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  1. Apr 7, 2014
    Story starts out with a major face slap of deja vu as the playable character is faced with the same dilemma again. That also made me personally feel all the effort achieved in the first game was for absolutely F**KING nothing! The sequel is very streamlined in the nature of modern console games (meh). Sadly the only thing TW2 has got going for it is way better optimization than TWEE. Plus a major bump in the eye candy department ( and NPC bimbos yay ). Everything that made TWEE endearing with its rough and ready charm, depth of customization and freeroam nature is missing in TW2. Expand
  2. Oct 7, 2013
    Steam crafting rewards me with a voucher that basically gave the game away; 73 minutes in and I'm bored to death of this adolescent, flaccid fantasy drivel. Almost everything about the game is bland, generic and stale. The most uncompelling rubbish I've seen since Rage of Mages. Visually a huge improvement over the first game, however ropey animations, anatomically incorrect player character (hilariously short arms) terrible voice acting and wonky dialogue make Two Worlds unintentionally hysterical, or just plain awful. Expand
  3. Jul 4, 2011
    A beautiful environment and exciting tutorial can not make up for a lackluster gaming experience. I played this game for 18 hours total and got sidetracked by numerous irrelevant side-quests. I eventually ended up forgetting what the story was about and I stopped caring due to uninspiring and repetitive combat. All the characters seem out of place, as if though they weren't told the setting of the conversation but had to record something any way. The game was also marred by bugs barring access to a few locations. I believe some of these have been fixed in later patches but I could not bother starting a new game just to access content that should have been available from the get-go. One of the few things I was impressed by, was the ability to ride a horse freely. Unfortunately, it requires you to mash the space bar to keep it up to speed. mash it a little too much and you'll fall off your horse pretty much preventing you from enjoying the surroundings as your eyes are fixed on the speed meter. The interface works the way it looks; old ald clunky. Only hardcore European fantasy-RPG fans need apply. Expand
  4. Apr 9, 2014
    I am enjoying Two Worlds II on my Mac much much more than I did on my PS3!! I felt like with this version I was able to really sit down and connect with the game on a far more personal level! This is due largely to the fact that almost every complaint I had with the PS3 version has been fixed here! The voice acting lines up with the lip syncing, there is little to no pop in, the character models/animations have been overhauled and last but certainly not least this game has been given a huge graphical upgrade! The first time I booted it up I was taken aside by how pretty it looked! If you own a Mac or a PC and you're into RPG's you should defitniely give this one a try now! Its truly an amazing game with one of the best fantasy worlds I have ever seen and you're not going to find a better version of it on the market! Expand
  5. Feb 13, 2012
    One genuine surprise. The original was so incredibly flawed. From wonky animation to clumsy combat to horrible stomach turning dialog. However once you got past those drawbacks - a HUGE world awaited you. This game dissapoints in the world. It reduces it drastically over the first game. It presents you with a giant map, and then gives you little islands that you can explore. Not letting you explore the major map. That alone made me hate this game. ---- And after about 6 months of hating this game I made peace with it. And started playing it for real. And... Yes, it's a lot better than two worlds 1. A LOT better. In fact, I reccomend this game to people who like quality open world rpg's in general. Combat is improved, guilds are interesting now, the world is less copy/paste - the new systems make a lot more sense. It's a damn solid game. However one of the major things keeping it from greatness, is the very thing that the original flawed game did have. A big world. Make two worlds 3 have the quality of two worlds 2, and the size of two worlds 1. And you have a all time great game. 7/10. Impressive. Expand
  6. May 17, 2011
    Great graphics. In the main Two Worlds II does look pretty good most of the time. Gameplay lacks depth and the world feels a little too linear for my taste most of the time. I usually really love games of this type but I dont like to feel driven to play it one way as I did with TW2. WARNING: Dont judge the game by the first hour or 2 of gameplay which are even more linear than the rest of the game. It opens up a bit (not a huge amount but some) I have 2 key criticisms:

    Too linear.
    Too small
    Not customisable enough in terms of graphics features disable/enable. (Mainly because I would like to see whats making my pc work so hard. Its good, but not that good that I can work out whats so demanding.

    What did I like:
    Good looking game
    Characters less corny thab sine,
    Better fight mechanics than oblivion but pretty clunky
  7. Mar 9, 2012
    I just have to say this is a good game, no more, no less, and even though this has tons of gameplay hours it may get a bit tedious. It's nice to see that the developers went for a nice pace when it comes to the character and gameplay, the learning curve may vary depending on where you go and when but i found it to be fair, same thing with the quests though there were a few times where is was overloaded with them and i just didnt want to do any quests. The enemy variety is also extremely good and the npc's looks vary but there rises another problem, the voice acting and facial animations are extremely dull which breaks your immersion. When it comes to story I was confused, I never played the original Two Worlds so I had to do research to know what was going on which i didn't like. Now the graphics are decent but not that great, and the animations may vary from quite good to a little bit dull and dated. The magic system, that saves this game, learning abilities and creating crazy spells and combining abilities is so fun magic may become a great weapon, or just something to distract you. Overall this game has a downside for nearly every good thing but its still playable and some may enjoy it, just keep in your mind that this is not a game for everyone, but you are welcome to try it if this is your type of game. Expand
  8. Feb 15, 2012
    Great semi open worlded RPG, with plenty of content and side activities (like playing dice or "bard hero"). Graphics are really beautiful and colorful here, unlike most of the gray and brown games nowadays (take skyrim for one, even the supposedly eye-candish glass armor looks gray and lifeless). Quests and combat are rather mediocre, but not bad. I guess this game could be much better, but its already a huge step forward from the previous one. Expand
  9. Feb 10, 2011
    i'd give it a thumbs up for improving over the first yet it isn't a perfect game. it is still a fun and addicting game that will pleased most RPG gamers
  10. May 22, 2011
    Very good RPG. It has a lot of setbacks but it also has a lot of potential.
    + crafting
    + magic system
    + alchemy
    + skills
    + easy to learn and use fighting system

    - dialogs
    - cutscenes
    - story
    - the biggest area on the map is unavailable?!
  11. Jul 8, 2014
    The setting and visuals look gorgeous, it's unfortunate that the rest of the game doesn't quite receive the same attention to detail. The attempted changes to the combat system from the original is appreciated, but I still find it somewhat clunky. The magic system is innovative and comes with a plethora of fancy visual effects, but it's also unbalanced. Story and characters have little depth as well. A significant improvement over the original Two Worlds and still somewhat underwhelming. Expand
  12. Dec 22, 2013
    The good things..., no i mean the GREAT things in this game will make easily you forgive the minor flaws you'd pay to experience greatest sensations that gaming can give this is worth your time!
  13. Feb 14, 2011
    As much as I disliked the first Two Worlds, you'd think I wouldn't have gotten so worked up over the constant delays and cancellations that its sequel was saddled with, yet for some reason each time its release was pushed back I became more and more aggravated. Though the first game wasn't exactly perfect it did have that authentic European CRPG feel that I've come to love and appreciate over the past decade, and it was this fact that made me anxious to play a re-tooled and properly play tested sequel. After breaking down and importing the international version through gogamer last month I finally managed to play the game that had been on European gamer's hard drives since last October...And I'm not sure the wait was really worth it.

    The first Two Worlds was initially pitched to gamers as an "online Oblivion" that coupled deep singleplayer with a very rewarding cooperative multiplayer experience that the fans of Bethesda's Elder Scrolls series had been clamoring for during the past ten years. It promised so much and yet delivered so little that it's no wonder so few gamers speak positively about their experiences with it. Thanks to a very forgettable (and in my experience, mostly PvP-centered) online mode and a story that was as bland and devoid of class as a cup of tap water it was only the promise of 300 gamer points for defeating the last boss that kept me going until the end. I had hoped Two Worlds 2 would be better, and I was assured through marketing hype that it would be.

    While better than the first game in several ways, Two Worlds 2 still falls short of being what I consider to be a quality CRPG.

    To prove this you need look no further than the size of the game's world and compare it to the first. While the first game wasn't exceptionally large it was still big enough for me to leave large sections of it unexplored due to lack of time. This sequel, however, has a singleplayer landmass that is divided between three very small islands that when combined barely reach the same size of The Elder Scrolls 3 - Morrowind. Which is sad when you consider Morrowind is coming up on it's 9th birthday this spring.

    In the 40-50 hours it took me to clear the singleplayer portion of the game I had easily (and unintentionally) filled in half of the game world by the 10 hour mark. After completing the Island of Ashos it only took me only another few hours to finish the final few miles of the game's spartan landmass, resulting in a very disappointing final rush to the end that was spurred on more by me wanting to finish it rather than actually being curious as to what I'd find or how I'd conquer it.

    To say Two Worlds 2's singleplayer world is small is being extremely kind to it. The world is so small that it barely reaches early 2000 RPG standards and is about only half the size of Morrowind and about 1/10th the size of Oblivion. In today's crowded RPG marketplace it's not a good idea to be so "small".

