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  1. May 27, 2014
    Facts about Watch Dogs:
    - Stupid NPC
    - Woods cars
    - Not interesting player's company.
    - Nothing to do in city
    - Static shadows
    It is game not about hacking. One button click is not hack. It is game not about freedom. You have only few opportunities which stay so boring after 2 hours.
  2. May 27, 2014
    Talks the talk, but can't walk the walk. The game just feels flaccid compared to its peers, mostly in the open world department. Mini games like poker and chess feel detached from the theme of the game, and are thrown in to up play-time. Most things that tie an open world game together are quite lacking in Watch_Dogs. Technology and world interactions are shallow and sometimes completely absent. Driving, a huge part of open world sandbox games, feels terrible and floaty, with minimal car damage making this game look like there was no effort put in from the developers. Hacking is "Press X to Hack", but I can forgive Ubisoft for that since it's a new mechanic, and when it works it's interesting. The game is mostly centered around stealth, which actually works quite well, with enemies shooting at the last spot they saw you, rather than being all-knowing beings. However, when you are forced into combat, be prepared for the most generic TPS on the market. Soundtrack is pretty garbage... prepare to hear the same handful of alright songs over and over again, until you decide to turn the playlist off. The game doesn't look like it should, this is a next gen game, and while it struggles to perform on most PCs, it looks like a decent 7th gen game. Story is pretty garbage, a huge waste of potential, with characters that really are just handled at a weird angle. Watch_Dogs is a strange case of a hugely anticipated game being handled seemingly without care by its developers, and it's a damn shame it turned out that way. There are better open world games that deserve your attention more than Watch_Dogs... looking at you Sleeping Dogs. Expand
  3. May 27, 2014
    First of all, this game is broken beyond repair. My computer uses a graphics card utilizing two GPUs on the same PCB, which is essentially an integrated Crossfire system. Disrupt doesn't support such systems (the engine), so I had to install it on my powerful laptop with a dedicated Nvidia GPU, which worked as Nvidia is in bed with them. It stutters like **** and makes the game unplayable at any setting but the lowest.

    The crime system is a joke consisting out of three different cases in six different locations, each the same. The repercussions are a joke, getting money is a joke, there is two types of police vehicles, two models... The helicopter and the generic vehicle.

    There is no dynamic lighting (not even on ultra), the game looks like **** during the day. The drving mechanics are a joke, cutscenes are pretty much the only thing that's okay. But you can't drive anything, it was developed by a goddamn toddler.

    Stealth missions are an automatic fail on the first sight of discovery.

    Where is the pride? Big review houses are giving this game huge scores (8+), but it doesn't deserve 3. It's a piece of **** go around it if you can.
  4. May 27, 2014
    Not funny at all. Some bugs and stupid AI. Very repetitive. Minigames is... just not fit in the game. Hacking is "hacking" by button. Im sorry, but this is not good game.
  5. May 27, 2014
    Game is full of bugs, the whole time I played it I felt like I would rather be playing Grand Theft Auto 5, which has a bigger map, a bigger world, and it felt more alive than the dead world in Watch Dogs. For gamers I got about 5 hours of playtime out of it before beating the game. Worst part was to hack anything all you have to do is hit a button.
  6. May 27, 2014
    Where to start... Completely crusty around the edges. Waited all day to get into the game just to find it stuttering down to 28 FPS with a 3770k and 770. Apparently you need 3GB of Vram to max the game out, but for me, I can't even play on medium or high settings without trouble. Optimization is no where to be found. Ubisoft deceived us with the E3 trailer, they set the bar for graphics and didn't meet it, so even if I could play on ultra it wouldn't be what I paid for. Not that I even care about graphics, but they did say they did set their own bar.

    Looking past graphics, the physics engine is absolutely atrocious. You can't make it from one street corner to the next without encountering a bug. Try putting a motorcycle in the back of a pickup or smashing your vehicle under a drawbridge. The craziest of things happen, you get smashed through the ground, or your motorcycle gets launched into orbit. The hacking system (which at one point was supposed to be the main feature of the game) has been gutted post launch. At no point in the game will the hacking involve more than a press of the action button, or at best multiple presses of the action button. The police officers in the game have the most atrocious and shallow AI. They know how to do two things, chase and shoot. Police officers at no point attempt to apprehend you or detain you in any non-lethal way so prepare to die when you bump that police car in traffic. The rest of the pedestrian AI is just as bad. Hacking street lights causes every civilian driver in the vicinity plus a few more to press their accelerators through the floorboard and cause a 15 car pileup at the intersection. I don't know what it is about hacking a streetlight, but be prepared when you do it or you might wind up killing yourself.

    Vehicle physics are bad, apparently you can drive any vehicle you wish on any piece of terrain. Even the rain isn't going to stop the supertraction each vehicle in the game gets. You will remain glued to the road/aspault/gravel/dirt rain or shine. Collision is shallow, sure you can knock your hood off and burst your windscreen, but actual deformation is nearly nonexistent. Explosions are weak, even on the highest difficulty they rarely kill you. You can stand next to your car while it explodes and come out of the accident with a few minor scratches. When you get in an accident with another vehicle the AI doesn't even acknowledge it. The NPC will do its best to just continue driving in any valid direction until their car catches fire.

    The shooting mechanics are mediocre at best, on armored enemies like police officers or gang members shots to the knee seem to disable the NPC while a headshot will instantly kill them. However, any random pedestrian in the game can be instantly killed by a shot to the foot. They are also deceptively vulnerable to cars, throughout the game I was visited by the "pedestrian killed" message far too often. You can tell the game has a hard time discerning high and low levels of momentum, this issue goes back to vehicle collision as well. Oh, and what happens when you die? Well you respawn 15 feet away with refilled ammunition. There is absolutely zero death penalty.

    The Karma system proves to be mostly irrelevant through the game. I haven't made it far enough into the story myself but a friend claims it affects a whopping ONE situation throughout the plot. There appears to be no reason to do a non-lethal play-through. The main attraction is a irrelevant slider and clean conscience I guess.

    The story thus far is completely forgettable, even worse the main character seems indifferent to the whole situation. People are after my family and I'm out just hacking street signs to post memes. Just about every element of the story is forced and shallow, story missions in particular hold the player's hand at every step as far as I have seen. The hacking system is heavily implemented into every situation so you can lure enemies into explosive traps or hack the grenades they are holding(however that works). From the beginning the game handholds the player in every way, you find yourself in shooting gallery after shooting gallery(actually I should say hacking gallery) mushed together by a bunch of cut-scenes.

