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  • Summary: The Special Edition package includes the original single-player campaign, first released in February 2003, as well as an all-new multiplayer experience called XMP, or "Expanded Multiplayer." In the single-player game, players jump into the scarred combat boots of a grizzled lawman of the future to battle a torrent of bizarre alien creatures and hard-hitting enemy soldiers. The mission: win a brutal galactic race to collect powerful artifacts and stop a malevolent plot to awaken an ancient power. Dispatched to unique worlds ranging from stunningly realistic outdoor terrain to spine-chilling alien cities, the player will face off with Unreal's legendary nemesis -- the fearsome Skaarj -- along with a host of all-new enemies, each hell-bent on eradicating the player and his compadres. The all new XMP mode is a class-based multiplayer game where teams use vehicles, cooperation and Unreal II: The Awakening's devastating weaponry to battle it out across large-scale terrain maps. Teams fight for control of energy sources to power their war machines, deployment points to get to the front lines quickly, and ultimately, four artifacts that are required to win each match. Current owners of Unreal II: The Awakening standard edition will be able to download the XMP multiplayer mode for free on the day the Special Edition package is released. [Atari] Expand
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  1. 80
    A rather fine multiplayer experience, and certainly much more than Unreal II gone deathmatch.
  2. It looks great and plays good. Don't hesitate to get this version if you've felt at all left out in the cold by last year's Unreal 2. It's more than just a frag fest.
  3. The new XMP mode isn't all that original, but it offers a solid gameplay experience.
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  1. GelatinGuy
    Dec 14, 2003
    Immersive multiplayer gameplay that really shines with 12 or more players at once. Teamwork is key, and although very similar to Tribes, the Unreal engine is rock solid. The weapons are much more creative than most FPSs. Although there is no Free-For-All or Deathmatch mode, this is ultimately a good thing, as the game is really set apart from current multiplayer games when played in its one mode. Single player is the same game as the original Unreal II, and is set in a great environment, but has the gameplay and AI of a game put out 6 years ago. I bought the original Unreal II just for this free multiplayer add-on, and it's well worth the sub $20 pricetag for a brand new multiplayer game. There's really no need to buy the special edition packaging, unless you really like the box that much. Expand
  2. JohnC.
    Dec 12, 2003
    Achingly disappointing after the fantastic Unreal. Plot is pure hack. and far to much time spent in video transitions between missions.
  3. alexanderthegreat
    Sep 21, 2006
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