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  • Summary: War of the Roses is a new IP that transports players back in time to the battle-ravaged, dynastic civil war era of 15th century England where ownership of the throne of England was brutally fought over between supporters of two rival branches of the Royal House of Plantagenet - the house of Lancaster (the reds) and the house of York (the whites). A team-based multiplayer melee combat experience, War of The Roses sees players and their band of knights going toe-to-toe with their opponents using authentic and visceral weapons of the time period including broad swords, long bows and battle-axes. Built on a stunning graphics engine which vividly portrays the fighting from an up-close-and-personal third-person perspective, War of the Roses features both online multiplayer and a single-player campaign. Players will get the chance to lead their warrior through a rich progression system, gaining upgrades and unlocking new content on their path from filthy peasant to unstoppable armored killing machine. Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 15 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. Oct 1, 2012
    War of the Roses is modest and pared-down, then - but it offers a challenging, chaotic and sometimes comic take on multiplayer. It's an innovative game and I'd like to see it succeed, I'd like to see it grow and, quite honestly, I'd like to see it turn into an eSport.
  2. Oct 15, 2012
    Quotation forthcoming.
  3. Nov 29, 2012
    An interesting medieval action game with a very good combat system (except for a rather primitive mounted combat) which is more refined than its counterpart in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. [CD-Action 13/2012, p.62]
  4. Oct 3, 2012
    War of the Roses is a solid multiplayer experience blessed by fresh and funny combat system and doomed by lack of multiplayer modes. There is a single player too, but it's so thin that it's almost invisible.
  5. Nov 29, 2012
    A complicated game mechanics title that's obviously suited for gamers in love with medieval battles. If it is your love, you will clench your teeth and the gameplay will reward you with a fantastic atmosphere and a rich experience. The game's variations are few, so it is basically two groups of fighters slitting each others throats. Nonetheless, expanding the gameplay experience is a likelihood.
  6. Oct 9, 2012
    Some will like this game, some won't. Fans of Warband will be excited by the multiplayer, but sandbox lovers won't find anything here. Mount & Blade players will appreciate much better graphics, but others won't be impressed. Ethusiasts of intuitive swordfights will welcome the simple fighting system, but slasher veterans will most likely be bored. The key thing is the future - the amount of active players will decide about the game's success or failure. The biggest problem is lack of free-to-play gaming model, but still there's some potential and I quite like it.
  7. Oct 9, 2012
    War of the Roses is a game I desperately want to like more than I do. It's the end product of so many high-quality pieces, but unfortunately it fails to really pull everything together.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 46 out of 122
  2. Negative: 59 out of 122
  1. Oct 2, 2012
    This is an excellent game, with a steep learning curve. If you are more used to slower-paced games, this game will throw you off. If you are used to games that require little in terms of practice and skill, this game will throw you off. This is not your average multiplayer game, this is something unique and different.

    Some claim that the controls are clunky and awkward and, you know what, they are. The point is that it's not something that takes away from the game; rather, it is just another element that you have to learn, adapt to and then master. We are all noobs to begin with and this game makes that painfully clear.

    If you're a terribad, you're going to hate this game, because no matter what you do, others will seem to instantly kill you from miles away with a crossbow, mow you down with a horse and lance, crush your face with a hammer coming down on your helmet like the wrath of a severely irked deity... but if you decide to lift yourself above the masses and actually learn the mechanics, learn when to use the dagger, when to use the poleaxe, how the arrows drop off... then you will eventually be rewarded ten-fold, when you snipe that pesky mounted knight right off his horse at 200 yards.

    This game rewards skill and, unfortunately for some, skill is not an unlock.

    The graphics quality is top-of-the-line and with all settings cranked to the max, it looks as good as any triple-A title on the market. It has some work to do in the optimization/performance department, but those are just details, minor cracks in an otherwise superb presentation. If you don't own a beastly machine, turn shadows off, and your framerate will skyrocket.

    Overall, this game is definitely worth the
  2. Oct 8, 2012
    If you are looking for a great medieval multiplayer only game for a great price, then try War of the Roses. If you haven't played Mount & Blade before, it will be a learning process as this game rewards skilled players. Don't mind the negative scores on the user reviews. Many of them ripped the game because the servers struggled the first few days. With new game modes, levels, weapons, and armor coming in the first major update as announced, this game is a must-have for any pc multiplayer enthusiast! Expand
  3. Oct 4, 2012
    First of all I put so many hours on M&B Warband, this game is comparable to it. There are a lot of pluses in this game, and developers did a great job overall, the hit detection in small area between two plat armor is amazing, the type of damages and the armor piercing, this mechanism is the highlight of the game to be honest, it is a advanced and surprised me, when I encounter any enemy I have to look into his weapon, armor and his style, to plan how to knock him down, and the nice things there are many weapons, armors and even some additional accessories like neck protection, all those can make your style played differently against each of opponent. I wont talk about graphics and sounds as they are perfect, I gave the game 8 cause the feeling, I usually give my score based on how the overall factor of fun, M&B got 9 for me, even that most of things in WOTR is superior, but M&B has this feeling of enjoyment that I am not getting in WOTR for some reason, and I guess it lacks of game-mode such a siege battle. Finally, I would recommend this game for M&B fans, but I have to mention that there is a better medieval slasher game on the way which is Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, so if you have only one choice go with the later, and it is a totally another story. Expand
  4. Feb 24, 2014
    The game offers pretty great ambiance and sound, but the combat system is sketchy at best. While playing the archer can be fun if you have 7 or 8 buddies acting as axe fodder preventing other players from zerging your position, the hand to hand is abysmal. The execution animations are dull, and seem almost out of place with the fast paced combat. To top it off, the squad spawning causes the game to devolve into an arm cocked zerging of the closest players to the squad leaders. It's free to play on Steam as of this writing, so I recommend checking it out for the sake of novelty. But I do not recommend buying the game at this time. Expand
  5. Oct 4, 2012
    I can only speak for the Multiplayer. And i try to keep it short:

    Call of Duty with swords. anyone who confused this, with a sequel to the
    amazing Mount&Blade franchise, you are mistaken. The gameplay seems random and stiff. There is no first person, which makes it even more arcadelooking. I was really disappointed, and i wonder why i should play this, and not switch to the more than capable competition. Chivalery i think it is called. Expand
  6. Mar 2, 2013
    Complete disgrace of medieval games, broken combat system, not even good tutorial to help you, this is probably the worst game experiences ive yet had. Buy Chivarly rather than this broken piece of garbage. Expand
  7. Nov 15, 2013
    I purchased this thinking it would be similar to Mount & Blade, a game I love, but it isn't.

    It's basically a fast paced FPS in medieval
    times. Claustrophobic maps. Scripted A. I. Constant respawning. Horrible bows. Worthless combat. Crappy settings. Not at all fun.

    This is probably the worst game I have ever purchased. Yet again I have to remind myself to read reviews before I buy a game. *sigh* Silly me.

    I return to Mount & Blade (heavily modded....).

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