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  • Summary: Vindictus, known in Asia as Mabinogi Heroes, will combine gritty third-person brawling combat with massively multiplayer role-playing.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Dec 14, 2010
    Vindictus is truly a huge advancement in free-to-play MMOs.
  2. Jan 26, 2011
    High production values and original gameplay combine to make Vindictus one of the most interesting MMOGs to launch in several years.
  3. Jan 7, 2011
    A free-to-play MMO of a higher caliber, Vindictus' combo-driven combat and addictiveness make it hard to resist. [Feb 2011, p.70]
  4. Dec 27, 2010
    Vindictus is what happens when an MMO meets a beat'em up, giving players the opportunity to play for free with a micro transactions system: the result It's a fast paced action online game with some good ideas a great visual, waiting for more contents and the official european release.
  5. Nov 21, 2011
    Your long-term attachment to the game will also be determined by how much of an experience grind you're prepared to undertake (combined with your attitude towards impermanent purchases), and whether the hack-and-slash combat against somewhat repetitive character models is a meaty enough adventure to keep you satisfied.
  6. Jan 19, 2012
    You might like this game for its detailed characters, over the top weapons and combat animations worthy of a Japanese action game. Unfortunately all the advantages are buried under thick layer of typical hack'n'slash routine. [February 2012, p.59]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 25 out of 36
  2. Negative: 9 out of 36
  1. Nov 20, 2010
    The graphics are simple gorgeous. The game play is very reminiscent of Guild Wars, which is not a bad thing. And while they are still implementing all the class types and spells, its an excellent beginning and a real breath of fresh air. Why isn't the Source engine being used for more MMO games, because once you see this eye candy you will find it hard to put up with WOW or other pedestrian graphics.

    Worthy of the download.
  2. Nov 27, 2010
    The "best" F2P MMO with micro transactions I have ever encountered.

    Vindictus has to be Nexons best game so far, I'm a fan (but currently
    Ex-Player) of their MMOFPS Combat Arms and Vindictus just hit the spot for me.

    Being 100% free to play was a huge bonus, and the micro transactions are completely reasonable and well structured. The graphics and game mechanics blew my mind for a F2P and the content was amazing.

    First off, being free. Lots of games out there are "free" but very few are FREE. Majority of games that are free tend to have large limitations on content to those who do not pay. Not Vindictus, free players can do everything just the same as those that pay money. However, it may be a little more difficult or take a little more time. Another big thing is that paying players have no extreme advantage, their biggest advantages are sheer aesthetics. That is what I really like about an F2P game.

    The graphics are a huge jump into the future. I haven't played many MMORPG's with a graphics system that works this well with the game play. The fact that blood spurts from your enemies in the exact spot you slash them was incredible! The cinematic camera angles that change along with the motion blur and vignette effects in combat all wrap it up into an amazing package. Nexon put the Source engine to perfect use in this game giving the graphics and intense and immersive feel, complimenting the game play and content.

    I am a huge fan of the "live" combat system that Vindictus has. I've never liked the whole "auto-attack" deal that lots of other MMORPG's have. The combat system in vindictus allows and requires players to strategize their actions in all situations. Keeping the game interesting and action-y. The ability to pick up and use almost every object in the game, and destroy parts of the environment was a great bonus. Adding depth to the battles and strategy.

    Vindictus' content boasts next to no drawbacks to it. The Introduction portion of the game catapults the player into a storyline that refuses to die off throughout the game. Vindictus has the storyline depth and complexity of a single-player game while maintaining the flexibility and sociability of most MMORPG's. Never does one feel "out of the story" their are tons of side stories for a player to take but it isn't overwhelming. MY only complaint about the content is that you play as a "character" instead of the classic "race/gender/class" combo. I truly don't mind having my gender locked, but I'd rather see Rokhed level 22 Berserker instead of Rokhed level 22 Lann. The next 2 characters that Nexon is looking at seem very promising in propelling the game even further.