    You might have noticed I put an unusual amount of emphasis on the word "single player" in the previous two paragraphs. If you wondered why, it's due to the brunt of the game world being locked off and only made available to players engaging in the online-only "MMO" style campaign. This large online-only island, which you cannot even glitch your way into during the single player (much less sail to legally) is four times the size of the singleplayer world and plays host to a much more diverse and interesting landscape than what you'll encounter in the offline version of the game. In short, the entirety of the game is wrapped up in this blocked off island and only those with a lot of patience for lag and a fair amount of friends that live in their time zone will get to properly enjoy.

    Further blemishing the game is its rather bland and unimaginative combat. While the monsters themselves can sometimes be challenging and therefore fun to do battle with, the vast majority of the game's battles can be won by "spamming" a few key moves while hitting the left mouse button during their cool-down time. Though it isn't as bad as Two Worlds 1 and its "Hit, dodge, hit, dodge" exploit that enabled even under-leveled characters to beat the last two bosses without getting hit, it is still a significant degree below what I consider standard for modern CRPGs. Granted, even most "modern" CRPGs like Fable and Oblivion fail at this but that doesn't give Two Worlds 2 permission to be shallow.
  14. Dec 6, 2012
    It's a refreshing etch-a-sketch of game mechanisms, cunningly woven into an ensemble of storytelling, humor and minigames, that not only works, but works very well. That is, in theory. Two Worlds II is a grandiose idea, that is possibly way ahead of the curb, when compared to other games of the genre. Graphically it is great. Nothing stellar, but very satisfactory. The battle system is fun and engaging, but falters at times for no apparent reason. All in all, great idea, but it needs more work to make it stable. Expand
  15. Jan 8, 2014
    More fun than the first but the new crafting system is a step back in my opinion. The graphics are better and the story is pretty good. Unfortunately there are some bugs, the quest tracking isn't the best in the world and it is difficult to know where to go to get some quests.
  16. Nov 28, 2012
    I didn't give the first game much of a chance, as I played for about 20 minutes before I decided I couldn't handle the interface or mechanics. Because of that experience, I kept my distance from the second one to the point of completely forgetting the entire franchise. I was browsing some YouTube reviews of random games, and I came across Two Worlds 2. The gist of what was said; "It's far from perfect, but a magnificent improvement." and they gave a 7/10 as opposed to its predecessors' measly 4/10. That was enough for me to pick this game up and give it a try. As any transition to a new developers' rendition of an RPG, the controls and interface took me a while to fully grasp and understand, but once I got the hang of it I could see what they were trying to accomplish, and it works for the most part. Combat seems rather high-curved and non-noob-friendly. Difficulty escalates quickly if you don't know what you're doing, but that is what makes RPG's shine; finding a way to make it easier, while simultaneously being fun. Visuals are some of the best of the genre, looks like Fable 2's beautiful array of colors matched with Oblivion's type of terrain. Makes for a lovely visual experience. As RPG's go, this effort is a 10/10. Only thing keeping my score down at 8 is the infamous force-quits that arise from multiple factors. Doesn't happen too often, but these days even crashing on a rare basis is too much. Plenty of other games that don't crash no matter how hard I push them. The other thing keeping it down is the lack of fine tuning. As far as attention to detail, they do a wonderful job, everything seems to be handled intricately, but there ARE some minor things that get missed, such as an enemy not loading an animation, or simply not having an animation, so they just kind of float around doing damage to you. Think of a newly released MMO, or expansion to one. Sure, there may be a few things that don't look quite right, but it's all working properly, so you just chuckle at the fact it looks funny even tho it is still attacking you just the same. Minor things like that. The main thing that attracted me to the game was the magic system. Skyrim's dumbed down magic was disappointing, so the extreme customization of magic in Two Worlds 2 was a lovely refresher, especially since it has a large amount of real-time physics involved, not just animation and effect. Two worlds 2 summed up in 6 words; "the RPG that Fable never was", as it takes a lot of design and aesthetics from the Fable series, but expands on it more than Lionhead could ever hope to. All in all, a solid game-play experience. If you're bored with Skyrim, Fable, your MMO, or any other RPG out there, give Two Worlds 2 a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you get the hang of it. Just make sure to save pretty much after every quest turned in and every group of enemies killed, as you never know when a force-close will force you to do it all over again. Expand
  17. Jul 5, 2011
    This game is one of the most well rounded SP RPG's i have seen.
    The crafting is fantastic as well as the magic and alchemy abilities.
    You can do it all in this game, horses to ride, every weapon you can think of and a great system for quest tracking and mapping. it may have a bug here and there but i have not found them.
    the voice acting isnt perfect and the cut scenes maybe alittle
    dated but you won't notice as the hours fly by with everything else. I love being able to upgrade my current gear my dismantling other items.
    If you want to see what Gothic COULD have been and enjoy the hell out of a game get this one. thumbs way up guys great job.
  18. Jul 19, 2014
    Well I was pleasantly surprised. There is a lot going for this game and it really is an improvement on the first game in the series.
    I thought the main character was a hoot. I loved the very dry but funny comments he made throughout the game. I liked the side quests, they were interesting and entertaining and usually quite unpredictable in how they would turn out.
    I enjoyed the
    storyline, I certainly didn't want to stop playing until I got to the end and I was tempted to do a lot of side missions along the way.
    The horses were a bit of a fail (never around) as was fighting in the small corridors. Terrible camera angles meant I couldn't see my character at all and he was getting stuck in corners and having the stuffing pummelled out of him while I blindly tried pressing keys trying to get him up and away from walls, corners or holes.
    The inventory was a bit of a mess, the idea of armour sets nice but it was too easy to dismantle an item and then when you switch armour sets find yourself left standing in the nuddy with only your bow and a small dagger. (Hehe)(Pun intended)

    I will say this. I would be replaying this game over and over if I had the option to play as a female. I wouldn't want to stop until I experienced all the classes and their armours/weapon combinations. I would also have been very interested in buying the dlc and/or any expansions. I think RPG developers should give serious consideration to us female gamers as consumers with spending power. I liked the game but playing as a male... there is no replay interest for me.

    Overall I'm glad I played this game though. It was fun!
  19. Aug 22, 2012
    This game is very very good!
    Well i liked the fist one and i thought to take the second one too so...
    This game has improved A LOT since the fist one.
    At the start of the game i died a lot i got angry a little bit about the monsters (sometimes there are weak as hell and sometimes u die with one hit and that happens at the beginning) but i found out that the game sometimes want u to
    level up or avoid some enemies!
    Well the reason why i gave this game 7 and not 10 is because of the map (its not to small and not to big but they make it look to big and when u want to teleport back to the start u need to wait half minute to move the arrow to the teleport... and the other bad think is... i am a warrior guy and this game doesnt seems to like warriors much... i am 12 lvl and the shops doesnt give any heavy armor only some cloak for heavy armor...i even join the fighters guild and the only armor they had was leather... i used a bonus code to get a heavy armor.
    the mages are very powerful in this game! if u like mages this game is for u if u like warriors like me this game is hard but good :)
  20. Apr 7, 2013
    Good rpg with some minor flaws. A couple of quests are easily broken by using the same game mechanics you learn to use to play the game, like teleporting out. The magic system is complex, but lacks a certain dept: after a while you can just keep using the same three spells. That aside, I't a charming game, good voice acting, and may keep you nailed to the screen for a while. Most quests are fun, even if unrelated to the main story, and it was actually surprising to see that I was still enjoyng it after some hours of gameplay. I can't see how phisics are implemented toh, most of the time it isn't any different from not having any phisics engine at all. Expand
  21. May 17, 2011
    The magic system in this game is the best magic system I have ever come across in any rpg. EVER you can create a nearly unlimited number of spell combinations.Once you get into this game it is just so addictive theres so many armours and weopens to collect that you will spend a very long time trying to get them all! Very fun game!
  22. Mar 10, 2011
    Mediocre at best. Nice gear recycling system, innovative magic system. I played TW1 for 5 hours before I got bored out of my mind. TW2 I played 5,5 hours before the same happened.
    Why is that? Mainly because the combat is too simple. Even on hard there's no plan or skill required for fighting monsters. This gets old really fast. Running around aimlessly is what you'll be doing a lot in
    this game. Looting stuff only provides so much fun. Graphics are ok. Story and gameplay are very weak.

    If Topware needs better reviews from me, please contact me. I can use your review money. Thank you!
  23. Feb 14, 2011
    Two Worlds II is the most underrated game I have played this year. The magic system surpassed any RPG this year, the graphics were better than decent and the world was well designed. The online was especially good. The game failed at controls, physics and the character customization.
  24. Apr 28, 2013
    Deeply flawed, and yet still fun to play. Pick it up in a sale... provided you are an wrpg fan
    The good :
    -magic system is very deep and offers customization of spells
    -although the world of antaloor doesn't have a solid lore, its still varied enough and is interesting to inhabit.
    -soundtrack is good (not great) and it changes from one continent of the world to another to fit the tone
    (except for the battle song that is the same damn song over and over again)
    -content, tons of content here. If you are looking for quantity, you got it
    The bad :
    -Dumb AI, the enemies often do not notice your presence or they get stuck behind a rock/wall/invisible barrier.
    -Story and Dialogue. It honestly seems that a person no older than 13 could have written the plot of this game. Same goes for the quality of the dialog
    -Control schemes the same button for sneak and run? WHAAAAAAT? thankfully this does not hamper the gameplay too much. other minor control scheme issues also exist
    The average :
    -Melee Ranged combat IMHO it was fine; not great, but fine. I did have fun with a melee focused character but i can't recommend it to you
    -RPG leveling up stuff Simple enough. Putting points into simple 4 different stats, and choosing your weapons and gear according to those stats.

