• Publisher: THQ
  • Release Date: Feb 18, 2009

Generally favorable reviews - based on 67 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 64 out of 67
  2. Negative: 0 out of 67
  1. This game really blew us away. From the tons of missions to the fantastic story, the game doesn’t disappoint. One might say that fighting over and over again feels a little bit boring, but we can’t get enough of it. The fights are intense and will challenge you to think about your actions. One wrong decision and you might lose the war.
  2. The campaign is surprisingly lengthy, and the unit balance is quite well-tuned. Since most of the changes are beneficial, in my view, I can adamantly recommend Dawn of War 2 to fans of RTS games or Warhammer 40K.
  3. Although it lacks in mission variety, Dawn of War II skips the pleasantries of base-building and gets right to the point: action-packed, bloody warfare (with loot!) [Mar 2009, p.62]
  4. 85
    The single-player mash-up of RTS and RPG elements works really well, and the multiplayer is fast and exciting. Relic's reinvention of the Dawn of War brand is a breath of fresh (or possibly fetid, Tyranid infested) air.
  5. By incorporating gameplay mechanics not because they’re new, but because they work, they have created a game that is different enough to warrant taking notice, and familiar enough that anyone who’s played an RTS in the past 5 years can jump in and play without worrying about the learning curve.
  6. Relic tries to renew the genre with the sequel of the well known Dawn of War universe. This new iteration features deeper gameplay, focused on the action. Dawn of War II does not include the classic base management, and replaces it with a direct control on the evolution and level progress of your units. A good title packed with a poor multiplayer map array, being one of their problems. A great game that achieves to represent the perpetual war on the 40th millennium.
  7. Extraordinary online play makes it easy to overlook this strategy sequel's less-impressive single-player campaign.
  8. A very innovative blend of RTS and RPG that is a ton of fun to play, Dawn of War II is easy enough for almost anyone to pick up without being intimidated, yet deep enough to still be challenging for the more hardcore players. It has the strategic depth of Company of Heroes as well as the "just one more mission" mentality of a good RPG like Diablo.
  9. An interesting attempt to re-invent RTS genre. It does many things right, like reward system, and is generally fun to play. As a game it feels like a prequel to Dawn of War -series: Bit too simplistic combat without any real threat of defeat and too many generic missions with, my God, end bosses! Those are yesterdays news even on Japan. Hopefully 0-day patch reakly makes things better and more varied. [Feb 2009]
  10. 84
    This is recommended for fans of the series, or RTS nuts looking for the latest fix, but for more casual, curious folk, I reckon it could be worth waiting for the first expansion pack.
  11. Dawn of War 2 is relentless, grindy, beautiful, but never less than an utterly compulsive real-time strategy game.
  12. Dawn of War was a finely tuned game with huge battles and many disposable troops. Dawn of War II is faster, lighter, smaller, in some ways more interesting and in other ways somewhat lacking in its execution. But taken as a whole it’s impossible to not recommend the game to 40K fans and to those who are willing to accept that this is not a linear sequel to an aging franchise.
  13. A lack of maps and repetition mar the single-player, but the multiplayer is brilliantly brutal. [Mar 2009, p.81]
  14. An interesting, but ultimately weak, single-player experience is a bit of a disappointment to be sure. But the excellent and innovative multiplayer makes Dawn of War II worth the price for real-time strategy fans.
  15. We don't give marks for effort, so the game they've ended up with is all that matters. It's a great and truly new one, just not varied or exciting enough to live up to this particular name. [Feb 2009, p.54]
  16. An extremely addictive strategy game that, honestly, could've blossomed if extra work was poured into the single-player component.
  17. Top quality of previous part has been retained. If you aren't looking for any new surprises then, you won’t be disappointed. Dawn of War II is a solid and classic strategy game – nothing less, nothing more. [Mar 2009]
  18. Awesomely detailed graphics.
  19. It doesn't, however, fulfill the task of being absurdly entertaining. The failings in the campaign mean that for all its incredible fireworks and visual splendour, its not interesting enough.
  20. On one hand it's addictive, polished, satisfying and action-packed. On the other hand the campaign lacks variety and the meta-game has no real bearing on anything. But through it all a tinge of disappointment can't help but be felt - one that nags as you play the game.
  21. Not all of Dawn of War II's bold changes pay off and fans of traditional RTS games might feel left out. But we're glad it made them because at the single-player game's peaks, its a highly strategic and very satisfying experience.
  22. 80
    It’s been a long time coming, but Dawn of War finally has a proper successor. It’s not perfect, as anyone who enjoys the resource management side of strategy gaming will be turned off by the gung-ho style here, but it’s no different than most of the earlier Warhammer 40,000 titles out there.
