• Publisher: Sega
  • Release Date: Sep 3, 2013
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Generally unfavorable reviews- based on 3416 Ratings

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  1. Dec 17, 2013
    One would think professional reviewers would sink some more hours into a game before giving it 7 or 8 gold stars and calling it a masterpiece, its no wonder that people are asking themselves if they have been bought of by the company in question when the game is clearly broken into shards which then got mauled by a limp bellend full of glass shards.

    Onto the game itself, Ai in the ca
    franchise has always been rather poor but this one takes the cake and stuffs itself into a black hole into a new dimension of horrible, made worse by capture points that are located in idiotic locations, the worst are siege battles which after 7 patches makes the ai toss torches at the gate instead of using siege equipment (wich in and of itself is buggy i might add, try the ladders i dare you)

    the next offender is the sea battles, they've made them dumber than Empire total war and that in and off itself is an achievement.

    i could go on about various other bugs and the lack of overall depth but i think i have painted a bleak enough picture as is, il leave you with a plea not to by this sham of a total war game as it will surely damp your apetite for further games this company might spew out, they did it right in shogun but this game is 3 steps back into a pit filled with
  2. Dec 28, 2013
    like most game franchises, when the creators either A sell the rights to the series or B) decide it's time to focus more on graphics and focus less on gameplay, it usually takes a dump, and this once mighty series did just that.
  3. Dec 31, 2013
    A shallow ill-fated attempt at making total war games more accessible to the masses. Sadly the developer/publisher didn't realise that total war games are very accessible and easy to get into without making things dumber.

    AI is confused, both on the battlefield and campaign. Campaign mechanics are strange and illogical. They threw away things that worked in Shogun 2 for example, and
    replaced them with unwanted rubbish "features"! Politics system is a laugh. They promised to release a guide for the politics (i.e. explain how it works) late January 2014! 5 months from release to explain a feature they created? You got to know something is not right when you read this.

    And after 8 patches, and 4 months, we still don't have the game performing well on high end PCs! This is simply unacceptable!

    Unfortunately, this is the end for this particular fan's love story with this franchise. Paradox games care way more about their games, and deserve my support. As for this developer and publisher rubbish tag team, I have nothing but pity for them.
  4. Jan 11, 2014
    based on what it offers, I'd say: 8/10 for the battles (very well done, but just the same as in previous games),, 9/10 for the faction variety (a step forward from the Shogun 2, which was boring in lacking any variety), but 0/10 for the strategic part: the building tree and the tech tree are tiny, their descriptions are unclear and effects not felt, they were so lazy that building/techs don't even have pictures! the commerce is also totally undeveloped, the resources don't matter, and so on, so in the strategic map part there just is no fun in playing any more. NONE! Plus the fact that fleets now invade port cities, which is very frustrating, cause while you can afford about 3 or 4 armies and kick ass with them, you cannot afford armies in all ports, and you will constantly lose them. So an average of 5,7 based on the ratings above. but in reality for me it was a 2/10, because played it for a few days and uninstalled it forever, while TW Medieval 2 I still play now, after endless games. Expand
  5. Jan 11, 2014
    Yet another company thinking they can sell incomplete games, and everyone will just hang in there and wait 6 months until they get it right. Played the original, what 10 years ago I think, which was brilliant. Expected much more than this. It looks, feels and plays the same to me. I'm sure there's something there that's actually improved. Just b******d if I can see it. Save your money and get the original on fleabay for a couple of quid. Expand
  6. Jan 14, 2014
    This game has so many bugs its unreal. But first we should mention that a gamer should have the right to expect a certain standard of a game, from responsive AI, acceptable graphic, Good UI, adaptive Diplomacy ect. well this game fails at all the above. The AI is left wanting its like playing a retro 80's game, AI doing the same stuff over and over, no aggression at all, unfair programming for minor and major nation (I mean its called Rome 2 Total war, you expect Rome to survive till at least the player meets them in battle but dont be surprised when u find them destroyed by northern Gallic tribes around turn 100, well its happened to me 6 out of 6 times when i was playing as the Iceni tribe). Moving on,The graphics well, one word "joke", I personally would have accepted Shogun 2 style graphics but instead you get blurry effects and poor visuals. The UI on the other hand took a step back from Shogun 2 and well, just sucked, you don't even get to see the trait chose tree like in shogun 2, so you can plan your levelling up of general ect, there is much more wrong with the UI I couldn't tell you all here. But the thing that pissed me off the most was the Diplomacy, nations would declare war on you when you were no where near them and they had no way of attack you, for example Seleucid empire declaring war on the Iceni tribe in Britain, (please Google the nations and see for yourself). Also nations would fight 5 or 6 wars at once leading to them being destroyed out right, know one would do something like that, but the AI would. in short the game is so bad they have to bring out patch after patch to fix the crap game they are on patch 8.1 out of a minimum of 9 patches more will probably need to come out, I wouldnt be surprised if they have to bring a total of 15 patches. But if you like easy to win AI then this game is for you, but if you want a challenge DON'T BUY!!!!!
    Personally I find it had what the critics ever saw in this game are they blind or just stupid and out of touch with the gaming community, or are they just pleasing creative assembly so they don't get fired (giving head more like it), on steam it says 76 meta score well its really 41 meta score from the gamers themselves. so YOU deicide who to believe.
  7. Feb 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Rome 2 total war... What a sad time for TW fans there are plenty of flaws that ruin this game. first of all These critics well most of them are paid off. what is ridiculous. Anyways about the game. Horrible UI. Crashes every 2 seconds. Mentally retarded AI. Acting is nothing compared to the original rome. The music system: Ahh Most people don't talk about the music system the music in rome 1 made you feel like you were with the soldiers. For example If you moved soldiers there would be marching music. If 2 units were fighting there would be intense music. Last of all If you were doing nothing you would only just hear the sound of an occasional bird chirp and harp. Back to more flaws. Mp campaign is extremely hard to play without a crash. Framerate is horrible. all you need in your navy is just a bunch of transport ships and diplomacy is extremely retarded your requests almost never get accepted. This game has no potential. Just like the rest of CA's Total war games. They just do a few patches then just all of the sudden stop patching. Expand
  8. May 1, 2014
    Can't give this more than 4/10. Played all total war games since Rome 1. It feels weird when a game 10 or so years older has better AI and unit colission than it's much newer counterpart. I bought it when it came out and was able to play a game as Rome. Stopped playing for a while and started it up again and just fount it as sad as it was before. Can't play it anymore, I guess i'll just install shogun 2 and medieval 2. Expand
  9. May 20, 2014
    The most disappointing game I ever played,sorry,i dont play it no more,The transport ships Spam to disguise the lack of CA competence to add proper naval invasion its the ultimate ultrage,
  10. Jul 20, 2014
    low score is not the result of the battles , I think they are the best in terms of moral , how long a unit lasts is important for strategy and I think it was way to short in shogun 2 and the detail is beautiful. I think the thought gone into the fighting is really good. however . a game that is this buggy and lags this much in a siege makes the game unfinished. my score reflects this. more importantly however ! this game lacks all character. rome 1 has this simply by having different colours. seeing your towns buildings change in size (noticibly) in the (see town option with your civilans in it) and huge temples ,being able to choose your own king by the family tree. the game should be trying to preserve the children it captured bye making more character within the game like from Rome 1 by allowing and supporting our own story lines , being able to pretend that I was the son of a king who removed me from the throne and so i took my reputation and money and used it to buy and bribe an army of mercenaries , which I then invaded the gual making the empire twice as big. and then "pretending" I made my own civil was against my hated brother. this and the feel of power I had, but with out feeling like I was just easily rolling over everything , boring and unchallenging. rome 2 naval is by far the best I have seen , besides empire total war. I love ramming ships ! but after my 30 hours (enjoying about the first hour) and then it becoming a chore and thinking (if I wanted more fun and character, I would just go sleep and dream about it instead) I see ca thought we wanted better battles, I see there dedication to it. however , balancing issues and the complete lack of any reason to want you to care enough to keep playing to fight the battles. maybe im just getting old, maybe the younger audience , who I assume don't even play p.c any more , would like it better, maybe im loosing my imagination, or maybe ROME TOTAL WAR has failed to spark my imagination and from the negative reviews , ill assume its the later. Expand
  11. Sep 5, 2013
    I can tolerate problems such pathetic AI on sieges, worst UI of the series, fast and arcadish battles, "WTF" diplomacy, because these things can (hopefully in several months) be modded or patched.

