• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 3503 Ratings

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  1. Sep 8, 2013
    You can tell that the people who rated this game weren't biased!
    Did they even play the game? Or did they just watch the trailer?
    I give it a ZERO( 0 because I felt that I was lied to by these people.
    It is a good for nothing piece of garbage, just like Skyrim. But
    in this case the majority are not in a trance, yelling ROMA!
  2. Sep 9, 2013
    I've paid to be a beta tester with no voice.
    This 'game' is very VERY disappointing. It seems as though they have completely restructured their development team, bringing in a lot of youngsters with 'ideas' on how to 'improve' things... and I'm thinking their intent is to move towards console gaming. Total Shambles.
    1. Slow with no affinity to whoever you choose to be (i think my leader
    died the only interesting thing that happened was one wife got kidnapped... don't even know her name. meh.)
    2. AI stupid no common sense and just awkward. (4 slingers took out 15 groups of tribesmen without taking a hit; they don't want to trade even though it's good for everyone; they WILL trade but only if you give them 80% of your money, bartering can bring this down to 70% but not worth it. Trying to get military access just so you can walk through a tiny part of their land to take over someone else is pointless. Best off just making war with them too.
    3. Tech tree is boring, time consuming (split across 6 pointless pages) and doesn't really have much affect.
    4. Battles are so easy even on Legendary. No excitement at all. Less said about naval battles the better.
    5. General limitations, household is slightly interesting but they're all drowning in a pool.,
    6. No more micromanaging towns everything is dumped together. Try sorting out dissatisfaction...? forget it.
    Lots more... not even started with bugs.....

    I paid money to be a tester and didn't get any dlc. I will not be purchasing anything else from CA until I get a personal apology but I bet they would screw that up.
  3. Sep 10, 2013
    If a game is unplayable, it's not even a game. It's a pile of ****.

    >Terrible UI that takes up 50% of my screen
    >Broken naval battles
    >Navies now worthless
    >Terrible senate system
    >No family tree
    >Terrible skill upgrade system
    >A.I. worse than rome 1 total war.

    0/10. Entire franchise ruined. Good damn job.
  4. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is really horrible. I played every total war games except few DLCs.
    But this one is absolutely the worst of all. I even had to buy Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai one of few which I have not played and it is much better in every way. ROME 2 is horrible even in the tactical side of game boring, stupid politic, not rewarding. Shame
  5. Sep 10, 2013
    I played over 30 hours of this game...it took me that long to realize the shell of a Total War game I had purchased. I am so disappointed with Rome II. I do not like the new UI (personal opinion). The AI is a joke (both campaign and battle). It is SOOOOOOO slow it lags on the campaign map, on the battle map, AND it takes FOREVER to get through the AI turns. No family tree. Why would they leave that out?

    The political system is stupid and pointless. What the hell is it even supposed to do?

    I feel no connection to my generals; just another face and name. If one dies, he just gets replaced by another face and name. Also, why can you assassinate one of your own generals. Why would I want to do that?

    Naval battles are boring and it is a pain in the ass to get your ships to do what you tell them to do.

    The land battles last minutes. I have won battles with thousands of soldiers in less than 3 minutes...why did they decide that was fun? I thought this game was supposed to be the most EPIC Total War game ever (CA's words, not mine)...................3 minute battles..........Also, go ahead and forget about tactics; every battle quickly turns into one giant blob of people..........

    And those STUPID flags on the battle maps. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY the HELL are there FLAGS!?!?! You know, King of the Hill might be a cool variant to play in a quick battle...BUT WHY ARE THERE FLAGS IN THE BATTLES I AM FIGHTING DURING A CAMPAIGN!? So stupid!

    On the upside, the campaign map is beautiful and I really love the province system.

    This game is such a let down
  6. Sep 10, 2013
    Having been a fan of the Total War series for years (12 or so) I am so sad that this is what was released. Clearly the hype was just that. Hype. The game has major issues that I'm not sure can be repaired no matter how much patching is done. But for the sake of CA and Rome, I sure hope it can get better.
  7. Sep 10, 2013
    Waited years for this.. DONT BUY THIS GAME DONT BUY THIS GAME buy the first one! buy shogan, not this! god!
    I played this as soon as it launched, and so SO SO SO SO many bugs!!!!
  8. Sep 10, 2013
    Holy DAMN I can't believe it Is CA and Sega is sleeping on victory after Shogun 2. The game is not even compete to ROME 1
    - Why the flag appear in the game. We want to enjoy the battle. Not go straight to the flag and end the game. HOLY ****.
    - Where the god damn awesome agent cinematic in shogun 2
    - 6 9 Playable factions and 3 of them are in 8$ DAY 1 DLC. In Rome 1, I play for
    180+ Factions for FREE
    - What the is that stupid AI. ROME 1 is even better than that.
    - Holy crap, my super high end gigs is playing ROME 2 in 30 fps and lag in Campaign maps. Holy !
    - Where the is speech when battle begin.
    Even graphic better. It's not important. CA removed enjoyable stuffs and let us play god damn ****ty game. Even the game have some good point but They destroy it all. I did not enjoy the 60$ title at launch till now. And look at the SIMCITY. They promise the game will be better but it's NOT. I am scared and lose hope of CA. I moving back to Shogun 2 now. Better get your refund and buy the game back if it' get better as promise. Holy I still can't believe. Those day are sad days of my life. That some hope of my life got totally destroyed.
  9. Sep 11, 2013

    Lets assume that this game should have gotten a 10, being of top pedigree and probably the most anticipated game of 2013. Rome 1 was perfect. This game should have been a graphical update with a few new features, a handful of more daring gameplay innovations, and a better narrative, AI tweaks, and more varied units and factions.

    Instead, we have a game released that lags
    even three thousand dollar computers, and is unplayable by mid range rigs. This makes no sense, since its predecessors, notably Shogun, ran beautifully. Subtract two points for being unfinished and poor graphics management that leaves the target audience unable to play the game.

    Next, the AI is not fun to play, realistic or challenging. Another strike.

    The new innovations; A system of management by generals which has nothing to do with any previous Total War game, and thus unfamiliar and cumbersome. Same can be said for the regional management. Every previous Total War game was easy to both manage and find information. In short, the old way gave excellent control. These two new abominations alienate the Total War loyals and are just plain awkward. Not fun. That's four strikes.

    Next we move to Naval combat. You have to play it to believe it. I simply couldn't figure out what was going on until I read other people explain on forums, just exactly how they butchered this. Awful. Another strike.

    And we will throw in one more strike for adding capture points that appear after you set up your men and form a strategy, as well as the blob rush that has replaced the old strategic combat. Things get particularly gruesome around the gates of a city, where fancy graphics such as the burning gates, the gigantic war banners, and the overload of nice graphics in general turn my computer into a slide projector. I'm running an I5 with a GT640 BTW.

    Finally, to bring this game the dismal score of 3/10, I'd like to address the overall lack of warmth, homogeneous characters and lack of control over them. The portraits of the generals all look the same. Their abilities are hard to find because of the UI (shouldn't I just be able to click on the General's portrait??) and the new system where new followers supplant a random old one, all of which happens behind the scenes, suck.

    I was horribly disappointed with this game, quit playing after 16 hours, and I won't be back for months to see if the updates make it at least playable. I believe that the flaws are too fundamental, however. People should be fired for this.

    The biggest disappointment of 2013 in any meta-category.
  10. Sep 12, 2013
    Rome 2 is like an abusive husband I don't want to believe how awful it is and how badly it let's me down.

    Angry Joe says it best but I'll try to quantify and express my disappointment. Being a Total War fan since Shogun(like most loyal fans) I have had many years of amazing triumphal conquest, Shogun, Medieval, Rome, Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2 but and many amazing mods build on the
    Total War engine and this is the most diabolical excuse of a stripped down game that looks like its going to console(xbox360 rather than next gen). Even with my explosive imagination I cant create a story to invest my emotions into while playing a campaign. There is no family tree a staple basic for any Total War game for instance which helped create a sense of story and intrigue why strip out something so basic but which added so much!? You get the picture over a tiny point I could rant for days, you let me and the whole loyal community down CA and Sega...Sad face. Expand
  11. Sep 12, 2013
    NO WAY!!!!
    Yeah, just like that: he simply sucks!! AND IT IS NOT YET FINISHED!!! THEY RELEASE A BETA FOR 55 EUROS!!
    In my opinion, the most relevant problems are:
    1- totally idiot AI, both in strategic map and in battle, there is no challenge in single players or co-op multiplayer campaign, and without challenge there is no achievement of any kind: the
    game experience is too boring, it's a self inflicted punishment, it's a loss of time!!! The AI does nothing all the time!!! AND IT SUICIDES AGAINST YOUR CITIES!!!
    2-historical units stats are totaly unbalanced!!! In this game sone elite units are so broken that you can simply spam them and win!!! There is no strategy, both in single and multiplayer.
    3-the morale is surely broken: units flee after 3-4 minutes battles. Even in the major battles (40 units vs 40)!!!
    4-siege equipment broken!!! Each siege is a painful experience, trust me...
    5-naval battles bugged to hell, cannot control ships!!!
    6-FLAGS IN OPEN FIELD!!! O_o!!! You can cap a flag and win in 30 sec for no reason, while the enemy army is fighting you in the real battle elsewhere on the map...
    7-the end turn phase in campaign is 5 minutes long...in which AI only does idiot things...
    8-LAG!!! FIX THE LAG!!!

