• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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  1. Sep 19, 2013
    THE GAME IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have 40 hours and I want more.I played mostly every TW and I love the franchise.I waited this game so much time and it is great.

  2. Sep 20, 2013
    This game is very good. I just created a profile to enter this review. Because of all the bad reviews. I have more than 25 hours played and I agree at first there was several issues that was annoying but the 2. patch has improved the gameplay dramatically.
    It still needs some tweaking but all in all I recommend strategy fans to buy the game.
    Thats all
  3. Sep 21, 2013
    It is a great game that was unfortunately released in beta form. I'm still having a lot of fun playing. CA seems to be working on fixing major issues since the release.
  4. Sep 21, 2013
    This game is good. but sucks compared to Shogun 2 and Medieval 2. The graphics, AI, and FPS have got some series issues but if you can look past those issues you can have a lot of fun with the game. I would say stick with Shogun 2 until this game is fully patched.
  5. Sep 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. it's kinda sad how forums can spam absurd numbers on sites like this. Having played a spartan campaign (on hard for 1st try) through to completion on a sub par machine(new one in the works for this game) i suffered 1 interminable screen freeze. and yeah it stunk, had to redo manual battles and what all. and i can appreciate that folks that dumped a ton of money into machines may be bummed they can't burn it at ultra. But the devs did provide an fps tester, and (to my sorrow) by setting a buncha crap to medium i got an average fps of 35 before starting campaign. that will improve and is the reason for the 8.
    The game itself is CA's best yet. By far. And yeah, I've played since Shogun1. While i at first was uncomfortable with the building mechanism it is a lot harder to just spam units, amass gold and build all the leet stuff in your cities, you now have tough decisions as to what a settlement can produce- I soon found a balance of food producing provinces, hardcore infantry factories, and then a skirmisher centric province. It provides a realistic flavor remember that Egypt was conquered mainly to provide rome with grain... but yeah, was a bit of a rough learning curve. Public order is a nightmare as well, but you soon learn ways to mitigate that.
    Also what makes the game far superior is that without establishing "imperium" (a bit of an insult when not playing as a roman) you cannot build more than x armies. Whereas in prior iterations I am always able to spam strong early units and abolish powerful states in moments (even at vh/vh), now you are forced to balance offense with defense and at the same time maintain order. Not only does this make for a more difficult process for the player, but it allows time for ai opponents to actually amass some power. Strangely, the avaricious warlords of Pergamon had established a massive empire strecthing from asia minor to palestine in the time it took me to subjugate macedon and egypt. Which I find vastly more interesting than just doing my classic chaos shield method of taking out every compass direction at speed.
    Which brings me to the next groovy thing. Alliances are actually worth something for the first time ever. Having thrown some gold their way I allied with them and bam presto, their massive navy sunk all my naval enemies.... saved me a lot of cash, I didn't have to draft a navy until I started tangling with Rome/Carthage/Syracuse.
    Despite the rock/scissors/paper meme people been throwing around about the game's agents, with training they can pretty much kill whoever or whatever you want. plus bring in extra gold, subdue rioting folks, and detect ambushes. I actually use agents in this game, whereas before i would just expunge the faction to alleviate the annoyance of their agents.
    I fought one large battle 6 full stacks and the game ran effortlessly. It was a fun thing, and a new experience for a TW veteran. It did, however, lead to a negative. Saving that battle replay to watch your masterpiece will make you look like an when you tell your friends "check this out"...... they simply do not replay the battles as fought and invariably show random acts of insanity broken up with the annihilation of your units.
    The AI.... well, it's AI. I was spared the enemy rushing into missile units and then freezing as they took fire, run back, then run back under fire.... this happened a lot in mw2 and empire. There were a lot of moments that they should have crushed me, but i managed to have their whole force of heavy infantry chase 1 unit of missile cav.... but all in all I can't totally reject it. I even lost a battle with a veteran army. Usually not something that occurs. They even will disembark naval reinforcements... though sometimes in a location entirely unhelpful to their comrades' plight. It's Total War, again.
    There also is some faction stuff that i still haven't totally figured out, other than it seems a good idea to send generals of your faction home to the governing body as soon as they have amassed some cred. However, it adds a good sense of immersion, assassinations, marraiges, and other more large scale problems.
    As far as problems with the game, there are framerate issues. This game is a cpu pig. There are AI issues, but nothing as crap as smoking legions of praetorians or spartans with lithuanian javelinmen. The game also predicates all factions off of 4 main cultural trees, Latin, Hellenic, Barabarian, and Eastern. This can effect diplomacy between factions, but could also be a tad irritating for a gaul looking at a german they did not share a lot in common back then. And.... SPOILER ALERT it would be nice if when they show the video for taking roma that it showed your units doing the deed...
    And those complaints are why I went with an 8. The mechanical stuff will be patched. The AI... well maybe VH next time! It is the only game I will be playing for a very long time. GTA5 can wait!
  6. Sep 24, 2013
    The game is good. It didn't meet my expectation but it is good. I play vanilla game for almost 350 hours already. It have bugs and some case AI also have problem but once the AI work they are really dangerous. If you're facing working AI in a battle and not pay attention you can lose your whole army.

    Play it even if you don't like it once you play enough you will forget that you hate it
    in the beginning. It can be not eye catching at first glance and a few bugs but this is a good game so far. At least in my opinion it is better than COH2 Expand
  7. Sep 24, 2013
    Im am going to give this game a solid 8. It has some issues still at this point. However, having played all the Total war games besides Napoleon, I think this is the best TW game I have played so far.

    The map is huge, with the new patch the time between turns is really fast. The campaign map looks great, and the units in battle also look great on high settings.
    Almost all the
    information is provided easily in game at a glance, or though the in game encyclopedia.

    The factions are all varied enough (thankfully, Shogun 2 felt like a mirror match) to make all or most battles fun.
    The Gauls play different from the Romans from what I have seen.

    The game is running very smoothly, but it does need improvement in some areas. The diplomacy and family side of the game does need working on. They are shallow and hard to understand at times.

    The new province system is a great addition to the game, and with the public happiness you really have to think and plan out what builds to build in what area. No more "upgrade it all to max" or "build everything everywhere" like in M2TW.

    The campaign map AI and battle map AI could use some tweaking, my first 28 hours as Gaul on Normal was way too easy. Rome on V.Hard seems fairly easy as well. But Roman units are very good compared to others.

    The army legacy system is another new feature that I really enjoy, having the army unit ts self have separate propriety's from the general in command is a nice touch.

    I think that having 1 turn per year is a bit excessive, so I recommend the 4 turns per year mod, its working very well for me.

    This is a very solid game overall in my opinion and CA have shown they are working hard to make it even better, its a great game now but I feel that its only going to get better.
  8. Sep 24, 2013
    As a Total War addict, I give the game a 7/10. The core design is solid; a strong gaming engine, good environment art, character art is fairly decent given the scale of the game, and the UI is pretty solid. The campaign has been streamlined to focus less on micromanagement, and more on macro in order to allow the player to focus more on battles and strategy. Unfortunately, Rome 2 suffers from bugs, glitches, and laziness in design. The battle and campaign maps suffer from transparency overdraw which results in massive FPS losses unless you lower grass, trees, and particle effects to low, The AI (at least for me) generally performs acceptably, but occasionally will glitch, fail, or make dumb decisions. Diplomacy towards the player is acceptable, but there is little-to-no diplomacy between AI factions. The AI factions are extremely intimidated by the player, and almost never declare war or assault the player. The result is a campaign AI that is easier to defeat when compared to Shogun 2's launch AI. Overall, given the scope of the game I recognize that Creative Assembly attempted a large overhaul of the series, but they failed to successfully implement the new features. Not being a pessimist, I rate the game as "average" at launch, and hope that CA will continue to patch and improve the game over the coming year. Lastly, I'd like to add that Creative Assembly has never successfully implemented a "good" AI. If we as total war fans expect good AI, we should turn to the modding community, which has always been the case with Total War games. Should all the "issues" be ironed out, I think this game would be well deserving of a rating between 8.5 and 8.8. Expand
  9. Sep 24, 2013
    I dont get why people are on this game so much for things that can be overcome and fixed. Let's start from the top, the Graphics, they are perfect the way they are and with few minor glitches (for some may be more) are perfect to me, people are on them because apparently they want to pay for another graphics card, they made them that way to help save some budget and have better optimization for low-mid end pc's. AI, yes it is bad, but CA is steadily making improvements, stop spamming them about it, they will fix it. The interface is much more simple, i like to be able to control my settlements all in one panel instead of clicking on each individual town. And the release, people are on CA and Sega without knowing who even rushed the game, we dont know who rushed it, the only thing we know, is they didnt have testing or indepedant testers. They will fix the game, they have already rolled out 8 patches. Expand
  10. Oct 1, 2013
    At first i was fairly disappointed the game, Rome Total War was the first Total War game i got to play back then. The new game, even though it added ton of improvements game-wise over the former Total War games, just didn't played comfortably due to AI errors, graphic issues, bugs and other stuff you probably heard about already. Today though Creative Assembly released their 3rd major patch for the game.