    A disadvantage to the game is the matchmaking method for parties. Instead of the dungeon instance being hosted on Nexon's servers, it is hosted by players, so you might end up with a supper choppy and laggy 5 player dungeon. However, you can avoid this by hosting you own boats and then befriending those who tend to lag less in your boats and party with them.

    Overall, Vindictus has everything needed in an MMORPG with the added bonuses of sweet graphics and a F2P environment. The content is clean and understandable while maintaining intense depth that keeps the player wanting more. The few drawbacks it has are absolutely, 100%, negligible as they are, in fact, avoidable by extremely simple means. This is why, in my books, Vindictus deserves a 10 out of 10.

    Good Job Nexon, Keep it coming!
  3. Nov 6, 2010
    The first thing that should be mentioned is that this is a free-to-play MMO, with micro transactions. This means you can download the game client, install, run, and create any of the currently 3 available characters and jump right into the game. While I won't go too far into detail, I will outline the game itself and let you experience it for yourself.

    You are greeted with an opening cinematic, an in-game tutorial on basic combat controls, another cinematic, and then you are thrown into the hub of the game - the town. Your mini-map at the top right indicates which buildings to visit with a yellow chat-bubble. Once you have talked to NPC's and learned quests to take, its off to the docks! At the docks, you will initially carry out quests on the beginner dock which takes you to The Ruins. Since this is the beginner dock/area, you will not need to pay tokens. Once you reach dock 2 and higher, you will need to gauge yourself wisely. Boat rides to your quest will initially cost 2 Silver tokens, and you start off with 50. Silver tokens are replenished every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, back to the 50 count. If you haven't seen any gameplay videos already, I suggest you go do so now :)
    Vindictus runs on a version of the Source Engine, which means it has physics and shares some sound effects from Half-Life, an older, popular first-person shooter that used the Source Engine.

    The available characters as of this time are as follows:

    Lann - The quick, dual-wielding attack-oriented character, suitable for people who like hack-n-slash or getting the job done quickly. He initially uses 2 swords though later on he can acquire spears.

    Fiona - The slower, single-weapon + shield using, defense-oriented character, suitable for people who like characters that pack a punch and take a little extra practice to master. She utilizes a broadsword and a shield.

    Evie - The moderately-paced spellcaster/"mage". Initially she casts small bursts of wind and a heavy-damaging Firebolt, as well as healing abilities. Later on, you may opt to switch from Staff to Scythe, opening up an entirely different playing style for her. You could compare the Staff abilities to that of White or Red mages from the Final Fantasy series, and the Scythe to Black mages; or perhaps more appropriately you could call her a Death God/Reaper, considering the deathly overtones to her attacks.

    Vindictus starts off with a fast-pace, introducing characters and lore in a steady fashion. Once you reach around level 20, questing may start to feel more like grinding, though if you're sociable, you can easily pass time while doing older quests by voice-chatting and, should you be a good samaritan, helping newbies complete their quests while showing off your higher-level abilities. Depending on your internet connection, the game can be either laggy or smooth as butter. It appears that as Party Leader, everyone else connects to your computer in order to synchronize the action going on at everyone else's screens. I have a fairly powerful computer myself and a 15Mbps Cable internet connection and have very low occurrences of lag. There are plenty of factors that come into play, but I recommended befriending people in your party who you can play with without lagging, so that
    1) The game becomes more fun with friends
    2) You have people to trade with or ask for help
    3) If you party with them in the future, you can minimalize the amount of lag you'll have to deal with. This applies to many MMO's really