    Ok, this is the point: DON'T BUY ROME 2 TOTAL WAR!!!!
    Simply like that.
  12. Jan 31, 2014
    5 months, 9 patches, still garbage game. Creative Assembly is officially dead to me. You have only yourself to blame if you buy their terrible games anymore.
  13. Dec 24, 2013
    This is about the most frustrating, slow, bugged, random, stupid, idiotic, pathetic, moronic piece of garbage game I have even seen in my life. I've had more fun doing _nothing_, just after I threw this disk out of the window and wiped the hard drive of every single bit of this time wasting joke.
  14. Sep 12, 2013
    If you a Total War fan or love video games, this review is for you:

    This game was advertised with videos of supreme graphics and developers themselves from Creative Assembly talking about how Rome 2 is the biggest Total War they've ever made with 40% more budget than any other project they've done in the past.

    This is how they turned this AWESOME saga in a complete with NO A.I.
    WHATSOEVER (even when they fix it, the A.I. will use ATTACK RECKLESSLY TO THE FLAG-strategy.


    In Rome 2:

    - Sieges nowhere close the size of anything we saw in videos/panorama pictures

    - The A.I. which had more budget than ever for Rome 2, WAS NO DEVELOPED AT ALL. Just given simple path finding instructions to CAPTURE FLAGS which are bugged right now but even when fixed, it will be the worst A.I. in a TW to date.

    - They completely removed the Family Tree/Leader Figures. You get an infinite pool of worthless generals.

    - There is NO POLITICAL SYSTEM WHATSOEVER and it was advertised as a big feature along with a storyline driven campaign map.

    - Graphically wise, the colors of the armor in the soldiers are washed out, less quality and detail in the armor of soldiers gtx 770 lighting, all max, min fps 25 while on big battles even in high end rig.

    - The diplomacy is completely useless and confusing. There is no diplomacy whatsoever, just "attack here" for your allies. If you want to directly talk to a faction you have to transition into a small list that can only show 5 factions at a time and there are 110 in the game.

    - The detailed straightforward User Interface from Shogun 2 was completely ditched and redone a Java-type-game UI that demands annoying micromanaging for doing simple tasks.

    IF you want a real honest 40 minutes long review of Rome 2 total war done by a real fan of the series for more than 10 years, go search Angryjoe in youtube.

    Avoid this game like them peoples did in middle earth with black pest. Focus your hate on SEGA for pushing CA to meet the deadline so they could show over inflated annual reports.

    I can't believe it but SEGA has turned to be more greedy and worse in every other aspect than EA.

  15. Sep 10, 2013
  16. Sep 7, 2013
    The game runs horribly, CA promised that if you can run Shogun 2 you can run Rome 2. On my PC I can run Shogun 2 at maxed settings easily at 50-60 frames per second. Now, on Rome 2, I can't even get 20 frames per second on low. What the hell did they do?
  17. Sep 4, 2013
    To release a game that doesnt run properly on an i5 2500k at 4.4GHZ and two GTX 670's in SLI is ridiculous. The game is unplayable due to the awful GPU usage and terrible framerate when you have more than about 10 units in the battle.

    I havent even played the rest of the game as there is no point if the battles are unplayable.

    Poor show.
  18. Sep 7, 2013
    Maybe in 6 months time this game will be worthy of a 6 or 7, but you can only review it in the state it is in now. The AI is terrible, pathing issues, AI doing nothing, having to reissue orders multiple times etc. Oh and the prologue is stuck in a loop for, another bug which has been acknowledged by CA, so I'm fighting the same battle over and over again.

    I know games will have bugs but
    we are talking some real big deal breaking bugs here, which makes me surprised they would even release in this state it's that bad.

    Avoid for now and pick up on sale in 6 months time.
  19. Sep 10, 2013
    Total War Shogun 2 was such a massive improvement... and now this? This is a disgrace to the Total War series... it's got strip away features, it's buggy to hell and back, AI are the most retarded they have ever been before, the map AI will almost never attack you.. and even when they do they only throw tiny groups of enemies at you. Never a big group. Enemies in game will stand there and stare at you... without making any movements. Those god damn flags.. the god damn flags in a open field.. Oh man The UI in game is a terrible (except for the map screen). The graphics are glitchy and very average.
    Looks like a 2005 game. The videos showing how good the game look? Fake. Nobody has been able to get the game to look as good as some of the trailer showcased video footage of this game. Somebody up big time. This looks like a Alpha! They are selling a bloody alpha version for lots of money? Who the hell was in charge of this? It's a travesty. Long time fans are royally pissed off with good reason.

    +Cinematic cam
    +tooltips help you focus on the gameplay rather than being lost clicking stuff.
    +World Map
    +Province have capitals
    -Apart from tooltips, the UI is very limited.
    -AI are totally broken.
    -No challenge.
    -Graphics are bland.
    **** multiplayer, it's barebones 2 player gameplay. Nothing else.
    -Family trees have been stripped away, diplomacy, religion/politics & skill trees are worse than before.
    -Naval battles are plain screwed. The game automatically spawns ships when you send units to the sea, which are more powerful than actual naval ships. No fire at will or guard mode, no formations.
    -Your units refuse to go down walls
    -Most cinematics are gone.
    -No context sensitive battle speeches.
  20. Sep 9, 2013
    I don't really know where to start this... I'm about 20 hours into the game and I have to say that this game is decent, but is far from being a decent product.

    1) Poor optimization this will get fixed eventually, but it's strange that the game has set ittself to ultra on my machine which I upgraded for some upcoming releases and THEN I have to revert that manually to very high and
    still get the ocasional lags when fire efects come in. I try to ignore the fact that the game looks ugly atm...

    2) Naval battles are broken they just are. Remember all those fancy videos from the devs where 2 fleets clashed: raming, boarding and whatever else was there? Well, it's all on youtube but not in the game.

    3) UI very confusing and after my 20 sth hours of playing I still have problems with getting used to it. It actually looks like a port of a tablet made game too little and with a very unfriendly look.

    4) AI as much as it pains me to say this... the battle AI completely sucks. If the auto calculator tells you you will loose and be left with 20-30% of troops, it means that you can win with 75% of your mob alive. I mean, I do understand that training and morale play a huge role even in modern battlefields but beating 4 full armies (20 units each) of bronze/silver experience with one army of gold lvl units is absurd. Unless they fix this, it's a zerg game deploy as close to the enemy and start slaughtering them.

    5)Victory points an idea that is correct for multiplayer battles and forces the side that can be passive to actually move. But in singleplayer, their placement in many battles (especially sieges) is a misunderstanding and leads to the AI trying to rush them no matter the cost, and if they're defending they seem to ignore them until you start taking over...

    I could go on about little stuff like crappy looking unit cards (which still tend to confuse me at times...), quest glitches the fact that most "hero" characters that are now essential to having an army are ALWAYS 40 years old when you take them and few manage to live to see 65 which means that getting a commander to a decent lvl will usually result in a frustrating cinematic of his death "from natural causes".

    I'm disapointed, and recomend all fans who still haven't gotten it to stay away untill all major issues are patched. Newcomers can add a point to my score, but should stay away as well. Just wait for a Christmas when it's sold 30% cheaper.
  21. Sep 4, 2013
    Played for a day but got bored of it real quick unfortunately. Ill try to give an honest assessment. CONS - Battles become a giant blob of units mess - One year per turn has destroyed the attachment and reward you get from slowly training up your generals and agents, they just keep dying which brings up the "noble death" cinematic over and OVER again. Agents are also VERY expensive - Concept of one year per turn is so stupid, it is adhered to for "historical accuracy" in some areas of the game (to its detriment) yet ignored in others. Just trash the whole idea, and do it like rome 1
    - AI is extremely inept
    - Naval landings against cities is FUNDAMENTALLY broken, as the defending side just clogs the limited landing spots with their own ships
    - Huge performance issues, even on high end rigs
    - Diplomacy has taken a step back from Shogun 2 (the whole game has taken a step back, but this specifically. Diplomacy quite bugged/not working
    - MASSIVE turn times, all those chores u have been wanting to do but cbf doing will be done while u wait for this epic turn time lol
    - As it was called out on the forums, the testudo formation is a useless JOKE, and in itself a true indication of CA's collapse of common sense
    - UI has also taken a step backwards: it is much harder to get a grasp of relations, who owns what on the map, finances, public order etc. NOT because i want it to be dumbed down, but because there are too many uneccessary UI obstacles to getting this information, or it simply isnt there
    - Battles full of bugs, units getting stuck, refusing to obey orders etc.
    - Much more difficult to effectively control your army in battle, couple that with the very fast pace of battles and you have a cluster turd of a situation.
    - Many bugs in all aspect of the game
    - Siege times are too short (CA trying to cling to the ridiculous notion of 1 year per turn again)
    - Sense of satisfaction on creating an empire/playing campaign map is missing, still trying to pin it down but it probably a combination of the above and the one year per turn nonsense inhibiting/destroying all the aspects of previous total war titles that we all loved.