    But what i can't tolerate are the lies of the devs and the false advertisement made before the game release: they advertised the game to be optimized and playable on every PC, and they
    declared those very low requirements: complete lie!! You can't play such a huge game on a single core or on a weak dual core (i have though a way stronger PC), there are many people that have been fooled of that, go and see on the support forums! They are seeking help because the game (CPU intensive) run on 10 FPS! They can't be helped with that hw, they have been fooled by the minimum reqs.

    They showed totally different "alpha footage" than actually is on the game (go and see the old carthage walkthrough and compare with the actual one, it's depressing!). And what about day one DLC? They said that they were making them because the core game was finished and there was time to make them!! WTF, "finished"????

    Let's not talk about the performance: no matter what settings i choose, when the melee start the game becomem unplayable due to lag and low FPS (and i can play B3, C3 and Shogun 2 on high/ultra). Turns take 3 minutes to finish, and the campaign map lags as hell.

    CA was my favorite game company. With this score i feel like killing my father. But my father has raped me with Rome II :(

    I'm so sad, so sad about the current state of the game that you can't imagine. I followed its development from the July 2012 with very high hopes. Now all is lost.

    Why this?? WHY!!??
  12. Sep 4, 2013
    Horrible UI.
    Horrendously confusing unit cards.
    Poorly optimized.
    Fix the triremes.
    Where is my guard button.
    Make a unit card that covers half my screen.
  13. Jan 1, 2014
    Impossible to play this game. I've "played" 3 hours. Just the time to understand this game wasn't good. Crashes, bad gameplay, no optimization... This game is a waste of time and money. I won't pre order anymore.
  14. Sep 5, 2013
    As mentioned by others the bugs etc. but if nothing else the loading times kill this game dead. I have a very decent PC(i7920, gtx590, 6GB) and waiting to load campaigns, battles, turns is excruciating. It's almost a return to the days of the Commodore 64 and tape loading. Your life is being wasted and you don't even get interesting loading screens to look at/read. They could at least give you a mini game to play perhaps tetris...

    I'm a big fan of the Total War series but I'm sorry to say Rome 2 is NOT enjoyable. If the loading times get fixed then maybe it get's an 8/10.
  15. Sep 12, 2013
    You betrayed your fans CA. The game is broken and even if it was not, I would give it an 8/10. What keeps it from getting 10/10 is that the game is heavily dumbed down. There is so much that has been simplified in the political system that you do not really care for any of the characters that belong to your faction. For example, with no family tree there is no need for caring if someone dies, someone else will just instantly pop up and take his place. It feels like you did not listen to the community at all when making the game. You just dumbed it down to make it more accepted for a wider audience. Regarding the game being broken, perhaps SEGA pushed your deadline too early to be able to finish the game the way you wanted it to be. Or is it just the fan in me that makes up excuses for such an unfinished game. I guess you just have to get used to hate loving this genre. In conclusion however, I have not lost my trust in you CA(though it is quite shaken). But know that we fell for your awesome trailers for ROME II and we somehow ''knew'' that you could not this up... yet you did! We will not fall for your trailers again! Expand
  16. Sep 13, 2013
    i can only give this game a 0, and that just getting robbed AGAIN. i dont know who to blame, CA? SEGA? or ME? well i just preorder like a stupid fanboy in spite of burning my money on empire, there goes my share. Now, hows its even posible CA F***** so much this franchise, the majority of franchises fail because they dont add nothig new, but c'mon taking things away and making your game useless get its to a whole new level, thats enough, CA is dead for me.

    NOW, SEGAAAAAAA. Go to HELL!!! go and buy stupid franchises like Babyz or something but dont keep destroying the developers and games that once were innovate, you dont care about the industry you just care about your wallet, DIE, ALL OF YOU (you too EA).

    Just sell the the studio to Paradox Interactive, sure its worth five bucks after this disaster.
  17. Sep 4, 2013
    Well, this might seem unfair to give 1/10. It is. But its unfair of SEGA/CA to release a game full of potential but with so many bugs it seems they havnt tested at all. Besides serious performance issues there are many bugs known of previous TW titles, like AI not attacking at all in battles, desync issues and also some fancy new ones, like frozen camera or 5min turn-time-waits in coop campaign.. Some of them are gamebreaking, some of them are just annoying. Fix this game and this could be a solid 9/10, but at this state its not worth playing as frustration is imminent. Expand
  18. Sep 10, 2013
    Cons: Game-breaking bugs. AI terrible. UI unintuitive & weird. Battles supremely disappointing. Alt-tab seizure-inducing. Pros: Graphics better. Prologue decent DO NOT BUY. The game gets worse the more you play it. The Prologue is a nice start. I liked the way it walks you through most of what you need to know for the Campaign. However, even here there were glimpses of trouble. I gave up after bugs prevented me from finishing the Prologue 2 times. The thing with the Prologue is that you can't finish a turn unless you finish the objective they identify, and sometimes a bug prevents you from fulfilling the objective until the next turn...yeah.

    Then you get to the Campaign, and the bugs just multiply like, well...bugs. Even the proper "features" that were supposed to be newly-added into the game are terrible, almost to a fault. Battle objectives suck, and are totally irrelevant to any kind of strategy and yet can still decide the outcome of battles. Agents are arbitrarily grouped into 3 for no real reason that I can comprehend. The game's encyclopaedia is slow, not really informative, and if the game had been done properly, almost entirely unnecessary anyway. I could keep going, about the AI, the UI, the performance issues, the interaction between armies and navies, the interaction between embarked armies and the coastline, the graphical glitches, the collision errors, and so on. Turns take several minutes (due to 117 in-game factions), random frame hangs will occur for no apparent reason, and

    One particular category of failure that should be mentioned is with regard to cinematics. The intro movie is low-res, low-texture, low-polygon, and feels like low-setting gameplay rather than a beautiful, inspiring pre-rendered piece of art designed as a fitting intro to a wonderful game. Though I guess in its current state it sort of fits. In-game, cinematics are almost completely lacking. As opposed to the original RTW, where cinematics were in every construction card, and Shogun 2, where agents got beautiful, varied cinematics depicting their actions, the only cinematics I have seen thus far have been for family deaths. Even here, it is hugely disappointing. The cinematic is a short clip, maybe 10 seconds long, with no sound and having almost no meaningful content whatsoever.

    I'm giving this a 2/10 because despite its flaws, it has SOME redeeming qualities. The graphics are decent (not spectacular, but decent), the campaign map is far more reflective of reality, the cinematic view, so far as I've used it, seems a welcome and interesting addition, and at least it has few of the bugs in the original Rome: Total War. Unfortunately, they seem to have been replaced with a completely different, much more debilitating set of new bugs.
  19. Sep 4, 2013
    Really a huge leap backwards from the Shogun era, interface usability is horrible, game depth is shallow while unit statistics have become completely silly, player interaction is much worse, multiplayer is a complete mess an maps are very unbalanced, graphics look very poor unless zoomed right in from where there is no control, very frequent crashes and low frame rates even at low settings, what have u done in the last 2 years CA? btw I played 2000+ hrs of Shogun 2 & FOTS and really enjoyed every bit of it. Expand
  20. Sep 3, 2013
    Awful performance, probably the worst Total War AI ever (and that's saying a lot), graphics are nothing like the Siege of Carthage video even on max settings (probably mostly due to performance issues), a lot of reskinned units (every faction gets skirmishers, light infantry, heavy infantry etc., they're not functionally different in any way), battle formations collapse on contact because you have less control over your units, and battles are over too quickly. Another horrendously botched Creative Assembly launch, they should have learned by now not to release unfinished games. I'm sure that performance and graphics issues will be patched in time (but with CA's record I expect it to take months). The major issue for me is that the game has been made more casual, CA has clearly made an effort to attract a larger audience by making the game more cinematic and less historic and layered. I've come to this conclusion because tactics are less important due to formations collapsing almost instantly (even hoplites and Roman legions quickly descend into a blob of hacking one on one animations), no fire at will mode for many units with javelins (such as Roman heavy infantry, you won't be able to control when they throw their pila, they do it only on a charge now), no guard mode (meaning your units will mindlessly chase hostiles they've driven off even if you don't want them to), and very quick battle times (if you know a thing or two about tactics you will make any difficulty AI route in under 10 minutes, even fighting against full stack armies). In short CA have made the change to more casual game play, this accompanied by a buggy launch has made R2TW lackluster at this point. If you're interested in battle tactics more than seeing epic Hollywood battles (which will get boring quickly), you should look to other Total War games. Rome 1 is still very playable, extremely deep and satisfying, especially with all the love and care modders have added. Expand
  21. Oct 8, 2013
    Releasing a unfinished Tech demo product into the market, At that price, which seems to have been untested seems to tell us, that companies nowadays think you can get away with it, with Fans and players paying the Company to Test their game. Back in the day, people use to get Finished tested products. Not this... mess.