    So if you like western rpgs and have nothing at the moment to play, pick this one up
  25. Jul 8, 2011
    The controls for this game are horrible, clearly designed with a console in mind with auto aim and all that sort thing, I turned them off but its still no where near good enough for a PC game. There is no precision hits like you expect from a PC game and that lets the game down in end and drops the score below 9. Other than that, this game is great, it has so many quests that even after 30 hours, I have still not done them all. The voice acting is good, the quests are good, the individual stories are good, the game has its own sense of humour and not every NPC you speak too will play fair with you. Just like real life. It has some of the best looking cities, dungeons and caves I have seen too. If you can put up with the console style controls, I recommend this game. Expand
  26. Aug 16, 2011
    A beautiful - or at least a decent looking - semi open world role playing game. There are some choices and consequences which might matter here. If you can stand the game long enough to reach them. Really though, its just more of the same in the badly over-crowded sword and sorcery genre of role playing. There are some nice ideas - upgrading weapons and armor using similar items found as loot is a nice touch. On the other hand, these things simply cannot make up for a broken stealth system, a magic system so clunky its better off ignored, an uninspired story and a world that feels like more like a nation geographic special than a real fantasy realm. My advice: Wait for Skyrim. Expand
  27. May 20, 2011
    good RPG if you can get it cheap thats a great deal.. tons of things to do and craft.. graphics lack abit lets face it its not a witcher 2 but gameplay wise you are free to do what ever you want gear wise and else.. really interesting solutions.. 8/10
  28. May 21, 2011
    I only played two worlds recently and i have to say i didnt enjoy it much. For many reasons i was unable to give it a fair chance though due to the many bugsand flaws. Deciding to give the series another chance i bought Two Qorlds 2 and i have to say i was pleasantly surprised. It has its faults but you can tell that the game had the right kind of passion put into it from every feautre. The game is big. Its an open world action RPG with a few innovations to breath new life into the genre. The land scapes for the most part are very interesting and due to the impressive graphics and lighting i often found myself on a good vantage point just having a look at what my graphics card was capable of offering. The views were sometimes stunning. The Combat was a mixed bag. As a fighter there isnt much to do but keep pressing a button and wait for either you or your opponent to die. Tghe magic however was a little more strategic. Its a card based system where you find different cards, with different abilities and combine them to make the bad guy blasting spell of your dreams. The problem is, that even with powerful magic you often found yourself in the run, cast, run, heal scenario which could get tedious. The game falls quite heavily with the storyline. I had absolutely no idea what was going on and the story did little to encourage me to care. Perhaps it got lost in translation or perhaps they need to hire new writers but this was easily the worst part of the game. There were also a lot of missed oportunities, where i found myself briefly caring about a character, waiting for them to return from their current errands only to never see them again. However the game did manage to occupy your mind in other aspects. There is just so much to do, from busking to horse racing. There are plenty of fun distractions, enjoyable sidequests and fun past times in the game to keep an RPG fan happy for hours. Another innovation i feel was the multiplayer. A great idea which could have been great in execution had they added more to it and made it single player. You get to go on quests with other players and with the loot gained, build your own village. A lot of fun but just to simple to be engaging for any length of time. As an RPG fan i whole heartedly reccomend other RPG fans give the game a try. Its not for everyone, but some people will find a gem hidden in the flaws. Expand
  29. Aug 22, 2014
    The first Two Worlds was a laughably pathetic and overhyped steaming dung pile of a game. Is its sequel any better? Yes. While Two Worlds 2 is not of the same caliber as other major RPGs such as the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age: Origins, and others, it's still a decent title nonetheless. The developers appeared to have listened to the hatred that spewed forth as a result of the previous Two Worlds sucking so badly, and they responded by improving and overhauling just about everything for this game.

    The story, however, is pretty much all generic fantasy trite. However, compared to the prequel, it's more bearable. It's a direct continuation of the first game, so conventional logic states that you should play it before playing Two Worlds 2. But really.... would you want to subject yourself to that kind of an experience?

    The graphics are pretty decent, with great water effects, lighting, and decent texture resolution and spell effects. However character models are... strikingly dated.

    Gameplay however is vastly improved over Two Worlds, as melee combat is actually bearable to play, even if the combat itself is still pretty shallow and simplistic.

    The real gem however is the magic system. It's probably the most in-depth magic system I've ever seen. So in-depth, in fact, that it came across as downright intimidating during the early part of my playthrough. But once you learn the nuances of it, you can have a ton of fun messing around and combining spells for a myriad of magical effects.

    I enjoyed the magic system quite a bit more than melee or ranged, so I ended up playing through the game as a pure mage.

    In general though, Two Worlds 2 is a vastly, VASTLY improved game over the fecal smear that is its predecessor... of which I'll be writing a review for.... soon.
  30. Jan 10, 2013
    No. 1 Scam since i play Games (15 Years) An empty World with nothing to do. 300 Quests? Forget it. Many Reviews are just big lies. This Game is waste of money. Only the Voice Actors are good. You even cant explore the main island, its for "MP" only. But the MP are Little Instances with countles bugs to encounter. I wondered why so less Video´s and Infos were present before release. Its simple, there is nothing to do but walk through an empty world and boring copy&paste Dungeons, do uninspired Quests. Exploration?..Not in this Game. Expand
  31. Jul 27, 2014
    I have mixed feelings about this game. The world is beautiful, and the main quests (and some side quests) involve actual C&C, and allow you to take sides here and there, which adds a lot to the story. There are often surprises to be discovered, when there is more than meets the eye to a quest giver or his motives. However, other than that the game suffers from almost every common problem seen in a fully open world RPG. For one thing, it's a lootfest. You'll be collecting a huge sack of stuff that you'll never need. Inexplicably, that includes a whole lot of buffers for situations you'll never encounter. (I really wish that developers would give some thought to the looting. Make it worthwhile. Give me something really powerful to buy. Give me a situation where I'll need a frost buffer.) Secondly, the story telling is choppy at times. I've finished the game but I wouldn't be able to explain the plot to anyone, just the same way I would be able to explain the plot of a poorly edited B-movie. Not that it's all bad. Sometimes the story can really grab your attention, especially when you're unexpectedly trapped or surprised to find out the identity of the serial killer you were looking for. The people who made this game can tell a good story, but they don't do it consistently. It's almost like the problem was organizational rather than lack of talent. An RPG with C&C is very hard to plan, and this game is a bit rough around the edges as a result. The story could also benefit from real professional writing, and some more complex lore. The lore of 2W2 is very thin and lacks a sense of politics and philosophy. The societies it portrays smack of modern day social norms rather than the humility, grit and fear of the medieval world. It's obvious that the game writers have played The Witcher, because they (loosely) copied some of its stories, but 2W2 lacks the unity of that game and its atmosphere and creative direction. That being said, some of the side quests can be unexpectedly deep and long, which was a pleasant surprise.

    The graphics, as I already said, are beautiful. The vistas are nice. The grass. The water. The shadows. Light shining between the branches. Aside from the nasty screen tearing, it looks better than many more recent RPG titles. Unfortunately, it looks like they were cheap on artistry. The design of everything is cliche. Your mage wears a pointy hat that makes him look like Disney's Merlin.

    The game features three continents and a number of smaller islands. It looks huge, until you find out that the biggest continent is used mostly for multi-player (which I admittedly haven't tried yet). The assets are reused in a subtle way so they don't get boring. For example, there is a university, and then there are ruins of a university in a dark place called the Swallows. They're almost copies of the same thing, but this is difficult to notice. I wish, though, the devs had made exploration a bit more rewarding. There are too many places where there is just a dead end or some nearly useless loot.

    The combat, while fun at times, lacks tactics. I played as a mage, and most of the fights in the game consisted of me casting a summon spell that surrounded the enemies with my summoned decoys that trapped them. Then I zapped these enemies with seeking fire balls. Really, this was a way of exploiting the stupidity of the AI, the fact that the AI cannot push over or walk over another (even much weaker) character and also the fact that the collision detector doesn't detect friendly fire and my fireballs pass right though the summons. In other words, 90% of the fights in the game are ridiculous. The combat system is also prone to the standard run back and forth spamming health potions abuse that is so common in this kind of game. It's made all the easier by the fact that your character can outrun anything. I should also add that the health bars, magic bars and any other bars in the game are about 2-5 times as long as they should be. A typical fight will require 20-50 fireball spells for a single enemy, late in the game.

    The magic system is a bit innovative. You can cast fireball summons, for example. Theoretically, you can combine dozens of spell cards into almost any elaborate spell. In practice, however, only some combinations actually work as a spell. If you play as a mage you'll be firing "guided missiles" for the whole game and not much more.