    All in all the game is just forgettable, no one will be talking about it a month from now because it's just another crummy title in between the launch of the triple A's everyone looks forward to. I fear that far too much budget went into hyping this game rather than developing it. This industry standard needs to stop, the game is rough around every edge imaginable and it's just not acceptable given the development time and release delays. Ubisoft had a chance to carve a titan into gaming history with sequels we would look forward to every year, instead they pump and dumped us with expectations and day one DLC. You guys aren't even near what you promised to deliver, I hope you learn a valuable lesson from this
  7. May 27, 2014
    It's just boring. It starts out promising but then gets monotonous and the driving is abysmal. The graphics are only slightly better than PS360. What sounded so promising when it was teased so long ago is just old hat by now and too ambitious. I think Ubi released it a year too early. It needed to be fleshed out more
  8. May 27, 2014
    No spoilers. Honest and quick review. Hello. OK first things first. Most of us were hyped about this game. Maybe we expected more than it delivers. As this is a review for the PC version, I have to inform you that the port is a sloppy job. Putting the glitches I often experienced aside, the frame rate is pretty bad at times with med. settings for me, and my rig is good enough for most games - Intel i7, 6GB RAM, GF GT630 4GB. Lets get to the graphics - the detail is slightly higher than in GTA 4, but the environment effects are sub par, so its not wrong to say that the game looks like GTA 4. But the most important thing for many is the game-play. And this is where this game let me down. In the environment of the game world, you are playing with what is basically someone who should supposedly have the power of Batman and Spider-man combined. Or more precisely, a mortal with the powers of a God over his environment. If you think of it like me, you will often hit invisible barriers in what you can do. The game cuts your potential, your approach, and your creativity, and firmly holds your hand, step by step. This is a great mismatch between what you should be able to do, and what actual capabilities are given to you.
    And at first it only made me feel that the release of the game has been rushed. But when I played more, this blatant incoherence spoiled the whole atmosphere for me. I am not against games that firmly hold your hand and guide you through the plot. But this was not the game, that should have taken this approach. Because it is most appropriate for quest games, and this game was not marketed as such.
    I cant speak for you but to tell you the truth - I feel cheated. I hope they fix the sequel and create a really good new series, but I am highly doubtful of that because it will require too many changes in the code, basically a brand new engine. Bottom line: Ubisoft should not attempt to produce anymore open world games, for their good and ours. Its a great strain for their designers and the studios should be used more rationally, and do what they can do best. I give this game a 0/10.
  9. May 27, 2014
    The ridiculous specs asked for this game are ridiculous, games as beautifiul as Watch Dogs run with dx 10 cards. Forcing people to upgrade their computer in times of crisis is wrong.
  10. May 27, 2014
    So. Hype of this game was reaaalllyyy big. But, gameplay is awful, physic is awful, gameplay is good and graphics ... Well, GTA V on x360 have better graphics (maybe everything ?) than this game on PC. Only story is rather good.
  11. May 27, 2014
    Absolutely boring gameplay. Graphics and physics worse than GTA 4 (yes, I say «four») — static shadows, fake reflections, poor damage system, stupid AI. I regret that I spent money on this game.
  12. May 27, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Was way over hyped for the game it actually is. The driving is absolutely horrendous, you almost have to have a motorcycle to escape on realistic. The story line is ok, although the dialog felt really bland and boring. The only interaction I actually preferred was Aiden and Clara and they ruined that. I won't even start on the performance issues about this game. Honestly it burned two nights of boredom but that was about it. Expand
  13. May 27, 2014
    This game is a huge letdown for what initially looked like the first real "next gen" experience at the E3. In reality this game looks and plays like something out of 2005. I'll give them that the game looks nice in the rain, but apart from this it is a huge letdown. Reading people's personal data is fun initially but it gets boring after you relize that mostly they are randomly generated and often don't make sense like a "Hiv positive blood donor with the income of $60,000"

    The driving is disgraceful and even more over-simplified than the latest GTA. There is no destruction model to speak of and it is riddled by constant bugs and physics glitching out. The worst thing is that all the sellouts like ING will give this game "10/10 amazung" reviews while in reality this game is not worth even $20 and you should not waste your time on it.
  14. May 27, 2014
    The game is unoptimized, filled with graphics and physics engine bugs. It doesn't hold anything to what the industry has been putting out since 2008, like GTA IV. Severe framerate and stability issues, as expected from anything coming from a subpar video games company like Ubisoft.

    Physics engine is a total mess: car handling, damage reactions, one hit kills, bullet impacts, etc.
    goes for the graphics engine: lack of proeminent modern features like dynamic shadows or reflection.

    Final boss is a QTE.

    Uninteresting story and characters.

    No content besides random roaming and killing.

    Target audience is 16 years olds from Reddit/Tumblr, as proven by the inclusion of Internet "pop culture" references like "memes".

    Play GTA IV instead, this is just a wannabe Rockstar game but fails completely. Stop trying Ubisoft, just make mobile apps and leave the video game industry alone.
  15. Jun 25, 2014
    Well it was a boring game.Im glad it ended i was just playing to finish it...Very common story and u could predict it easily.Not to mention the graphics section , it was like a tank full of holes...Stuttering , fps drop for not so "wow" graphics...And to mention that it reminded a copy of GTA 3.It was like playing GTA 3..Not to mention the propaganda part where CTos2.0 was going to help the community in chicago by spectating the whole world throught cameras...0 privacy?...Anyway nothing good on it.Neither graphics nor plot. Expand
  16. May 27, 2014
    Probably the most hyped game in the past year aside from Titanfall. The graphics are a 7/10. A lot of characters have the same faces, same glasses (particularly a copied black female and a white blond girl). The vehicles in this game are a joke. It feels like I'm playing Mario Karts with slightly better Payday 2 graphics. I have an average of 30-40 fps in the cities on high with a GTX 680 and i7. Fps dips randomly and often.

    Escaping cops is too easy. All you have to do is hold W for about a minute and a half. Somehow you can hack the entire city and know everything about a person, yet the law enforcement with a similar or same system can lose track of you. The cameras in this game are pointless. Sure, you can hack them but you can literally wave your gun at the camera and there will be no alarms/criminals/cops at your location unless they actually hear or see you in person.

    You can crash into 40 walls before destroying vehicles. You can floor your motorcycle into a building head-on and 90% of the time you will somehow stay on your bike. I was bored within an half-hour of free roaming. Everything seems like it was copy-and-pasted or are inhabitable or useless.The campaign is boring and there is no life to the characters. The city is lifeless. Wow, press Q to hack. Game over.

    Another reason why you should not pre-order video games. Hopefully, there will be mods in the future that can save this game. Season pass... lol. Outfits and a hillbilly to play as. Awesome $20. Surprised Ubisoft didn't charge $50 for it.
  17. May 27, 2014
    absolutely abysmal ! even my Triple GTX 780 Ti graphics cards have a hard time keeping this game smooth on high let alone ultra quality. have to play on medium with a 30 framerate lock to keep it smooth! Thanks Ubisoft or should I say ****
  18. May 27, 2014
    This game is an awful, unfinished piece of garbage.

    - Terrible AI
    - Worse dynamic lighting than GTA IV
    - Static shadows
    - Hacking mechanics are stupid and unrealistic
    - dumb moral system
    - glitches EVERYWHERE

    Also, the last boss is a QTE. 2 stars above minimum for effort
  19. May 27, 2014
    This game not worth money and time . Graphic not amazing at all, driving physic awful. It feels boring and chunky. There is many bugs on amd card. With my i5 and r9 280x i can't play even on low
  20. May 27, 2014
    I was really looking towards this game, mainly due to rockstar don't giving a crap about PCs, so maybe that's also why I'm so disappointed with it. (This is about the PC version)
    Like the story is ok, but the rest just screams CONSOLE-PORT. I mean, if I want to play with a controller, I will play on my console, but when I play a PC game I expect it to be playable with keyboard and mouse.
    In this case, it's a pain. There is some really weird mouse acceleration that is different in menu's (too fast) and in the game (too slow) and it seems that is not possible to turn it off. But the major pain is driving a car which is unfortunately a major part of this game and therefore it's ruining it from my perspective - driving a car feels like you are driving on an ice. Not to mention that if you adjust the view while driving the game will change it back again after few seconds (another obvious console inheritance). Fighting is mediocre at best - again strange control - you have to press c to get in cover, but you have to press v to get out of it.
    The major gimmick of this game is hacking - this should have had made this game special. Well, to be honest it stopped in the middle again, some parts are ok (but those are mostly prescripted), rest feels like you don't even have to use it. Not to mention that hacking while driving (eg. traffic lights) is again a pain on keyboard (well, until you will remap the keys) - you drive with aswd and to hack you have to HOLD q - that means that you either won't be able to turn left or accelerate for the time needed to hack - add to that above mentioned crappy driving model and you have the image.
    The graphics is okish, nothing spectacular on the PC, but not bad. What IS bad is optimalization - there is almost none, just just the web and you will see cry of the users playing it. For a game that requires 3GB VRAM, 6GB RAM and Core I7 to run on full I would expect something spectacular, but this is not the case.
    Overall I rate this at 4, as there is nothing else for the PC at the moment, otherwise it would be a 3. If they manage (but I'm skeptical about this) to improve the controls and mainly driving model in the following patches (there is already a day 0 patch but it's fixing only AI and something else - oh, this reminds me about AI - it SUCKS. Like enemies don't care that you are killing them with unsilenced weapons or explosions as long as they won't see you. Like guy will walk to the dead body, look at it and after a while he will walk away. Really? in 2014?) it may be 6-7, but in current state it's a nobuy advice from me.
  21. May 27, 2014
    Overrated and badly optimized console port. There is nothing new here. The hacking is mostly a gimmick. It's the standard "go here, go there, click that and now escape the bad boys chasing you".
  22. May 27, 2014
    This game really tests your nerves and patience. Firstly i downloaded the game through the ubisoft launcher, which then totally eats up all bandwidth and shuts everything else off on your computer (I have a 60mbit/12mbit line). When the game is finally installed i first get the black screen after ubisoft logo, verify files then repair files, then finally get to see the menu, start up a new game and the game freezes at 80% of loading a new game. Verify files and repair game AGAIN. After that i finally get into game, but nooo this isn't enough, the game now freezes all the time 3-5 seconds, but the sound continues to run like nothing happened - This is just one more game in the line of MANY games that is being released without being tested properly. This is starting to be a really bad trend to release buggy games and after that just release patches as they see fit.