    Its a great game Rome total war II. But i didnt intend to buy
    something unfinished, then Pay the company to finish it. Im quite angry.

    Also, i see less, or nothing new regarding features, from Rome total war, to Rome Total war II.
    Other than the improved graphics, and minor changes.

    It seems, one of the Childhood features i used to play around with "viewing a city" as it developed a magnifying glass icon" was removed or not implemented.
  22. Sep 4, 2013
    I wanted to like it but in this state I cant. I cant beiieve the differnce in scores of the pro reviewers and the fans such broad spread you know something is up when all the pro reviewers think so much of a game. wonder how much they got paid on prop up one of those streamlined games as such. I had two crashes and I've never had crash problems before with any game. I actually after a short session wanted to play something else like The Sims 3 how terrible. I even thought of playing the origional RTW but remembered how bad the ai was in that one and all the rest up to Shogun 2. I'd play Shogun 2 but I don't like asian games that much, but I do like challenge so I'd play SPARTAN or SACRIFICE. This one didn't make my interested list though I wanted it to so bad. Needs lots of work. Expand
  23. Sep 10, 2013
    What a crummy AI. How can you have a grand strategy game single player game and have such horrible AI?They have made no progress on this front. All they did was churn out another game with the same exact problems. Rome: Total War was one of the best total war series. This is probably the worst.
  24. Sep 29, 2013


  25. Sep 8, 2013
    The game has potential but is unplayable atm to those of us who have played any game of the TW series in the past. AI sucks and fighting is blob vs blob. No guard formation to hold a line? Really??? The main reason I can't play this game in its current state is the fact that I can't play an open field battle without playing capture the flag. Want to have one of those epic battles where you are outnumbered and have to use the terrain to your advantage to fight off an aggressive AI? Too bad because it is capture the flag and you will lose if you camp a hilltop. This kills any possibility of engaging a larger army at all unless you are pretty closely matched. RUINS THE CAMPAIGN. Jesus this is what made TW so much fun in the past. My first battle with land and naval units, my boats came in and started doing donuts at 100mph and wouldn't stop. One even clipped through the land about 200 yards inland. WTF??? This game is unplayable right now and it will probably be 6 months to a year before it is made right if it ever is. It's a sad sad day for TW fans because I have been looking forward to this game since at least 2006. CA always f's something up at release but I just don't know if this game can be fixed by patches given the inherent flaws in the game play. I hope I am wrong. Expand
  26. Oct 3, 2013
    I really tried my best to enjoy the game but i can't.
    Together with Sim City this is one of the worst games I've played the last couple of years.

    And I find it insulting that they even dare to charge more money for DLC, at least EA gave us something free to compensate for a poor game
  27. Sep 9, 2013
    After 2 hours of play, I loved the game. 12 hours in, it's obvious how broken and incomplete the game is.

    No unit collision. Giant formations and unique unit animations mean absolutely nothing. Battles end up being giant brawls where you can't see what's happening. Battles rely not on actually winning the game, but capturing a flag. 100 men can defeat 3000 just by getting to the flag
    first. Terrain and tactics mean nothing. Just the flag.

    End your turn? Get ready for a 5 minute wait for all the other factions to go next, even with AI moves turned off. AI even on Legendary don't start wars. Heck, I had AI at war with me offer trade agreements!
    In battle, AI will IGNORE your army, even if it means running through it, and go straight for the flag.

    Game is filled with bugs. Ships WILL get caught on the smallest rock, disabling the ship's AI. If a single person is still unloading or stuck on a ship or siege engine, the entire unit cannot be used. Co-Op campaign is unplayable due to dsync, and multiplayer crashes when I tried playing with friends.

    I played this a week after release. Even after several patches, it's still broken.

    If you skip this game, you won't be missing anything. Go back to Shogun 2. Or at least don't buy this until it goes on a really steep sale.
  28. Sep 3, 2013
    I've waited so long for this game and the hype has been immense. When i opened the game and entered my first battle i almost felt like slamming my head into the wall. Never have I been so disappointed with a game on release. The list of dissappointments range from strange and frustrating graphics issues to completely ludacris waiting times in the campaign. Even with AI movements toggled off it's unacceptable. We had the exact same issue in shogun 2 but this is far worse. Sad and dissappointing launch. I want to love this game but I this is undenieably an unfinished product that I don't want to spend my time on with the current state of the game. Expand
  29. Sep 4, 2013
    A bit gutted really, I obviously as others had been waiting for this release for quite some time. Initially I found the game unplayable due to the unlimited video memory option not being ticked in advanced settings. Once I had done that I could play on extreme though still a bit laggy on the campaign map. I also found the campaign to be extremely shallow... What happened to the cut scenes from medieval total war, they were great. It seems in general the serious has begun to degrade. The battlefield quality isn't anywhere near as good as I had been led to believe. I suppose I shouldn't have bought on launch day so partly to blame. Game is a bit rubbish as it stands. Expand
  30. Sep 9, 2013
    Where do i begin ?! Visuals looks way worse than shogun 2 in almost every way !! Performance is Horrible ! With a Rig that runs shogun 2 at maximum i cant even get a descent frame rate lag free game at medium-low setting !! Absolute Technically broken all the way ! The most stupid AI ever ... Thousands and Thousands of different bugs and glitches everywhere !


  31. Sep 3, 2013
    -----------Vote this game down----------

    If you have ever been a fan of this series it is your obligation to vote this game down so CA understands that we are no longer going to put up with --consistently-- broken products that take upwards of 6 months to fix.

    -And the AI still sucks? 10+ years later? Hundreds of millions in revenue later? You still cant hire someone competent enough
    to make a game more challenging than pong? Modders can do it but your entire development team cannot?

    -It only takes 30 seconds to create an account through your email but the damage you can do to CA's sales will last a lifetime. Make them think twice before they try to pull this ONCE AGAIN. A game that has any flaws does not deserve a 10/10! Not one bug!
    -Take a stand against this kind of robbery
    You can drastically impact CAs revenue by voting games down on metacritic.

    -----Vote this down!-----
  32. Sep 10, 2013
    Couldnt play the game at first, it shouldve stayed that way. The game didnt even live up to an inch of my expectations. Ridiculous AI, very poorly polished and the game lagged like a mf at many points throughout the game. Still, this is ironically enough one of the best strategy titles out there, the only reason it doesnt get a 1...
  33. Sep 11, 2013
    This has the potential to be a great game someday. In it's current state, it is and disgraceful embarassment. This game is unplayable, and how it is possible to receive such high ratings from 'respectable' gaming review sites is beyond comprehension. No wonder the barbarians are up in arms. Watch the Angry Joe review on youtube if you are in any way considering buying this game.
  34. Sep 7, 2013
    Total war games have always been rough at launch, but as someone who has played since medieval this is CA's worst effort yet. More concerning than the usual bugs and optimization issues is many of the gameplay decisions CA has made. They have been flirting with "dumbing down" or "consolfying" the series for awhile now, and I think this may be the point where they've finally stepped over the edge.

    The future of this game depends entirely on modders and how much CA is willing to support the modding community. I expect CA will fix most of the technical issues over the next few months, but it will take major overhaul mods to fix the parts of the game which are working as intended but simply poorly designed and not well thought out.