    The game adds a few interesting touches here and there. Your character talks to himself in some situations, and even makes fun of enemies. You can ride a horse, and even race it. You can buy a boat and visit one of the smaller islands (which just has enemies and loot in it). The alchemy system allows you to use almost anything that you loot in a potion. (Unfortunately, you'll be making mostly potions you never need. (As a mage, I didn't need the stamina boosters, accuracy boosters or even the magic bar booster potions.)

    Over all: a notch better than ok, 6.5/10
  32. Feb 15, 2011
    Two Worlds II, does succeed in a few area's but this sequel misses par. The graphics are quite majestic, the score is orchestrated masterfully. Generally though, the games mechanics fall short. The animations are rancid, mostly due to the GRACE physics engine. Melee fighting quickly becomes stale and redundant. The magic system is different, within regards to it's user input. Half of the skills are passives, specific weapons correlate with combat skills. The interface is clunky, and slow with reactions to the player. The English voice acting is solid, though the main character has a Jay Anthony Franke-ish sound to him. It's quite disappointing to see video game designers struggling to produce solid action-rpg's with the same likeness of Gothic. Risen has really been the only except in recent years. I would like to see Reality Pump give it another go, but it's time to close the Two Worlds series. Expand
  33. Feb 27, 2011
    wo Worlds 2 published by Topware is an Action RPG, The game starts with your character being rescued from a dungeon by a band of Orcs and from here on in you embark upon your quest to save your sister from an evil being known as lord Gandohar. The back story and info on characters in quite in-depth and there's plenty of options to customise your characters appearance. When you start playing you'll be greeted with some impressive vista's that include detailed grass and tree's that span right into the distance..
    Once you get into some action you notice that your character is not class based unlike a few other RPG's, instead you apply skill points to your abilities such as mage, warrior, assassin, and ranger. Combine this with quick weapon and armour switching, and you'll be able to play as one of three classes at any one time. The weapons and armour selection is via a crafting system where all items are broken down into basic components such as a shield into wood, a helmet into leather and a sword into iron etc.. These components can then be used to upgrade your existing items and make them vastly more powerful. As with most RPG's you'll need to save you're progress often to avoid having to redo things if you get killed, so make sure you set the auto-save time to a fairly frequent time,
    If your character is mainly magic focused then there's another section of the crafting system that deals with spells. This spell system is based on cards that carry attributes. For instance, you may have a fire card, if you were to combine this with a projectile card you'll get a fireball, add in a ricochet card and you'll have a fireball that bounces between enemies. There's a whole range of different modifiers and base types for you to play with and experiment with so that you can create spells to suit your gaming style, added to the card system are modifiers based on elements such as earth, water, fire, air, life and death, these spells go into an amulet, and you can have three amulets active at any one time. If that's not enough customisation for you there's also an alchemy system, that you can top up by taking raw elements from corpses, these include wolf-claw and baboon tongue etc with which you can use to create potions. Youâ
  34. May 3, 2011
    Two Worlds II begins with a bang, but interest slowly fades away as the game progresses. There are many different quests to explore and some that even attempt to trick the player, but more or less they are the same. The main character suffers badly from "the Witcher" envy as he has stolen his haircut, voice and attitude. The game is difficult only up until you figure out how to forge weapons, when eventually you can create ones that can cut enemies in half in basically one swing. This may have been fixed by a patch, but combat gets repetitive soon after making it off of the first island in the game as everything from Ostriches to Wolfmen go out of their way to confront your character. Still a dramatic improvement upon the first game in the series, and not by any means a bad game, just not my cup of tea. Expand
  35. Feb 1, 2013
    I've got the Velvet GOTY version of this game, and it is excellent. Just looking at 2 negative reviews below (by Scytale and R3ct4ngle), these are very indicative of the negative reviews I've read here and elsewhere: these people did not put any time into the game, probably embarrassed to say they didn't get to the 2nd island because they couldn't kill Groms and do not have one ounce of truth in anything they've said. The quests aren't your usual rigamarole, on a lot of them you don't know what to expect when you get to your site of interest, these sort of people give up on them before they complete them. Lose interest? Try some of the Skyrim quests, go get this, bring it back and that's pretty much it. The only way to know for yourself is to get a game yourself and test it, you can't trust reviews when you get total lies like that. The Velvet GOTY is hard to find now but it's the version I'm playing with and it is incredible, I'm 60 hours in and according to the map, I haven't even touched the main island yet. However, you can't review the Velvet GOTY version here, for some reason this site thinks it hasn't been released yet. It's better than Skyrim in many respects: faster load times, no crashes or lockups yet, towns with people are more realistic, far more of a range of types of beasts and monsters to kill (spiders are no pushovers in TWII), dungeons that actually have to be charted and DON'T lead you by the hand like Skyrim, more interesting quests. It's much less of a grind to play because of these things and much more interesting. If you can find the Velvet GOTY, do it and buy and extra copy to sell on Ebay, they are RARE now (even more RARE are the strategy guides). Expand
  36. Mar 9, 2011
    After the events around the first game , the second installment looked like a huge improvement, at least on the surface.The first game known for it's horrible VA became the definition of how not to introduce a new world to a player.The second game improves it's mechanics, mostly by adding accessibility where unnecessary complications flawed the first game.
    The magic system is a wast
    improvement giving the player the option to create his own spells and by merging the skills it lets the player decide what to do with his character.
    The story seems to expand , but only on the surface, the entire game is actually a huge amount of unrelated quests and story's that fail to connect or drag in the player. The overall feel was :"Why am I here and what am I doing."
    The MP component actually comes in as welcome addition, because the single player campaign actually feels like a MP introduction.
    Animations and character creation are flawed but tolerable.The AI is bad, very bad, and the environments are very pleasing.
    On PC the game suffers strong eye-straining bloom , that is not easily manageable, and controls that are very console like, typical with multiple tasks assigned to one key.
    Still when reflecting that there is character progression to a extent only limited by the player's will and idea, it's a actually fun exploration oriented RPG.
  37. Aug 9, 2012
    It starts out kind of bad, with a long intro and writing that feels like it snuck out of a pro wrestling match. And then the combat is a little clunky. I actually started and gave up on it because of that maybe 2 or 3 times.

    Eventually I rolled a mage and got a little farther into the game, and the dialog moved from "bad" to "so bad it's good". Favorite line is if you pester a city
    guard, he yells at you "Shut the **** up! I'm in charge here and I'm the talking person, understood?" I keep seeing stuff like that and going "I can't believe they said that! So bad it's good! Or maybe just good, I don't know!"

    In short, it's kind of like a cross between an open elder scrolls game and a bioware game, without all the awful bioware tropes. No forced good/bad choices, no stupid intra party romance.

    Oh, and the magic system is kind of neat. Not quite as good as Morrowind in terms of freedom, but I can shoot effectively endless homing fireballs and summon 10 high power mooks to fight for me.
  38. Sep 20, 2011
    This game is flawed, in that there is no doubt. But if you manage to get it on sale it can pass a few hours away. The combat is dull, with the exception of the magic system which is innovative but lost amongst the other problems. Such as the map giving you a dot where you need to go but not allow you to zoom in better leading you to aimless wander around until you figure out that the location is actually underground or within a building. I played the game for around 10hrs, and it seemed to go no where at all, there are plenty of quest but little incentive to complete them. If you really need a new RPG, and have too much money then sure try it out. If not I'd wait for something better. Expand
  39. Feb 16, 2011
    the graphics are real nice though they went a bit overboard with too much glow on everything outside a dungeon and the motion blur when moving gets old fast. the magic system is quite the chore. and if you don't mind crashing quite often id say go for it. for me this was a waist of money. I cant get more then 5 minuets and it crashes every time.
  40. Feb 13, 2011
    First thing that really stands out are the amazing graphics. I have an average gfx card but it seems to handle it easy, while other (with less eye candy) games won't really run, so i salute the graphics engine for Two Worlds 2. The story is interesting enough, it has some twists and turns and lots of the side quest come to a unexpected and interesting conclusion. It does have some flaws, the dungeons seem pretty generic, the hud and inventory screen are a bit strange with the huge icons and some of the voice acting is not convincing. The combat is a bit strange in the beginning, but you will get used to it. This game left me with mixed feelings, on one side amazing graphics and some interesting twists and innovations (the magic system is pretty neat) and on the other side some things like the slightly off voice acting, the strange and sudden ending and the hud icons. Benefit of the doubt i guess, its still an enjoyable game. Oh and the most important thing: its stable. Expand
  41. Mar 12, 2011
    Unexpected good game, could not play a 1st one. There are still a lot of places to grow, but a huge amount of good things already there. Several great side quests, amazing fighting, graphics in general, big world, most of time great story, craft is blowminded. Just try it.
  42. Mar 29, 2011
    Two Worlds II is an improvement from the original Two Worlds video game released a few years ago. However, you will experience some game play flaws - which in all sincerity are annoying. (i.e. while you run with your horse, you can get stuck on a random tree) Besides these small flaws, the game is an enjoyable RPG and it will surely entertain you for a lot of hours.
  43. Jul 1, 2011
    Great game if your looking for the following an open-ended sandbox experience which doesn't tie together to well story wise but if you like to venture off your own direction there are lots of hilarious moments to find, with a decent combat experience which gets better as you construct more weapons, strange items and seriously CRAZY arse spells, multi class on-the-fly system to change tactics from quick powerful spell caster to heavy dual sword fighter, quite a large game to explore which i've wasted about 40+ hrs just exploring and constricting spells, game looks awesome in Directx 10 mode graphics, engine is one of the best I've seen yet for an rgp.

