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  • Summary: They said it would be the war to end all wars...remaining underground until it was safe, you emerge to find a barbaric world where you must fight in a bitter struggle for territory. Warzone:2100 takes real time strategy gaming to an exciting new dimension. Rediscover lost technologies Design and develop the ultimate war machine! Three unique campaigns packed with fast-action combat. Only the most ruthless and cunning will control the Warzone! Expand
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  1. May 25, 2012
    This game is a PC Legend, its a 3D 'legos with guns' real time strategy game that was way ahead of its time. The best part is that the license has been released to the open-source community so the game is still in development 13 years after its launch. Expand
  2. Mar 22, 2014
    Everyone knows the series such as Unreal Tournament, Command & Conquer and so on...
    But if I tell people what games I have played most since
    my dawn of PC gaming, most look completely spaced out when I tell them about this severely underrated game.

    I don't think it is a matter of not being good enough to compete with the more known series, but more about the sheer lack of being found by the main public that finally made sure that Warzone 2100 was unknown to most. And that is sad in my eyes... very sad.
    Because if W2100 would have gotten the attention it deserved, we would surely be looking at Pumpkin Studios / Eidos developing W2200... and beyond.

    The game featured a depth which would pale the unit selection of Command & Conquer and provided fresh gameplay every time you started another game. Hours and hours I have put into this game before I checked out every angle of the tech tree, before I had build every unit and before I checked out every map.

    I try to stay updated about how the unofficial development of W2100 goes on. Since the release of the code, several projects are running with this. But it is hard to keep a good overview of where W2100 began and what is now W2100+.
    In the end I think every W2100 fan would like to see a full on W2200, but which gaming studio would pick up this brilliant, yet underrated project and launch it into something new and catchy, while remaining true to the old game?

    If anyone on Kickstarter or Steam Greenlight has this idea... he surely has my vote!
    Until then do yourself a favor, look up the free download on the internet, forget about graphics and stick it out to experience an unbelievable warzone adventure.
  3. Oct 24, 2011
    One free game, still some leftover updates. Custom built units with lots of upgrades is awesome for a first 3D RTS game. This game remains to have some leftover bugs. It's also one of the fewest RTS games that can change angles and turn the battlefield around at 360 degrees as well as the background shading in the click-and-drag box. Expand
  4. Sep 21, 2011
    An amazing game! Sad the game developer 'Pumpkin Studios' died away with suck a well made game. Though old, this game was revolutionary. Its passing was quick and has been left without any attention. But, what RTS's allows you to build you own tanks? Have unlimited upgrades? Build your own planes? Build you own bases with a LARGE array of buildings and defenses? Warzone 2100 can. Plus for 1999 graphics it isn't too shabby. Also did I mention its free to download now? Expand
  5. Jul 26, 2013
    Good game, especially now that it's free. The artillery is overpowered that's the only downside.
    Otherwise, it's just great, if you don't
    want to spend any money download, install and play there is always someone online. It might be not easy to set up a server though if you are behind some routers or firewalls. Expand