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  1. May 24, 2014
    A few dollops of new paint has refreshed the series! Or has it...

    To me as a fan of Tropico since #1, Tropico 5 has seemed to have thrown out all the old stuff that has been in the series since the Original Tropico. The Traits are now gone, a lot of buildings from previous games have seemed to disappear, hardly any of the buildings look different from each other (Even Shacks look the

    The concept of the time periods seems like an interesting idea at first but it is really poorly executed, around 80% of the buildings are locked in Colonial times, which is fair enough... Where are you going to get a Space Program in the Colonies? But what annoys me is the fact that they didn't execute it like they did in the Modern Times DLC where you upgrade the buildings with the time. You can't even get a Medical building in Colonial times, or hardly any Entertainment buildings. And I'm pretty sure they were making Cigars and Rum before "The Great Wars"

    The Gameplay can feel very dull and a bit of a drag at times. You feel like you've listened to the same song over and over and over, Done the same objective over and over and over. And you've gotten nowhere.

    Also the customisation of the characters is appalling comparing to Tropico 4, which had limited options to say the least. The only costumes you can use in Tropico 5 limited to literally 5. And some of those don't even make sense, You can dress as an Astronaut in Colonial Times. This makes me face palm very much so. They also slimmed down the traits to around 8. Considering Tropico's Useful and Humorous Traits from the past, these really aren't traits. Did I mention you can't have your own name? Nope, You got to have a name from this list. And going through the list is a gruelling task as you have to go through each name INDUVIDUALLY by scrolling to the side.

    The new characters also seem a bit... Bland and characterful comparing to previous games. Even the Caricatures seem a bit lifeless. Also not having the faction figureheads stating what's going on really lets the game down.

    It also is quite tough on the hardware, I would suggest using a beefy computer. But this could just be the early stages of the game.

    On the bright side, It's pretty I guess. And Trading is a nice touch. But not much else has changed and had only really taken a step backwards.

    I think Haemimont and Kalypso really need to get their act together, After that tremendous flop that was Omerta and now this. I don't understand why I thought this may have been better, seeing that Kalypso is in a bit of a slump at the moment.
  2. May 29, 2014
    If you ask me this game is a dumbed down version of all the previous installments of which I am a big fan.

    Already boring after a couple of hours play and a big disappointment...
  3. May 26, 2014
    Feels like a Beta to me. There are some really promising features in this game (ex. dynasty, trade ships) but not so many. Definitely wasted potential. And what irritated me the most? Boring as hell Colonial Era. Really bad music - not even close to the old series. Forget about any singers. Textures without shadows and details. Only one variant of each building and four clothes/faces for your presidente. You just can't stop people from coming to your island (even with Constitution options!) – and there is no emigration office to help you deal with this problem. No options for restarting current missions – from main menu you can only play full campaign from the beginning. And there are 10 missions in 2 islands for the entire game! And of course they removed many cool building from Tropico 4 ex. Police stations is now also a fire brigade, only 2 types of schools, forget about zoo, tourists shops, golden statues (they give only 2 gardens size with no variations!). No options for education profiles, tv programs or kinds of films to play in your cinema. Only a few different models of peoples. As a big fan of series it seems to me like they don’t have money or time to finish the game properly so they sold what they have. Sad. Now I understand why they give you free copy of Tropico 4 and “future DLC”. Expand
  4. Jun 4, 2014
    I don't have room to write about all the problems with this game. 5000 characters is the limit, and my steam review (after I removed 6 paragraphs to make it fit their limit) is far, far over that. I'm a Tropico fan since the original game, and Tropico 5 is an insult to Tropico fans, and a very, very bad computer game. I'd say strategy game, but there's very little strategy left in the game. Build stuff, set the 5-way budget Win/Lose switch to "Win", and then marvel at how worthless this game is even compared to Tropico 1. I bought a 4-pack and I'd give anything for Tropico 5 to not be the horrible, worthless, empty, game that it is, because I love Tropico. Someone found 10 DLC titles already planned in the config files, which about sums up the developer focus. Multiplayer is locked on fast, can't be saved, crashes constantly, and is absolutely worthless/unplayable, as is Tropico 5 generally -- a broken, worthless game. SAD. Expand
  5. Jun 4, 2014
    Another game released unfinished :( Don't try to play this game until gold edition or more... It's not only a bug problem, they miss screens and options too.
  6. May 30, 2014
    Tropico 5 is a HUGE step down in production values.
    Everything ranging from music to voice acting got a big budget cut.

    Also, capping the Population at 2000 is one of the dumbest thing I ever heard in a city building game, and I cannot find any good explanation as to why they would do something that stupid. Then again, this is a dumbed down Tropico, even the music sucks, so what did I

    I'm seriously considering going back to Tropico 4, if both games were released simultaneously, everyone would prefer Tropico 4.

