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  • Summary: War Plan Pacific takes a bold approach to grand strategic wargaming. Balancing historical reality and gaming playability, War Plan Pacific makes commanding entire fleets and air groups highly intuitive, allowing gamers to easily concentrate on strategy rather than being bogged down in minutiae as would be expected in a game featuring such a massive scope of conflict. Not only that but War Plan Pacific was designed from the start to be playable in a single session! That's right, a Pacific War title that doesn't take as long as the real war to complete. [Shrapnel Games] Expand
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  1. War Plan Pacific is simply the latest wargame to demonstrate that the genre has moved well beyond the grognard mainstays of hexes and combat resolution tables. It is a quick playing and transparent game with an elegance that puts a lot of larger budget games to shame.
  2. 74
    War Plan Pacific nicely straddles the sometimes contradictory concepts of realism and accessibility.
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