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  1. Mar 2, 2012
    Wakfu has nice art, music, and the occasional person willing to chat. Unfortunately, other then that all it has is grind. Wakfu had it's chance at potential, but the f2p cannot trade, nor can they drop items, or do any of the crafting professions. Since f2p cannot trade nor partake in the crafting professions, what little gathering f2p can do is useless. The resources gathered could not be crafted into items by subscribers if the f2p gather the resources. The f2p element is a very limited trial because of that; their social element is essentially just stand around, sit on a bench, and talk to other players. This game has been in Closed Beta for a few years, at least 3 or more, then they rushed into Open Beta near the beginning of February, and at the end of February they went into Live. The crafting system is all the same, click something, wait while a bar fills, move to the next resource and repeat. This may seem like complaining, but I did play in the Closed Beta. I know what it's like to spend 6 hours just gathering resources so I could craft 100 bread that nobody wanted to buy. The in game currency is made purely by the players. Players must gather a ton of ore to make a few of the game currency. All the in game currency is used for is transportation and unlocking new areas to explore. After a nation unlocks the area, all the currency is useful for is transportation, and that currency is lost in the game. SO, players are essentially making currency for it to disappear if anyone uses the transportation. If you like blatant in your face grind, play Wakfu, just make sure you subscribe or else you can only participate in a little portion of the overall grinding in this "game" Wakfu. With all of the boring in your face grind, Wakfu feels like a job and not a game in which you might have fun in. Expand
  2. Mar 1, 2012
    Potential is the only thing this game has ever had. It has been in development since 2007. Paying for the game was impossible for some reason due to a buggy payment system. First it kept me cycling between the same pages and when I finally got to a payment page it gave me an error upon payment. It's a good thing it didn't work. The cash shop is pay to win after SquareEnix told us it would be purely cosmetic. Later we found out items were over 3 times more expensive in the NA region. The free to play doesn't let you get very far and you can't trade, join parties or really anything that makes an MMORPG and MMORPG. The only thing you can do is kill cutesy birds and flowers. Alone. No one could access the server after release was announced for half the day. There was already a duplication glitch announced yesterday and no news of rollbacks or compensation for yesterday being a mess. There is no release patch notes about what changed from beta. We didn't get lot of the equipment we were promised from contests and other beta events. I'm sure they'll resolve these issues at some point in time but I have better things to do. They're still technically cleaning up XIV that was released in 2010. I don't know what square is thinking. Expand
  3. Mar 2, 2012
    Ugh. It's just a grind game. Much much more grind than in early beta. Not what I expected from my favorite genre. The current state of release is pretty terrible even though it's been like 3 years since I last saw it. Disgaea and the tactics series are still way better. The mmo aspect here is pretty lame because even if you sub you're severly limited to what skills you can use.
  4. Mar 5, 2012
    The game is nothing more then a grind, there is almost no dev support, subscriber items and titles cannot be traded between players. The Free to play sucks so dont play unless you plan on subscribing. I dont recommend this game for anyone.
  5. Mar 26, 2012
    The graphics, animations and the soundscape of Wakfu is breathtaking. Unfortunately the game is currently in a terrible state. The only content of the game is never ending grinding of levels and farming of resources. I can not suggest this game to anyone at its current state.
  6. Mar 28, 2012
    I just want to point out, do most of these positive voters sound like real people or generated advertisements? This game is in no way ftp and you are basically paying to play beta. Wakfu have spent the past 6 years wasting their potential on bad leadership and constant mind changing. Fighting in pve gets very repetitive very fast and classes are either broken or unbalanced making pvp all but pointless. The game is very grind-centric with very little sense of achievment or progression. Expand
  7. Feb 29, 2012
    They forced this out of beta early even though it was not ready. It's very buggy and unbalanced and before release there was massive duping. They gradually made it more of a grind game before release. They did not listen to many people in the community that had very obvious complaints. All professions are all the same click-and-wait mechanics and the game forces you to limit yourself to just 1 to 3 spells you can use. Any more and you're weakening yourself a lot. It's not very tactical at all, unless you're willing to grind for a year to unlock more spells. It's an insult to the genre. The art is beautiful but it's just a grind game. I really really wish it was good ;_;. Expand
  8. Mar 11, 2012
    Wakfu at first glance is a nice game, and to be fair it can be fun and has a nice art style that can be enjoyable. But when you get down to it the game is heavy in grinding and often times over populated servers can make thing's hard to do. Speaking of hard to do, a free player, being a supposable free2play game, can do almost nothing. You can't make, or use, money in the game, you can not trade, you can not hunt or mine creatures outside of the second starting area (after the tutorial) and subscribing to the game can, in some cases, be near impossible to do. Speaking on subscribing. The one part of this game that can, and has, turned many would be paying customers away is the support. The support to this game is almost non existent as the dev's respond in ways that seem as if they never read the posts that they respond to, or skimmed at best. The ticket system is mostly automated and rarely helps the players out as it should. If by chance they think your credit card was stolen they even ask for a photo of your card and ID to make thing's worse, then ask again when the automated system doesn't understand what it got. All in all the game can be fun, if your lucky enough to get a subscription. It has nice art, a decent combat system if you like tactical, interesting characters and enough crafting and leveling to keep you busy. But the problems with the game starting and ending with the company it self are to much to give it a good score based just on that, as many won't ever get to experience most of what makes the game good Expand
  9. Mar 3, 2012
    Equips drop are now a lot more rare presumably to encourage and make crafting useful... but the crafting is not the crafting from beta. It takes hundreds of ingredients to make 1 thing. The only thing that drops well is the item shop. The pet is near useless. It starts off with 1% and increases like every 4 days. Even the shop items require level grind. The monetary system is annoying because monsters don't drop gold. You have to grind it. Currently there's a guy camping at every respawn point for iron just mindlessly waiting for it to reappear. It takes 10 iron to make 1 gold. This means iron is worth 1/10 of the smallest form of currency. Similarly many items are worth less than 1k. Everyone is selling everything at 1k instead so no one buys things they can grind themselves.

