game was released. It was utterly broken. And while that is not acceptable. I am rating the game for how it stands right now as I type this. The game is now a title truly worthy of the Total War name. While it may not be as good as the original Rome, which is one of my favorite games of all time. It's diplomacy is still a little wacky, the talent trees are a far step backwards from the well liked system from Shogun. Since the update, the AI is now the best I've seen from any Total War game to day. They invested significantly more money into the AI of this game than any game before. And while on release, it was so buggy that it was broken. The weekly patches have fixed most of the issues, and I've seen the AI pull off some rather intelligent moves. Like bottlenecking my troops between buildings when they are out numbered. It is a much better game than on release, where it was unplayable. But in it's state as of right now, it is playable and enjoyable. It still has some optimization issues(running on a 6 core OC i7, with two GTX 580s in SLI) and the game lags hard on any graphics settings (lowest to highest) with anymore than about 7,000 units on screen at once. Where I could do 15,000+ on very high in Shogun 2 with no issues. If they fix some of the few lingering issues, I'll raise my score to a 9. Because that's one of the only things holding it back from being great. Expand
  84. Sep 22, 2013
    The release of this game was terrible....the game was close to unplayable this shouldn't happen with a total war game. however creative assembly has been working around the clock to get this game to how it should have been at release. the main issue i had was the crappy frame rates and the 5 min end turn phases. but now with the first to patches all the problems have been fixed and the game is close to what it should be and was expecting. the end turn phase flies by and usually lasts around 15-20 seconds or so Expand
  85. Sep 4, 2013
    I really don't understand all the hate about this game. People review it basing themselves on the bugs which are to be fixed 1 week after launch. They waited so long for this game (so did I, but not fooling myself) that their expectations were unreachable and are therefore really disappointed. Seriously, this game may deserve a 6 or 7 if you don't like it, but all these 0 aren't correct.
    But what I have been playing for already 15 hours is in fact a great game which needs minor fixes beside what have always been Total War games' real flaw: its AI (which is why I'm not giving a 10). CA has in fact improved much, you don't feel like you can't lose anymore after the 10th turn like in Shogun. There's always that mighty eastern empire or that gallic confederation that makes the game constantly hard (even when minor civilisations are very easily crushed). If you have a strong computer, this game is beautiful, music is magnificent, voice acting is splendid and the game is really immersive all in all. The different civilisations are really different to play and it has been done well (I tested Iceni, Rome, Pontus and Egypt).
    So this is a great game and the critic reviews are far more realistic than those of these pissed off, never content players that don't even consider that the modding community can fix the flaws about which they scream so hard (they would surely scream just as loud if CA had done exactly the opposite...)
  86. Sep 5, 2013
    Best TW ever. Period TW are always a game about create a giant army and fight against giant armies. Rome II was the first step to be less TOTAL WAR and litte more Grand Strategy, and I love it. The game have bugs, yes, but my PC runs the game well, the IA is bad, like all TW. "OH THE GAME IS A CRAP BAD OPTIMIZATION, BAD GAME, CA IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER" CA is fixing it, and you play Rome II in December and say, Oh, the game is... cool.

    Rome II patches 10/10

    Contragulations CA!
  87. Sep 6, 2013
    I simply do not understand all the whining about this game it is simply amazing, and easily the best Total War I have played (which is all of them). It takes the changes made in Shogun 2 and finally brings them to completion, combining it with the theme of Antiquity in a way that simply has to be played to be appreciated. If you dislike this game then I suggest moving on from the strategy genre because clearly you are looking for something else. Expand
  88. Sep 6, 2013
    Yes the game may not be perfect on release. But if you can look past that its awesome.
    Rome 2 will become the best total war game ever made.
    Yes even better then empire. :P
    And hopefully Darth comes back to mod the crap out of the game. :P
  89. Sep 6, 2013
    Real review, already 40 hours of playtime, hope below helps. TLDR Great game with some bugs that are frustrating but don't ruin the experience more than bringing it from a 9 to an 8.

