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  • Summary: Featuring vibrant anime-style 3D graphics, Tsunami 2265 hurls you into an intriguing tale, rich with dramatic twists and turns. The story is structured to create a perfect mix between hectic and destructive shoot'em up sections, and intriguing arcade phases. During the adventure phases, you control either of two main characters, Naoko Hikari and Neon Shima, leading them inside secret military bases held under tight surveillance. With the aid of their most powerful Mech, you must reveal the secret that hides behind E.L.EN.A., a mysterious source of energy and untamed power. [Got Game] Expand
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  1. Tsunami 2265 is an interesting game with a lot to offer and while the action can grow somewhat repetitive the game is still an enjoyable treat that shouldn’t be missed.
  2. The gameplay of Tsunami 2265 is best-suited for younger or for casual gamers.
  3. 45
    Is Tsunami 2265 totally devoid of value? Not completely, but it's close.
  4. Underachieves in all aspects of game design. The level design and gameplay are boring, unimaginative, and repetitive.
  5. 30
    Terrible. Probably the only good thing to come out of the whole experience is the game's opening song. Just imagine a driving 80s, generic pop anthem with cheesy power chords and lyrics about how war is love and love is war.
  6. It has a great idea in terms of graphical presentation and plotline, but it throws it all away through poor gameplay design.
  7. 12
    If you really liked "Oni," you'll probably dig this. If, for you, like most of the populace, "Oni" was a huge letdown, then you'll probably want to laugh derisively whenever anyone mentions this game.

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