    Spell XP is a joke. You can use a spell once and use a weapon the rest of the turns and get 100% spell XP for that spell. Other times you use a spell and another spell gets more damage and that other spell earns a bit more spell XP. The spell XP makes it so you can't see if your class is good or not without investing several weeks of grind, and even then you're limited to only a few skills from a particular branch. Experimentation is not possible, and if you reroll your character you can't gain the perks again you paid for by subbing, they're limited to 1 character. It feels unintuitive I find myself using spells I don't need to just to level them. Sometimes I spend battles where I use a spell once and weapons the rest of the turn just because I want to level a weak spell or keep it even with my other spells. It's a lot of stupid micromanagement when I really would rather have challenging battles. Some classes like saddida can exploit their way to higher level pretty easily and it seems a bit unfair meanwhile others like air osa are kind of useless. Well, there's too many small things to list that are just bad. The thing that irks me the most is how little experimentation I can do, or what I'd like to call "play". Everything takes an enormous amount of time. The only thing that makes this game kind of tolerable is the other players.
  10. Mar 4, 2012
    tl;dr ~ Waku isn't a sand box, has no defining fun factors *(other then a wannabe "turn based tactics game" with no challenge). It's a prime example of how a great art direction can carry an ultimately broken and flawed game. >>>>>>>>> 1. Dungeons ~ Hand full of them at best, P2P players will not bother with astrub dungeons as there's little to no actual point *(you level far faster then struggling to beat any of the lv10-15 dungeons there) making the reward *(gear) worthless as you can reach lv20 in bout a day or so. **As for legit dungeon rewards: all you really have is the gobball and celestial dungeons** Yes there are also Nation specific dungeons *(like the Snapper in Sufokia) ~ however, they only exist to cater to the pointless boost exp system for dungeons ~ as there are no bosses/special loot. Thus making them a waste of time. For those interested in "lore" for dungeons.. sadly, you'll also be disapointed as there isn't any ~ other then the crow and dhreller dungeon. 2. Professions ~ You have waaaaaay more then a handful of them... BUT they're nearly all pointless ~ why? cause you can get better gear by killing mobs. tho at least some of the higher level armor/weapons are some what useful.. unlike cooking/baking that have no useful craft past lv15 *(for the time sink you'll invest). Sadly, it doesn't matter which profession you pick.. as they still take a "guilds effort" to level up in a timely fashion *(you'll be making HUNDREDS of useless items that no one wants or needs for anything.. just to level up ~ good luck mindlessly gathering those mats if you're solo). 3. Ecosystem ~ No point.. does nothing but slow down player progression or create a small sense of accomplishment for bout an hour or two when you first start playing the game. Furthermore, a small guild can wipe out national resources fairly quickly if they get bored *(happens a lot after the first few weeks). Any bonuses you "had" will now be gone and you'll be forced to replant them or try to stop the people doing this ~ good luck, as the CP system is again... pointless, they'll have LOADS more CP then they'll lose killing you and wiping out your stuff, thus will never go to jail or become a criminal.. lol, just hope they don't rig a vote for Gov.. and raise taxes/make it illegal to kill specific mobs. As is, it's like a 2nd job that has NO reward/payment for your investment. This is one of the very VERY neat features the dedicated players were interested in and ultimately disappointed by ~ due to the poor direction/lackluster design of the game. 4. Common misconceptions/Interests of the game: Q: Official site says I can "try before I buy" a sub.. F2P any good? A: F2P "elements" make it nothing more then a demo ~ you can't vote, or affect the ecosystem, you can't group or even mint kama... hence why I say "demo" and not "free trial" ~ as you do NOT get to "try out" anything that makes the game "special". Q: Professions, handfull of dungeons and FISHING!?.. must be a Sand box? A: No, wakfu is not a sandbox.. at