    Overall, Vindictus is more than adequate for a free-to-play game, with updates rolling out frequently and still yet more characters to be unlocked/released. Its an excellent time-killer as well as eye-candy, perfect for those looking for an alternative to the restrictive turn-based or timed-attack MMO's out there.
  4. Aug 27, 2012
    I was of course totally skeptical while downlaoding this " free-to-play MMO" , as most of the games in this genre that begin as " free-to-play " seem to start off that way for good reason. Man, was I in for a shock. So I'm not much for intros and usually I will skip right to the gameplay but as for Vindictus I found myself immediately captivated by the graphics and well edited beginning cutscenes which introduce the "rookie" hero I chose from 5 or so classes , as well as the introduction of a gorgeous blonde oracle-girl who is trying to save a giant spider that has gone beserk, by protesting to the town militia to prevent them from slaying the creature. The intro is playable and is short enough to be interesting. I was amazed how great the Source Engine looks after all the years since Half-life 2. My laptop has 2 gigs of video memory and is in all cases well-equipped for games. It runs Vindictus beautifully. After contending with the giant spider and saving the blone girl's life the game starts you off in town where you will accept quests before heading out to the dock to begin them. Right from the get-go you will recieve cool gear upgrades and learn from a very intuitive tutorial which teaches all the game's basics. I couldn't help but notice the many different and detailed armor and weapon pieces worn by players levels above me. The art I noticed in the characters' armor and weapon design is simply stunning and extremely intricate. The animation is polished and smooth. The voice acting is more than acceptable and the combat is amazingly fluid and fun. After gaining just a few levels I felt impressed to write a quick review because I quite honestly have never seen a free-to-play game so well crafted. Not ever. A true action-based MMORPG is a great idea and has been expertly executed in Vindictus. Do yourself a favor and give it a play. Collapse
  5. Mar 9, 2011
    Vindictus has a lot going for it even though it is just a F2P MMO, literally everything in this game makes it stand out above every other game Korean MMO that has been brought over by any developer. It breaks the common mold in a huge way and it really paid off as being able to play through really exciting encounters with your friends is extremely rewarding, as does the feeling of similarity with the Monster Hunter series. Without a doubt it's worth every minute you spend downloading the client, a must play for any sort of fast paced cooperative game. Expand
  6. Jan 30, 2013
    Pretty decent graphics, I was surprised it even ran on my laptop. Action oriented gameplay is also a big plus( no auto attacking here). The bad things might outweigh the good things though, but the question is if you can overlook those bad things. First off there are ''gender locked'' which sucks to me because I couldn't even make a badass male mage, necromancer, or you can't make a big brutish female, no female archer and no male with a sword and shield. Instead I ended up with a female mage who didn't seem cool at all and thanks to the fact the female characters kinda seem to have ''baby'' faces who are care more about being trendy than being a badass and the male dual swordsman reminds me Justin Bieber for God's sake, so hands down the coolest looking ones are the brute and the archer. You can customize their appearance but you can't really make them look much different from how they look before you chose them. There are also avatars in this game though most of these seem more affordable than in DFO, they also have stats on them and they go by level. Though chances are, you'll end up picking the ones that give you the best stats and there really aren't too many avatars from level to level anyway, so there's really not too much variety with that. Also the only way you can change your hair (except from the beginning) is to pay real money and I don't think they're even permanent... which means alot if you care about good character customization like I do. The combat somewhat redeems the lackluster appearance character customization though, since it's fast paced and action oriented without seeming to be ''too fast'' and the boss battles can really get your blood pumping, though after awhile the bosses seem more ''predictable'' and like it's mostly about hit and run tactics. You can also interact with the environment, picking up objects and hitting/throwing them at enemies but I felt little reason to do so since it seems like you really only need to to complete certain quests or to get titles, though you can also sometimes get items or gold sometimes but it's not much plus the objects don't really do any more damage than your weapon would do so you're better off just using your weapon, though can be kinda funny to use random objects on enemies. I also wish it weren't an ''instanced dungeons'' type of game since it does get boring if you do decide to solo. Expand
  7. Nov 18, 2013
    They do not respect the user, they don’t even tell you what country/regions are allowed to play at all... You only figure it out (that you can’t play it at all) after downloading 15gb (including updates), many unsuccessful login attempts and searching on the forums for other user’s comments, cause the staff doesn’t do that either. Expand

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