    Thanks to the new Patch the game runs really smooth now, ending turns went from 5 mins to 1 minute, no more crashes, weird bugs or issues and the AI is much improved. The game isn't perfect yet but it sure comes close to what the game should have been from the start. It's absolutely fun now to play. I've completely forgiven the rough start thanks to the efforts to create a proper game again and their is much more coming in the future. I think this game deserves a new review with this new patch, its a life changer compared to the release.
  11. Nov 4, 2013
    Coming off of Shogun 2, the only word you can use to describe Rome II is utter disappointment. This game took out a lot of what made Shogun 2 so fun. There are bugs that cause it to become just an annoying PoS, and overall after about 10 hours you will stop having fun. the game feels more like a chore than a fun strategy. Family trees and rulers have become completely irrelevant and when one of your generals dies the game just spawns another one almost equal to what your last general's stats were. victory is too easy and battles seem to be rushed as I have run into epic battle of 1500+ armies win in 15 minutes flat. The only thing I think the game added that is useful is auto pilot. There is a move you can do in battles where you can tell specific units to attack an enemy unit, then that unit will be set on auto pilot and attack the unit you ordered, once the enemy is killed the auto pilot unit will then go and attack another enemy where it is needed. This is nice as it allows for you to set a couple units to autopilot and eases the burden of running a massive army in battle, as you can set some units to auto pilot then set them back to manual once you need them. Other than that Rome II is a major step back and not worth the $60 pricetag. Game is worth a $20 tag maybe, but beware, this game sucks. Go back to Shogun 2 Expand
  12. Mar 4, 2014
    Hello, this is my first review I've ever done on Metacritic and on any Review aggregator site for that matter. I'd like viewers to take note that while this is my first public review of a game, it is no less sincere.

    Now as for Rome 2, not a terrible game by any means, but certainly a step backwards from Total War's previous entry, Shogun 2. Putting aside the rocky launch that Rome 2
    had, it is a visually stunning and decent Strategy game. The campaign map is huge, the faction roster is plentiful and diverse, and the visuals and animations are outstanding. This is where my praise of the games ceases.

    Where Rome 2 falters are in it's far too streamlined gameplay and underdeveloped features. To start off, the new Political System is "Needless" to say the best. The 3 agents variants are redundant as they can all perform the same tasks. Magic boats make the game too trivial .Skill/tech trees are skimp and simplified from Shogun 2. While I am in favor of the new province system, managing settlements have been scaled much too far (i.e. no longer can you build roads or even simple wall defenses such as palisades, buildings trees are skimp and choices are very limited). Wall's are null and void thanks to the ridiculous torches. Multiplayer is very bare-bones in comparison to Shogun 2 and it's general avatar feature. The idiotic decision to add flags in open battles ( I know they have since been remove, but it was such stupid decision I had to bring it up). Abundance of "Magic" abilities for units is also ridiculous.

    A lot of the little details from previous Total War games are completely gone or skimped out on. General speeches are now only 2 brief lines of dialogue. Mini-movies for agents, unit recruiting, faction intros, and events are largely absent. The UI is very generic and uninspired in comparison to previous Total War games. Historical events and info tidbits during the campaign are gone aswell.

    As for Technical issues, the A.I. is extremely incompetent in both siege and field battles and in campaign. Unit-blobbing is still existent as well as optimization issues (the game run just fine for me, but I do not doubt others who have run into performance issues with the game and have adequate machines).

    All in all, Rome 2 is a decent strategy game it's just buried beneath pointless and shallow features and simplification. With the help of mods, the game becomes much more enjoyable. I'm just so disappointed with the game, even with a smaller budget, Shogun 2 achieved much more than Rome 2.
  13. Oct 4, 2013
    This is a great game that had an awful release. I had issues with the game, but now, with Patch 4 out, my concerns are addressed and I truly enjoy the whole game. That being said, I already put in 100 hours in its imperfect state!

    What Rome 2 has in bounds, and shares this with the best other TW titles, is atmosphere. And I'd argue that Rome 2 surpasses them on the campaign map
    alone. The map is massive and well designed. The forests of Germania have paths that can allow for chokepoints every so often, while the northern steppes are vast, hard to cross, and frustrating to fight in. The same can be said for the deserts in Arabia and Gedrosia.

    Diplomacy is the best in any TW. Your ally's territory now counts towards your victory goals, so the days of backstabbing allies are over (unless you want to). I cultivated an alliance with Media Atropane and watched happily as they took care of the nomads that were bothering me.

    Battles are fun as well especially with the recent patches. Playing as Parthia, running circles around phalanx troops and crushing then has never been more fun. My strategies had to change for each faction type I faced (Eastern, Greek, etc).

    The role playing aspect has shifted somewhat. If you go slowly, you can sort of get into generals themselves, but the real aspect that makes you attached is the ability to name and level up armies. It's very fun to have specialized armies I had one used for hard siege battles, and another that was more mobile and fast.

    Overall, the games has some flaws I don't feel attached to my generals (just like I didn't in Shogun 2: FotS or ETW/Nap), and the earlier flaws in gameplay were awful.

    I enjoy the new building system. Gone are the days of building everything in each settlement as Rome I had three different coastal cities with three different port types. This adds to the strategic value of settlements, since if the AI takes my military port, my navies will struggle if they take losses. Same goes for the trading port I'll lose a lot of money.

    Non-coastal settlements are the same way. I had an industry and trade-heavy settlement, fed by a few settlements of farms and temples for happiness. The AI took my farming settlement, and suddenly I had a food shortage and less happiness. The ability to have groups of settlements in larger territories, and to issue edicts that benefit multiple provinces is a great way to push for strategic conquests and boost things like trade, food, happiness, and recruitment.

    As it stands, Rome II is a fantastic game and well worth playing. I'm looking forward to taking my best legion and marching off into Thrace now, fighting many unique factions and in diverse landscapes. Love it!
  14. Oct 4, 2013
    After a rough launch, Rome II finally shines. Four *massive* patches in the first four weeks have put the game back on the throne it deserves. The game runs beautifully on Very High/Ultra for me, even on my 5 year old PC. And with the latest patch, balance, performance, AI, and most importantly fun are there. 10/10. LOVE this game. Don't believe the naysayers. It is most definitely worth the money, and more. Expand
  15. Oct 8, 2013
    I waited a while before posting any reviews and sure enough, a lot of the initial issues I had were fixed with the patches from CA. So far, I've put in about 50 hours into the main campaign and I'm having a great time with it. Before anything else though, let em talk about what is still wrong about the game.

    The AI isn't really competent. Granted, I started a campaign on hard rather
    than legendary, but still, it isn't much of a challenge. Enemy armies tend to spam weaker units and just throw waves that can be repelled by the garrison units 4 times out of 5. Overall the AI doesn't seem much more capable than the AI present in the original Rome, a game already a decade old. While the game runs significantly smoother than when it first came out a month ago, it is still not up to the standards left by Shogun 2. My laptop can play Shogun 2 in all ultra settings, and yet with Rome 2 I have to lower to medium to get 30-40 fps. I'm sure more updates and patches will fix this even further, and while it is definitely playable now, it just doesn't live up to the potential promised.

    Those troubles aside, I love the game. My Athens campaign has been incredibly fun to play. I still get that thrill as I march troops against the Seleucid and the Middle East, as I become the primary Greek power, storming the beached cities of Italy and taking on Rome, in my way to becoming the supreme ruler of the Mediterranean. That Total War experiences still there in a way that can only be brought to life by CA. The addition of naval battles, while not yet perfected, definitely adds a new layer of strategy and enjoyability to battles.

    As a guy who grew up playing Rome since before he had a computer to really take advantage of its beauty, I love the Total War series. With this being said, I'll admit that my review score is, to a certain degree, biased. If all that you are looking it is how the game plays, a score of 6.5-7 isn't implausible. However, as a gamer who thoroughly enjoys the worlds crafted in each Total War game and the one of a kind experience that they bring and is willing to not over look but rather not really get overly-bothered by the small issues that arise, then this game, in my opinion, is a solid 8.0. It is not CA's best effort, but is a great game nonetheless.
  16. Mar 15, 2014
    People really have a bad memory, the first Rome had a lot of bugs and issues even after years of patching. I played Rome 2 since the first day it got released. I was captured by it's beauty. A few bugs here and there but that's nothing new to the gaming industry, the only games that lack release bugs are those stupid action/cartoon(ish) games, mainly because those type of games leave nothing to the player's freedom or imagination.
    The AI now is almost too good on higher difficulties, I can play on maximum settings with my new PC, the combat realism is much better than the old game or any other strategy game I have played. I don't get how a crappy game like Medieval 2 has a higher rating.
    The multiplayer is still kind of poor, though they implemented the one thing I always wished since the first Rome Total War, yet they fixed it and it works perfectly. You can even join in the fights when it's not your turn, this is something games like Heroes lacks. Waiting for your friend/enemy to play is a lot more enjoyable now.
    There are still a few issues, for example Spartan elite troops are weaker than before, the game is unbalanced a bit by this. The economy system could be better. Yet there are thousands of mods that can customize the game to your likes + they are still patching and fixing stuff. People should give them more credit for the work they are doing.
    I recommend this game to anyone with a decent PC and a passion for war or strategy games.
  17. Oct 12, 2013
    Ok, so this game has bugs. So what; bugs can be fixed! I don't think we should downgrade the game based on just easily fixable, albeit extremely annoying bugs. I'm rating this game based on its potential to be an amazing total war game. I cannot wait for all the dlc that will undeniably make the game a hell of a lot better. I also like how the Creative Assembly is releasing new patches every week, with this past one (Patch 4) being the biggest yet. Yea yea a game that had such a huge marketing effort as this one shouldn't have so many bugs, especially from a game studio with such a high reputation as the Creative Assembly, but still, the potential of this game is very far reaching. I'm excited to see what becomes of it in the future. Expand
  18. Oct 26, 2013
    It's not very often a series declines game after game but the Total War titles seem to be on a downward spiral to nothingness and Rome 2 highlights the sheer drop in quality from the excellence of the original.