least not any more then a CD can be called a coaster ~ Why? Because there's no actual point to bother investing your time in one thing over another *(you'll be no different then anyone NOT wasting their time) ~ Thus there's no purpose to the many "time sinks" in-game ~ all it really is, is a grind simulator. **note: for a real sandbox reference, check EVE online ~ Q: Wakfu is a Tactics based game. A: Perhaps.. but not really ~ as the mobs never evolve or get any stronger/smarter ~ they just start stacking on the steroids and boost HP/dmg... completely removing any sense of challenge or accomplishment in the game. Q: PVP!? A: You can gank or be ganked at any level past Lv15. NO, you cannot turn it off.. or stop those lv95's from killing you at the market or while picking berries at lv19 ~ ENJOY! ^_^ Q: Quests and Lore? A: Nope... there are NO quests outside the tutorials in incarnam or astrub intro *(gather 3 feathers to pick a nation). Lore is also a bust.. to know everything bout the game and actually have a good time, just watch the animated show ~ well, that or spend a few hours walking around each nation after browsing the Wakfu wiki to see a couple of neat tid bits bout how the world was flooded by a crying baby *(the dude that beat the gods). Q: I has useless junk.. and LOTS of it.. where the NPC's at? A: Sorry.. there aren't any of those ~ best you just chuck those in a bin or something.. maybe even try to trick a nub into taking them off your hands? ~ really, 80% of the stuff you get ingame is worthless.. so get use to it. ***note: this is where crafting could've shined with a "breakdown" or harvest mechanic for useless gear/items *(like gems and what not in other games). Q: THIS GAME IS FUN!? A: Yep, it can be and depending on your level of tolerance for stupid/skill less time sinks, you might have a blast for a few weeks or so. Expand
  11. Mar 27, 2012
    Bad suport, not informing player from changes before they are maded, bugs "fixed" that really aren't. Forun admin calling you xenofobic and racist. Not recomended.
  12. Mar 27, 2012
    The game is in beta test yet even its released , its full of bugs , client crashes , unbalanced classes and more , isn't worth paying for, i recommend stay away from it for another year or so.
  13. Mar 4, 2012
    Still unable to do the simplest thing of upgrading my account to a full subscription. This is an issue that a significant number of people appear to be having with the game and yet the company refuses to respond or address the issue on the forums. This doesn't bode well for their customer appreciation or dedication to service.
  14. Mar 5, 2012
    Pros: +Somewhat simlar to final fantasy tactics.... kind of... not really. No height advantages, no timed spells, etc. +You unlock 12 active spells and 10 abilities by level 10. +Nice artwork +Only 6 USD per month for subscription Cons: -You may only use at maximum 3/12 spells. Otherwise, due to spell experience system, you will be SEVERELY weak. Get used to spamming the same button for years. Did I mention this severely hinders your tactical gameplay?
    -Crafting system is flawed and unbalanced. Some crafting professions have terrible rewards/investment, while others are very easy to pick up and level.
    -Economy is in sick shape and will most likely never improve due to their mechanics.
    -Fights drag on and on. Highly suggest you multi-task while playing this game. In dungeons you will generally wait 8 minutes between your 12-second turns... where you will generally try to use the one skill you will ever use your entire wakfu career, and pass if you get chumped in LoS.
    -Severely buggy cash shop/subscription plans. Many people got banned when subscribing due to a bug. Many people get banned for buying virtual cash. They still haven't reimbursed or fixed any of the problems. It is also currently impossible to cancel your subscription, unless you change your credit card number by getting a new credit card.
    -Free to play is severely hindered by limitations. You may not party with subscribers, do anything outside of the small starting area, pick up or drop items, or use any craft.
    -Extremely low drop rates. This can be remedied with the auction house, if you can afford it...
  15. Mar 26, 2012
    It might seem like a nice game with interesting features at first, but don't be fooled. All this game has is wasted potential.