    Now for the actually review of the game;

    As we all have seen in the intros, this game should be very sophisticated and have great AI, but it doesn't. You spend a lot of time driving in this game so you would think that the driving would be a great feel, but its not. every time you get into a car and hit the throttle the whole screen shakes like its starting an earthquake, i mean wtf? The handling is very clumsy and you use more time watching for things you can hack while driving rather than watching the road, which makes for some random accidents A LOT.

    The AI in this game was advertised as being really good, however the way it is, is something really different, ie. if you get the police after you, they don't really care what you did, they just want to see you dead, whatever the cost may be (Shoot first, ask later), which gets annoying after a while.

    The whole hacking thing gets really old, really fast and the switching of traffic lights is often a burden rather than a help since you most of the time start a traffic accident/jam in the middle of the road. Also walking around can be quite tedious, because every time you pass someone it automatic lock onto them due to the hacking part.

    The side missions is just annoying after you've done them 5-10 times, i mean you spot some potential crime because you hack a phone and read the texts, thats already far fetched, on top of that you follow that person and intervenes right as the crime is about to take place, which leaves you often running after the criminal and just plain gunning him down.

    One of the positive things i've tried (There is some!) is the mini games, even though they are a bit misplaced in the game they are actually quite enjoyable and different.

    I give this game 3 in score simply because its a game that was released with massive bugs, the list is huge on the ubisoft forums. Also because this game was advertised to be way more than it actually is, which is a shame, its good fun for some hours but after that you just get tired of doing the same things over and over again. If the game just had better driving mechanics i think this game would be a lot more enjoyable. I would not recommend buying this game at full price, not even half price, i luckily only paid half price of retail, but would have loved to pay way less.
  23. May 27, 2014
    Here we go, the gameplay is fun and the story starts promising, so be ready for the backstab. Thats it, what else? Well, also there is : - No car customization - No weapon attachments - No blood/gore - No melee combat system - No shooting while driving - No realistic driving and physics - No character customization besides the same clothes with different colors - Mediocre story with terrible ending
    - Bad use of the great side characters
    - Repetitive(boring) missions
    - Not a good game to have fun around the city for hours like GTA, Sleeping Dogs, Saints Row, AC...
    - No replayability
    - Dont even think about buying this just because it has a boring multiplayer mode.

    Conclusion, you should play this game and make your own conclusions, but right now its just not worth the full price, the experience is ok, but you'll want to erase this from your memory quickly when you complete it.
  24. May 27, 2014
    Game could be fun, but it's not, because it's a terrible PC port. I have GTX770 + i7 and I suffer terrible frame drops and crashes. This game supposedly is "Meant to be played" on hardware with nVidia, but actually it seems that this game is not supposed to be played at all. When will Ubisoft learn how to make proper PC ports? Most of other publishers already learned that.
  25. May 27, 2014
    Extremely over-hyped with no good reason. Instead of buying this You could get a bunch of indie games and have more fun just by not playing any of them. I'm very disappointed with this title. I will think twice before I pick another Ubisoft game. 1 point for an "almost original" concept.
  26. May 27, 2014
    plain boring, forced mouse acceleration and plenty of unoptimization issues, Uplay sucks and the graphics are nowhere near what they showed at E3, just a pile of garbage.
  27. May 27, 2014
    If you're an AMD user you should know that the game has been programmed to run 40% slower on your computer thanks to the partnership (bribe) of ubisoft with nvidia.
  28. May 27, 2014
    Very bad game..

    -very bad optimization
    -a lot of bugs
    -bad driving system
    -bad shooting system
    -you cant not squat when you want
    -boring optional mission
    -hacking? You just press one button.
    Game on low details works and look worse than gta IV on medium/high.
  29. May 27, 2014
    Ubisoft just gave the middle finger to 40% of the PC community who use AMD Radeon cards like myself. I won't blame Nvidia for ruining the industry with their proprietary crap and closed environment. I'm blaming Ubisoft for ignoring us. I'll update my review once the game gets patched, and if not I'll be requesting a refund.
  30. May 27, 2014
    Ubisoft is not giving a shiet about PC and thats enought for me to give it a big fat zero. Also the graphics are awful and this is important in a game that was marketed as "next-gen". What a load of bull crap.
  31. May 27, 2014
    I don't recommend this game. It was nothing but average and over hyped. Ubisoft sure know how to **** people off with their DRM. I have no idea why I even bothered buying this on steam, when I have to use Uplay too, what a friggin joke! The driving controls are so god damn sensitive I feel like I am in a damn car with schizophrenia. The movement controls are so clunky and this optimization is a total farce! If you can't help yourself and must play this, pirate it. Don't give them a cent more.

  32. May 27, 2014
    Can't even launch the game because of Uplay, until Ubisoft gets rid of the idiotic 'service' don't buy anything from them. This isn't the first time Uplay has caused issues for me either, having previously deleted 6 hours of game progress in AC4.
  33. May 27, 2014
    That game - garbage! Cant even play it.
    1. The framerate is absolutely **** it lags on the same place where 2 sec ago was stable fps without **** reason.
    2. Why everything so stupid? That side missions are absolutely without motivation and clear reason. Its level of SEGA mega drive 1990 year.
    3. Hacking looks like big **** joke for 15 years imbeciles and everywhere with that
    freaking phone like idiotic ****.
    4. Visuals Ok, but its not that level what we saw on e3 2012. And its about technical. Grand Theft Auto 4 better in details, like crush the wall, hydrant etc. Car physics cant even compare. In details gta better in 1000 times.
    5. So i cant even fight in game? or what the **** cant kick someone ass.
    Thats only 10% of my claim, cos game is really idiotic. They fool everyone once again.
  34. May 27, 2014
    Don't buy this!! The game might be great but we'll see if you can run it. Many people are complaining that the game can't run on AMD cards, which is a very valid complain, however I own a top line Nvidia card (GTX 780) and I still can't play this.

    It may very well work better on any console but for the PC this port is a joke; the port of Dark Souls one ran better than this.

    off, for whatever reason the moment I loaded the game the camera zoomed in to about twice what it should and made cutscenes akward and gameplay unplayable. PC gaming is more complex than console but I have no idea how slipped Ubisoft by.

    Second off, I own a GTX 780 and computer to use it and I can't run this game on ultra. I've even seen reports of people with the same high end card having trouble running the game on low. Not only are the graphics lower than what was shown in trailers but it's optimized like a joke. If you have a high end pc don't think this is another great game for you.

    You may have noticed my review had nothing to do with the game and that is true. This is because I cannot play the game!! I can't even speak of the controls, story, or system of the game as I can't get to them in a manor that they were meant to be played. How can a game that achieved gold before relasing and had this much hype fail harder than the PC port for Dark Souls or even Battlefield 4?

    It's very rare I preorder a game unless the compnay or ip has proven to be worth it (aka Valve or Bioshock) but this has taught me a lesson I should have already guessed. Never preorder anything from Ubisoft because I never will again after this failure.
  35. May 27, 2014
    The game is amazing!!! This is the nextgen!!! The cars are handling like a brick and missing the deformation. Those amazing pedestrians with the same walking animation. The boring storyline, and press to win hacking. Oh god 10/10!!!
  36. May 27, 2014
    Nothing new from the previews sleeping dogs or saints row games, some missions or side missions, reminds you these games. Big limitations the way you want to play and look with your character. Cloth stores are basically ink stores, you only change colors. Mini games and CtOS towers reminds me Saints row 4. Hacking is easy and turns into a borring rutine. Over hyped and delayed for nothing! Expand
  37. May 27, 2014
    It starts out really promising, but of course this game is utter **** Read all of the other reviews, and you'll understand.

    Even a game from 2008 could beat this.
  38. Jun 3, 2014
    OK this is my 3rd (re)review of this game, and I'm pretty sure all hope is lost for me as far as stuttering goes. High res textures causes stuttering no matter what I put the other settings to. The only way to play this game with zero stuttering is by setting medium textures.

