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  • Summary: Created by the developers of Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron, Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game set during the colonial era of the 19th century and is scheduled for release in Q3 2010. Gamers will guide their nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization in hopes of becoming a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. Saying that it stands head-and-shoulders above all of the scant competition for grand-strategy kingship almost goes without saying.
  2. A strategic game polished and satisfying, suitable for gamers with great patience and discipline, which approaches famous series such as Cvilization or Total War, but less striking in graphics and audio.
  3. Victoria 2 proves that "games for brainiacs" can be accessible and fun. It doesn't have enough strength to steal spotlight from Civilization V, but you won't get a better game this year if you prefer more serious entertainment.
  4. A few too many minor annoyances gang up to keep Paradox's most polished release from reaching greatness. [Nov 2010, p.76]
  5. Oct 27, 2010
    Addictive, nerdy and totally epic strategy. [Dec 2010, p.56]
  6. Paradox doesn't reach perfection with Victoria 2, but the Swedish publisher seems nearer and nearer every game.
  7. Extremely patient gamers with a soft spot for 19th Century strategies are welcome here to enjoy the Golden Age. No other human being should try this title – by no means. [Issue#195]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 21 out of 31
  2. Negative: 6 out of 31
  1. Jul 31, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game has lots of depth and really impressed me! But I think it was kind of falsely advertised, as from first glance I thought is was part of the total war series, or at least something similar. When I got it home I had a shock but in many ways a good one! This Game was memorable, but not as good as the total war series. Close though Expand
  2. Jun 24, 2013
    So many of these reviews seem to focus so much on the release product! I'm gonna review the game as it stands now; It's superb; you can pile hours and hours into this game with different experiences for any country you wish to play as. Yes, it's difficult, ys, you should watch a Let's Play beforehand to get how it works, and no, it's not a sandbox game where you can do anything you like, you are limited by realism factors. But it's simply the best game at doing what it does for the era it represents.

    Plus, excellent modding support for people who do want to mess around with the default formula.
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    I consider myself well read of history. I love to read about the period which this game takes place and have always done the 'what if' senarios in my head. What if the CSA won the Civil War? What if Germany never unified? In this game I set out to play those what ifs. I played as the House of Lippe (a german province) never unifying with the rest of germany. Instead I conquered it. conquered parts of poland and later became a great power. I ended the game colonizing africa and being a super power. This game is full of those what ifs. Expand
  4. Jun 4, 2011
    I quite enjoyed it although it has it's share of issues including a persistent problem with the world market and a few other pesky bugs. The game has tremendous potential though. I think with a strong expansion pack, it'll become a classic. Expand
  5. Jan 8, 2012
    This is a game that fits into a very thin niche in the strategy games' market, and as such it either works well for you or it doesn't. What it does it does very well and what it doesn't do...well it just doesn't do it for some people. If you are a huge strategy game fan (especially of other Paradox titles) or a real history buff then you will probably enjoy this game, but if you're more of a Call of Duty fan and looking to get into a different genre while you wait for the next shooter then this game is definitely not for you. The tutorial is rather boring and all text with no hands on experimentation and this leads to a lot of frustration and searching on the forums. I think the devs wanted you to experiment in-game and play with your own style and in this forces you to do so as a lot of the game is learn as you go, but the first few hours can be very frustrating. The interface is very disheartening even for a seasoned strategy player but it soon becomes your best friend and the more information the better. Diplomacy is definitely this game's strong point over competing RTS games, indeed if you wanted you could play the entire game without going to war and still accomplish many of your nations objectives. That's not to say warfare isn't an integral part of the game, but you are presented with many options for working around a rival nation, the Prussian/Austrian Campaign is especially enjoyable in this regard. Warfare is fairly well done, however you take no part in the battle and the strategy is in getting all the right technology, luring an enemy army into unfavourable conditions, maintaining supply lines, and trying to keep your economy running enough to keep your armies moving. It is really focused on the grand strategy where winning a battle takes a back seat to winning the war. The economy is also very well done and it's management is absolutely critical to your success or failure. All in all I enjoyed Victoria 2 and if you have a lot of time and patience on your hands then you probably will too, but know that you get what you put into this game and if you put in little you will get little in return. Expand
  6. Oct 9, 2010
    Where to start with Victoria 2, it at its heart is just plain inferior to its predecessor, Victoria Revolutions. It's sad to say but what this game improves is utterly out shadowed by what it loses and this is the same for Hearts of Iron 3. Here's what the game does right this, fantastically improved military system making war actually entertaining, the tech tree isn't limited to a few arbitrary techs, the addition of secondary powers, and a easier to follow capitalist system. Now for what hampers this game, the new graphics make the game run slower which may not sound like a big deal but honestly you never do much but sit in Victoria so now you're just sitting longer which is tedious, The AI upon the games release don't do anything weakingling AI in Hearts of Iron do more than these guys, Nearly every historical event was flushed down the toilet which makes the game feel like its meandering and without historical wars or events NOTHING HAPPENS, Colonization is totally stupid now since only major and secondary nations can do it (Sorry Argentina) and your ability to colonize is based on national focus which is based on pop so it only allows you to colonize 3ish provinces at one time, finally the game is disturbingly buggy which is shameful for a game just released since it means they barely product tested it. All and all the original is just a better game doesn't make this game horrible it just isn't worth the money yet since the first is mega cheap. Expand
  7. Sep 13, 2011
    Paradox games is one of my most disliked game companies. Victoria 2 is a pile of jetsam, the game just don`t got what it takes. I keep asking myself why did I buy this game, I will never get another Paradox game again. Expand

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