    The ambition of the game seems to be overriding the quality of the finished product. It's a half baked game that is woefully presented, cumbersome AI and a very bland interface
    with management options lacking and a dreadfully simplistic challenge which you'll find exceedingly tedious over a session. The shockingly poor technical side adds to disappointment with considerable framerate problems and sloppy realtime battles. As you progress. the end of turn system becomes intolerable with turns taking in excess of minutes as the AI plays catch-up. This boils down to the seemingly dated engine and leaves you waiting without control for an unacceptable amount of time. This kills the flow and adds to the overall dismay.

    CA either need to go back to the games' roots or sell the licence because this series is dwindling to oblivion. If you want a fine strategy game of the Roman era; you'd be better off re-installing the original. It may be over 10 years older but it's streets ahead of today's messy attempt at rejuvenating the Total War collapse.
  19. Oct 24, 2013
    I have invested 10 hours and most of the points I am going to make are cons so lets get started: There are massive frame rate issues, especially when seiging a city which requires you to use battering rams or other seige equipment, lag is also a problem I can barely play the game due to the amount of lag, AI is basically stupid they show up on the battlefield and never charge, flank or attack in general, the UI is good on the campaign but worse in battle and the whole thing feels like a beta test and the list goes on and on.

    But there are some good: Visuals are better, you can see each city expand on the campaign map, armies are now more realistic they can't move without a general, land battles and sea battles are combined to give each battle a better feel.

    But I feel like I need to add more bad points on: Enemy's never declare war on you and the game is way to easy and last but not least,sometimes your enemy will send one unit to attack a city on the hardest difficulty up against your 1000 men garrison army.

    This is why I can only give Rome 2 Total War a 2/10, I really wanted it to be good, I am a huge fan of the franchise, CA really need to step it up in the next Total War.
  20. Oct 25, 2013
    The flags remove any strategy in city and fort battles when the AI attacks because the AI rushes the flag and ignores your units. Units glob together in great balled-up blobs that eliminate any reason to use the cinematic camera. Battle times are 3 to 5 minutes, which is barely enough time to watch the battle. The game becomes a tedious grind to conquer the map with battles that feel repetitive. There is a clear lack of immersion to keep the player interested before the player approaches mid game. Expand
  21. Oct 26, 2013
    The game was simply not ready for release. Its a crime they took our money for it. 1600 negative reviews and the critics loved it no it dosent look like they were payed for their opinion no it dosent look like gaming journalism is a joke in general. /end sarcasm
  22. Oct 27, 2013
    You dream to bring Rome out of the darkness? Face the Carthaginian threat? Invade the uncharted barbarian lands? Honor the gods and your family? Et caetera. Well, install Rome Total War I (one). Don't waste your time or disk space installing Rome Total War II (Two), after playing the tutorial you will find yourself wondering what's going on. The answer is: nothing, Rome Total War 2 is just an empty shell. Golden empty shell, but empty nevertheless. I won't waste my time and yours writing about what's not good about this game, the only thing I have to say is: I wouldn't install this game even if this was a freeware. Ah yes, I have something more to say: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. Expand
  23. Oct 29, 2013
    While there are a lot of problems, a hell of a lot, this is still a good game. One of the problems this game has is that the bar was set so high after all the previous titles in the series. Without that as a comparison this would be a great game.

    But there is the comparison. Streamlining isn't something the fans of this series want. This game was streamlined in so many ways it is
    ridiculous. Hopefully it has a long redevelopment life. Expand
  24. Nov 16, 2013
    I'm a great fan of the TW series but this game has been released unfinished and, after 6 pathes, is still unfinished.
    The IA is really stupid and unchallenging, the game is souless and boring
    DON'T BUY IT!!
  25. Nov 1, 2013
    Total ripoff. Developers did not complete the game but released a bunch of DLC expecting us to pay what should have been in the game in the first place. This is the last TW game i am going to buy
  26. Nov 5, 2013
    Not a bad game, but there was so much more they could have done, not to mention the marketing campaign that blatantly lied to all the fans of the series. It's dumbed down, so if you're a fan of simple games that make you feel smart, then buy it. If not, then I would advise you to avoid Rome 2.
  27. Nov 19, 2013
    Loved Rome 1. Rome 2 has too many glitches. Senate serves no purpose and just gets in the way. Game CONSTANTLY freezes (which is extra annoying after waiting 10 minutes for it to load). Fun when it works properly, but lately it has froze on more turns than it hasn't for me. Spend your money elsewhere. The frustration is not worth the cost.
  28. Nov 30, 2013
    This game takes a step back from Shogun 2. The game does have quite a few bugs, most fixed now. The combat has some awesome features with automatic unit grouping and better AI. The campaign is just as good and improves on the territory features. It feels lacking of differences and strategies from AI. The entire game will freeze up and drop to 3-6 FPS in some siege battles. This drop is after a constant 75~FPS in everything. Expand
  29. Dec 3, 2013
    This game was certainly an anti-climax upon release, with numerous game breaking bugs and poor design choices. Although some of these faults are still present, CA have put a lot of effort into ironing them out, more effort than people seem to acknowledge anyway. Of course it should have great from the start, and it still isn't without its faults, but not that they aren't as crippling, the beauty of the game can now stand out. It still doesn't have that pick up and play fun factor that previous Total War titles have, as the game seems to have formed some kind of hybrid with management rather than just assault. It feels like one half a total war game, and the other half Sid Meier's Civilizations. Individually the themes are great, but merged in the way that they are in this game, the hybrid isn't so appealing. It is still an intricate and ambitious effort, with enjoyment to be had once you see past the little faults. It's just that it isn't on the scale, or the addictive and time-eating measure of Rome 1. Expand
  30. Feb 15, 2014
    After NINE (!??!) patches the game now is playable. It still lacks some features to make it more than a decent game. The politic system si really poor, the campaign becomes really boring soon . This was a game that could be great but actually is only a great chance lost.
  31. Mar 20, 2014
    I find myself conflicted on whether to review this as a Total War game or as an individual game. I'll start of with the TL;DR version: As an individual game I'll be generous and give 2/10 As a Total War game? 0.5/10 And here's why (to call a handful out of a host of issues): Luckily I did not buy the game at launch and missed that epic disaster. All of my experience with this game is up to date with the most current patch.

    Feature stripping: Gone is the innovative multiplayer of Shogun ii, the faction-intro videos (and most other polish of past games that lent to the overall experience), great elements of the campaign game (eg. no family tree and the turns are so long (1 year) they'll die before you can really put much work into them), and a host of other features throughout the game.

    Disappointing battles: The battles, the heart of total war games, just feel off and generally disappointing. Numerous mechanics are plainly broken (naval battles are utterly broken, cavalry/chariots routinely routs formed spearmen, unit grouping messes up all the time, especially when transitioning positions, etc.) and the battles are often flat-out boring (even in MP).

    Dreadful Campaign - It's far too easy, ridiculously dumbed-down/simplified/feature-stripped, and just in general boring. It's nowhere near as engaging as past titles in the TW series and is just not very enjoyable overall.

    DLC whoring/practices: oh boy, where to start. From charging $8 for the greek states DLC (pay-to-unlock/on-disc "DLC") which they knew people would really want (as Spartans were really popular in Rome Total War) to the debacle in which units claimed to be added-on in the Beasts of War DLC were found in pre-release advertising footage, which brings us to the next complaint...

    False Advertising: From the "screenshots" and other pre-release footage which hardly resemble the final product even on the mightiest of rigs to promises of the best AI to date (...ya...) and the aforementioned lies about DLC, the level of dishonesty displayed so far has been extremely disappointing.

    I won't even bother complaining about the host of glitches, those god-awful capture flags, the psychotic diplomacy, the atrocious optimization, and other issues that have already been complained about to death.

    Why such a low score (1.5/10) as a TW game? Because not only does it contribute nothing to the series and fall well short of quality standards set by past titles, it strips some of the great features of said past titles.

    Why not a 1/10?

    Redeeming qualities: At least they tried to add a new feature in combined land/sea battles (even though its still quite broken and the mentally challenged AI can't handle it and often end up staring at a wall for an hour - oh and ya, the AI still will stand dumbly staring at you for an hour sometimes, a brilliant strategy in ensuring their victory by making you ragequit). And... the ... um... the graphics are better I guess... Oh and at least they did fix *most* of the game breaking bugs of launch (though that never should have happened...)
  32. Mar 23, 2014
    Unfortunately, this game is dreadfully oversimplified. I suspect that the developer is attempting to replace its longtime fanbase with a new breed of teenage gamers. That is to say, this game will be extremely fun if you have never played a Total War game before, and overwhelmingly disappointing if you are familiar with these games.

    Rome II, despite being visually impressive, takes a
    step down from its predecessors in terms of game mechanics. Everything that you loved about empire-building, city construction, dangerous wars, and important decisions are replaced with redundant, repetitive gameplay. The AI is a tremendous failure and poses no challenge, even on legendary difficulty. The only thing that higher difficulties do is increase the number of enemies (so that each miniature little tribe is unrealistically hosting two thousand armed men).

    Strategy is non-existent, so look elsewhere. This game only has repetitive sieges that mean nothing. If you lose your army due to a bad mistake, you can simply recreate it in one turn. Therefor, the game does not punish the player for mistakes like it should.
  33. Mar 26, 2014
    I bought this game at launch worked till decemeber, since then doesent work, keep getting the sam CTD. So I recommend wait 2-3 years for the modders to fix it, this is just a store platform for CA to sell buggy crap. I even made a complaint to my local consumer protectio agency as this people are scammers.
  34. Apr 6, 2014
    The game is completely broken.A lot of bugs.AI dead. Diplomacy is completely awful. Battle is worse than in Rome one. Music is 10 times worse than in Rome one.
  35. Sep 17, 2013
    For what it's worth, it's a decent game. It does however, have a fantastic foundation and one I hope gets expanded upon in the future.

