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  • Summary: Shogun 2 is the ultimate refinement of the original formula with a new, cutting-edge AI, more polish and online functionality than ever before. The result is the perfect mix of real-time and turn-based strategy gaming that invites both veterans of Total War and new players to experience the enjoyment and depth of the series. Expand
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  1. Mar 27, 2011
    It's the ideal example of evolution trumping revolution in creating great video games.
  2. 93
    The mix of turn based strategy (with economical, political and diplomatic ramifications) and real time battles is still wonderful, but the need to balance timing and aggression is more important than ever. Aggressive players will feel a little cheated, while diplomats will hate Realm Divide stage. Still, Total War was always about realism and the AI's scripted actions make logical and historical sense.
  3. Mar 23, 2011
    More of a masterpiece than check-in for the series.
  4. Mar 15, 2011
    It's wonderfully colourful and completely unique, and it should provide the usual hundreds of hours of gameplay for the hardcore. Those worrying about a retrograde step being taken for the series shouldn't have done so - it's a classic, no question.
  5. Mar 17, 2011
    Creative Assembly is flirting with a new audience with its totaly new and fresh multiplayer component and a streamlined overhaul of the Total War series. But underneath the polished surface lies the Total War we know and love and Shogun 2 has not lost the depth and complexity that has been established over the last ten years.
  6. Jul 14, 2011
    There is a je ne sais quoi elegance on how the game is presented and how well put together the game as an entire corpus is. Although it's still mired by some version 1.0 bugs, Shogun is highly playable and deserves a place on any Total War fan's hard drive.
  7. Mar 14, 2011
    A vast improvement from recent Total War missteps, and revitalizes the glory of the original Shogun, while adding so much new and interesting content that you might not even remember said original. And this one, finally, does right by newcomers, making things as easy and as polished as a game of StarCraft II.

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 35 out of 259
  1. Apr 1, 2011
    The multiplayer campaign is completely broken. I do not know anyone who has been able to complete it due to de-sync issues. Check the Total War forums MPC thread...everyone gets it. This problem has been present since the beta in Empire Total War and in Napoleon Total War, still has not been fixed...

    Moving to the online multiplayer. Countless bugs, 2v2 matching is a joke. Somehow it matches 2v1, 2v0, 3v1, 4v0. After a great many efforts you might get into a 2v2...Wait! There is more!...You selected to play a standard land battle? NOPE, your playing a siege battle or a naval battles. The other team is just confused as they also did not select this game type. What the hell? You really have no idea what is going to happen if you and some buddies want to play together.

    Lets play 1 vs 1 battles and just have some little fights with one another....Ow, we cannot use any of the units unless we unlock them online, games we play on LAN count towards our online profiles? Ah, their is a 'Classic Mode' button we can tick allowing us access to all units and our battles wont be recorded online, lets tick that....WTF, my CPU usage is at 100% (Game breaking button). So you cannot play classic 1v1 battles either. Also, the CPU is not actually at 100%, its 25% as the game does not seem to support more than one core, at the menu anyway.

    Ok, so I bought this game to play with my brother on the Multiplayer campaign...I cannot, ok lets move on and play 2v2 online matches...OK, that does not work either...well, lets play on this new clan conquest map they have created and fight to control it online. We are not playing together, but at least we are both fighting for the same goal?

    Now on to the 1v1 to conquer regions on this conquest map. It seems to be a completely lucky dip as to how skilled the player I am against is, some charge their general alone straight into my army, some are master tacticians I could not hope to defeat. Others are happy to sit on top of a hill with their sniper cannons and shoot my general from across the map. One thing stays the same though, if I am about to beat the other player, they push ALT+F4. Result: Neither party Wins or Loses. Meaning I have to go and look for another game again. What a waste of even more of my time.

    I could go on forever about the bugs I am getting. The latest one means if I click a particular button in the multiplayer menu which is quite important I CTD, someone uploaded a video of this issue. (Clan Competition button, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uFeORZnRAQ). So I cannot see my online clans multiplayer progress anymore/where we are fighting...yay.

    Summary: If you want to play multiplayer, which is why I bought the game and what this review is solely aimed at... for the love of god do not buy this game.