    TL;DR - Skip this game on PC and play Sleeping Dogs instead; better graphics and overall better game.
  39. May 27, 2014
    Uplay and optimization needed? These are just some of the many complaint I have about Watch Dogs. I hated it. I really did. Hoping from the very beginning that it was going to be a great science fiction action game, I was generally let down. Only positive critique I can give this CASH GRAB from Ubisoft is that that water is alright. These developers expect all of us to hype up about their games. Make the trailers and "game play" trailers not exactly fact. Then we pre-order the **** out of it. This needs to stop. Expand
  40. Jun 6, 2014
    Watch Dogs genuinely displays everything that is wrong with video gaming nowadays: - Derivative rip off storyline Ubi ripped off from Person of Interest. - Gameplay copy-pasted from other Ubisoft titles. - Gimmicky and dead "open" world with only collectibles being there to pad out the gameplay time. - Under-delivered promises, lies, expectations not met. - Awfully optimized PC port.

    And yet the average casual gamer will eat that sh*t up like no tomorrow.
  41. May 27, 2014
    So I pay £45 for this game and find that I can't even play it because Ubisoft's servers are down all night.

    Fine, well implementing DRM was your choice Ubisoft, as was deciding not to ensure you had sufficient servers when launching a major title. Scoring this game a 0, well, that's my choice.
  42. May 27, 2014
    So here's the thing, the game is simply horrifically optimized. They said the 2012 e3 version everyone saw was actually running on a gtx Titan. So it looked great, but clearly not everybody has a Titan. Even if you can run all other games these days on ultra, you prob will barely get by on medium unless you have a 3k$+ rig. It's sad. And AMD users are horrifically screwed over.

    Aside from that, which to me really ruins the experience. The controls are terrible. It was meant for a controller. If you use a mouse you get terrible lag until you manually change the settings in the file. Thank reddit users for that info.

    The driving made me so angry at first, because the game didn't seem to take into account anything I was telling it to do. Pretty much any game ever has better driving in it. Sleeping dogs, gta, saints row. The controls are just terrible. But I eventually got the hang of it several hours later, although it certainly isn't an enjoyable experience.

    The reason I started with these things is because sure, the story may not be great and hacking is cool sometimes, but ultimately if I can't even play the game and enjoy it, all the little things about gameplay don't even matter.

    Graphics are a huge let down. Most people wont be able to run it on max settings to get it to look good. Mouse settings are finicky and driving is horrendous. GTA V is a better game to me simply because all the controls and optimization were so polished that you didn't have to worry about it and could enjoy the game and story and characters for what it was.

    PS. the story was clearly an afterthought. The idea came first then they meshed splinter cell and infamous and whatever other story they could find and tacked it on. Also another disappointment.

    Oh one other thing, game looks great at night in the rain. Put on some cheats and run wild with a grenade launcher and destroy the cops. Most fun I've had in the game.
  43. May 28, 2014
    Yes, I played this game.
    1. The whole game is like GTA 3.5 - ok, not a BIG problem.
    2. Bugs? Ok, it's 'normal' ...
    3. Camera - where is dynamic camera?
    4. Collision system.. really?
    5. Crowd system control - I thought after all ACs this would be mastered to perfection.
    6. Physics?
    7. Mechanics?

    and so many other 'little' things...
  44. May 27, 2014
    Watch Dogs is really nice looking, but still doesn't live up to the E3 footage - there are no impressive wind effects, light doesn't cast any shadows and there are no working mirror effects in the game. Pretty much the best looking things in the game are puddles at night. The gunplay works, but is nothing special and so do the ragdoll physics. That said, physics in general (collisions, environment destruction) are just broken - bus stops completely fall apart at the lightest impact, but every vehicle in the game is just about indestructible and no damage is shown to occur to it. In addition to that, the game has invisible walls, as well as trains clipping through bridges and other very noticeable bugs. The hacking mechanics are simple button prompts and honestly don't go further than that. They're a gimmick put in to make Watch Dogs stand out, but fail, since they're not integrated into the gameplay enough. The AI is plain stupid - civilians don't react to the player shooting, even if they're just on the other end of the street and could clearly notice that; the police are blind and hiding behind the dashboard of your car in the middle of the street is enough to throw them off your tail and there is no way to be harmed if you run into traffic or in front of the train, since cars and trains just stop immediately if you step in front of them, regardless of the speed they were moving with. The story of the game is pretty decent and really well acted, but nowhere near the 40 hours the developers talked about (it took me around 14 hours to get through and I see people having similar times online). Expand
  45. May 27, 2014
    Those people voting low are not just voting low for no reason. When you pull out a gun, people will suddenly turn around and look at you and people will see you take it out through a wall. When you shoot at a vehicle window, it doesn't do anything if you're not fairly close to it... When you're driving, people will just run out the way without turning their head, it's so incredibly unrealistic. Damn we're talking about a game which fails on a basic level. There are a plethora of problems, stated already in the other reviews here. Expand
  46. May 27, 2014
    The game is not optimized for amd systems. The performance is very bad because ubisoft only worked with nvidia and this game is nvidia GameWorks.
    -1 for ubisoft and this garbage
  47. May 27, 2014
    In some aspects this game is amazing, like the technology factor. But it seems to have disappointing graphics. And characters that overall were cliche. I'd rather play a game like GTA than watchdogs
  48. May 27, 2014
    Sadly this game is really unplayable at this stage,it is very bad optimized i have a high end rig and i got 15-35 fps on ultra and like 45-50 fps on low and even then it sutter.
    PS: Intel i5 Haswell 2.8ghz,gtx 780 and 8gb ram yea...shame ubisoft.
  49. May 28, 2014
    Fast Facts about Watch Dogs:
    1st- CONSOLE PORT !
    2st- you can not drive with out game pad
    3st- plot is average
    4st- The game is unoptimize for PC's
    5st- Gta IV can beat watch dogs !
    6st- Its not A NEXT GEN game is an old gen game !
  50. May 27, 2014
    This game has 9 different editions and the season pass doesn't even cover all the available DLC, to add insult to injury it also uses uplay DRM on top of steam. I guess you can view those points as problems with the publisher instead of the game's fault - that's why I didn't factor those into my score, nonetheless they are here so you can make an educated purchase or not.

    Now about the
    game itself. Ubisoft has promised us a true next-gen experience (whatever that actually means) but Watch_Dogs fails to deliver in almost every regard.

    - The PC Version is very unoptimized and is crash prone, there are also crashes related to AMD AND Nvidia drivers but you can't fully blame them for this.
    - Graphics on ultra doesn't look that good yet the game requires big hardware for it (see point above for why)
    - Car Handling is really bad
    - AI is overly scripted and generally bad; Examples: When you are in a vehicle and drive onto the rails the trains will do a full stop for you - even if they have just 4m to hit you which brings us to the next point
    - Physics are very, very bad. Generally the game feels like GTA on training wheels, Cars and trains will do physical impossible full stops to get out of your way, there is no real deforming/damage models on vehicles, you can hop out of moving trains without any injury, drive your bike with full speed into a wall and it just stops, then you drive backwards against a pole and your car is flung 100m into the air.
    - Missions are repetitive and not fun after a while, the story is also a kind of hit and miss. There is really no character development
    - The most notorious flaw however is lazy developers/ Lack of detail: Poor Water detail (no spray when you shoot it, static waves etc), static shadows, reflections are phony - they only reflect static images no cars, NPCs or even the protagonist, lack of vehicle damage model, most decorations are static and can't be destroyed by driving your car into it, no scratching walls with your vehicle, invisible walls everywhere, overdone minigames with little to no change to them, shooting civilians always kills them with a single bullet even if you hit their pinky. Hacking is very boring after 1-2hrs in the game, always the same pattern (very much like a problem with the AC series), speaking of Assasins Creed: They even copied the run animation for Watch dogs, do some sprinting and you will recognize it.