    Full of dull moments and gameplay mechanics really brings this otherwise good game down. Some of the pop-ins and lags also drag things out and the execution for the game is EXTREMELY lazy! Hope things get better in Rome 3.....
  36. Nov 15, 2013
    The game isn't bad but it's not good either and it certainly can't hold a candle to it's predecessor Rome 1. So here are a couple of things I liked and didn't like. This is just my opinion, so it's all debatable. Thing's I didn't like- -Dumbest AI. (Self-Explanatory.) -Shallow Campaign and Questionable In-game Design. (No Family Tree, Bare-boned Political System, Meaningless Objectives/Victory Conditions, No cut-scenes or unique transformations with agents, Too many unplayable factions make conquering the world a very tedious task, Bland User-Interface, Unnecessary limit on how many generals or agents you can have, No general's speeches, etc.)

    -Inferior Music Score. (It's predecessor, Rome 1 had a way better soundtrack.)

    -Horrendous Multi-player. (No avatar system, Constant Crashes and Desynchronizations.)

    Things I liked-

    -Custom Battles. (Gives me the option to fight where I want, with the units I want.)

    -The Blood and Gore DLC. (I'm sanguinary.)

    -Military Traditions/Edicts/Expanding Cities in Campaign. (I loved making each of my individual armies unique with it's own traditions which add bonuses to their fighting ability. I liked the edicts cause they saved my men from starving to death with the Bread and Games edict. I also loved that animation where the city changes in appearance before your very eyes while on the campaign map.)

    -The Modability. (The Best Part of Total War Games are the creations that it's fans come up with.)
  37. Nov 7, 2013
    I have over 120 hours on the game, the campaign is quite an improvement compared to te previus tittle' s, CA is also working hard on the bugs and stuff, the only problem i have with te game is the multiplayer mode, WTF happend to avatar conquest? Now they just gave us the same there was in any previus TW exept for shogun 2 ofcourse. i also hate how i paid 54 euros for it and now 2 months later its the weekend deal on steam for 41 euro' s thats just bull****. Expand
  38. Sep 4, 2013
    I felt I should chime in. As per usual, the disappointment of a huge, beloved sequel not living up to the gargantuan nostalgia of the original (thank god no one was tracking my hours spent on that bad boy, it probably helped me fail a few early years of school) is disappointing.

    It's also to be expected. The architecture of the series is inherently different now, and dare I say it, what
    a brilliant architecture that is. Armies can move straight into the water and become (terrible) fleets? By capturing a whole region you can issue edicts and get bonuses as a result? Armies recruit out of regions, not specific buildings within cities? You can instantly gauge how everyone is doing? I've never felt more in control as a strategist, and that's a wonderful thing.

    Not only that but diplomacy works SO WELL you might actually find your first 50 turns to be extremely peaceful as you set up your empire. I never felt rushed into murdering everyone. I'll murder literally everyone a little later, ok? There are plenty of little factions that no one cares if you kick their ass, too, so that means you can pick your fights more selectively. That original total war slow burn is back, but now it's propped up by the series most intense combat (you'll be spending half your battles in the soldiers camera) and goddamned the naval combat. Holy hell. I still miss the empire broadsides but the beauty and uniqueness alone are enough to sell even the coldest heart.

    Now no one should be surprised that a game like this arrived in a pretty atrocious state. I've found AI to be incredible despite that (on the field at least, very impressive) but the fact that on my system that on just about everything I have to tone graphics down is disapointing. The game has crashed at least four times to boot and by god, do they not know what scaling is? At least when Rome total war was set on low it still looked SHARP, this looks like a goddamned pix elated mess that can't make up its mind. I bought a GTX780 just for the occasion, if that gives you an idea of how bad it is. (I have been saving for a while, i'm not that rich K)

    Now, atrocious bugs at launch and a hilarious overpriced DLC scheme from publisher SEGA should come as no surprise but the people giving this game a 1 or 0 are, I always find, ruining it for everyone. They clearly love the game the most so why trash it!!? Post launch support should, much like empire, unleash this beast into the goddamned behemoth it is. I loved empire, damn the haters, because I felt in control and most importantly, like an intense world superpower locking heads with other frightening entities. That feeling is back. The 8 merely reflects the way the game is now, a diamond in the rough. Well, in the mud, but no total war vet is going to find it hard AT ALL. Just a little frustrating And if that's the only price you have to pay to get the sequel we all wanted, then why trash it? Just enjoy it, and watch it get better.

    Oh dear, i've incurred the wrath of the 1 and 0 brigade and AMD fanboys :S
  39. Sep 30, 2013
    Given mod and patch support I see the game turning out very well, but at the moment just like with most Total War games you pretty much need to wait out the initial period of issues. That said, I did enjoy a full campaign already so it's not horrible by any means it's just a disappointment compared to Shogun. This game does carry a bunch of improved features though which removed a lot of the tedium, which I liked. Just wait a few months if you are interested and I'm sure the game will be fine. Expand
  40. Sep 5, 2013
    I am pretty darn sure that most of these low scores are coming from people who just want the "power" of keeping scores and sales low. That being said, I do see a valid point in some of the issues posted. I have a mid-range system that can run the game on max settings. I have noticed some stutter when moving the camera BUT it does not interfere with the experience. The AI has been UP and DOWN. Like in real life, some armies are useless and others are hardcore death machines. Unit cards are not terrible confusing once you look at them and read the description. Withing a matter of minutes I was able to quickly spot the unit I needed. This game does take time to figure out. It isn't a game you install and master withing an hour. Many people claim we are beta testing games as of late including thins one. If that's how you feel then don't purchase day one games. In this day and age MOST games require a patch day one. It's the sign of the times. Things will never be like the good old days of cartridge based games where no patch exists and you blow in the slot to make the game work. Everyone posting that your scores do effect sales. So if you keep giving fake low scores you could cause bad sales which means no extra content. I get it...your argument is these companies need to release finished products. So if that's the case don't complain about delays. Like it or hate it, companies have us by the short hairs. Expand
  41. Nov 3, 2013
    They up this game so bad. Quite possibly the most disappointing game this year. Let us talk about how this game was disappointing, hm? Horrible in game character face models compared to the screen shots, laughable face animations, atrocious AI, painfully stressful loading times for both the single player campaign and multiplayer campaign with the more than 100 factions in the game, and unbalanced units. I could take ONE group of twenty-four elephants and wipe out an opposing army of 2000 TROOPS!!! Yet I LOVE this game! Why? Because... it's Total War. Expand
  42. Sep 15, 2013
    Total War: Rome II is a solid release into the long-running franchise by Creative Assembly. Though enduring a rough first two weeks, after some support the game is now wholly enjoyable, giving me yet another excuse to sink hours of my life into a TW game.

    Empire management is streamlined in Rome, with all provincial management being condensed into one screen. While veteran TW fans may
    pan this new system as pandering to new players, the new system is a welcome take to the clunky system of some of the older entries, where each building would have to be found and upgraded individually, instead of from a single screen.

    One sad omission from the game is the family tree system, which in previous TW games added a nice aspect of management to your empire. Instead, your generals are now broken down into a "Ruling family vs non-ruling family" list, where you can use political power gained by your family to promote your generals, hinder non-ruler generals, or adopt/marry them into your family to secure your power base. This is an interesting, if clunky, take on the political intrigue of the time (especially in the Roman world), and highlights the fact that though you are in control of your faction, you are not the only one hungry for power.

    The secondary aspect of any TW game, the battle mode, is brilliant. Though originally the battles were too quick, due to a sped-up fighting and running mechanic, after the recent patch the game feels more like an old-school TW game. The enemy AI can be surprisingly devious, using flanking maneuvers and hiding units effectively, to the point where even on normal difficulty a player who doesnt give a large fight their full attention can quickly be facing a rout as his shield wall is attacked from the side, or their archers are run down by cavalry which skirted the side of the battle.

    Campaign map AI is, so far, the most disappointing aspect of this game. Endlessly blockading an enemy city preventing you from capturing it, fleeing from, instead of defending against your army sieging their capital city, and launching attacks that are doomed to fail can make the player feel like their victory is hollow. After marching my armies across Greece to face Parthage, only to have their army (which was roughly the same size) up and run off into another province left me with a sour taste in my mouth, but it does open the possibility of a counter-attack in the future, should I leave my new conquest without a proper defence.

    Rome II is not the greatest Total War game. Though fans of the series will argue until their faces turn blue about which one deserves the honour of best, Rome II is nonetheless a solid entry into the franchise. Any fan of empire-building strategy games should seriously considering adding Rome II to their collection. Though hampered by initial poor performance, within two weeks the game is up and running to a very healthy level of playability. Early purchasers have every right to be frustrated at the game's poor initial performance, but more often than not, the standard of this industry is to release a far-from-perfect initial release of the game, with early patches to bring it up to snuff. If one can look past these issues, and simply play the game, I think most will find it to their liking.
  43. Sep 5, 2013
    Optimisation for low end
    AI still hit and miss
    Unit cards
    UI needs getting used to

    Runs fine on my rig
    New campaign mechanics
    Diplomacy: AIs actually asking for treaties, alliance targets
    Shiny graphics for high end

    8/10 so far.
  44. Sep 16, 2013
    While the initial game is still fun and enjoyable, i do feel that Rome 2 is slightly bare-bones. A huge amount of features have been removed and replaced by simple mechanics that make the game feel simple.

    During my time playing Medieval 2, i was indulged in politics and creating glorious family "dynasty's". It actually felt like i was running an empire. In Rome 2 it feels like your a
    band of raiders conquering city after city with no real purpose or motivation.

