Warriors Orochi PC


Mixed or average reviews - based on 9 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 9
  2. Negative: 5 out of 9
  1. PC Gamer UK
    What's perhaps best about Warriors Orochi is that you can play two-player split screen, with the pair of you taking on the entire story mode. [June 2008, p.84]
  2. PC Zone UK
    Warriors Orochi never rises above simple hack-and-slash, but is fun, visceral and silly, with daft voice acting and Asian techno-jazz. [June 2008, p.83]
  3. 57
    Ultimately more of the same button-mashing you've seen time and time again and the content doesn't look particularly impressive on a PC, which can run much prettier (and more robust) titles.
  4. A simple Playstation 2 port for the PC. It doesn't stack up against PC games 4-5 years ago in nearly every category.
  5. PC Format
    Every bit as boring as it should have been awesome on toast. Button mashing, blandness, and dodgy controls. Zzzz. [Aug 2008, p.105]
  6. Musou fans will be happy with the vast roster and RPG elements. All other players won't lose much if they steer clear from Warriors Orochi.
  7. PC Gamer
    Whatever charm the campy dialogue provides wears off after about 10 minutes, leaving you with a game that suffers from obstructive camera angles, tedious gameplay, and uninspired combat. [July 2008, p.70]
  8. Play (Poland)
    It's been a long time since I had to play something as bland and useless. Everything in this game is as ancient as its heroes. This kind of action wasn't much fun when it first appeared on PlayStation 2 in Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors. On PC and in 2008 it is genuinely annoying. [June 2008]
  9. PC PowerPlay
    Warriors Orochi is basically a semi-automatic keyboard-wearing-out application. You mash away at the keys while some bad graphics grunt at you and even worse techno grunges its ear-grating way through your speakers. [Jul 2008, p.60]
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  1. Kostas
    Apr 14, 2008
    I read both reviews on IGN and CCC and i have a feeling that both reviewers didn't really play the game that much and didn't triedI read both reviews on IGN and CCC and i have a feeling that both reviewers didn't really play the game that much and didn't tried to figure out its gameplay. Also i noted something funny: both these two sites had some screenshots that were exactly the same, just with a different watermark.
    IGN bushes the game for being a mindless button musher - which is not at all, for not being able to use the mouse - which wouldn't work nice anyway in this game, for not having the option of using higher resolutions - another useless feature for a hardcore gamer which in such a game wants the best possible frame rate, and for out of sync voice overs - yes they are out of sync but who really cares, if we wanted to see a movie we would buy a movie not a GAME.
    Now some true facts about this game: Its not a button musher. Button mushing can get you started but it won't get you any further. You have to learn each character's combos and use them accordingly if you want to go any far into this game. The overall difficulty of the game is pretty hard but there is scaling there, so that's why button mushing can get you through the very first missions. Also another very good thing is that each character is unique in its playstyle. Its not just another graphic model with a different weapon.
    Graphics are as good as they should. They are not bad, there is enough detail in the characters, enemies and the world. More detail would just clutter the game and drop the player->PC reaction time which is fundamental in this type of game. An ARCADE game. Not an FPS, not an "action" game, not an RPG/whatever hybrid. Its an arcade game. And i think that's the point both reviewers had missed.
    Also another thing that both reviews really missed: The music. Its very nice and cooperates with the atmosphere of the game. Both arcade and japanese-chinese sounds mixed together filling the background, without getting repetitive or give you the feeling that you have a mp3 player doing it. Now seriously you IGN and CCC: you 're bushing the game's voice-overs that easily while you have NO comment at all for its music? Do you guys have someone there that likes this type of games or you are all playing Halo?
    I rated it 9 cause this is one of the rare games that are FUN to play. Also it is a fine representation of its genre, reminding us what arcade games are about. Not a 10 cause the instructions you get in game, about where you should go and which officer you should assist could be a bit clearer at some points. Especially when playing a mission first time it could be a bit confusing. If you want a challenging and fun experience, believe you are a good player and want to test your skill, i think Warriors Orochi won't leave you disappointed.
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