    There really is no excuse for all that laziness for a game that promised a nextgen experience and even went so far to compare itself (in it's own ads) with GTA. GTA4 does everything in the detail category better and was released 2008! Also it's highly modable which can put it above this game graphic wise and still perform better.
    I'd give this 3/10 but as so many idios give it 10 to "even out" the bad reviews, well I'm doing that too.
  51. May 27, 2014
    All in all, this is a freaking abomination. The graphics looks nothing like the 2012 trailer, with all the poor texture and visual effects. Hell, they said that this game's engine got some parts of Assassin's Creed IV and FarCry 3's visual combined, but I'd rather play FarCry 3 or Assassin's Creed IV for better visuals. Also, the driving mechanic is a huge train wreck that I'd rather walk or run most of the time. The acceleration and turning performance is super sensitive that it's so hard to drive straight. And the cover system, I love that I could stick myself to any piece of cover I could find and then switch cover quite easily. But press C to enter cover and press V to leave cover?? What the hell is that? Ubisoft has released many games utilizing cover mechanic, and some worked really nicely and here I thought they would have taken adventage of that, but no. And the main event - hacking is needless to say, disappointing. All you have to do is press and hold one single button on your keyboard and "boom!", whatever you were aiming to hack is taken care of. No deep hacking mechanic whatsoever although it was the one thing Ubisoft has been talking about a whole lot. And performance is also a pain in the ass. When I first played this game, it reminded me of Total War Rome II on its release. It's just so bad...all around. Expand
  52. May 28, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Tried to run this on my computer, but failed utterly. Crossfire is not supported, and from what I've read, AMD cards just gets screwed for even trying to run the game. Even on lowest settings, the game stutters horribly. NPC conversations are repetitive. You can walk down the street and hear the same repetitive conversations, the cars don't take any sort of crumple damage, you know, something that GTA 3 (you know, that game that came out over a decade ago?) could do.

    There are a few cool parts, like the Spidertank, but even that gets bland quickly. Not worth the money, and I'm going to be asking for a refund.
  53. May 27, 2014
    Game sucks. Buyer Beware! Stay away! Bargain bin material. Overhyped piece of c...

    NPCs are dumb. Car physics are moronic. Hacking is retarded. Story is stupid. Avoid! Seriously, the game crashes all the time, there's nothing to do in the "live, breathing city", and it's short. This game is awful.
  54. May 27, 2014
    Boring ... Repetitive ... A game without a soul.
    Here are the missions :
    1 - Go to a ramdom grey building
    2 - Hack a machinethinguberprotected without being spotted
    3 - Hurray !
    4 - Repeat.
  55. May 28, 2014
    it's kinda "eh"...

    from a base-rating of 9/10:

    -1...Graphically it's looking "okay"-ish, but definitely nothing revolutionary that deserves getting my high-end graphics-card up to 85-90 degrees celsius on "high"-settings (typically i'm at about ~65...~70 with witcher 2) with random framedrops, which implies incredibly poor optimization...other than that, it doesn't look that much
    better than say Sleeping Dogs, and that was released 2 years ago...

    -1...Also there's absolutely no resemblence (graphics-wise) to the 2012 "gameplay" trailer..even at ultra-settings, so here's your bit of false advertisement...

    -1...Gameplay-wise it controls sluggish as all hell...the first time you point a gun (in the "tutorial") it felt like having to move your arm with 10 bricks strapped to it (upping the mouse sensitivity only helps marginally) and that pretty much affects the driving-controls as well...only THEY are MUCH worse, you accelerate as if you're sitting in a rocket and afterwards it feels like driving on the end, it takes a bit to get used to (if you force yourself, you can get used to everything after all) but it just doesn't "feel good" (it's like you're constantly thinking: "okay, can this stop now?...please, let this stop")
    All of this indicates that the controls are pretty much meant for controllers (which, again, is a horrible testament of inaptitude to make a proper pc-port) but even when playing with a controler, it has a very heavy, sluggish feel to's just uncomfortable to play...

    0...The Story is basically a typical run of the mill revenge-thriller story mixed with open-world gameplay...Assassins Creed had that already and it's really nothing excitingly new, even the side-missions feel very much like a "been there, done that" kinda deal and the whole hacking-shtick doesn't offer enough variety to to make it stand out of the utter mediocrity that is the's not "bad" but also not particularly "good"

    -3...and at the very end, probably the most offensive thing a game can's plain boring...from the intro-sequence it pretty much goes downhill to an unnecessarily drawn out plot (all the things that are supposed to make us "feel" something for Aiden just didn't do anything but waste everyone's time...judging by his blank stare and monotone voice, even Aiden doesn't seem to give a sh*t) with a completely dull main-character and a city that does anyhing but "live and breathe" (it's pretty much a static chicago with a few people strewn about here and there, which you can sometimes hack and get some randomised unnecessary bit of useless information...or money) it's utterly boring and tedious to play

    My advice? if you want a fun open-world game with lots of things to do and a somewhat passable story (let's be honest, in most cases the stories are rather similar anyways, but it's interesting, engaging characters that make a seemingly generic story "special") then go get the likes of Sleeping Dogs, GTA V or Saints Row 3...if you just want an open world to f*** around in, buy Just Cause 2 or Saints Row 4...but for a pricetag of 60-70 bucks and the massive overhype this game had before release, Watch Dogs seriously doesn't deliver and just feels like no one actually put any effort into making or giving this game something, anything special....overhyped mediocrity at its best...

  56. May 29, 2014
    Foremost, before you buy this game I would like to warn you of the terrible car handling, as with most of these type of games from GTA, Just Cause 2 and Sleeping dogs the driving is one of the main part of the game. GTA driving mechanics weren't great, but Watch Dog are just awful, bordering unplayable.

    The cars slip and slid around like that the ice part in Zelda: ocarina of time, -
    Don't turn enough and the car doesn't turn, turn too much and its slips'n'slids and fish tails around like crazy, hitting every, lamp post, car, fence, wall, pedestrian and building, which makes those - Chase guy mission frustrating, or tail that guy and invade the goons are just plan unenjoyable. And there are loads of these, the main campaign is mostly tail this guy, chase those guys oh and the terrible sneak into the build or sneak out without been seen, and if they catch you it's right back to the beginning again.

    It take all the worst and annoying elements from other open world games, the parts that are just filling to add more packing to the game, Watch_Dogs is that, filler.

    This is a god awful game, and a nasty little PC port..
  57. May 27, 2014
    Brain dead AI!
    Carton cars!
    Cliched and boring story lane!
    Boring City!!!!!!!!!
    You cant fight!!!!
    Nothing to do in this game!!!
    Worthless game!
  58. May 27, 2014
    i7 4930k OC 4.6 780ti OC 1300 on Water ASUS Black motherboard 32GB 2100 RAM Now if you'll note my computer specs above you'll see that I am WELL above what's recommended for the game and yet it's still unplayable. On a single monitor FPS drops down to 20-30FPS (major hitching, game looks like **** even with these low FPS and unable to connect to any multiplayer functions) which is sad because consoles (with lower specs) get 30FPS. All I can say is that I will NEVER, ****ING EVER buy a Ubisoft game again. I was even looking forward to the Snowdrop engine and "The Division" but it's obviously smoke and mirrors the same as Watchdogs. Ubisoft is apparently competing with EA for worst software company in the world. This must be their DRM tactic, make games unplayable so nobody will pirate them. Good riddance.

    Game is also very boring with predictable and dumb AI.

    /goodbye Ubisoft
  59. May 28, 2014
    - Stupid AI
    - Basic shadow
    - Poor graphics
    - Bad shooting system
    - Hacking system not interesting
    - Game full of bugs
    - Copycat of GTA
    - Just boring !
  60. May 28, 2014
    So, i bought PC verison of Watch Dogs, but i barely able to launch it on high-end spec - uplay connection issues, multiple crashes to desktop within first 10 minutes of play, weird tooltip symbols while using localization - that game simply is not worth it.
  61. May 28, 2014
    This game is absolutely garbage! Its not on the graphic levels they sold everyone on at E3. The game play is boring and simple. The main character you play is boring and uninspiring. I think this shows how much the mighty have fallen in game culture. I can't believe "Game Journalists" are giving this game anything over a 6.0 or 2 stars depending on their rating system. I've already traded this game in for the new version of Tomb Raider. Can't wait for the Witcher 3! Expand
  62. May 27, 2014
    Worst game of 2014? Could be. I thought Thief was bad but oh man, this game thinks way too much of itself as being the coolest open world action game out there. For a "next-gen" game, it lacks detail, reflections and atmosphere. The downgraded graphics aren't even the worst part... The game suffers major slowdowns, especially while driving and even on the lowest settings you'll be sitting around 15-30 fps, and this is all on a high end system.. The controls aren't any better, with forced mouse acceleration, smoothing and lack of cursor in certain menus for navigation.