  44. Mar 6, 2012
    I often find myself comparing the mechanics of one game to another to paint a picture, so when I was told that Two Worlds II was a RPG that could rival the likes of Skyrim I couldn't help myself and purchased it. What I played was far from Skyrim, but there were some comparisons that jumped out at me. The graphics remind me of Tomb Raider, the combat system reminds me of Fable 3 and the quest cutscenes reminded me of World of Warcraft. Confused yet?

    This game is a mess. The single player campaign mode is difficult to enjoy at face value. But then you throw in all the cut scenes. The characters mouth and arm movements are stiff and dont even come close to reflecting the words that are actually being spoken. And as if this isnt bad enough, there are a LOT of these cut scenes.

    I was impressed with the graphics but it felt as if two different artist renditions were combined into one. Beautiful character models and beautiful enviroment, but when you put both in the same frame, they don't mesh very well together. It makes for a very clunky experience.

    Thirdly, combat can be repetitive and boring at times. But the sheer amount of options you have in customizing your player really saves this aspect. It is a decent RPG. Nothing more, nothing less. I would recommend this game only if you can get it for 10 bucks or less. Any more than that and you'll probably find yourself feeling disappointed.
  45. Aug 24, 2013
    After 6 or so hours….i’ve gotta throw in the towel on this one. I appreciate the attempt at a worthwhile game but this thing is lacking so much usability and polish that it’s baffling to me.

    Magic this seems to have some genuinely good features and mechanics
    Graphics pretty good. I REALLY like the foliage effects. They’re superior to Skyrim.
    Camera angle I really like the wobbly
    camera affect when you move and pan around.
    Crafting this looked really promising and I was starting to tinker with it.
    Lockpicking annoying
    Horse riding absolutely obnoxious (rapid clicking RMB to keep speed up???? Seriously? And if you overdo it the horse kicks you off)
    Looting sloooow, imprecise
    Jumping sluggish and retarded to pair it with the loot action button
    Enemies impossible to judge if they’re going to royally cornhole you until it’s nearly too late. You can't tell what their level is, their weakness/resistance, nothing. There are too many clustered too densely in too many areas.
    NPCs voice acting is disjointed but ok.
    Questing/Map/Teleporting this…..this is the killer. It’s absolutely painful to no end just simply following a quest, tagging my map, figuring out a destination, following it on my minimap, losing my DAMN HORSE and stealing another one, just zooming in and out on the goddamn map is a lesson in madness, I could go on forever on this one. Why didn’t they integrate the map/quest/teleporting into a single comprehensible tool instead of three disassociated menus? This is so impossibly maddening to simply navigate the game as a whole that it was the absolute deal breaker.

    The End.
  46. Oct 26, 2013
    Do not buy this game. I bought it on Steam and it wouldn't even let me get past the (Two hours worth of) demo anyway because I had to enter ALL my personal details, including where I live and my phone number, and registration failed to connect anyway. Some time later I got it working, they still wanted my personal details but I fudged it. It is AGAINST THE LAW to demand personal details in that manner anyway. After I managed to get past the tutorial I was still not impressed.

    Gameplay: The game "Borrows" from Fable in that it lets you be a master of the Sword, the Bow, the Magic-Staff or go in as a sneaky rogue. I went as the rogue for all the backstabs, but quickly found that the game lacks a real stealth feature. You can sneak up on enemies, but the second they turn around they instantly spot you regardless of whether you're stealthing or not. This can be a legitimate feature when done right but TW2 doesn't do it right. You also die in 2 hits from EVERYTHING if you go this rout.

    Everything Else?: The graphics are fugly. The music is so un-memorable that I've already forgotten what it was like. The token girl (Who is also an orc, you know those brutish green creatures covered in muscle? Those!) seems to be little more than an excuse to add to the game and she's not even that hot because of the graphics. And the voice-work? My god the voice work! That one goddess woman or something (I wasn't really paying much attention to the excuse plot), who also appears to be little more than an excuse for speaks 90 decibels higher than everyone else despite talking normally, her voice doesn't even have any special effects added to it that would justify the up in volume, it's just super loud. The main character sounds like he's been smoking for the last three centuries. The aforementioned orc girl's voice actress seems to be bored with the whole project, like she's only there to get paid. The ONLY redeemable voice that I got up to was that of the Orc Wizard (Don't think too hard on that) who was a mere ok.

    The ONLY enjoyment I got out of this game was the part where the game glitched out and the Big Bad's cape flew over his head and begun covering his face while he was walking around giving his Big Bad Speech.

    TopWare went around blackmailing all the reviewers who gave this game a score of less than 6 out of 10. But you know what? I think lower than that is WAY to good for this heap of trash. I give this game a flat ZERO.
  47. Sep 30, 2014
    I agree with many of the positive reviews about this game. I do not however agree that this one is better than Two Worlds 1. There are some elements that are better, sure. That is what we expect from a sequel. A more refined and better game than it's predecessor. Two worlds though, as I am now finding out is actually better in some ways than 2 is. I played 2 before playing part 1. The voice acting in 1 is better, although both are mediocre at best. The animations are less repetitive and more fluid in 1 than 2 and the engine and combat system in 1 feels less clunky and smoother than in 2. About all 2 has going for it that is better than part 1 is graphics and slightly better combat really. I actually like the story a little better in 1 as well. That is not to say that 2 does not have other advantages that set it apart. The Archery system in 2 is just short of Skyrim actually, which I think has the best bow mechanics I've seen in any game, ever.. It's got pretty good bow mechanics. I like the multi arrow, multi target thing they got, it's fun. The graphics are just gorgeous. The combat is just as fun as 1 and the music is too. There are a lot of things to love about both games. For a somewhat unpolished non big budget game, these people put the effort/resources/money, into the right parts of the game. The fun factor and gameplay parts and that, they do well. Expand
  48. Apr 23, 2011
    This game gets a 10 just to cancel out DrHappy's 0. Nowhere in his asinine rant, or anywhere in the long-winded destrucoid article he links to, is there anything that even remotely resembles an actual fact.

    A bunch of conjecture from....wait for it....anonymous sources. Why don't these folks man up and say what they think, and then stand behind it? Smells fishy to me.

    Incidentally, this
    game is very enjoyable and is much improved from its predecessor. Reviews in the 7/10 to 8/10 range are right on the money here. Expand
  49. Mar 17, 2011
    the french translation is the worst i ever seen, i believed for a moment it is a joke, but in anyways the NPC, and character have no charisma, i just get bored and not finished the Game.
    The environment is the most interesting in this game. It's just a pity that the rest aren't the same.
  50. May 21, 2011
    The game is overall enjoyable, despite some gameplay flaws, minor glitches and a terrible ending. If you take your time to do all the quests in the first chapter, I'll actually get to appreciate the effort. Visuals are good - nothing outstanding. The only thing that really stands out are the fighting mechanics as a mage.
  51. Mar 10, 2014
    For anybody who have played predecessor this is by far more balanced, stable, nicer, enjoyable.
    More or less typical free world third person RPG if you like such games you should try it.

    The most outstanding thing would be magic system.You are using set of cards you can buy or find to create spell. For example you can use card for fire and missile an you have fireball than you can add
    card for bouncing and the missile fill hit more targets. Use summoning cards with different card and would summon different types of creatures.

    The story is quiet nice with complementary twist, starting few years after end of first game it once again revolves around your sister being prisoner of Gandahar, nothing too deep, but standart for this types of RPG. There is plenty of side quest for guilds or common folks.

    I would like to mention horse riding as it is done bit differently as we are used to and you have to goad the horse to have good speed constantly this feel more realistic then just push forward button.You can also sail (you new to use wind properly) which was also nice diversification.

    There is new upgrade system when you can deconstruct old items to upgrade new one you can also use pigments to recolor your cloths and add jewels to add magic properties. You need to have skill for this. There is also crafting skill for alchemy.

    There is enough of different environments and you will visits savannas, dessert, jungle, swaps, magically corrupted lands and one big desert and one big oriental city. Each type of environment have its own typical inhabitants.

    Fight is pretty classic system of hit and cover melee combat, ranged attacks and mage casting with stuff used for covering and hitting. You can also use various skills to enhance you fighting capabilities or use traps to help yourself. Enemies have small icons that represents their resistances so you can pick up most suitable weapon/spell to kill them.

