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  1. Jan 3, 2014
    Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior... OOOHH YOU WANNA CLEANUP SOME WANG?

    This game does something I thought nothing could ever do... It
    made cleaning your mess up fun.
    So as an employee of Zilla Corp. you are assigned to clean up the temple that was trashed in the beginning of Shadow Warrior, all the bodies, blood, and damn broken glass.
    You use your mop to clean up blood, the incinerator to burn the little bits, and the hazmat bins for the bigger stuff. Find some bloody money? Put it in the suitcase for an extra reward when you clock out... and maybe put a few priceless artifacts in there to. And why not use that dinky little device you received to make sure you didn’t miss anything? And remember, clean with honor.

    Wow was it difficult to decide if I recommend this or not. It’s a cleaning game, so there’s defiantly going to be mixed opinions, for example a friend and I LOVE these Cleanup Detail games, while two of my other friends hate them, and I don’t recommend on if I like a game or not, I recommend on if its good or bad. So there was two ways I could review this, as a good game or as a bad game. I decided I’ll do it as a good game, because I sure as hell liked it.
    This, for being a cleaning game, is amazing. Somehow it makes cleaning addicting, I spent an hour just burning stuff and another cleaning up the blood... and I was okay with that!
    The visuals, as with Shadow Warrior’s, aren’t too great, but defiantly get the job done. Dialog is amazing with Wang’s witty comments as you burn stuff and find money.

    But this game is riddled with bugs and glitches. Sometimes when picking up an object it sporadically flies through the air, or when you move the suitcase all the money gets throw across the room, and the worst, disappearing objects. After three hours of cleaning and burning, I had found all the money and was getting ready to clock out, but I bumped the suitcase, causing it to glitch out and send one of the rolls of bills flying. Luckily, I watched were it landed. Unluckily, I also watched it fall out of the map through the floor.

    OCD people will love/hate this game, and so will anybody with addictive natures. But I doubt any 'hardcore' Call of Duty players will enjoy this for more than ten minutes.

    Lo Wang's witty comments
    revolutionizes cleaning
    addictive gameplay
    cool and original mechanics (using incinerator, buckets spilling, etc.)

    it’s a cleaning game... enough said
    bugs, glitches, etc.

    (Rates depend on personalities due to game design)
    Rate (for someone who’s into cleaning): 8/10
    Rate (for someone who’s not into cleaning): 3/10
  2. Dec 21, 2013
    A refreshing first person game. Had fun with it despite the repetitive and gory details. The graphics is okay, the music and sounds are minimalist but non-disturbing.
    Two annoyances: 1) it is too easy to kick up the containers by running into them or just having something in your hands, 2) hunt for the last patch and shell on a red and dark floor,
  3. Jul 19, 2014
    When I first play this game i couldn't believe it...
    How can a person enjoy by cleaning all the dirty stuff around the room ?
    It's already a
    very boring stuff in real life, but in that case it has to be done for a real purpose when it has to be done, so, when it comes to do it just for fun i couldn't realize the original idea behind the creator's mind.

    They thought it would be nice to clean all the messy just for fun and relax ?

    But now move forward and describe the specs of this game.

    The worst and silly mistake they've done is that you CAN ONLY take an object at a time when you have to move it and place it in some waste bin.

    For example: i was cleaning up the dirty blood left in the room when suddenly i went ahead and i run across a twenty bullets on the ground !!! And i had to take them one by one !!! Is that even possible !!!

    The worthless game i ever played.

    I'm sorry but...FAIL.