    Land battles are a more like two mobs clashing into one another rather than two unique armies using advanced tactics to outwit one another. Naval Battles are hugely dull, more like lots of floating bowls clumsily knocking into one another.

    Overall, Rome 2 is still fun, but can barely be considered to be a proper "Total War" game. I hope after this, creative assembly will learn from their mistakes and create much much better and feature filled games in future.
  45. Sep 15, 2013
    Rome II is an amazing game, unfortunately it is deeply bugged at the moment which is unacceptable at release yet sadly common in this day and age. I would spend much more time writing out what I honestly think about every aspect of this game, but since everyone votes 0 or 10 on this site, I won't waste my time.

    In a few months it should deserve something like a 9/10 right now, it simply
    is lacking. Expand
  46. Sep 5, 2013
    This game was exactly what I was expecting, sure it's no Game of the Year, but it hit all the right spots. For the people who complain about the AI, try turning up the difficulty until it suits your experience. I have played many Total War games and this one has by far the best AI. The UI is fine, there is absolutely nothing to complain about, and it is not a "strong" argument to why this game has a low score. Cinematics are crap, but I do not think that the Total War team had a cinematic crew so I give slack on that. Obviously a brand new game is going to have some bugs! So stop complaining and let them patch the big problems before you give it a low score! Also this game, WITH all the normal release bugs that many games have, does not deserve a 0 out of 10. I dont think many people realize it, but a 0 out of 10 would imply it is one of the worst games of all time, which is far from correct. If people with nice computers are trying to run this game at Ultra then DONT, the technology is ahead of its time and unlike some games where nice computers can go to the MAX setting, this game has ALOT to load. This game is much different from Shogun 2, in both good and bad ways. Personally i see them as two different styles of Total War. The multiplayer is obviously going to have some problems, multiplayer is NOT something easily tested in Beta and they need their 1.0 be a dry run WITH actual players. So don't jump the gun on this game yet, because giving it a low score for the ENTIRE game just because it needs a few patches is just sad. All in all, yeah it NEEDS a few patches, but besides that its a damn good Total War game. Everyone is jumping the gun here, so instead of raging at the internet try to write some REAL reviews for this game. Expand
  47. Nov 29, 2013
    Straight out of the gate I have to admit I have a positive predisposition regarding anything Roman. A strategy game on this subject is therefore one of the top even before I start the game for the first time.
    Total War: Rome I has been played for hours on end and it looks like number II won't be a different.
    Well, in fact it is. As I was slaughtering barbarians alone in I, I'm now doing
    it in co-op with a good friend in II.

    As you probably have read so far the game was beyond buggy upon release and to say that it is stable now is a grand understatement of the core issues that still haunt it. The developers however have put their best effort into fixing each and every one of the major issues, so that at least single player is well playable.
    Multiplayer does however quite often freeze up without reason; leaving some save games utterly unplayable.

    But the shear size of the game, the options, the battles and the strategic choices make you come back time after time, especially when you are sharing the enjoyment with a good friend.
    In short, if you can get past the irritating glitches that can in some aspects overshadow the good, you find yourself in a massive, diverse and challenging game filled with the best war scenes one can think of: Ancient Rome.
  48. Sep 4, 2013
    Short and sweet. Pros: New play systems (I.e. town management simplification, province system, recruitment system) work well and contribute to a more realistic simulation. Return to Roman setting is well appreciated Combo land/naval battles are entertaining and effective Diversity of agent options are useful without being confounding Cons: There are bugs, of course, which is par for course with CA game launches. These will mostly be gone in a few weeks, hopefully

    Battle pathfinding needs improvement, again this will hopefully be patched soon

    Politics seem a little knife edge at the moment, not sure if I'm effectively manipulating the system though, so take with a grain of salt

    Ship to ship combat desperately needs rebalancing (javelin boats are waaaayyyy OP)

    Final verdict: If you love Total War, Rome, and aren't afraid of a little change, then go ahead and pick this one up. All others should wait a few months to see what happens first
  49. Jan 20, 2014
    As a long time fan of the series i was extremly hyped for the release for Rome 2 and never have i been this disappointed with a total war game. Luckily i didnt pre-order at the time because of a holiday in england. The shock that hit me when i checked metacritic at release day was enormous. I could'nt believe what i was seeing. Never have i seen a total war game with such a low score! Despite the warning i bought the game in the steam winter sales. While the lag and crashes seem to be fixed the ai and game mechanics are broken. The only thing that stops me from giving this game a 3 is the modding scene that has done a wonderful job to try to fix the game with some exellent improvements. All-in all only get the game if your a fan of the series and can cope with the horrendous ai and broken campaign mechanics. Expand
  50. Sep 4, 2013
    Total War Rome 2 was supposed to be a great step forward into a new generation of total wars. They hyped up the game way to much. The campaign map is so huge and there is no way to zoom out. Military victory conditions are crazy. Just for Rome it is hold 114 cities! There is no campaign options yet to have lesser victory conditions. The battles are fun especially the naval aspect with land. But the campaign map is horrible in size and the fact that cities are in provinces now. If you don't own all the cities in the provenience they are unhappy. Also the fact that you have to passive the population that takes so long. There is different cultures that really hurt public order. Cities start out generally unhappy until you control the whole province and can issue a edict that can improve happiness. At least from what I played it seems like armies can only be 10 units large. Also on day 1 the battles I played online were laggy. I am happy to get back the factions and away from the avatar they did that part right. The awesome battles are the only reason I am giving it a 7 instead of 6. Expand
  51. Sep 4, 2013
    I don't understand what all the negativity is about. This game is great! I've been a fan of the Total War series for at least a decade now. The games have steadily improved but have always been fun. Rome II is another exceptional achievement. I've been playing for about 15 hours now and have encountered no bugs, no crashes, no graphical issues. The only thing I can figure is that people don't understand that strategy and military tactics are what this game is about, not run in the middle and shoot as in the millions of multiplayer hell games.

    There is almost no learning curve if you've played the previous Total War games. A nice addition is the bird's eye view in the battle space. While I can't experience the highest graphics setting with my limited pc, the graphics I can achieve are still great!

    CA's commitment to patching and fixing bugs is commendable.

    Great work CA and don't listen to all the haters.
  52. Sep 24, 2013
    Both good and bad aspects in this game. I personally like the new campaign map, how the regions and the provinces are done and how you must balance the food, squalor/happiness, growth and economics of it.

    On the downside the new politics system is shallow and feels half-way done. The graphics are all right, but I've experienced some bugs through my time playing. UI is not good and some
    features feels half-done and rushed.

    Gameplay wise there are some features which have been added which are not good and upsets the balance during battles and other features which worked very well in previous TW games are removed for no apparant reason.

    No more than a 6 on the scale from me, even though the game is fun and entertaining it feels half-done and rushed. Worth playing if you like the TW series and the era of Rome, but you can also live perfectly well without this game.
  53. Sep 28, 2013
    I've played all of the Total War games, and let me just say that this is definitely the worst of them all. It's like they've taken a huge step backwards in innovation an design. The game isn't horrible, though their are a good deal of game breaking bugs (my army got stuck on a ship in the middle of the Mediterranean.) This should not become the standard for Total War games. Disappointment/10.
  54. Oct 5, 2013
    this game may not be the best TW game, but this is certainly an extremely good one but with bugs. Alot of the bugs others are getting I'm not getting so I had a good experience. Everytime I go into a siege battle where I'm the attacker the game always crashes so that was a let down
  55. Oct 6, 2013
    The overall concept is sound, and a large improvment for total war. On release, this was poorly executed but three patches later this game is very good fun. Bugs aside, this game is good fun- but a step backwards for SHOGUN 2: Total War.
  56. Nov 19, 2013
    At this point 2 months and a few days after it's release it's beggining to be ''playable''. (Thanks to some mods also)

    I was one of those who DID pre-order this game and sadly was deceived by SEGA and CA that made false promises and false advertisement...But that is another story.
    Buy the game at your own risk because it's the Stripped Feautures,DLC Whoring and ''X'' number of bugs
    that are killing the game.