  23. I really enjoyed playing Dawn of War II and If you're considering taking the plunge into realtime strategy this is a good place to start.. It is very accessible and Relic has obviously worked hard to release a very polished product that’s immense fun and has a multiplayer side that is entertaining to play and varies enough from the main game to give great value.
  24. Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War II is an interesting hybrid between strategy and action in its single player campaign, but shows a completely different face on the multiplayer side, strategically deep and less frantic. Several flaws, like the repetitive gameplay and missing modes and maps from the multiplayer don't allow a full marks promotion. Strategy newbies and casual gamers will love it, but RTS hardcore fans should try before buying.
  25. The brute battles, the use of role-playing elements and the fast multi-play mode are exciting, but as far as mission design, story and balance are concerned, Dawn of War 2 doesn't live up to its potential. Relic created a novel strategy game, but the discrepancy between the more technical parts of the game and its mission design and story is obvious. Still, it's not a bad game at all.
  26. Despite not being the long-awaited revolution in the RTS genre, the game still offers tons of gameplay. Multiplayer is a very solid addition to the genre and same goes for the single player. Despite the fierce competition, the game will probably attract its share of followers.
  27. The most innovative real-time strategy for years, even if the story mode isn't as good as multiplayer.
  28. DoWII is so unique that it could just as well co-exist with the other traditional RTS games, as it has a focus in places that the others don’t. That said, there still needs to be some new additions and fixes to the multiplayer, as sooner or later the same 6 or so maps will get boring and stale.
  29. Overall, the only major problem with recommending Dawn of War II is its minor identity crisis. If you normally don't like RTS games but are a fan of light role-playing that focuses more on the combat than the story, you'll likely find much to love in this game's campaign, and that should be enough to satisfy. However, if you're a fan of traditional strategy games like StarCraft or even the original Dawn of War, you might be underwhelmed by the simplified gameplay of the sequel's campaign, and may want to jump straight to the deeper online experience.
  30. A grand achievement that gives the player a new take on how conventional RTS games play.
User Score

Generally favorable reviews- based on 1443 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Negative: 67 out of 296
  1. AndrewM
    Jan 10, 2010
    Good quality campaign mode, it was accurate to how space marines would do things, not giant assaults out of nowhere. However, I was appalled Good quality campaign mode, it was accurate to how space marines would do things, not giant assaults out of nowhere. However, I was appalled at the lack of detail in multiplayer and single player scenarios. All the races were almost exaclty the same as the ones next to it and the playstyle was far from how they are supposed to be played, orks dont use tactics, they rely on numbers as do tyranids (although they probably use more than orks). Furthermore being forced to get a windows live account to play the game is a huge waste of time if you will almost never use it. Full Review »
  2. Jul 28, 2012
    Okay, I'll be honest with you. At first, having tried the demo and a taste of what DoW2 has to offer, I was sorely disappointed by the drasticOkay, I'll be honest with you. At first, having tried the demo and a taste of what DoW2 has to offer, I was sorely disappointed by the drastic change from the gameplay of the original game. HOWEVER, I still decided to give it a shot and I'm so glad that I did. The game plays differently, (there's no building, and more about squad abilities and tactics) but this is by no means bad. The campaign is quite engaging and you're given a number of varied squads to improve and upgrade throughout the game, and that is by far my favourite part. There is choice involved in missions, outfitting and strategy, making an overall flamboyant single player campaign. The co-op is just as sweet. But wait there's more. The cream of the crop is the multiplayer and The Last Stand where you take on hordes of monsters with 2 other heroes. Great additions all way round. Long story short, yes it is a massive departure from DoW1's style but it is fortunately just as good in its own right. I certainly have respect for the devs for changing things up and trying out something new, and I'm glad that they've still kept the strength of this series and its ability to constantly impress me. Full Review »
  3. JamesW
    Jan 22, 2010
    Due to the overwhelming positive review and the good experience from the first Dawn of War, I bought this game without much hesitance. After Due to the overwhelming positive review and the good experience from the first Dawn of War, I bought this game without much hesitance. After having tried the single player and multiplayer mode, I am hugely disappointed. Frist of, the single player campaign is boring. It is the first time in my life that I fell a sleep while playing an RTS (literally). All you do is just looking at your same tiny Squad, moving them around the map, setup a good position, let them do automatic shooting, heal, then occasionally use their special ability, and repeat that throughout the game. Multiplayer is almost unplayable. Most of the time the match will be disconnected due to somebody's slow internet or computer. However, the new mode, The Last Stand, was pretty fun to play once in a while. I really try to like Dawn of War II, I have install and uninstall the game more than 4 times, but every time I started playing, it bores me. It is great that Relic try new approach on DOW2, but it lost a lot of the charm from the first game while doing so. Full Review »