Mixed or average reviews - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 17 out of 29
  2. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. Whether you are looking for a quality arcade race experience, challenging puzzles, an in-depth racetrack design tool, or all of the above, TrackMania is one game you won’t want to miss out on.
  2. 85
    The single player racing modes combine with a track editor for near infinite replayability, even with some of the core gameplay issues.
  3. Your eyes won't hurt looking at TrackMania, but you're not going to drool either, it is just a simple graphical setup here.
  4. Despite the game’s flaws – and it does have them – track building and racing is surprisingly fun and addictive. You might find yourself hooked. I was.
  5. An innocent and undiluted slice of pure fun. It's like "Stunts" for 2004!
  6. 82
    Despite the slightly lack-lustre graphics, TrackMania: Power Up! is a great game to play with friends or foes -and you won't find many titles that give you this much value for money.
  7. A real shot in the arm for what is becoming a dull genre.
  8. It almost feels awkward to play something this understated, but once you get over that you realise that all you need to have fun is a few squares of track snapped together creatively - and that you don't need in-game radio stations, real-time reflections or modern cityscapes to make your case.
  9. Even without the promise of future content, TrackMania is a rock-solid out-of-the-box retail product, so if you have any sort of interest or affection toward this type of racer, it's completely worthwhile.
  10. Overall the game performs admirably with a steady framerate. It's virtually bug-free. You may experience some lag online depending on the server but my experience was great. My only complaint about the game is that the cars tend to feel too light.
  11. My expectations may have been a little high, because I’m left wanting more. I wish the developers had implemented things like loops, and that they had added more cars, more levels, and just about more of everything.
  12. The only reason you’re compelled to come back to it time and again is because you had fun the last time you played with it. In that sense, it’s the perfect toy.
  13. Feels like a breath of fresh air, an unpretentious and stupidly entertaining little game that has little grasp of reality but delivers serious fun. [Oct 2004, p.83]
  14. From the great graphics, fun gameplay, and amazing concept, TrackMania provides a might punch in a small package.
  15. TrackMania isn't a hugely polished game, but it's a breath of fresh air to play a game with a half-original concept. It feels (and, critics might add, looks) like the games of my youth (and so the rest of the team's middle-age), when originality sold as much as generic graphical kiss-kiss-bang-bang. [PC Zone]
  16. Takes a great concept and executes it cleanly. Building your own track is amusing and then subsequently racing on it with online opponents is even more enjoyable.
  17. 75
    If you want some quick fun and a chance to bring to life that wild race course you've dreamt of, TrackMania might be just the thing for you.
  18. Refreshingly, cheating is often the best way to go. [Sept 2004, p.70]
  19. Right now, the online exchange that Trackmania needs doesn't exist, but the community is growing by word of mouth. This is clever gaming, and in six months time it could be enormous. [Feb 2004, p.110]
  20. The in-game music and sounds are horrid and repetitive; I played with the sound off after a few minutes of bad sampling and nauseating theme music.
  21. Worth a look if you fancy some Rollercoaster Tycoon-style construction fun, with four-wheel time challenges thrown in for good measure.
  22. On the bright side, multiplayer has been designed to not require the fastest connection for smooth play, even on overseas servers. The cars handle quite well, the graphics are nice, and the physics seem good.
  23. Trackmania is really about track design more than racing, so the multiplayer games won't be able to hold your interest for too long.
  24. My bottom line is, there needs to be more content and more challenge. Good ideas are in this game, but the actual racing totally stinks.
  25. 62
    The game’s presentation is quite average and what many would call the meat of the game, the racing, falls far below any of the realistic racing you’ll find out there today.
  26. The physical separation of human opponents makes every multiplayer contest a little less worthwhile, whilst the one-player game’s mission to collect track parts seems pointless if you then cannot share the resulting new tracks easily with close friends.
  27. At present, the online community is visible, but it's hardly expansive. Without it, Trackmania is good entertainment for a few afternoons, a short game not due to a lack content, but simply a lack of serious challenges.
  28. 59
    With a dated racing model and keyboard-driven track editor, it just can’t compete with the big boys, although young gamers might get a kick out of it.
  29. What's worse than a mediocre piece of shareware? Answer: a $30 retail game that looks and plays like a mediocre piece of sharware. [Oct 2004, p.81]

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