    Thanks SEGA for making our greatest expectation this year become our worst deception ever.
  57. Nov 7, 2013
    I dearly wanted to love this game. I have enjoyed every Total War so far (except Empire and Napoleon that wouldn't work on my computer!) and especially Shogun 2. I felt as if this game might bridge the gap between the dated but undeniably fun Rome and the beautiful, tactical game that Shogun 2 is.
    Unfortunately, the failure to release this game in a playable state has ruined the fun for
    me. I can see the potential and I fully expect this to be a great game in a year or so. But, (and this is a big but) you cannot release games in such a poor state and not expect a customer backlash. Expand
  58. Nov 13, 2013
    I would figure I would finish a Campaign before I made a recommendation. I just didn't know it would take 80 hours to finish. If you a fan of the Total war series chances are you have already have this game and have either been blinded by your fandom or the hype that this would be the best TW to date. It didn't take me long to quickly realized this was a rushed game, put out several months before it was ready. I can only imagine that CA was forced by Sega to get the game out before some of the other big titles of the holiday season got out. There are several features that where in previous TW games such as the political and family system that where not even half as complete in past games. I completely didn’t care what happened to my family if someone was being bribed or shamed, I just didn't care. I was really happy when I won my civil war and could be an empire so I would not be bothered by the family bs.
    As for the campaign map you end up building the same 3 builds to have enough food and keep public order under control. This makes it almost impossible to upgrade your army or economy and very boring since you can't specialize a providence until late in the game. I'm sure if I started a new campaign I would have an easier time but since there is no building tree that is easy to compare buildings, even of the same type, there is a lot of trial and error before you can get the balance right. An other problem I ran into was that the auto resolve doesn’t seem to take into account the quality of your units. There where several battles where I would lose in the auto but crush the AI in a battle. The research is also out of balance even after 200 turns unless you focus on one tree you can't even upgrade to the best builds. Which is also impossible because you will have bad pubic order of lack of food because you ignored those trees. Over all I would say once you beat your civil war that is a good place to stop. After that it is a steam roll over the AI who is to passive or has so horribly manage there own providence they are starving to death. Its too bad there weren’t options to have a short campaign and start later so you could see some of the late builds and units when they would matter.
    It has been a common theme that the AI in the TW series has always been bad but this game takes it to a new level. Don't bother with sieges just auto resolve. The AI will run to there death when attacking or sit there and get pounded by your artillery until they are so softened up that sending in a few units in will make them rout. After been told that is was going to be the best AI yet it is actually worst then any other. There have been some improvements with the patches but it is still easy to beat the AI in a battle and on the campaign map... unless you play on a harder setting but all that does is buff there morale, armor and income.
    Tried a few MP battles but it seems that is has come down to who can macro the fastest and press a units special ability buff the most. There is no chance to sit back and watch the units fight it out or use much more of a strategy then rush your units in spamming the special ability and flanking your cav around to the back to make units rout. Well it was fun to play against friend and make your own rules you can't really do that against pubs.
    Overall I did enjoy the era and the workshop looks like it is starting to fill up with some interesting mods and tweaks. Hopefully CA can patch up this game but I have a feeling they will save any changes for the expiation pack. If you haven't played TW before I would look and see if you can pick up Empire up for cheap before getting this game. If you are a fan and just held off buying(good for you) I wouldn't pay more then 30 bucks. By then it maybe patched up enough to make it enjoyable and with the workshop there maybe a few decent mods to fill in the games.
  59. Nov 8, 2013
    Been a fan of TW games since the first Shogun came out. Although i have enjoyed this more than Empire TW i just can't justify giving the game a decent mark.
    So much about it is done badly and i can't for the life of me understand why the dev's would have ever have thought that it was the best direction for the game to go.
    I worry for the upcoming impending Warhammer Total War now. For me
    i play Shogun 2 again, its much much better than this. Expand
  60. Nov 12, 2013
    Ok, things got a bit better now by the patches, a lot more playable. Before playing a battle was impossible all lagged co-op as well, now u can play.
  61. Nov 14, 2013
    Rome 2 has an awesome concept and I've been a fan of the series for a long time. Unfortunately, SEGA wanted the devs to rollout the game maybe some 6 months to a year too early. As a result, the game is incredibly slow for no purpose, and bugs are rife. Buy this game during a sale.
  62. Nov 17, 2013
    Rome II... A good game but first one is the better of the two. In this TW you can only choose I think it is 12 factions from what I remember. In the old one it was 24. However the graphics are stunning but the gameplay is lousy. It's just basically troops go there. They attack for 2 minuets. In the old one it's more Troops go there. Wait fall back! Because there are like 400 odd troops on the other side. I don't know. This one just seems a bit meh to me.

    -Amazing Graphics
    -Not enough Factions
    -Easy gameplay
    Score 57/100
  63. Nov 18, 2013
    After 90 hours I can say I like the game quite a bit although I'm somewhat disappointed in it. They made a bold move trying the new system's out but some have come out tedious or limiting by quite a bit. I miss that in the first Rome you could have as many troops as you could afford and split them into as many "armies" as you liked general or no general, the only limitations were did you have enough available population and do you have the income to sustain your armies. I also miss being able to fully develop cities and towns with all upgrades based on population rather than having 3-6 slots to work with total. In most towns you can't have any walls, not even a simple defensive palisade. There are definitely some nasty bugs, though the worst I've personally encountered is when the enemy is coming from the sea they tend to have at least one ship lock up where your forces cannot hit it without siege weaponry. Troops cannot board vessels on the shore to go and deal with them even if the ship in question is one they themselves came ashore on. The AI has been really tame in the world map and is purely driven by capture points in many battles. The AI will regularly try to run right through multiple phalanx formations to go right for the capture points making battles no longer about the fight so much as watching your troops murder hundreds of unthinking AI troops hell bent on taking that point regardless of what's in the way. The food and squalor system is somewhat obnoxious. You'll have entire town building sets dedicated to one or the other. There's a command console, but it doesn't do anything aside from closing the game when you type "quit". The AI has a nasty habit of demanding money from you for ALL diplomatic agreements, even for non-aggression treaties to keep you from attacking them, yes, that's right, they want YOU to pay THEM to keep you from attacking and conquering them. Auto-resolve can be quite inaccurate on occasion, some battles you'll walk up to say you would lose almost all your troops but then you fight it and lose almost none of your men while others put you in favor when the enemy actually has a notably superior force. That doesn't happen often but it does happen enough to be mentioned. There is no demand surrender button in battles for use when you've got a notable upper hand, only "Concede Defeat" meaning that if you have a bug like I mentioned earlier and no battle timer then you cannot hope to win courtesy of a stupid glitch.

    That all said there are a lot of positives. The graphics are great, especially if you get a mod to remove the grainy, always afternoonish effect. When there's no capture point combat seems to be MUCH better, the AI actually tries to fight instead of running right through your lines. The map looks great. I LOVE the new line of sight features. Even though, like I said, the AI is fairly tame to the player, you'll see the borders of nations change frequently, wars happen quite often and can be vicious often completely devouring entire nations. New nations rise and fall often. There's several ways to make your money and if you do it right you can run your nation tax free with the maximum in full flag armies. Cities look nice and are usually pretty well built. No nation is immune to defeat. HUGE world map. I'm really liking the spy agent capabilities, no campaign is complete without them really. It's pretty darn fun to play once you snag the right balance mods from such places as the steam workshop or TWCenter. There are many mods you can get and if you like you can mod it yourself for a custom balanced game tailored to your idea of a proper balance.

    If there was one major addition I'd like to see it would be something along the lines of a big continent expansion allowing you to play all of Africa and Asia as well as Europe complete with local factions of the time. I hope with the future they can fix the issues I've listed and put out some awesome expansion grade content at the same time. The game will take work to be perfect, but it's not bad. It's not a typical Total War game, but it's still one I'd recommend.
  64. Nov 18, 2013
    I have waited 2 months for this game to reach its potential and it has. I was extremely disappointed in CA's rush to output this game and have lost a lot of respect for the Total war franchise. That being said they did stick to their word of patching and continuing to path until this game is golden. Finally after two months we are about there. AI still needs some work. IF rome 2 had released in the current state it is now I would give this game a 9/10 but since im a patient fellow I waited to see what the devs would do with the broken game until giving it a fair review. Expand
  65. Dec 1, 2013
    It is obvious there has been a ton of work put into this title. However, it does not excuse the fact that the game is virtually broken, with buggy AI, clunky graphics performance, questionable design decisions, and current game price of $60. When a game is released, it is expected to, at the bare minimum, function. It is even more so that these problems be fixed as soon as possible after release. However Rome II so far has failed to provide any of these even in the few months after its release. The game obviously was not ready to be released and does not bring the Total War experience as much as previous titles have in its current state. Unless drastic measures are taken to improve the game's current quality, it will be riddled with poor gaming experience. Expand
  66. Nov 25, 2013
    At the start, Rome II was a total let down; bad AI, poor optimisation and the fact I didn't get the Greek States Culture Pack even though I pre-ordered it. Since then, multiple patches have fixed my problems and the Blood and Gore DLC has satisfied my need for... Well, blood and gore. I loved how the Nomadic Tribes Culture Pack was free for a week as an apology (even though I don't really play as those factions), I bought the Greek States pack and I have a successful army of Spartans, BOW TO ME, WORLD! The gameplay has been fixed, now the Athenians wait instead of charging head-first into my pike phalanx. Glad its fixed. Expand
  67. Dec 1, 2013
    Now that the game has been out a couple of months you would think it would be solid, but unfortunately glitches remain. It is still possible to get stuck in a screen with no option but to ctrl-alt-delete out of the game. The battles, while fun, can become tedious as enemy forces stand off, forcing you to run out the clock to victory. This has all the feel of the Empire Total War engine (which I loved), however, everything they tried to improve on is seemingly broke. Rome 1 was great and I, for one, am sorry they could not improve on it. Expand
  68. Dec 3, 2013
    Until now I played 48 hours of Rome II. And to be honest, it was a fight to get this time. This game is just disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love the Total War franchise, but to play this game isn't fun at all.
    OK, the graphic is awesome, but that's pretty much it. The AI fails time after time after time, the UI is horrible and the big announced home policy doesn't effect anything.
    Generals are completely changeable and their "portraits" look like sh**. Oh and the music... I muted it after 5 min.
    After all I have to say this Total War is a big disappointment and not the game CA announced. If they won't fix it, this will be the last Total War I ever bought.
  69. Dec 5, 2013
    Game is great. Patches help. Mods help more. I have played every TW game and this is the one I have gotten most into. Over 140 hours into it so far. As Suebia literally at war with all of Spain, Greece, and Rome and its never a dull moment. Never had a crash or any tech issues. They have auto guard now btw, that's why there is no guard button. Probably takes a long time to adjust to the changes but they are all for the best. AI still needs work, but mods make that irrelevant. Expand
  70. Jan 6, 2014
    At launch, it was more enjoyable to electrocute your eyeball with a stun gun than play this game. But now there have been a lot of patches that have semi-fixed the ai and performance. I have found the game fun after these patches, and with mods that make the textures better and enhance the campaign Rome 2 is very addicting if you are a fan of the genre.
  71. Jan 9, 2014
    Штурмов нет. Стратегической части нет. Морские бои мало того что унылы, они не имеют никакого отношения к античности. Интерфейс заслуживает отдельного слова, такого малоинформативного, страшного и запутанного убожества не видел уже давно Оценка 1.
  72. Feb 14, 2014
    As a long time fan of Total War, I must say I really enjoyed this game. Yes it was a little buggy when first released. But all the new features are great, the town building though easier, is much more intuitive and is necessary when you control over 100 settlements. Controlling whole provinces is awesome as it gives you an incentive to conquer more. The army system is cool as well, as it means u have to position your armies properly rather than just raising new forces everywhere, also means that there is a real point to having a general. I play on a macbook pro which is bootcamped and it runs fine, so im not sure what people are complaining aboout (even better now that a few pathces have been released)

