Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
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  1. 80
    TrackMania Sunrise is an improvement in virtually every way, but the extreme stunt nature of the tracks, combined with the heavy emphasis on unlocking content (which itself rests upon racing very well), can mean repeating the same track several times until you get it just right.
  2. Throw in a better overall sense of presentation and an insanely deep track editor, and what you've got is a truly great sequel.
  3. Game Informer
    I'm honestly very excited to see what this team comes up with next, and hopeful that future title will have a little more polish to it. [July 2005, p.125]
  4. But the tracks seem to be an issue this time because they just feel broken and incomplete compared to the first TrackMania. In the first game I didn’t have the sense of having to replay the tracks over as much as I did with TMS.
  5. 80
    If you want outrageous arcade racing action, along with the chance to solve some puzzles and get creative, TrackMania Sunrise is a safe bet for your gaming dollar.
  6. Compared to its predecessor, it looks better, moves faster, throws you further and loves you more. The track design is more extraordinary than ever and full of flourishes that I can barely begin to emulate with my own creations, the new gameplay modes fit right in, and indeed Platform is arguably more addictive than anything in the first game all by itself.
  7. games(TM)
    It’ll be the online community that makes or breaks Sunrise. Given the way the support for the first game surpassed even the developer’s expectations, we’re inclined to think that this superior sequel should have no trouble in getting fans to rally behind it. [May 2005, p.94]
  8. The best thing about Sunrise is that it doesn’t take a huge time commitment. The load times are fast and you can keep this game on your hard drive for months and years to come and just pick up and play whenever you have some spare time.
  9. Edge Magazine
    Sunrise does nothing truly brilliant, but does it with such engaging raw excess that it’s hard not to be sucked in by its fairground attraction. [May 2005, p.88]
  10. PC Gamer
    The absence of any damage or collision modeling will rankle some (cars pass right through one another), and the insane difficulty of some of the later stages - exacerbated by pneumatic Hot Wheels driving physics - will drive many players bonkers. [July 2005, p.69]
  11. 80
    While the "car" portion of TrackMania: Sunrise is indeed shallow, the focus on wild, custom race tracks and unique modes of play really puts this game in a class by itself.
  12. Pelit (Finland)
    An addictive arcade racing experience with lots of personality and many surprising elements. Fun, fun and more fun. [Aug. 05]
  13. Truly a different game, and it’s different enough to warrant a spot in your collection.
  14. TrackMania’s name really depicts the real essence of the game, different tracks, different challenges but most times you will find yourself driving like a loon and everything is so over the top you can’t imagine how this can be topped.
  15. Computer Games Magazine
    Everything about TrackMania Sunrise comes together beautifully. [Aug 2005, p.75]
  16. A middling offering. What it offers in great visuals, it loses in making those visuals static.
  17. Racing that feels so fresh and sharp reminds of the sheer pulse-racing style of F-Zero GX. To get this kind of breezy, clean, no-holds-barred racing action on the PC is a delight, and implicitly suggests that Gran Turismo 4 should be made to write out “I must learn the meaning of fun” 5,000 times on a blackboard.
  18. Fast, varied and exacting, although its near-scientific dedication to perfection leaves it empty in the heart. [PC Gamer UK]
  19. PC Format
    Despite clumsy menus, the game itself looks utterly beautiful, and as the community grows, the game will expand and become more involved. [May 2005, p.98]
  20. If you enjoy zipping Hot Wheels through loops and off your front porch, TrackMania is an essential selection as it's one of the best PC games of 2005.
  21. 88
    A deceptively simple game, one of those classics that you can instantly pick up and play but which colludes with the pleasure seeking part of your brain into compelling you to keep on playing until you master all its little nuances.
  22. Racing fans looking for something a little different, whether you have the original or not, should check this out, it's fast, furious and fun, essential ingredients for a racing game.
  23. The best inclusion is a compulsive Platform mode requiring death-defying leaps. Trial and error repetition can frustrate but improving your scores by performing perfect jumps is addictive.
  24. Casual gamers may find a hefty learning curve, but the tracks are so inventive; it's ultimately worth the work required to unlock them.
  25. If you are a speed freak who likes a serious single player challenge, you absolutely should check out this game for its solo modes. They are unlike anything found in a PC racing title to date, and will provide you with hours of high octane thrills and spills.
  26. It manages to further establish the series as one of the PC's most playable games to date. If you liked the original then you will love Sunrise.
  27. Unlike most such games Sunrise is packed full of features and what you get with it--besides a unique solo experience--are tools to effortlessly create custom content and share it and enjoy it together with everyone else. It is less than a year old and the community has already made an incredible amount of tracks and vehicles, and Nadeo released a free expansion pack.
  28. It delivers racing thrills and the right amount of mental challenge, all wrapped up in a package that's inventive and - yes - easy on the eye.
  29. 82
    All-importantly enjoyable and undeniably addictive.
  30. Online, Sunrise is beyond fault. There are plenty of games to join (albeit most of which requiring a minimum of GCSE French) while if playing on your lonesome happens to be your thing, plenty of tracks are available for download, with your creations - if any good - are guaranteed an eager reception.
  31. Pelaaja (Finland)
    Did you play with Scaletrix as a kid? And did you have wild fantasies about tracks with loops and jumps? Do you have the reflexes of a hyperactive weasel? If you answered ‘yes’ on all the afore-mentioned questions, Trackmania Sunrise is a game made just for you. [May 2005, p.84]

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Generally favorable reviews- based on 43 Ratings

User score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 43
  1. Jun 19, 2012
    this game is amazing, i can not see 1 flaw. everything about this game is a perfect racing game. a great map editor, an excellent map and AIthis game is amazing, i can not see 1 flaw. everything about this game is a perfect racing game. a great map editor, an excellent map and AI system. i would strongly recommend this game. not to mention that the graphics were amazing for its time. in my opinion this is the greatest racing game ever Full Review »
  2. AnalogueBubblebath
    May 30, 2007
    Sumptuous graphical style, brilliantly tuned arcade racing, and some truly unique gameplay modes. Nadeo really hit the nail on the head with Sumptuous graphical style, brilliantly tuned arcade racing, and some truly unique gameplay modes. Nadeo really hit the nail on the head with this one (and managed it again with their *free* follow up, Trackmania Nations). Sheer, unadulterated fun as both a single- and multi-player experience, and easily the most addictive experience I've had in years. Full Review »
  3. JackC.
    Nov 25, 2006
    The best maniac racing game ever, EVER made.