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  1. Aug 20, 2012
    Wanderlust: Rebirth blends classicism and innovation, resulting in a truly excellent cooperative RPG.
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  1. Aug 1, 2012
    A wonderful old school RPG.
    Good Points:
    Nostalgic overload - You liked the Mana games? Or Chrono Trigger? Wanderlust: Rebirth is a game for
    Easy to learn: The tutorial is easily understood and well made, IF you are not afraid of READING.
    Fun to play: The single player mode is fun, the gameplay is fast and the combo mechanics are great. spend hours to find out all the combos and I'm not done! The spell system is quite unique and fun, combine runes of a runecircle to create spells and cast them with left or rightclick. You are never alone! So often used phrase...But you really are never alone, despite you want to be. In singleplayer you get a npc party to aid your quests, you can toggle them off via menu if the game seems to easy for you.
    The Multiplayer: Gather with up to 4 people and let the carnage begin! The multiplayer is just awesome me and my friends can't stop playing! Our Tank has a freaking lot to do keeping us away from the enemy or the other way round ;)
    Crafting: The crafting is easy understood, simply select the blueprint and every needed part...finished. Even if the crafting itself is easy most of the ingredients are rare and crafting a weapon becomes a real challenge...I like it this way, you build up an relationship to your crafted things.

    Negativ: The music can be annoying, as it is kinda repeatativ.
    The menu: It would have been better if you could use your mouse for other things than simply aiming.
    The graphics: You NEED to like the oldschool rpgs. If you don't the game looks crappy to you.
    (I personally enjoyed the graphics and the details given at many points)

    If you liked the good old times, you will like Wanderlust: Rebirth. The class system, the rune system...Everything about this game.
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  2. Jul 28, 2012
    It crashed so I wasn't able to play very long. The controls are awful. The tutorial was confusing, I had to find a PDF online to figure out how to craft. The multiplayer is wretched, you have to get your whole team to stand on a symbol to move to the next "map" and the maps are very small so you're doing this constantly. If someone doesn't stand on it, you can't move forward. The multiplayer server list is really slow to load, only shows a handful of servers, and then you have to hit F6 or F7 to flip through these tiny pages of servers which it makes you wait to retrieve. You can't use your mouse in the menus, you use W A S D instead. The mouse is only used for aiming your weapon, for example fireball. The fighting itself is boring and repetitive and brings nothing to the table. Not a fun game and it is badly written. My advice, skip this one, not worth the money. Go purchase a hobo a lunch instead. Full Review »
  3. Dec 9, 2012
    A lot of what some of these reviewers have posted is actually incorrect or misleading information. All 4 character classes can be played with a controller. People who say there is no strategy to the game is obviously only playing on normal mode and completing chapters at 50% ratings. If you want to get 100% on chapters, you must use strategies to get a lot of awards to hit that high %. Epic mode is ruthless, and all the players that just hack-n-slash their way through normal mode gets stopped instantly once they hit epic mode.

    There is a fix for the memory issues, and it is detailed in the FAQ; simply run Steam as admin to resolve these issues.

    Port forwarding is an issue in nearly all online games that do not run through one large central server. Rating a game down because it requires port-forwarding knowledge is a bit unfair considering port-forwarding has been a necessity in online games for years. If there was some easy/magic way around it, then that would defeat one of the purposes of routers.

    What a lot of these reviews fail to mention is that Wanderlust sports several game modes: PvP (team deathmatch and relic rush modes), story mode (normal, hard, and epic modes), and crawl mode (with lots of goodies). It also includes 3 different endings, bunch of items to collect/craft/and socket, 4 character classes that all play differently from each other. 44 different types of enemies that fight differently from each other, as well as 4 secret boss encounters.

    All in all, if in doubt jump on the main website and grab the demo for yourself.
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