    They don't deserve your money, don't buy this game!
  7. Jun 1, 2014
    I love the tropico series and I have been looking forward to Tropico 5 for a long time. At first I liked what I saw but over time I kept wondering where are these rebels coming from. I was finding it very hard to match the stats to actual events in the game. Turns out I had a rebel that had a 99% approval rating for me and all his rebel friends also loved me to bits, enough to want to over throw the person they loved to bits. Which explained why I had unexpected rebel issues. Rebels are no longer linked to what the player does, even the best most happiest citizen can be chosen to be rebel. Then we have the 2000 population cap and disasters that if left on medium difficulty, should happen occasionally but actually happy often. The game looks great, but it does not take long to notice its pure eye candy. The heart of Tropico has been ripped out. Expand
  8. Jun 8, 2014
    You can do a lot in this game, you just cannot do any of it well. This game is bloated with too many features and as a result fails to have a strong feature that defines it as a worthwhile game. This game will prove entertaining at first as there is a lot to discover and dive into but it is impossible to sustain. What frustrates me the most is the presentation of the metrics that you use to run your island. In a simulation game, data is everything and the data in Tropico 5 is useless. The financial data is difficult to centrally manage and one cannot really dig into the data like one can in the SimCity games. As a result, after about an hour of game play, the game becomes boring and frustrating. The revenues and expenses swing wildly and I never know why. The military battles are a joke. I would not recommend this to anyone who desires a near realistic simulation experience. Expand
  9. Jun 6, 2014
    To me Tropico 5 is a step towards a casual, browsergame-like Console game. The reduction of management options in comparison to part 4 and the VERY LOW difficulty can not be counterbalanced with the badly made character sucession and the different eras. The gameplay mechanics are way too easy to master but if you only want to plant buildings on a lovely tropical island without any stress this may be your game. And the loss of any chance to play as a bad dictator (apart from joining the Nazis in WW2) is another decay compared to the original first part of the series. Expand
  10. Jun 11, 2014
    ok, it's start from begin.... user has been warned that this game utilize DirectX11 so in here i will not complaint about the graphic..... but for gameplay this game has most overhyped gameplay ever:
    first: Customisation is shallow than tropico 4 where in tropico 4 you have many trait for your el presidente,
    secondly about el presidente customization is just 4 cloth or suite. Not like
    tropico 4 where you can customize a lot of accesories.

    For GamePlay:
    -Trade system now limited to one ship, yea its fun but on the otherhand your colony now spawning 5 dock to run your business... so on the coast now we don't have beautiful coast but now is SHIP DOCK!
    -Removing of prison and Dungeon where in tropico 4 you can throw the prisoner on it, or make it as a tourism spot.
    -There is no Fire Station, because the fire station building is in the police station building... how the police station function same as fire station building.
    -Boring Design: Every building like a Shack, Apartment, House now have same texture not like tropico 4 where you can change the texture.
    -Stupid Citizen: Because in tropico 5 your citizen don't have parameter like courage, inteligence or leader aspect.... so yep.... boring citizen everywhere.
    -Stupid Rebel mechanics: Rebel now have tendency occur at 60% happiness and it spawn in PALACE...
    -Stupid Fishing Lodge: In troico 4 you can put fishermen Lodge in the coast every where, but now in tropico 5 now fishermen lodge can be build just on fish deposit.
    -Boring Time Change: Why on earth , in colony age you can't build hospital or clinic?? and you can't build any factory at all. just plank factory???
    -Removing half of the unique tropico 4 decoraation, so your city look bland and boring because same decoration.
    -Combat is ridiculous stupid: Your soldier can walk when he under the rain of fire from rebel, and the most stupid is the tank while it's good to have it.... if enemy use or have it BAM! your game over!

    So in all i prefer Tropico 4 han this, if you like the graphic choose tropico 5 if you like Gameplay choose Tropico 4... oh BTW you can't control and speech with el presidente in tropico 5...
  11. Jun 5, 2014
    Do you want me to prove that this is a half completed game for you?
    ok lets start:

    1) Tropico 4 had great variety of buildings. all of them required Modelling , Animating and programming.
    they told themselves why should we spend money on all these? we can replace them other ways or simply remove them. for example we don't need to go through all the process of modeling and animating
    an Immigration office. we just right 10 lines of text in constitution and do the programming only!
    2) Also we are not going through all that process for some buildings like Prison or Grade school or garbage dump and we remove them completely (although 94% of players want them.)

    3) At the same time we are not going through the process of modeling and Animating for some buildings and let the other buildings do their job using only one upgrade which includes only 2 lines of text and 10 lines of programming and doesn't even change the look of the buildings (like fire departments)

    4) at the same time why we need the appearance of the buildings to reflect their upgrades like Tropico 4, that costs us money! so we are not going to do that too

    5) why should we make it hard for ourselves by designing a good battle system? war is war who cares? letting players to control their military units need more programming and costs us money. why we need to do that?