    As proven by previous games and management, Ankama have no idea what they are doing. The marketing is terrible (its NOT a f2p game, the free is just a trial, yet they act as if it is f2p instead of trial/demo). Its ridiculously bad programmed and heavy (JAVA is
    also a stupid idea to program it on, as its easier to create bugs that way, which the game is full of).

    To start with, the servers are IP blocked, because they think that's an awesome idea. This means if you're german you're confined to play in the german server and so on. There is almost no content (and even less content than beta stage), there is not even end game content, this means they released the game even more incomplete than beta. The class balance is terrible. The political system is **** up and highly exploitable. It has a cash shop which sells items to reduce in-game effort (which even got its downfall video from the players ). They scrapped on the last months and during the beta a lot of good ideas to make the game more similar to Dofus, such as scrapping gemlin (a pet supposed to be entirely customizable), making the graphics worse (one of the beta versions had a much better graphic), ruining the haven bag system (sorta like housing).

    They also allow multiclienting, which, for being a turn based game, will soon be a huge problem in many ways. (such as multiple voting on elections). The combat system is a joke. Just as an example, you should be using a single spell all the time if you want it to be maxed when you get lvl 100 (and have all others at low level). The game is pure grind. It was not so much in beta but they increased the XP needed to level by a lot on release, probably to slow people from getting to unexistant end game content. I could go on with the failures... The developers keep making bad design choices which obviously show they don't know what they are doing all the time, I just can't remember them all.

    They can't even make decent changelogs, they do not list all changes on them and do not explain them well.

    Tl;dr: Don't waste your time, this game is not what it looks like at first.
  16. Mar 26, 2012
    This game is not worth playing. All you who are thinking about playing this. I recommend just playing Dofus if you want a turn based MMO or just wait a year or two so they get this game together. Then we'll see if this is still alive and consider it again.
  17. Mar 4, 2012
    A unique game that's nice to look at... but the balance and content are alpha/beta quality. The ecosystem is nice. So are the government and nation aspects. The pets are a garbage addon gimmick reminiscent of tamagachi. The gameplay is entirely hit or miss. Some classes can 1 or 2 shot anything. And some classes are complete and utter useless garbage. The devs prefer style over effectiveness as far as game mechanics go. Updates and bug fixes are slow or non-existent. The only support or feedback you can get out of SE/Ankama is related to problems with the cash shop or subscription service. They released their game unfinished and expect you to pay for it. Expand
  18. May 3, 2013
    Even if you wanted to like the game you will be turned off by the horrible company. The ads for the game are deceptive, and there is nothing free to play about a demo. You would not call any $59.99 game free to play because it has a demo. In addition to the subscription based play there are pay to win micro transactions. And if you do buy any of these expect to be filling out support tickets to deal with your lost premium currency, and items that never arrived in your in game mail. Buyer Beware.

    Even if you do get a subscription and access to the full game it is no more than a grind fest with little to no rewards or purpose.

    The game is broken, and basically still in beta even a year after official release. Classes don't work as intended, skills are broken, and pvp is a joke due to the horrible character balance. Hope you never have to fight a ranged character as a melee.