    - Has potential, like in a years time when (if) copious amounts of patching has rectified many of the above issues. Wait for steam special folks, in 2 years time. In the meantime go back to Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai which is actually a much better game.
    - Campaign map looks nice, just need those performace issues addressed
    - Army stances seem nice, although i see limited use for defensive stance
    - I believe the battle speed MAY not be an issue if they can enhance the unit controls more. Mosh pit mob effect must be fixed though, roman legionaries fought with much more cohesion in rome 1.
    - City building is kinda cool
  22. Sep 6, 2013
    CA have produced a compelling and interesting strategic game, with a completely broken tactical battle engine. Until modders are given the tools to do the work that CA should have done to produce a workable battle system, this is best avoided.
  23. Sep 5, 2013
    This game feels unfinished and very buggy. This is my first total war game and I expected a whole lot better then this. The overall graphics are not great even on the highest setting. I saw many graphical glitches and awful textures especial for the landscape looks like it was made in 2005. The A.I. Is pretty awful and the battles between enemies is almost hard to watch its so bad. Many A.I that are not on the front line will just stand there and wait until the soldier in front has died instead of actually fighting. The tutorial is awful and doesn't really teach the player how to play correctly. The U.I. is poorly executed and the game doesn't give the player a sense of accomplishment or reward for good strategies and tactics, The game play is sub par and after completing a tutorial it doesn't tell you what you could have corrected or what kinds of mistakes you made. Overall the game still feels like its in alpha or beta and really has some potential but its very poorly executed. Expand
  24. Sep 8, 2013
    So, I´ve been waiting for this game forever... I spent hundreds of hours with Rome 1 and pretty much every other TW... Shogun 2 is the masterpiece, most of the mechanics work like a charm, they are clever etc. So what I expected from Rome 2 was Shogun 2 mechanics in ancient world with some new features and furthermore improvements... In a sense, it is the case. But... it doesn´ t work, for now... It just doesn´t... I like most of the new mechanics, like provincial system (including food which many people seem to be having problems with, but I like it... makes the empire management more real), army management etc. The problem is that there is a big problem in almost everything... Optimization, for starters... It´s horrible... The game doesn´t use CPU or GPU properly. So while I get 60 fps on extreme settings in the benchmark, in some battles my fps drops to 15 with very little GPU or CPU load... For example when I hold spacebar to see where my army is going or holding RMB to send all army somewhere in a formation. The campaign map performance is a mess too... lags, fps drops all down to 8 fps etc. etc.

    Then there is the AI. There are blinks of brilliance there. The enemy army tried to flank me on campaign map and it went pretty well, it found my undefended city and attacked it. But then again, many things just don´t work... First of all the AI is too passive. It just sits there waiting for you to attack it, raising almost no armies and occasionaly dying out from hunger because it didn´ t manage to build the buildings in proper order so that the ballance between food storages, public order etc. is preserved.
    It´s similarly dumb in battles too. Although it´s not that bad. What is bad is the battle speed. The battles last 5 minutes now, because the armies start routing almost immediately after starting the fight (fortunately an excellent Czech modder Radious fixed it really soon).

    All that said, I believe that R2 will become the best TW after most of the biggest flaws are fixed (and I hope they will be fixed). But I just keep wondering, was it really worth releasing in this state? Look ate the score of this game, it deserves so much better.
  25. Sep 4, 2013
    Huge letdown

    The Hype Train was set for the game of the year, unfortunately it was derailed by a large number of bugs, graphical issues and just plain missing content promised by the developer in their massive marketing campaign.

    There is absolutely no unit cohesion, units will just blob together and hack each other down, looking more like a mosh-pit fight than a battle between
    soldiers. One of the most iconic formations of the era; the pike phalanx is downright broken, enemies will just casually stroll through the pikes and kill the phalanx like it was nothing.

    The battle speed feels even faster than Shogun II's, it is clear that Sega is trying to push their Sonic the hedgehog franchise into the Total War one, I cant wait for Mr Eggman DLC

    Even on a decent rig AMD fx 6350 HD 7870 the campaign map stutters like crazy, and framerates will drop as low as 9(!) when selecting an army on the campaign map.

    One of the main selling points was a "darker kind of war" where facial animations and soldiers calling our useful information would play a big part. Unfortunately the unit portraits are god-awful and even though you pump up AA to 16x the edges are blurrier than a pond of mud

    CA really up with this one
  26. Sep 4, 2013
    It's a buggy mess that's literally unplayable for people like me in its current state (Hence the 0: unplayable). This was the first and last time I'm pre-ordering a TW game. I thought they had gotten over the terrible releases ever since Empire.
  27. Sep 4, 2013
    The game simply isn't finished. It's not even the extremely poor technical issues that kills the game for a lot of people. They've cut so many corners, the gameplay has been mashed together, alpha build features were cut out that really should have been in the game.

    It needs MAJOR overhauling.
  28. Sep 4, 2013
    Well there is one you can say for sure: That release was quite a mess, when the forums are flooded with bug reports and complaints, you know something went wrong and that unfortenately is what happened to this game.

    I was looking forward to it so much, hadnt any download or installation issues in steam, everything went fine. I also want to admit, that my PC is quite good, not state of
    the art high end but good enough:

    Phenom 955 Quadcore
    HD 7970 3GB
    8GB DDR2

    Every new game runs perfect on the highest settings. I didnt expect this in Rome 2 however since TW games were always poorly optimized so set my settings to Medium- High. Started the prologue at first and damn...what a lag fest. During the cutscenes my framerate was like 7-12 FPS and during battle maybe 22 FPS. However, in any other battle it definitely runs smoother. But the beautiful campaing map is a lagfest again, barely playable. Changing the settings to the lowest possible makes hardly any difference other than a game which will look like a PS2 game.

    This problem alone prevends me to enjoy this game.
    Now lets look at the AI, they seem to make their job quite well but in siege battles....oh my godness, they literaly just stand there and think "hmm, what do you think guys? should we attack if they throw javelins at us?" "i dont know dude...wheres our general btw."
    Also they are very retarted in moving their armies, they leave their cities at the borders without a real garrison and move further into their lands, maybe for a picnic, who knows....who cares

    The game also feels so unfinished in every aspect. Yeah sure, there will be patches, I know. But paying 40€ for such a mess, I cant believe I trusted so much into CA. It literally was a waste of money and I'm mad because of that, you know, not everyone of us has a donkey which can money.

    The game also went trought a lot of changes, some of the quite good but others...well they are really unecessary like armies that now only can be lead by a general. Quite a mess when it comes to managing your armies. This also leads to the problem, that you wont have any garrisons in your cities unless you place a general inside which, in my opinion, is a total waste.

    But this game has also some good stuff to offer, so a 0 would be unfair.
    The campain map, dear god, it is freakin huge and playing your campaing, you really feel like you're a small part of an epic game. You look at it and wonder "will I ever conquer?"
    There is also a lot of detail on it, the cities look more authentic and there are more choke points.
    Also there are over 100 civilizations that are controlled by the AI. Of course, ending the turn and letting the AI do their stuff can take quite a bit until you can play again.
    Some of them will be defeated quite early, some other will rise and can get your worst enemies.

    So the campaing after all, is quite epic.

    But there is a long road to Rome, and CA stands at the begining of this road. It will take endless patches until this game will be fully enjoyable and until then, I will rather enjoy other great games like GTAV
  29. Sep 4, 2013
    Never been this disapointed in a game in my life. Been a fan of the series for 8 years but this is just a slap in the face. I don't even think it is fixable, at least not for me.
  30. Sep 4, 2013
    Disappointing performance from CA. I waited this game so long and now I feel scammed by its shiny marketing. Too many bugs, too many bad things in this game. It seems they made this game for kids and casual players. Stupid.
  31. Sep 4, 2013
    Once again we see the same story... official critics from game magazines got paid and write a good reviews on a terrible game. I wished i never bought it actually.

    Total War: Rome II is terribly bad.... i played Total War Shogun 2 recently, Empire Total War and other games of the series, i was always a fan of it. this game is a serious step back from previous games of the series.
    Terrible graphics, terrible UI, awful AI and etc. I can't believe that the same company actually did all the other games of the series before.

    Shogun 2 was a real breakthrough for the series... how we got ripped off for $30 for a poorly done game with terrible user-friendly interface and hilarious quality. Just try it out by yourself company Shogun 2 (a real masterpiece) and Rome 2 (real crap).
  32. Sep 4, 2013
    This game is broken, don't bother, wait until they get it fixed. Game crashes when you attack towns, game crashes when you enter enemy territory, game crashes when you do nothing. I don't like new UI which looks ugly and for some reason they removed normal city building mechanics.

    This game is not playable in its current state. Will it ever be playable? Probably yes after they will
    patch this game. Expand
  33. Sep 4, 2013
    I see many giving 10's saying this is "normal" for CA. It's time to demand more because this is horrifying. I won't make excuses for CA even though Rome 1 brought me on board and I enjoyed most of the other games in the series.

    This was a gigantic PR campaign just to rustle up some dough for a largely disgusting product. Like, I feel like I stuck my hand in a toilet from just handling
    it and being part of it. They got that much right.

    As for the game:

    This is one of those "click master" games. The battles are so terribly fast that it's a big step back from ANY game in the series. Some complained Shogun 2 was fast but I felt that it wasn't too terribly bad in sieges and with skirmishes prior to clashes. Rome 2... There is no point in moving around the field maintaining formation. As soon as the armies clash, you get the same thing. A big blob. No maintaining ranks like the good old Rome. And worse, the units will automatically go running after whatever unit they are attacking when they rout after a hundred men fall in half a second. It's a glorified matching game of rock-paper-scissors. You click the rock unit to go attack the scissors unit while avoiding the paper unit. That's all. Hitting rock on scissors will blow the unit up near instantaneously. Where are my fire at will, loose formation, and guard buttons??? And what is will all these stupid "abilities" that makes everything seem so arcade? There is an ability for everything! Generals have multiple and units have their own. So it's a key-smashing endeavor of rock-paper-scissors... Not total war.

    I expected there to be factions more powerful than others, but you've got balance issues with some "super factions" popping up. I did expect this as I do in most games so won't complain so readily here.
    The diverse units claim is probably an utter sham as some units look rather familiar and like a copy-past-smear job. The only thing that differs are the names for some. While I expected it somewhat given that there probably wouldn't be the number of unique units they claimed, it was saddening to see that you have barbarian units, hellenic units, roman units, and eastern units that only "diverge" on name. I haven't seen nearly all but it seems to me that you have 4 set types of units with different names.