    My advice to anyone interested in this game: Wait. Forget about Rome 2 for awhile and go play something else. 12 months from now this game may have been patched and modded to the point where it's a very good gaming experience but as it stands now, it's not worth playing and certainly not worth paying anything near $60 for.
  35. Sep 5, 2013
    I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. I didn't even pay for it and I'm disappointed. Expand
  36. Sep 4, 2013
    ehhhh.... poor graphics (ugly sometimes water, trees, commanders`s faces), poor performance, too fast foot mobile units, sometimes stupid AI. rest is good
  37. Sep 4, 2013
    Full of bugs and multilayer is a joke when compared to shogun 2, I have been looking forward to this game for a year and I have now lost all confidence with the total war franchise now.
  38. Sep 23, 2013
    In it's current state the game is just broken. If you want the ultimate TW experience go with shogun 2 series, Fall of the Samurai in particular. It really is a big failure on the TW teams part that the game hasn't incorporate any of the lessons they've learned over the years. The AI is terrible, both your units and campaign wise, and it's just plain not fun. Give it a year or 2 and it will be a 7/8 out of 10. But now, it's a 3 at best. Expand
  39. Sep 8, 2013
    So, I´ve been waiting for this game forever... I spent hundreds of hours with Rome 1 and pretty much every other TW... Shogun 2 is the masterpiece, most of the mechanics work like a charm, they are clever etc. So what I expected from Rome 2 was Shogun 2 mechanics in ancient world with some new features and furthermore improvements... In a sense, it is the case. But... it doesn´ t work, for now... It just doesn´t... I like most of the new mechanics, like provincial system (including food which many people seem to be having problems with, but I like it... makes the empire management more real), army management etc. The problem is that there is a big problem in almost everything... Optimization, for starters... It´s horrible... The game doesn´t use CPU or GPU properly. So while I get 60 fps on extreme settings in the benchmark, in some battles my fps drops to 15 with very little GPU or CPU load... For example when I hold spacebar to see where my army is going or holding RMB to send all army somewhere in a formation. The campaign map performance is a mess too... lags, fps drops all down to 8 fps etc. etc.

    Then there is the AI. There are blinks of brilliance there. The enemy army tried to flank me on campaign map and it went pretty well, it found my undefended city and attacked it. But then again, many things just don´t work... First of all the AI is too passive. It just sits there waiting for you to attack it, raising almost no armies and occasionaly dying out from hunger because it didn´ t manage to build the buildings in proper order so that the ballance between food storages, public order etc. is preserved.
    It´s similarly dumb in battles too. Although it´s not that bad. What is bad is the battle speed. The battles last 5 minutes now, because the armies start routing almost immediately after starting the fight (fortunately an excellent Czech modder Radious fixed it really soon).

    All that said, I believe that R2 will become the best TW after most of the biggest flaws are fixed (and I hope they will be fixed). But I just keep wondering, was it really worth releasing in this state? Look ate the score of this game, it deserves so much better.
  40. Sep 6, 2013
    Sadly a disappointment. Poor performance, Poor AI, Late game turns take 5+ minutes waiting for the AI to finish their turns, Naval battles are a failure. AI does not know how to attack, i have seen indie games that are more polished and entertaining than this, Overall a poor effort for a AAA title, QA should feel bad, because they are bad.
  41. Sep 15, 2013
    This is not the ROME II Total war that was advertised. It is more like a dumbed down version of shogun II without all the things that make Total war unique. The family tree is butchered as well as the line of succession which would allow you to actually care about your generals. When I need a new general I just press a red button and one pops out. I have never been so disappointed with a Total war than I am now. Rome I was not improved upon. ROME II is a piece of what ROME I was. Expand
  42. ers
    Sep 6, 2013
    Great series of games turned into casual wear for school children. Do not be surprised if the next game will be released on consoles. This is not a strategy, it is not total war
  43. Dec 31, 2013
    Wow. Kudos on this one CA.....this is the reason I choose not to pre-order games anymore. Even with the "patches" I wont be able to play it, leaves too much of a bad after taste.
  44. Sep 15, 2013
    Sadly this game was a failure. Do not buy until it gets patched in a year. Ya it's really bad. Do not buy. Don't buy it becaues it's really bad. I hate it.
  45. Sep 5, 2013
    I'm changing my score for now, because of obvious reasons - 1) AI 2) UI 3) No connection to faction no family tree 4) Diplomacy needs rebalancing 5) The sea battles are terrible, transports are op 6) No blood seriosly, in a game about warfare?Grow some balls. 7) Battle pacing is terrible 8) Too many too fast reloading magic abilities 9) Pushed out before the GPU drivers were created terrible optimization
    10) Even on extreme graphics are blurry and lack proper AA
    11) is it not enough?
  46. Sep 3, 2013
    All i see is 10/10 OMG BEST GAME EVER...
    But in reality crashes, tons of bugs, extreme lack of optimization with poor textures, low quality UI etc
    But most of all DESYNC in MP campaign. Yes, yes. After 2 years of shogun 2 and still not fixed. This means it is same imbecile made network code for 5 years already. New game! How it is possible? Desync after 5 minutes of MP game. Who
    tested this? Long anticipated piece of crap. Expand
  47. Sep 3, 2013
    Don't even bother to buy the game right now, there is a high change you will have tons of problems, since low fps, crashes, etc; even with high end rigs. You can check lots of foruns to see whats going on. There is no way a game that expensive could get out like this. Shame
  48. Sep 5, 2013
    My god, what a huge disappointment. AI is broken, UI didn't help, loading times take too long and the campaign is way too easy. I was very hyped for the naval battles, but the AI ruined it(i hope they fix this), i was not challenged not a single time in this game, not a single time. The battles tactics does not exist, all you have to do is select your entire army and right click the enemy's army and you win. Please CA, respect your hardcore fans and forget the rest of the audience. You lost who you was, shame. Not to mention the technical problems. Expand
  49. Sep 3, 2013
    Worst strategy game i've ever seen.
    It's not a game, it's trash, it's not Rome, it is repainted Shogun2. The game is so poorly done absolutely everything fighting, strategy map, interface, diplomacy, AI, facial animation which is hard to believe that these same people who made the last game of the series. I withdrew my pre-order from Steam two months ago, but support did not want to see
    the two letters that i send. So i got proof that i was right, and the game 60-bucks full of crap. In the CA thought of me as well as the buyer, but it is not thought as a player. This game a lack of respect for fans of the series. I will not even more buy a game of CA until the demo. Expand
  50. Sep 5, 2013
    I'm changing my score, at some point game turned out be unplayable. I'm getting such a low fps' it's annoying. I played every game on ultra until now. Even at lowest settings game still manages to lag.

    Battles are impossible to play, your army loses it's formation the moment you give an order. Campaign is much more better than former titles but i can't think another game which is poorly
    optimised as this.

    A game needs to be playable first to even get a rating!
  51. Sep 3, 2013
    Disappointing. It's very unoptimized, the textures are terrible and the AI is terrible as well. Not innovative at all, it's basically a cash-grabbing rehash. Also, pre-order DLC? Really? I can't imagine the amount of pointless DLC they will add in the future...

    Avoid this like the plague.
  52. Sep 6, 2013
    The AI is still not able to attack or defend a Town properly, even on 'Legendary'.
    - AI pathfinding is still up.
    - The optimization is horrible, it looks worse than Shogun2 but the framerate is unacceptable, even on high end rigs that play BF3/Metro 2033/Crysis3/ArmA3 on ultra with mostly over 60 frames.
    - Day 1 DLC. That is always a negative thing.
    - Texture bug, selecting "Extreme"
    settings does nothing although I have 3GB Vram and yes, I enabled "unlimited Vram" in the settings. Doesn't do ****
    - Round endings/CPU calculations for the AI factions: >2.5min in the mid/late game, this is a problem from Empire TW and hasn't been fixed since then (Empire, Napoleon, Shogun2, FotS). It only gets worse because they increased the factions.
    - No SLI/CFX support.
    - Day 1 patch, releasing unfinished software.
    (-) possible DLCs in the feature.
    - UI is just a massive joke. Is this ment to be played with a Gamepad?! Shogun 2 was good. Don't change what ain't broken CA.
    -Unit cards look as if they hired cavemen to draw them. They look terrible and they are useless if want to know how each unit looks like.
    - Battles take less than 5 minutes, enemys rout after less than a minute after they started fighting.
    - For some reason the Roman Legions turn into massive blobs upon contact although that's what made the Roman army special and superior unlike the barbarian factions.
    -They removed alot of features such as lose or tight formations, hold ground etc
    - Random flag in a ground battle as defender. Who had this brilliant idea?! Imagine You are outnumbered 3:1..what would you do? Go on a Hill and defend it? Oh you can't because there is a ****ing flag randomly spawning, mostly on open ground that changes this great tactical franchise into a capture the flag blob war with no strategy what so ****ing ever.
    - Testudo formation is broken, you take less casulties charging towards the enemy.
    - The campaign AI is just ridiculous, I'm 130 turns in and not a single time someone declared war on me and I don't even bothered building fortifications on my borders. This game is called Total War. Also the trade AI will refuse to accept win-win offers.
    - alot of people who pre-ordered this on amazon don't got their free DLC code. SEGA says it's the retailers fault, they say SEGA never gave them codes.
    - MP is completly broken, desync errors everywhere. We already had this error in Empire.. but it was rare..
    - COOP campaign is unplayable, for some unknown reason the AI turns take almost 3 times longer than in the SP.
    - the free transport ships from the Campaign map are OP compared to expansive Navy ships from your harbour. Just head-on ram them with your transporter and they break!
    - Naval combat in general is unbalanced and bugged.