    So if you like mindless grinding, no rewards, pay to win, bad companies, and a lack of players in your MMO than this is the game for you.
  19. Mar 26, 2012
    Been following this game since it was a mere concept. It's an absolutely disgrace to see how corporate greed has turned a beautiful project into a train wreck.

    Intending to reach two audiences that require diametrically opposed features to please (sandbox and themepark lovers), Ankama overextended in every single way, releasing an unfinished, buggy product and charging for it in an
    immoral, borderline illegal way.

    The worst facet of this issue is the unjustifiable mistreatment of the playerbase by Ankama. Players have been lied to (officially promised to have a cosmetics-only cash shop, then a P2W shop was released on day one after people had paid preorders), blatantly ignored (still no official response on the arbitrary server restrictions that separated friends for absolutely no reason) and neglected when it comes to customer support (I have a 5 month old open ticket, go figure...).

    If I have to say it at gunpoint, yes, the game is "fun". Combat mechanics are fine, animation and art style are flashy. But that doesn't compensate for the abysmal balance, myriad of bugs and overall broken character developement system, which has been reported a million times during the beta, and repeteadly ignored.

    Do not support Wakfu. It is half a game, yet they're charging double for it (subscription PLUS pay to win shop). Your money is much better spent elsewhere.
  20. Mar 26, 2012
    What a huge failure. Lack of skills respec, bugs everywhere, completely unbalanced classes, undeveloped mechanics, horrible equipment stats distribution. In short, I paid 5 euros for a game which should still be in closed beta.
    Do not waste your time and money in this grindfest. Wakfu is a game with great potential, but it looks like Ankama and Square are only interested in milking their
    customers. Expand
  21. Mar 27, 2012
    The game has been in development for at least 6 years, and has been through every stage of development a lot of times. Open beta, closed beta, complete overhaul of several class gimicks, crafting system, and at one point the whole project was started over, with new graphics and skill leveling systems. I was part of the closed beta of this last year, during which one thing became really obvious: The customer support was completely non-existant and feedback would be completely ignored, unless it was posted on the french forums. Many times it would seem that they were making fun of the players, when a huge issue or bug would appear in the game and they wouldn't make a mention of it and ignore it for several months such as item duplication bugs, or huge flaws on the many important and unique mechanics in the game. One of them is the political system: Once every 2 weeks or so, each of the 4 nations would have elections and choose 1 player to be a governor, and that governor would be able to start war with other nations, choose laws, set taxes, or buy "challenges" that are small contest-like events that would earn prizes for players that won them. A wonderful idea, or at least thats what it sounded like but when applied it was easy to see that the elections did nothing but act like popularity contest.
    Or the weather and ecologic mechanics, were mobs and resources such as trees, flowers and wheat could go extinct if people collected/destroyed too many of them without replanting, but in the game it is really easy to see a thousands of selfish players that straight out REFUSE to replant, and it is the work of small caring bunch to keep stuff alive, since everyone else is just too lazy to waste 15 seconds replanting even 1 tree for every 20 they cut down. I have seen people complain that while they are trying to replant resources, they will have players chase them around and collect the resources they just planted as soon it becomes possible, and sometimes destroying them before the resources can be collected just because they can, and then those same people are seen walking around complaining that they can't find more trees to cut
    Classes are awfully unbalanced, and even now that the game is released, they are still releasing balancing patches that make some mayor changes to most classes, most of the time making the overpowered classes even more overpowered, and nerfing even more the ones that are already struggling to stay alive. Since this is a released product, i don't need to explain why it is a bad idea to make such drastic changes to the way some classes work when there are a lot of people that have made builds around those spells and such.
