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Generally favorable reviews- based on 24 Ratings

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  • Summary: The sequel to the award-winning Fun in the Sun Caribbean simulation, Tropico. As a Pirate King, rule a secret pirate island full of despicable 17th century Sea Dogs. Fuel your economy by plundering wealthy merchants and taking prisoners back to the island as captive workers. Keep your scurvy buccaneers satisfied with rowdy gambling, jolly feasting, and barrels of rum! World powers fear you, brigands respect you, captives obey your every command, and don't forget about the wenching! Argh, thar ain't nuttin like bein' a Pirate King! [Gathering of Developers] Expand
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  1. It's like the developers read my review and fixed everything I complained about in the first game.
  2. 88
    The kind of great sequel that should be encouraged - it builds on the solid base of the original, cleans up most of the problems and manages to stake out its own territory in the process.
  3. Despite its flaws, Pirate Cove is a very engaging game, made all the better by being the first title that doesn’t just make gambling, drinking, wenching and plundering in the Caribbean a recommendation, but a requirement.
  4. There's plenty of depth to the gameplay, and there's tons of scenarios to play, plus the sandbox mode, so it ought to keep you going for ages.
  5. Surprisingly, there is no option for random generation of islands, nor is there any scope for multiplayer frolics, making it feel rather limited.
  6. Fans of "Tropico" may wish that Frog City had developed a more direct descendant of the original--the mechanics are basically the same, but Tropico 2 is a very different game.
  7. An otherwise pedestrian city-building game, only Tropico 2's setting salvages it from being a complete shipwreck. [July 2003, p.79]

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