    As a "true" fan of Rome 1 with over 1500h playtime I am more than disappointed. This is a step backwards from Shogun 2 and even worse than Empire TWs release.

    Sadly I joined the hype and waisted 55€ (~80 USD).
  53. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am very upset!!!! .Horrible optimization and miserable graphics first Rome looks better if this guano. Millions of bugs.Ai is very stupid.Developers cheated players. Expand
  54. Sep 3, 2013
    As a long time Total War fan, I was disappointed by this title to say the least.
    Unlike some, I have had absolutely no technical problems, and I'm not basing my judgement on something as petty as that. The technical problems always get fixed later.

    However, I found some of the new "features" quite counter intuitive. For example, the amount of armies you can field is limited (this
    penalizes good players who know how to divide their forces and encourages players to rely on mass.) You can no longer divide an army, not without first starting a new one in the nearest town, then moving that close enough to transfer units. If you want to have specific type of unit in your army, you need to start your own FedEx company (and by doing that, you're committing part of your army capacity, just to get the units you want in the front lines.)

    The information was obviously designed for the GUI, not the other way around. Someone thought that making everything small and inconveniently placed (I got standard GUI scale, 1600x1080) was a good idea. For example, the economy summary that used to fit in one page for easy one look glance, is not in a small box with a scrollbar. Same amount of information, horribly inconvenient to access.
    Unit information cards that used to pop up where you howered over with the mouse are now in the far left corner of the screen, whereas the units you're examining are on bottom center. You'll be looking like MeGusta going through your unit capabilities.
    And what about the tech tree? It is divided to 6 branches, just so you wouldn't notice how boring it is. Shogun 2 FotS had interesting tech tree, interesting and diverse technologies, easy one glance look and you could plan it all out. Now you need to go to 6 different branches, and nothing seems worth researching. But I guess that is just my personal opinion. Someone could think that researching {+Income, -Cost} 5 times in a row for agriculture is interesting and diverse tech tree.

    And of course the AI is derping worse than a mad horse on weed. But I trust that will get fixed, eventually.
  55. Sep 3, 2013
    Shame on reviewers for giving this game a free ride. As of release day, Creative Assembly is selling a totally defective, half-finished game that beyond its half-baked design innovations is unplayable by roughly a third of modern gaming computers. Don't buy this game until it's Steam saled for $10 or less, and only if they've patched it up.
  56. Sep 4, 2013
    We just bought a console port.
    I redact my 2 out of 10 and give a 0 out of 10 for lies and trickery.
    Look for Rome 2 on PS4 and Xbox One.
    I really wish I hadn't preordered this game.
  57. Sep 3, 2013
    This game is frankly terrible. As a CA fanboy I’m willing to forgive slight bugs and errors but this game goes far beyond that into the realm of unplayable. Every forum dedicated to this game is filled with people suffering from low fps, graphical glitches and the kind of experience you would expect from an Alpha, not a £30 full priced game.

    Even if you ignore the fps issues (which is
    basically impossible) the game is lacking in unit variety, the campaign is now basically a CIV-lite and they’ve decided to add the ridiculous option of allowing armies to build boats, meaning that having a standard navy is completely pointless. Expand
  58. Sep 3, 2013
    A big dissapointment, like all other total war games at release it's filled with bugs. This time it's everything from bad performance on high-end rigs to graphical errors and crashes
  59. Sep 3, 2013
    Broken AI.
    Horrible Ui.
    Poorly optimized.
    Huge random FPS drops even in strong rigs.
    Confusing unit cards.
    Cap on armies and generals.
    One year per turn and only one season.
    One major step back from Shogun 2 in general.

    Stay away from this game until major patches and mods fix the game and wait for a demo
  60. Sep 3, 2013
    This is not a game this is a beta. With optimisation issues that make it unplayable more often than not, Rome 2 is so broken it's a disgrace it was allowed to be released in this state. Aside from the frankly game-breaking performance issues, the gameplay is a real step down from previous titles. The AI is as incompetent as ever. The campaign map has been taken in completely the wrong direction, with all areas of gameplay dumbed down, and soul-sapping load times rubbing it in. Battles are simply no fun to play. Combat is resolved in minutes, with units destroying each other near-instantaneously. The array of stupid unit abilities emphasises the arcade-like nature of the battles.

    I won't go into the host of minor complaints with the game. Creative Assembly have released an unfinished product that you SHOULD NOT BUY. Those of us who have bought the game now wait for CA to fix the performance issues and independent modders to fix the gameplay. You decide for yourself if this is the state a game should be in at release, and whether this is the sort of product that you should pay for.
  61. Sep 3, 2013
    Terrible, just a glorified console game with an arcade feeling, depth-less boring city management, no unit cohesion in battle just a mess, 2 minute battles with ridiculous unit speeds, terrible animations including this awful looking gray smoke that emits from all units when hit by a ranged weapon, Capped armies breaking game play, warp speed ships, bugged diplomacy, AI units that don't defend the walls of a city breaking game play, box turtle like designed interface, bland unit cards, questionable graphics (like a teenager with abstract ideas), un-moddable music files, and no family trees. I would stay away from this game, even in the coming months (when and if modding tools are released) I still would caution against buying it. This the worst PC game I ever spent 60$ on. It is nothing more than a functional alpha at this point. Expand
  62. Sep 3, 2013
    Definitely a let down in regards to pushing for new mechanics and interesting gameplay aspects for the TW series. Not to mention the abysmal performance and countless graphical and stability issues. I have to use two third party programs to even make the game playable. Shiftwindow to bypass texture issues (The OFFICIAL fix from CA...) and cursorlock because CA Fails to add region lock to their games. Their previous title, Shogun II, showed huge improvements to their gameplay and strategic flow, of which Rome II has little of. The new AI seems to have the potential to be a challenging opponent but normally just bugs out and does nothing, runs around after a worthless cav unit the whole battle, or charges their general right into the wall of spears right off the bat. I wanted to love this game, but CA seems to have taken to their old habits again, a pity. Expand
  63. Sep 3, 2013
    I have been a loyal TW fan since inception. I feel deceived by the trailers and false promises. Rome II, after a full day of testing, has left me extremely disappointed. The "core" game is a complete 180 from previous games and alienates the die-hard fans. Unit speeds are ridiculously fast, formations break instantly upon contact, and the moral system is nonexistent. This game feels more like a typical RTS game than a Total War game. I would read more of these reviews before purchasing. Caveat emptor. Expand
  64. Sep 3, 2013
    This was one of the most overly hyped games ever. I remember exactly a year ago when all of us were excited by the Siege of Carthage which was shown as Pre-Pre-Alpha. But heck the game looked so much better then. And I am talking in terms of the "Darker Feel of War" which the Lead Design actually emphasized over and over again.

    Where has that darker and gritty feel gone? All I am seeing
    are people dressed in colorful clown costumes with battles talking 1-2 minutes at most. AI still sucks and is easy to beat even at Legendary. Poor optimization problems and performance issues. Alot of campaign features and removed including the ever decreasing list of diplomacy options.