    6) if we want to let presidente to give speeches and be active we should do animating , programming and some more voice recording and that will cost us money! so we don't do that too

    7) also in tropico 4 most of the buildings like schools and college and even garbage dumps had had options . you could choose the building to operate the way you wanted for example you could choose to recycle , decide what should be taught in college or school, all of these required more money to for programmers , so we gonna remove them as well

    8) designing multiple appearances for some buildings are going to need some more modelling and that is going to cost us money too, so again we are not going to do that. let all of their buildings look the same we don't care

    9) But we gonna need something to attract people don't we? so lets make a multiplayer! oh wait that gonna cost us too. so we gonna release half completed multiplayer without most of default multiplayer features and let them be happy with that!


    LOOK CLOSELY Big Grin lol (oh Kalypso)

    11) we gonna change our voice recording studio to a terrible voice recording studio with terrible voice actors BUT it's cheaper!

    12)oh wait even on making a trailer for the game why should we make it hard for ourselves to make a good, innovative trailer and spend more money on it? we are just going to copy the Charlie Chaplain's Great Dictator idea and so we can get a cheap Trailer that doesn't reflect our game flaws and missing content

  12. Jun 23, 2014
    I regretted buying this game after playing for more than 3 hours. Game mechanics are not documented anywhere.

    Politics: Rebels will rise based on faction standings, not based on happiness, leading to the ridiculous situation that your people love you, but you are facing rebel attacks every 3 minutes (real time) because some factions hate you because of (uninformed) decisions made by the
    player regarding the constitution of the island.

    Economy: Um... I made MUCH more money from selling coffee than I did from selling canned coffee. Importing raw materials (sugar) to produce something else (rum) does not work at all. 80% of the trade routes are import routes. At some point I simply ignored trade altogether and simply spammed farms, mines and lumberjacks.

    Humour: No. Tropico 5 is not funny.

    Music: Music is fine, I guess.

    Final verdict: Uninspired necromantic effort.
  13. Jun 18, 2014
    I dont get the hype and i dont unterstand the Medias, the all must be stupid,... cause Tropico 4 or 3 was overall a better Game with deeper Gameplay but Media for Games are useless and stupid......

    Im realy not impressed of 5 after 20 hours.... Tropico 4 was more fun has better looks and way more replay value
  14. Jun 17, 2014
    As a fan of tropico series. This is the worst ever !
    Tropico 5 lost its track which make the tropico 5 success. There is no critical agent-based simulation factor as the olds. Just lay the object and it will run by some hard rules.
  15. Jun 22, 2014
    Lyubo_Haemimont Wrote:  
    You did not get Prisons in Tropico5...Boohoo.

    That's what you can expect from the devs if you ask about them finishing their game. That is an actual quote from the Kalypso forums from a Haemimont dev. They are pretty much taking this attitude to all complaints about the game being unfinished. They ruined the franchise. They released the half finished game to
    make a buttload on preorders. It doesnt even work. They promise the dlcs they sell later will finish their half assed product. Dlcs are supposed to add more to the game, not used to extort money to get it to work right. Expand
  16. Sep 2, 2014
    There are no new features to justify the price. Tropico 5 leaves so much to be desired and it's a dumbed down version of Tropico 4. Absolutely not recommended.
  17. Oct 18, 2014
    I joined the Tropico franchise at number 4. Thoroughly enjoyed it, found it very funny and a nice change from the average city builder where you micro everything.

    Moving on to Tropico 5 and its clear to see at first play that there is A LOT missing from it. Overlays for a start are minimal. Area of affect radius is now gone, so you have no idea what area that building is going to
    affect. You will have no idea how 'beatiful' an area is before you dump down that house which relies on beauty to score higher. You have no idea on that office catchment area so won't know how much money it will make until you leave it a few months after building it.

    And then there are rebels. It is a tragic shame, people have cried out on the forums since day 1 release about the above problems and NOTHING has been done about it. They have patched some of the problems but even then the problems still prevail, just less often. Teamsters for example, despite being patched, still aren't very effective and do still get stuck.

    Kalypso's answers to things is often mediocre at best, thats if you get a reply.

    For what this game offers (or doesn't offer), I can't score it well at all unfortunately. It has massive potential, but I think at this stage it is just too late for it, the damage is already done to the community who purchased it on release and found a semi broken botched together product with many features they have come to love stripped out of it.

    Lastly, it's no longer a dictatorship, the game dictates to you what it wants. If you don't give it, you get rebels who more often than not, give an instant game over.

    Game is more frustrating than it is fun.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 51 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 31 out of 51
  2. Negative: 1 out of 51
  1. Aug 25, 2014
    Solid, engaging campaign is full of humor and shines especially during the Cold War era, but unfortunately fades in the modern period. [08/2014, p.75]
  2. Aug 11, 2014
    Dictator sim Tropico 5 offers a good strategy experience that is fairly easy to get into, compared with many of its competitors. The colorful graphics and music sets a nice tropical island tone and occasional laughs can be had due to the funny dialogue. However, compared with the best in the genre, Tropico 5 feels a bit monotonous at times, in particular towards the end of a round.
  3. Jul 17, 2014
    As a total package, it's a great starting point for new players. Gameplay mechanics like diplomacy have been simplified, so it's pretty easy to understand for newcomers.