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  1. CD-Action
    Jul 27, 2015
    There’s absolutely nothing in Wander that could persuade me to revisit its servers. There’s no combat, no quests and experience points, no puzzles or any other challenges, no crafting. Just you and a totally dead world to explore aimlessly. [08/2015, p.74]
  2. Jun 10, 2015
    An incomplete, creatively bankrupt vacuum. If we’re so starved for nonviolent experiences that this is what we champion, the industry’s in worse shape than I thought.
  3. Jun 7, 2015
    If there’s no groundwork and fundamentals in place for players to interact with one another, especially for a game with zero objectives, it’s destined to fail. I can understand what Wander was trying to do, but even so, it’s both nowhere near complete and polished, and sadly, completely void of fun in any way.
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  1. Jun 17, 2015
    Relaxing But Unfinished
    Wander is a decently pretty and relaxing game You start out as a tree in my opinion the tree is a great
    Relaxing But Unfinished
    Wander is a decently pretty and relaxing game
    You start out as a tree
    in my opinion the tree is a great introduction into the world
    it moves very slowly forcing you to soak in the environment and get a feel for what the game is about
    its about taking your time, sitting down and just getting lost
    The tree though is extremely slow and I feel like the developers made a mistake by not putting a faster character on a direct math maybe 30 minutes from start that players would intuitively go to
    I was stuck as a tree for a good 2 hours trying to find a spot to transform, almost quitting.
    There are currently 4 forms available in the game
    In laymans terms. A tree which takes larger steps, and can light up the night with fire flies, a water lizard that can swim very quickly, a human character that moves faster than all other forms, and a griffin than can fly and lessen travel time when youre trying to get to a specific point.
    I feel like Wander was inspired by journey, this is a MMO but you can only communicate through the games language which is written by symbols and then spoken
    if you want to really spend some time in this world, you have a new language of about 50 words and phrases to learn
    so much like journey you for the most part communicate through a foreign language that neither of you understand, but at the same time still are able to communicate
    For example I found a tree when I was roaming around and I know how horrible it can be to be stuck as a tree, so I communicated the best way I could to get the player to follow me, and I led them to the human stone and then flew them up to the griffin stone
    it feels great to help other players out, and this is really where the magic is at in wander.
    There isn’t much else to do but explore and find lorestones to learn about the world you’ve been placed in, so trophies and achievements kind of take front and center just by human nature if you trophy hunt or not, sadly though there are issues with some trophies that are currently being worked on.
    Im actually surprised achievements and trophies came out of the gate broken since really these are the only objectives the game gives you.
    While the adventure is up to you, I oddly enough found myself sinking hours into this game searching for lorestones and speech stones,
    soaring the skies searching for new caves to explore, swimming to the depths of the ocean for trophy progress
    I appreciate the vision of wander, but do find the scenery to get a bit repetitive, and the 2nd islands especially kind of just smacks you with how little there is to do in the game
    Not many people are playing wander right now, I was lucky to see maybe 10 people total in the 20 plus hours ive spent in wanders world so far,
    so don’t expect to run into groups of friends exploring together, I hope this happens soon, but right now this isn’t the reality.
    There are plans for more islands and talks of more forms and lore stones.
    I’m excited to see what Wander brings in the future, but this game clearly isn’t finished yet
    Many of the games mechanics are patched in and out of the ps4 and pc versions of the game to improve based on feedback on a daily to weekly basis, so this to me shows promise, like a typical mmo, this game will be in development as hopefully the months go on,
    right now youre essentially paying for early access, there isn’t even enough to complete some of the trophies and achievements in the game.
    Will you enjoy your time with wander? It depends if you don’t need action in your life.
    You cant die in wander, there is no threat
    Wander is meant to be a relaxing time and it can be when you aren’t dealing with the frustration of achievements and mechanics not working the way they were intended.
    Is the current price tag a bit steep for what you get?
    I personally believe it is.
    There are plans for a lot more in wander, and I may and probably will do an updated review as the game grows, but at its current state I can’t say youll be missing much if you hold out.
    I believe so much in this games potential and in the team developing this game, but im here to save your wallets and have to be honest.
    For what it is
    Non Combative MMORPG 6/10
    Overall 6/10
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  2. Jun 5, 2015
    This game is a beatutiful piece of art i love every aspect of it i have 19 hours into it and i just find more and more things to discover oneThis game is a beatutiful piece of art i love every aspect of it i have 19 hours into it and i just find more and more things to discover one time i would explore for an hour and when i find something the game would crash and i would just chuckle and keep on playing and i would start out swimmingvon land i though i was a majestic potato i loved it and i fell through the floor and clipped through every stair and rock i thought it was hilarious i love this game it deserves $25 please buy it Full Review »