    I got from the game what I was expecting and saw few original features, graphic was nice and game was long, but not to long so something above 8.5 should be appropriate for it.
  52. Jan 31, 2012
    Je lui met un 10, non pas pour le niveau des graphismes. Seulement je pense qu'un Two Worlds Avec plus de monde serait sympa, plutôt que de jouer tout seul. je met donc un 10 pour inviter aux joueurs de l'acheter car c'est un très bon jeu, plus MMORPG que multijoueur.
  53. Jul 26, 2014
    Bought through steam... keyboard doesn't work, mouse doesn't work. How the f do you make a pc game where the keyboard and mouse don't work? And... got a controller plugged in that only half works. F whatever lazy bastard made this port... might be decent on a 360 or ps3... but if you've got some convictions, you won't buy it because these bastards are robbing people blind
  54. Mar 1, 2011
    One of the better RPG's I have played this year. The story tends to be a little weak and suffer from translation in places but the game itself will quickly have you forgetting there even IS a story. Good ol' fashioned hack and slashery!

    Also the magic system is absurdly addictive. Making new spells can easily eat up a gaming session as you try just one more tweak....hrmm and what if I
    tried that....
    The multiplayer is strong and the co-op is perfect for that weekly "few buddies over" evening gaming session.
  55. Mar 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is definitely not good. It has the easiest combat system of all times, it is impossible to die as a warrior even without using health potions. The combat didn't present me a single challenge, you can simply run up to things and click them to death without worrying about your HP. To complaints about the length of the game, some representative answered, that no beta tester had managed to beat the game in less than 20 hours. It took me 19. And I didn't hurry, I'm a very exhaustive gamer finishing 95% of the quests I found and killing everything I saw. I´ll admit nearing the end I hurried a little because I expected the whole thing played until now to be a tutorial, the intro. I thought there would be a huge open world on the main island, instead all there was was a tiny, disappointing, generic swamphole. The generic story with NPCs whose characters aren't even sketchily worked out or made interesting is hardly an improvement to the first part of the series. Combined with the abrupt, uncreative ending this game has I wouldn't even consider it an RPG, this is an assassins creed type action game with badly presented RPG elements. Expand
  56. Jul 29, 2014
    Fond memories. I had so much fun playing this funky game. I beat it twice. The bow and arrow mod is the way to go. I'm not big on the magic or melee system though. This game doesn't "hold your hand" like many of the newer games out there. Enemies don't level with your character. People complain about the interface but it can actually be made more manageable in the menu options. The crafting system then becomes tenable and quite enjoyable. The story has a great sense of humor and the story actually does end up becoming very tragic and enjoyable in the end of the game. Expand
  57. Feb 23, 2011
    I have to modify my previous review, the unstability of the game wasn't all the program's fault as I discovered but an update of the high definition driver (very difficult to find) that is causing most of those crashes, not all of them, by exemple, use of intense magic can crash the game too. When we remove the crashes problems of the equation, then the game become very interesting even with few bugs. The low side is a lack of content on multiplayer mode, the village can be a very usefull tool but the game would gain a lot more if they would open the full map and add some more quests and more challenging areas for high level players instead of having players grinding non stop the same maps. There isn't much choices available on multiplay, it's a RPG game, different mentality, people want challenge, quests, they don't mind grinding but for a purpose not just showing a high level char but nothing fun to do with it. Repetition of the same maps over and over...people get bored. But still, even with those few low sides, this game worth trying, You will still have some fun for hours before you will get good enough to start to get bored, and by the time you'll be to that point, who knows? maybe some new content will then have been release? A wish shared by many players so far, me included. Expand
  58. Mar 22, 2011
    Two Worlds 2 is not a game without flaws, the flaws and bugs are many but the other features really made me ignore them, and i guess so will you. the battle animation is not perfect but certainly improved, and the graphics got upped a notch, the story is better (though still a usual cliche of the genre) too. as a sequel this game surely succeeded at making the franchise better and showing the gamers that the "Two Worlds" franchise have a potential of creating a good RPG . there is a multiplayer feature, but i think you dont buy this game and play because of it, as it is nothing special, really. the spell and potion creation feature is special, though, as you can create potions and spells with little to no limitations. the environment is good and varying, though sometimes it seems like the game is confused on the design, as the enemy types feels out of place and weird. the character creation is not bad, but you can only create male character, as there is no option to play as the opposite gender, probably because of the direction the story takes since the first game. an okay buy for people looking for a good RPG with many quests and a lush, beautiful word, i give it an honest 8 out of 10 because really, i enjoyed the many addictive hours the game presented me. Expand
  59. Mar 26, 2011
    The game wants to be great and falls short. The story is so ambivalent that even after 20+ hours of playing, running through the motions of quest completion, you still don't feel motivated to complete it. As many people state, combat is a very uninspiring affair. Seek other alternatives.
  60. May 15, 2011
    This game falls short on all the requirements needed to make it a fun game for a casual or new RPG gamer. Even for someone who has played many RPGs, I still found it very hard to get interested in.

    The Graphics are great, but everything else is sub par. The user interface is terrible, movement and actions clumsy, inventory and equipment load outs are poorly designed and archaic. The game
    looks like a top end game from 2011 but feels like the beta version of an RPG from 1995.

    To add to these shortcomings the quest and map features are hard to follow and clumsy to use.

    Hand or ranged combat is boring and repetitive, and the magic system is confusing, repetitive and boring.
  61. Aug 3, 2011
  62. Mar 10, 2012
    First off, I like two worlds and two worlds 2. Bad plot? yes, pretty terrible. Annoying 3rd person no first person option? yep. But running around and killing stuff and getting new items and exploring was fun. not great. not skyrim. but fun. Some RPGs just are not fun when you run around and kill stuff. this one can be. It is uneven. Some parts I am hooked, other's I am yawning. This is a good example of a game to by on sale. things that really get under my skin and might bug you.

    1) you can't buy materials for metallurgy. I can see how you might want to limit the number for sale, or make them more exspensive than one might think materials would be, so that it is not game breaking, but seriously I have 139000 auras and I can't buy a single piece of chainmail? annoying.

    2) limited choices and a big fat morass of moral grey. there are alot of quests where to advance the plot you have to do stuff only a bad guy would do. and then you have quests that only a goodie goodie would do "hey for 100 auras go pick flowers!" that said, some quests are great. like the traitor quest. I have been surprised by more than one quest. (of course, now I always look for a twist...)

    anyway, this is an example of a game that should get a B minus if it were graded. it totally "passes" the grade. it is not just "average" (a c) has some good stuff going on. but man this thing can annoy the bejeezus out of me at time.
  63. Feb 12, 2011
    Two Worlds two has some amazing graphics and very beautiful environments and it really looks like they put some time into crafting them, Unfortunately the same could not be said about the Combat, I found the combat to be extremely difficult to control, so much so that its painful to even think about going into combat, arrows seem to move slow, and using melee seems really clunky.
    defeating an enemy you will be praising the Lord for the miracle that he bestowed upon you.

    for $50 I wouldn't recommend this game, maybe at a cheaper price it would be worth the buy.
  64. Mar 10, 2011
    It's a decent game, good enough to keep me occupied from start to finish. However, the enemy is more stupid than challenging and I was in the final battle on level 39 with mostly level 35 gear (max is 50) and yet I won and it wasn't compelling enough to play through again on hard. It didn't help that the ending isn't all that great either. With melee you can breeze through it, playing as a mage is much harder as in the open you'll kill anything before they even touch you but as usual there are some tight spots where you're surrounded by the enemy or fighting in a small room. There's not much if any scaling so if you run into the wrong enemies you'd better run or die a quick death. I didn't play ranger (there's no actual classes but between strength/accuracy/magic attributes there could just as well be) but I imagine it would be much like the mage, easy on open spaces and bad in close quarters. Also as a mage you have to consider resistances, as a melee fight I just as one weapon with half slashing/bludgeoning damage with crystals for elemental damage, nothing was resistant against everything so I didn't really need any tactics. Collapse
  65. Mar 23, 2011
    I'm sure there is a good game in here somewhere, I just haven't been able to find it. The story has hints of possible glory but it's so convoluted and seemingly random early on that it's impossible to follow. I hadn't played Two Worlds 1 so that might be part of the issue but I'm still not convinced. Similarly the gameplay has potential but it just feels to cumbersome compared to other, better, controls schemes. The concept of the magic usage is very neat and I did enjoy messing with it but it will probably go over the heads of many people and will cause them to revert to a ranged or melee character, even if they want to play a mage. The ranged class has some issues with using it as well I found. It's like going down a check list to attempt to use it and if you miss one step you won't get the result you were looking for. If nothing else it's good for a first attack on an enemy at ranged and then switching over to a sword for close ranged combat. The melee feels like the clunkiest of the 3, the animations are great but it's feels so very slow and there is no feeling of weight behind your swings so it doesn't even seem like you're playing with foam weapons. It's certainly controllable, or it would be if the camera would hold still for a second. I don't know why the camera weaves around behind you like the cameraman had too much vodka before we started but I really wish there was a way to turn it off (or at least that I could find it).

    The graphics are very nice, or they are once you've turned the gamma down to a level that you can actually see the rest of the game. I hope you like bloom, because there certainly isn't a lack of it here. The combat animations are also smooth and good to look at but then the character animations during the dialog scenes look like something out of a B rated movie that's trying way to hard.