    What about game play? Hahahahaha, you must be joking if you think there's anything to do in this maze-like city they call an "open world". Driving is the worst of any open world game I've played. Car physics are so bad, it feels like you're driving a slab of concrete on ice. And the profiling crimes that take place are a joke. It's so repetitive and stale: Go help the woman being harassed, go chase the criminal with string A.I. No thanks.

    Digital trips are probably the worst aspect of all this. Cause mayhem with your spider tank! Run over demons with your car! But why? To compete in online leader boards. These side activities have nothing to do with the game itself and feel tacked on more than anything else. They are stupid, uninspired mini-games trying to be over-the-top and whacky just for the sake of it, without giving you any real benefit. I'd rather play Mario Party.

    Then there are the bugs and the horrible A.I. I just don't know what to say about this game anymore. It's a joke that's asking you for $60 and a few hours of your itme, a pathetic attempt at trying to be something profound and unique that just ends up embarrassing itself for all it's shortcomings.

    Avoid. Like. The. Plague.
  63. May 27, 2014
    Quite possibly the most overhyped blunder of the new-gen. Horrible optimization, horrible graphics that we were outright lied to at E3, AI is abysmal, gunplay is abysmal, the list goes on if you want just scroll down and read through the negative reviews. They're mostly all true.
  64. May 28, 2014
    Tris game is broken. Is not normal with a pc gamer with hi specs the FPS goes 15 on ultra. Many people with 780Ti with 6gb vram watch dogs runs 20 FPS.

    Very bad optimization. The last game that I buy from Ubilol. Never again.
    Que te den Ubilol.

    Sorry for muy poor english.
  65. May 28, 2014
    I can't believe I bought the hype.

    - Nvidia Gameworks. Yeah, let's be competitive with AMD by screwing them customers.
    - Horribly unoptimized for pc. Frame dropping everywhere. You'd thought that having Nvidia Gameworks would make this game great for NVIDIA's GPU? Well you're wrong. Apparently even two titans won't be able to get stable fps on 1080p.
    - Driving mechanics : WTF were
    they thinking.
    - Uplay : Still sucks. Paying customers are locked out of their games on the 27th while pirates are free to do what they want.

    10/10 won't recommend this game to my friends. Unless you can get this cheap; cheaper than the other dog games that is Sleeping Dogs.
  66. May 28, 2014
    Ubisoft lied to us all the time. So much hype about this game, and what we've got?
    -Bad Graphics
    -Lags and freezes
    -Car physics from saints row
    2 points for hack idea and Chicago
  67. May 29, 2014
    It's like GTA but less aggressive, and Saints Row but less fun. And the technical problems make the overall mediocrity of this title unforgiving. It may be a nicer experience on next-gen consoles, but stay away on PC.
  68. May 28, 2014
    Graphics: I normally don't care that much, but I do care when developers make them the selling point. The game doesn't look even half as good as it should, considering how terribly it runs. We've seen better. I'd say Sleeping Dogs looks better at night (minus the shiny water puddles), Just Cause 2 looks better during the day. And these are ooooold games. If GTA V ever comes out on PC, with some added options and a proper AA filter, it will make this look like a joke. First CoD: Ghosts, now this. Is this what "next gen" is about? Games that look the same and run at half the framerate? Are any competent programmers even left in this industry?

    Soundtrack: Too short and uninteresting. No variety. Music for people who don't really like music, they just have it playing like noise in the background.

    Gameplay: Soul crushingly limited compared to what people expected and were led to believe. Profiling is random phrase generator placed on top of random face generator. Hacking is press Q when prompted and something cool happens. Driving is bad and hard to explain, cars slide at random times but still manage to feel like trucks somehow. No damage model. Shooting is generic 3rd person shooting, guns sound absolutely abysmal like peashooters, and all weapons that I've noticed 1 hit enemies on head which is really easy to do, so variety is pointless.

    Story is uninteresting and the protagonist is supposedly driven by personal tragedy and trauma but doesn't really show it. Missions brought back nightmarish flashbacks of all the AC4 "FOLLOW" and "STAY CLOSE" missions that everyone hated, because they ARE basically the same missions. Stealth system is forced on you because of those terrible missions, no reason that I've noticed to not kill people at every opportunity. UI is broken, cursor disappears randomly at certain screens and moves at triple the speed at others.

    I will stop here because I could write a book about this game. I just stop and think "Is there a single element of the game that was as good as I expected?", and the answer is no. Every single thing about it ranges from bad to meh. Huge disappointment.
  69. May 28, 2014
    Watch Dogs: Pros: Fun, engaging at the start, unique hacking concepts. Cons: Car chases are lack luster, story line is very short, numerous glitches, everything is made out of toothpicks. My main issue is the E3 demo to the actual game. Aside from the complete degrade of graphics, Watch Dogs doesn't support AMD drivers! I've noticed a few graphical issues and frame drops that my Invidia counterparts have not. This really infuriates me. If AMD was able to get the code to optimize the game, I'd give the game a 6/10 for PC. Expand
  70. May 28, 2014
    Ubisoft didn't bother optimizing this game for PC at all, which means it will poorly at the moment on any system. Combine that with graphics which do not look next gen when it comes to PC and you have an overhyped game that is a GTA clone with better graphics, yet runs poorly. It certainly doesn't look better than Battlefield 3 for PC and that game is hardly new anymore. Uplay doesn't work very well either and you will find yourself wishing you didn't have to go through that program to play a singleplayer game.

    The game is overhyped, but seems to be an ok GTA clone if they can sort out all those optimizing issues. Unless you have a high-end PC then stay far away unless they fix any of the current issues, and you want a modern GTA clone.
  71. May 27, 2014
    Lot of bugs and freeze on AMD video card
    Impossible to put ultra spec with 3Go video card, crossfire not available
    Ubisoft Montreal continue the worse work I ever see on a game, after FirCry3, AC3&4 and let the pc gamer on the side to consider the console gamers.
    When I play WD I feel I had a non finished game. Far away from what they present us to the E3 2013, impossible to find the
    same visual effects I saw
    Don't buy the game, wait for the (habitual) ubisoft infinity patch
  72. May 27, 2014
    Ubi$oft really dropped the ball on this one. I guess the delay didn't help at all.

    The game launched with many bugs and complaints. One of the biggest ones is the need to install uPlay and launch it through steam everytime before you play as a sort of middleman who really hates you.

    The game crashes constantly, if you can even get in the game that is.
  73. May 28, 2014
    Repetitive, too easy, boooring. Lots of technical issues. Skip this title. It was overhyped and it is a sh itty GTA wannabe clone that doesn't come close to the original. Boycott ubisoft.
  74. May 30, 2014
    This game looks horrible, it freezes up and it seems the online component is broken. This could be sure to everyone having problems. I am running a 4670k, 6870 hawk OCd, 8 gbs 1600 mhz ram. My video card is old sure but it still works well in bf4. Running 60 fps at high/med settings. And even at those settings bf4 looks great.

    Now with watch Dogs. The highest the game will allow
    the card to run is medium textures. This makes the game look like Gta vice city on my Galaxy Note phone. This is a horribly bad running game. Then after playing about 10 minutes. It starts freezing every 5 seconds. This causes frame rates to drop to 10 or so requiring me to restart the game.

    Far as the game play. I could not use a mouse and keyboard. It almost forces the use of a controller. The game play seems okay. I would have preferred a less arcade driving system but I guess they wanted cars to feel like that so okay then. The gunplay seems good. I like the way they control. Good aiming and recoil feel for a 3rd person game. The little I played seemed okay. I am guessing it is nowhere close to the scope, quality and feel of GTA 5 but I guess this is the closest we have. This score is solely based on the horrible visual quality and stutter problems the game has.
  75. May 27, 2014
    I played in the creation of a new Ubisoft - do not know what 's so grand - engine - clean AC: BF can be seen with the naked eye with the 90% trimmed parkour . Physics in the game - the whole campaign she left a cloak protagonists. Machines behave inappropriately - simple details tkakih traces of burnt rubber - no. Physics destruction cars - about anything. In passable signified miracle play combined joystick ( for cars ) + keyboard + mouse ( for everything else ) . Puzzle empty and monotonous . Side missions did not want to pass because of wet and empty plot. And fantasy writers have really not as such - a good idea - the result - a complete PE. Less than at the end of the second chapter is becoming clear that there will be at the end of the fifth .
    Ubisoft is a failure . Trying to keep up with the GTA V - not successful . Absent any fan . Empty city and live their lives. Size 13 or 22 gig , it does not justify itself . 8 gigs ceiling.
    But what's really there - in Assassin Creed and that was fun to play - even though the story was surreal .
  76. May 27, 2014
    The game is exactly not what was shown at E3. From stupid driving to disgusting "next-gen" graphics the game is simply terrible. It also doesn't help that it tries to hard to be and beat GTA V which was a 10/10. Therefore I give Watch Dogs a solid and generous 0/10.
  77. May 29, 2014
    Such a disappointment. I was really expecting a level of interaction with the whole hack your surroundings that allows for different forms of game play but what we have is a magic button to simply hack everything. The problem is that with the "hacking mode" turned on you get spammed and just run around pressing Q in rapid-fire and when its off the hacking element disappears almost completely. What is left is GTA 4 with worse driving and physics and lackluster repetitive quests. I really had high hopes for this and regret going pre-order. Bargain bin stuff Expand
  78. May 28, 2014
    I've never felt so robbed with a videogame! I bought the Deluxe edition, just to feel I donated it to a greedy mediocre company.