    My biggest complaint however is with the campaing AI, running away from settlements, creating crappy unit compositions etc. It has gotten a lot better with patching though

    Althought I dont think this game is worth a 10, I'm going to give it one, as it is a joke that people are giving this game a 0. Even if you thought it was a dissapointment surely it deserves a 6 or more. It's not unplayable, and the battles are awesome! people still complaining about Empire Total war in their comments, wtf. That was one of the coolest games in the series once it was patched up a bit.
  73. Feb 17, 2014
    The game is worth every penny i spent on it. I love it. i PreOrderd it and i did not have any of the problems others where having so i have never had a negative feeling towards it.
  74. Feb 24, 2014
    All these 0/10 ratings are ridiculous. This is a game flawed on many levels, but still enjoyable.

    Pros: (1) A deep strategy game that combines turn-based strategy with real-time tactics. Has the potential to be great, if not for the below cons. (2) Gorgeous on ultra. I haven't had any problems with frame rate, though I admit my computer is relatively powerful.

    Cons: (1) Naval
    combat is frustrating as hell. Whenever there's a joint naval/land battle, I always immediately dump my troops on land. (2) The AI. I don't mean the skill of the AI components (that seems to be relatively good post-patch), but the system's response to your own actions. Often I'll be issuing orders and the units will either ignore me, or do something else instead (especially naval in naval combat). (3) The UI could be a lot more intuitive; it's incredibly confusing for newcomers. Expand
  75. Mar 15, 2014
    I have to agree, the game was horrible on release, but with the patches and DLCs, it is without a doubt the best grand strategy game of 2013. Why I gave it 9 instead of 10 is because some features have been stripped, the most noticeable is the family tree. But if I look past all that, the game is a masterpiece.
  76. D73
    Mar 26, 2014
    O jogo esta muito melhor do que estava quando foi lançado. A companha é ótima com novas boas diplomáticas apesar de não haver mais algumas como trocar territórios.
  77. Mar 24, 2014
    Total War has a long, illustrious history. The pinnacle of which was Empire: Total War. That's is about as fine as they come. Since Empire we've had Shogun 2 and now Rome 2. I found Shogun to be underwhelming and now with Rome 2, the downward spiral into obscurity continues.

    1. Phenomenal graphical potential if your hardware can handle it.
    2. Cinematic camera mode. Makes it
    quick and easy to get a glimpse of the action up close.
    3. Strategic camera mode. A nice zoomed-out tactical camera option that's very reminiscent of Supreme Commander.
    4. HUGE world map.
    5. Decent in-game Encyclopedia
    6. "Continue Campaign" option right from the launch screen in Steam.

    1. The UI is unnecessarily huge and impeding
    2. The In game advice cannot be turned off. No matter how many times I click "suppress advice", I still get it. If you turn it on "Audio only advice" to avoid getting the extremely poorly animated advisor from popping up, It still pops up, only with no text.
    3. Animations were underwhelming. Units looked like little paper-doll clones.
    4. WAY too much DLC for extra cash. The only one worth getting (and should've come standard with the game) is the Blood and Gore DLC. Makes me feel like I bought an intentionally bare-bones game with the intent to sell me DLC later.
    5. Standard Total War long load times.
    6. Research trees are small and boring.
    7. Ultra high system requirements. It's a real hog. Crashes and freezes way more than I care to mention. I've been steadily reducing graphics settings in an attempt to improve stability.
    8. Infuriatingly clunky political system controls.
    9. Voice acting became repetitive and corny after the first hour.
    10. Generals have magical. ♥♥♥♥ing. powers. That you have to manually control in battle.

    Rome 2 stays true to its Total War heritage. I jumped in and it felt familiar and comfortable. It's a weak and unworthy successor to the original Rome though. The resource management is basic, and the empire building is rather shallow. Empire: Total War felt deep. I felt invested in that masterpiece. I feel very little with Rome 2 other than disappointment at wasted potential. It's a big budget game that's worth no more than $30.
  78. Apr 6, 2014
    This is game is shocking not a shocking that are good but a very bad thing. Shogun total war 2 had been the best total war game ever made in series but then this f***ing game just make all total war fans to hate total war, seriously. Even though trailer of the game looks really awesome but for real, it's really horrible! with massive bugs and other things that makes game horrible.
  79. Mar 27, 2014
    Good game after 11 patches. Don't expect to run game at high fps but neither does original. Game has a lot of content with DLC for future playing. Game has improved much from the original release.
  80. Mar 20, 2014
    I have very much enjoyed the Total War series especially when I played Empire. However, I am really starting to get tired of the almost broken AI both on the Campaign and Battlefield. I have tried for months to give this game a chance to kick in, but it just isn't working. There are times that I enjoyed the game, but most of the time it was just frustrating at how difficult it is to play the campaign when the AI is so bad. The game definitely looks good, but it lacks the enjoyment of its predecessors. Creative Assembly needs to stop trying to add new features that aren't needed and fix the AI that has been a problem since the beginning of the series. There is no longer an excuse for the AI to be this terrible and I hope Creative Assembly has the sense to address these issues before adding new features. Expand
  81. Dec 5, 2013
    Its pretty fun. Allot of the negative reviews are complete horse I don't even know if they are talking about. I read allot of "My computer isn't good enough to play it. 0/10" The game is fun the graphics are good the A.I. is a tad stupid but overall its a stunning game.
  82. Oct 1, 2013
    I really wish people who rated this a zero would first look at this game again and then review after the first few patches. The user score is always crappy when a TW is released. Mostly because of the bugs, compatibility issues, AI issues, online multiplayer issues, and of course, the retarded flags. All that is mostly fixed! The flags are gone! (for the most part, you still have the option to have them) They fixed a bunch of resolution and crashing problems, and they are working on fixing compatibility issue. At launch this game was unplayable(why I gave it only a 8) but it is getting better. I hope the ones who rated this game badly would give it a second chance, the devs are working hard to fix the game that we all wanted and listen to complaints. They really want you to love this game, and so do I. Expand
  83. Sep 9, 2013
    After 50 hrs of gameplay, I can tell this game has immense potential, it was released way too early but I know from past TW games that patching and the modding community will make it EPIC.

    I for one really do not mind paying to get in on Beta testing, considering I will be playing this for a very long time.
  84. Sep 5, 2013
    Let me start with the good things, first of there is the graphics wich look very good, awesome landscapes, and the different maps fells fresh and in some cases more alive than in any other total war game so far ("buildings, trees and general vegetation)". The units/army looks good close up, but then again not a huge leap from shogun2. The single player campaign is very good and its clear for me to see thats where the focus of the game is, single player is more or less like in rome 1 but with bettter graphics and some more deept..
    What keeps me from giveing a higher score is the fact that the multiplayer still fells like rome 1, where shogun2 did a awesome job with a avatar campaign in multiplayer and used a RPG element in skills and hero units, then rome 2 just fells like rome1 not much new under the sun other than updated graphics and some new formation options, dont get me wrong rome 2 got 3 options to change your generals abilitys, and i hope they will make more in future dlc, but still fells to me like shogun2`s multiplayer is light years ahead of rome 2, and i think it is a shame to take a step backwards..

    So if u like total war games, u will like this game as well, just dont expect to much... and see it as a major update of the old rome 1, rather than a whole new game..

    but it is a bit better than the score of 4.8 it has atm, some people expect a perfect game the day it comes out, wich isnt gonna happen without alot of patches, if u got horrible graphics or low Fps u should look at your own computer in most cases and not the game..
  85. Nov 19, 2013
    After 7 patches from release, I can now give this game a much better rating. There's still work to do, but the myriad problems that faced the game on release that made it unacceptably poor have been much reduced, and the game has been both fixed and also overhauled and expanded with both patches changing balance and mechanics, as well as numerous Free-LCs.

    The AI still suffers, the
    simplification from previous titles is never going to go away, but now it is, finally, a good game at least. At any rate, still work to be done. Expand
  86. Sep 4, 2013
    All right, this mini review is written in the week of release, before any patches, so if you're familiar with Total War games, you know what that means: bugs and performance issues, like with every other TW game, and you also know that those will be fixed.

    Personally, I play this on a lowly GT650M and a i7-3610QM in 1920x1080 on "very high" without any fps or lag issues, but not
    everyone is as lucky. You don't need powerful hardware (some play it on integrated HD4000 video!), just the right combination of hardware and drivers. The game also still has some campaign bugs, and if there would never be a patch, then I'd give this a 6/10. However, a patch has already been announced (weekly ones, in fact) and CA has a track record of fixing their games, hence the 9/10, which takes the potential of the game in account. It's very enjoyable already.

    So, what's changed? Combat is much faster, which some players dislike. Whether you feel it's shallow or accessible, that depends on your preferences. I feel it opens up the game to a wider audience and allows you to play in shorter segments of time. You can have fun for forty-five minutes, and make progress, instead of having to be glued down at the computer all evening. Strategy and tactics are obviously needed and the campaign mode is more involved than in Rome 1. What's missing is the family tree.