    Here is how CA can redeem themselves: Either release comprehensive mod tools right away allowing us to edit all the DBs including settlements (God I want to make them so much bigger. "Cities" are represented none more than small villages with a couple of scattered buildings), or refund us all the money for fooling us with hyped marketing.
  65. Sep 4, 2013
    Total waste of money 2 is more like it the game crashes often, AI is not challenging at all even on the hardest difficulty and co-op campaign is hardly functional atm. I also Tried a 1v1 multiplayer battle lost connection after 2 minutes cool cool.... OH! lets not forget to top off sundae with bugs galore and no way to get a refund if you bought it on steam well deserved 0 in my book.
  66. Sep 4, 2013
    This game is a disaster and worst instalment in TW franchise. Developers simply removed many things such as family tree, normal economic mode, multiplayers modes, etc. Game mechanics is much worse than in Shogun 2. It doesnt feel like a TW game. Battles are boring and AI has serious glitches.
  67. Sep 4, 2013
    Long time C.A fan, a great company that is unfortunately moving backwards. This game which I'm sure by March next year might be working is sadly broken in it's present state. Testers should actually bring another laptop or tower in to work and check how this runs on different systems before release, I feel for those fools who pre-ordered this mess with the DLC, I for one will not be trusting C.A and their paid for reviews in future. Furthermore it really calls into question those publications and their credibility in future. Shogun 2 was great but the series NEEDS to take a step forward, the strategic map needs some more depth, that part of the game could take a lot out of Fallen Enchantress L.H book, some random events, depth and developing storylines could be a step forward, but C.A just keeps on simplifying things and in turn the games are becoming shallow and boring. Revolution, evolution and creative thinking seem to be lacking in their team, Empire has still got so many problems after all these years that haven't been dealt with that I wonder if this screw-up could be a serious nail in their coffin. I have a lot of respect for what they have done over the years, but they knew how busted this was as should've been put back or Beta tested before asking people to spend $60 on an unfinished product. Relying on unpaid modders and fans to make their games enjoyable, stable and playable is shockingly bad from a company with such a following and I for one am disappointed to have waited so long for this. Reading some of these reviews is just as shocking though. At the end of the day it is just a game, not the end of the world and people should not be so dramatic. I understand peoples anger at paying so much for a turkey, but you really have to learn from having your fingers burnt, don't buy the DLC, stop supporting an uncreative company, be vocal in where you want the series to go (three kingdoms please!) and they will hopefully turn things round and give us a great blockbuster to bring the fans back. If all those fanboys and sheep give this 10's when it clearly doesn't deserve them are holding the development of this series back. If we want a challenging, gripping, impressive forward step in the next game, we have to send the message that they are going backwards and alienating their fan-base. Come on C.A, step up to the plate... Expand
  68. Sep 4, 2013
    I was waiting this game for years. I bought pre-order after watching commercials and reading developers interviews. Now I am feeling robbed and scammed. This game is nothing as it was promised by developers and actually it is much worse than previous TW games. Tons of bugs, simplified campaign map, many features removed, graphics are glitchy. Total disaster.
  69. Sep 4, 2013
    Huge disappointment. Rome 2 is very bad game with expensive marketing campaign. Gameplay is boring and loses almost in every aspect to first Rome which was released 10 years ago!
  70. Sep 4, 2013
    I feel scammed there's no other way to say it.
    The minimum and recommended requirements are a lie. The game is unplayable. After applying community-prorposed fixes, I can now actually barely play at 10-12 FPS. Won't comment on the many disappointments which other players report battle mechanics, removed gameplay features like family trees and so on.. but I have to say this is the
    biggest let down I have ever experienced from an entertainment product! Such a shame! Expand
  71. Sep 4, 2013
    One word describes this game 'souless'. It's boring and you don't feel connected to anything in the game at all. Compared to the original Rome this is horrible garbage, this game is rubbish!! Waited 10 years since Rome 1 for this pile of RS 2.6 is much more enjoyable than this. Anyone who is scoring this game a 10 is either a brain dead moronic drone or paid advertising. From the start of writing this review i have seen the positive reviews rise from around 55 to 161 in the space of a few mins, yeah right... and good on all those review sites who probably didn't even play the game who gave it a good score, Empire mark II... Expand
  72. Sep 4, 2013
    Review is based on the current release: Huge letdown and worst TW game ever made rolling on the hype of rome nothing more) Horrible UI and Layout: - too big unit cards and info windows (covers nearly 40 of the screen) - no artwork at all (looks like Windows reminds me of dragon age 2) Gameplay: - Poorly optimized waiting for turn to end ... - Poor region information on strat map
    - No family tree system
    - Poor tech tree.
    - No Rome era immersion.
    - Next to no tactical possibilites (no guard button, units do not hold lines, super quick battles just charge and forget. Moral system seem to be related to a unit only and does not effect nearby units at all.
    Most battles end in
  73. Sep 4, 2013
    Ignore the people with underpowered pcs! said every 10 out of 10 review ever
    I built my pc last month using brand new parts and it cost me a total of £1500 and this game still runs terrible. Not only that but the graphical bugs are extreme and the countless other problems. This really is a shame because i was looking forward to Rome 2 for years. Ether the chance of getting good
    performance is random or there's a lot of people lying about having 5 year old pcs and i can run this on ultra with smooth fps Shame on CA. Have they learned nothing? Expand
  74. Sep 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This one should be called Rome II or Rome II casual war doing a cap limit and do not even let the player have the number of army he want just drop down the total war mention I do not experienced any graphical issues but doing this game for being more realistic Just moving an army into water and poping it into a boat that sound not realistic at any point just a bunch of worst thinking that casual will have a great time of non thinking anything and enjoing a Star craft II from CA.Was quite impressed by shogun 2 total war battles fast with energy with a good feel on what your armies is doing, there is nothing, men full of bronze equipement run faster than ninja and kill so fast you hadn't any time to appreciate it seriously I really hope for a mod that retunr some point of this game to a rome 1 total war i didn't paid a game to play the way developper want to, i paid a game to play it and enjoy it the way i want Seeing 10/10 make me feel they havn't never played a total war game before or they not yet found the cap limit haha More people must come here to claim their dissatisfaction spending 60 bucks in this open beta game Expand
  75. Sep 4, 2013
    Huge letdown

    The Hype Train was set for the game of the year, unfortunately it was derailed by a large number of bugs, graphical issues and just plain missing content promised by the developer in their massive marketing campaign.

    There is absolutely no unit cohesion, units will just blob together and hack each other down, looking more like a mosh-pit fight than a battle between
    soldiers. One of the most iconic formations of the era; the pike phalanx is downright broken, enemies will just casually stroll through the pikes and kill the phalanx like it was nothing.

    The battle speed feels even faster than Shogun II's, it is clear that Sega is trying to push their Sonic the hedgehog franchise into the Total War one, I cant wait for Mr Eggman DLC

    Even on a decent rig AMD fx 6350 HD 7870 the campaign map stutters like crazy, and framerates will drop as low as 9(!) when selecting an army on the campaign map.

    One of the main selling points was a "darker kind of war" where facial animations and soldiers calling our useful information would play a big part. Unfortunately the unit portraits are god-awful and even though you pump up AA to 16x the edges are blurrier than a pond of mud

    CA really up with this one
  76. Sep 4, 2013
    I have waited years for this game ever since it's announcement and i am surly disappointed we have the modern version of empire total war it sucks. Where to begin they have taken out core features of the total war franchise i can't move army's and units independent of generals on the campaign map anymore. Therefore i can not leave a garrison force in cities to protect them i have lost 2 cities to this already. You have a max number of armys and they all need generals the new imperium system sucks. As-long as my economy can support them i should be able to have as many army's as i dame well please. Also not mentioning the Ai is not effected bye this system at all i found myself the roman empire only able to have 4 army's while a 1 province county is sporting 6 massive army's. Now lets get to the technical stuff the game is poorly optimized. I have a 2600k i7 quad core a gtx 660 ti and 6 gigs of ram pretty standard mid range build. The optimization is so bad that i cannot run the game on anything higher than low without getting under ten frames. And get this on low i am lucky if i hold 20 to 25 frames not to mention constant lag spikes. I have had units run through enemy units and not engage there was one battle were i could not get my units to engage they were not routing they would not move. I have also experienced major texture issues and before anyone asks no my graphics card is not having artafacting this only occurs in Rome 2. Overall i am extremely disappointed and this game was over hyped and is not worth 60 in it's current state. Most of the technical issues will be fixed after a year of patches. At this point i am so fed up and want a refund. I will now go play other strategy games that surpass this like erurope universallis IV and Hearts of iron 3. Also on a side note i am a vet to the total war series i have been hear since shogun total war the first one Expand
  77. Sep 4, 2013
    Rome 2 is unfortunately a disappointment. Essentially the battles are a disorganized mess and over in 5 minutes. I don't feel I am a general in this game as victory is assured by simply clicking attack, with the scope for strategy and tactics severely limited.

    The strategy map on the other hand is quite easy to deal with, and the strategy AI certainly has improved over Shogun 2. However
    the user interface is a bit clunky.