    If you somehow manage to log into your UPlay account (which sucks like all DRM does), you get into a terribly developed game, which won't allow a High end PC to run any higher than Medium graphics. To make things even better, if you have an AMD card you're
    screwed, it will only be a session of one BSOD after another...

    Ubisoft should feel ashamed of the product they delivered and give everybody a refund. The game is unplayable

    Uplay = UDon'tPlay
  79. May 27, 2014
    Watch_Dogs is just overhyped game. Hacking is fun for first 10 min, then it's kinda boring. Driving (full speed on bike into wall - just casual shake off and let's do it again = seems legit) and physics are done horribly. Story line is okay, but nothing I would freak about. AI? Sometimes they are sneaky bastards trying to flank you, but in 90% of time you can just camp and wait for them to come into your scope. Police can be pain in the bottom sometimes, kinda similar to GTA V (citizens are going to be using their phones to call emergency because of every little misbehavior). Only think I like about it is how they did Chicago (PC - max settings). But how people are going to enjoy it in this buggy and unfinished piece of nonsense, I don't know. I also don't know how much people will must pay if they want to play all DLC's... Expand
  80. May 30, 2014
    This game uses Uplay, a DRM system that has lead to several reports of players being unable to start their purchased game. Even if you buy the game from Steam, it still insists on installing and using that other DRM system. What data it might transfer and to whom, remains the secret of its developers. And as usual with account-based systems, you can't resell the software.

    the graphics aren't close to the level shown in those famous previews. Add to that the reported perfomance issues as well as the generally mediocre quality of the game, which doesn't keep many promises of the publishers, and the game isn't worth the original price. Wait until it drops significantly or ignore the game, you won't miss anything essential. Expand
  81. May 28, 2014
    This game is a mockery to any intelligent gamers in this world. It's clear to me that Ubisoft Montreal payed the critics who gave it anything over a 70 as any semi-intelligent human being would vomit in disgust at this pathetic display of next gen. Playing the game on maximum graphics using the most up-to-date hardware on the market leaves you bitterly disappointed at this game, giving you fake reflections, no shadows in the entire world, and sun glare through the roof of a building while on the inside! I am not kidding, you get glare from the sun while INSIDE a building. I have seen Indy games that released five years ago with better lighting and reflection than this game.

    The physics engine in this game is a joke, cars are about as indestructible as Superman's pecs, and driving any vehicle will allow you to utterly destroy a wooden telephone pole at 1mph. I am not kidding. Anybody who worked on this game and isn't ashamed is either brain-dead or corrupt. More time and money when into making the E3 trailer two years ago than actually developing the game since then. I am ashamed that I even had to watch a friend play this game. The only reason I give this game a 1 is because if you can possibly get past the glaringly obvious issues, the broken physics, and the blindingly terrible graphics, it actually functions like a game.

    TL:DR, this game blows so hard in so many categories, porn stars look like nuns standing next to this game.
  82. May 30, 2014
    -unnecessary/abnormal rain/thunder and its occurs more often
    -stealth , kill and escape
    -not optimized as always...expected from ubisoft
    -repeatitious missions
    -no shooting while driving
  83. May 27, 2014
    Doesn't look very good (it's not even close to 2012 version, maybe except water), has really poor optimisation (but not as much as AC 4)- and no, I don't have the Bitcoin edition. It's 2014 for god's sake, PC development tools has really improved and yet, there are Ubisoft which can't make a proper game.

    The whole game makes an impression of being unpolished, NPCs are really dumb, whole
    game world feels very repetitive. I don't know how much publisher has paid to press for all those great reviews. Oh, and you (and NPCs too) can't shoot while driving a car or motorcycle. Yeah... And many other restrictions. Welcome to the Next-Gen.
    So many promises, so little fulfilled...
  84. May 28, 2014
    If you own an AMD card, don't buy this game!! just don't.!! Ubish1t became Nvidias little **** and decided to give the middle finger to 40% of the PC market. 2 days and game crashes every time after Ubish1t logo. my PC config I7 16gb Ram at 2133 and ATI HD 6990 4GB
  85. May 28, 2014
    It looks like a game from 2008, it doesn't respect ANY physics... Driving is the most terrible thing I've ever seen, you can "crash" with your bike into a car and you don't fall, you can drive your car into another and nothing happens, there's a lot of bugs too... The game's optimization for PC is a crap, you can't play with the recommended settings, AMD graphics cards ? Forget it, it won't run well... It was about 4 years of development and this game seems like a crap indie game... Smaller map than GTA 4... If you buy it, you will see bugs, every **** moment. They're selling a unfinished game just that... Hyped us with something real good, they delayed it to finish, but they didn't finished anything, I rather wait more 4 years than buying this **** Expand
  86. May 29, 2014
    [Being, Sentient]
    [Suckered by Ubisoft]
    [Age: 27]
    [Occupation: Idiot]
    [Bank Account: -$59.99]

    - Stupid NPC
    - Woods cars
    - Not interesting player's company.
    - Nothing to do in city
    - Static shadows
  87. May 28, 2014
    1) Graphics are not as good as they promised
    2) At Ultra graphics it stutters a lot even if you have a super powerful PC
    3) UPLAY is garbage it really makes the game run worse and is one of the most awful services out there and as a DRM solution it does not stop the pirates...
    4) Gameplay becomes repetitive really fast
    5) Car physics are very arcade and unrealistic almost worse from
    the Need for Speed series Expand
  88. May 31, 2014
    Lets start with the obvious. In it's current state the game is downright broken. No matter how insane a machine you've got you will suffer from debilitating stuttering.
    On to the gameplay, the driving is utterly **** The cars feel very floaty. Even a small bump will send it flying. Often you can drive straight through oncoming cars as the collision detection doesn't work. You can even
    drive your motorcycle upside down without falling off the bike.
    The voice acting is some of the worst I've come across as well, some of the voice actors can't pronounce common words correct. The dialog is downright painful in some cut-scenes.
    You can find plenty of write ups as to how boring the storyline and gameplay is so I won't go into detail about this.
    We're a group of 5 who often game together, picking up the new releases to have some fun. There isn't a single one of us who still has this game installed on our computers. I paid 100USD for this game and I've clocked more than 20hours to give it a fair chance, but I just can't stomach this game.
    I can't recall a game where I've wanted a refund more than this stinker.
  89. May 30, 2014

    The story isn't bad. That's the ONLY reason I gave it as high of a score as I did.
    Boring city, terrible driving, terrible graphics, NPC's are on par with GTA3, terrible code causing terrible graphics to slow down a machine that can handle much better. The supposed freedom that comes with these style of games is severely lacking.
  90. May 27, 2014
    A des années lumières des promesses faites à l'E3 2012, en plus d'être assez moche, le jeu est injouable sur PC, que celui ci soit puissant ou non. Le gameplay est finalement assez basique : un GTA like avec un bouton A pour pirater et influencer un peu l'environnement. Le scénario est aux fraises chantillis et n'a finalement rien pour lui, seuls restent les bruitages et le doublage anglais d'assez bonne facture.
    Rien que le fait d'avoir menti aux joueurs me déçoit énormément d'Ubisoft, mais le jeu n'est au final meme pas fun a jouer et c'est encore plus regrettable, dommage car l'ambiance et le trip des premières annonces avait de quoi faire un jeu phénoménal/
  91. May 27, 2014
    Totally not worth its price.. we can all agree that we've seen this kind of laziness way to often now.. It almost feels like the developers aint that interessted in making a good product, they just want their quick buck as soon as possible for a minimal development cost...
  92. May 28, 2014
    Absolute **** how Ubisoft completely reduced all visual graphics and effects to cater to the underpowered console market. F*ck their marketing and completely capitalist money hungering f*ckery.
  93. May 28, 2014
    This game is beyond horrible.