    And the AI everyone is so fond of... I'm not even sure I want to discuss it because even after cranking the difficulty ALL the way up, I still found myself easily being able to dispatch armies I had NO business dispatching. The enemy will not defend walls and is preoccupied with amassing giant blobs on capture points within the city. Walk into city meeting little resistance other than those magical unmanned arrow firing towers (step backwards from Medieval 2 and Shogun 2) and having to order your blob to attack their blob and wait an entire 5 minutes for several thousand troops to be dead. I think only a giant microwave could kill that many so quickly...
    The "reactive AI" they love to show off really doesn't vary much. It goes with that rock-paper-scissors approach and a rock unit will chase a scissors unit waaaaayyyy out of place until you can throw a paper unit at their rock unit with no problem. No matter the difficulty. It's like the AI has tunnel vision and just zooms in on one unit it wants to take out with this unit of its and chases it to the moon.

    I was lucky in that I don't seem to be experiencing the crashes as often as most. The diplomacy, however, is just freaking frustrating. I know the original Rome was a bit lax in trade acceptance. Ceasefire and then offer trade. Deal. Bit too easy. This game it is an absolute chore to procure trade relations. Like, learn how to do handstands, juggle, and sing all at the same time. It's a joke. I just gave up for the most part and concentrated on my borders.

    Moving an army to water creates a super navy capable of murdering ACTUAL navies. So what is the point of trying to get naval superiority when a super navy can just march right off the land and into the water? Isn't naval superiority about denying forces the ability to land at X? I actually haven't had much battle time with navies so I'm afraid I don't have too much of a legitimate complaint other than those spontaneous super navies from an army deciding to grow sea legs.

    Since I'm approaching the max, I suppose I just have to thank people for actually reading if they did and am sorry I didn't get to positives. Graphics were good on mine, although faces looked... errrr, off. Please wait to buy, you are only supplying the monster and enabling this disgusting behaviour of releasing unfinished material because people will by it. Demand better. Save yourself the despair until they fix it. If you were looking for Rome II, you'll be disappointed. this product is more like Rome RTS. It's a sad day after so much excitement...
  34. Sep 4, 2013
    I have played the Total War series for a very long time... This is the dumbest downed version, buggy, alpha version of a game that was looked forward for so many. It literally just ended one of the greatest franchises, I will not buy the next one.

    I have enjoyed some battles, but theres not enough units, special units... its nothing like old versions... I kinda felt the same with
    Shogun Total War II but liked that more than this The Steam sale on old Total Wars is a better option.

    This game might pass for newbies who dont know better... but for the core fans, its a Total Fail. It is unlikely it will be modded or fixed anytime soon... Just one giant cash out for Creative Assembly... release it early, make money and peace.

    Funny story, a friend of mine said after he played for 4 hours on release he checked the forums, and there was a Hitler reacts video on youtube to Total Rome War II

    Whats funny, is the BS reviews of this game... its like they couldnt imagine it being bad, didnt even review it. Also this metacritic is so far fetched... 84???? the gap between users and reviewers is Crazy.
  35. Sep 5, 2013
    I've played every single Total War game and had been following Rome 2 for quite some time. I've been excited about its release for months. Paid $70 bucks for it plus the expansion on Steam and rushed home to play it tonight after work. (Like many of you I'm sure). I wanted this to be everything it was built up to be. Every play through and trailer made it look better and better.

    unfortunately is not. I wanted it to be more than anything. I mean ROME! Hello!

    - The campaign map is a slow nightmare that just won't wake. Its performance is horrendous. Low frame rates, slow animations, UI issues... I can put up with this for a while.

    - 60 second turns (if that) and quite literally 3-5 minute waits between turns while the hundred or so AI states do their thing. Some turns you don't have anything to do and so it turns into a 8-10 minute wait while you "play" the game. I have better things to do with my time. Laundry?

    - Naval battles seemed janky. Boats get hit once and immediately explode.

    I can't play this game as is, and I have a HIGH tolerance for pain. Sad sad sad day in gameland.

    I hope this improves.
  36. Sep 5, 2013
    Terrible beta release. Apparently CA does not care about the fun base any longer. Full of bugs. Constant ctds, horrible optimasation, terrible ai, game breaking features...
  37. Sep 5, 2013
    The only thing that makes sense to me about the way this game turned out is that it feels as though somewhere between the Teutoberg and Carthage gameplay videos and release someone decided that the Total War series should end up on the consoles.

    The graphics as evident by most people are quite terrible and nowhere near the quality in the early pre release videos. The game lacks a whole
    lot of complexity in the battles, there is no 'loose' formation which has been a staple for ever, and it's dumbfounding to wonder why that isn't in the game. Battles on average seem to last roughly around five minutes. These things give one of the central parts of a Total War game a complete lack of strategy or tactics and leave you with no sense of accomplishment or feeling.

    The map is beautiful, and the sea battles are pleasant, but in the end if you exempt all the myriad of bugs and other mishaps the complexity and deepness that this game should have is non-existant, this game feels like it should be played on a console, not on a computer. It is a truly dissapointing game after Shogun 2 and Fall of the Samurai.
  38. Sep 5, 2013
    A new low point for a once great series: The game shipped unfinished and needs to be patched soon, at the moment suffering from a catastrophic artificial intelligence and battles that lost most of the appeal they held in older parts of the series. Once a nerve-breaking, hard struggle, confrontations between armies are solved much too quickly now, feeling rushed. Tactics, formations and intelligent strategies are less rewarded than they were in the past, the Total War mostly turning into Total Chaos. The epic feeling of being the leader of a great empire and and a great army is watered down remarkably by unnecessary changes and over-simplifications that disappoint most of the fans. Expand
  39. Sep 5, 2013
    Ever since Sega took over CA as a studio these games have been going down hill.

    - The AI in Rome 2 is non-existent, both on the campaign map and in battles, CA have really taken 2 steps backwards in this release. All in-game battles amount to blobbing melee units and charging them in.

    - The UI is unclear and unforgiving, having to click through 3 or 4 menus to find relevant
    information. This is simply unnecessary.

    - The graphics have not improved since Shogun 2, I played the game on Very High and found that it looked dull and bland with the texture quality nearing that of Rome 1. There is NO art style in this game. The units, the map, the floor texture, the water everything is a mismatch and nothing seems to fit in. Don't get me started on the horrendous missile trail that looks like something from 2001.

    - Diplomacy has always been a null-factor while playing Total War games and nothing has changed here. The AI does not and never has understood diplomacy, the only way to change the outcome of diplomacy is to offer or demand payments alongside the other conditions. Boring.

    - Battles take no longer than 10 minutes in length, what happened to the 30 minute tactical positioning in the older games? Now all you have to do is blob your army and send it in, that's as good as tactics get on this game, ranged units are pointless.

    I could go on and on about nearly every aspect of this game and why it's bad but I have said enough here. This is an abomination of the Total War Series. There have been no advancements in any area of the game. CA are attempting to simplify and funnel the experience for the casual gamer in-order to get more copies sold to win more artificial awards and to bolster their grand marketing campaigns.

    The Critic Reviews for this game are shocking and really show the true nature of these so called "Big Names", so much for games journalism. Just look at the difference in score from critics to users, this is simply a joke no more needs to be said about this, you are all smart enough to work this out for yourselves.

    Lucky to get even a 2 from me, I am extraordinarily disappointed and ashamed as a fan of the series.
  40. Sep 5, 2013
    The stupid AI, loading times, graphical errors, poor performance, unreasonable diplomacy, only being able to recruit with generals, having a limit to your amount of military forces, having to read a small wiki page each time you want to know what a unit does because why not have that on the tool tip?. The unit cards not giving you enough information and whatever else I am forgetting makes this a very poor total war game.

    Avoid until fixed.
  41. Sep 5, 2013
    Well, I hardly know what to say this game is messed up. Maybe if you've never played a Total War game before, you'll like it if you don't have any of the technical problems ).

    I haven't had any technical issues myself, but the game itself is rubbish.
    It's as though the developers thought "what made previous titles good then removed all of that and replaced it with some sort of
    simplified dumbed down version to try to appeal to "mass market"

    Battles are too fast, all units have some sort of magical "fight better" abilities.
    UI is clunky and uninformative half the abilities my generals/agents have I have no idea what they do no explanation is given, even in the so-called encyclopedia.

    I doubt it can be fixed as most of the rubbish seems to be design decisions.
    Money spent on this game is a waste IMO.
  42. Sep 5, 2013
    What a broken game this is! I'm packing an ATI Radeon 7970 3GB and the game pre-selects "Extreme" for the graphics settings, and I get around 10fps on the campaign map. WHAT A JOKE! Oh, might I also add that the Roman legions are RIDICULOUSLY OP. I can defend an entire city with 200 Legionaries against thousands and I'll walk out with maybe 5 of my own dead. I know the Romans were tough, but heck they weren't THAT TOUGH.

    Regardless, what a rip off this was. Next time delay your game if it's still in pre-alpha...
  43. Sep 5, 2013
    Its a good game but why so many soldier and other fraction have same armor or classe combat Grec have Roman armor Sparta have German armor what the its this Where the real Grec armor or Sparta armor I want cry Im still in Shogun 2 Still better of Rome II for now....
  44. Sep 6, 2013
    The game is choppy on many high end machines (in my case, a 7850 and an Ivy Bridge core i7) on any setting, which is simply unacceptable, but the biggest issue is that CA turned the game into more of a typical RTS. Battles are much more like slaughter fests now; it's more about killing your opponents troops instead of making them flee. And this might be the worst AI Creative Assembly has ever shipped, which is an impressive accomplishment. The UI is remarkably hard to use and the grouping of towns into provinces makes it much harder to see what's going on with taxes and public order, not easier as I'm sure they intended. I'm sure they'll patch some of the technical problems away, but the same can't be said for the just bad design. It's depressing that CA would take a such a huge step back again after getting so much right with Shogun II.

