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  • Summary: Koei's naval combat game will take place online.
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  1. Certainly there are some similar games out there, but of them all I'd have to say UWO is a diamond among the rest of the common jewels.
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  1. Oct 19, 2013
    Оne of the the best MMORPG, very rich on adventures and interesting game, absolutely free world, your choice evolve of your character and game way to play.
    Can say never play so flexible game before.
    Can't agree when ppl say game not oriented on battle...
    There are many thing trying to destroy you, Pirates, NPCs, People, what making this game quite hard and cerifull to play, one mistake can easily terminates you, good cooperativecrafttrade option, becoming adventurer gives you lot of land battles, dungeon explorations and quite interesting journeys, if become solder or pirate you are more navi warrior with good strategic battle system, no matter you're pirate or bounty hunter. Game is absolutely free in your choices, do you make rules here and not quests like "go kill 10 X, then go kill 20 X,then go kill 30 X", or like "you're the postman so go take this letter to man who is standing near me" atc...But be ready for long and hard game, here you will not get fast lvls, so you must have much patience and create a strategy before you did something in game and many kids don't like it, so there you see much balanced, stable, with who you will have fun.
    I mean here your choice and you strategy makes your gameplay and not the quests, mobs, NPC, aggressive people or story, here you're writing your story.
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    This is, as many people have noted, a slow game to get started in. The focus in UWO is on trade, rather than combat, and some people don't like that. Personally, I like it a lot. The crafting system is fairly well developed, and the trade, adventure, and combat skills can be made to dovetail very nicely. For instance: As an adventurer, you can go out and find raw materials. As a trader, you can use cooking and handicrafts skills to turn them into useful items, which you can use in combat. Since you can learn all of those skills in the same character, you can see how good planning can make life easier.

    That said, no one can have all the skills: the maximum you can have at the moment is something like 60, and there are a lot more skills than that. That's where Companies and other players come in. In some companies, people specialize: one person learns cooking and sewing (which work well together), one learns casting and handicrafts, one learns ship building, and so on. That way each player always has someone they can go to to get a specific item they need.

    In response to some complaints:

    A lot of new players are turned off by the length of the school, which is the tutorial in this game.

    Here's the thing, though: The school is not a requirement. It is the fastest way to learn the game, the fastest way to earn experience at low levels, and the fastest way to get good ships in the beginning of the game. This is a tremendously complex game, and it's not really practical to try to learn everything yourself. But if you really insist on not going through the school, you don't have to: you can try to learn the system on your own, or have your friends try to teach you. It's probably possible, but it wouldn't be easy.

    Overall, I love this game. It has some quirks, and there are some things that were poorly thought out (one of those is the economy, which is currently suffering from some truly spectacular inflation), but overall it's a fun game, with a community that's mostly very good.
  3. Nov 24, 2010
    I found that the game is very amazing, a slow beginning... I got a little problems in finding my whereabouts... such as how to sail properly and how to equip your vessel (Armor, sailors, provisions, cannons). Then I bought some clothing just to find that the student uniform was better than anything I could buy at the moment. Final thoughts... It could use some maneuverability and some speed up on the teaching process... At the end is a nice game also a F2P (Free to play) who has a lot of details and fair quests. Expand
  4. Jul 22, 2013
    Although f2p, I also bought the Premium pack plus the Voyager's Limited Edition pack from Steam, thinking to get started faster in the game. They don't, or if they do, poor f2p-ers. But after days of playing, I'm only getting close to being able to use the new boat in the Voyager's Limited Edition, and no where close to using the cheques (Ducats). I love the openness of the game, sailing, nice music (will even not complain too much of the basic graphics). But being able to only do one quest at a time is painful (one school quest took me 90 minutes to complete, and just within the local region, not going from Europe to Asia or anything, with meagre returns too). Reading up on crafting and trading is advised, again levelling is slow. School (tutorials I guess) quests are worth doing, but the slight story quests in the game seem like an afterthought and brings nothing to it. Also, unless you pay, you cannot use global chat a serious deterrent to finding help for anything unless you join a company (which in itself is hit and miss). School chat is free, so there's always the option of not finishing the school quests, a bit silly. In the end, it gets the 7/10 because it's a nice, sit back and relax style of play, at your own pace, but I REALLY wish in early game you could take 3 quests at a time, not just one. I will continue to play one quest at 1-2 hours each week, the sailing is great fun, some towns have fun music. I reckon in about 3 years time my XP/fame should be enough to use the cheques I bought in the packs! Expand
  5. Aug 11, 2014
    I used to love this game before I realised how morally wrong it feels to reenact the centuries of colonisation, genocide and oppression for fun. I haven't played it since. Expand
  6. Aug 15, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that at one time I would have highly recommended this game. I started the game when it was still in beta and played until just a few months ago. I really enjoyed all aspects of the game up until they moved the server from Korea to California. After the move the game turned to crap! What I had hoped would happen once the game was in America was that the game would be polished and fixed as there were several translation errors and other minor bugs that were not being addressed in Korea. I remember bragging to company members now that the server was in American hands we would all be a lot better off. Boy was I WRONG! Someone in authority seemed as if they went out of their way to ruin what was once a delightful quaint sailing game and reprogramed it into a very poor dash and slash imitation of WOW. The whole concept of the game changed with just one upgrade. When the vast majority of the long time players complained they were met with total disregard. The forums were filled with complaints and petitions all falling on deft ears. People started leaving by the hundreds. The Developers did NOTHING! Companies lost members to the point many went belly up. The whole game changed even more as they introduced more dungeons and lots of over powered gear that could only be bought in their in game store for real money. Most of the players that had started from the begining were outraged. The forums once again were filled with players suggesting that the Dev's go back to the original game concept. Again the player base was ignored. To sum this up... most all of the older player base has quit. The new people that start playing are very quickly turned off by the fact that to really compete they find out it takes lot's of real money to buy the ships and gear that the new game seems to require. The to make matters even worst you have what they call the GM POLICE that lurk around monitoring chat and generally interfering with game play. Banning, suspending accounts, muting players, locking forum posts, making a mess of an already very badly managed game. They all seem to have very small brains with very large egos! Do yourself a big favor and DO NOT get involved with plié of game crap. You will only end up frustrated at the end. Expand