    Im playing this one PC, one thing i noticed straight off the bat, horrible horrible sleeping dogs driving and movement. ITS NOT AN ARCADE THIS IS MEANT TO BE NEXT GEN, or atleast playable!! I dont want an arcade driving, arcade button mashing, arcade shooting..

    The old, accelerating vehicles to 100kmh in 2 seconds is rampant in this game, poor mechanics
    all round, the vehicles are huge wide steering yet drive like trains.

    The texture pop ins - which are on purpose just annoy you. You cant even experience the world slowly without having crap ramped into your face ( i hated max payne for this ). You want to hide in a car after running someone over? NOPE useless. we will put annoying yellow circles in 3 seconds you have our hard to lose cops on your tail for 10 minutes which mind you, catch up to you regardless of how fast you go. The only way to lose cops is to GO TO HIGHWAYS!! YES HIGHWAYS, you cant lose cops the ordinary way ( the hacks dont work ) this engine does not recognise distance, only speed.

    It would have been so much better if it was slower paced - less crap crammed into your face, and MORE SIMPLER. Games have a reputation for coming out clunky, overly complicated and boring.

    Rent mabye, but i honestly would not waste my money.
  94. May 31, 2014
    Before the release of Watchdogs, Ubisoft released videos on Youtube showing friends hacking each other, and other cool hacking features amongst friends in multiplayer. The only problem, this was a lie - a scam if you ask. VERY few of the promised features are actually available.

    The multiplayer part is DEAD - yes DEAD! Do not buy this game is you expect a multilayer feature!

    OK - the
    single player campaign. Had loads of moments where I though to myself, what the F am I doing right now, and why? The all over story is a bad parody of only god know what high school play. Copied contend from famous tv-series. A total lag of originality.

    Why a score of 2? The hacking part is new! Well semi new! And its cool!

    All over! This game is a VERY bad attempt to make GTA clone.

    DO NOT waste your money on this game!
  95. May 28, 2014
    Well, I can say I get disappointed when I get my hands on this game. First of all, I have a good computer for that and I can't play on medium or even high. Game is dropping on few frames only and I repeat it's not because of my computer. So I completed first mission and I can say that: This game has nothing with hacking, it's trash like EA does these days. Riding car seems more like swimming in water, horrible. Graphic looks awful, worse than GTA IV or some old games. Hacking with one button? Well, this is not hacking at all! What is different on this game than other's? Definitively bugs, more than any game what you have played. I'm going to run this game on xbox 360. I know, graphic will be much worse but at least I can play it. If you have AMD graphic, forget about this game, luckily I don't. Don't waste time with that game, it's completely trash. Expand
  96. May 27, 2014
    Bad grapichs, bad history, big fail.Bad grapichs, bad history, big fail. Vehicles are toy cars, i don't like nothing of this game, many bugs, much problems with AMD, much marketing and bad dev.
  97. May 28, 2014
    Being a Gamer with a high end PC, PS3/4, and Xbox one. Having played Watch Dogs on the PC for 16 hours so far by the time of this review. What can I say? For a company that has released pretty great titles; AC, Ghost Recon, and Splinter Cell - I was hoping for something epic from this new IP. I think the problem is that UBI over hyped it and thus setting expectations so high and thus failing to deliver on many accounts. For most of you, it may be a great game. Keep in mind I am comparing it to all games. When you tote "next gen", you best deliver it and not fall behind on things. Here are my issues I saw with WD on PC.


    1. Reflections are fake
    2. No water ripples if you shoot at water. (bad physics)
    3. Car and world damage detail lacking/unrealistic
    4. Driving had a large learning curve.
    5. Pedestrians are oak trees. You can't move them from their positions
    6. Graphics are not next-gen in comparison to many new AAA titles launched this year on PC. Looks good for consoles but that is what they're expecting in comparison to what they're used to previously. FWIW, my modded GTA: IV ( A damn PC port from 5 years ago!) on PC still looked more amazing than WD did.
    7. Dynamic shadows are piss poor.

    There are videos outlining the differences in GTA: iv and WD if you search for it on YouTube.

    So yes, the game looks "prettier" because it takes advantage of new graphic technology and power, but as you can see, UBI developers were slacking off when it came to details.


    1. Hacking is a cool approach. I like that. Thumbs up for that.
    2. Hacking got repetitive and old after 1-2 hours of game play. The inability to hack a laptop or other electronic devices found in the usual world is just out of place for this techno thriller.
    3. I like the fact I can go guns blazing or be stealthy. But my stealth tools are again limited for something this powerful. Why can't i just stop a car with my cool special phone? Why can't I lower my wanted level by sending misinformation to police cars? Why can't i send cops to that Gang area and have the cops deal with them or be a distraction?
    4. the amount of activities you can do vs other similar titles is far less.
    5. Missions are engaging. Side quests are not. It's just Aiden narrating and you go do it. Most Side quests are repetitive.
    6. AI isn't that smart.
    7. If someone calls the cops on you, cops "magically" know your location even you're hiding. Yet, you're unidentifiable from CTOS and any camera hooked up to it....

    I've played all of UBISOFT'S big name titles. This game has the reused driving mechanics of Driver, the reused animations from Assassin's Creed, stealth mechanics from Splinter Cell, with hardly any originality. I just feel UBI was lazy in this IP. Saving cost of development to dump masses of it into marketing (which they did very well). Thus you have a poor product. For gamers like me, you'll notice the difference. For everyone else, you'll fine a decent title to enjoy - especially those who only play console. PC gamers... save your hard earned cash. UBI didn't work hard enough to earn it. This game has potential, but they need to put more work into it to make it "Next Gen" as they're claiming it should be. Sorry UBI, you've fell short on that in too many places in this game.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do not go lazy on The Division.
  98. May 29, 2014
    This must be a joke...
    graphics 3/10 (its 2008-2009 lvl, not next gen)
    gameplay 2/10 ( press x to win)
    bugs 10/10
    I feel like ubisoft lied to me, 2012 E3 trailer and THAT game just can't be the same... Totally dissapointed
  99. May 28, 2014
    The Graphics aren't that good to be honest, the graphic sare like saints row 2 on high and like saints row 3 on ultra both games who runs way better than this piece of **** it's so poorly optimized that it really destroys the immersion. even if the game had good optimization it wouldn't even be that good, it has hurrendous view bobbing, like things render like 5 feet away from you even on everything maxed out. i wasn't even looking forward to this one because i've gotten used to the insane ammount of lieing game companies now throw at us. it looked better at E3 and that was almost a f''king year ago, you'd think that they had improved the graphics by then, but no. i bet they worked 1 month on it and then watched TV whilst eating pizza the rest of the time. Expand
  100. May 28, 2014
    Lost 13 hours of gameplay. Can't use my phone to hack, can't play multiplayer, need to start over again? For 60€ for real? Yea... for real. The mouse handling is terrible, the menu is a joke. The gameplay itself is awsome... but so many bugs, graphical also gliches. Optimalisation? Never heard of it. I play it sometimes like a comic book. I have i7 4770k + 280x gaming edition 8 GB ram. What's wrong with Ubisoft these days? Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Sep 3, 2014
    Ubisoft's flagship title has a really, really repulsive protagonist. The entire storyline feels like it was cranked out of a automated story generator. On the positive side, Watch Dogs looks really good on PC, especially after modding the graphics to match the visual splendor of the early E3 demos. [Aug 2014]
  2. Jun 29, 2014
    There are some strong gameplay elements in Watch Dogs, but overall it's merely an adequate open world game. [July 2014, p.46]
  3. Jun 23, 2014
    Nothing could have realistically lived up to the immense level of hype that Ubisoft stirred up for this game, and while I value strong narratives and envelope-pushing technological advancements, I place just as much importance in the ability to enjoy the gameplay that's being offered to me. Watch Dogs is one of the more exciting sandbox games of the last few years, and if this is to become Ubisoft's next big franchise, I'm excited to see where they take it.