    I'd ask for my money back, but I know I that's not going to happen, so I'll just avoid ever buying a CA game again.

    Note to critics: I'm glad you were spared most of the technical issues that we players are getting. At least I hope you aren't just omitting any mention of them. But next time, please bother to play the game for more than half an hour before you start writing, because that's the only way I can explain these inexplicably excellent reviews. This is the kind of game for which we have user reviews, because the critics sure as hell didn't do their job this time.
  45. Sep 6, 2013
    Its a must not buy game...broken,full of bugs, awfull performance and a dull A.I...13 hours of gameplay and the only thing i can say its that C.A has tottaly failed its a shame for the company... the patch haven't changed anything significant...very dissapointing and a waste of hard earned money...
  46. Sep 7, 2013
    this game doesnt even look a little bit like the Carthage or Teutoburg gameplay trailer. it is full of bugs and glitches and all characters look like they have some face disease. this game is just horrible compared to shogun 2. they went downhill, and not even a little bit. there is almost no technology anymore and u all the technology u have, u discover in 1 turn. it feels like a pre-beta game, it's just that bad. they made stuff simpler so dumb people could play it too, but they took away all the good stuff by doing that. i hope they will decide that it was a bad fault to release rome 2 yet, give us our money back, and work on it for another year to make it a GOOD game. like the first rome. Expand
  47. Sep 7, 2013
    I have been a fan of this series for very long time. I played all the original and in each you felt apart of SOmETHING. It captivated you in the feel and era especially the originally Rome and Medievals both. You felt your empire grow, your cities build you started from nothing until a golden age reigned or you died in that attempt. The thing is it was fun and you couldn't wait to do it again and again.
    This game is a piece of garbage when it come to obtaining that. If CA attempt was to create something dynamic and different they didn't even achieve this a two year old could have done better with their imagination and toys!!.
    Sadly Sega's acquisition of CA has again turned another beloved title into A MONEY MAKING VENTURE in which the original fans and those who could be, have been have been left in some perpetual zombie filled spectacle. The thing is any new people to this title would have to be kidding themselves into delirious stupidity in forking out money for this terrible product when such titles as Civ and others are out there- the only thing in CIV is the RTS battles then there would be no need for this garbage!!

    "CA" WE BESEECH you before you put out any other product SPEAK TO THE FANS, ASK THE FANS and tell SEGA to quit with the deadlines. The problem is when there are fools who will fork out cash me included but I make an oath now I will never buy another CA game until I feel you understand what the fans truly want) and there are no refunds it makes little SEGA is a huge company and if CA falls onto itself it means nothing in the long run of profits and profit making they'll just find something else that is beloved and was unique and fresh and RUIN IT only until they have milked it with subsequent sequels until they have totally dumbed it down
    WTF were you thinking of getting rid of Patricians Family TREE HUH??? what??? not to mention the kindgergarten drawings akin to shogun which shows me u use the same templates it was a quick shortcut I know and as for CITY MANAGEMENT it was one of the things that truly made the system so beloved so unique I give four because there is an occasional glimpse of what it meant to once play these games.....

  48. Sep 7, 2013
    Even though CA had a 40% bigger budget than shogun 2 they proved their incompetence the last time for me. I won't fall for their garbage ever again. And that says a Total War Veteran since Rome 1 I bought every game of their franchise.

    And every time to release there were problems but this time those are unmatched. This game is broken and a total failure from my perspective.Nothing that
    is important works really. The Battle AI is completely broken it's worse than the AI of any TW game i've seen yet. The campaign AI is also a catastrophe diplomacy doesn't work at all and the ai keeps attacking with armies that are obviously inferior.
    The UI looks consolized,I HATE IT. You cannot have unlimited armies anymore nor can you have smaller units without a general. The family tree is GONE When a general dies you don't care a Guard button is missing ,loose formation is missing instead you have magic buttons like "whip" that buff your unit for a short time. Phalanx does not work, units just can't hold their goddamn formation you can say that to pretty much every formation in the game.

    I could go on ...

    I mean I have waited for a sequel for about 10 years to see this pile of This really has broken my heart Maybe it's a C&C 4 moment for the series. Anyway with a 40% bigger budget and CA just can't ´make a functioning game. I MEAN THEY DID IT 10 YEARS AGO BETTER WTF!
    And all of you apologists that say they can fix the game with patches i mean come on even you don't believe what you are talking about!And after all we paid already!


    I will never preorder a CA game ever They messed up hard and my confidence in this company is gone.
  49. Sep 7, 2013
    Ok let's rate this game At first about game graphics AWFUL Game looks like 6 year old (even more). Absolutely dumb AI and ugly small menus. It's not fun there's no gameplay Even On maximum graphics still the same sh*t Don't waste your money There are too much good games to play. Yeah there is music but they can't hold you longer
  50. Sep 7, 2013
    This is the most horrible game i have ever played in my life. How can they sell this garbage for 60 dlls?
    Horrible AI
    Horrible UI
    Horrible Gameplay
    Horrible Graphics
    Horrible Optimization
    Horrible Support
    Horrible Presentation.
  51. Sep 7, 2013
    They released it without even testing it properly, assuming no one would notice the uncomplete features, mechanics and even graphics engine which is poorly optimized. The reason I give this a 0 is so that they would stop living on pre-orders and on big expectations which are created by ads, but don't deliver.
  52. Sep 7, 2013
    If you like being a beta tester, buy this game. The game is currently unfinished. Numerous graphical issues, terrible AI, unoptimized game engine. This Total War game breaks from the previous games and will need much modding from the community before it is worth playing. Wait a month or two and you can buy it from the bargain bin.

    Main issues:
    AI Enemy AI will send waves of weak
    missile units to their deaths etc. pitiful really.
    Technical issues.
    Game is unfinished (reminds me of Empire Total War).
    Multiplayer features lacking (if you liked Shogun 2s multiplayer move along there is none of it).

    Summary: Do not buy at full price!
  53. Sep 7, 2013
    This game is a complete mess. The AI is pathetic and just stands there doing nothing, the commands i give during the battle half the time are unresponsive and have to repeat them 300 times to get my unit to actually follow and stop taking arrows to the face, HUGE lag spikes and my PC is well over the recommended requirements, you just CANNOT win a naval battle without auto-resolving, and the graphics are horroble EVEN after the new patch that came out today. 0/10 this game is a flaming turdball rolling down a hill. Expand
  54. Sep 7, 2013
    Worst UI made by CA - Horrible and ugly looking unit cards - Graphical issues all over the place - The Turn in campaign takes forever (2 min, even with decent Hardware) - Poorly optimized engine - Graphics is`nt so good as supposed to be - Rushed release of the game - Land-battles are too fast no strategy at all ) -Even my grandma can command better than this trash AI - AI Path-finding is insane
    - 1-day DLC

    Outcome Biggest over-hyped game of 2013. Cant believe my eyes this game made out of beta.
    Worst total war even made by CA.
  55. Sep 7, 2013
    The worst total war to date! Even ignoring the huge number of bugs and performance issues the game play is terrible. No units in the game hold cohesion in battle so all battles quickly degenerate into a mass brall. The ai in battles is worse than in previous versions of the games so in general the battles are simply not fun to play.

    The single player campaign takes so long to carry
    out the processing at the end of a turn that is almost unplayable. The provinces system in the game has potential but the necessary information is not easily available and in some cases unavailable. The result is the player is forced to micromanage in order to survive in the later campaign. The result is that playing the game becomes a chore and not fun to play at all. Expand
  56. Sep 7, 2013
    I wrote a five thousand word essay of complaint. It just died so I'll keep it short. Awful game, this coming from a loyal customer. Lack of hellenic and other unit diversity, recycle of same unit of hoplites and pikes, without ethnic looks or statistics or aesthetic changes. All recycled for each faction. Sounds correct. Compare this to Rome 1: Alexander expansion, there you know how diverse the eastern and hellenic armies were.

    Want a funny Joke? Watch Rally point episode 14 on youtube, 8 minutes of the AI lead programmer lying about his extensive AI advances. It's so funny and makes one maddeningly angry. The second funny joke is Rome 2. Can we have the real one please, and not this obvious piss take?
  57. Sep 7, 2013
    NEVER AGAIN will I be sucked into your flashy ads and trailers for a game that is absolute crap!! I have paid ONCE AGAIN for a lackluster game in the hope and belief your company would learn from its mistakes and give the consumer what it wants in a historical strategy game. I have played every single game you have put out from Shogun to Napoleon and now this last entry into your line up of games is the last straw. This is NOT, I repeat NOT a game. It is a beta and no more, for which we paid a ridiculous amount of money and even more so because I promised not to allow myself to be ripped off by Creative Assembly/ EA games anymore. You need to learn that we are NOT your donkeys for testing. You pay people to do that and need to be much more selective in your hiring process for those who develop the AI in the game. The AI is atrocious. You can beat any army within minutes and the graphics are terrible for a game for a game being put out in 2013. Give us our money back and get it together. I will never again buy one of your products. Rome Total War 2 is a farce!! DON'T buy into it. Let them do their research and development properly at their own expense NOT ours!!! Expand
  58. Sep 9, 2013
    As a long time fan of the series, I want to write a quality review, but I can't. This game is BROKEN. It makes me sick to see critics giving this game 100. That is simply dishonest and insulting to the gaming community. Releasing a game in this condition is simply inexcusable.
  59. Sep 8, 2013
    this game is much poorer compared to the previous (Shogun 2). The multiplayer is ridiculous, has no avatar as in Shogun 2 and has no customization and upgrade units. THIS GAME WAS A BIG DISAPPOINTMENT!
  60. Sep 11, 2013
    I'm a fan of the TW series, been playing since Shogun 1, but i'm hugely disappointed in this game. The game is barely optimized, the AI are a bunch of window lickers, the UI is horrible, some battle mechanics are broken, CTD's, and the list goes on. I know that TW games always come with bugs, but this is by far the worst it's ever been. I'm tired of developers rushing out broken and unfinished games, thanks CA/Sega. If you're thinking about buying this don't, wait till it's on sale on steam or the price goes down, hopefully by then some of this garbage will be fixed. Expand
  61. Sep 9, 2013
    I've own, and have played, every Total War game but this one has been a major disappointment. I paid for a top flight game, and I got RTS simulator for dummies. Where is my family tree? I think there actually is one somewhere in this mind boggling UI...