    The game as a whole is fairly bug free, however it is poorly optimized. My computer exceeds the recommended specs but still struggles to run this game in the lowest graphical settings. Overall, if you are looking for a good Total War style/strategy game, don't buy this game!
  78. Sep 4, 2013
    This game is horrible and total disrespect to customers. Amount of bugs is terrific, graphics look much worse than Shogun 2(released in 2011 Many gameplay features were removed. Oh god.. this game look very bad even comparing with Rome 1. Shame on you Creative Assembley!
  79. Sep 4, 2013
    I am very disappointed. It seems they removed many things from the game:

    - missing wonderful Avatar mode from Shogun 2

    - economic system very simplified and lacksdepth

    - testudo also missing, it was in Rome 1

    - no family tree means no atmospheric roleplay

    in addtion to this: tons of bugs, poor optimization, really bad AI, very poor unintuitive UI.

    Not worth $60. Poor game.
  80. Sep 4, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of total war series I played this series from Shogun total war which was relished in 2001 and I played this series non stop since than. So I thought I would write MY OPINION on this game!

    I just want to say that Rome 2 is the disaster iv been waiting for this game for a long time and its a huge disappointment. Simply to say this game is NOT FINISHED! I would say that
    this game is between Alpha and beta stages.

    1) Bad optimization (I think Arma 2 was better optimized than this game )
    2) Stupid Ai Medieval total war 2 had better AI)
    3) Bad UI Just my opinion )
    4) This is my PC Specs i7 4770k 3.5 8gb corsair vengeance Nvidia 770GTx 4gb ssd drive 500gb, and I could not enjoy this game at any graphic settings if you lower the settings, like say medium the game looks worst then medieval total war even on the extreme settings the game still looks bad! and it lags a lot! on any graphic setting!

    5) The units move unrealistically fast when the combat starts and two armies clash at each other you won't be able to make out what is happening with your or enemy units because they just became a large moving blurb on the screen!

    6) Loading times are extremely annoying

    And the list of goes on..............

    I don't understand why people are giving a positive review on this game? this game has a big potential but at this moment it is far away from been finished. By giving it a good reviews you guys are encouraging the game developers to publish the unfinished products!
  81. Sep 4, 2013
    After playing all day I need to admit that this game is very different what developers promised. Optimization doesnt exist at and graphics look not great. Gameplay is very messy and many things just missing. I regret preordering this game. I was fooled by their marketing campaign.
  82. Sep 10, 2013
    This game is commercial garbage.
    Unplayable, graphics and gameplay simplified, arcadized and NO tactic at all.
    Capture point? WTF is this, a hsitorical strategy serious game or a arcade-console-casual game?
    It's pure it's the worst abort I everseen in my gaming life, is the biggest delusion of the year.
    DON'T BUY THIS ALPHA-ARCADE-PIECEOF**** and install Rome I.
  83. Sep 4, 2013
    Have a 780 GTX, i7 3770k, 16GB RAM. Can't run on extreme/ultra at all, in battles it drops to 10 FPS. I put it between medium and very high and I manage stable 30 FPS in fights. Disappointing. Campaign map has FPS drops consistently also. Using Xsplit I was above to see that after an hour I'd dropped over 10,000 frames. Without Xsplit I have the same FPS issues.

    Tried all fixes
    configurations possible, doesn't work and the game has no release SLI support. New UI is bloated, pretentious and non-informative. Non-decipherable Egyptian icons for every button leave you hovering over every button to know what it does. Lack of information bad space management leave it frustrating.

    In battle UI, unit cards take up 30%+ of the screen and use the same bad Egyptian art-style, makes the game unplayable.

    Also false advertisement, the two game play YouTube videos released compare nothing to the game, highest settings don't reflect what you can pull even with a 780 GTX or a titan. Perhaps with SLI support you can but dual SLI titans to run this game on highest settings? I can max out any other game on the market...

    Shambles of a game, suspect it's still in beta and we're just doing mass testing. I've played nearly every other total war and the UI is just a game ruining feature, Shogun 2 kept all the information correct while having their "Stylistic" UI that they wanted. They should have kept the same thing, nobody complained so why fix what isn't broken.

    I'd recommend you save your money if you can, they've claimed they'll patch the game but that doesn't excuse releasing and incomplete game.

    0/10: Avoid at all costs.
  84. Sep 4, 2013
    So far the biggest disappointment of 2013. Instead of improving and adding new features to the game, CA made everything more casual. I don't understand all these talks about huge budget, this game is lame shadow of old TW games.

    People don't buy this game. It is very bad!
  85. Sep 4, 2013
    Simply not fair to charge 55 dollars for a broken game. I still give it a 4/10 because it might get better through the months.
    Some features are just bad though and not broken. Like the messy battles and arcade-like campaign. Stupid traits etc.
  86. Sep 4, 2013
    This game failed its Total War predecessors. It is too fast paced, it´s hard to actually "feel" the game and immerse in to it, because of the new campaign, in which you just don´t give a what happens next. Diplomacy is ok but could stil use improvement (especially the trade agreements).
    But the battles! Oh my god, they suck balls. Even with high tier units, the battles tend to last at
    max like 5 minutes, and I am talking about 4000 against 4000 men battles. Every battle, be it an ambush, siege, or whatever, just ends in a Giant Big Blob. And the AI in siege battles, which was supposed to be really good, is freaking horrible! All the AI does is just rushes towards the Central Point. All hail the Central Point! All hail the worst game in the series! But seriously, let´s just pray for a patch. Unfortunately I believe, that there are just too many problems, that it will either take a year to be repaired, or won´t ever see the improvement. Expand
  87. Sep 4, 2013
    This game is a HUGE letdown.
    The game was many performance issues, since crashes, freezes, low fps on pc's above the requirements and even on some med/high end machines.

    Even without counting the performance issues, the game is a residual of the other total war games. The battle system is awful, you have a capture the flag system and you run straight into it and let the armies fight
    you don't even need to care about tactics they will just pile up anyway and form a big chunk off units that appear to be deaf. The units moving on battle seem that they are running all the time and the cavalry seems like cars moving. AI is plentiful bad in battles and outside.
    There are some good points that I like, diplomacy is one of them.

    In conclusion, this game is not worth the money and seems unfinished. What is unacceptable since CA overhyped this so much, I personally feel rip off and regret completely from buying it.
  88. Sep 4, 2013
    For the love of god DON'T BUY IT! This game is a failure on so many levels.

    As a Total War veteran (have bought and extensively played other games starting from first shogun), I really could not be more disappointed.
    Every developer has had a big miss, and CA has their first huge miss. In my opinion, even Empire was far better game.
  89. Sep 4, 2013
    This game is one big false marketing. After watching all commercial videos, I was hoping to see Rome 2 at least as good as Shogun 2. However, developers just lied to us. Optimization and visual part of the game is bad. Gameplay doesn't feel like TW game.

    Rome 2: Total War is big disappointment for me. I want my money back!
  90. Sep 4, 2013
    This is going to be a very detailed review of the game, it was a huge disappointment so far for me. For readabilitys sake this is the things that I (and most other people) hate about the game

    -Retarded AI
    -Capture Points, The AI will neglect your army and go to the capture points straight and even sometimes break throuh your superior forces
    -Graphic issues (CA has announced a patch on
    that one though), soldiers faces look incredibly stupid even on ultra
    -Balance Issues (Some factions are so overpowered that there is simply no fun found in battling with or against them)
    -Formations break after a few seconds (Even in phalanx the soldiers will break out of formation and shuffle around the map weirdly)
    -Insane battle speed (The battles are over even faster than in Shogun 2, I had no battle over 10 minutes so far)
    -Immersive Feeling Lost (No family tree, Recruitable generals, etc.)
    -Bugs (Roman units can't throw pila except when attacking, Phalanx units can't attack or will go out of phalanx)
    -Ridiculously bad UI (It takes up half of your screen and is totally dumbed down, there isn't even loose formation or guard mode!)
    -The power bar is out of control, the balance of forces is totally against you on the campaign map, but on the battlefield your power bar occupies 90%, what is that?)

    Me and most other people feel this way, I was overly excited. This game stil has some potential though, as long as CA decides to get on their asses and fix all those gamebreaking things.
    I give it a 4/10 as it is right now and will look forward to future patches and user overhauls. I really hope that this game gets fixed, at the moment it is absolutely unplayable for me.
  91. Sep 5, 2013
    Total disappointment of you compare it to the good old TW games but if you are a fan of a quick and simple arcade game with some short and easy battles, this is the game for you.
  92. Sep 4, 2013
    I used to play Rome Total War 1 a lot and it's an excellent game. Rome 2 however is terrible. Game looks like dirty beta or alpha because it is very buggy The game design is too plain simple and boring compared to Rome 1. UI just looks ugly. Campaign map is very casual with many things removed.

