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  • Summary: WarGames is a decent real-time strategy game in the Command & Conquer vein.
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  1. Dec 26, 2015
    This old game is based on the 1983 movie WarGames. You can either play as the NORAD or the WOPR. WOPR is an artificial intelligence and reliesThis old game is based on the 1983 movie WarGames. You can either play as the NORAD or the WOPR. WOPR is an artificial intelligence and relies on drones and walkers reminding me of the UCS walkers seen in Earth 2140. The humans of NORAD use tanks instead. Although there are some differences in their power and cost, the units of the two factions pretty much are equivalent with each having their own weaknesses and strengths. There is a campaign for both sides, but no other gameplay options or custom maps besides that, at least I coudn't find any.

    There's not much to tell about the story, the primary goal of the factions is to destroy each other. The missions take place at various locations, you'll be fighting in jungles and the arctic as well. The game is quite repetitive, you have to secure a computer center, build a base, create units, and destroy your opponent. Sure, you have to secure or destroy something in the meantime, but usually have to destroy your opponent's base to do that. The way of getting money is quite unique though, you have to hack in computer centers. Such centers provide a fix amount of money that you can spend on units. Bear in mind that your opponent has an unlimited supply of money though. Except for infantry, units and building are expensive in this game so you can't build great armies but then, it adds to the challenge. Units can be repaired or healed in specific buildings. Hackers not only hack for money, but you can build buildings where they can improve certain abilities of your units (damage, movement speed and armor). The funny thing is you can also decrease the same attributes of the opponent making hacking an important aspect of the game. If you ignore it, you'll soon find your best tanks overwhelmed by some cheap walkers of your opponent.

    The graphics are of course outdated by today's standards, but for 1998 were okay. You can rotate the map in full 3D, your tanks and walkers can move through fences or even the enemy infantry instantly killing them. The sounds are okay, but walkers, ships and air units of the WOPR all use the very same 2 sound effects for reporting in which is quite annoying. The AI, especially the path finding can also cause permanent brain damage to players. Man, units are so stupid in this game, it hurts. They get stuck in everything, literally. Sending them in groups will almost always result in them being stuck in each other. Sure, it's an old game but it is still frustrating.

    Overall, WarGames is a fun RTS to play, but quite hard to get, as it's rare, I don't even know how or when I got its CD. Although it has a multiplayer, I couldn't find anyone to play this with. It has some good ideas, but nothing extraordinary. One can spend a few hours with it, perhaps finish the campaign, but that's it.