    AH HA! After playing for 10 hours as the Germanic Tribes I finally found the tab that showed my faction and leader. I'm not really
    sure what any of the numbers mean, or why I should care about my faction leader, after all I'm 10 hours in without even knowing he existed but I found it! Apparently there is a division between Elder Chiefs and Other Chiefs (very informative name, I know) and I need their favor. I don't know how to get that favor, or why I need it though. But, hey! At least the have the foundation of a system (which fully functioning in Rome 1), right? Ugh, wait, I forgot I paid $60 and this isn't a $10 indie game.

    Okay, lets do a little diplomacy. Oh, look, this faction next to me is friendly.. and we share the same blood! Sick, lets open a trade agreement... No? Wait, why? They have 80 approval of my faction, but they have a low chance of accepting a simple trade agreement that would benefit both of our factions. Hmm... Lost me on this one. By the way, I think you trade the stuff that your cities harvest such as Timber, Leather. But I can't find any information on this anywhere, and I have no idea what any of it means or does.

    Okay lets fight some battles! For the most part I can build the armies I want and have a little fun with the AI (though it gets quite repetitive). The graphics got a bit better with the patch, but it's still a bit underwhelming. I like the new provinces regions. I think that adds some cool depth and gets rid of the monotonous sieges at every city. However, I lose my generals about every other turn at this point because I get rushed by 5 enemy agents all trying to kill a single my leader, with no apparently way to counter this rush other than hope I can use my own agents (which are limited and spread across my armies and lands) to kill them during the next turn. (For the record, agents have always been my least favorite part of the series).

    All in all, a very disappointing release. I would need to withdraw my support for the series based on this showing. It's grown on me a bit since I've stumbled upon new features many hours into the game that seem to be hidden away, but I can't very well justify to anyone the $60 price tag based on the current state of the game.
  62. Sep 9, 2013
    Unfortunately a huge disappointment for me.
    The graphics are good, but not great. At least, not what I expected.
    Poor optimization. Long loading times and waiting for your next turn really takes all the fun out of this game.
    And on top of all that, the game even has a few annoying bugs.
    I really hope that all this will get fixed with a few patches, and maybe an expansion, but until
    then, I'll just stick to Shogun 2. Expand
  63. Sep 9, 2013
    Absolute Junk. Terrible.optimization, many bags. They didn't learn anything from Empire release. So to summarize: Graphics: bad and cartoony, UI: god awful, Gameplay: dumbed down comparing with first Rome.

  64. Sep 9, 2013
    Rome Total War 2 could be a great game. Unfortunately the game becomes boring very fast. Why? Because your only opponent in the game is the AI, and the AI is about as smart as a baby. Playing a strategic game against a baby gets boring very fast.

    -On the campaign map the AI will barely ever attack you, and if it does it is usually not in a way that makes strategical sense (constantly
    sending 1 unit against your full stack).

    -In Field battles the AI is incredibly easy to beat. The only thing it cares about is the new Victory Points (bad feature). Therefore it uses the same strategy every battle of rushing straight at the Victory Point no matter how suicidal that is. You can win against armies 2-3 times your size without much effort.

    -Siege Battles are the worst as the AI doesn't even function on them. On defence the AI will stand around in one spot while you shoot it with arrows, You can win without losing a unit if you have enough ammo. On offence the AI will get stuck outside the walls, get stuck in their boats, and it doesn't attempt to capture gates or anything to let its troops stuck outside in.

    -Naval battles the AI actually can beat you. Only because your own ships rarely listen to your orders and often end up sitting around while the AI shoots them.

    If your a veteran of this series or are even decent at strategy games you will find even the hardest difficulty laughably easy. This is the worst AI of the series and therefore it is the worst game play of the series.
  65. Sep 9, 2013
    Fix this crap... bad AI, no spy cut scenes, all streamlined, no family tree... i can't believe they just took my money, this is nothing like the game that was advertised, after shogun 2 how do they do this to us... i want my money back, il never buy another Total War game...
  66. Sep 9, 2013
    Everything good in Shogun2 was ripped out of Rome2 NO family trees, political part makes no sense and has little impact on the game They should rename it Total Siege War, because you'll never be attack by ai in field 99% of your battle will be defending a city or sieging one. gone are agent videos and agent diversity is gone apart form a few trait they do that same thing Generals are generic you'll careless if they die cause the game will generate a new one for you.
    ALL the battlefield feature have been gutted units don't hold formation, no guard mode, cant toggle skirmish for melee units with javelin. AI routes with in minutes if the ai allows them to engage in combat at all ,they will usually just stand there taking arrows to the face, OH yea Loose formation is gone too.
    Dumbed Down Too far
  67. Sep 10, 2013
    I have been a HUGE fan of the total war series since the release of the original Rome: Total War, it is easily one of my favourite games of all time and I have spent probably over 1000 hours playing it over the years and over the past few months I had been playing a mod called Roma Surrectum 2 to keep me busy up until the launch of Rome 2, after 17 hours of playing the new release, I am going back to playing Roma Surrectum 2. Rome 2 is terrible, I started off on a legendary campaign with Rome and was able to steam roll through Italy, Greece, North Africa, Spain, most of Europe and completely wipe Egypt out of the game with ease, the AI is a joke and offered no challenge what so ever. My longest battle was only 7 minutes and 35 seconds long! This game has great potential but they HAVE to fix the AI ASAP! its the worst I have seen in any total war game, I would gladly go back to playing Empire instead of this. Also, this game does not run smoothly at all, I have a pretty beefy rig and run most games on ultra but for some reason I have to run this game on normal settings and still only barely get 30 fps and it has crashed several times in the 17 hours that I have played it. It is an obviously unfinished game and has many more months to go until it is going to be enjoyable to play so DON'T BUY IT YET! After 17 hours I am done with it and like I said am going back to a MOD for the original Rome HAHA.....Unbelievable... Expand
  68. Sep 10, 2013
    Unfinished game with many core features not working. Terrible performance even on high end PCs with normal details settings. Playing game is frustrating due to many technical problems(stuttering campaign map, bad AI, tons of bugs).

    Buy this game only when it is heavily patched and on discount one-two year after the release date.
  69. Sep 10, 2013
    The game is broken, with glitches, graphical issues, and a horrendous AI. In its current state, I can't possibly buy this or even recommend it to anyone else. The only reason I don't give it a lower score than 3/10 is because it does have potential but it is totally overshadowed by its flaws. As for Sega....how dare you? How dare you abuse the fans' trust and bring out this game in its current extremely buggy state?

    I'm very disappointed!!

    Do not buy this!!

    Not at least until they fix the bugs.
  70. Sep 10, 2013
    I cannot believe the critics that give this game a great score. This game is absolutely broken, you spend more time waiting for the next turn than actually playing, the A.I. in battles is the worst i have ever seen, naval battles don't even work and the game has been completely streamlined (aka stupified) which makes it super easy giving anyone who plays it no challenge whatsoever.
    critics that give this game a high score have obviously not played the game at all, and should really think about a career change, because they are a cancer to people who actually read reviews before buying a game. Expand
  71. Sep 10, 2013
    Total War: Rome II has potential, but to use that it would have needed 1 or 2 month more development time. Sadly, at the moment (Patch 1) the game is not playable. It crashes ever ~5th turn, calculating the next turn takes 2 to 5 minutes and the game has really poor graphics (where Total War: Shogun 2 was running fine). And then there is the horrendous AI...
  72. Oct 4, 2013
    With the beta patch 4 and AMD beta driver I'm pleased with this product. I will now pour count less hours into this game. It had a rough release but with all the fixes its up to snuff.
  73. Sep 10, 2013
    This game ruined the franchise! There are so many bugs (a good part of those re-occurring and resulting crash to the desktop) that it is not even possible to list the here. Graphics looks nothing like in the trailer. User-interface is complicated. Game-play changes, particularly, duplicating abilities of all agents, makes the game boring and less strategic. There is no way to describe how bad the battle AI is! People playing the game first time should look forward to beat the battle AI while 2-to-1 outnumbered. Experienced players can sometimes beat the odds of 4-to-1! Campaign AI throws many small armies, sometimes consisting of only one "suicide" unit, against you instead of using high stacks armies that actually have fighting power. Campaign AI is also very peaceful and passive altogether. Altogether, this game highly disappointing experience for any fan of the series. Expand
  74. Sep 10, 2013
    Very bad game compared to the other total war titles. Ai is Junk, UI is junk, Graphics are horrible and the campaign is just plain bad and isn't even needed since it doesn't bring anything to the game except bad experiences. The game runs slow and even my friend with the latest specs only get 15 fps. I think its time for CA to sit down and really re-evaluate how to make games... Customers wont pay you 50 euros for the next total war title if u make a joke of us like u did with this game, promising us a great experience(worst total war game ever). Expand
  75. Sep 11, 2013
    Long time fan of the series, thought Shogun 2 was great. Rome 2 is the only game that's every disappointed me enough to make a Metacritic account.