    Overall, Rome II is an excellent game that is enormously fun. The campaign is compelling, and the battles are epic. I found myself not being able to pull away, even with some annoying bugs. The game of
    course breaks into two parts, the campaign map and actual battles. The campaign map is huge, leaving plenty of room for strategically planning the marches of your army. This matters because you're limited to a certain number of armies based on how many provinces you control and while slightly limiting, it also forces a greater amount of thinking and strategy. The management of cities is not complicated at all, but takes a little time to get the hang of. It's essentially a balancing act of money making buildings, food producing buildings and population happiness buildings. Overall it works well, and once you have an expansive empire will be thankful it's not much more complicated. The technology tree is like previous games, pick a perk you want and wait so many turns to research it, one perk at a time. And diplomacy is improved since shogun II, but you'll still find yourself ignoring it for the most part after you have some trade agreements set up. The fun comes from strategically planning your armies marches. So far, Ive yet to run into a real bug on the campaign map, although your agents which are assassins, diplomats and champions are painfully bad at their jobs, and even though they say they have a 50% chance of success, will fail over and over and over again to a point that clearly something is broken in the system. I also haven't tried co-op campaign yet which was broken in shogun II.

    Now the battles. You'll get what you expect, epic battles with ai that is sometimes fully functional and will beat the crap out of you. But other times, the ai can be incredibly dumb, and you'll enjoy your victory but it will feel hollow. It is very hit or miss. On the open battlefields the ai seems fine. When they are sieging a castle though, with you defending, the ai is broken. I've repeatedly reenacted 300 at the castle gates, armies of several thousand fleeing from one squad of my Greek hoplites (yea i chose athens not sparta) that held the line. It's very epic, but at the same time the ai could of gone around to different gates, or picked away at my units with archers, but they don't, they just charge into your spear choke point. But the battle ends, and you'll hold your city against all odds and its soon forgotten or even cherished as your campaign continues. The other issue during ai sieges is sometimes, they will just stare you down outside the city gates, leaving you fast forwarding the entire battle, and the fast forward button is painfully slow in those circumstances. Once again, these bugs are sporadic and will hopefully be fixed, but they do detract a little bit.

    Overall, I find myself loving the game, loving the game, hating the ai during a siege battle, then loving the game again. There are bugs, that once again will hopefully be ironed out, but regardless of what they detract the overall experience is a blast, and well worth it if you're ready to plan your conquest of the known world while twiddling your thumbs at work waiting to go home. I'd give the game a 9/10, but the bugs although not game breaking are frustrating enough to bring it down to an 8. I also have to mention that there is some credence to the complaints that its a rehash, just like every total war game that's come after shogun... but they haven't changed the formula because its not broken, and so if you like the total war series, you will most likely enjoy this game.
    Ps meta critic mobile sucks and will only let me submit this review at 9/10 even though I want to give it an 8 out of 10, oh well ill counter some trolls.
  90. Sep 6, 2013
    Amazing game, but not polished well. Thankfully my rig can handle it but for people who cant the patch they promised needs to hurry up. Its much better than a re skinned Shogun 2 or Rome its an entirely new game.
  91. Sep 7, 2013
    Pretty great game, the campaign is quite solid I like the objective driven game play giving you the option guidance and rewards for developing Rome historically accurately. Graphics run great, the AI could use some tweaks but I don’t know a total war game that hasn't been seriously patched in that department after release. The UI takes some getting used to for old total war fans. Everything is there just streamlined with very different but still functional UI. In all loving it 12 hrs in. Expand
  92. Sep 7, 2013
    First of all i want to say that the release day glitches are patched today so stop since total war usually has release day glitches albeit this one was a annoying one if you got it. Anyways the campaign map and battle setting are breathtaking, the game has attention to detail, the units and faction are historically accurate and the little improvements go a long way. It is a must buy for total war fans and strategy game enthusiasts in general. Expand
  93. Sep 7, 2013
    Good: - More focus on individual armies and their generals - Multiple settlements in provinces adds a nice strategic element to building your cities. - Huge map Bad - Bugs. Sadly this game have some pretty nasty bugs. Especially in multi player, which is a real selling point for this game. - Poor optimization. - UI mediocre. Some areas simply does not work well enough. Diplomacy for example.

