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  • Summary: Added content in Unreal Tournament 2004: Editor's Choice Edition will include the following: Several new and never-before-seen environments for the new and mega-popular Onslaught mode, created by the masterminds at Epic Games, are being added. New maps will include never-before-seen areas as well as previously released maps created for Windows XP. Three new vehicles are being added for Onslaught mode to help gamers tear up the countryside and bring their enemies to their knees. New battle machinery includes the Cicada, a two seat air vehicle; the Paladin, a deadly new tank that includes a player-oriented directional shield; and the Self Propelled Mobile Artillery (SPMA), a long-range artillery vehicle with a deployable hovering spotter camera. Six new characters crafted by Epic Games will join the bloodthirsty lineup of techno-gladiators for players to choose from and play as, including two MetalGuard mercenaries, two Mecha Skaarj and two Necris characters. The Best Community-Made Game Modifications. [Atari] Expand
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  1. 94
    We can't imagine a more complete packaging of one of this year's best PC games.
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  1. RaduS.
    Sep 25, 2004
    The new content is extremely entertaining, the vehicles add more strategy, diversity and fun to the game, the mods that are included are very polished and are worth it. Great game EPIC! If you already have UT 2004 though, don't buy the edtitors edition, because the new content is included in a bonuspack witch you can find at fileplanet.com, together with the mods. Expand
  2. Raino
    Oct 6, 2004
    MEGA game!! Unreal Tournament 2004 owns all other FPS games!!!!
  3. Enzo
    Dec 7, 2004
    Good game if u like to kill.
  4. MentalMan
    Dec 16, 2004
    This is an excellent addition to a superb FPS series. The addition of Onslaught adds much enjoyment to the series, and if you don't get enjoyment blasting someone with the Leviathan's death star-like laser beam, then you can always find enjoyment with the Redeemer, the portable thermo-nuclear warhead. The assault mode is also very fun. My favorite map is definitely the map where you start out in space in starfighters flying around a gigantic Skaarj Mothership, and then work your way into the insides of monstrous station. As always the ever popular death match returns with a new twist, VOIP. That's right you can now personally insult people when you kill them. By the press of a button your voice is transmitted over the internet to the poor shmuck's computer. All in all the is a great game with something for everyone, and a must buy for all Unreal fans. Expand