    1. The UI is ONE OF THE WORST I HAVE EVER SEEN IN A VIDEO GAME. Coming straight from EU4 to this is a nightmare. Everything is hidden away in ledgers, or the encylopedia, and a very few things can be found out in tooltips. It's like the
    developers have gone out of their way to try to deny me easy access to information. I do not understand why. This is everything from Public Order, what Zeal/Authority/Cunning is when something levels up, what Enslaving Captives actually does. Not hints so vague you don't know if this is a game mechanic or flavor text. This is my biggest problem with the game and the reason I think no amount of patches can ever fix it. Because of the UI, Public Order/Food management is a chore and the campaign map itself drains me of all joy. Why do I need to manually count Public Order to see whether changing a building in X region will take me into negative development into keeping it at 100? Is it listed somewhere completely different, only hidden so well I couldn't even find it?

    2. Before Rome 2 came out, I was telling all my friends how much we could have if they got it to because of how much I enjoyed Shogun 2's Avatar mode with persistent generals and their unique and game-changing skill trees, satisfying progression, customizable unit and army bonuses. I spent many, many hours playing this in Shogun 2, and as soon as I'd played about two-three hours of the campaign I was ready to try Rome 2's. Surely it would be even better, and with all of this unit variety, twice the fun. Well, it's completely gone. It's not there. All of these features are removed. Shogun 2's Avatar mode was my primary motivation for buying Rome 2. It has been completely stripped from the game. You can do a versus battle. That's it. Guess I should have done my research or waited to pre-order.

    3. Battles. And flags. In open field battles. I don't think I even need to explain this. I could see a single flag with a large connected area for sieges, that's it.

    Do note that I didn't even mention the performance issues, the atrocious AI (Battle and campaign) and de-sync issues for the still 2-player co-op campaign. Even if these (mostly launch-related) issues are fixed, the core mechanics of the game and the UI solidify Rome 2's position as a significant step back for the series. This game is spitting in the face of all of its fans. I will be highly skeptical of ordering another Total War title after this fiasco. I was certain this game would be great, but in the last 3 years, this is the game I most regret purchasing. Very disappointing. The only thing I feel has improved since previous titles is unit variety, but everything else is so much worse I don't find Total War: Rome 2 worth playing.
  76. Sep 12, 2013
    This game, in this state, is a complete wreck. I mean I love Total War series, I've had more than +5000 hours of all TW games easily, specially Medieval 2 and Rome 1. But the game is just a wreck. The AI is NON-RESPONSIVE, the fights seem like huge heavy metal moshpits, units don't mantain formations, and I could go on and on and on. Many people seem to have performance issues (2% according to CA.) The whole game just feels like a beta-test IMHO, and they overhyped the game way past proportion. The idea is good, I really love TW franchise, but it's hard to love the game as it is. I hope they fix this mess with upcoming patches (bajillion patches). I'll see you in 6 months, TWR2. Expand
  77. Sep 12, 2013
    I was really looking forward to this game. I've been a Total War fan since Shogun and this was sounding as though it had the potential to surpass the fantastic Shogun 2. Unfortunately this has not been the case. I don't know what game half the games 'journalists' played but it was not the one the general public were promised.

    The basic ideas are the same and the potential is there but
    the game is just broken and unfinished and untested. It is an insult. Features have been 'streamlined' far too much and the new modern UI isn't really much of an improvement. The campaign has framerate issues, the AI is passive and the battle AI is worse than that of the original Rome. Their lacks a guard mode and don't expect your units to actually maintain formation, they descend into a blob of death. Not that it matters because the battles are literally over within minutes due to terrible balancing. It's pretty apparent they didn't test this game at all.

    Capture points are the combat AI's only concern and it's stupidity in it's attempt to get at them, suiciding and generally providing no challenge. Capture points also appear in field battles for no good reason, if you take them you win in 50 seconds. No challenge as the AI doesn't bother to defend them. It's an unwelcome addition making the game feel arcadey.

    End turns can take up to 3-5 minutes running even on a high end rig, in the end you spend more time waiting for the CPU than actually playing. There are over 100 factions though, but that matters for nothing with poor AI and optimisation. Also you have a limited number of armies and navies you can recruit which is horrible. It's like an arcade game. I always used to rely on scout forces and skirmish forces, well too bad if you did. Now logistics are more silly, forcing you to create full stacks (oh you can recruit anywhere in a region now through the general not at the cities) which effectively lets you get away with making planning mistakes before you go into battle.

    There are so many problems and issues with this game that I could write forever. I suggest anyone who has not done so to check out Angry Joe's review. He covers all the key points. This game gets a 0 from me because I wanted a Total War game. Not a broken buggy simplified mess.

    Oh yeah and no family tree. Or special agent animations. Or real depth or attachment. Hollow and bland. Urgh.
  78. Sep 12, 2013
    This is the worst title in Total War series. It's bugged to unplayable level. Both campaign and battle AI is dumb as stone. Developers didn't add any really great and innovative features, but completely wiped out many great features of previous titles. UI is very poorly organized, its modern appearance is just immerse-breaking. Even graphics looks like downgrade of previous Shogun 2 game. Don't waste your money and time on this crap! Expand
  79. Sep 25, 2014
    This game is mostly made of frustration. Frustration of having a game that could have been great, but made terribly bad by stupid new features. Frustration of having paid full price for a beta version, that was solded -50% before it was even reasonably working.
    To sum up:
    - limitation in armies number; therefore you can't leave a garrison, and this is made worse by the fact that armies
    walk a huge distance in a single turn, by the possibility the AI has to always refuse battles, by the possibility of taking a city within the turn. You simply chase flies (5 units armies) with hammers (full stacks), for the hammers cannot be splitted, the flies fly too fast to be hit, but can still take one of your cities; which you'll retake next turn while another city falls. So you get humbled by ridiculously bad armies because you can't fight them.
    - My elephants replenish within a few turns if I'm in Britain. The local elephants are known worldwide.
    - Navies are useless (so the joint battles feature has no use)
    - Battles are boring (but at least as of 09/2014, UI is correct, was not reasonnable before)
    - Politics are stupid & useless
    - "decisive event" : the worst ever. You get a rebellion... Like 12+ full stacks of high level veterans of the best units you can recruit (even if it was unlocked last turn and you don't possess any) appear out of thin air, while you possess 3 full stacks. Well the AI is so bad you can win if they did not appear in your capital, but... so ridiculous!
    - Bad AI, not nearly as good as the Shogun 2 AI
    Try Shogun2, especially FOTS instead. or Rome TW!
  80. Sep 15, 2013
    So so angry & so disappointed. This has to be the worst game in the franchise by quite some way. Useless AI coupled with terrible design and game play choices make this a complete waste of not only your time, but also your hard earned money. I can sincerely say with hand on heart that the company's involved in creating this turd deserve to go bankrupt. I cannot put into words the utter contempt I feel for them right now. PLEASE ignore ANY positive reviews, as they are obviously from paid shills. Expand
  81. Dec 21, 2013
    I pre-purchased the game based on many years of buying CA games and being more than satisfied with those purchases. After playing for a few hours, learning how bad the AI was, and that parts of the game were obviously missing, because of its hasty release, I stopped playing. I logged in a week or so later to see if the game had improved (it hadn't) just minutes after the 'free Steam DLC' offered as an apology to customers for such a crappy game. was no longer valid. If CA wanted to apologize, they should have made it free for all time. This is the last time I will ever buy a game from these guys, they are now driven by profit rather than passion. Another good game company sacrificed to the god of maximum profits. I'm looking for the next great game company, but I fear consoles have trashed the market for good games. Expand
  82. Sep 25, 2013
    This game is broken beyond belief. So much lag with the lowest settings so its obviously not the computer its the game. ITS BROKEN. To legally be able to release a game and charge $60 for something broken just makes me wonder what this world is coming to. Stay far away from this game, you will be less frustrated doing so. Wish I did
  83. Sep 18, 2013
    Rome II at launch, really deserves no higher score than a 4. I can see where a lot of people are coming from with their utter disgust and 0's across the board. This game is in bad shape, completely unacceptable for a $60.00 title to launch in this unfinished and bug riddled state.

    Eventually this game may end up warranting a midland score of a 7, after a year of patching, paid DLCs
    and another expansion. I've played every CA total war game and expansion since the original shogun total war. Actually I should correct myself I own Napoleon Total War but never played it beyond 30 turns or so Empire was a disaster at launch, just like Rome II.

    Really, to think, we all actually thought Creative Assembly learned their lesson after Empire Total War. They aim too high, promise the moon, then deliver a fraction of the promised features, game improvements, etc. in a stinking pile of buggy poo.

    This game needed another 6 months of development time to release properly. Just like all future Bioware titles, this will be the last time I ever buy a Creative Assembly title on pre-order. May as well wait til the following winter for the inevitable Steam sale since the game won't be playable until then (at the earliest) anyway.