    Overall there is a good foundation here for a great game but it just falters on so many levels that unless you were a fan of the first game, I couldn't recommend this one.
  66. Oct 28, 2011
    This review covers the single player game, patch version 1.3

    Due to the absolute incarnation of atrocity that the first installment in this series ended up being, I refused to purchase this game outright. After playing through the introduction, however, I was more than pleasantly surprised. I had no qualms about purchasing the full release. It should be noted that the 1.3 patch fixes
    MANY of the issues noted in the negative reviews on this board.

    The Good: You have good character customization options, with 3 main skill sets (melee, ranged, and magic) as well as 3 supporting skills, Assassin (sneak, lockpick, etc), Crafting, and General skills (resistances, etc).

    The character model options are a mixed bag, as you are locked into playing a male character with a specific voice, and not much to work with body wise. However, the facial options are on par with the state of the art and with the games amazing graphics you can really create a very impressive face.

    The game doesn't hand-hold the player anywhere near as much as most modern titles, hearkening back to better days. For example, fast travel is not magical instantaneous transport to any point on the map. You utilize a network of teleports, which adds greatly to the immersion. This is balanced by the fact that not only are there many destinations, you can also acquire personal teleports to place where you desire. You can initiate teleport from anywhere in the outside world.

    Combat is intense, and difficult against enemies your level and higher (and sometimes even lower level). However, by employing actual player skill, you can hold your own in many situations where you would fail in simple number crunching games. In melee, blocking is critical if you wish to survive.

    Character interactions with quest NPCs is great. While some might consider this a "con", the game departs from a pure RPG in that your character will respond to dialogue with his own personality in many cases, and will also make decisions based on his personality. While there are plenty of opportunities to make choices, many of the games interactions are scripted. I, personally, found this refreshing - I actually got mad at the way the character handled a situation with an investment - but other players may not like it.

    The graphics and physics are, as yet, unmatched by any cRPG to date. With the wave action taken into account, it is arguably better than any video game water yet made. The big release of the defacto-ruling series of first/third person RPGs comes out next month (November 2011), we'll see how it stacks up. I won't get into too much more detail on this, as I do not put much stock in form over function, but you won't be displeased by the eye candy.

    The sound is great, and the music is even better. I wouldn't put it up for any industry awards, but they are very well done.

    The crafting systems (for upgrading items, brewing potions, and creating magic spells) are some of, if not the, best to date. The interface is smooth, and the possible combinations are amazingly varied.

    Lockpicking is very nice, though a little too easy. The highest level locks can be a challenge. The nice part is, you can tailor this to your personal skill level by deciding how many points you'd like to put in the lockpick skill.

    The Not So Good:

    The game suffers from the same "consolification" syndrome that the majority modern titles inherit. The interfaces and controls are hampered accordingly, with issues like multiple actions being assigned to the same keys. This is simply inexcusable in a PC game, which offers far greater control abilities and far more precise view control than a console controller (as far as FPS/TPS goes that is). The spacebar (default) is the greatest offender as it is tied to jumping, the "use" action (including mounting your horse), as well as affecting combination and special attacks in combat. Right mouse button is almost as bad, as you use it both to sprint AND to sneak. If you right click while standing still, you sneak (which automatically draws your dagger if equipped, which citizens and guards take offense to). If you right click while moving you will sprint (which can cause you to bolt off a cliff or ledge).

    Arrows move far slower than their medieval contemporaries.

    Camera is (rarely) annoying when close to objects, or when the game switches to a cinematic view of a melee swing, which can cause you to immediately face away from your opponent.

    Horse controls are improved over TW1, but still subpar. The removal of horseback combat was a bad move.

    All in all, this is a superb game in need of just a little more polish and improved controls. While I feel that naming the game after the steaming pile that preceded it was a bad marketing move, if TW3 is a much of a leap forward as TW2 is, it will be a scroll-dethroning game for certain.

    For FPS/TPS action RPG fans, I give this a 9.5. I highly recommend at least trying the demo!
  67. Nov 6, 2011
    This game is a mix of brilliance and poorly thought out quest lines,as if two teams were working on the project ,one of geniuses and another of idiots.
    The storyline which is criticised is no worse than most RPG and some of the spelling and translation is amusing- but that is not the main problem with the game- which is.. lack of focus.
    Would be improved by showing enemy levels and better
    quests short its a brilliantly created world of nothing.
    It has the potential to be a top rated game but its not there yet .They could take a few tips from Dragon age Origins and they would have a winner.
    Worth buying, not memorable
  68. Jul 15, 2012
    The game is excellent... the multiplayer is actually quite fun, until the crashes, disconnections, etc., hit and you lose levels, items, and patience. Oh, and the "administrators" on the servers aren't helpful at all when it comes to technical difficulties, but wield their administrator powers without restraint or thought. Could've been a great multiplayer experience if various technical flaws were flushed out. However, due to the aforementioned issues, I wouldn't advise someone to purchase the game even at a discount unless you're purchasing it for the singleplayer experience alone. Expand
  69. Aug 16, 2013
    You are forced to be a male character. As a hardcore female gamer, this is not appreciated. Role Playing Games, by definition, allow one to explore broad character options...not be forced into a cookie cutter avatar (that is gender biased). Two Worlds bills itself as a pure RPG? Enough said.
  70. Feb 19, 2014
    I am new to RPG games, I rather play FPS games like Battlefield or CoD. I bought it on steam a few days ago. In my opinion it is a very fun game with amazing graphics even in 2014 but there are some very annoying bugs that have to be patched. And I think this patch will never come out. Anyway.
  71. Feb 9, 2011
    Certainly there are flaws with the game, some of the animations are less than stellar, the combat needs some work, and the interface could be better, but all of the issues i've encountered pale in comparison to the pure addictive fun that the game has to offer. It's been a long time since I've played a game that makes me forget to eat and sleep for hours on end, but I find it easy to lose myself in this game. I'm sure this game isn't for everyone, but if you love a good fantasy RPG I doubt you will be disappointed by Two Worlds II. Expand
  72. Apr 3, 2011
    The best RPG since oblivion, this game is an underrated fine piece of RPG gaming. A bold statement? Yes. A false statement? No. First off, ==Gameplay== The game play is solid and moving around feels great even while sprinting which may I add looks amazing. The combat can seem a bit daunting and difficult at first, especially as a mage but you'll soon find yourself slaying many of the creatures TW2 has to offer and having a hell of alot of fun while doing so.

    Melee combat itself is great with nice fluid block and counter mechanics that look amazing, melee combat is refreshingly dynamic in the sense that it isn't the same attack animation over and over until the bad guy is dead. Take dual wielding for example, your character fights with such grace and graphical brilliance you'll sometimes check twice your not watching a well choreographed cinematic.

    Magic combat is, I found at least, hard to begin with because early in the game you don't really put out enough damage to stop whatever fiend your attacking from getting close and bashing your face in. It can be off putting but stick to it because mage gets VERY VERY good. And once you get a nice set of robes a nice staff and some of your very own made spells, yes you can make your own spells, you'll soon be commanding undead minions or hurling bouncing fire bolts at enemies in no time.

    Ranged combat is very nice in TW2 and looks great, although in some places such as caves and small rooms you can often find yourself overwhelmed and having to retreat to a safe distance or fire as many arrows into the bad guys face while hoping you don't die. This is to be expected however, because let's face it a rangers combat prowess lies in distance and boy in distance landscapes (Of which TW2 has alot of) you will find yourself happily using enemies as a pin cushion before they even think of getting close.

    Now, stealth combat. Stealth combat in TW2 is somewhat strange because it's not a full class in it's own right because it lacks any combat skills which is a shame because while you can fight with a dagger it's just a simple 3 hit combo. Stealth is more of a utility rather than combat class because you can pick pocket, pick locks, one hit kill people in the back, sneak around and place traps.

    Crafting is great and you can upgrade all your weapons and armour, so that trusty sword you got at level 15 may very well be at your side at level 20 while you slice and dice your enemies. You can add special gems to weapons and armour to give them effects such as fire, ice , lightning etc. Most of the time it's better to dismantle any unwanted loot rather than sell it so you can use the materials to upgrade your own equipment.

    Making potions is your typical throw ingredients in a pot and click create. And hoping you get something decent after. You can save recipes if you find a suitably good recipe to save time and effort when you want to make x amount of them.


    Just wow. Easily the best looking RPG to date there is no doubting that, the world looks amazing the armours all look amazing, weapons look amazing. Pretty much everything looks amazing and the game is pretty well optimized too. One thing that really stood out for me is just how good open landscapes look, they look incredible sometimes the lighting can seem overdone and sometimes blinding but other than that you will be opened mouthed, wide eyed and in amazement of what's being displayed on your screen.


    The music is very nice and 9 times out of 10 suits the town or zone your in just perfectly. The voice acting is great, unlike the first game which was sadly not very good. Your character sounds suitably bad ass and not in the cheesy try-hard to be bad ass sense, he sounds great. And other NPCs sound great with a very few voices inducing face-palm moments.

    The combat sounds great with clangs and bangs having a nice sounding ring to them rather than a sound engineer whacking a can of beans with a spoon. Magic sounds great and casting them cues your character to chant magical words which sounds great. Ranged combat hasn't been left in the dark in the sound department, whizzing arrows sound nice and when they hit something they sound great.