    I would like to get a refund.
  93. Sep 4, 2013
    This would have been a great game if they'd finished developing it. Buggy, crash prone, and utterly unplayable. Don't buy it for at least a few months the fact that they're apparently using fans of the series to do play testing rather than doing it themselves is frustrating, to say the least.
  94. Sep 4, 2013
    The official review score is a total shame. The gamer's review score is closer to reality and it should even be a much lower score. Same old philosoply coming from Sega is a real disappointment. Selling an unfinished product is totally unacceptable. The game is a bug in itself. It will mess up your computer and slow down anything you do with it.

    I can't even finish a prologue because
    games crashes. UI looks horrible. Expand
  95. Sep 4, 2013
    I was so exited to play this game for ages and its a serious let down for me.
    The visuals and graphics are very nice but that's about it.

    I hate the whole new campaign system its simply horrible and not enjoyable, it feels like your not apart of the game.
    Everything i love about the whole building your empire is gone, you cant see the buildings in the menu as they have been changed to
    awful avatars/icon cards along with the troops. Why make a massive change like this when it was perfect? was it because CA couldn't be bothered to create detailed buildings and unit cards.

    Battles are just way to fast its like playing c&c you can not even enjoy a battle and watch your men fight like the good old days as its just to fast paced.

    Overall of a game i was expecting to brilliant and Rome 2 compared to the other Total War games.

    if its not broke do not change it!
    This is by far the worst Total War game to date!
  96. Sep 4, 2013
    I never did this before but I've had such a horrible experience with this game that I could not help myself. First and the most infuriating of all is the AI. The units are often unresponsive to your commands and when you do manage go get them to do what you want they usually have terrible pathing. Next is the optomization. I don't know if it's just my computer or what but it lags as hell. I have pretty good rig. This game was rushed out or something but it feels unfinished and it is almost unplayable in it's current state. I will not be buying any more total war games in the future. Expand
  97. Sep 6, 2013
    A well orchestrated PR campaign (congratulations on that CA!) and promises of a game well made and an incentive of 1 additional free DLC and people buy the game. Then, fans (me) complain it is different and broken, so some patches and a ton of paid DLC's later CA is far more income sturdier than just issuing a game upfront properly.

    CA is completely capable of making their games
    playable, modders like dartvader proved they can do it on their own but it is not a good business proposition. There is no development to be done anymore. And development means income and jobs. Tell me again, why do it properly and then be out of a years to come long business?! Unfortunately for me, only now I fully realized this.

    Turning now on the PR campaign we have been promised graphics outstanding with soldiers faces showing horror as enemies attack. This is not the case. Will be though ...a DLC later. We have been expecting some blood and wear and tear of armor and weapons after the battle as seen in the pictures of their PR campaign and as we read in reviews. Again, it is not yet the case, but will be... a DLC later.
    Right now a soldier looks the same before and after the battle.
    We know Romans had archers but there are no archer units in Rome 2 rooster. We all want them as it is stupid to fight with stone slingers in a fiercesome war machine ...a DLC later.

    Got the point?

    For this reason CA bolstered that Rome2 is a huge platform with unlimited potential for the future. And it is truly a cash making machine as long there are fans. I'm gone.

    Believe it or not, the people actually programming the game are not fans of the series. They do not understand the subtleties of the game and this is proven by the fact that they invested in graphics a lot more while "simplifying" the game play and micromanagement, making thus the game dull. To them it seems normal an unmanned tower is raining arrows on the attacking force?! Realism?
    They did not see the point of the defensive position in the unit's orders and just took it out. Why? Because the programmer who did this in the previous series isn't working or in charge of that particular development and the new guy did not see the point anymore. Or, maybe it is pointless for consoles.

    We have to take into account that CA evolved in the last 10 years also. Many new people came and old ones went. This team is not the one who launched Medieval 2 and the previous games. It was visible from the launch of Empire where the bugs started piling up, to this date. It seems they do not play the games they are programming.

    Now, back to us, the fans. We have also evolved. Many of us are fans of the series since Rome 1 or Shogun 1. This was say back in 2004 and we were then 18. That makes us 28 years old now. We don’t play games like then.
    We like to think, use strategy and want to see realism and feel it. We don't like fast and easy battles won. We like positions and tactics and planning an empire right. We like BAI and CAI that is challenging, diplomacy that makes sense, we like to develop our regions, muster armies (as many as we like and afford) and to be challenged. We need for that an immersive game in both strategy and game play.
    Here lies the subtlety that CA did not grasp.

    We also like stunning graphics and can afford top notch PC's. We can spend money if we feel we get what we want.

    But right now, I don't. I feel tricked by a PR campaign promising everything there was in the series and more and delivering... a different and broken thing.
    Deceiving your customers is generally bad bussiness practice, may work here and now but not on the long run.

    Looking at the above, my feel is that CA cannot deliver the game play we want anymore. They can create a platform but that's it. For that reason modders like darthvader appeared and made from a jerky, fort lagging and stupid humpty dumpty style Empire a nice playable game. Same goes for Napoleon and Shogun 2. The crowning achievement of the modding community is Shogun 2 darthmod. From here, looking down on Rome 2 seems a huge step back.

    There are so many issues to be addressed speaking about the game from a game play perspective like armies cannot be split up, armies embarking on nonexistent ships transports, reduced tech tree, UI non intuitive, melees extremely fast, units routing extremely quick one has no time to zoom in to see the fight, not holding formations etc. that it makes no sense to write all here. Just read the posts on Metacritic or Steam.
    Forget the technical problems, they will be fixed eventually but concept issues will not.

    This game will be playable for us maybe in 1-2 years from now when modding people like darthvader and the many others will have corrected some of the game play issues if they will exist for this game.

    From my perspective I am truly sorry to have bought this game now, because I supported this strategy CA is implementing and I destroyed my hopes of a great game. A dumbed down game it is.
  98. Sep 4, 2013
    I played 8 hours so far and I think this game is mess. Awful performance, lack of gameplay features, boring economic system, broken AI.

    I paid 60 dollars for this game and I feel scammed. SEGA marketing department just robbed me.
  99. Sep 4, 2013
    Game is garbage. Many bugs and strange UI. What is the point of making these HUGE UGLY icons and buttons? Shogun 2 had pretty good interface. Why change everything so bad?

    AI is just freakin ridiculous.

    Also dear developers completely removed family tree and made army cap. What a lame decision!

    Paid 30 pounds for this casual parody of Total War games.
  100. Sep 4, 2013
    I've been a huge fan of the entire Total War series since 2003 and understand that most of their games are released a little too early and often have some medium to serious bugs to be fixed.
    Having said that, I feel like I deserve a refund for this game. I understand they wanted to go a different route with the campaign side (politics, no family trees, building armies with generals (not
    cities), revamped tech screen, and the use of regions) but the changes they made were not improvements. I find them distracting and unnecessary. I would also like to take the time to go into how horrible it was to implement one year per turn, not having a family tree, diplomacy horribly bugged, etc... but I want to focus more on the core of any Total War game COMBAT.
    Combat is Rome II: Total War is too fast and chaotic. Tactics don't have much of a roll to play anymore. Units will only engage one another for a minute or two before routing. That gives you no time to set up flanking and ambushing maneuvers. The enemy will now send their entire force (which is 70% slingers in my Suebi game for some reason) into a mass brawl in the center of the map. Battles are no longer won by tactical skill, no, they're won by bringing tougher units with higher morale and having them go one-on-one with another enemy unit until they route. Don't even get me started about capture points!
    I want to write more, but it would just make me even sadder. This game is horrible and has tainted my love of the previous Total War games. The original Rome was in my top 5 games of all time and this horrible excuse of a game (Rome II) isn't even a shadow of its predecessor. I'm so very disappointed in Creative Arts, SEGA and the entire Total War team. I won't be duped again.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 71 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 49 out of 71
  2. Negative: 7 out of 71
  1. Nov 18, 2013
    The game is far less polished than Shogun 2, and a few more patches will help, but Rome II is still a flawed game that is underwhelming when compared to previous titles in the franchise.
  2. Nov 6, 2013
    And here’s the rub: every addition, every sub-system, every mechanic is subservient to War. War is what Total War is really about. Everything else not directly related to conflict comes across as ancillary. Rome II is a game for warmongers, on both the campaign map and, obviously, on the battlefield. When peace is happening, nothing is happening. When war is happening, Rome comes alive.
  3. Oct 28, 2013
    If you will play literally anything featuring Total War and Rome in the same title and don't value your time, this is for you. [Nov 2013, p.80]