    Shame on you Creative Assembly.
  84. Sep 10, 2013
    What should have been a massive improvement has turned into a massive disaster All the improvements that were promised and boasted about simply don't exist, in fact they have been streamlined to the point its unplayable. There are some great ideas and nice features but these are overshadowed massively by everything that is wrong. The epic battles of old are gone. Small skirishes that last 3 minutes are now the norm. Graphic issues and screen tears are constant. The game speed and sense of urgency in conflicts has been increased way to fast, the devs seemed to have got lost their direction. In its current state. Not only is the game current price not worth it in its current state, the devs have the nerve to offer day one DLC to content that should clearly have been included. Cashing in yet again. In addition this game has a bigger budget then any other Rome game and I have no idea where its gone. I swear they accidentally released the Pre-Alpha build, its scary how wrong things have gone. The sad truth is that even with numerous patches, the new direction with combat and its style will mean this series will no longer what it will be. The fact the many numerous patches will be needed to make this playable is quite frankly pathetic. Shameful display! Expand
  85. Sep 5, 2013
    CA & SEGA knew about all these issues, yet they dare to release this Playstation one looking game filled with bugs and AI. Some one should sue their asses for false marketing.
    The graphics remind me of a really bad console port, the AI is redic retarded, filled with bugs which slows down campaign loading, etc..
    Unlike most, i do like the UI tho, like the style.
    I hope they'll fix this
    game in the best way they can, because i rlly do love the Total War series. Too bad money interests destroys another game. Expand
  86. Sep 15, 2013
    I've put over forty hours now into the game. In it's first release, I felt like it was a rehash of Shogun 2, but with the latest beta patch and Radius Mod and All Factions Unlocked mod, I have given the game an 8 (my previous score was 6). Vanilla itself is worth a 7 in it's current state, but throw on a few mods, this game is suddenly addictive.

    Total War has a strong heritage of a
    community of modders who have dedicated years to improving off the core of TW games. Unique to Rome 2 is the campaign setting. It is the best it has ever been. I feel like a chief of my own kingdom. Beautiful scenery, and mechanically, a step in a different direction from what they began with Empire.

    If they release a comprehensive set of modding tools, I will give Rome 2 a 9.0 I have played Total War since Medieval 1.
  87. Sep 11, 2013
    As usual the Critic reviews were bought, and as any other TW release it is a pile of code crap. The AI is even worse than previous games! Just wait a year for the modders to fix the game and buy it on discount from Steam. Unfortunately that is the standard procedure for any TW games. God bless the modders.
  88. Sep 4, 2013
    Starting playing with Total War games with the original Shogun. Played them all. This one is by far the most disappointing. I am very sad to say that it fails to meet expectations on so many levels. The strategic side of the game is pretty decent though not so good that it can make up for the main issue which is the tactical games. They are a joke. Blob versus blob not like an ancient battle at all. The speed is comical. Usain Bolt would struggle to keep up with these guys lugging around 4 meter pikes and wearing full armour. Formations don't really exist. On contact your units just fall into an unformed blob. Units turn on a dime. There are plenty of other issues but I can't bring myself to play another minute of this game as is. I'd rather be at work................ Expand
  89. Sep 14, 2013
    input flags Say no tactics. siege machines do not need force tank will do everything for them. a lot of bugs and shoals in the chart. simplification in the "beautification of cities." inability to erect walls in the settlements, and yes even a complete simplification of all that you can. teams get off to a bunch of stupid. dull fights on the water. lack of diplomacy. restriction in the military it seems if it will fail to remove all the entire balance. there is still a lot of different things. Expand
  90. Sep 12, 2013
    This game is just awful. Just awful. Paid reviewers gave this game a ridiculous score. The UI is horrible, the graphics atrocious and a total step back from the Shogun game. The multiplayer is soooo long and reduced it is not even funny. The multiplayer deals with factions so you have to wait till their turns end, with over 100 factions in the game!!! The cinematics like they had from Shogun were cut back as well as other great mechanics/media from Shogun. What the hell CA?!?! What the hell!?!?! Expand
  91. Sep 17, 2013
    The most disappointing iteration of Total War yet. The game suffers from horrific graphics, terrible performance, idiotic A.I. and is a bug filled mess. There are now capture the flags which appear in EVERY type of battle, completely taking strategy out of the game, tons of features have been removed with nothing at all added.

    SEGA and Creative Assembly are planning on porting this to
    the consoles, which is why the game has been dumbed down so horrifically. It is a streamlined, broken, pathetic shadow of it's former self. Avoid this at all costs, even if/when they fix it. Vote with your wallet and show the money grabbing corporations that we will not stand for this kind of treatment. Expand
  92. Sep 5, 2013
    Really terrible, I remember how I felt playing shogun 2 for the first time, I was excited. impressed and it was very fun, playing Rome II, I get none of these feelings, all they had to do was re-skin Shougn II, but they couldn't 't even do that right, the tech tree is badly designed, and there is no family tree and so no role playing. Every turn i get asked for gold by one of my retard neighbours, you can't attack by land a city that has its port blockaded with one allied ship, in battles if you select your group to attack the enemy they all converge on one enemy unit, ruining their formation, gauls and iceni are apparently voiced by someone trying to fake a really bad Swedish accent. Overall there is no immersion I don't feel part of the faction I'm playing, there is also no innovation in game play at all. Expand
  93. Sep 10, 2013
    When I bought this game, I desperately wanted to love it. Unfortunately, I couldn't bear to lie to myself and give this a 10 like so many other people are. Consumers don't like to think they were wrong, so why should they be? I might have a few reasons:

    The first problem with this game is the horrible optimization. I can run it OK at best, but I have a couple of friends with
    computers much better than my 2-year-old tin can that can't even get 20 frames on the lowest setting. This has been an issue in essentially every Total War game to date, and I can't fathom why Creative Assembly would release their game before fixing these issues (in the past, it took them months to fix optimization a repeat of this wasn't a good idea).

    Another issue is the AI in the game itself. The game obviously focuses around single-player (or co-op) and in that endeavor the AI is a complete joke. In battles, enemy units have no idea what they're doing and at times will just run back and forth in one spot, and sometimes even charge you only to retreat instantly. Defending a settlement against this atrocious AI isn't even fun. Even outside battles in the campaign map you'll end up seeing enemy armies abandoning their settlements at the worst possible times, leaving you an opening to simply walk in. Armies of 5 will recklessly charge into your army of twenty with a complete disregard for any logical solution (besides suicide, apparently).

    The campaign itself is amazingly large, which I absolutely love. The issue with this is you'll typically be looking at 2-4 minutes of processing AI turns in the campaign map. If you manage to take two minutes on your turn, you're still looking at AT LEAST an equal return of that time doing nothing and waiting for the (horrible) AI to take their turns. Essentially, you're looking at 20-30 minutes of campaign gameplay per hour of actual gameplay. That's an absurd amount of time to be doing nothing. Of course, those gameplay times are disregarding the game's other problems, which brings me to...

    Misc. issues. One big one that I (as well as others from what I've come to understand) is campaign battles (specifically co-op) that you choose to auto-resolve might not even register, and the game will freeze up at that point and render a campaign unplayable from that point forward. Random bugs like this coupled with the constant de-sync battle crashes and even game crashes entirely make this an extremely difficult game to actually play.

    The content is great, but endless technical issues make this game unplayable; even if you do manage to play uninterrupted, the horrible AI and buggy unit control render this game a laughable full-price release.
  94. Dec 12, 2013
    Worst TW game to date. I've never had any complaints about previous titles, and I've loved many of them, but this game is truly hideous in every aspect. Previous titles always had that sort of feeling as though they have been crafted by the same hand, there were elements which you recognized. Rome 2 looks like it was made by an entirely different developer. Everything is wrong with this game, there's not one feature worthy of merit, not to mention that even with all the high end graphics options, the game still looks awful as far as I'm concerned. Expand
  95. Sep 14, 2013
    The best thing I can say about this game... it's made figuring out which websites are corporate whores really easy. So thanks for that :)

    I'm wondering why they made troop transports into free battleships that spawn on entering the water, and put a capture the flag mode into some battles... it doesn't really matter, the AI is very bad in both land and naval combat, the Campaign
    interface is poorly done, the AI trivial, diplomacy is so simple it's nearly pointless, the engine is unoptimized...
    It may turn into a 7 someday, but I think 3 is fair now. Go get the Radious_Total_War_Mod.pack if you want a quick fix. That at least makes it somewhat playable.

    Sega obviously rushed this out the door, and the cowards at CA didn't mention it to their customers, or bother give a damn until they had our cash. Nothing new there.
  96. Sep 3, 2013
    Best yet! Ignore the complainers about performance issues. They just can't accept their underpowered PC can't play this game on ultra settings. Played it for 12 hours since release.
  97. Sep 3, 2013
    Although the AI is still pretty bad, I can't complain since I've been waiting years for this game to finally release. If you're a Total War fan, I'd highly recommend this game to you.
  98. Sep 11, 2013
    Nice for a beta test, but when do we actualy get the full working game, with all the normal features that we got in previous titles?
    Im unsure how this game got released in such a state, I remember having them more funding then normaly, did they spend it on booze? idk what the hell happend.

    Also most 10 user score are newly made acounts that only reviewed this game, very fishy.
  99. Sep 10, 2013
    Couldnt play the game at first, it shouldve stayed that way. The game didnt even live up to an inch of my expectations. Ridiculous AI, very poorly polished and the game lagged like a mf at many points throughout the game. Still, this is ironically enough one of the best strategy titles out there, the only reason it doesnt get a 1...
  100. Sep 11, 2013
    This has the potential to be a great game someday. In it's current state, it is and disgraceful embarassment. This game is unplayable, and how it is possible to receive such high ratings from 'respectable' gaming review sites is beyond comprehension. No wonder the barbarians are up in arms. Watch the Angry Joe review on youtube if you are in any way considering buying this game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]