    The elemental spells gain experience when you use them. So if you want a spell to become stronger, you only have to use it a lot. When you use many spells in a fight, the spell exp is split among the used spells depending on how much they were used, but you also get a small exp bonus the more spells you used. For example, using only spell A gives you 10 exp, using spell A and spell B equal amount of times get 6 exp o each of them. They did it this way to reward players that use more variety in spells, so they get less exp per spell but the total exp is higher. The problem with this is that many spells are extremely situational and will rarely be leveled since they are not worth being used often. Also, even thou the extra exp was made to benefit players that use many spells, truth is the less spells you use the stronger you will be, because those spells that you use all the time, the most effective powerful combo will always be the best one to use, so there is no pont on leveling spells that are not part of that combo. This is a game with beautful aesthetics and with lots of subtle puns or references based on a world with a great lore, but i believe nothing can save it now. Ankama has ignored feedback for a long time, rushed the production for release and right now, it feels that they are just looking for ways to milk the players from their money in some agressive marketing before the game sinks for good, like adding a cash shop on this game that is already subscription based, advertised as free to play. Ankama had plenty of time to change their ways. It is just painful to see the direction the game has taken.
  22. Mar 4, 2012
    Game Is nice, but honestly. It's been in the works for 2yrs+, they have another game with a similar style Dofus, so why is it so hard to fix the bugs and get a working website up if the previous game is almost an exact copy with no problems. The Dev team needs to either be fired, or go back to school because i've had better service within a day from other MMO's that were bigger than this. Honestly, reaction time on solving these things is very poor on their side, and they're losing customers because of it. Expand
  23. Mar 5, 2012
    This is a pretty cool game at first but it really starts to wear you out. It has a lot of fascinating stuff like the ecology, government and conflict territories. It has many professions but they all work by spawning a timer which you stare at while you gather the resources. Using the resources in a profession means going to one of the profession workshops, selecting a recipe and then staring at a timer for each item you "craft". This game can be easily trolled, like wiping out resources from the ecosystem, declaring war with everyone, making it illegal to kill monsters etc. You can also attack anyone you like at any time just to annoy them. You lose citizenship points which makes you a criminal. Basically I can repeatedly attack a dude by a spawn point and make their life miserable. If later someone is stronger than me they can put me in jail if they attack me and beat me, to which I can just go eat IRL and my time in jail has expired. The voting system can be game'd just making new characters and voting from the same account. It's easy to farm CP for those that buy an second account. Oh yeah, multiaccounting is ok. It becomes obvious fast that the only thing there really is to do is do dungeons with your guild and kill monsters forever trying to collect drops. The thing that kills me is the complete lack of creativity. It's a sandbox game but you can't really do anything that doesn't feel like turning the crank of a slot machine or being in some sweatshop. I find most people, including myself are doing the exact same strategy every battle. This is not like minecraft-style creativity, it's more like, we get little forms we can modify in the interface but all of the perks are grind-centric; kill so many monsters in 20 minutes for an item you can use in a profession. On top of that there's a lot of weird bugs. Sometimes I can't fight and sometimes my gaming client just poofs after I've been playing awhile. People are buying items from the cash shop and selling them in game so the item shop is kind of unfair. The more you're willing to pay in real money the more advantage you have but I guess it's similar to being able to multiaccount. I played way too much on release and in beta so maybe a normal person will get to this stage in a few weeks, but I can conclude this game is kinda fun at first but has no long term appeal other than grinding. Release didn't really improve the game much other than to make the crafting recipes more grindy. Giving it a chance means a lot of hours of play because it takes a lot of time to really do anything in this game. Content gets more sparse the higher your level. The thing I hate most is the direction it has gone. It has gone opposite of most players opinion in simple ways that could have been easy to change. Expand