    Reason for 9/10:
    I give this a 9 because this game, despite the bugs and all, is FUN.
    And I'm absolutely sure that Creative Assembly will fix the bugs, and optimize the game.
  94. Sep 8, 2013
    Total War has been a long standing favorite of my mine. I've been with the franchise since the first Rome: Total War so this game is like coming full circle for me. While it's not a perfect homecoming by any means, it's a homecoming that any Total War fan will enjoy.
  95. Sep 15, 2013
    This game deserves a much better rating than the current 3.7. I really don't get the 0/10 ratings. IMO I can't see how ANY game could ever get a lower than 1/10 rating, and then we are still talking about an extreeme case.

    Anyway, I think the game overall delivers what I expected from it. Of couse it has some optimization issues and bugs, like many major releases in the last couple of
    years, and especially Total War games lately. However CA and SEGA usually works very hard to fix these issues which can only explain how E:TW and Shogun 2:TW became such massive success, considering their horrible releases.

    I especially like the ideas behind the public order squalor system. It just needs some rebalancing which CA has informed will come in the next patch. I also like that cities are have multiple capture points. Instead of just one where the enemy would stack all its units. I also like that artillery is finally so good that they are an important part of my army, and not just a unit used to take down a wall. It can actually apply serious damage to an army now.

    Furthermore ROME 2:TW delivers what I really missed in ROME:TW: A much richer unit roster. In the first Rome there were basically only 5-10 units apart from the Roman and Carthaginian empire that made up all other factions roaster. In ROME 2 it is much more diverse, or atleast feels that way.

    I have played the game for 40+ hours now and can only recommend it. 8/10. The last two is to counter all the 0/10 ratings that makes no sense.
  96. Sep 12, 2013
    Rome II is an atmospheric sequel to a fantastic game,which though wounded from a poor launch, contains the foundation of a superb game that will only improve over time. Pros: -Atmospheric setting -Graphics -Entertaining combat -Large campaign (Improved Diplomacy, Reduced Micro management late game etc) -Fantastic voice acting and sound effects -Great animations -Diverse Game play
    -New features
    -Historic Foundation
    -Unique Experience

    -Battle AI (Needs Revamp)
    - A few typical TW features have been removed (Family tree/management)
    -Butt Hurt fans

    If your on the fence about Rome 2, despite the many angry and dishonest reviews, Rome 2 at it's core is a great game and a fantastic experience. Rome II is the closest the franchise has gotten to replicating the original TW experience. With Weekly updates and post launch content planned, the game will only get better with time.
  97. Sep 14, 2013
    Significantly improved after Patch 2. Although it is clear that publisher rushed the release a bit, this installment is a step forward in the series with new province management, persistent army levels, and a massive campaign map. Music is bland in comparison to Rome 1 and unit variety between factions could be improved (some factions have a very small roster as well). Overall though, an excellent successor to the classic Rome 1. Also I created an account just to write this due to the ridiculous number of unjustified 0 scores. Expand
  98. Sep 15, 2013
    The game was released with some minor glitches. None of these glitches prevent you from playing/enjoying the game. That being said, I am disappointed that the game doesn't live up to the hype. The Creative assembly are currently releasing weekly patches, so most of the problems will be taken care of in the coming weeks.

    SEGA have clearly pushed CA (Creative assembly) to release this
    game before it was ready. So all the hate toward the developers is quite unfair. They have a record for making amazing games and I'm sure this one will be no different. It might take a few weeks for the game to reach it's full potential, but at present it's still a very good addition to the franchise. Expand
  99. Sep 15, 2013
    All these people need to learn how to rate a game. They have issues with with the UI choice, ok fair. There are some bugs, none game breaking. Ok fair. But to give a game, a series that you stated you loved, a 0/10 is such a despicable move.

    Well ill take the same route, i enjoy the game immensely. By your logic, that means it deserves a 10/10 so ok!
  100. Sep 15, 2013
    10/10, 85 hours in and even though there are numerous bugs and balancing issues, it is AWESOME. The battles are huge and the animations are supreme, dozens of units with huge variety and thousands of directions to go in. Combined assaults and the other new features make this the best TW ever!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]