    Well it can seem quite confusing at first but once you get to grips with it, it does seem good. Although the story is easily the weakest point about TW2 and is why im only giving it a 9 instead of a 10. Don't let this discourage you from purchasing this fine game however, the gameplay MORE than makes up for it.
  73. Apr 27, 2011
    This game was a nightmare. Fancy cinematic for another fail game. Confusing interaction with quest locations, character steering is prehistoric. Graphics are overkill, massive lag. Voice overs are a complete joke, character talks to himself like a crazy person. Not worth the money, absolute rip!
  74. May 2, 2011
    Two Worlds 2 I felt had a great basis for a game, not perfect but a good foundation. Single player mode there wasn't a lot to complain about, the cut scene animations were a bit lack luster, dialogue wasn't the best acted, but compared to most RPG's its not out of the norm. Your enemies aren't particularly brilliant, but hey I never expected an rhino to know that he should run away if I'm on a rock and he can't hit me. All and all single player was decent, worth playing through. Before I get into what was in my opinion its biggest shortfall, I'll mention what I liked because this was a good game, a lot to love, and I don't want to give the impression otherwise, the in game world is beautiful, just as amazing as when you first saw Oblivion trailers. The fact that they added weapons that other RPG's haven't was nice touch, and the animation for those attacks was brilliant. Your special moves are limited, but the set up for melee combat was enjoyable, Archers felt about the same as most games with a few tweaks here and there that were that improved the experience. The magic system was complicated, but if you took some time to trial and error the ability to create your very own spell was superior to all other magic systems I've played before. Story line gave the same impression I get from most RPG's you do enough side quests you start to forget your main goal until some grabs your attention and says hey do this to get there, but the side quests were actually interesting, not just go get this and go kill him. The villages were immersive, being able to build your own town to get what you want was a good change, and were the missions actually centered from here they could have been an excellent match making center for friends, but mostly you'll end up buying and selling and leaving, or occasionally saving the silly townspeople for gargoyles or giant spiders. The MP had several different game plays PVP and PVE, that you could create from towns and the set up worked. Minus the not being able to have an actual friends list not much to improve on how you created games and joined them it worked brilliantly everything I've wanted in a MP RPG. Now for the biggest downfall of the game was in the MP. Not the game play or set up, the fact that it boasted a MP, but its only a good 10-20 hours before it became a grinding fest. You can only play the same levels so many times before you just don't care. The MP was exactly what I've been waiting for in an RPG, concise missions, 1-8 players, with all the elements of an RPG, except in length. Unless they release DLC there is no point in claiming a MP except for PVP battles. The PVE experience is just over way to fast. I hope they do because for every other flaw is minute and the pro's will make you completely forget them. RPG players want a world of quests hours to get lost in adventures and that is where the game fell short for now. IF DLC is released to extend the MP PVE game play the game in my opinion would surpass all other RPG's because you could have that experience with friends always a perk to have that option. I suppose to wrap it up, SP is good, on par with your top contenders. Add to your MP and you'll have a game that will surge up to the top and easily change my 6 to a 9 or 10. Expand
  75. May 21, 2011
    Dobra gra autorstwa Reality Pump.Soczysty system walki i wspaniaÅ
  76. Jul 29, 2011
    DO NOT BUY THIS GAME, I have been looking for a good RPG to play alongside wow and ive tried several. This is without a doubt the worst. I spend £25 on this for nothing. The combat is appalling and flawed the quests are just pathetic and pointless. Im playing it on normal difficulty and it may as well be insane mode. Getting 2 shot by a bird is just idiotic. Multiplayer is just rubbish and no-one is ever on. There are just so many flaws with this rubbish game I dont have enough room to complain about them all. Buy witcher 2 and you will have so much more fun. Avoid this game like the plague. Expand
  77. Sep 24, 2011
    This is one of the worst games I've played in quite some time. Certainly by far the worst game I've ever bought off steam. I still have no clue how Metacritic gave it a score of 76. The reviewers have obviously never played it and just bs'd a review from reading the back of the game box or copied whatever hype they read about it.

    To quote another user review, "Certainly there are flaws
    with the game.." is a huge understatement. The level of things wrong and poorly designed with this is staggering. The UI (Slow, unresponsive, sticky, clunky and just looks ugly), character models (Poorly proportioned, GTA3 style hands that never animate), clipping (Everything clips through your character, half the time it looks like your feet is sinking into the ground), animation (Running is laughable, a majority of the time your attacks don't even touch the enemy), combat mechanics (The magic system is one of the worst I've seen in a very long time), the list goes on and on. Now I understand Reality Pump isn't exactly a triple A game company, but they could have at least taken a page from other similar, and much more successful games when creating this one. And for those who say at least its a good fantasy RPG; Not once have I ever desired a fantasy RPG where I'm chased by a rhinoceros, baboon, hyena and ostrich across a flat, dull looking savanna. If you're looking for that "unique fantasy" game that is as unoriginal as it is uncreative then you've come to the right place.

    And I'm not just trying to give a random hate rant, this game is really that bad. Skip it and move on to Witcher 2 or go back to Oblivion and wait for Skyrim. Feel free to come back to it once its in the bargain bin for $10.
  78. May 4, 2012
    This game exceeded most of my expectations. I first picked up the game off of Origin because the Velvet Edition was only 19.99. From the mixed reviews online, I was very skeptical. When I started to play, my whole view changed. The Graphics are simply beautiful. I spent my first half hour in the game just running around seeing everything that the game had in store. My only complaints of the game are that the story is not amazing (but still decent) and that some of the voice acting can suffer from time to time. Otherwise the combat is very well done and the graphics blew my mind. The multiplayer feature is also very well done and it is very fun to roam the lands with up to 8 friends and do quests. I would definitely recommend this game to people who love RPG's and love beautiful graphics. Expand
  79. Jul 15, 2012
    I am currently playing Two Worlds 2, and so far i find it difficult to play, not from controls, just the disappointment. By this i mean when you look at when it was released and the graphics of that time, it is extremely easy to say, there should have been more work. The environments are absolutely beautiful, I.E. close to Skyrim's or even a little better some can say. how ever.. the character graphics are bland the level of customization is very low, and so far the voice acting sounds as if they have a stick up their bum and are being forced to read out loud. With character customization you have roughly 4 different complexions, each one after the first choice in my opinion just get worse, not many of the customize choices are visible. and at the end of all it, your character ends up with what i like to call "baby hands", meaning your characters hands are small like they do not match the rest of your body. the facial customization, is just weird, eyebrows out of place, your nose looks like Owen Wilson's no matter what you do, and your eyes make you look like a stoner or your paranoid. The hair options are just plain horrible. Your beard if you choose to get one is plain black you cannot change its color, and it looks like you have feces smeared on your face.

    This is just a first look review, and so far I am not impressed, I am glad I got this during the big sale on Steam and not at full price. So in summery, I give this game a 6, in hopes as i play further it would get better.
  80. Jul 8, 2013
    Absolutely garbage. One of the worse games I have ever played. Honestly. The combat is just god awful and pretty close to unplayable. Tried this game out with a friend because it was co op. I have heard good things about the magic or mage class and so that is what i picked. What I got was a useless, confusing, jumble of mashed together in what was THE worst wizard class I have ever played in a game EVER. Luckily i only got it for $12 but even for that price i feel like i got completely over. Do not get this game unless you have a ton of patients. Expand
  81. Oct 10, 2014
    how some people can give this game 10/10 is beyond me this is one of the worst game ever. the overworld combat even moving around sucks dont buy this game
  82. Mar 10, 2011
    It's a decent game, good enough to keep me occupied from start to finish. However, the enemy is more stupid than challenging and I was in the final battle on level 39 with mostly level 35 gear (max is 50) and yet I won and it wasn't compelling enough to play through again on hard. It didn't help that the ending isn't all that great either. With melee you can breeze through it, playing as a mage is much harder as in the open you'll kill anything before they even touch you but as usual there are some tight spots where you're surrounded by the enemy or fighting in a small room. There's not much if any scaling so if you run into the wrong enemies you'd better run or die a quick death. I didn't play ranger (there's no actual classes but between strength/accuracy/magic attributes there could just as well be) but I imagine it would be much like the mage, easy on open spaces and bad in close quarters. Also as a mage you have to consider resistances, as a melee fight I just as one weapon with half slashing/bludgeoning damage with crystals for elemental damage, nothing was resistant against everything so I didn't really need any tactics. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 31 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 19 out of 31
  2. Negative: 0 out of 31
  1. Mar 19, 2011
    Two Worlds 2 is disappointingly flawed and frequently clunky but, if you can tough it out, can also be extraordinarily rewarding.
  2. Mar 18, 2011
    The best RPG we've played in a long time. [Apr 2011, p.101]
  3. Mar 3, 2011
    And you know what? It's still fun despite the terrible story and stupid enemy A.I. I respect a game that gives me so much to do, so many areas to explore, so many customization options, and so many quests. I had a lot of fun with Two Worlds II, and while the story annoys me in its second act, I do see myself giving it another go at a later date.