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  • Summary: Jump into the rich world of Warhammer 40,000 in this fast paced 3rd person action shooter. As one of the Emperor's Elite Space Marines you have been sent on a vital mission to assault a gigantic Ork Kroozer headed for an Imperial Forge World. Choose your Space Marine Chapter and weapons class and commence the purging of brutal Orks and vicious Tyranids on board. Team up to form a 2-man Kill Team in same screen co-op mode and benefit from multiple team pickups to help survive the onslaught. Reap the rewards on completing your missions by unlocking an exclusive Power Sword weapon to use in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine! Expand
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  1. May 25, 2014
    As always games for console are better played with gamepads than keyboard. This game is pure arcade that happens to be in warhammer universe, has nothing in common with the lore deathwatch kill teams, only 4 classes and only 4 marines, 3 weapons per class, lisen to your radio about objectives and kill alot of orks. You will be granted weapons and perks randomly as you play, Melee classes are punished too hard and there is no difficulty balance between 1 player or 2 players. Very short and very dull with copy-paste textures from Warhammer DoW 2. If you are looking for mindless gameplay to kill time this is for you, but 10 euros are too much, wait for a special sale for 2-5 euros on Steam Expand
  2. May 30, 2014
    For being such a terrible game I would have rated it 0/10. However, the fact that the developers have managed to impress me with how amazingly bad this game is, it gains one point. Reading about the game on steams store page I decided it would be a worthy investment as my love for 40k is only matched by my love for Co-Op shooters. LITTLE DID I KNOW, that I was not buying an online cooperative game and when the game prompt me for player 2 to join by hitting the A button, I felt a little confused as to why the buttons on my keyboard weren't green and circular. Luckily my friend who was with me at the time had an xbox controller and we managed to play. 15 minutes later the game was completed with all items for the classes we played unlocked. Please do not buy this game. Expand