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  • Summary: Weaklings need not apply. In Ultimate Demolition Derby you have one goal and one goal alone: Annihilate your opponents as you smash your way through four different tracks filled with dangerous obstacles and deadly corners. Take your pick from a selection of nine unique vehicles and get ready for some high-speed ultra-violence. [Global Star Software] Expand
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  1. While keyboard controls were decent, playing with a gamepad was unbearable in race modes. There are four different arenas to race or crash in, and some neat ideas like massacre and arena, but overall the repetitive gameplay and annoying collision detection quickly got dull.
  2. The lack of realism, physics, graphics and good level designs would make any gamer pine for the Super Nintendo just to play a decent game for a while.
  3. Crappy gameplay mechanics, crappy graphics, crappy AI, crappy gameplay options, and crappy controller support. [Holiday 2003, p.110]
  4. It is just an awful game through and through, and it won't be enjoyed by anyone. Simply put: Don't play this game.
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