Generally favorable reviews - based on 50 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 43 out of 50
  2. Negative: 0 out of 50
  1. As good as Trine is it left me slightly wanting due in part to its length-at about 6 hours maximum it’s very short for its price tag. If it’s a higher price, it should be full length.
  2. A beautiful game. From the graphics to the core mechanics, players will be amazed at how well it is designed.
  3. Trine's got the gameplay and the looks to make it well worth your time and money.
  4. Trine is simply an unpretentious and effortlessly lovely adventure, if never quite special enough to nudge into the echelons of 9/10 and above. Immediately likeable, hugely enjoyable and brimming with charming detail every step of the way, your enjoyment may depend on how many friends you can share the journey with, but few would regret time spent in the company of this trio.
  5. If you’d rather play a whimsical, self-deprecating adventure that makes no assumptions and might just be quietly shaping the genre to come, give Trine a shot - it absolutely deserves your attention.
  6. Trine isn't as new and exciting as current 2D platforming king Braid was on its release, but its combination of tight controls, exiting action and physics-based puzzles makes it easy to recommend to platforming fans. It's a shame the multiplayer isn't more interesting, but when played alone it shouldn't be hard to get many hours of fun out of Frozenbyte's impressive looking title.
  7. An elegantly designed mix of puzzles and platforming that may well be the best Lost Vikings clone yet.
  8. Simple and funny, with a solid gameplay and great art. No chance for the plot but even with these problems, the result is really good especially playing with your friends. A little masterpiece.
  9. At first glance one might think of Trine as a visually appealing 2D side-scrolling adventure, and while that impression certainly is correct, the real gist of the matter lies withing the physics and puzzle based gameplay elements. In order make your way through the game, either by yourself or with up to two friends, you'll have to utilize the individual abilities of the three main character classes in order to succeed.The concept doesn't stay fresh all the way through, but this is still a great 2D adventure and co-op experience we recommend to one and all.
  10. Trine is an extremely well-balanced and clever game. A little combat, a little platforming action, some very well-designed puzzling – the overall effect resulting in a quite enticing game.
  11. Trine is one of the better platformers I've played this year, and it's definitely worth buying.
  12. Trine is just one of those games that a casual gamer can pick up and play a little or a lot, also a heavy Impulse Gamer can feel good at having this hidden gem in their gaming collection.
  13. In conclusion, Trine comes very close to legendary, and while there a few things keeping it from such lofty heights, you should absolutely play this game. It's smart, it's fun, and it's well worth your time.
  14. Trine proves that if you have an original mix of ideas, even old school gameplay can still work great, especially when paired with incredible visuals and extremely polished code. So, it is a bit short and lacks long-term replayability and gets scored accordingly, but don't let that stop you - Trine is definitely something special.
  15. Awesome game that nobody wouldn’t like. Try it, love it!
  16. Trine is a great game to get for some casual fun – try the demo and then splurge for the full version.
  17. 85
    Overall this is a fantastic title. I loved it from start to finish, the look, charm and old school fusion gameplay made this a welcome treat to the otherwise wasteland that is the summer release months.
  18. Ultimately Trine is a title no fan of adventure and platforming should let escape.
  19. A nice reincarnation of The Lost Vikings. But, as opposed to the “lost” runner Erik, archer Baleog, and sturdy Olaf, the three heroes of Trine are imprisoned in one body.
  20. Trine is really a pearl of a game. Beautiful level-design, nice puzzles, good voice-acting and a lot of atmosphere. If you are a fan of platformers and liked The Lost Vikings then Trine is definitely a game for you.
  21. 82
    A lack of enemy variety, disappointing conclusion, and the wonky multiplayer keep Trine from greatness, but this is still a highly recommended puzzle platformer.
  22. Graphics are easily the standout element in Trine.
  23. This game shows how beautiful two-dimensional games can be. Physics, graphics and music all have been created with affection. Trine could have been a bit more challenging and funny, but if you liked World of Goo, this is a game for you.
  24. If you want to have fun with an old-school 2D adventure, Trine is your choice.
  25. It reminded me a lot of Lost Vikings, which is nice.
  26. Trine is the game you didn't expect. Funny, fast and simple to play. It has several problems, in particular with the controls, but it's something original that we suggest to all players. More than anything else, it is the perfect game to play this summer with some friends.
  27. Trine is definitely worth spending some time with. It doesn’t bring anything new to the table, but what it does it does well.
  28. It would have been a true gem if it had more complex puzzles, extended multiplayer options and a replay value backed up by more than some achievements. The potential is certainly there.
  29. While combining three different play styles doesn’t result in three times the game, it does equal into a polished 2D experience that’s well worth your time.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 432 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 71 out of 85
  2. Negative: 2 out of 85
  1. Dec 30, 2011
    Fantastic visuals. Someone cared deeply about the art. The voice acting is great, the game play is very fun. Don't hesitate to get this orFantastic visuals. Someone cared deeply about the art. The voice acting is great, the game play is very fun. Don't hesitate to get this or it's sequel. Full Review »
  2. KoosKing
    Jul 25, 2009
    Trine is a beautiful looking game - the artists have really poured heart and soul into it. Unfortunately it's gameplay and programming Trine is a beautiful looking game - the artists have really poured heart and soul into it. Unfortunately it's gameplay and programming where it falls flat. There's a few small issues that I'll mention first before I get to the real problem. There's no saving mid-way through a level. If you quit it's restart time. Controller configuration isn't saved so you'll need to reset that everytime too. You can't pick a resolution and aspect ratio. You must choose from the arbitrary ones offered. The voice acting ranges from good to really bad. Bad none of those are show stoppers. The problem is that using a physics engine to drive a character in a platform game is a BAD IDEA. There's a fair bit of precision jumping which you will fail time and again as your characters inertia slides them off the edge. Add to that that you're getting smacked around by heavy boxes etc... and you never really feel like you're controlling your character. The other issue with a physics based game is that it's a bit of a one trick pony. By the end of the second stage you'll have solved every puzzle varaint. The rest is tedium. Not even the enemies change. Full Review »
  3. Dec 2, 2011
    The game is extremely pretty to look at. It's a good length game consider the price tag and there welcome complexity to the characterThe game is extremely pretty to look at. It's a good length game consider the price tag and there welcome complexity to the character designs. However, the game play is very lacking. The puzzles are extremely easy and repetitive. The jumping controls are unresponsive and lack precision. You see largely only 1 enemy type throughout the whole game which gets dull extremely quickly. The coop play is awkward as the game is obviously not design only for single player. The music lacks variance. Full Review »