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  • Summary: Be the first to tackle this voxel-based, old-school-gone-new platform shooter. Jump into the Voxatron alpha and shoot your way through twenty challenging areas filled with blocky baddies, destructible toys, and palliative powerups.
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  1. May 19, 2014
    Voxatron is a unique game, and it's good fun. The original debut on humble bundle included one awesome little adventure, and I was happy and satisfied with that. The latest version 0.2.1 comes with another adventure, and the promise of much more to come. Huge amount of user created content, of varying quality. Voxatron is not for everyone, but I have a totally good feeling about this game, so it gets a great score from me! Note: I guess this is still "early access", but good fun and worth playing already. Expand
  2. Dec 31, 2013
    VOXATRON IS NOT DEVELOPED BY WOLFIRE GAMES, it is developed by Lexaloffle games. Sorry for the caps. Please fix this! I really love wolfire games but lexaloffle games are amazing also! Expand
  3. Jan 6, 2012
    This may not be a concern for many people, but the first thing I noticed after Voxatron was installed is that the game does not have its own custom designed desktop icon. The presentation of this game is original and interesting aesthetically, even though everything looks like candy. The aiming takes some getting used to, and can sometimes be a problem during high action moments. There are plenty of levels to download for free from the game's built-in BBS once you're done playing the adventure and arcade modes. The music is very good when it's actually playing and caught my attention almost immediately. Voxatron is quite fun if you like "shmups". The action in conjunction with the brief platforming are a lot of fun, and there is an okay amount of nice power-ups. There is no ability to save your progress at all in adventure mode. This means that if you have to quit the game, you will be forced to start from the very beginning. Voxatron's major problem is its length, and that is the reason why it receives a rating penalization. For the abbreviated amount of entertainment it provides, it is a quick and fun little venture into voxels. It took me about one hour to complete. Expand
  4. Nov 9, 2011
    Picked it up from the latest HIB pack. This game has the potential to be great, but at the moment it seems pretty bland. The shooting gets boring after about two minutes, the platforming vacillates between boring and merciless, enemies materialize right underneath you dealing you annoying damage, and the game only draws a portion of the map, so you're constantly having to shoot at enemies (and get shot be enemies) that are located somewhere in the unnecessary black void. It's especially annoying with the fast-moving enemies or the swarms because it makes it difficult to track the action. You can literally back right into an enemy just because the inexcusably short draw distance sometimes makes it impossible to see two inches in front of you. The game's redeeming feature is its level building and customization, but I have no interest in building content for gameplay that's simultaneously frustrating and mind-numblingly dull. I pray that the *official* release sees significant improvements. Expand
  5. Dec 4, 2011
    There is no question this game can be good. The graphics look promising for the feeling they are trying to give with the game but you can barely see anything due to the ridiculously short render distance. There is no tutorial to introduce you to the game. All those pickups in game? Yeah, after a couple hours of play i have no idea what they do. You get pickups like chocolate and apples but i could not, for the life of me, figure out what they do. The mouse controlling the direction you shoot in is horrible. It only has 8 preset directions you can fire in. If you're gonna do that in your game make it so you can shooting using the directional keys.A good thing is that you can alter the level but shooting at in game structures when they happen to exist, allowing you to take out that enemies behind the wall without going around it. All in all the game looks like i may be promising but right now it is a total joke. Granted it is still in Alpha but i don't see these problems changing any time soon. Expand