    If you are just going to play single player, this is the greatest Total War since Rome, incredible detail to everything and an all round fantastic game...if only the multiplayer component worked.
  2. Mar 16, 2011
    Mar 15, 2011
    Gosh, I say this game is rather fantastic! I'd been anticipating its arrival for months now and practically
    ripped it from my butler's hands this morning, feverishly unwrapped it and inserted the disc into one of my personal computers, and was it worth the wait? The answer is a resounding "RATHER!" . Being an avid historian, and a gentleman rather acquainted with Asian history, I found the game to be absolutely delightful and a feast to all the senses! One should rush out immediately and purchase this game with no delay. Hurrah for all the chaps at The Creative Assembly. Well done, boys!â Expand
  3. Mar 15, 2011
    Been playing since release, what can i say...i havnt slept...its pretty awesome, best total was since medieval 2! Looks amazing even tho theres no dx11 untill they patch it, then it'll be a 11/10! Expand
  4. Apr 9, 2011
    the best total war so far. i have owned every total war game since shogun 1, and this just blows them out of the water.(well almost sinks Rome) graphics: insane. gameplay: refined. style: perfect. ninjas: ninjas. buy this game.
    (really this game would be worth it just for the ninjas)
  5. gas
    Mar 22, 2011
    This title is without any doubt the best total war release of all time, the brand was loosing a lot of appealing with the last 2 releases, empires and napoleon, which are still plagued by several bugs and a limited by a crap engine/optimization.
    In this little review i talk about single player game, multiplayer is supported and seems implemented in a very nice manner, but im not personally interested in it while playing tactical/strategy games so im not touching this aspect here.
    The only 2 words i spend on mp is the fact i have the opinion other rts, starcraft2 in primis offer a lot more depth in strategy cause they are made for multiplayer single battles as idea, so this title cant compete specifically on it.
    Shogun 2 graphically speaking does not support yet DX11 and AA, wich is a bit annoying, but the game is really nice to see both scenarios and units are great, also the engine finally is a good one so the result is a very smooth experience, with a lot of work on little details.
    About the gameplay, the tactical campaing is very interesting, and similar to rome/medieval2, even if improved with an rpg-style level up of your generals and units which is a nice touch, now you can choose were to spend "points" to improve your generals and special units and traits are no more random (even if specific events may trigger modificators to traits or even brand new traits that you cannot choose directly).
    At start you choose a faction with specific traits that are fixed, but during the turns you will have points to spend into 2 different trees to improve combat and economic side of your empire.
    A single game ends before reaching all the upgrades available so you have to carefully plan where you wanna excel or what to priorise using those points.
    The rts battles are very tactical and very involving, you need to choose carefully how to approach the enemy, and adapt to the units you are countering to be victorious, also the terrain can and shoul be used to gain advantage like hiding troops in the vegetation, charging from a hill etc.
    The AI even at easy level is not stupid on the battlefield and tends usually to have an "intelligent" approach, also the different factions may react in a proper manner related to their aggressivness, which you can see in the detailed in the "trade panel", so some may prefer a frontal charge while other factions may prefer to defend etc, also every faction tend to prefer specific units over others, so the battles can last long and can be quite different which is a must for a game like this.
    Talking about the audio, music and effects are are defo hi standard, not so various, but sure they dont lack in quality.
    The game is very stable, the engine moves very smooth on my pc that is sure not new (intel dual duo 3.2 + ATI 5770), i had a couple of crashes on 80 hours playtime wich is defo good, expecially compared to the old total war wich sure did not excel in game stability.
    Luckily it never happened so far the "last turn bug" that afflicted all the previous releases , and was the worst issue of all the Total war franchise imho.
    At the end this game is one of the best mixed tactical turn based/rts game around, so anyone interested in the genre will be pleased sure with this game.
    There are some minor issues that dont affect much the game but still they should be fixed, like units retreating from the battlefiled are no more "flagged" so to intercept them you need to manually find them on the field wich is quite annoying, and a non perfect pathfinding when moving into castles, even if 100 times better then previous total war titles.
    Also when defending into castles you need to babysit a lot units, especially archers to be sure they are looking where is logic and expected to.
    What i personally consider a great miss in a game like this is the total lack in customization, cant get why the total war franchise always forget / dont consider it a must.
    You can start a campaign with only premade factions, starting always in the same zone with fixed traits and background, and the victory conditions can be only 3 and the difference is only the number of zones to conquer.
    I can understand the historical work on this but from a title like this i expect more and various victory conditions, randomizable starting zones/traits, customizable factions, and maybe a map editor.
    Also the game difficulty cant be applied to specific factions and you cant choose a different number of opponents then the preset.
    Also another minor issue in my opinion is the fact if you choose the long campaign, when you are half way with around 30/60 zones conquered, going on is too easy and near the end the game really lack of interest, so basically going for the 45 zones condition or to the 60 changes nothing in terms of gameplay.
    So i give an 8, great game, best in the serie, but still lacks in customization that should be a must for a geek of those tactical/strategic games.
  6. Nov 16, 2011
    I've been playing the limited edition of this game ever since this came out, and also purchased every single add-ons for this game. My only concern with this game is that there's a lot of spammers, and recently, the replay files are all corrupted so I can't actually look at the replays. So I won't really be playing this game until CA fixes these problems. Expand
  7. Jun 14, 2011
    This was my first Total War game and it was a complete disappointment. First the pros its a very polished game got it when it came out and i encounters no bugs or glitches. The graphics are beautiful and the sound is great. I have always loved Real time Strategic games I have played Age of Empires and Starcraft from the start and with the end of Age of Empires and Starcraft getting a bit old this game was recommended to me recently. This was my first foray into the Total way Series and its possible that i came into it looking for the wrong things. First thing that i think is missing is a top down 90 degree viewing angle if not 90 damn near it. While some people might like the camera controls i think there a pain in the ass. Thats my major problem with this game the camera controls make it impossible to play. If it was possible to just lock it in a 90 and get rid of camera rotation totally it might be playable.

    My recommendation is this. IF you have played Total war games before and like them buy this game. You will love it. If you have not played a total war game before don't waste the money buy a previous version like medieval 2 which i have been told is very good and see if you like that first.

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