  24. Mar 4, 2012
    This game is beyond fun. But for a few reasons the fun is sucked out of the game faster than you can suck down a smoothie. The turn based mechanics and nation to nation combat are amazing, the conflict that players actually create is amazing, the only reason why this game gets a 4 is because of the way it tries to make it's money. You have to subscribe, which costs six dollars, to unlock the game. You will constantly see the words, "must subscribe," even when you are doing things that don't even seem like a big deal. This game has no free to play. It is only pay to play. Expand
  25. Mar 24, 2012
    This is an incomplete game with core elements and classes bugged, yet it has both a pay for advantage cash shop, which they lied saying it would be purely cosmetic, and a subscription model. The item shop costs 3 times more if you're in north america so be sure to buy from the french site, it still works. They don't patch things in a timely fashion. There's many broken spells and severely overpowered skills that heavily corrupt the balance of the game. You need a team to kill an air cra. From 30 to 100 everyone in the game grinds on boos and mosquitoes which kill themselves and give huge XP. This game has no redeeming qualities. The graphics are deceptively good but the mechanics and gameplay will remind you at every level that this game still needs a lot of work to feel like it has any direction whatsoever. Expand
  26. Apr 3, 2012
    As game enthusiast my wife and I frequently try new mmos. Wakfu was the most promising we have played in a while and we are extremely disappointed at the fact that not the game but the official website is the reason we have given up on playing. It started with banning us from creating 2 accounts (one for me and one for my wife to play the game together) on the same IP for 24 hours! We overlooked that and fell in love with the game play and decided to subscribe only to be met with another BAN for 24 hours. For some unexplained reason we "could not be charged" and costumer support was impossible to contact. The account forums are flooded with people posting that they are having the same issues and some who had been able to subscribe couldn't unsubscribe leading to money being taken out of the bank when they didn't wish to pay anymore. This game fails on the most important part to a gaming business and thats the account information and money handling. Expand
  27. Apr 3, 2012
    Wakfu is a disaster that should go down in history as a "what not to do" lesson for all MMOs to come. Even it's beautiful and unique artistic style doesn't even come close to making up for the abject failures in essentially every other aspect of the game. It is a bug-ridden, hideously imbalanced grind-fest with a whimpering economy and scarcely enough content to last you two good weeks. Over the 3+ years I have spent beta testing this game I have seen it go from great to good to bad to downright embarrassing. There were versions of this game that were incredibly fun, promising, and well-loved, but these were inexplicably deleted and replaced with the sort of garbage we see now. There are bugs in this game that have festered for so long that they've actually celebrated birthdays. I don't know what else to say. It's probably unfair to judge the reviews of others, but I get the impression that the majority of the highly positive reviews here are from people who have not yet delved deeply enough into the game to realize just how ill-conceived, imbalanced, buggy, grindy, and short this game really is. I loved Dofus, I love turn-based strategy, and I love Ankama's unique artistic style, and I tried so hard to love this game - but it's truly awful. What a waste. Expand
  28. Apr 19, 2012
    One of the worst MMO's I have seen. Hard to know where to start....... boasts this MMO is tactical. Well...its not even close to being tactical. The MOST unbalanced class's I have ever seen in any MMO in the last 20 years its a major grind fest (99% of the game is grinding), who the hell likes that? almost zero feedback on things in the forums, unless you read FRENCH PvP is garbage, PvE is garbage. There is no point to any of it.

