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  • Summary: Design, customize, test, ride and complete missions with a variety of roller coasters in your very own theme park. In Imagineering Mode, you are a roller coaster designer and are given the task to build roller coasters based on very specific criteria. In the Build Mode, you create any roller coaster you can imagine, and customize it with environments, backgrounds, characters and props. When you've got your Ultimate Ride you can e-mail it to your friends or post in on www.ultimateridegame.com, CoasterXchange and compete for the rank of ROLLERGOD. [Disney Interactive] Expand
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  1. This new release is a credible and equally enjoyable alternative to the excellent "RollerCoaster Tycoon," with both having distinctly different purposes and assets.
  2. The interface is wonderful, with all the controls and functions needed to build exciting rides.
  3. 79
    The only major complaint is that once a coaster is finished -- or even well into its construction -- it isn't very easy to make even minor adjustments.
  4. Essentially just a slightly better version of the original game.
  5. 75
    As long as you keep the realities of the game in mind (that it's a coaster builder and rider, that's it) then you should be able to have a good bit of fun with this game.
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