    Who is the game for, right now? For folks who enjoy very large scale battles, are willing to wait out a few patches, dig Roman history and like controlling pretty large armies. The game's multiplayer works well, too, so if you find that the AI is a little sleepy currently and don't want to wait for the patch, you can play against a real person who will be anything but sleepy. The game has a ton of potential and will eventually become a classic just like the other Total War games. It requires a bit patience, though.
  87. Nov 30, 2013
    Best game ever. You should have a good pc for this game, if you have laggs its your problem. i would gave this game GOTY and i played this game for 200 hours.
  88. Nov 22, 2013
    Although at launch the game was dismal and completely unplayable the developers truly have made efforts in trying to fix their mistakes and even offered a lot of free DLC for those who stuck with them despite their failings.
    A lot of the game's previous errors have been fixed and the game is now enjoyable, especially the campaign. Granted there are some flaws to the game but not so much
    that I would degrade their score.

    Keep up the good work CA!
  89. Sep 4, 2013
    This title requires the same patience it took during the release of Empire: Total War. It's unfortunate that we still have to pay full price to basically beta test a PC game, but I have (based on experience over many titles) faith that CA will vastly improve the bugs and graphical glitches people are already writing negative reviews about. Beyond that, further faction releases and mods can and will make this a great game. My main concerns are with the UI and musical score. I felt these were both much better in (applicably) Shogun 2 and the original Rome: Total War. My score of 8/10 is based on the expected community and developer improvements to performance and AI (which have both occurred throughout the Total War series). Otherwise I am satisfied thus far with my purchase. Ave Caesar! Expand
  90. Sep 5, 2013
    Well, I don't understand the rant about the game... It's not that bad, sure it got a few flaws! But wait a couple of weeks and it most likely will be fixed... It's not broken... It's fun.. Either you guys are somekind of fanboys towards Rome I or something.
  91. Sep 20, 2013
    Oyunun piyasaya henüz tam hazır olmadan sürüldüğü çok aşikar.Hatta beta aşamasında sürülmüş izlenimi veriyor... Total War serisine neredeyse aine neredeyse aşk ile bağlı olan bir çok oyuncuyu dahi CA bu hamlesiyle kendisine küstürmüştür. Rome 2 ile çok büyük bir Pre-Order hasılatı yapmalarına karşın bu amatör hamleleriyle önümüzdeki bir kaç oyunundan kesinlikle ciddi bir Pre-Order hasılatı yakalayamacağını düşünüyorum. Tek güzel yanı yönetim kurulundan olan insanların oyunun arkalarında olduklarına dair açıklama yapmaları ve hakikaten de, neredeyse haftada bir patch yayınlayıp oyunu daha stabil ve oynanabilir bir hale getirmeleridir. Expand
  92. Mar 13, 2014
    How can I possibly write a positive review for a game that periodically becomes TOTALLY unplayable, and requires a complete reinstallation of my entire hard drive and Steam library? This is such a game. On three separate occasions since first installing it, Rome II has become seriously dysfunctional, beyond the help of the help desks. Files get seriously corrupted and the software freezes on launch. it cannot be reinstalled via Steam, nothing but a total rebuilding of the Steam library in a fresh installation fixes it. hence this game has MAJOR PROBLEMS STILL. If the damned launch wasn't bad enough.

    Beyond these serious technical shortcomings the game now is much better than it was at launch. 9 patches repaired most of the totally dysfunctional stuff. If you have a good rig the game looks and plays well. A lot of the design choices remain poor, but the game has FANTASTIC moddability, and there are mods to fix almost everything about the game that is sub-par.

    Creative Assembly deserves credit for getting the game into decent shape. But the modders also deserve credos, since they usually seem to have more design flair and passion about this title than the studio that made it. Guys like Radius seem to have a much better sense of what makes the game good that the guys who were paid to make it.

    This game still has a way to go yet. While the present content and mechanics are fine, much fine tuning is needed in the political economy of the game.

    Also the periodic death of the program requiring a major re-setting of the entire operating system is mighty irritating. Hopefully all of these issues will be resolved in the next six months and we can praise the game we should have seen at launch. In future CA is advised to finish their games before publishing them

  93. Sep 28, 2013
    I have played TW since the first Shogun, and in my opinion Rome II is one of the best. OK, I have i7-3930 and GTX 680, so may be that's the reason I haven't had many technical issues even on the first day. AI has been more or less aggressive depending on the faction and campaign, but so it was also in Shogun 2. There are bugs, but not much more than previously and they seem to be fixed quickly.
    Also, I don't understand all the talk about stripped features the family tree was never a big deal to me in previous games, so I don’t miss it, and I think the economy makes way more sense than before.
    I remember in Rome I, the cities used to grow often huge with no possibility to actually influence it, and if they were away from the capital, you had rebellions all the time. So I would let them rebel, then conquer again and raise to the ground to get rid of the population. Your own cities. Now how smart was that? And remember having to move your capital around all the time to decrease rebellions? Some people had even created these maps on the internet to optimize where to place your capital depending on the provinces you own. In Rome II one can control it much better if you do not maximize your buildings too quickly without researching technologies to counter that.
    And the three separate Roman factions on the campaign map in Rome I? I loved when Realism mod removed it.
    In Rome I you had these large land swathes controlled by unanimous rebels. With Rome II now each of them is an individual faction, I think, giving the game more breadth.
    I think Rome II is way superior.
    Of course, Shogun 2 is a great game, and I played it a lot. But does it have a much deeper economy system? To the contrary, to me Rome 2 has way more depth in that sense.
    There are issues definitely with the game still and much to be improved, but I will surely be enjoying it. That's why 10.
  94. Oct 4, 2013
    This game is amazing and it is only getting better. I have played several Total War games and they all seem to start a bit rocky but this game for me ran very well from the start and I have only had minor issues with the game crashing. The UI is very good and easy to understand. The unit cards are really easy to use and differ unit types. Graphics are really well done in the entirety of the game. Battles are becoming well rounded with more balancing as the game goes on. CA is working really hard to get the balancing right while they fix minor bugs that are left over.

    The campaign I played on very hard the first time around took me over 400 turns to conquer the entire map. Really well balanced AI for the most part on that trek. I do think that it has become the norm to release games early and this is the same for Rome II but this is not a reflection of the game in itself; the game is fantastic and it will only get better as the add in features that players complain about. People tend to compare games to much to predecessors and forget that companies are trying new things all the time.

    Great game I have and will continue to recommend this to my friends.
  95. Oct 4, 2013
    I think a lot of the performance issues have been fixed by now, and CA has been updating weekly, even more.

    The game is a lot more finetuned now, though there are still a few bugs that will get fixed.

    A lot of people just rode the hate bandwagon on this game and didn't even give it a fair shot. Some people just joined in on the hype having NEVER played a total war game, and found out
    it wasn't what they wanted, and blamed it on issues and CA. To those people, I give a big you. Expand
  96. Oct 5, 2013
    First off, I want to say that I have played all Total War games since Rome 1, and I was very excited for Rome 2. I read all the news about it every day and got very hyped. But when the game was released and the huge mess of its problems was revealed, I was very disappointed. The only reason I give this game a 10/10 is to counter all the people on here that are giving this game a 0 for reasons that I think are faulty and that give a bad image of CA. Do people realize that a 0 means that the game does not get past the first loading screen without crashing? If you can start up a game at all, it does not deserve a 0. If it is apparent that there was a total lack of effort and professionalism in the development, then it deserves a 1. But in my opinion, this game does neither of those things and does not deserve the huge number of 0's and 1's from pissed off people. This game shows that incredible amounts of work, effort, creativity, and care were put into Rome 2: Total War. The only place where the developers and publishers messed up is not giving enough development time and not testing the game properly. This caused minor (but important) features to be left out and also many bugs (some game breaking) to be left in. This in turn made the game unplayable for some, but CA claims that most people can run it without serious issues.Due to these reasons, I do not think that anybody should completely denounce a game simply because they do not like some of its features (or lack of features) and got disappointed that their vision of the game wasn't achieved. This game deserves at least a 5/10 form the people that are do not like it and a somewhere around a 7/10 from people that know that it will become a good game, if not great, through patching and mods. I would personally give this game an 8/10 because I know that just like Skyrim, a true gem of a game will emerge from the flawed vanilla version. But I will not change my score until all the pissed off people give a realistic score that only reflects the problems of the game that have no way of being fixed in the near future and does not take into account their personal feelings and or preferences. Expand
  97. Oct 7, 2013
    I played Rome II more than 230 hours. Rome I was my all time favourite game. So I have huge expectations on Rome II.

    Battles are great, they put so much in here. But campaign is near empty. You can get bored on campaign. In Rome I campaign was far more detailed. They should add more content to the campaign.

    Campaign map is distorted also. Map projection is the worst projection I have
    ever seen; tiny Arabia, compressed Persia, oversized Gaul and Germania, shortened Italy..etc Expand
  98. Mar 30, 2014
    only new players of Total War saga are going to like this game, this is the worst, too much advertising and not programming enough. i'm am italian and this game is not translated in italian, but CA wrote on the pack "All in Italian". bad for a Total War fan!
  99. Nov 4, 2013
    Down-vote me all you want, this game is a commercial success and there's nothing you can do about it 800,000 units sold This game deserves it success.
  100. Nov 7, 2013
    Hello. I would first like to put that I bought the game the day it came out. No problems, the AI was a little shaky, mostly because they would fall for my pike traps every time. I watched all the reviews, and since playing most TW games since the first Rome, I found there to this to be one of the best total war games I have ever played

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]