    and this.....YOU CANT UNSUBSCRIBE. It has been months since release and they don't even admit this. They hide from this issue every time its brought up in the forums.
  29. Apr 17, 2012
    As a big fan of Final Fantasy Tactics I was initially skeptical of this game. Although the cartoon type style bothered me a little bit, my original thought was it was more for a younger crowd, I decided to try it anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at the CONCEPT of the game being an MMO. The way the game is presented on a functional level is pretty solid. I never tried Dofus, so being unfamiliar with the world some things were confusing, including the types of monsters, they just seemed odd. As many others have mentioned class balance seems to be an issue, I also did not see much in the form of a community. I found mostly people running around just soloing. Since I was under the assumption this was free to play, it wasn't until I read the forums that there is a huge disconnect between paying players and free players, mostly because of the games design flaws. The other frustrating piece was the fact that very early on you get quests that you cannot complete because you need to pay to be able to use or do certain abilities or skills to complete even the earliest of quests. Overall, I do wish for the success of Wakfu only so that I can hope someday they will do a Final Fantasy Tactics online with that universe and job system, as the core concepts would be easily able to be transferred over. Unfortunately, because of the limited things you can do as a free subscriber, the game turns in to just an exp grind very early on making one lose their interest very quickly. Expand
  30. May 15, 2012
    I went from a hardcore lover of the game, to the most disappointed player on the server within 3 months of my year subscription. If I had to some up wakfu with one word it would be 'bait and switch'. Nearly every class is riddled with game breaking bugs that are still existent from open beta. Nearly every unique selling point advertised such as the unique character progression, or unique ecosystem checks and balances has already been taken out of the game and is no longer true, and their is zero end game content. There's a reason you can't experience 95% of the game until you pay. Buyer beware. Expand
  31. May 16, 2012
    Very ambitious on Ankama's part but a total flunk of a game. While it does has very nice artwork and music, it is just a total grind with very limited options for F2P - not as good as Dofus.
  32. Apr 23, 2012
    The definition of wakfu is squandered potential. I can't emphasize that enough. Let me do it again. The definition of wakfu is squandered potential. The reviews are equally split between good and bad. They're both right. It's 5 stars if it's taken like a $5 one-time phone game you play for a week, but it's 1 star for its long term appeal and currently available buggy features and terrible balance. This 5 year old game, which is still in beta condition. It is just another grind game. Such a waste. Expand
  33. May 31, 2012
    so much change,say want to balance the game but actually they kill the game....this new spell exp system only can make 1 class with 1 spell user will get more advantage while me(earth cra)need more spell to survive the game(on 1 branch)..i do want make multi element as my support spell but now they KILL it thanks a lot ankama and the other people that support it -_-
  34. Jun 10, 2012
    Friggin terrible. You feel ridiculously weak until you get to level 70 + Lack of quests, mixture of feelings of this is a waste of time and pointlessness. The only redeeming thing is the cute and quirky graphics but after a while you realise the only things moving are the animals and characters the backgrounds are just manga paintings. It's not a MMORPG it's a WOTRPG (Waste of time RPG).
  35. Oct 10, 2012
    ANkama its the worst enemy of his Own Game....looks like they actually dont know what to do with it..... I played like 2 months and they change my char 3 times make it unable to acomplishe his original propose... ALso the comunity its full of rud players who will troll u and atack u (in game and forums) if u sumit any complain.
  36. Jul 1, 2013
    Nothing to do but grind and grind and.... grind. Seriously this game is absolutely awful, that is if you can get on their horribly made website and actually create an account. It took multiple tries on their buggy site, somehow they even managed to up and make doing the captcha a grind, before i could make an account then i finally managed to get in and play and found that it is sincerely not fun at all. Expand
  37. Jun 27, 2013
    Wakfu has nice art, creative and unique turn based game play, as well as a fun social dynamic. Wakfu also has an animated series and you can find my creatures, villains, and landscaping from the anime in the actual game. Unfortunately there are still a lot of bugs, even though it has been out for over a year. New content has been released at incredible speed. However, the new content lacks depth and usually brings with it a new round of bugs and glitches. Character balancing has been slanted more towards PvP instead of geared towards PvE when the game is not designed for PvP. Customer service is nearly non-existent. If you have a bug you might as well quit playing because it won't be fixed. Which is rather frustrating after you have given them money and they still won't resolve let alone knowledge your issue.
    Overall while I do love playing the game and there is huge potential the flaws make it nearly unplayable. Ankama needs to slow down and focus on what really matters. The quality, not quantity.
  38. Dec 30, 2013
    Nice art, lots of potential. NONEXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE; if something happens on their behalf youre screwed. AWFUL UNJUST MODERATORS, horrible economy, horrible management, grind fest on a turn base mmo, less tactical and more time consuming than anything. Horrible game, do not be fooled by how pretty it is.
  39. Dec 30, 2013
    Completly the game sucks. Theres no support, the game developer just want take off your money. The game have milions of bugs that dont get solved. People get neglected by the developers about their problems on game.
  40. May 7, 2014
    1/10, the game was released like two years ago and still have some beta issues:
    -bugs everywhere
    -some bugs even eat your items and pets and of course ankama never gives an answer to the people affected
    -memory leaks make nearly impossible to play the game even with only one account.
    -endless grind fest
    -horrendous drop rates
    -the custom service its a myth

Generally favorable reviews - based on 5 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 5
  2. Negative: 0 out of 5
  1. Apr 16, 2012
    A beautiful alternative to the standard MMO, but unlikely to draw you away from more structured questing for long. [May 2012, p.88]
  2. Apr 16, 2012
    Wakfu isn't for everyone, but it is right up your alley if you love a grid-based strategy RPG with the MMO elements we're all familiar with. It has enough charm to keep you in awe for days, and enough depth to keep you playing for weeks.
  3. Mar 23, 2012
    If you're expecting epic quests, great loot, a compelling storyline and larger than life battles, then maybe Wakfu isn't the game for you. But if you're interested in exploring a drop-dead gorgeous world without getting aggro from every single mob you come across and being able to chat freely without restrictions to all the other players in the game, then you'll probably love this game.